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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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obscured later on. and he's gone from the winter coat to the sweatshirt this morning. because it is not quite as chilly, although, temperatures are in the 40's, and 50's, mostly the 50's at the airport, 53 degrees, we have ten after 7:00 sunrise time, calm winds at the moment, a tranquil morning. fifty in mount pocono, two days ago, was about 29 degrees up there, 51 in lancaster, 46 degrees atlantic city, 51 in wildwood. and mid 50's in dover, delaware. here's some rainout in the western part of the state we're watching because it is leading edge after cold front that will come through, we got to the 70s yesterday, we expect to get there again today. but then things will change, here's the fog situation. lancaster, trenton, kind of fog think morning, so, is fort dix, and then three quarters of a mile visibility, in atlantic city, so it, won't be bright sunshine all the time. see clouds on the increase during the day today. but, it is still will be a walk on the mild side, with high of 72 degrees, and maybe the ever so slight chance of a
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shower north and west of the city. so that's today. weekend is coming up. we've got your forecast just ahead. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, everybody, happy thursday, 5:01, kicking off the covers, grabbing your coffee. here is a live look at route 309 near easton road. we are dealing with some patchy fog to kind of get us started here during the morning rush hour. patchy, here along 309, but thick as pea soup. look at this, 95, in northeast philadelphia, and near cottman avenue. don't adjust your screen or your set, this is a fog, and of course in this stretch of the construction, more difficult, because you don't have the overhead street lamps, you have those lane shuffles, the temporary lane markers are in there, where the fog comes in, leaving just light mist, fine mist of a wet roadway behind. so, defensive driving here this morning, probably going have some fog delays eventually, down at philadelphia international airport. so keep that in mine if you intends to head down to the airport this morning. no problems, though, on the schuylkill. normal speed limits, speedometer readings i should say on 55, and coming over the
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bridges, in collegeville, fire location fifth and main campus drive. yesterday's water main break on the cam pulls of temple leaving behind construction mess, so you want to use broad or susquehanna and stay away from the intersection of 13th and norris, at least through the morning rush hour. lauren, back over to you. >> thank you, breaking news out of lawncrest, police investigating a double shooting. steve keeley joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters with more on the story. >> reporter: lauren, we heard for decades about the law enforcement "war on drugs". but the ongoing war is the war within the drug world, and here we see the latest casualties. let's look at two different spot, both the northeast philadelphia, just a block from each other. these are two residential streets in northeast philly. we are looking at 11:00 last night, right off rising sun avenue. both alcott street that you are seeing first here, and then, our second video, going to that, cheltenham avenue. you are going to see both things, both carbon the
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street, bullet casings on the street sadly here on cheltenham avenue wounded guy over on alcott, but dead guy here on cheltenham avenue. >> the victim, who was pronounced dead on the scene, on the sidewalk, in the 500 block every east cheltenham avenue, right now, he's a john doe. he appears to be a male in his early to mid 20's, but no identification on him at this time. we do not have a motive for the shooting. it is possibly narcotics-related. >> and the reason he said that was because what they found near his body, a semiautomatic gun, and then over on alcott street a wad of cash, little vials of what he called a green weed-like substance, which is likely marijuana, and then more bullet casings, and the guy over on alcott has survived being shot in the groin. he's at einstein and stable. they are wondering if those two guys shot each other or if somebody else shot both of them. the other guy ran and managed
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to get two blocks before being shot at again. so the good thing they have again here is that people in their homes didn't just ignore gunfire outside their homes, lauren, and these people must expected trouble at least on cheltenham avenue. because they had already had private surveillance security cameras set up, and they came right out, not only did they call the police, but when the cops showed up, they came out and told the detective, hey, i may have caught this on my private surveillance system, you're welcome to it. >> that's always helpful. steve keeley, thank you. and the search is on for the person who shot and killed a man last night in hunting park. philadelphia police say, a 22 year old man was shot execution style, outside a home on the 4200 block of franklin street. two men were seen running from that scene. >> we know that this victim who was pronounced dead on the front steps of the private residence does not live at that location, and nor do we believe he has any connections to that location. >> right now, investigators
