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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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over what they say failure to address racism in philadelphia's lgbt community. >> a mom is pleading for answers in the murder of her son a month after he was shot. why she says silence is not safety but we begin tonight with you decide 2016. the candidates waste nothing time after last night's fiery debate. clinton trump are back on the campaign trail. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. swing states are on the mind of the press presidential hopefuls and donald trump headed right from the debate to pennsylvania. he's stomping in am bridge in the western past of the state just hours after last night's contentious debate, word the candidates clashed on just about everything. pennsylvania of course is a vital state for trump. >> your jobs are coming back to pennsylvania and they're coming back to this area and that means we're going to take care of our steal workers and we're going to take care of our miners, believe me. going to take care of them. >> after this speech, he headed to wilkes-barre for another
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rally in the keystone say the. even though trump embroiled in controversy, his running mate is standing by his side. governor mike pence rallied in charlotte north carolina after trump admitted last night he and his vice-presidential nominee have not spoken about syria and they disagreed on policy. pence told the crowd today that trump is a fighter and a winner. >> meantime house speaker paul ryan says that he is focusing on the republican party's hold in congress this election. political pundants saying this means ryan thinks donald trump cannot win. ryan's office says he's not conceding the out come of the election, but wants to make sure that hillary clinton does not get a democrat congress if she becomes president. donald trump responded on twitter saying paul ryan shouldn't waste any his time fighting republican nominee. >> as trump head to do pennsylvania hillary clinton headed to another battleground state and that is michigan. >> that's first place she headed after the debate shown spoke within the hour at a rotor registration rally in the midwestern state.
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she reflected on last night's spectacle emphasizing again she thinks trump is unfit to run the country. especially in light of that newly surfaced video tape from 2005 showing that trump making lewd comments about women. >> he just doubled down on his excuse that just locker room banter. i'll tell was, women and men across america know that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly. >> the latest real clear politics poll average has clinton leading trump by nearly six points national. sun day night debate us what viewed as the knee city yesterday among long time observers they've ever seen. >> with the focus far more often on scandal over substance bruce gordon is live at drexel university. bruce, what do the newest voters have to say about all of the mud slinging?
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>> reporter: voter registration tent set up at temple served as symbol for what campaign 2016 has meant to first time voter voters. the inn eight optimism of youth blown away. >> either one of these candidates impress as a young voter? >> make you excited about the process? >> no. i'm actually very terrified. >> sunday night's second presidential debate quickly evolved into political mud wrestling with donald trump forced to explain a way lewd sexual comments caught on tape and trump threatening hillary clinton over her mishandling of classified e-mails while secretary of state. if i win i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of
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drum is that not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> tv viewer ship for the second debate was down nearly 20% over the first. despite the hype over trump's so called hike mike moment some of the students we talked to wanted no part of the verbal food fight. >> i feel like they're distracting from the real issues and just figh fighting over stuf that's not really worth talking about during an election. >> i didn't watch any of it bay i knew it was going to be crazy. >> i don't like easter them. like f what i've heard at least so i don't pay attention. >> reporter:. those who do pay attention are left profoundly pessimistic about the political system in which we've encouraged them to engage. >> their enthusiasm like that voter registration tent must be re-established and won't be ea easy. >> i think america is screwed regardless of who we get as president. >> reporter: either one. >> either one because hillary lies about stuff and trump is like -- he's a liar as well. >> reporter: now to be sure some of the students we talked
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to skip the did he bites because of busy schedule, studying, parts-time jobs but also clear from talking to these students today some are just deeply cynical about a campaign that seems to plum new depths of taken degreeness with each passing day. iain. >> it is incredible, bruce. thank you. meanwhile your running out of time to register to vote. pennsylvania voters your deadline is tomorrow. in delaware, the deadline is october 15th and in new jersey voters your deadline is octobe october 18th. you can head to our website to find out how to register in your state. just click as seen on tv. >> all right. your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at wilmington. we woke up to a much cooler day. isn't that pretty outside? i love fall days like this. i'm hoping you too, too. it will get colder tonight, too. let's head on over to meteorologist kathy orr. we have actually got can't believe i'm saying here's the two words brace for it, frost advisory. >> yes. those dreaded words. frost advisory but you know what, many of our facebook friends are saying i am ready
