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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and this. >> donald trump during his campaign called mexicans rapist and criminals. >> he would not have a fraction of the insults at hillary clinton level -- >> the gloves came off between vice presidential nominees mike peps and tim kaine that turned out more fiery than people anticipated from the political low blows. we have the highlight from virginia. >> we could be paying more in new jersey to fuel up. if a vote today passes how much more money you could shell out on average for gas. >> "good day", everybody, we're halfway through the week. wednesday, october 5. thank you for waking early and joining us. we have good news. i like to bring it to you by sue. it's nice when we can have something to look forward to, sue. >> sunshine and cloudy days yesterday. it was not raining or anything for whole day. you may have gotten a sprichkle or two.
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today, 9 out of 10. yesterday was a 7. that's improvement with nothing to show you happen illly on ultimate radar. look forward to sunny day. skies are mostly clear. the camera is wobbling and breezy. that makes you feel cooler than yesterday. 58 for temperature and 14 mile an hour breeze out of northeast adds we switch to this new weather pattern a beautiful one the next couple days and sunrise official at 7:302 it if in mountains you're in the 40s. 59 in wilmington and 58 wildwood. that's sweater weather for this morning. keep that in mind for the kids when they get off the bution. 14 mile an hour wind in philadelphia and 10 in wildwoo wildwood. plan on sunshine and lovely average. hi temperature around 70, 71. sunset is 6:36.
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that's wednesday. wonder about matthew we have the latest from the hurricane center coming up. bob kelly. >> 5:02 exactly chill in the air and 40 in the poconos. pull those covers up and over your head. a live look route 63 woodhaven in northeast philadelphia by knights road no problems or delays there. this is scene of oldest dipner background here what used to be olga's diner. where 70 and 73 come together and we're not dealing with fog on the bennie like we had the last couple days. >> both directions between cottman and betsy ross bridge watch for lane restrictions south into town town and philly international looking good at the moment. especially if you have travel plans to leave and return over the weekend. we'll keep an eye on mass transit. subway, frankford back to you. >> we had a horrible fire that
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happened and we have breaking news. a map and woman died in a house fire bridal road. let's get to dave kinchen who is at the scene what we learned and pictures of what the fire looked like. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, karen, a tragic situation here. i want to show you what they're dealing with now. they extended a hose to the back of the houxs you can see the one firefighter going into the rear with a flashlight they're searching for a cause in northeast philadelphia. we have pictures sent into us showing intensity of flames. here here in the bustleton section of northeast philadelphia. a man and woman perished in the house fire overnight and fire stiingter suffering minor injured we're told. they got to the sxwreep midnight and took them 35 minutes knock down the flames in aggressive -- they found the
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wum, one person in the foyer and another in the living area on first floor. >> up fortunately bustleton section of philadelphia suffered a tragedy today. companies found two victims on inside on the first floor. they brought them out and started cpr immediately. i'm sad to announce we lost both of them. >> we seen their car in the driveway. we knew they were still in there. my other neighbors thought it was my house because the laimz were so high in the sdi and they reason around the corner and heard screaming and everything trying to get to them and unsuccessful. >> as we come back to the live picture neighbors tem us the couple that moved here a year ago and took their daughter to college, very tragic as fire investigators reach out to next of kin here. there was also a minor gas leak
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we're told by officials that caused evacuation in this area. but, fire crews have not yet told us whether that minor leak was linked to this fire. a man and woman die in the fire an a firefighter suffered injuries, back to you. >> a plan died after shooting in allentown 9:00ment corner of 9 and liberty. someone came up and started firing into the car. the woman was shot and taken to the hospital where unknown injuries. and investigators are still trying to figure out the cause behind that. >> let's turn to political news right now. we had a big debate last night. >> and this morning the analysts are weighing in with their reactions, fox caroline shivly has more in vermont. >> let me talk about this. >> senator i think that's up
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for mic time. >> tnts this say discussion. >> senator time kaine not wasting any time interrupting governor pence a noticeable number of times throughout the 90 minute debate. >> kaine was interrupting. over modulated. to hot coming in. >> why won't he release tax returns. >> tat returns show he wept through a difficult time and used tax code the way it's supposed to be used. >> governor wednesday fired back again and again. >> this insult driven campaign that's small potatoes compared to hillary clinton calling half of donald trump supporters a bladder after fordables. >> what is most noble is pence was not engaging at those time
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times. >> i can i can imagine these vice presidential debates never really matter, do they? >> that was caroline shivly reporting. last night's debate was posting on twitter. what you were writing. some of the biggest moments came when vice presidential candidates were talking about all different situations. 60 mrs of conference was about with mike pence and 40% about time kaine. what about the presidential candidates. 63% of conference with donald trump. 3 7% philadelphia fill pour the most tweeted moment the candidates were talking about russia and putin. when the candidates were debating use of nuclear weapons and last big moment when mike pennsylvania response to time kaine about what trump said about mexicans. >> 5:07 hurricane matthew is battling theitis.