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are looking at some private surveillance cameras to see if they can identify the suspects. >> now to breaking news out of boston, the boston police department is asking for prayers, police got called out to a report of someone with a gun, officials say, when the officers made it on scene, the gunman started shooting. police fired back, hitting and killing the suspect. boston police say both officers were shot, one several times, that officer is being treated for life threatening injuries. >> and you decide this morning. more drama for presidential candidate donald trump. >> it was real shock when all the sudden his hands were all over me. so when he started putting his hand up my skirt, and that was it. >> that news coming now published interviews, the new york times conducted with two women who say they were touched inapropriately by donald trump. let's get out to dave kinchen, out in malvern, trump's daughters expected to be out campaigning for her dad. >> yes, she will be
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campaigning, as the campaign fights off new accusations of sexual assault involving women here, two women speaking to the new york times, and, in fact, now the trump campaign wants a retraction from the new york times, now, we are talking about 74 year old jessica leads, she says that she wanted to quote punch the screen when she was watching the second presidential debate this past sunday, and saw donald trump say that he had never groped women. in fact, she says, it was about more than 30 years ago, she was on a flight to new york, and a first class flight, donald trump was sitting next to her, she says all of a sinned the armrest was lifted up and that trump touched her inapropriately. these accusations come days after trump is heard on access hollywood videotape saying in fact that his fame allows him to kiss and grope women. >> it wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow
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or another the armrest in the seat disappeared and it was a real shock when all the sudden his hands were all over me. so when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was it. that was it. i was out of there. i would like to think that sharing this story would make a difference both in the election and the society's view of women to change some of the behavior, the sexual behavior, between men and women in both directions. >> lawyers for the trump campaign are demanding the new york times make a restriction, and the trump campaign says in a statement quote this entire article is fiction and for the new york times to launch completely false coordinated character assassination against mr. trump on topic like this is dangerous. now there is bridges the total of accusers to five now. because some also went to people magazine to tell their
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story. meantime, we can tell you that hillary clinton campaign released a statement saying in part these accusations confirm what's been reported about donald trump in his treatment about women. so this all continuing to unravel just days, weeks before the election, lauren? >> man it gets interesting every day. dave, thank you. as dave just mentioned, trump's oldest daughters holding a coffee with ivanka today, will start in chester county, at 9:30, and then at noon, spring mill manor bucks county 2:30. also happening today governor mike pence will be in our area, republican vice presidential candidate has private event in bethlehem tonight. he'll speak to the northampton county gop and and he will hotel bethlehem at 7:00 p.m. on the other side, hillary clinton's campaign responding to the new york times article that we just told you about. a spokesperson says the story, quote, sadly fits everything we know about the way donald trump has treated women. the clinton campaign is playing defense of different controversy, republicans are
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condemning alleged e-mail exchange between senior campaign officials as breathtaking anti-catholic bigotry. the emails mocked conservative catholics. her campaign is blaming russian hackers for the leaked emails. >> and, president obama is firing back at the negative rhetoric thrown toward him as the presidential raisin tens nice. while on the campaign trail, north carolina, the president, laughs off claims by radio host alex jones, who called him a demon. >> this is a guy on the radio who apparently -- he said me and memory are demons. said we smell like sulfer. ain't that something? (laughter) now, i mean, come on, people. democracy does not work if you
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just say stuff like that or and apparently there are people who believe that stuff. >> donald trump and hillary clinton will square off at a third and final debate on october 19th. >> happening today, the philadelphia city council and the philadelphia fires will honor ed snider, tribute part of the flyers celebrating 50 years of hockey in philadelphia. members of snyder's family and players for the flyers will attend special congratulations today at city hall. tomorrow, fans are invited to kick off the team's golden anniversary, in dilworth park at noon for a pep rally. >> another blow for the kids who play at the park football field in camden. as public works crews are preparing to repair the field, that was ripped up by someone, in a truck over the weekend, someone noticed a symbol of hate spray painted on the concession building. police are investigating this as a hate crime. swastika discovered yesterday, on yam kippur, the holiest day of the jewish year. >> you know what?