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for the cold. me not so much. you can see this afternoon on market street beautiful day. just crisp autumn afternoon. but get ready because it is going to be quite chilly during the evening and overnight period. right now, not a cloud in the sky. ultimate doppler we're hard pressed to find anything. tossing hundreds of miles to find a cloud. 52 right now in the poconos. but look at the mild afternoon. philadelphia 64. 63 in trenton. and millville and ac63 degrees. this evening temperatures will quickly fall through the 50s as soon as the sun sets. by 11:00 o'clock, falling fast. at 50 in the city but 40s in our suburbs. tomorrow morning, waking up to the coolest morning in quite a long time. 30s to the north and west. along the i-95 corridor in the 40s. and wrightstown even 39 degrees. milder down the shore, of course, with that ocean influence. it is going to be cold enough to prompt a frost advisory for or northern and went suburbs and most of south jersey beginning the early morning hours through
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9:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. so this is just the beginning of what's to come. bring on winter. well, maybe not that fast. i'll be back with the seven day forecast and a pleasant stretch coming up when i join you insi inside. >> all right, kathy are. we'll see you soon clean up now underway in the southeast after hurricane matthew moved out over the weekend. here's some new video just coming in to our newsroom. look at the flooding in north carolina. this is lumberton. water went over a levee in that area. the southeastern part of the state that's not far from i-95. it is still very dangerous. officials warning residents about that flooding after so much rain was dumped along coastal areas in the carolinas and georgia. that storm is now blamed for at least 20 deaths in the us. meanwhile crews are also warning residents of the dangers of downed power lines. in haiti, the number of people killed by matthew is at least 500 and officials warn it could climb to over 1,000. that's because rescuers are still working to get to remote areas.
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meanwhile, the impoverished country facing another huge concern in the aftermath of the storm. health officials are warning that the possibility of cholera outbreak because of contaminated water. developing story now out of west philadelphia. the family of a man killed by gun violence is pleading for answers. it has been nearly a month since someone gunned down 24-year-old derrell singleton but his family says they're still no closer to finding his killer. fox 29's sabina cower companies is live in southwest detectives with more on the famili' message and the latest from police. sabina. >> reporter: lucy, there is a $21,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. but what should be more compelling is this plea from a grieving mother. >> it's hard that he's not here, you know,. it's hard to come to terms that he's not going to be here. >> reporter: not coming home to celebrate his 25th birthday, not coming home to
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finish training to be an emt despite that dean's list award his mother still holds on to. month after singleton's eldest son darrell was shot outside the house he grew up in on hoffman street in cobbs creek. his family is waiting, hoping, praying for an arrest. >> they wrote the end of the story which that wasn't supposed to be end of the story. it's senseless to me. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: raising her boys trina thought shed done all the right things. that society tells you to do so your child won't become a statistic. she and her husband sent darrell to charter schools, summer camp and vacations. >> he saw more than just the neighborhood. >> she thinks darrell bright future stirred something dark in someone else. jealousy or anger that led a gunman to ambush to shoot the 24-year-old again and again in the same backyard he played in as a child.
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darrell wasn't supposed to be if his emt class hadn't been canceled. trina says neighborhood where people always seem to know your business, no one will help a grieving mother put her son's soul to rest. >> protecting a killer is only going to get more people killed so i, you know, silence is not safety. and police again are still investigating. but so far no arrests have been made. if you know anything, you are asked to call philadelphia police. iain, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. jury selection is underway now for mike mccreery's whistleblower lawsuit against penn state university. the former penn state assistant football coach claims the university wrongly terminated him back in 2012. after jerry sandusky was convicted of abusing 10 boys. mcqueary had said they witnessed sandusky abuse a boy in the team shower and reported it to joe paterno the next day. his testimony helped put sandusky in prison.