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a state of emergency is declared in florida, george aand as far as the carolinas. the storm is expected to move up the coast of florida which has not each a major sure daip in ten years. >> we have a sure cape hugging the wooingt line. we're looking at car gory two or three hurricane which will be 5 to 7 foot surges possibly. >> the hurricane has already struck haiti and also eastern cuba with winds dep stating islands. there was a possibility the storm could move east into the atlantic. if it hits the u.s. it could make landfall in carolinas by the weekend. >> happening today, new jersey riders get ready to pay more at the gas pump. they want top raise the gas tax by 23 cepts a gallon.
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>> see that price on the big gas sign at wawa you won't see it much longer. when they vote today if approved as expect today goes into effect immediately. so after doing nothing but arguing and disagreeing sudde suddenly hours after the new jersey train crash lasts week we quickly learned was one of many new jersey transit accident long lacking upgrades to new jersey transit ignored by the governor and other. >> reporters in newark 15 minutes to drive to trenton and cover if they wanted and they were hoping nobody would announce it or notice it an anyway, they announced they suddenly all agreed to raise the gas tax 158% to start fixing new jersey transit and roads. here's part of that governor's news conference. >> you wants increase in the
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state since 1988. many governors talked become doing this over time. months going i said i was willing to increase the gas tax and i've kept my word on that. so while i'm not authorizing any other tax increase during my time as governor i'm offering this once because of importance of are things you reached and because we need to response to this type of activity. >> since '88 new jersey gas tax 14 cenlts a gallon all that money $1.2 billion a year goes to pay the interest on money new jersey politicians borrowed using gas tax as collateral. none of it was and can be used to pay for road repair, construction or new jersey transit. it's like that little red serks on credit card statement that
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says if you only make the minimum payment it will take you 30 years to payoff that dumb day of shopping at the ball that you paid $17,000 for the outfit and shoes had you to have and can't remember what it looks look after 30 minutes. new jersey politicians no guarantee by the way they'll spend this new 23 second a gallon when you vote in november you put it in referendum and say this tax goes for what else it could be. nothing but hatred for new jersey politicians now from everybody we talked to. >> i bet, steve, thank you. it's 5:11. oxford circle police are trying to find a driver ever a car that struck a crossing guard and then took off. so this is odd one. in september, investigators say the guard was stopping traffic so children could pass devereaux and summer avenues.
