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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 10, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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and the person has great respect for people for my family for the people of this country. >> everyone can draw their own conclusions at this point. >> nothing was off limits and donald trump and hillary clinton faced off in their second presidential debate, biggest moment that everybody is talking about right now. plus, after months of hitting the picket lines for more money, trump taj mahal employees will be out of the job today. were they are still fighting to the very end. and hurricane matthew may be a distant memory, for some, but how for so many more the clean up from the devastation left behind, it is just beginning. and back here at home, chilly start to our morning as we are celebrating columbus day. sue serio will have your weather coming up in just a moment. good day, everybody, on this
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monday october 10th i'm karen hepp in for lauren johnson who is off. let's get right over to bob kelly, good morning, bob with a check of the traffic. >> hi karen good morning. columbus day. we will have light traffic volume, some kid are off from school, maybe some adult are off from work today. live look here at an accident southbound on the blue route right before the mid county tolls. it is right there in the center lane before you get the in the toll plaza ben franklin bridge from the camden toll plaza looking good, no problems at all leaving south jersey up and over into downtown. on the vine street expressway it is opened this morning. cruits will work tonight into tomorrow morning and every night this week it will be closed between schuylkill and broad but it is opened, that is good news. southbound i-95 no work crews near betsy ross but we have lane squeezes due to the construction zone and bet thecy down through girard avenue. coming from new jersey 42, 55 we have your normal construction crew working in towards 295 and we're good to
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go on the the blue route and to problems on the schuylkill expressway. sueby, a little wind think morning but when i got in my car to get my coffee. >> yesterday was extremely windy, we're still windy but maybe not the just as bad as it was yesterday. we will show you this radar and thinks all we have to show you right now. we're working on computer issues but that is okay. we can tell you what is going on. this, some of the moisture from matthew which did not, like most hurricanes and tropical storms do what it is predict to do, it had a mind of its own. that is all out of there and north and south caroline, georgia, and florida, recover from what they got late last week and, of course in the weekend. for us here in philadelphia just a few high cloud, generally clear sky which means it is a chilly morning. most of our temperatures are in the 40's and 50's but because of those breeze is it the feels chillier, expect a high in the mid 60's today, so much cooler then it has within, and cooler then
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average for this time of the year, we will have the rest of your forecast, karen, cross your fingers. >> they are crossed. well, it was a fiery exchange as expect between hillary clinton and donald trump, second presidential debate topping off a tumultuous unprecedented week on the campaign trail. last night's match up between the two nomineeness st. louis reflected every bit of all that drama. clinton a trump both fighting late breaking scandals, debate started with an apology from trump over unreleased video and audio from 11 years ago when he makes comments about among women. the here's a reminder. >> let's do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the bleep. you can do anything. >> some republicans have since pulled their endorsements of trump over weekend, as for clinton she's answering a new batch of e-mails from wick i leaks that could damage her on trade and middle class issues.
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lets get right to dave kinchen in the news room with the look at highlights and low lights the from the debate, dave. >> reporter: a lot of low lights just depend on how you describe it here. the political summit up calling it the ugliest debate ever and hillary clinton and donald trump came out to a gathering on have 40 uncommitted voters and at washington university. they didn't even shake hands because the gloves came off anyway beginning with trump being asked directly if he understood that he had comments in that video on that bus during an access hollywood event was a sexual assault and even bill clinton came up in ab exchange. >> you bragged you sexually a salt wood man do you understand that. >> i don't think you understood what was said. this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologized to my family. a pol guyed to the american people. certainly i'm not proud of it the but this is locker room talk. >> what we all saw and heard on friday was donald talking
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about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it is clear to anyone who heard it, it is represents who exactly hoe is. >> if you look at bill clinton, far worse, minor words and his was action. his what he has done to women there has never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that has been accused abuse turf women. >> so much of what he says is not right but he gets to run his campaign however he chooses. he gets to decide what he wants to talk about. >> all right. if you think that was bad it got bitter when they spared over her handling over classified information on her private e-mail server while she was serving as secretary of state and wait until you hear what trump said wow do to clinton if he what's electric president, we will have that at 4:30, karen. ninety minutes before this
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whole debate took place donald trump turned the attention to former president will clinton holding a press conference were four women who accused the former president of sexual assault. they sad along trump and gave statements about sexual misconduct. clinton has long denied those allegations and earlier president obama weighed in on the trump case. >> in one of the most disturbing things about thise lex just unbelievable rhetoric coming from the top of the republican ticket. i don't need to repeat it. there are children in the room. >> billy bush, who was doing that interview with trump inside that bus has been suspended indefinitely, by nbc . 4:06. u.s. navy, two miss were also fired in the direction of the american destroyer in the persian gulf from territory held by shiite rebels in yah hen. navy says his will launch landed in the water before getting near the u.s.s. mason.