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mcqueary claims because he came forward he has been unable to get another coaching position. the trump taj mahal shut its doors for good putting thousands of people out of work. what this could mean for the future of atlantic city now that yet another casino is closed. active visits claim the city is not properly address racing in philadelphia's gayborhood. why they're now going after some city leaders. >> after a series of reports about phones catching fire, samsung is stopping production on galaxy note seven. the final straw that led to the decision.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ fifth time in two years casino in atlantic city has shut down. the last one burying the trump name the at a match hal is shutter. fox 29's steve keeley was on the boardwalk when the last gamblers were ushered out at 5:59 this morning. >> reporter: atlantic city beach front casinos are falling like domino's. here on the north end and revel and showboat were two of the four that closed two years ago. and now the next one in line is the latest one in line to shut down. ♪ >> report rt trump taj mahal barred its boardwalk doors in the biggest casino in the city shut down this morning. 26 years after opening in 1990, 102 days after its hospitality staff wept on strikely? first. >> it's a shame that corp. agreed costs this place to shut down and 3,000 people to lose their jobs. >> i was the first one in here when they built it.
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i was the first one. now i'm the last one walking out. i'm going to miss it so much. >> reporter: so now just seven casinos left. four on the boardwalk including the first ever resorts still open. three in the marina section including the top draw borgata and city whose local government seems also on the brink like a troubled casino. >> i can't believe that they came. i wouldn't even think about it. i planned on retiring here. you know, another maybe, 10, 12 years and i wouldn't believe this would ever happen especially taj mahal as grand as it is. >> reporter: added to the 8,000 who lost casinos jobs back in 2014 another 3,000 more now taj workers begin to apply for unemployment and start that middle-aged job search, too. >> thousands of people out of work. everybody is applying. and, too, you have to to take your age into account. it's been very difficult. >> absolutely devastatinabsolut. we have nothing. they had taken everything away
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and we're walking away with empty pockets. >> on a morning even when in this early fall sunrise, atlantic city's future doesn't look anywhere near as bright. on the boardwalk, steve keeley, fox 29 news. >> truly just the end of an era here. >> incredible. allegations of racism are splitting philly's lgbt community. right now, lots of disagreement among leaders on just how to address it. our bill anderson is here with more on that growing controversy. bill. >> reporter: iain, racism in the lgbt community at a growing concern as several are complaining about discriminatory dress codes. hiring practices and language. the problem is, many say what's finally becoming a public concern is something they've been complaining about for yea years. >> the problem as we see it is systemic racism. systemic oppression period in the gayborhood. >> with questions about discriminatory dress codes and leaked videos active visits spent the day telling people me about racism in philly's
5:17 pm
gayborhood they say has been allowed to linger una addressed. >> there's been a neglect across the board of black and brown lgbt people. they were not ready to do any of this until the audio was released. >> bleep bleep bleep. >> until frankly our group along with other coalition members start to do really scream and yell about this. >> reporter: this weekend as the city raised the lgbt flag for lgbt history month, protesters were there. >> no. >> no. >> they say the racism in our city is real and it's long standing but can it be fixed? >> we have our own position. we've sewed publicly we're direct action collective and those are our values. our values to disrupt and dismantle what systems of oppression. >> there in lies the problem. younger active visit it's have been ignored for two long but lgbt elders bike dion stallworth don't see it that way. >> if there is no place where we can find common ground, everyone
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loses. i don't believe that it's that far gone that we cannot find common ground. >> reporter: do you work with the system or overturn the system? everyone including the city grease there's a problem with racism in the gayborhood but now there's a second concern. how do you solve it if even the victims can't agree? >> we need to talk to each other and make things happen. one side not talking is just as bad as another side ignoring. >> reporter: active visits are obviously an agreement they're also motivated buy but they're not just making general requests. they have very specific demands. i'll be back at 6:00 with the city official that they say has out lived their usefulness and should immediately resign. ♪ eagles lost their first game of the season yesterday against detroit lions. it was a game they really could have won.
