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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good day friday, october 142,016th. >> i can't believe we are halfway through the month already. >> it goes by so fast as this year has. >> do you have any halloween ideas good not a big halloween person. >> i have holiday ideas for my kid, our weekend show. what do you have for the good day crew? share them with us using our #fox 29 good day. hi, sueby. >> this weather by the numbers thing i'll just make a big cardboard -- i don't know, that is the proof of my ideas. aren't you you happy about the number, ten out of ten. flyers season begins tonight regular season. they are not at home until next week but we thought we would celebrate with bus stop buddy and a sweat shirt on today, temperatures in the the 40's and 50's. we have clear skies. current temperature at philly international 49 degrees. 6 miles an hour wind out of the north/northwest and convenient time is our sunrise
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time 7:11. we have 39 in pound pocono. mid 40's this lancaster and reading as well. thirty-eight in pottstown. that chillier air in the wake of the yesterday's cold front is settling in but not every where. 51 degrees in wildwood. so today we expect plenty of bright sunshine, a cool high of 65 degrees, perfect autumn day, it will be a chilly start tomorrow morning. we will get down in the mid 40's in the city tonight and a lot of the suburbs will be in the 30's. we will talk about that in a few and give thaw weekend forecast. >> good snuggling wet ther too, open up the windows, get your big blanket. friday morning, live look at blue route, 476, no problems or delays at all, pretty much saint david down to i-95. looking good at bennie, zipper, that is big green machine that gives us extra lane moves barrier around park for the night. we have all four lanes coming in philadelphia, no problems at all n fog this morning what
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a change from this time yesterday. 295 and freeway still got a construction crew out there and watch for traffic struggles that occur overnight. speedometer readings 51 on the the schuylkill. fifty-six on i-95, no change, no problem, pennsy turnpike now expects, except credit cards for payment, so that will be new for the folks today and through the weekend. that is all good news. septa using shuttle bus these weekend on the airport line otherwise mass transit off to a good start on this friday morning. lauren and karen back to you. we will begin with breaking news and it is traffic related, an accident breaking news from the northeast section. two teenagers have died, another in the hospital after they were involved in the horrific crash that happened after midnight right on the boulevard at north front street. police say car that the teens were in crashed into an suv and then slammed in the tree. officials are saying there is a 17 year-old girl and a 19 year-old boy both killed in
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that crash. brother of the boy who died is in the hospital. driver of the other vehicle is a would hand she stayed on the scene, police are trying to figure out what caused all of this. our own steve keeley is heading there right now and will have a live report in a matter of moments. more breaking news in wynfield, homicide detectives there, they are investigating sudden death of the teenage boy. >> lets get to dave kinchen on the scene with new information, dave. >> reporter: police are telling us that, well, they are calling it a sudden death at this point. there appears to be an involvement, altercation with a staff member here and they were told a 17 year-old boy has been found dead here at wordsworth academy in wynfield heights. police were called to the 3900 block of ford road just before 11:00 o'clock last night to investigate. initial reports say there was a fight, with a staffer, altercation with a staffer, according to the webb side wordworth academy wordworth youth have emotional and behavior and academic challenges. once again a 17 year-old boy
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found dead. call coming in before 11:00 at the school here. police say initially there was an altercation with the staffer here, the continuing to investigate, back to you. we also have more breaking news coming in, we know there is a person who was killed while walking on interstate 295, it is happening in mount laurel right before midnight last evening right by exit number 36. they had to close southbound lanes while the new jersey state police investigated this. we don't know what happened, really, or have a lot of information about that victim. lets head to fox chase where an 18 year-old man is in the hospital after being injured in the hit and run accident. this happened just before 9:30 last night at intersection of the berry road and rhawn street. officials a victim jumped on the back have of a car. >> through witnesses this is an unusual incident. a witness saw this 18 year-old male jump on to the hood of a moving vehicle will, at intersection of the rhawn and verree, and witness does not know why that this 18 year-old
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chose to jump on to the hood of this moving vehicle. >> well, car didn't stop before it crashed in the the tree and pole. police are looking for that vehicle and driver. we do know the the teen injured in the accident was inside a mini market moments before the accident, buying some food product, police are currently reviewing surveillance camera to see if he was with anyone else. okay, new developments in the bridge gate scandal new jersey letting misconduct complaint proceed against governor christie over lane closures around george washington bridge in 2013. >> it is a black eye for the state that has this determination made and it is embarrassing and certainly corroborates suspicions of many people, and we have to wait for development to play out. >> were you surprised pie it? >> reporter: north jersey activist filed a complaint in the fort lee court. judge found probable cause, for the complaint to move forward legally. complaint goes to the bergen county prosecutor's to determine if an indictment will follow, christie denied
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any role in that scandal, his critics, quick to pounds. spokesperson says the appeal is already underway. some in trenton believe the prosecutors should step aside because christie appointed him. lawyers for former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kaine, they are hinting that they will try to get probation or maybe house arrest for her. she was found guilty of leaking grand jury documents to a newspaper and then lying about that under oath. they have filed papers asking for a home confinement assessment, the defense argued that kaine is a first time none in violent offender and primary care giver for her two children. he got divorced. she will be sentenced october between the fourth. political news, lets get latest on the presidential race, donald trump now lashing out at the his female accusers, five women have come forward with accusations, that trump touched them inappropriately, and with supporters backing out trump took the stage in west palm beach and fighting back.