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spokesperson says it is unclear if the ship was specifically targeted but missiles were fired in its direction. remnants of the the hurricane matthew have moved further out to sea, right now southwest is dealing with so much clean up and devastation. seventeen people were killed in this country, another five missing. eight tied in north carolina alone. mostly in accidents that happened on the road. more than 800 water rescues were carried out right here near fayetville after 16 inches of rain were dumped. further south blue skies gave people a chance to get out and assess the damage. >> the the catastrophe is weakening and waiting for the electric company to come and do the pole and maybe i can find someone to start cutting the tree. >> a at least a million homes and business where is damaged, in florida, georgia, south carolina, north carolina. president obama says his team is making sure to make sure their states are getting resources that they need.
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in just two hours, the trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city will close its doors for good. this is fifth casino this is couple years to be closing. the lets get down to steve keeley in atlantic city, steve. >> reporter: this is how it has been working they wait until last big weekend and they try to get last minute money made and then they shut down right before the sun comes up here. we can't believe we're going through this again, the fifth time in a few years we have covered these. the right you see revel reopening, you can see show boat, now reopened as a hotel only but those are two of the five that are closing. they are going down like we said way back in 2014 like dominoes. this is the second and last of the four trump casinos to shut down. it was trump plaza one of those in 2014 as well in the middle of the boardwalking. here we are at northern end with another sat shut down. we're looking through doors
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and i was down here yesterday morning. i want tell you there air lot more casino patrons maybe getting their last feel of memorabilia, taking some trump taj mahal chips before you cannot get them anymores collector items and yesterday three gamblers in there and now i counted about 20, we're seeing one coming out the door right the now. what we are looking at is picket line that has been going full force, none in stop since july 1st, monk those walking the picket lines, people who work here as a decade as a cashier. closing time 5:59-the final closing time here. >> definitely it will open again. karl eye can has had this planned all along because let me tell you something he will in the close this casino down. did he this to the sands. he did this to the a lath is and trump plaza. he has his plans all along. >> reporter: atlantis, plaza has all stayed shut.
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atlantis was shut. sand is gone that was imploded. still an empty lot here at park place. what makes you think he will keep this place, in business, without you guys. >> because he has been doing the rope, he has been making improvements, we're not stupid. we know what he will do. he will open up, like in january or june, all right. this place will not close down. he will not keep this one down. >> reporter: during that time of the shut down before he reopens you guys cannot just stay out of work and probably will try to get other jobs and get on with your lives. but a lot of people tell me like you, you will come back here and do this for reopening. do you think you will fight him even after you got on with your life. >> i will fight this man until the day i die, let me tell you something because he is worth every witt of it, fighting for. because this is crazy. >> reporter: we hope you have a long lived life to live.
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we will let you get back to the picket line and we will keep watching and see what happens in the next couple of hours thaw will not be the last two hours in the history of the trump taj mahal. >> thank you. >> thank you. 4:11. ten days after that deadly crash at hoboken train station, trains will start rolling through there again today. transit officials say nine have of the 17 tracks will stay closed until further notice. that crash killed one person standing on the platform and injured more than 100 others. new jersey transit says you can pick up your property if you had haded to he leave it behind after the crash you can combo back and get it. jury selection will begin in harrisburg today for former penn state assistant football coach whistle blower lawsuit against the university. you remember that guy mike mcqueary, now suing penn state because he was wrongly retaliated against because of his role in the trial against jerry sandusky. it was his testimony that he
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saw young boy in the showers with the former defensive coordinator that helped put sandusky in prison. when penn state hired a new football coach in 2012 mcqueary lost his job. he claims because he came forward. he has been unable to get another coaching position. 4:12. allegations of racism dividing a philadelphia community. why protesters interrupt aid flag raising ceremony in city hall and are and what are they demanding right thousand. sad developments over weekend, community now mourning two police officers killed in the line of duty. one who had just had a new baby, other one months from retiring. call that set those officers in harms way and where that gunman is right now.