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a carol most struck a child. then the crossing guard yelled at the driver saying i'm walking with children. and investigators say the driver packed up and intping alley struck here. she ended up at the hospital for her injuries. >> coming up next at 5:15. they in danger to cross. if we could help pawk please nor protection why they may wait for a while. >> and also how hurricane matthew could affect our warm-up. matthew could affect our warm-up. that's onit way now. ♪ ♪
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as we mentioned earlier a up state on hurricane matthew category 3 weakened overpass tion over haiti and eastern cube a you can see center of storm is it north of cuba. back out over on watters. probably stay at 3 for a while and strengthening again before it moves through the bahamas in direction it's going and we're pretty much in agreement all the computer models on the direction that will go. and then we just got new projections from the hurricane center about what happens after that. you see it's still coming very close to the east coast of florida as a category four. so, a lot of preparations need to be made not only there but in georgia, coastal areas of george a. south carolina and north carolina, look that it now takes complete right turn
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right before north carolina and we're not even in the cone of uncertainty anymore which is still pretty big and things could change. at least for now it's optimistic forecast for us as far as the hurricane is concerned. what happens after mob monday is still a question. could it circle baca round because of the other tropical storm out there that remains to be scene. in the meantime a look at ray dpar and nothing to show you which is a good thing. no precipitation to be concerned w you may want a sweater was it's it's 58 in philadelphia, 56 plan calter and up in mount pocono 47. that's definitely sweater weather there. 58 wild woold and you factor in wind because it is breezy special any philadelphia with 14 mile an hour winds. so a sweater may be a good idea if you are outside waiting for a ride or bus. 701 average temperature. we went well above average monday. yesterday we were below
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average. we'll be right there hor close to it today with 71. another nice day tomorrow and another one friday. three beautiful weather days ahead and we have a khaption of shower on saturday and then we'll still watch to see what matthew does for saturday and sunday. sunday is our alzheimer's walk in atlantic city new jersey at boardwalk hall. picture there on monday is for columbus day and jewish holiday of yom kippur sundown on tuesday. those are all the pictures you love so well, bob kelly. >> you know what that means kids are off of school again probably. >> yes. >> got to love it. >> 5:17 good morning everybody live look at 202 near king of prussia mall interchange. quiet this morning. roads dry. we don't have fog like the last couple days. live look at the ben franklin coming downtown. crystal clear you can seat sky line and highrises going up in center city. southbound 95.
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power grid. lights out 95 between academy and girard. they also hit one of the fiber optic lines somewhere along the line in center city a i lot of cameras we used are out along the schuylkill and vine expressway from that construction there on the vine. update on new jersey transit. regular service on the northeast corridor. no impacts at all between philadelphia and new york. from last thursday train accident service in and out of hoboken is suspended and as far as regional rails normal service patterns returned monday. highlights and trends back on the cynwyd line and festival peer lot used for parking is no longer available. speaking of parking there is free parking and they'll keep gates up until end of month up there at the frankford transportation center. >> developing store by dr. police around the country are trying to do a better job with
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transparency. they are releasing video. there's a surveillance that shows the suspect carnell snell is running from police and holding what looks like a gun. the man pulled the item from his waist band and put it back and ran off. the video does not show his death. the video was released to create trangs appearancey between the police and community. >> looking at a shooting that left a convenient tore man dea dead. they captured some on video. >> put your hands up. put your hands up. >> police say 49-year-old john feder junior threat end his father with a shot gun monday. officers got feters parent outside of the home and when he
5:20 am
came out he pointed the gun at swat team officers that shot and killed him. >> coming up, federal investigators have their hand in there's a visito recorden and the engineer's phone from the transit train. the engineer told investigators he does not remember the crash. investigate towards found his phone in backpack in cab of train car. there was a young woman stan standing in the platform that died when the train nowed into it last week. >> parents in montgomery country are facing safety of children. that's in east rock hill township. they say it's dangerous. where their children cross to go over to penn ridge north middle school and high school and parents pleading with school officials and police to hire a crossing guard for that intersection.
