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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 14, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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two stories breaking right now on fox 29, first, ren fields heights, the body after teenager found dead inside a school. a live report coming up with the latest details. >> police are investigating the scene of a devastating car wreck. it happened once again on the boulevard. we know that two teenagers are dead, another person is injured, why it may be difficult for police to piece together what happened. >> plus could citizens complaint lead to jail time for the governor of new jersey, how the chris christie camp is responding to the complaint, what they are asking for the prosecutor to do. >> the vicious blames about me of ann prepare pre at conduct with women, these event never, ever happened. >> donald trump firing back
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after accusations he sexually assaulted nearly a half dozen women, plus, a new hot mike moment. what trump was recorded saying to a ten year old girl about dating. >> good day everybody, it is friday, october 14, 2016. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> very good. good headed into the fall weekend. it feels like it. >> it feels he can actually like fall outside. thanks to sue serio. >> oh, like i had anything to do with it. but i could i guess i have to take the credit i'll take the blame. the number of the day, ten out of ten today. we will will have one of those crisp autumn days now that the colds front that came through yesterday is out of here. not that much colder of the the chillier air hasn't set philadelphia yet. 51 degrees, no problems with visibility like we had yesterday. don't think we'll get any fog at all. sunrise 7:11, convenience time today. 39 degrees in mount pocono, the colder air has set philadelphia there, 44 lancaster, 48 in trenton, 48
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atlantic city, as well, ooh degrees in dover, delaware, no rain to show you on radar nip more. we had couple of showers yesterday. but lot of stars in the sky right now. clear, cool to start. cooler afternoon with a high of 65 degrees. we'll give that you weekend forecast coming up. hi, bob kelly. happy friday. >> happy friday. doing my exercises in the studio like di our floor director does. >> oh, stretching it out? >> stretching it out. >> that's good. stay limber. >> oh, hold on. hold on. get me a don't's pill. 4:02, crews still working out here on i-95, in northeast philadelphia. they have the the cottman avenue off ramp, all blocked, and this weekend, there will be a new traffic pattern coming to 95. tell you more about that later this morning. the schuylkill, 95, the blue route, all looking good. situation that happened on the overnight. police still investigating an overnight accident. the roosevelt boulevard at front street. i95, to problems coming through the city.
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blue route only 17 minute trip from saint david's on down to i-95. watch for the construction, still out there along i95 and the 42 freeway, expressway still closed until 5:00 this morning, market frankford, broad street subway lines, using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen, lauren, back to you. >> breaking news out of wynnefield. homicide detective are investigating the sudden death of a teenage boy. >> let's get right out to the scene where this all happened. dave kinchen there with what police are saying now, dave? >> reporter: well, lauren, karen, good morning. police aren't saying much. they are calling this homicide detective are officially calling this a sudden death here at this point. we are told the teenager has been found dead at the woods ward academy in wynnefield. 3900 block of ford road just before 11:00 last night, police were investigating this death of a male student, police will not reveal the age. we are told that homicide detective are investigating whether there was some kind after altercation here
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according to it website words ward academy work with children with academic challenges, again, teen found dead here at words worth academy. police getting to the scene. we're trying to get more detail. we'll bring them to you as we get them. back to you. >> thank you so much. following more breaking news this morning, out of northeast philadelphia. two teenagers are dead this morning, another in the hospital after being involved in a late night crash. >> this happened just after midnight on roosevelt boulevard north front street. philadelphia police say the car, the teens were in, collided with an s.u.v. before hitting a tree. officials say a 17 year old girl and 19 year old man were both killed in that crash. >> this intersection is light-controlled. but at this time, we're not certain who had the red light or who had the green light. >> the brother of the man who died is in the hospital. the driver of the other vehicle, a woman, stayed on