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it is a discusting symbol. and i think jews and non-jews would agree with that. this was probably as ' quack almostly offensive to the african-american community i would think. >> dozen of children ages five to 14 play football on that field, both children will have to play their games elsewhere on saturday. coach rob kelly and some of his players will be on the good day later this morning, they plan to talk about the impact the vandalism is having on the team which, by the way, was created when hopes of getting kids off the streets. >> 5:11, later on fox 29 morning news, man accused of growing pot right in his backyard. how police discovered dozen of marijuana plants in south jersey. >> but first, the head master of the haverford school is facing assault charges, from a fight earlier this week with his own son. people in the area seem to have mixed feelings about the incident. >> in chester emotions running high after a vigil for a shooting victim quickly turns into a shooting scene. we'll explain what happened coming up next.
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>> forecasters say nicole has strength ends into category four storm, the us national hurricane center, in miami, expect nicole to pass near or over bermuda sometime this morning. a hurricane warning, has been issued for that island. sue serio, people are not getting a break from this wild and crazy weather, until hurricane season ends. >> and category four storm has never hit the island of bermuda. we talked so much about it,
5:15 am
last week, with matthew, how catostrophic a category four is, you saw the destruction in haiti, as a result after category four in the bahamas, as well. and when the storm brushed by, the east coast of the united states, how much destruction is caused. so tiny island of bermuda, a which you can't see under the satelite picture of the hurricane, great danger this morning, really can't under state that with 130-mile per hour winds, center of the storm is 100 miles away from bermuda it really is on track for the eye of the storm to pass right over the island. soap, that's a direct hit. and then, it weakens, and then it goes out to open sea. so this landfall is going to happen this morning, already feeling the effect on that island. we have some fog around this morning, we've been seeing more and more of it on bob kelly's traffic cameras. here's quarter mile visibility recorded in lancaster, it is fog any trenton, and wrightstown, and atlantic city international. so a situation where the fog kind of comes, goes, which means, you may run into it,
5:16 am
and then drive right out of t but you just got to be alert this morning. 53 degrees, in philadelphia right now. fifty mount pocono, 51 lancaster, couple of temperatures are in the 40's, in reading, and pottstown, and in trenton this morning. so, not quite as cold as it was a couple every days ago. we do expect to recover to 72 degrees but the clouds come in through maybe shower north and west, well, that's with cold front. you will feel the difference tonight and tomorrow with high of 64 degrees tomorrow, winds gusting up to maybe 20, 25 miles per hour. and that's friday. saturday, it is still a chilly start. but a lovely recovery, temperatures in the 60s both saturday and on sunday. so we've got lovely autumn weekend in store, bob kelly. >> looking good. outdoor chores done, or have someone else do my outdoor chores. 5:16, hey where it can it go in fog that quick disappeared, good news-bad news, exactly what sue had mentioned, here's a live look at the 42 freeway, coming in toward philadelphia.