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they witnessed too many close calls and when it comes to children almost getting struck. >> the cars are coming out at the ipt he section and buses coming out. when the kids are pressing buttons to cross the traffic is not obeying like yielding to who is in the crosswalk. >> we reached out to local police and school district to ask about this problem. we did not get a xhaent back by the time the story ran. >> parents are planning to speak tom officials during a regular schedulely meeting. >> a large hole on presidential street where a lot of people live causing concern for people in south west philadelphia. ♪ in south west philadelphia. ♪ changes ]
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>> welcome back. there's a woman from southwest philadelphia that says she's fighting with city officials to fix a sink knoll front of her house and she's been arguing about tractor-trailer past six months. here's bad news. city representatives say the several thousand and dollar fix is her responsibility. jennaphr joyce explains. >> renee sent us this
5:25 am
cellphone of kids playing in this sinkhole on king us ising avenue. city officials slapped plywood over the hole six months ago and waikd away. it's become a dangerous play grouped for many kids opt bloc block. the city says they sent new by multiple in thes sxhaining the sink hole was caused by faulty pipe from her home and it's her responsibility to get it fixed. if she doesn't comply her water could be turned off up definitely. >> this was defective lateral. that's homeowner's responsibility. >> i don't $10,000 to repair the street. >> when you have one hole in the street it can continue to grow and get worse. which is why water shutoff is an option. >> jennaphr joyce, fox 29 new news. >> as long as they're current on bills they'll work with you and offer payment interest free
5:26 am
fans and also at keeping our eyes on the hurricane track of the hurricane. >> it's still set to go through bahamas and towards eastern florida. what about us and the weekend. >> we're following tragedy in northeast philadelphia. two people die in a house fire. we'll tell what you they're telling us about the victims we'll tell what you they're telling us about the victims after the break.
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>> two people are dead following this house fire in northeast. what we are learning about the victims right now. plus, this storm is so large blasting through haiti, possibly moving closer to our country. the latest on the track and how this hurricane could affect us here at home. sue will have the latest on that and show down between vp nominees tim kaine and mike pence. >> and you'll be paying more at the pump in new jersey. how much more money you'll shell out for gas. >> it's wednesday, it is october 5 w we have a lot of big news and breaking news buzz we have a lot of positive news.
5:30 am
>> that's why we have sue. thank you. >> we took bus stop buddy apart and temperatures in the 50s. there's a breeze. so you probably will neat a sweater out there or hoodie perhaps. i guess he's already wearing green because he's excited about the eagles game sunday. we have new clouds to show you or rain on ultimate doppler radar. you see the camera wobbling. it's breezy, the numbers prove that. 14 mile an hour winds out of the northeast. at the airport 58. sunrise time is official at 7: 7:02 this morning. right now we have 54 allentown and only 47 in mount pocono. chilly up there. 55 atlantic city and 58 wilmington and 59 dover and those wind coming north or northeast as the system for yesterday the one that kept us cloudy continues to move away. we'll seabreezes at least this morning. but then it calms down in the afternoon. your lunchtime temperature 65
5:31 am
degrees. plenty of sunshine. nice weather for a lunchtime stroll perhaps. lovely afternoon with high of 1. what's matthew going to do. we have the latest estimate coming up in the 7 day forecast. all that stuff bob kelly. >> we know bhaw meant, good morning, everybody, 5:31, wednesday, northeast philly i-95 near academy and almost quite a scary moment here. headlights coming in towards philly through the construction zone in bellmar. no fog we had the last couple days. new jersey trance it no problem between philadelphia and new york and septa yeem nal rail. it's getting better each day as they throw 'few more trains into the mix. rail service is back on cynwyd
5:32 am
line. that lot however is closed and there's still free parking at the frankford transportation center at the end of the month. back to you. >> blets get to breaking news because it comes from the bustle son section of city there's about a horrible fire. here's the late whaeingt we learned. >> hereing devasation here. it's still dark out here and we're looking at the damage that is a few hours old here. the couple that died in the blaze had no chance making it out in northeast philadelphia. we had pictures showing intensity of flames in 98 0 0 block of bridal road. investigators told us a man and woman perished overnight. and a firefighter suffered minor injuries. firefighters got to the scene before midnight and took them 35 minutes to knock down the flames in what they're calling
5:33 am
aggressive effort. fire crews found one in foyer and another living area in the first floor. >> my husband woke me up and said there's a house ep gulfed and across the street i seen plane higher to the tree. i ran out my neighbor was screaming and banging on the door. she said the front ever the door was hot. >> the company reported not hearing fire alarms abut because ever the overall damage on inside we have not located any smoke detectors on inside. the company reported not hearing any fire alarms or smoke alarms at all. >> fire crews tell us there was evacuation for a minor gas leak. it's not clear if that gas leak was related to the cause of the fire. the fire marshall is investigating. and we can tell you a neighbor tells us this couple actually just took their daughter to college and moved this house about a year going after buying from another family member. a lot of tragedy in bustleton.
