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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 14, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. tonight at 11, a developing story. if you stepped into this local salon hoping for relaxing manny pedestrian dee you're out of luck. police say man stormed the place hoping to rob it but the people inside did not make it easy for him. good evening, i'm lucy noland. officers say that man had a gun but that did not stop people from fighting back. fox 29's shawnette wilson is at philadelphia police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, this all happened while customers and employees were inside. those employees tell me they were terrified when they returned to work today. brace september move by a nail salon owner trying to stop an armed robber. watch as the opener hurls a potted plant at the unsussing man as he turns to leave with gun in hasn't.
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>> throw that thing on him and he turned back see the gun and started running. >> nancy lee is a nail technician at apple nail and spa. she was that when it happen and explains to me how it went down. starting when the two male suspects first walk in. >> 30 they come to ask about pedicure and they say -- they ask how much for pedicure and they good back outside. >> reporter: but moments later, the men returned. this time the one scene on camera goes straight for the register while the other suspect blocks the front door. >> you can see the employees all jump in that to try and stop the suspect as he takes money from the register. they grab on his shirt, even try to hit him with bottle. that's when the owner gets desperate and hits him with the plant. that's before they saw he had a gun. >> the man has gun inside the pocket. when he pull out you see the gun and we try to run out. >> reporter: the suspect did in fact get away with that cash. no one was hurt.
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lucy? >> all right, at least nobody was hurt. thank you so much, shawnette breaking news out of the delaware county. sky fox over baltimore pike in middletown township about an hur ago. initial reports say a car hit someone. state police and firefighters had parts of the road between 452 and valley road. we don know the extent of injuries. you know whatnot long before that just a couple miles down that road a driver hit another person. also along baltimore pike near schoolhouse road in kennett square. we don't yet know the condition of the person hit there or if the driver stopped. as we get updates and both of these stories, we of course will bring them to you. we have new developments to night in the bridge gate scand scandal. a new jersey judge is letting misconduct complaint proceed against governor christie over the lane closures around the george washington bridge in 2013. >> it's a black eye for the state to of this determination made. it's embarrassing. it certainly corroborate the suspicions that many people have had. we have to wait for the developments to play out.
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>> north jersey active visit filed complaint against christie in fort lee court now the judge has signed off, the complain goes to the bergen county prosecutor to determine if an indictment will follow. christie denied any role in the scandal. his critics have been quick to pounce. the governor spokesperson says apple is underway. some up in trenton believe the prosecutor should step aside because christie appointed him. police say thieves in one south jersey town have stooped to new low targeting seep yours in their home. police in east greenwich township are looking for these burglars who distracted an elderly couple by posing as water department employees. the police chief says one man distracted the couple while the other two snuck april side and pocked gold coins and other valuables. cops think the thieves may have targeted seniors throughout the tri-state area but they did not count on the security system this couple had set up. >> most houses still don't have video surveillance. but in this particular instance,
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we were lucky enough and fortunate enough this family did install video at some point and it is key to this investigation. >> hopefully it will help catch them. if you have any information or recognize these men, call east greenwich police. on your radar tonight, the fall chill remains. the question will it last, my guess would be yes but then i'm not a meteorologist. >> well, you're right for the first part of the weekend, lucy. things are going to change big time. we had cold front move through earlier today and set the stage for some tumbling temperatures. when you look behind me, 44 degrees in the poconos all right. with temperatures going down into the 30s overnight. we have this cool dome of high pressure coming down from cana canada. but temperatures will be moderating. it's 59 degrees right now in philadelphia. wilmington and millville even atlantic city reporting in at 54. but that blue contour spells cold. temperatures in the 40s ass you move through places like williamsport, buffalo, new york and ottawa. it's 37 degrees. almost like a taste of winter. but not so fast.