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the last advisory on what is now post tropical matthew was issued last night, and at that time it was still a hurricane strength, winds, but not called a hurricane as at this point it is dissipating and most of the moisture moved off to the north and west. we won't be dealing with matthew anymore. there is still tropical storm nicole out there we will look at that storm next time. it is starting to move northward, we will see if it has any impact on us but in case you are wondering even though we don't have any other storms in the offering right now otto, paula and richard are next names on the list, hurricane season end at the end of november. we will have have a lot to keep an eye on as folks clean
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up along the lower east coast of the united states from that devastating storm. for us though it is, just clear night but that makes it a chilly night. as we look at the future cast from the next couple days plenty of sunshine, very crisp autumn weather but no rain. we've got cloud rolling in on tuesday afternoon, through wednesday, and then wednesday night, we don't see any rain, we will see what happens with this system that will be up in the great lakes by then if we get any rain from that. right now we're dealing with chilly temperatures. thirty-nine in mount pocono. forty-seven in allentown and pottstown. forty-nine in reading. here in philadelphia it is 51. forty's in millville and atlantic city international the airport. wind are still an issue today sustained at 17 miles an hour coming straight down from the north. so don't walk out the door without a jacket or a sweater today or you may be sorry. look at this 20-miles an hour wind gustness reading.
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your average high is 69 degrees. see how we did over week ebb. friday's high 78. we did cool off on both saturday when we were glummy, drizzly all day, 67. yesterday even with the sunshine, it was so much cooler after the cold front came through with a high of 65. for today columbus day high of 62, 63 degrees. sixty-six tomorrow. we will stay in the 60's on wednesday inching in the 70's on thursday, and it looks like weather stays dry all the way through the weekend, even though it is monday bob kelly, we are already looking forward to the weekend. >> you know it, from the minute we walk in, right. >> good morning. 4:17. first accident of the morning here on i-95, i-95 northbound between center city and girard avenue, it is all centered in the two left lanes if you are heading north, leaving center city. volleys light at the moment but just be careful in the work zone. this is a mess this whole girard avenue scenario. the very little wiggle room between the lanes and there is no shoulder at all.
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ben franklin bridge looking good coming into downtown. in problems or delays at the all. philly international off to another good start, would i just check again, last time we left on friday we had those cancellations and restaging of the planes. would i just double-check and make sure your plane is supposed to be where it is, it is where it is supposed to be before you head down to the airport. no problems on 422 from collegeville and looking good on the pennsy turnpike. karen, back over to you. 4:18. german police say they have detained a 22-year old syrian man who was subject of the nationwide hunt in that country. he is believed to have been preparing a bomb attack, police tweeted early this morning that the suspect was captured, german media is reporting it is believed that person may be connect with islamic extremist groups. developing from palm springs, california we are learning more details about the the man now in custody after a deadly shooting that claimed the lives of two police officer.
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investigators are saying suspect 26 year-old john felix shot and killed officers leslie zereby and six three-year old gill vega. they were responding to a domestic dispute, also another officer injured, court record indicate that felix is a gang member with a lengthy, violent past. he was previously sentenced to four years in prison. the chief out there said officer gill vega was scheduled to retire in months and officer zereby just had a baby girl a few months ago. >> to see her lay down with her eyes opened and to witness her husband witness her on the forehead for the last time. it the is tough. >> before this shooting suspect's father reportedly told a neighbor his son had a gun, wanted to shoot police and was quote acting crazy. coming up at 4:20, police in chester are searching for a
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person who shot and killed a 20 year-old man over weekend. investigators say christian jenkins was shot outside his home in the 2100 block of west third street yesterday morning, and then ran back inside trying to get help. neighbors say they are surprised jenkins was victim of the street violence. he was a good guy, barber shop haircuts and offer them free to children could not afford it. >> i know he never got in trouble. he wasn't a bad kid, he was very respectful. >> when i heard about this it was shocking. >> chester police say circumstances surrounding this whole thing are unclear, there is no known motive. also police are investigating an abduction that occurred last night on the 600 block of east erie avenue in philadelphia in the juniata neighborhood. police say there was a white male suspect who struck a with man overhead and forced her in the car, this all happened between 8:30 and 9:00 o'clock. we have no other information right now but we do know that suspect was last seen heading towards roosevelt boulevard, if you have any information
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please call the police. also at 4:21 investigators in new jersey are trying to figure out what started a heavy apartment fire, here's is a picture this is 100 block of west amount on street in pemberton just before midnight. it took crews two hours to knock this fire down this is pine meadow apartments. the good news, in injuries in this one. big protest interrupting a flag raising ceremony at city hall yesterday. people there demanding justice for lb gt citizens of all races. they claim our city is in the doing anything to help their cash. we're hearing from mayor kenney and lbg philadelphians, our sabina kuriakose has the story. >> reporter: center city streets, bustling sun take nate in the gayborhood out fest, annual lb gt event wraps up this year a crowd hanging over festival goers upset with institutional racism made against several prominent gay nightclubs.