5:34 am
back to you. >> dave, thank you. >> police say there's a man that died after a shooting in allentown last night 9:00. copper of nineth and liberty. a man and woman sat in a karen someone opened fire on the vehicle and started shooting through the windows and the man died and the woman was shot and taken to the hospital. we don't know extent of her injuries. >> political new right now, you decide 2016. vice-president dep shall come fees tim kaine and mike pence. the exchange over clinton email standle was one of the many they had. polls show many americans are not familiar with either man. the republican governor and democratic senator hit the hot button issues that have dominated this election sayin sayingle. they disagreed with everyone one of them. social security, gun control, law enforcement, taxes, immigration and economy.
5:35 am
>> #vp debate was number one trend on twitter at last evening and republican national committee declared indiana governor mike peps was clear winner of tuesday night debate against time kaine. the debate, the rnc published a blob saying who won the presidential debate. the post was taken down and replaced with 404 page feet fewering unnoterring photo of hillary clinton. >> happening right now the stwrongest caribbean storm in almost a decade. killed one person and four others killed by collapsing malls and mudslides. people in haiti and dominican sent in videos of damage from their areas.
5:36 am
forecasters say the winds have reached up to 1 40 miles an hour as it swept through. hurricane matthew is headed to the east coast. the state of emergency was declared me florida, georgia and north carolines. >> many are pulling water head of the happening. the hurricane could ruin some crops and lands they're trying to salvage as much as crops as they k there is a possibility that the storm will move east in the atlantic and if the storm does strike u.s. it could make landfall in the carolinas by the weekend. sue has the light easton that track. which is changing, joel embib made nga review. that coming up in sport in a made nga review. that coming up in sport in a minute.
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>> good morning i'm shawn bell eagles getting ready to take on 1-3 detroit lions they a week to listen to how great they are and now have to ignore all the noise and go to work. guys trying to stay positive and not over confident. >> we have to remain humble and focused on one game at a time and make sure we you know don't get too ahead of ou ourselves and just play football and go when we can and enjoy it. >> joel embib made nba debut and showed everybody why you should be so excited. fade away jumper and nails it
5:40 am
and dominant on defensive end he can do this in sleep. mraingts a dunk at the rim and later on look at this. he can nail that outside shot. hit the long on the line. and embib had six point, four boards and two blocks and si sixers 92-89. i'm shawn bell. >> and also now, espn is reporting eagles offensive tackle lane johnson is expected to play on sunday against the lions. he had a hearing yesterday for his appeal of that ten-game suspension for violating league substance abuse policy. john season is eligible to play until a final decision is made and we don't know when that is going to happen. >> let's continue to track right now hurricane matthew. as we're seeing it's going to be a turning its course every closerer to us. we'll have the latest on that, good morning, steve. >> it won't be so good for people waking up to this news,
5:41 am
karen, i hope they have extra 170 bucks lie around in new jersey because that is what it will cost more every year after jersey because that is what it will cost more every year after the gas tax goes up.