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>> all came down to the final play and all eyes were on rookie quarterback carson wentz. sean bell is here with us in the studio to recap the dramatic ending. sean. >> yesterday was a totally different team than what we've seen in the first three games. normally, on point, aggressive and disciplined. but they were none of that. especially in the first half. they had 14 penalties some a little bit questionable but for the most part they earned them all and maybe the biggest issues was the turnovers. right in the clutch after not turning the ball over in the first three games they coughed it in the biggest moments of the game like this one right here. ryan matthews fumbles, basically giving the lions the lead and then carson wentz deep ball at the end of the play right here, carson probably shouldn't have thrown this ball and nelson agholor he had a chance to knock it down and he didn't. a tough first loss for the eagles but something the team can learn from especially carson wentz. >> it's a teachable moment for him, um, next time in that
5:20 pm
situation, he'll definitely understand what's going on, i think, and not make those decisions. one thing about carson is it's short term mentality. it happens once he forget it and moves on. this is his fourth start. we're beating him up over his fourth nfl start and he did some great things in this football game. that one play will magnify him. >> now it's all about rebounding. there's a loft mistake the guys need to clean up. the players talk about gettering back ton track and come cutting down all the penalties later in sports. >> talk to you soon, sean. it's columbus day but the push has been on for quite some time across our nation to change the holiday. ahead how some cities have already adopted a new way to celebrate. and the neck time you come down with a bad cold there's one thing do you care to alleviate the pain. what you need to know to stop feeling lousy. >> you know bird strikes can have catastrophic impact on airplanes. not to mention the birds. what some aviation officials are
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♪ native american communities are pushing for columbus day to be renamed indigens people's day and several cities in one state are listening. phoenix, denver and vermont are all celebrating their first official indigens people's day renamed holiday all part of a growing movement to acknowledge the suffering that native-american people endured during american colon nation at least nine cities celebrated indigenous people's day for the first time last year. the idea of honoring native americans on columbus day first arose at a united nations conference in 1997. >> police in palm springs telling us more about the map they say killed two officers. investigators say 26-year-old john felix pulled out a gun during a domestic call. killed two officers and injured another. court records show felix has a lengthy record. in fact a judge previously sentenced him to four years in prison in a failed murder plot. police remember those slain officers jose gill vega and
5:25 pm
leslie zerebny as beloved members of the department. vega was two months shy of retiring. zerebny had just returned from maternity leave. investigators in tennessee have found a four-year-old girl safe after they say a family friend kidnapped her. >> the accused kidnapper is in police custody now. police say 31-year-old man named west wild hogs kidnapped rebecca lewis saturday from her florida home. hogs had been spotted with the young girl on surveillance cameras in several states during the manhunt. police found them in memphis today. police say hogs pulled a gun on the family two years ago and hadn't seen them since. no word yet on any charges. pop-up book shops are helping children learn the wide world of reading. how the little libraries are also honoring the memory of a beloved family man. hurricane matthew history some dangers remain in its aftermath. how storm victims are still trying to recover. kathy? >> it is going to take a long time in many locations, iain. for us we're talking about clear
5:26 pm
skies and a cold air mass settling in. a frost advisory start the work week. details when we come back. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ♪ >> it is the showdown that's got the whole country buzzing. hillary clinton and donald trump continuing they are campaigns
5:29 pm
today after a night of political punches and scandal at the second presidential debate. the two butting heads on really just about everything right after the debate trump jet to do western pennsylvania. clinton headed off to michigan. >> in cobbs creek heart broken mother is pleading for help to catch the person who killed her son. it has been nearly a month since someone gunned down 24-year-old darrell singleton in his backyard. still no arrest. southeast left with extensive flooding days after hurricane matthew ripped across several states and now residents are being warned not to return home. this is death toll from hurricane matthew rises. the storm is now being blamed for killing at least 21 people. of course, that number could continue to rise. fox's jonathan serrie on the atlantic coast with more. >> reporter: matthew leaving behind a mess in north carolina and it could get worse. the powerful storm system dumping more than a foot of rain in some places. all that water has to go somewhere and more flooding is expected as it flows who rivers and downstream.