4:22 am
>> it hurts. >> reporter: she says she has been affect by new dress codes that bars and others were direct toward black and minority patrons. >> this was our safe place and now you tell us we cannot be safe and be who we are in these places because what we want this? it is unfair. >> reporter: one of the issues angry activist who stormed mayor's annual pride flag raising at city hall earlier this is the day. >> no, no, stop. >> reporter: mayor kenney face-to-face with demonstrators who say city is in denial about pervasive racist am monk white gays who hold prominent positionness it the i government and business. call for action comes after i you tube video surfaced in which owner of the eye candy nightclub in center city used the n word over and over again. the bar has acknowledged the statements are made by its owner and has apologized. many still wondering if the community whose members had historically been victims of the discrimination, now need to address it, from within.
4:23 am
>> the stories of the discrimination and hatred we have heard in recent weeks are heart breaking report report mayor kenney and sit a fares director nellie fitzpatrick left the room soon after being confront by protesters. later the man released a statement saying there is no denying racism is an issue with the lbgq community and planning to attend a hearing by city commissioner to investigate. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. you know, always hard on a monday morning when we don't win, eagles playing jekyl and hide some of the frustrating moments coming up next in sports. let us know what you think about that. we will have big daddy graham coming up later. we have good news. here is your winning lottery numbers. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. good morning, i'm sean bell. eagles fall from the land have of the undefeated after a week off eagles were extremely rusty and became an uphill battle in the second half. down 21-ten at half time eagles came out smoking in their first drive, wentz right there to josh hoff for touchdown he went five for five for 64 yards on that drive. eagles would score back and take 23-20 lead. in the fourth all ryan matthews had to to was hold on, don't fumble it. that will lead to a field goal. ben carson gets within last
4:27 am
chance to get them back and he goes, and going for it all but that is a interception, eagles lose 24-23. wentz was pumped about that final play. >> you always want to get drive started especially in these situations but coverage dictated that. we didn't make a play. they made a great the play. >> it wasn't a perfect throw. i tried to give nelson a chance to make the play. guys at cornerback he he made a great play. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. 4:27 is the time. lets get over to dave kinchen with the latest on that debate. >> reporter: highlights, a lot have low lights, including what hillary clinton had to face if donald trump what's electric president regarding the whole e-mail scandal, steve. only about 90 minutes left in the future of the trump taj mahal casino but these striking workers are convinced the owner will shut it down
4:28 am
and reopen it up with cheaper labor.