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> 5:43 good morning, everybody, hello, delaware, live lock at heart of wilmington. a little change over the last coupling of days. live look at the blue route, 4 476 quiet as you roll out of mid county heading down towards the schuylkill and hello to bellmar, new jersey.
5:44 am
headlights coming in on the free way where they finally picked up all the cones i think we're ready for a morning rush hour and construction guys going on out of there. heading south on 295 volume there as you head into the 42 freeway and otherwise off to a good start this morning. 95 out of northeast. again we didn't have overhead street lamps working but we're starting to see beginning of daylight. we're good to go on 95. no problems into or out of city on the schuylkill expressway. philly international just checked in looking good. heads up, if you fly out of town today and expected to come back on the weekend or have travel plans between day and weekend you want to keep your eyes on the hurricane watch and someone who had her eyes on it all morning long sue is coming with an update in 15 seconds, all morning long sue is coming with an update in 15 seconds, hang in
5:45 am
>> starting with a look at watches and warnings in florida. darkest red areas that you see there are where there's hurricane watches already up for eastern florida as they prepare for the possibility of a category four storm in a couple days. the very latest on hurricane matthew. it's a category three storm. now it's weakened a little bit. still powerful with 125 mile an hour winds. it's 65 miles north, northwest of eastern tip of cuba and moving towards north at rate of only 10 miles an hour. it's not moving that quickly. it will stay at 3 and probably through this afternoon. and then strengthen again as it moves over bahamas, folks stuck there or who tliv or folks on vacation stuck there i should say are going to have to seek shelter from this powerful storm. stays four and weakens this
5:46 am
projection off the coast of georgia to two. still a strong sure cape. it's still a hurricane. look at difference in projection of long term path of that storm. it takes it sharp east ward turn right after north and south carolina and it looks like we're not evening in the cone of uncertainty anymore. will we stay that way. we hope so. we have to keep watching it. in the meantime nothing on radar to show you. 58 in philadelphia. same in ill wilmington. 47 mount pocono and 58 in wildwood. cooler morning than yesterday and that's partly because of the breezes out of northeast. still bringing us clouds. we should see a decent amount of sunshine later in the day. arm high 70. it's been a while since we were above average. over the weekend we were not. monday we were. we'll get right to where we're supposed to be this time of year. we might even bump this to ten by tomorrow and friday and temperatures low to mid 70s.
5:47 am
chance of shower on saturday and we'll see what matthew decides to do by sunday and monday columbus day. karen. >> thank you so much. there, sue, in new jersey or anybody that goes through new jersey state lawmakers are set to vote to raise the state gas tax by 23 cents per gallon. let's get to our south jersey guy, steve keeley. >> it's 23 cents more a gallo gallon. that's $2.50 for the average ten gallon fill-up. for the average driver, it's 1 170 more dollars out-of-pocket going to pockets or at least the spending of politicians in new jersey who can't be instructed to spend it right. you have to spend 45 grand at stores and malls to make up that 170 in savings on that very small fractional cut
5:48 am
coming to the state sales tax that the governor was so hell penalty bent on getting and because politician can not be trusted to use the money to fix roads in new jersey transit because they'll spend it on other things like they do the 14 cent gas tax until progress while new jersey rotors are asked a question on election day whether poll intergitys should be for theed to send it up stayed of urging where it should be on the roads. >> if are you voting today a 100% of gas tax revenues to transportation trust fun. the average new jersey driver will see a reduction of estimated $600 with all repairs we'll be making for repairs they won't have to make at own costs. state dot and udot said the average driver will spend
5:49 am
42,000 on road conditions. >> he should be ashamed of saying the roads are so bad they damaged the car at $206 a year. they did not spend the gas tax like they were supposed to. we're about to lose the only good thing about new jersey taxes and second a we're current second number two lo lowest gas tax in country and we'll go up to the 7th highest but, hey, only 7th we're still number one, everybody, and in property taxes and we have rubber or foam number one fingers like they use at foot gal games. this are ridiculous, isn't it. >> we would love to be the leader in all those things. property taxesen gas tax going up. thank you and another things on that note. if you use premium goose fill up you're wasting money. aaa says consumers drop more than $2 billion in the past year for paying with premium when regular would have been fine as aaa says it could find