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the scene, right now, police are still trying to determine what caused the accident. >> and, more breaking news out of new jersey, one person was killed, while walking along interstate 295 in mt. laurel. >> this happened just after 11:30 last night at exit 36. the southbound lanes were closed while new jersey state police investigated the accident. no word as to what happened or any information about the victim. >> so many accident now fox chase, 18 year old man is in the hospital after he was injured in a hit-and-run accident. this all happened just before 9:30 last night, at the intersection of verree road, rhawn street. officials say the victim jumped on the back after car. victim new the driver of the car. the car didn't stop before crashing into a tree and a pole. right now, police are looking for that car, and the driver. >> happening right now, new jersey governor chris christie in the hot seat, and this time there is a judge that has ruled a citizens complaint of official misconduct against the governor can move forward. >> at the center of it all, four days of gridlock on the george washington bridge, all
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happened in september of 2013. steve keeley is in trenton with what this means for the governor, how he's firing back, hi, steve. >> reporter: yep, it is kind of confusing, because as the bridgegate trial going on, in fact, the prosecution rested its case yesterday, right about the same time we learned about local judge, this is on the local level, municipal level up in bergen county found probable cause to find that there is a good charge of official misconduct, against christie, for the information we've learned so far. and the prosecution's case. and we're probably going to make a bigger case for this gentleman, who filed this complaint, that christie was involved in the lane closings, because the two people on trial are both saying that they're going to testify, and they've both already said through their lawyers that they both told christie about the lane closings during the lane closings. so, let's hear from some state lawmakers who have been following the trial by sitting in the courtroom, listening to it themselves. >> right now, it is a black
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eye for the state, to have this determination made. it is embarrassing, certainly corroborate suspicions that many people have had, but we have to wait for the development to play out. >> it is interesting to me that what happened this morning, but that's how we have this great justice system, anybody go into a court, and as a citizen, decide to file a complaint, and that's what happened. and now we will see that move through the justice system in bergen county. >> i think should just our judicial system, i am dependent, a lot of not like other state, we appoint our judges. they will make the appropriate decision, because they're not under political pressure likes others are. >> well, actually, they are under political pressure, because the guy that has to make this decision is the prosecute nerve bergen county, coincidentally, that prosecutors is appointed politically by governor christie. so they already have a relationship. there is politics involved in
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law enforcement, whether anybody believes that or not. and strangely, lauren, karen, that news conference where those lawmakers all talked, sweeney, which is news ski, weinberg, was not about this, it was about the transportation trust fund and the gas tax hike. christie pushed for it all over the state, in favor of it all the time. they come out, they announce it with christie they all reached a deal. and yesterday they had this news conference, we passed this in both houses, why isn't the governor signing this thing that we all had to get passed. so that was why there was a news conference. so another question for the governor: why aren't you signing this thing that you pushed for? you got what you wanted. then why aren't you signing it into law? we still don't have that passed yet either until the governor signs it. >> all right, steve, you never know with new jersey politics. thank you. appreciate it. and another political-involved story, lawyers for former person pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane now hinting they are seeking probation or maybe house arrest for their client. kane was found guilty of leaking grand jury documents
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to a newspaper and then lying about it under oath. they have filed papers asking for home confinement assessment. the defense arguing kane for the first time, non-violent offender and primary caregiver for her children. >> now to the latest for trump, trump lashing out at his female accusers in the last 24 hours, five women have come forward with accusation that is trump touched them inapropriately. the news has some voters thinking twice about their presidential pick. trump fought back against the allegations in west palm beach. >> these event never, ever happened. >> trump cause hills accusers quote, horrible, horrible liars. and here are trump's five accusers, first the people magazine report here claims trump made unwanted advances, another a photographer's assistant who says trump grabbed her butt. then, beauty pageant contestant who says trump