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i disagree. >> you disagree. >> donald trump break ago way from running mate mike pence, nothing off limits the at all during that second
4:31 am
presidential debate? biggest moment that everyone is talking about this morning. plus, after months of hitting the picket lines, for higher wages trump taj mahal and they will be out of the job today. why they are keeping up the fight until bitter end. hurricane matthew is no more but there is a lot of clean up from all of the devastation, now just beginning. good day, everybody it is october 10th, i'm karen hepp. lauren johnson is off this morning. the it is columbus day a lieutenant of kids, are off and some of them are not. we had festivities in south philadelphia, they had the columbus daze parade paw people marching down broad street, so, city offices are closed in the observance of the holiday. so, sue pretty windy out there. >> that is right, it was yesterday and a lot of that is still with us today n rain on ultimate doppler radar, the moisture from matthew is now moving to the north east, and i don't know what is going on with this computer, but we
4:32 am
will have a look at your forecast for today, there it is, wind, out there, wind speeds. 17 miles an hour in philadelphia. 13 miles an hour in windy. it is making it feel colder and chillier then it actually it is. it is not really colds yet. 62 degrees. cooler afternoon then we have been used to. we will tell you when we will get back in the 70's in the seven day forecast. >> good morning everybody. 4:32. it is a monday. we will kick it off with an accident on i-95. this is i-95 northbound right at girard avenue, police, two or three he can look also all involved here only the far right lane getting on through so if you are leaving center city heading north on i-95 be ready to hit the brakes. quiet on the 42 freeway with the high waste we will have lighter then normal volume. so far so good at philly international. mass transit market frankford and subway using shuttle buses until five, karen, back over to you. it got real personal during the second debate in
4:33 am
st. louis, hillary clinton and donald trump both fighting late breaking scandals. it started off with an apology from trump over that unreleased video from 11 years ago in which he he makes comments about would men. >> let's do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the bleep. i can do anything. >> some republicans have have since pulled their endorsements of trump big names, here is an explanation and apology that he gave. >> that was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it i am a person who has great respect for people, to are my family for the people of this country and certainly i'm not proud of it. it is something that happened. if you look at bill clinton, far worse, mine are word and his was action. his was what he has done to women there has they ever been anybody in the history of politics in this nation had has been so abusive to women.
4:34 am
you can say anyway you want to say it the but bill clinton was abusive to women. >> if this were just about one video maybe what he is saying tonight would be understandable but everyone can draw their own conclusion about whether or not the man in the video or man on the stage respects women. >> clinton is facing criticism, after wick i leaks leaked information revealing a search from her wall street speeches that could damage her on trade and middle class issues. trump making a point to challenge clinton on the other e-mail troubles and use of her private servicer. lets get to dave kinchen with more on these heated moments. >> reporter: this is something i don't know if you saw louisville slugger in this thing but this was a slug fest in st. louis for sure. from it co calling it the most ugly debate ever when hillary clinton and donald trump came out, they were meet ago monk
4:35 am
40 uncommitted voters in washington university help didn't shake hand here but gloves came off, including over classified information over hillary clinton's private e-mail server where she was running the state department. trump talk about how he would handle it if he was president. >> in my opinion, the people that have been long term workers at fbi are furious. there has never been anything like this where e-mails you get a subpoena, you get the a subpoena and after getting the subpoena you delete 33,000 e-mails. then you you acid wash them or bleach them a very expensive process. we will get a special prosecutor and we will look into it because people have been their lives have been destroyed for done one fifth of wharf done and it is a disgrace and you should ab shamed of yourself. >> last time at first debate we had millions of people fact checking so i expect we will have millions more fact checking because, you know, it
4:36 am
is, awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> secretary clinton... >> we want to remind the audience to please not talk out loud. >> reporter: many other moments as well including hillary clinton calling on guiding word from the current first lady when donald trump brings up bill clinton's pass infidelity and each candidate had to make nice with each other for a moment. i'm sure it was painful for both, but we have that coming up, karen. >> business with the trump name closing more than 3,000 workers at trump taj mahal in atlantic city will be facing unemployment shortly after casino will officially close its doors today. steve keeley is there with the the latest, and lud protest
4:37 am
behind you. >> reporter: when you join 8,000 people who lost their jobs in the previous four shut downness 2014 the job search, when your job is a bell man or cook gets tougher because the jobs are scars here in this area. you've got people already in line two years ahead of you. these folks are now last in the unemployment line and the jobs are jobs first line which makes it even harder. a lot of these people are career casino workers. and do you have your id with you. >> yes i do. >> reporter: he started in resort as a teenager, he opened this this place he work for trump castle before the trump taj mahal opened. here he is working at resorts in the 70's and here's his original trump taj mahal id. he is in his 50's now. that is how he looked in the 20's. that is how you long he has work here. can you believe this day has come here. >> it is a little will