5:30 pm
>> everything probably destroyed and completely flooded out. >> trees, billboards down this is the worst we've seen. >> reporter: matthew trapping thousands every people in homes and cars with coast guard carrying out heiress cues. the storm knocking out power for more than a million people in the carolinas and shutting down sections of i-95. if you see a road that's flooded do not take your car through that road. if you see a barrier do not go around that barrier. matthew slamming haiti before moving on to the us. the hurricane killing hundreds and leaving some 350,000 in need of help. tens of thousands of homes are now destroyed and there's concern over the spread of cholera in the impoverished nation. >> we will need to get involved very quickly in the process of rehabilitation. before that we need to feed the
5:31 pm
people. >> reporter: matthew causing significant beach erosion here in south carolina. you can see the heavy equipment that's been called in to scoop up as much sand as possible and bring it back to the shore line. all of this sand washed up here by the powerful storm surge. in garden city, south carolina, jonathan serrie, fox nouse. amazing the power. back to your fox 29 weather authority. starting to feel officially like fall. >> it does feel like it. >> cooler temperatures settling in. golfing days getting shorterring. >> yeah, they are. >> colder nights around the corner. >> i don't like it. meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. >> now in the wake of matthew everyone is asking where is matthew going to go. for days last week, there was a big concern about the storm
5:32 pm
looping back toward the bahamas or florida but now look that cold air helping to push the storm and all its energy well offshore and mainly to the east northeast off the coast of nova scotia that's the way we like it. you can see one model hooking it back toward florida but right now we're going with this that's the general direct that's the good news. on ultimate doppler there are the remnants from the rain over halifax associated with matthew. we are seeing a clear sky and when you look at this, look at the satellite you can see all the lines showing that northerly wind. the wind is so strong out of the north that air is so cool and we are seeing big changes coming over the next 24 hours. deep blue skies with bone dry atmosphere with low humidity or camera shaking a little bit with winds gusting to 25, 30 miles an hour today those winds slowly subsiding it is 64 degrees. the normal high is 69 for this time of year. winds still out of the north northwest at 13 miles an hour and falling.
5:33 pm
right now it's 52 in the pocon poconos. 10 degrees warmer just a little ways down the northeast extension in allentown. and you can see 64 in philadelphia. 62 in millville. lancaster it is 62 degrees. down the shore temperatures pretty much uniform with inland temperatures ocean city 63 degrees right now in avalon 62 and mostly sunny. we'll watch these winds out of the northwest slowly diminish during the late night hours. and during the day tomorrow, a huge improvement. north northeast easterly winds becoming more southerly and by tomorrow afternoon, you can see only about a 6-mile an hour gust. so not much wind at all. overnight, 43 degrees in the city. in the suburbs a frost advisory in effect for low temperatures in the 30s. close to freezing but if you have any tender vegetation cover it up especially any perennials still out there or annuals because it will be a cold night. winds out of the normal pretty light. five to 10 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, 67 degrees. a very pleasant day. mostly sunny, less wind.
5:34 pm
i don't know. i'd give it i think a perfect 10. i d take a look at the seven day forecast for the holiday during the evening into wednesday it looks great. another 10 for wednesday and for thursday. morning fog thursday giving way to really nice day. friday, 65. saturday 65. next sunday even into next monday it still looks fairly dry with high temperatures at or above normal as you make your way into the beginning of next week. i love objection. >> this is great. >> i do. i got golf left. >> you have at least another week, iain. >> exactly, kathy, thank you. all right. the neck time you come down with bad cold there's one thing you can do to alleviate your pain if you're sneezing like this guy. what you need to know to stop feeling lousy. >> would you hurry and get to because i'm tak taking notes. >> governor tom wolf in our ar area. what he's trying to do to wipe out opioids addiction in the state. >> new information in series of a tax against prostitutes in philadelphia. what police think they know
5:35 pm
about a suspect.