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kissed her repeatedly on the lips. and then another woman in new york who claims trump did i the same thing to hers. and another, groped her on first class flight, in early 1980s, but there is more trouble brewing. entertainment tonight adding another hot mike moment. this time catching donald trump in 1992 talking to a group of ten year old girls at trump tower. >> you are going up the escalator? >> yes. >> i will be date willing her in ten years. >> trump says the groping allegations are coordinated strategy between the media and clinton campaign to keep him out of the white house. trump campaign also sent letter to the new york times demanding a retraction to which the times declined, writing back, quote, nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the reputation that mr. trump, through his own words and actions, has already created for himself. >> trump told his support at a rally yesterday he does have evidence to rev youth all of these claims in these women, also trump's runningmate, indianna governor mike penned,
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in our area last evening at a private event. it was in bethlehem. he was speak to go a room full of republicans in northampton county. he steered clear of addressing any of the latest controversy surrounding trump. >> we're going to stand for the pin that no one is above the law. >> also, trump's oldest daughter, ivanka, was in our area yesterday. drumming up support for her father. she spent the day hosting three coffee with ivanka event for volunteers and also invited guests, meanwhile other side of the ticket for the democrats, trump's opponent hillary clinton now commenting on his latest drama at surprise appearance at her san francisco campaign office. clinton said the nation has already learned who donald trump is. she said the election is about, quote, who we are, and what we stand for. >> we know who donald trump is. we have seen it. he's told us. it is up to us to show who we
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are. >> clinton told volunteers we cannot let this pessimism the dark and evasive take holds in anybody's heart. >> first lady michelle obama also speaking out after the trump allegations were made public. coming up what she said in her speech yesterday that caused fire storm on social media. >> little later in the show, a mom, and very upset because her child and her family was kicked out after restaurant because woe not stop crying. what the restaurant want customers to know. >> first, devestation continues to mounds in haiti following her cane matthew. why the united nations is suggesting the worlds has failed that caribbean country. where things come from?
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happening right now, talk about our volatile weather, 4:15, bermuda in clean-up mode after hurricane nicole pummeled that nation, packing very heavy winds, fierce rain there topping 110 miles per hour, the winds there, you can see some of the after effect. it was cat three storm that struck the island ripping off rooms of homes and buildings causing flooding obviously, but overall officials say bermuda was pretty well prepared for the storm. >> same store can i not be said for haiti after hurricane matthew hit there. estimates say the storm killed over 1,000 people and left tens of thousands homeless. many hatians say they have still yet to receive any help at this point. 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance there. >> unacceptable that we can
4:16 am
have a country like haiti in which we've had those of oust outside of haiti are watching on tv, even days before this storm hit. and it was impossible to reach people with early warning. >> meanwhile, back here in the u.s., the overall us death toll has grown to 38 after hurricane matthew. >> evacuations are still continuing in part of north carolina. where potentially life threatening flooding is still a threat. flood waters are making getting around sections of north carolina real difficult part of the roadways there, main thorough fares, 95, has been shutdown, also interstate 40 has been shutdown. all hard to believe. how long ago was the storm when it came through, knew. >> it exited on saturday. >> a week later, still dealing with it? >> feeling the effect of the storm, quick update on nicole, which is category two hurricane. but it is in the middle of the ocean now, not any threat to
4:17 am
land mass. and we will check the names, because hurricane season doesn't end until the end of november. next name on the list is otto, then paula, richard, and there is shary, tobias, virginie, french version of virginia, and walter. hope we don't have to use them f we do, let's hope it is storms like where nicole is now in the middle of the ocean. nothing to show you here. now we turn our national attention to a series of storms with hurricane force winds and tons of rain, moving into the pacific northwest over the weekends. one of these storms, some of it renmant of a typhoon in the pacific ocean. so, some problems there, in that part of the country. 51 degrees in philadelphia right now. we have 39 in mount pocono. fifty in dover. 44 degrees in lancaster, 48 in trenton. so the chilly air hasn't set philadelphia everywhere but it will by the end of the day, average high 67. above average past couple of days, today will probably get