5:17 am
some patchy fog out there. and if you look close, you can see the roads are little wet. so that fog leaving behind that fine glaze, not the glaze from the donuts, that fine glaze of just a mist on the roadway. fog lights probably down at philadelphia international airport. you know what thursday means? i like to go out and eat, right? today we're going italian style right? ready? going to the grand cafe l ' aquila. the restaurant here was destroyed in the italian earthquake. so they brought everything over to philadelphia and set it up here on chestnut street. you know what the italians like to say? first you eat, then do you everything else. that's what we'll do this morning, between 9:00 and 10:00 down there chestnut street. come on by. bring your appetite. i'll bring the tv cameras. otherwise we're in good shape here on 95, the schuylkill and the blue route. mass transit, looking good, as well. lauren, back to you. >> shooting erupt in chester
5:18 am
just as a vigil for shooting victim is wrapping up. it happened around 8:30, 200 belong of engel and chester. fox 29 confirmed shot in the leg, initial reports shooter was driving black suv. you can see some color, dark colored suv in the video from skyfox, happened during vigil to remember 20 year old christian jenkins, who was killed last weekends. emotions were certainly running high. >> you know, now, just imagine this? look at the numbers. we as a sit, we average 25 murders a year. we down to 30,000 people living in a four by four city, and we average 25 murders year. that's crazy, number one. number two, tell me, why? where did we go wrong? why we think we got it like that? >> the community gathered right outside the same house, gunman opened fire on jenkins over the weekend. he ran inside to get help and died right in front of his own
5:19 am
mother. >> head master of the haverford school facing assault charges from fight earlier this week with his own son. director john nagl has been placed on administrative leave. according to criminal complaint the father and son got into fight at home after nagl took his son's phone away from finding marijuana in miss back packs. his son initiated the physical fight. his father responded by hut g his son a choke-hold. the son called police. people we spoke with have mixed feelings. >> i've got five kids, raising six grandchildren, put in a strangle holds? >> cv is impeccable, back road scholar, been a good man in the community from what i can see. so it is just tragic all around. >> officials say doctor nagl is fullily cooperating with the investigation. haverford school issued an investigation, saying the haverford school realizes serious concerns, discharge raises this our community a.m.
5:20 am
hess dedicated resources towards assessing the situation in its entirety both fairly and deliberately. >> comedian bill cosby failed again to have the sexual assault case against him thrown out. state supreme court denied appeal that argued cosby's accuser should have testified at a preliminary trial. they argue they had no chance to confront his accuser, cosby is accused of sexually assaulting constand in his home back in 2004, his trial set to begin in june. >> the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york is expected to answer to a judge later today. ahmad khan rahami hearing scheduled for today in elizabeth, new jersey, the problem, he is still in the hospital. so he will make a video appearance from his hospital bed. rahami is accused of detonate ago pipe bomb along the route of a marine corps charity raise in the seaside park new jersey and a pressure cooker bomb in new york city on september 17th. rahami charged with five count of attempted murder, of a police officer and several weapons offenses.
5:21 am
>> baltimore police officer was shot last night in cherry hill. according to the baltimore sun, the officer suffered a non-life threatening injury. the shooting happened on the 1,000 block of bafoon road. officer say they approached a stopped vehicle recently carjacked when the suspect started shooting. office ever shot in the wrist. suspect remain at large. fbi now assisting, with the investigation of a small plane crash in connecticut. the instructor of the plane is fighting for his life in the hospital. a student died in the crash. authority are now suspecting the crash was intentional, and the student pilot may have been suicidal. >> it is too early for me to issue any pronouncements about what may have contributed to that crash, but they're take close look at all of the potential cause toss determine what exactly happened. >> the pilot struck orest caped with severe burns, he told investigators he got into an altercation with the student pilot which resulted in a struggle in the cockpit. the fbintsb the federal
5:22 am
aviation administration, state police all investigate egg. meanwhile the instructor remains in critical condition. >> next, a man accused of growing pot right in his backyard. the call that led police to discover dozens of marijuana plants over in south jersey. first, your winning lottery numbers.
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calling a marijuana grow facility, inform apartment tipped the cops off after noticing big bushy plants growing higher than the fence. our sean talked to us. >> sixty-three year old rad must counselees ruiz didn't have much to say about being arrested and charged with having a pot-growing operation in his backyard. >> well, i'm worried about it, what am i going to do, bussed when pot, simple as that. >> but it wasn't so simple, according to police, who saigon valez ruiz have more than 909 marijuana plants growing outside his home on morris river parkway. >> these plants were quite substantial. and in size, varied, anywhere from 4 feet to 8 feet tall. >> in fact, vine planned police say the plants towered
5:26 am
above this 6-foot privacy fence around his yard. police call the person who tipped them off a citizen informant who left the anonymous tip last thursday. hernandez lives behind where the pot was growing. >> we are surprised, you know, my husband, like i was telling you, you know, made comment with him, you know, exchange some words here and there, but, you know, we were surprised to see, because he is an older, older person. we wouldn't suspect would be doing that casino every thing. >> gonzalez ruiz was arrested and released pending court date. he wouldn't say why he allowed the plants to grow so high. >> i don't know, and i don't really care. so i don't want it get into more trouble. >> later in the show, why the daily drama of the presidential elections is presenting big business opportunities for halloween costume manufacturers, but first, coming up at 5:30, just three weeks until that election, the shocking allegations accusing donald trump of sexual assault. good morning, dave kin sean. >> more drama, more accusers accusing donald trump of sexual assault, this is all
5:27 am
going on while the campaign sends representative to our area to campaign. we will tell how after the break. but first, here's steve. >> all right, dave. we just heard shawnette do story on guy growing pot outside and it is all innocent in his mind. but sometimes the pot business can be a deadly business, and that's the story we got this morning.