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
>> in your health push to end
5:38 pm
the opioid epidemic in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf visit add pottstown facility that helps people who are addicted. >> big focus of the democrat's administration. state's budge this year included more than $20 million for what are called centers of excellence. community health and dental care in pottstown is one of them. the centers have staff to help people with opioid related substance abuse and help them navigate through the medical system to get behavioral and physical health care. >> everybody it's a chronic disease and they need treatment and we need to have the ability to navigate -- they need the ability to gaff 98 they're way through the health care system. they need to be able to get treatment that really is tailored to them. governor wolf secured funding for 20 centers of excellence around the state. members of the british royal family took a stand today highlighting the difficulties for the millions who have to deal with mental health disorders. duke and duchess of cambridge
5:39 pm
were joined by prince harry to spread awareness on world mental health day. the royalty yo took a ride on the london eye along with guests who were battling psychological problems. they emphasized the importance of opening up a dialogue about mental health. the coughing, sneezing, that comes with a cold makes it tough to get through, you know what i'm talking about. >> i've still battling it. >> there may be one thing to help get you relieve faster. >> i'm glad one is good. dr. oz explains our little conclusions. one of the worst things about getting a cold is how long it lasts. but new study shows that sink loss searches could cut your suffering short. researchers look at three studies on these loss searches and found they can reduce a week long cold average of three whole days. how does it work? the common cold is usually caused by virus called rhino virus which calls through your nasal passages and the throat. the sink stops the virus from
5:40 pm
multiplying and loss searches work better than pills because they allow the sink to stay in the throat in contact with the rhino virus for longer but just sucking on the occasional loss search probably won't do the trick. studies show a dose of 80 to 90-milligram of sing a day work to shorten colds but average sink loss search only has 10 oh 12 milligrams in it you need to take several in day to hit that mark and make sure the loss search your you're using doesn't have sit trick acid that can bind the sink and make it less effective. science on sing and colds isn't perfect but it can't hurt to try sink loss searches the neck time a cold feet. you might find yourself back on your feet sooner than expected. >> i'm going to go to the drugstore. can you hold down the fort here. >> sure. >> you can catch dr. oz right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. >> after series of reports about phones catching fire samsung is stopping production on galaxy note 7a final straw that led to the decision. >> bird strikes can have catastrophic impact on airplanes and the birds watch some aviation officials are doing to
5:41 pm
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would
5:44 pm
be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. in your money tonight, samsung taking a big step. it's coked to those on-going reports of battery fires for it's galaxy note seven smart phone. as incidents mount, samsung electronics is nounsing it is halting production of that
5:45 pm
troubled phone. >> fox's rick leventhal has more on what this means for the company's products. >> reporter: samsung suspen suspending production of its galaxy seven replace many phones after reports of fire. >> i got the replacement and it explodes. >> what started out as a few isolated reports of smoking and exploding batteries in late august prompted samsung to initially delay shipments and then the company issued a worldwide recall in september for 2.5 million devices before sending out new ones that same month. but now there are multiple reports some of the replace manies catching fire, too. >> the thing just poof and then smoke started coming out. >> it definitely was sizzling, smoke was shooting out. it was -- smoke was spraying out. it wasn't just coming off it. it was literally spraying off it. >> perhaps the most serious incident happened last week southwest airlines flight was evacuated in louisville after a galaxy note seven replace many started smoldering inside the plane. >> i noticed smoke just pouring
5:46 pm
out of my pocket. pull the phone out of my pock through it on to the ground writ continued smoke. >> reporter: major us carriers including verizon, at and t and t mobile announced their own suspension of galaxy note seven which can retail for more than $800 on its own. >> to have a phone literally ignite in your pocket is not even using it is unbelievable. >> reporter: in statement samsung says it is temporarily adjusting the phone's production schedule and hopes to provide update within a month. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. an important warning for anyone who has nut allergies. >> turkey hill says it has miss labeled some of its ice creams. turkey hill is recalling its dutch chocolate premium ice cream because the company says they're actually may be rocky road ice cream in there that contains almonds and eggs. the dairy says all packages of the dutch chocolate ice cream that have rocky road lids on them and a sell by date of may 23rd, 2017 could be miss
5:47 pm
labeled. >> and craft heinz miss branded some of its products. it's now recalling nearly 1,000 pounds of lunchables. ready to eat lunchables ham and american crackers stack kearse contain wheat and soy those ingredients of course are common agiler jones. they're not listed at the packaging. the recalled lunchables have sell by date of december 25th, 2016. one philadelphia high school gets a big grant to help with its career and technical educational programs. the non-profit school partnership awarded robber high school $1.1 million. the school has got a three-year plan that's focused on better preparing students for colleges and jobs. school district superintendent william hite says the grant will give students more hands on opportunities to explore their interests. >> gone are the days when the skills learned in cte programs don't fly on the core areas and vise versa. that's why today's investment so critically important from the philadelphia school partnership.