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to about 65 for high temperature, 68 tomorrow, and 70 on sunday, and look at this warming trend, as we get into the middle of the week. upper 70s, kind of close to 80 on tuesday, and wednesday, and then we cool back down closer to seasonable temperatures. so, looking forward to nice warm up next week, maybe not flip flop weather, bob kelly, but little warmer than it has. >> i have to get my toast done if i'm going to wear my flip flops. >> pedicure time. >> looking live downtown on the vine street expressway. crews are still out on the overnight, as they typically are, monday, or i should say tuesday through friday. shutdown here between broad street and the schuylkill expressway until about 5:00. here is a live look at 295, traffic moving again, again, we were closed for few hours overnight, from an accident investigation. but if you are rolling through south jersey, you are good to go on 295, as well, as the new jersey turnpike. now, some changes coming our way, tonight into tomorrow
4:19 am
morning. they're going to be working on i95 to shift all of the northbound lanes on to the newly constructed stretch of the roadway. di, paying attention nil ' be right in the cottman avenue interchange. so between bridge and academy tonight into tomorrow they're going to take it down to one lane, move all of the cones around, move all of the barriers around, and then by tomorrow morning, fingers crossed, hopefully we will be rolling on that brand new spanning willing stretch. roadway there as you head north on 95. whole stretch bridge to academy look out tonight into tomorrow morning. karen, lauren, back over to you. >> thank you, in news from boston to police officers now fighting for their lives after a gunman shot them. we know that suspected shooter is now dead. this all started when police responded to a dom ethic disturbance call between two roommate on wednesday evening, when police got to the home 33 year old kirk figueroa shot at them. he was then shot and killed by other officersment police say the shooter was wearing body armor, and was not licensed to
4:20 am
have a gun in that state. >> we had two officers gravely injured here. it left no choice. >> two injured officers, 27 year old veteran richard sintol a and 12 year veteran matt morris had surgery and they're still at this moment in critical condition. >> person accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey pleading not guilty. ahmad khan rahami appeared in court via video from his hospital bed. he's recovering after gunshot wounds, after a police shoot-out with police, prosecutor charged him with five count of attempted murder with a police officer among other offenses. he also faces list of federal charges. >> social media still on fire after first lady michelle obama delivers emotional speech in addressing donald trump sexual assault comment, some saying the best peach of the campaign so far. while at rally in hue
4:21 am
hampshire, the first lady said she was shaken to the core by comment trump made in that 2005 access hollywood recording. mrs. obama said trump comment were both shocking and demeaning, she also dismissed his suggestion it was simply lockerroom talk. >> this was not just allude conversation. this wasn't just lockerroom want banter. this was speaking freely about predatory behavior. while our mothers and grandmothers were often powerless to change their circumstances, today we, as women, have all of the power we need to determine the outcome of this election. >> and trump has lost some support in new hampshire since that video was released last week, one new hampshire senator said she no longer plans to give him her vote. >> mill ann ya trump has threat toned sue people magazine. said portions of the magazine story alleging sexual assault by her husband are false, and completely fictional.
4:22 am
first person report from a people reporter who said once melania left the room, trump pushed himself on her. >> all right, talking about flyers, so exciting, they opened their season in los angeles versus the kings tonight, and they're going do so with two teenagers on the rosters. ivan, and travis, both players taken in the first round of the 2015 draft, and they are both looking real good in the pre-season. >> teenager. exciting. fun. sue is wearing the flyers colors s she around? let's go flyers. speaking, sixers back in action, embiid back on the court, highlight of last night's game coming up in sports. first, your winning lottery numbers. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> this is fox 29 sport in one minute. >> good morning, i'm sean bell. before the season, josh norman said he can't wait to play sam bradford in the eagles. well, bradford's not here any more, but i'm sure the trash talking will continue. norman known for the trash talking, known forgetting into it with wide receivers, as owe dead beckham, jr. wide receiver jordan matthews has played against norman in the past. doesn't expect any of that this week. >> to be honest, a lot of stuff is like television. i'll be real honest with you.