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because we do have warmup on the way many we'll watch this front move through clear skies on the back side and high pressure building in. this is a cool high during the day tomorrow. with a north northwesterly whipped with flow around this clockwise that means temperatures in the 60s for at least the next couple of days. but then things begin to change. that high pressure system is going to move off the coast. you'll see temperatures over the next couple of days below or at normal. sunday going 5 degrees above average which is in the mid 60s and then by monday going minute degrees above average. and this is how it's going happen. while watch the high pressure system build up and as it does, a dome of high pressure builds toward the east. almost like bermuda high like a summer like pattern. know around clockwise pumping up eat not so much humidity but it will rise a little bit. at least for the end of the weekend and into the beginning of next week. that is when the temperatures will really begin to soar. to some that are not typical for
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objection. in the city 48. in the suburbs 41. so autumn chill which is typical for this time year. 65 degrees for tomorrow. sunny and pleasant with a northerly wind component and as you look at our kick off forecast i know it's not a home game but washington is not that far away of course the birds take on the redskins at fed ex field landover maryland kick off time 1:00 o'clock. if you're hea heading down it's going to be very comfortable d day. 68 degrees at kick off. doesn't get much better than that in mid objection. take look at the seven day forecast. saturday we have the walk to end alzheimer's that is in wilmington. another beauty, 67. sunday 72. monday morning showers warm front then 75. but look at this heat. tuesday 80 degrees. wednesday 81. the record is 85. and by thursday, partly sunny near 70 degrees. we're heading toward the world series time lucy you don't see these kind of temperatures. >> no, you don't. then i think you said one year we actually had snow. >> we did. so take it. >> there you go. thank you very much, kathy orr.
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you decide 2016 well we just found out hillary clinton answered questions about her private e-mails server under penalty perjury. conservative watch dog judicial watch released the sworn testimony. it is first time she had to talk about that server under oath. the democratic presidential nominee maintained that she chose to use her personal e-mail for convenience. her legal team objected to all or a part of every single one of the 25 written questions. earlier today, clinton was in san francisco for a fundraiser and she lash out at trump. >> but we have to make case that the best way to rebuke the kind of cam paper that the other side has run is by defeating my opponent and what he stands for. >> meanwhile wikileaks leaked another 2,000 hacked e-mails today. and it showed some of the clinton aids making fun of latinos and southerners. meanwhile gop nominee donald
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trump continues to deny allegations of inn appropriate sexual conduct from several women. as his running mate indiana governor mike pence returned to pennsylvania to try to revert the campaign's momentum. chris o'connell has the story from bethlehem. >> reporter: as the controversy swirls over the latest allegations against donald trump, his running mate making two stops in the lehigh valley tonight saying nothing about trauma pops latest flack. >> we'll stand for the principal no one is above the law. >> reporter: speaking to a room full of northampton county republicans, indiana governor mike pence making no mention of the fire storm embroiling donald trump's campaign. four accuser in the last day came out claiming the republican nominee kissed or groped them against their will. trump calling the accusations lie. >> these people are horrible people. they're horrible, horrible liars. >> it doesn't matter what party you belong to, democrat,
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republican, independent no woman deserves to be treated this way. none of us deserve this kind of abuse. >> reporter: most diehard trump supporters we spoke with say with 26 days until the election, the comments won't sway their decisions to vote for trump. >> everybody says things they regret. and nobody is innocent. so it's fine with me. >> in any situation you need to hear both sides, and, upping, as a woman, i would hope that there is truth out there. >> reporter: the controversy just may seem to be hurting donald trump at least in the polls. it just released fox news poll, hillary clinton's lead over trump has now increased to seven points. and half of those polls saying trump is not qualified to be president. but among those diehard supporters once again, those allegations seemingly making very little difference. in bethlehem, chris o'connell fox 29 news. the 2016 race to the white
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house will go down in history as among the most controversial. new twist comes to light every day it seems. about half hour from now we'll have 25 days, mere 25 days to go to the election and fox 29 is with you every step of the way. and when we're not on the air check out the coverage online at fox we have links to our face bock page and twitter timeline right there on the home page. don't miss any of the turns on the road to the white house. free parking could soon be a thing of the past in one community. some say the plan to raise cash for local town won just be expensive for drivers. who says the plan will cost them big. it's a philadelphia neighborhood you may have heard a lot about. but for the wrong reasons. what fox 29's hank flynn found when we went to get the real story on the streets of fair hill. and we're noticing a trend. the sign we're in for a population boom just around the corner. americans are no stranger to the
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challenge of a work live balance but as it turns out we are balancing as much as we should. this comes as no surprise real really. new survey says american workers are giving away billions of dollars to their employers on unspent vacation time. their bosses make them feel badly about taking vacation.