5:48 pm
>> the superintendent says more than 30 high schools in the city offer these types of academic programs. >> collisions between birds and planes are dangerous problem some wildlife experts are now hoping to eliminate completely. >> fox's simon good they are rose shows house how official in portland oregon are working to try to fix the issue. >> seven to one copy i'll geoff i was call on the radio. >> reporter: vick is the portland airport's first line of defense. >> this is a typically a really busy side right here. >> reporter: against all manner of feathered interferen interference. >> we actually caught this guy before and banded him so he's a return knee. >> reporter: portland aviation wildlife manager. he and his staff patrol the airport grounds daily looking for anything that could interfere with a flight of a plane. >> we'll push these herons off the airfield real quick. >> reporter: what he's trig to prevent are bird strikes. planes and birds colliding mid
5:49 pm
flight. >> about 90% of them occur under 3,000 feet. so we are really diligent about providing safe airfield environment. >> reporter: but in late september, a bird strike at well couldn't have prevented force add plane to make an emergency landing at pdx. >> it was over probably about 7 miles out, and over 5,000 feet above ground level. aircraft 737 hit flock of geese. >> reporter: according to the faa more than 13,000 bird strikes on planes just last year. the airline industry estimates the damage those bird strikes caused close to three mil billion dollars worldwide. >> bird strikes are a very real and growing problem for the aviation industry. >> reporter: doug' companies precise flights is working to prevent bird strikes at any altitude. equipping more than 20,000 planes so far with pulsing on board lights. >> modify the electrical system within airplanes and pulls the
5:50 pm
existing lights. the net effect it creates a stronger visual reflection of the speed and directional movement of an aircraft. >> reporter: hoping to scare away the birds crews on the ground can't reach. >> we do strike these with aircraft. so we're pretty aggressive on trapping and trance locating this guy. last year we caught about 200 these. >> reporter: at well and his team meanwhile will use everything at their disposal from traps -- >> to air cannons and even lasers to prevent bird strikes. at well says there are typically about 75 a year at pdx. the vast majority don't do any serious damage to plane but he says that doesn't mean there's not room for improvement. >> wildlife is always adapting, and we have to adapt with it. >> reporter: at the portland airport, simon guiterrez. full service resumed tonight on the long oy land railroad after train derailed over the weekend.