4:26 am
i play richard sherman, i don't think he told me, said one word to me until after the game. i played josh norman two years, he said high and bye. i watch the whole game with him playing antonio brown, antonio brown one of the best in the game if not considered the best in the game, i don't think them talk to each other once. >> to the sixers, wizards, joe em embiid continues to look great. look at this. drive-thru, and over the top, gets the bucket. he had a great game. double-double. eleven points, 12 boards, the sixers loose 100-79. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> all right, thank you, sean. late another show, men are targeting elderly people at home. what the bad guy said to one local couple that got them invited inside. >> but coming up first in just a matter of moment, we'll have dave kinchen following some breaking news. dave? >> reporter: that's right, teenager found dead, suddenly in a school. police investigating overnight, what they know so far after the break.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> we've got two store that's are breaking right now. new from overnight, the body of a teenager found dead inside after school. what we know right now. it is all coming up in a live report. >> and, police are investigating the scene after devastating car wreck on roosevelt boulevard. two teenagers are dead,
4:30 am
another person is injured. why it may be difficult for police to piece together exactly what happened. >> plus: could a citizens complaint lead to jail time for the governor of new jersey, and that whole bridgegate scandal? how the chris christie camp is responding to all of this, and what they're asking for the prosecutor to do. >> donald trump is firing back after suggestions that he sexually assaulted nearly a half dozen women? what the presidential candidate says he has to prove he's innocent. >> good day everybody, it is a friday, that's all i can think on a friday is tgif. we made it through another one. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> happy now, because almost made it through the week. let's get over to see and see how the weather will be for this weekend? >> it is really ideal if you want to take the kids to go pick pumpkins orpik apples or go on a high raid. all of those things outlove do in the autumn. so many people tweet, put on facebook, my favorite time of year, well, my favorite number to passalong, ten out of ten. today's temperature, getting
4:31 am
started, a 1 degrees at the airport, temple probably go down little bit before the sun comes up. that will doesn't happen until 7:11 this morning. yes, we call it convenience time. 39 degrees in mount pocono, 45 in reading, mid 40's in lancaster, as well. we have 41 in pottstown and 48 in wilmington. so it is not that much chillier than it was yesterday. but the difference is we're in the going to see that fog. skies are completely clear. we had the cold front come through yesterday. and sort of cleared things out nicely. so bright sunshine all day, while we have daylight, sunset time, 6:00 it two -- 6:22, high temperature will be about 65 degrees. so, that takes care of your fantastic friday. weekend forecast, and beyond, coming up, bob kelly? >> and beyond. weekend forecast, and beyond. you got it. good morning, everybody, 4:31, still working here on the schuylkill expressway ramps to the vine street expressway. folks coming into center city, you're not able to enter the vine expressway between
4:32 am
schuylkill and broad street. so you have to exit at 30th, south street, or spring garden until about 5:00. ben franklin looking good, no problems this morning at the airport, we got hit with the fog delay yesterday. but i think we'll be in good shape here headed on down to philadelphia international airport, big jumbo jet there banking to the left. then northbound lanes of 495, just watch for some construction auto language the dupont highway for everybody heads up into and out of wilmington. otherwise, speedometer readings what they should be at this hour. nothing major on the majors. over night though fatal accident on the boulevard at front street. police just cleared the scene. traffic moving again. mass transit, the broad street subway, the market frankford line, using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, we have this breaking news that we're beginning with right now. detectives are out in wynnefield, investigating the sudden death after teenage boy. >> let's get right out to dave kinchen, live outside where it happened, dave, what are police saying this morning? >> well, they're calling this
4:33 am
sudden death at this point. police aren't saying whole lot over at the homicide division. we can tell you that we are hearing that this is 17 year old boy who was found dead, here at the wordsworth academy in wynnefield height. police say called to the 3900 block of ford road just before 11:00 last night to investigate this case. now, homicide detective are investigate whether there was some kind of altercation at this point. they officially won't say exactly what happened here. according to this website, wordsworth academy, wordsworth youth who have behavioral, academic challenges, again, 17 year old boy found dead here at the wordsworth ac admit, police getting the call and coming out around 11:00 as night. trying to piece together all of the details and find out whether it was indeed some kind of altercation that led to all of this story, still developing, at this early hour. back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. >> and also, we are following more breaking news this morning, this coming to us from northeast philadelphia. we know that two teenagers dead after this horrific crash that happened late last night,
4:34 am
there is another one that's in the hospital, this is all right after midnight, on the roosevelt boulevard, right at north front street. police say the car that the teens were in crashed with an s.u.v., and then, struck a tree. officials say there was 17 year old girl, and 19 year old teenager, man, both killed, in the crash. the brother of the teen who died is in the hospital. and the driver of the other vehicle, who is a woman, she did stay there on the scene. >> and more breaking news out of new jersey. one person was killed while walking along interstate 295 in mt. laurel. >> this happened just after 11:30 last night at exit 36. the southbound lanes were closed while new jersey state police investigated the accident. no word as to what happened or any other information about the victim. >> now, going to fox chase, where 18 year old man is in the hospital after being injured in a hit-and-run. this happened just before 9:30 last night at the intersection of verree road, rhawn street. officials say the victim jumped on the back after car, turns out, see, the victim new the driver of the car.