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bucks county borough considering doing something that was never ever done before. newtown may start charging drivers to park in its municipal parking lots it's a big deal for a lot of people. some business owners are worried it might drive away confident customers. borough says it costs quarter of a million dollars to repave the lots and it will recoup that money somehow some way. the council is considering charging a dollar an hour at three hour lot starting next year. >> trying keep the taxes down for our residents and one of the ways to look at it that the people that use the parking lot they should should be the ones to pay for it. >> a dollar an hour i think it's too high. i think we could price ourselves
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out of the market. >> opponents have gathered almost thousand signatures on petitions hoping to stop down the parking fees. borough council will hold a public hearing on the issue on monday. businesses are worried. some neighborhoods get a bad rap in any city, right? and philadelphia is really no different. some will tell you gunshots are the sound track of the north philadelphia neighborhood of fair hill. hank flynn headed over in search of a different tune. ♪ nobody has jobs. >> we have a lot of drugs up here and definitely call it the bad land. >> reporter: there's long list of reasons some people call this north philly neighborhood the bad lands. >> kids literally dodging bullets. >> report roar news crews usually only come up here when somebody gets shot. >> fair hill section of the ci city. >> reporter: i don't know. i not buying it. not entirely. i thought i'd go up last
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thursday to look for the oh side, a better side. the good side of the bad lands. >> they call it the bad lands. >> they call it the bad lands but do you think that's a good name for it a bad name for it. >> i don't think it's true. >> reporter: why? >> i don't find nothing bad about this neighborhood. >> muhammed moved up few years back near fair hill square park. fair hill neighborhood has seen more than its fare share of gun violence over the years this year included still muhammed likes it better than where he was in south philly. >> i like it here better. >> reporter: why? >> because i feel like -- i feel like i'm home. i feel like -- i feel comfortable over who are. >> reporter: driving around people are just doing their thing like anywhere else. >> what's wrong with it? >> nothing. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: oh, man. >> smoking and all that stuff. >> reporter: i found a kitten underneath a car was trying to figure out what to do with her. >> end up with a cat rescue
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mission. >> a dude goes by always blew showed up. >> like lost people he's trying to make his dreams turn real. >> we're bran building where our company is called infinity. we make time less music. >> he brought a cd his group called this is infinity or tii tiii215. >> i got to see what this music sounds like. >> do it on the oldster yo for listen and cranked it up. >> lady cassandra shoots social media shots and his baby son achilleas is being a baby many fare hill he crew up around here. always blue says fare hill is what you make it. >> i know that this neighborhood it's not what people perceive it to be. >> reporter: right. >> you know what i'm saying. >> great people that live here. i've encounter add great people. people think that are horrible and people are great.