4:38 am
unbelievable, surreal this place opened up, as an wonder of the world and to see it like this, it is disappointing. >> reporter: i feel terrible asking this question but what will you do now? you have work in casinos your whole life and now these casinos are closing. look down the boardwalk, show boat and revel are lit up but neither are casino. revel is trying to opened but they are running into red tape every where they turn. it is like going down like dominoes. these jobs are disappearing you have work at your whole life. >> i think the experience on a little bit of the the higher note i have gained here in the casinos and in this industry will give me the tools to move forward and go someplace else. with the contracts that we did not receive, i think that can be replaced anyplace i wanting to. a lot of us will move forward and we will be better for it. >> reporter: good you are optimistic personally. are you optimistic about the future of atlantic city which
4:39 am
these casinos shutting down. >> i think atlantic city will to have reinvent itself. casinos were a quick fix, they made a lot of money, for people, for almost years, since 1970, 37, 38 years, close to 40 years and i think going forward we have to go back to how it was before really, utilizing beaches, this boardwalk, and those nice summer days, fall days and even some winter days. >> reporter: hopefully somebody watching this will see a good man with a good optimistic attitude who has a good job waiting for you on the other side of this tv lens. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: we wish you best of luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: closing time in little will more than an hour another sad morning here in atlantic city, it is almost surreal here. i started my career here in 1938. i covered the ground breaking of this building. i cannot believe that another casino is shutting down. this is, even though it is
4:40 am
real, it is like a dream. i think because we wake up so early, but you have been going to the shore your whole life. you just can't believe these are happening one after another. >> it is an icon, you said yesterday, michael jack son was there for opening and now we are watching the closing and you were there. 4:40 right now. hits keep coming for samsung following problems with the galaxy note seven what the company has just announced about that explosive phone.
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4:43. more problems from the tech giant samsung. company announced it is stopping production of the galaxy note seven, because of all of the problems. there have pneumonia more incidents involving the phone catching fire and replacement phone, at&t and t mobile both say they will stop offering those replacement note seven devices and last week verizon and sprint said they would exchange the new galaxy note seven for any other smart phone. newest in the, commission was commissioned here in penns landing this weekend. we will give you up close look at the ship and that cool as pray next.
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happening right now 4:47. u.s. navy's newest amphibious warship has been commissioned at penns landing, really cool and rare something like this happened there. lots of dignitaries, congressman bob brace i and house minority leader nancy pull lows there i for the ceremony on the u.s.s. john murtha saturday. ship is name after the late congressman who represented the 12th district in southwestern pennsylvania for 35 years. he died in 2010 at the age of 77. he was longest serving congressman in pennsylvania's history and also served as a marine. ahead of an event last evening thanks for kelly ann doland they are celebrating 40 years of helping families hoff
4:47 am
very sick children. i was there celebrating mcing that event. i had a picture, it may or may not happen, sue. you have been involved. you have done one of their walks over the at the zoo, in the past, there is me and my husband and huge crowd. we have raised so much money for such a wonderful event. thanks for the late evening. >> you have to commend people who help and especially on a school note. >> yes. >> it is not for everybody because you mentioned, some schools have off for columbus day, some do not, that kind of a holiday but regardless, we're still, kind of keeping an eye on matthew. most have the moisture from that storm has moved out to sea, last advisory was 5:00 o'clock last night. we will not get anymore updates on this storm as it continues, so we will take a look next at the other storm that is still out there, it is nicole. we will get it, the next names on the list, otto, paul, richard, we have already got to the n's and we still have a month and a half of hurricane
4:48 am
sees than left. there is nicole. it is expected to strengthen to a hurricane again. this pass takes it over the island of bermuda as a category two hurricane. this may cause destruction but no effects on the east coast as will folks clean up from matthew. today we have watches and warnings that include north caroline, they still have flood warnings in effect, we have a flood warning here, in southern delaware because of all of the rain that happened there over the weekend. for us this is a frost advisory for tomorrow morning, tonight into tomorrow, for frost advisory, north and west of the city. yikes. it will be a chilly one here in philadelphia we will be in the 40's in the morning. we expect dry weather rest of the week and gradual warming trend until we get to friday cools back off in the mid 60's but we don't see any rain, very dry weather pattern on the way today, columbus day tomorrow at sundown is yom kippur and then we have a wilmington, delaware
4:49 am