4:35 am
then the car doesn't stop. then he crashes into a tree and a pole. right now police are looking for the car and the driver. >> new development this morning, in the bridgegate scandal, new jersey judge is letting a misconduct complaint proceed against governor chris christie, over the lane closures around the george washington bridge back in 2013. north jersey activist filed the complaint against christie, in a fort lee court. the judge found probable cause for the complaint to move forward. the bergen county prosecutor will determine if an indictment will follow christie, has denied any role in the scandal. his critics have been quick to pounce, the governor spokesperson says appeal is underway. some in trenton believe the prosecutor should step aside because christie appointed him. and we're learning new details now about the new jersey railroad involved in the deadly crash last month. officials say that that line has more accidents and is paid morphines for safety violations than any other commuter railroad system in the past five years. shows new jersey transit
4:36 am
trains have had 157 accidents from 2011 to july of 2016, have caused more than $6 million in damage, and have had 13 passenger injuries. >> meanwhile new jersey lawmakers seeking subpoena power to investigate new jersey transit after that crash we had at the hoboken station that killed a person and injured 108. said law make letters consider a resolution to grant the judiciary committee power to subpoena, and require people to come to their hearing. he says the public deserves a thorough investigation. >> look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think. >> donald trump lashing out yesterday going after the people magazine write here is accusing him of sexually assaulting her in 2005, natasha went to interview donald and then pregnant wife
4:37 am
melania, first anniversary, according to her, donald took her into a room alone and started kissing her. he then allegedly told her: you know we're going to have an affair, don't you? trump says her comments are not credible, as you heard, he also implied woe not have been interested in her because of her looks. he told supporters, at his rally yesterday, he has evidence to rev youth the claims. meanwhile melania trump has threatened to sue people magazine over the allegations. >> there are more leaking e maples coming from the from the clinton campaign, tried to get the illinois primary moved to later dade. clinton's campaign sought such a delay might stop trump's momentum. the emails also emphasize the clinton's with not forget the political favor. hillary clinton did not get her way. the primary was held as scheduled in march. >> health officials are announcing new seek a zone. this is in florida where the virus is expanding right now.
4:38 am
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4:40 am
>> problem with electronic brake, software issue with the parking brake could allow the car to roll away if the vehicle isn't left in park. the recall covers 2016 models civic coops and sedans, honda says, no crashes or injuries have been reported. toyota recalled its 2016 prius, for software i shall glue health officials just announce new zika zone in
4:41 am
miami. >> real a setback, month after declaring that one of the sections there called wynnewood has been cleared of the virus. now, we've learned, that five people have been infected with zika in square mile area, the city just north of little haiti neighborhood it is called, the third miami community now identified where mosquitos have transmitted the virus to people. >> man, that's so scary. it is like they think they have -- you know what? you can't keep the mosquitos from flying out of the zones where they think oh, we have it quarantined? >> i think it is inevitable before it spreads to other states then we'll have to deal with that. >> what the bad guy said to one local couple that got them invited right inside.
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4:44 am
>> before we get into the forecast, let's look ahead to milestones for autumn including 18 days until halloween. have you figured out your costume yet? there you go. we change time on the weekend of november the sixth. that's 24 days away. and only 42 until thanksgiving. boy, better start cleaning the house. anyway, sunny skies, 68 degrees, yes it, will take me that long, and this is for the football game. that team we call the eagles will be down the road playing washington dc at fed ex field, which is just outside of dc, in maryland, and a lot of folks, i know, will be going down for that one. fantastic forecast for, that hopefully, better outcome. now, our latest update on
4:45 am
hurricane nicole. it has weakened again, now back to tropical -- in the yet to tropical storm. category one. but it is very far away from bermuda, they try to get the power back on down there. and, quick check in case you were wondering of the next couple of names on the list. hurricane season doesn't end until the end of november. we have eight got otto, paula, richard, shary, tobias, virginie, and walter, let's hope they don't bother any humans if we have those storms. because we've had enough this season from matthew and nicole. some rain, very far away, down around arkansas, and that's as close as we can finds, so we've got dry weather for the whole weekend, 51 degrees in philadelphia, right now, 48 in wilmington, and 52 in wildwood. chillier 39 degrees in mount pocono. your average high is 67. i think today will go a little bit below, but nice, nice day, six a degrees, then up to 68 with chilly start tomorrow, and then on sunday, milder, with a high of 70.