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>> another violent night in the city of brotherly love. two people shot, one person dead, more on the violence coming up. >> and in boston, two police office remembers hospitalized, after being shot, a wanted suspect caught, the call that sent the cops in harms way, and how they're doing right now. plus this: >> when he started putting his hands up my skirt, and that was it, that was it. i was out of there. >> stunning new allegations against donald trump, as several woman accuse him of sexual assault. details on the scandal just three weeks from the presidential election, and what hillary clinton's camp has to say. and back here at home, no cash, no worries. why you never again have to worry about having cash or change to pay tolls on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> sue serio, what can we expect with the weather, little chilly outside right
5:31 am
now. >> right. but not as cold as yesterday. so, there is that. we put bus stop budd nay sweatshirt this morning, but some places you may run into some fog. so, be aware of that, make sure you're not running late today. because the fog could slow you down. it is very patchy, patchy fog out there this morning, and bus stop buddy, smiling through it all. at the airport this morning, visibility is fine. 53 degrees. 7:10 is your sunrise time. right now, our temperatures are mostly in the 50's, few in the 40's, trenton, pottstown, reading, allentown and the 40's to get started so is millville, atlantic city, so it is not as chilly as it was yesterday. but it will be tomorrow after this cold front passes through, and big question of course is will we get any rain from that front? for most of us, the answer is no. we'll have details on that coming up. here is your visibility map, with fog in lancaster, see there is probably some down there chester county, as well, three quarters after mile visibility in trenton, millville, kind of socked in, so is wrightstown, new jersey,
5:32 am
so, it is ever changing this fog situation, few clouds around this morning. mix of sun, clouds, throughout the day, and more clouds as that cold front approaches, but a high temperature today, pretty nice, 72 degrees. good morning, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, back at you. good morning, everybody, 5:32 this thursday morning. we are waking to up this image temporarily, now it is back, all right, 202 and doylestown. right in doylestown, example of the fog kind of lowering over in the street lamp here. example every 202 near opens house road. hit and miss depending where you begin and end your trip. sue mentioned we have fog in doylestown, chester county, lancaster, trenton, fog up and down i95. that quickly disappeared. breakfast buffet this morning, little bit of everything. live look at the benny coming into downtown philly. accident on the roosevelt boulevard at harbison avenue. up there in the great northeast, watch for police on the scene there. and collegeville, fire location at fifth and main campus drive with some local
5:33 am
detours, and then, detours because of yesterday's water main break. on the campus of temple university, right at the intersection of 13th and norris. use broad or susquehanna through the rush hour. >> following breaking news this morning out of lawncrest. right now police are investigating a deadly double shoot interesting. steve keeley is covering the story live from the philadelphia police headquarters, hi, steve. >> sometimes story go inch the ear and out the other, another drug-related killing. sadly maybe kids who watch will learn from this stuff not to get into this drug world and drug business. because even marijuana, which is considered the innocent drug of all of the drugs, can be murder business. and that's what happened. we got two locations to show you because people in northeast fill high live right off rising sun avenue on both the 500 blocks of alcott
5:34 am
street and cheltenham avenue, called police instantly when they heard gunfire, just as watching the 11:00 news last night. so alcott street, police go there, they finds wounded guy, shot in the groin fine couple of wads of cash, finds bullet casings on the street, and this guy, rushed to the hospital, who will be okay. then to the other location, one block over cheltenham avenue, they finds a dead guy, with a gun, 5 feet from him, and they figure all of this is over the pot that they find, and little glass vials near this guy. possibly narcotics related where we we found the initial victim in the 500 block every east alcott. we found a wad of money, not sure how much money it is, because we are not touching it, part of the crime scene, but we also found several small containers of a green weed like substance, appears to be marijuana.