5:50 am
no difference between premium and regular in terms of horsepower, fuel economy for cars designed to run or regular gas. >> we're filling with premium though our wars don't require t going to our work and home place and we're going gas gas stations we think have best prices even though they may not necessarily have the best prices. >> aaa says only 16% of vehicles sold in this country require you to get that more expensive premium fuel. and shocking claims against yahoo. last year the internet giant build a soft war program that scanned all customer emails from mvtion ask for by the government. this allowed fbi and security hundreds of millions of yahoo users. yahoo release aid statement which says yahoo is law abiding company and complies with the laws of the united states. >> yahoo is not having a good
5:51 am
month. >> no. >> how are you. >> it's only the 5th of october. >> i'm fine, how are you. >> what bring you here. >> i look at this and what do i see with this dress. >> look a roscoe paint be maybe. >> mark roscoe painting who is in the control room right now. >> it's candice. >> did you have to think. >> i didn't know if you meant gordano or somebody else? let's bring up mark rothko, thank you. it's this is cool. there is pottstown high school senior who is blind. he scored a touchdown in football. >> how did that happen. >> well we'll tell you. >> and in fact we have video of. it how about that. he's blind and has a hard time hearing he has a cochlear implant. >> is he coming in. >> yes, with miss mom. did you hear about ben stiller
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dealing with prostate cancer i don't know that i know -- everybody i know is what i'm trying say has dealt with some form ever prostate cancer in their lives. family, friends, whatever. so he said simple test all us guys should be taking. save kids lives. >> and he said he would be dead. >> and the couldn't versey they tell you not to get it until 50. >> thank god he did it. >> that's what he says. >> other doctors i saw on tving a you probably shouldn't get it. >> why not? >> we'll ask dr. mike. >> dr. you watch gilmore girls you seem gilmore girls kind of woman. >> i did not but i'm going 20 one of the cafes that opened one of the diners. >> my two daughter jessica and jill used to watch this every week. they're bringing back four new episodes of it. and so of a opened two gilmore cafes in the area.
5:53 am
>> i'll go to one by university city and one on 17th and one on radnor. >> you think there was three. >> three in the areas and give ago way free coffee. >> what time should they meet you there. >> i'll be there 8:15. >> 8:15. >> why wouldn't you. do we have the mark rothko painting. >> who are you wearing, >> rothko. >> by the way this went to my alma mater joelel embib played well. >> what did you think. >> really good. >> first year rookie. >> he's gay human being as well. >> all right. karen, calm down. >> let's look at radar as well. tracking latest on this storm as it moves closer to our direction. sue will have an update when we direction. sue will have an update when we get back.
5:54 am
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>> he was one of the most be loved to pick up a gold club. the funeral was held in hometown latrobe, pennsylvania,
5:57 am
family, friend, past golfer and current came out to show respect and honor him. fellow pga hall of famer jack nicholas talked about his love and respect for him. >> i said before and cannot emphasize enough today i may have had to battle arnold's ar army later on but never had to battle arnold palmer. today i'm a proud soldier of his army and see i even have umbrella on my lapel. he was king of our sport and he always will. >> fill mikelson and most of rider cup team was also at the funeral. >> two people are dead following a house fire in northeast and also more on the political show down between time kaine and mike pence during last night's debate. we'll have all of that and sue serio will have the forecast for our area when the "good
5:58 am
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>> all right. house fire. this is horrible. huge house fire claims two lives in northeast. bustleton section. we're learning more about how this thing started. plus this. >> people at home cannot understand either one of you when you speak over each other. >> interruptions and insults. sounds


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