4:46 am
check out tuesday. we will go bold and predict 80 degrees for then. will be a one day special. but will be very nice to be outside. >> i think -- >> feeling bad? >> maybe by tuesday. >> may have to take a sick day. >> exactly. use them or lose them. 4:46. in the tunnels under 30th street station, see the cones here? no access yet to the vine street expressway. so the vine still closed, until about 5:00. you know the normal drill on the overnight. it is coming in from new jersey, no problems here on the freeway, a lot better visuals than we had yesterday. we were socked in with that fog all morning long, and that caused huge pile-up here on 295. everything is cleared up, and all of the major roadways open for bus. fire up the bus this is weekend. septa's airport line will be using shuttle buses this weekend. so if you do use the rales to get to the planes, give yourself few extra minutes. shuttle buses will run until 5:00 this morning on both the market frankford and the
4:47 am
subways, so we have what another 14 minute or so before we fire up the trains. but there is weekend, tonight into tomorrow, get ready, a new traffic pattern shuffle coming to i-95. northbound lanes between bridge and academy, tonight, penndot will take it down to about one lane, around 9:00, 10:00. then move all of the traffic over to the newly constructed northbound side of the roadway. right near cottman avenue. so, later on tonight, if you are on your way home, or working that second, third shift, then tomorrow it will catch you by surprise, you'll get chance, realize something is different when you head northbound on 95 between bridge and academy. karen, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. important update now. nearly three years after lower macungie township woman disappeared, police say they figured out who her killer is. they have arrested that person, mike at who arevat, facing kidnapping, co-worker of holly grim the woman who disappeared in november of 2013. this past september police got
4:48 am
a search warrant and combed through his property. and that's where they say they found bones, then they did dna testing and it matched the missing woman, holly grim. >> 4:48. police say thieves in one south jersey community have reached a new low. going after senior citizens. >> police in east grin witch township looking for their burglaries, posting as water department employees. the police chief says one man distracted the couple while the other nubbing inside, pocketed golds coins, and other valuables, cops think that the thieves may have targeted seniors throughout the tri-state area. but they did not count on the security system. >> this couple had set up. >> most houses don't have video surveillance, but in this particular incidence, we were lucky enough and fortunate enough this family did install video at some point, and it is key to this investigation. >> if you have any information or recognize these men you are asked to call east greenwich
4:49 am
police. >> it is 4:49. local mom, and she's not happy because she says that restaurant, friendly's, kick her family out because her child was crying. her little boy has autism. she said it is really at the heart of what happened in this case. she is embarrased and hurt. >> but the restaurant said what happened, something very important, fox 29 jennifer joyce has that story. >> it is heart breaking. it is heart breaking. >> terry, of pottstown, speaking out after she says her five year old son, lindt, was discriminated against last weekends at friendly restaurant off of route 100. lindt has autism and limited verbal skills. the woman says her son was in transition, he was crying. >> we were sitting there. i was trying to calm him down. and the manager came over and he said: i'm sorry, do you have leave, people are looking at you. >> she said she tried to explain to the manager that her son just needed some food, and he would calm down. the manager again demanded that she and her two boys leave. so they did. all three, including lindt,
4:50 am
were embarrased and hurt. >> when somebody is mean to him, or somebody is discriminatory, he understands. they feel emotions. and actually what they did violated the american disability act. we get looks all the time, but i refuse to stay homement like he is a member of this community. i take him everywhere. we go swimming. we travel. like i just refuse. i refuse to keep him locked up. >> we reached out to friendly's for a statement on the handling of this situation. a spokesperson says the company is aware of what happened, and that, quote, we are pleased that the district manager of this franchise and the guesses have been in contact with each other, and we are confident that important dialogue will take place. sellers said she is all about progressive conversation. she is speaking out to raise awareness and and improve the treatment of children with special needs, especially as the number of children with autism continues to rise. >> it is time that they are treated more compassionately and with dignity. they are human beings, and i'm
4:51 am
sick of it, just sick of it. >> unclear if the manager at this friendly's will be talk to about the incident, regard lets, the sellers family says they won't be coming back to friendly's any time soon n pottstown, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". >> and we understand that mother is going to be on good day later this morning to talk about her experience. >> yes, it should affect so many families in our area. >> absolutely. >> looking forward to hearing from her. >> do not worry, join us saturday for our next walk to ends altzheimer event, at riverfront wilmington in delaware. the final walk is in philadelphia on saturday, november 12th, sue serio, shawnette wilson, chris o'connell, will all be thereon saturday. >> and in our next hour, three guys robbed a nail salon. but these employees, wait until you see what they d they are throwing plants.