5:35 am
>> what they didn't find, lauren, is any identification on the man that was kill, no idea who he was, all they know probably another young philadelphia guy, who will not live to see the age of 25, because he was killed, dealing maybe in the marijuana business. man shot and killed a man in hunting park, 22 year old man was shot execution style outside after home on the 4200 block of franklin street two men seen running from that scene. breaking news, boston police department is asking for everyone's prayers after two of his officers were shot in the line of duty. police got a call to a report of someone with a gun. officials say when the officers made it on scene the gunman started shooting. police fired back, hitting and killing the suspect. boston police say both officers were shot, one of them several times, that officer is now being treated for life threatening injuries.
5:36 am
>> let's talk politics. more controversy this morning, surrounding presidential candidate, donald trump. let's get out to dave kinchen, live in malvern. where donald trump's daughter ivanka is expected to be later today campaigning for her dad. hi, dave. donald trump campaign fights off more accusations of sexual assault, and two alleged victims who talk to the new york times, in fact, the campaign wants a retraction from the new york times jessica leads one of the two accusers, toll the new york times she wanted to punch the screen when trump said in his past sunday debate that he had never groped any women. >> she said she was on flight sitting next to trump in first class seating nearly 30 years ago, he allegedly pick up the armrest, started touching her ann prepare re atly, comes days after 2005 video from access hollywood surfaced when trump boasting his fame allows him to kiss and grope women.
5:37 am
>> i sat down next to a young man, blonde, tall, and he introduced himself as donald trump t wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeared, and it was a real shock when all the sudden his hands were all over me, he put his hands up my skirt than was it, that was it, i was out of there. >> well, lawyer for the trump campaign are demands ago retraction, the campaign itself said in a statement, quote, this entire article is fiction, and for the new york times to launch a completely false coordinated character assassination against mr. trump on a topic like this, is dangerous, closed quote. now a second accuser also spoke with the times, bridges total of accusers to five, as others have also spoken with people magazine, and hillary
5:38 am
clinton campaign said in a statement that these accusations fit everything known about the way donald trump treats women. lauren? >> all right, dave, thank you so much. and as dave just mentioned trump's oldest daughter holding coffee with ivanka event at three shots today will start at chester county at the desmond at # of 9:30, drexel brooke at delaware county at noon and last event at the spring mill manor in bucks county at 2:30. governor mike pence will be in our area, republican vice presidential can't date has an event in bethlehem tonight l speak not northampton gop hotel bethlehem 7:00 p.m. hillary clinton's campaign is responding to the new york times article. we just told you about, a spokesperson says the story, quote, sadly fits everything we know about the way donald trump has treated women. the clinton campaign is playing defense in a different controversy. republicans are condemning alleged e-mail exchange, between senior campaign officials as breathtaking anti-catholic bigotry. the emails mocked conservative
5:39 am
catholics, her campaign blaming russian hackers for the leaked emails. >> without lane johnson, eagles going with the big v to start against washington. just how prepared is the rookie offensive tackle? find out next in sports in one minute.