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so yeah the park has got blunt rappers and vials laying on the chess bore. when i got back to the newsroom philly police put out statement that someone had been shot in fair hill just an hour after i left. but i got a new cat out of the deal and it good rap cd from a dude i can un. next time you hear someone dirt on the bad lands and you will. think about it. i'm at hank fox 29 and we are at fox 29 philly. >> character in all these wonderful neighbors. yes, indeed he did indeed adopt that little kitten. >> you see it you shoot it fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. iain. what's going on? >> lucy, a pack house at school district head quarter that is night. dozens demanding that the school reform commission come to an e end. some philadelphia city council members released an editorial calling for the city to take control back of its schools and
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that has spurred tonight's rally but mayor kenney thinks local control right now is quote not practical. the src took over philadelphia schools 15 years ago. and abington township, montgomery county, congressman brendon boil presented congressional citations to two abington officers. the officers were recognized for their bravery after di fusing a deadly situation involving an armed suicidal man. it happened last month. officers were able to get that gun out mans hand without anyone getting hurt. >> fire in olney left six residents without a home. this video from fresco use tom benson shows you the scene on the 200 block of east al ban in a street. firefighters got there before 9:30 this morning to battle the name. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping the people impacted. no word on what started the fire. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco happen to zen it to our newsroom. >> turning to your health nouse a look into the future. more and more american women
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expect to have children at some point. the cdc centers for disease control surveyed nearly 6,000 women. researchers found that half of them between the ages of 15 and 44 expect to have children. that is up from 46% in 2002. we don't know why. but we do know that researchers say this could mean a higher u.s. birth rate at some point in the future. meanwhile, huer women are dying from breast cancer in the united states. the cdc just reported a drop in breast cancer deaths among women younger than fief terriers old. researchers believe that drop in death rates may come from improved education about the importance of breast cancer screening and treatment. more women also now have access to personalized and cutting edge treatment. all right. so now we're talking about sports and not the eagles. >> no, not the eagles. there's a ton of ex phillies still in the playoffs. especially guys in from that twos eight world series team. a lot of mixed emotions for fans seeing their guys on
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♪ sean bell taking on in former phillies and looking into whether we should still show them love. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ when it comes to cheering for former players there's two camps there's the i'm happy he's doing well camp and there's the if you're not with me, then i want your life to be miserable camp. it's like seeing your he can girlfriend with new guy. deep down and side you really don't want them to be that happy right but in this case we should gill the former phillies nothing but love. five guys from the phillies 2008
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world series team were in the playoffs with other teams chase utley, carlos ruiz, joe blanton, jayson werth and cole hamels and those guys deserve all our support. this isn't annex cheat on us these guys gave us everything they have and left us with the only professional championship this city has seen in decades and they gave us the best five year stretch of baseball that we've seen since john kruk in '93 dough so again no need to be bitter. no need to be sad. this is the one-time you actually want your ex to do well and end up better off than they were before. >> lucy. >> thank you very much, sean. the king of pop remains top of the list of top earning celebrities who have passed on. forbes says michael jackson who died in 2009 top the annual list for the fourth time in a row $825 million. prince and david bowie both pa passepassed array earlier this .
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eyeing not believe how many people who made up the sound track of my life have passed on especially this year. i'm like -- >> prematurely. >> over and over. >> but they live on. >> all their music is sampled a million times over. you're always going to hear that sound track forever. >> i know. >> it's true. >> i get melancholy about the whole thing not about the weather i'm very excited. >> not at all. sean bell i really enjoyed your commentary. i really got he. >> a lot of love. >> looking good gradually warming up sunday 72 and next week, dark i say 22. 72. >> 22 would be nippy. monday 75. tuesday and wednesday in the 80s. that is a huge warmup for objection. enjoy it. >> we are back here at 4:00 a.m. for for fox 29 morning news. "good dadadada
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two stories breaking right now on fox 29, first, ren fields heights, the body after teenager found dead inside a school. a live report coming up with the latest details. >> police are investigating the scene of a devastating car wreck. it happened once again on the boulevard. we know that two teenagers are dead, another person is injured, why it may be difficult for police to piece together what happened. >> plus could citizens complaint lead to jail time for the governor of new jersey, how the chris christie camp is responding to the complaint, what they are asking for the prosecutor to do. >> the vicious blames about me of ann prepare pre at conduct with women, these event never, ever happened.


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