alzheimer's walk on saturday, and we expect decent weather for that but it will be chilly bob kelly. >> looking good, in rain in the forecast for the week. it is chilly. grab that jacket the or make sure kids have a jack it and maybe a hoodie if they have class today with columbus day a lot of the kids do have the day off. i think we have a lighter then normal monday morning rush hour. accident here mid county tolls. coming off the turnpike coming down the extension right before the toll plaza police are saying there is a one vehicle that smacked in the concrete par year there but it is right in the middle of the toll plaza ben franklin bridge looking good from the camden toll mr. as, no problems at all heading in to downtown philadelphia. i-95 heading down toward the airport we are good to go. no problems from northeast philadelphia through center city heading down toward the airport we are looking good. delaware count any problems at the all hitting 95 through delaware. construction on the roosevelt boulevard inner drive between strahl and rhawn street, also city avenue watch for road
4:50 am
work right after rush hour between 63rd and wynnewood avenue, karen, back over to you. so you knew they have a field day with everything going on politically, controversy surrounding donald trump and these comments he made about the woman from that leak tape. >> mr. trump, this leaked audio shows you staying, you know, i cannot say it on live television but basically you said you wanted to. >> grab them by the bleep. >> oh, my god. >> i with like to take this time to formally apologize. >> what did you say. >> i deeply apologize. >> are you trying to say apologize. >> no, i would never do that, what i am doggies apologize to go all of the people offend by
4:51 am
my statements but more importantly to the people who were turned on by them i hear it is really 50/50. >> owe say. so mr. trump why would you say these horrible things in the first place. >> come on brooke i was trying to look cool, i mean what normal red blooded american doesn't want to impress the billy bush, you have to admit it is funny the only bush that matters in this general election is billy. >> upper darby's own tina fey representing philly did you hear this, love the access, a skit with jimmy fallon. they are represent would go men voters from pennsylvania, a whole lot in this election. >> but when you are a big star like that rules are different. if you have ever been to the philadelphia mummers parade on new years have you ever been to that. >> no, i have not the. >> you should go, it is terrible. a lot have the guys in the
4:52 am
clown brigade are already drunk and they might honk your boob. i think trump is kind of like that. >> he is like a drunk clown on the street. >> yeah, like that. >> i love that they are wearing villanova and eagles. philadelphia mayor jim kenney saw this and said snl, omg, this is awesome, my grandparents live there. the best delco. we want to show you something, the symbol of our nation's a bald eagle, trapped in the grill of a car, who came to that creature's rescue and what happened? there is a happy ending we will tell you that.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
welcome back taking a look at your top headlines buzzing on line and social media even though governor chris christie supports trump his number two does not highest rang would go man in new jersey government says she will not be voting for donald trump after hearing that tape and his comments about women. the republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno tells says she also cannot support hillary clinton. she hasn't decided whether she will support another candidate or not vote in the presidential election at all. more fall out nbc suspended today show personality billy bush indefinite liz for his role in the videotape. in a memo network representatives say there is no excuse for billy's language
4:56 am
and behavior on that tape, that was for his time on that entertainment show. lets show you this bald eagle that got stuck in the grill of the car and it the happened down in florida, police say bird flew in front of the car got wedged in the front bumper, so they did get their and they got it free. vehicle turned over to wild life sang war any jacksonville and they say it is expected to recover. how about this, olympic swimmer ryan lochte, yep, he is engage. his fiance kayla reid posted this photo after a proposal that happened in malibu canyon. she said speechless, absolutely beautiful, i'm so in love with you. ryan lochte says, memories forever, they met in january at a nightclub in los angeles. all right, steve. >> reporter: well, with just one hour left to go they have shut lights that face the
4:57 am
atlantic ocean off the trump taj mahal as workers are defiant walking loud and proud as they see their jobs end.
4:58 am
4:59 am
the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. i am a person who has great respect for people, for my family, for the people of this country . >> one can draw their own conclusions at the this point. >> nothing off limits as donald trump and hillary
5:00 am
clinton face off in their second presidential debate, the biggest moments everyone is talking about right new. plus, months after hitting the picket lines for higher wage is it is end of the line for trump taj mahal employees, to be out of the job today, why they are keeping up this fight to the bitter end. oh, the monday morning, when we don't win, we will break down all of those frustrating moments and how it collectively is feeling right now. we have a pretty chilly, windy start as many are celebrating columbus day. sue serio has your weather forecast in just a moment. good day, everybody it is october 10th, lauren johnson is off this morning. i'm karen hepp. so lets get over to you. i was struck by the wind on this day. >> yeah, yesterday was pretty windy as well so just expect a day like yesterday if you were outside you got blown around for sure. it is eight out of ten because it is chillier


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