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5:42 am
the rookie making his first nfl start. he didn't even dress the first four games of the season. but the guys seem to be fully confident that he can get the job done. >> focus, tells me all the time, trust the technique, trust the offense, and you'll be fine. >> don't over think everything. >> offensive line is a position that can take some time, some adjustment coming from college to the nfl. kind of opposite of running backs, the fastest position, easiest transition, but offensive lineman usually the hardest, he's really from the day he has got here he's kind of improved every day until now. so i'm excited to see how he performs once he gets out there sunday. >> and the eagles ma have i just caught a break. jordan reed can miss sunday's game, right now going through concussions. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> chicken all over a highway. north smyrna delaware, tractor-trailer caring birds overturned yesterday after it crashed into another tractor-trailer, luckily, no one was hurt, all lanes are clear for the morning commute. so, bob, why does the chicken cross the road? >> to get away from that accident. good morning, everybody. doing the chicken dance yesterday. doing a fog dance today. here is a live look at route one, up in bucks county,
5:46 am
right, sue serio, doing the chicken dance? dada, dada, there you go. you know who has kids in the studio, right, when we are doing the chicken dance? we'll teach lauren how to do the chicken dance at the next birthday party. i-95, the fog is back, again, hitting and miss here. socked in again, thick as pea soup. this is i95 near cottman avenue. and if you look close, you can just kind of see the fog, just kind of moving past our camera lens, but what it is also doing creating a fine mist, wet mist on the roadway. so things could be little slippery, this morning, and an accident northeast philadelphia, the boulevard at harbison avenue. used to be a bingo hall up there years ago, harvard hall bingo. i used to call bingo numbers back in the day. exactly, back in the day. collegeville, fifth and main campus drive watch for local detours, then yesterday's water main break, causing detours this morning. thirteenth and norris, they took care of the water situation, but broad and sus question hand are the two best options for this morning, and
5:47 am
for the commuters and also for the student that are headed into temple there, this morning. and then expect fog delays this morning at philadelphia international airport. how long is that fog going to hang around? sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds. >> 3d satellite picture of hurricane nicole that developed overnight. look at the eye of this storm as it bears down on the island of bermuda a very small island in comparison to the size of the storm. there is another view of 2d satellite picture and there is the strength of this storm, a category four, 100 miles southwest of bermuda, expected to make landfall, the eye of the storm expected to pass
5:48 am
directly over bermuda, as a category four, and that has never happened, a hurricane that strong, with a direct hit on the island of bermuda, and as we saw, with matthew, last week, that could be catostrophic. so, we've got quarter mile visibility here, in lancaster, as we keep an eye on bermuda throughout the rest of the morning. three quarters after mile in trenton, bob just said, the fog kind of comes, goes, it is patchy fog, as we call it, and temperatures are little bit milder, because of all of the cloud cover overnight. then they have been the past two days. we've got 53 degrees in philadelphia, but 47 degrees in allentown and reading. so still need a sweat they are morning, and watch out for that fog. in the lower 70s today, with increasing clouds, throughout the day. north and west you may get small shower. sunny, much windier, and much chillier tomorrow. saturday hi, 67 degrees, we could make it to 70 by sunday. and look at the middle of next week, lauren, high of 77 on wednesday.
5:49 am
>> exciting. sue, in this study it values, the study track two before mammograms came into widespread use, what effect screening had on death rates. study concluded two thirds of the drop in mortality due to better treatment, not early detection, study was published by the new england journal of medicine. >> talking money. pennsylvania turnpike now accepts plastic. the turnpike excepting credit cards at toll boots across the state. the commission spokesman says cash and e-zpass are still the preferred methods of payment, but with fewer people caring cash these days, this gives drivers yet another option. >> former new york city mayor, rudy guiliani, is apologizing after saying he doesn't remember seeing hillary clinton after the september 11 terrorist attacks. he claims he didn't see clinton at ground zero in the wake of the attacks but pictures show clinton walking with the former mayor on september 12th. he issued apologize for the mistake after it was pointed out by different people. he made the comments at a trump rally in florida
5:50 am
yesterday. the daily drama of the presidential elections is presenting big business opportunities for halloween costume manufacturers, hillary clinton and donald trump masks are selling like hotcakes at one new york store, store also says anything hot on social media will make its way on to the shelves. like the clown craze, that's going on around the country right now. >> obviously people are picking up more hillary masks than they are trump masks. so i don't know who is the butt that far joke there. but ya, i would say, try to stay away from clowns even though just picking up the hillary and trump is kind of like a clown suit. >> welshing he was entertaining himself. police around the country have ramped up arrest of clowns posing threats to the public. >> did you notice an article yesterday from mcdonald ', the hamburger people, they are saying they are going to kind of have the ronald mcdonald's lay low until this clown thing is over. >> i that you. >> isn't that weird? >> i know.