4:52 am
4:53 am
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>> 4:54, 51 degrees, should be pretty glorious day. a way to help us and get paid. if you see something, news story happening in your common tip, and you think why don't they do something on that? take a video. fresco is showing us what's in the neighborhoods. >> abington, congressman brendon boyle presented citation toss two and inning ton officers, the officers were recognized for their bravery after a deadly
4:55 am
situation involving armed suicidal man. happened last month. officers were able to get the gun out that far man's hand, without anyone getting hurt. >> we had a fire, happened in the olney section, six people who lived in one of the homes who are now out of that. this video comes to us from fresco user tom benson showing us the scene, the 200 block of east alban "a" street. firefighters arrived before 9:30 yesterday to battle the flames. good news, nobody was hurt, the red cross is helping the people who were impacted by that. a packed house at school district headquarters last night, dozens demanding school reform commission come to an end. some philadelphia city council members released editorial calling for the city take back control of its schools and that sparked last night's rally but mayor jim kenney thinks local control right now is quote not practical. the frc took over philadelphia schools 15 years ago. >> okay, so when you see news happening pull out your phone, use fresco app, send it to our news room to get paid.
4:56 am
>> fifty bucks. all right, coming up at 5:00 this morning, police are investigating a devastating car wreck. it happened on the boulevard, once again, this time, two teenagers are dead, there is another one that's in the hospital. we're going to have a live report. >> also, dave kinchen following breaking news for thus morning, hi, dave. yes, philadelphia police are investigating the death of a student, we'll tell you what they're saying about the possible cause, after the break. kids don't know how to act fake. i like your face. so we're learning to be more like them. removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. i like his face. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals ar you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient.
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two stories breaking right now on fox 29 morning news, first from wynfield heights we know a teenager was found dead inside of a school after police say there was a fight with the staffer. we have details coming up in a live report. police are investigating the scene of the devastating car reckon roosevelt boulevard, two teens are ted, another person injured, why it could be difficult for police to put together what happen. could citizen's complaint lead to jail time for governor of new jersey, in that whole bridge gate scandal. how chris christie camp is responding to the complaint and what they are asking for the prosecutor to do. and then this... >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women, these events never, ever happened. >> donald trump firing back after accusations he sexually assaulted a half dozen women. the plus a new hot mike moment what trump was recorded to a ten year-old about dating.
5:00 am
good day friday, october 142,016th. >> i can't believe we are halfway through the month already. >> it goes by so fast as this year has. >> do you have any halloween ideas good not a big halloween person. >> i have holiday ideas for my kid, our weekend show. what do you have for the good day crew? share them with us using our #fox 29 good day. hi, sueby. >> this weather by the numbers thing i'll just make a big cardboard -- i don't know, that is the proof of my ideas. aren't you you happy about the number, ten out of ten. flyers season begins tonight regular season. they are not at home until next week but we thought we would celebrate with bus stop buddy and a sweat shirt on today, temperatures in the the 40's and 50's. we have clear skies. current temperature at philly international 49 degrees. 6 miles an hour wind out of the north/northwest and convenient time is our sunrise


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