5:51 pm
new york officials say commuter train an train doing maintenance work sideswiped each other saturday. the commuter train derailed new hide park east of new york. more than 30 people were hurt including four seriously. the ntsb is still investigating. some pop up book stops shops are helping children learn about the wide world of reading. little libraries are also honoring the memory of a beloved family man. and coming up new at 6:00 economic boost for the schuylkill river trail. the big announcement to the popular recreation spot. and city leaders under fire over claims of discrimination in the city's gayborhood. what they say officials are not doing. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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justin beiber the center of a new exhibit at mad dom tussaud in london. museum launched its first ever wet look figure using the pop star. >> really? >> beiber's wax figure topless and shows off a loft tattoos. unveiling comes as beiber kicks off the uk leg of his tour tomorrow. graffiti is an eye to many but some people call it art. >> they. to in mexico, it's actually beautifying a neighborhood. 70 graffiti artists from around the world put their skills to the test during the meeting of the styles festival in mexico city. the goal to make downtown look better. the festival has been going on
5:56 pm
for more than a dozen years and happened simultaneously beautiful works of art. this happene simultaneous untils around world. >> local woman found a way to get children interested in reading while honoring her late husband. >> fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer shows us her idea. >> definitely gets people's attention. >> they are popping up all over. >> three years ago i don't think there were any in this area and now i know of five. >> reporter: on this quiet block in ardmore. >> i was surprised by how freakily i was needing to fill it. >> reporter: the little free library filled with children's books. >> new york times best selling books. >> reporter: margaret novak busy. >> i node to be replacing about dozen to 25 books a week. >> it's different from dick and jane. >> reporter: more than 50 kids a week pass guy by most going to the playground up the street. >> all of our kids moved out. instead of our kids we have pinwheels. decorations are there to real the kids in.
5:57 pm
>> it's such a great thing. >> by middle of october i'll be all halloween. it will be orange and black. >> reporter: there are bubbles and pink ribbons to go with the 70 or so children's books stuffed inside. >> it can become part of the life of hundreds of kids in the neighborhood and i just feel that this would so appeal to matt. >> for margaret it's way to remember. >> after matt died this is the right time and the right thing to do and to do it in his honor. it's not sexy or fancy. he wasn't a fancy guy. he was just a really warm caring person. >> reporter: matt and margare margaret's daughter were married for 10 years until matt lost his battle with stomach cancer last november. >> he loved to teach. he loved to enrich the children's lives by educating them. >> matthew loved books mentoring children and teaching in the philadelphia school district. >> it seemed like that was such a perfect way to commemorate h
5:58 pm
him. >> reporter: a man who will continue to inspire others. >> i think that my husband would be really proud to have that as part of his legacy. >> in ardmore, bill rohrer fox 29 news. ♪ 29 days until election day and hillary clinton and donald trump back on the campaign trail both sides claiming victory in sunday's debate. but their message isn't quite hitting targeted audience. what they're missing. a mother's plea to find her son's killer. >> protecting a killer is only going to get more people killed. what she wants those staying silent to know. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. developing now at 6:00 mother's plea for help in finding her son's killer has been nearly a month now since someone gunned down darrell
5:59 pm
singleton a day before his 25th birthday. tonight the victim's mother says police are no closer to finding the person who shot season gel ton in his own backyard. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let get straight to fox 29' is that so bean in a cower companies live in southwest detectives with the family's me satisfy. sabina? >> reporter: lucy, as this grieving mother told me she says safety does not, s not guaranteed by silence. so she says as long as her son's killer is still out there and nobody comes forward to turn him in, the gunman is still able to destroy another family. >> i worked hard. darrell went to camps. he went to, you know, different types of workshops and we went on vacation. he saw more than just the neighbor. >> reporter: but it was back in the old neighborhood where trina singleton's he will defendant son darrell was killed. home in between emt classes last month. shot dead in the same yard he played in as child. >> we want answers and we know
6:00 pm
that people have information because darrell is well known in the neighborhood as a good kid, you know, and people liked him in the neighborhood. so that's why it's hard to understand why people aren't talking more. then the police know -- letting the police know what occurred. because people know. they do. >> reporter: mother still in shock barely able to comprehend her son is dead, his killer on the loose. trina says the old play mates darrell grew up with have gone silent and that is amplifying her pain. >> knowing somebody will be held accountable will help us to move forward. >> reporter: homicide detectives are investigating but trina worries her son's case is growing cold. darrell was shot repeatedly around 7:30 in the evening of september 13th. the day before his 25th birthday. it will be one month tomorrow and another murder statistic in the city. but not a number to his mother who tried so hard s


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