5:51 am
he is a friendly clown, though. >> he is. i don't know what happened to my hair? why didn't you saying? >> i think it is fine. >> then do we really need to zoom in on it? thank you. >> let me see. >> am i good? >> ya. >> is the tie in the right spot? >> you always ask about your tie. >> i have no mirrors. >> here. >> presidential election there is campaign making you sick? i actually found a study, a bunch social workers and psychologies cents got together and they, people, it is making them sick. they are getting anxiety, because they think the country is going in the wrong direction. >> really? >> so, we have some tips on how to get rid of your san sigh at this. >> so real thing? but we found a psychologist to talk to us. billy bob thorton is on the show. so when say billy bob thorton, what do you think about? >> angelina. >> isn't that weird. you think about angelina
5:52 am
jolie, vial of blood, having sex on the way to the oscars? >> yes, yes. >> yes. >> i always think of him in the movie where i saw him for the first time, wing blade, that charger. >> never saw that one. >> uh-huh. >> that's good. good impression. >> uh-huh. >> and guess what the new fashion trend is? >> what's that? >> velvet. >> you know what? i can't get into it. i've seen it. >> oh, i have too. >> and i don't like it. >> no? >> no. i just don't -- i don't like it. my girlfriend wore address lack week, i'm like no, crushed velvet? >> really? that's like a couch, isn't it? remember used to sell furniture and it was crushed velvet. >> and then people sometimes have plastic on top. >> oh, i had relatives who had the plastic. >> yes, i can't do the velvet. it is back. are you going to show us thousand rock it? >> wasn't that green blazer, that's velvet. ill dawn midnight green eagles
5:53 am
blazer, later on in the show. i'm going to do the 9:00 hour in green velvet. >> really? >> yes. >> i just can't get it. i know it is like fashion forward right now. i can't jump on that. >> so we have two things planned for. that will we'll play bobby stenton blue velvet. >> blue velvet. >> did you ever see the movie, was it, blue velvet? >> yes. oh, it was creepy. and also we will have the seinfeld clip, because george one time wore nothing but well vet. >> and it is your favorite show, too. >> and who is the velvet fog? if you come one that i'll buy you lunch. no, no, no, not you. >> he is asking me because he knows i don't know. >> no, don't even say it. the velvet fog, he was a singer. real smooth. >> mel tore may. name the christmas song he wrote.
5:54 am
>> common. >> ♪ >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ >> did you ever meet chest? chestnut? he'll be back in a few minutes. >> so will d jack. >> who? >> desean jackson. >> oh, like wait, who? >> okay. a beloved actor passes away. how tommy ford's martin co-stars are remembering him this morning.
5:55 am
i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin'
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5:57 am
>> actor tommy forward known on the citcom martin has passed. an aneurysm ruptured in the actor's abdomen, he had been in the hospital since sunday, he was 52 years old. friends take to instagram honoring the star, martin laurence wrote this, we were friend way before the martin show, showed true friendship on screen. you brought a lot of love to the world. you will be greatly missed. actress tisha campbell played gina on the show wrote i ask you take a moment to send positive thought, word up, to my friend and his family. i love you. >> well, coming up next just three weeks until the presidential election, new sexual allegations coming out against donald trump. we'll have more, good day starts after the break.
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6:00 am
>> a real shock, when all the sudden his hands were all over me. >> he was like an october pugs, that's a quote from that woman. multiple women claiming donald trump sexually assaulted them in almost the exact same they describe in that access video. how donald trump is responding to the new york times. >> and a developing story out of boston. two cops rush to the hospital after being shot while responding to a call. the suspect now dead. we have an update on the


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