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>> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. they are pure fiction and they are out right lies. these events never, ever happened. >> trump called his accusers quote horrible, horrible liars. here are trump's five accusers first the people magazine report shore claims that trump made unwanted advances at marlago, a photographer assistant said trum grabbed her back side. then beauty pageant contestant who said trump kissed her repeatedly on the lips. another woman in new york who claims trump did the same thing to her and finally jessica leads who told the new york times that the trump groped her on a first class flight in the early 80's. entertainment tonight adding another hot mike moment this time catching donald trump back in 1992 talking to a group of little girls, ten year-old girls at trump tower,
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take a listen. >> are you going up the escalate or. i will be dating her in ten years. >> he says groping allegations are coordinated strategy between media and clinton campaign to keep him out of the white house. trump campaign sent a letter to the new york times demanding a retraction on to which the times said no, they are not going to nothing in our article has a slightest effect on the reputation that mr. trump, through his own word and actions has already created for himself. trump says he has evidence to refute what these women are saying. donald trump's running mate indiana governor mike pence was in a private event in bethlehem. speaking to northampton, republicans and, and a trump. no one is above the law. >> she was drumming up support for her father. she spent the day hosting coffee with ivanka wentz
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volunteers and guests were invited. on the other side trump's opponent hillary clinton commenting on his latest trauma at a surprise appearance at her san francisco campaign office. she said nation has already learned who donald trump is. the election is about quote, who we are and what we stand for. >> we know who donald trump is, we have seen it, he has told us, it is up to us to show who we are. >> clinton and volunteers we cannot let this pessimism, dark divisive dangerous vision for america take hold and anybody's heart. i saw internet blowing up, did you you see what the the first lady first lady michelle obama had to say. people were reacting very strongly. >> coming up what she said in her speech yesterday that caused a fire storm on social media. and pennsylvania voter registration deadline is over and volunteers are still tallying up the list. department of state spokesperson said that they expect the number of
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registered voters to change substantially, this presidential election, it is first in pennsylvania in which voters who register on line, difficult that myself, registered voters grew 4 percent nationwide while democrats fell 3 percent nationwide and independent voters grew, 5 percent. later in the show, free parking could soon be a thing of the past in one community but some say plan to raise cash for local town wouldn't just be expensive for drivers. who says the plan will cost them. plus also, three guys, robbed a nail salon, thinking this will be easy picking, but no, they tout back, workers there how they for the those armed intruders.
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bermuda is now in clean up mode after hurricane nicole, passing heavy rains, and fierce wind, topping 110 miles an hour. category three storm hit island, with force ripping off roots of homes and buildings and caused flooding but overall officials say bermuda was well prepared for that storm. same cannot be said for haiti, so hard hit, so much devastation there. estimates are saying that the storm killed a thousand people and has left tens of thousands of people homeless. many people say they still haven't gotten any help at this point and 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in haiti. accessible, that we can
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have a country like haiti, even rich, we have had, outside of haiti, they are watching on tv, even days before this storm hit, and it was impossible to reach people with early warning. >> meanwhile, back here in that country overall death toll has grown to 38 after hurricane math the you. evacuations are continuing in north carolina with potentially life threatening flooding is still a threat, flood waters still making it tough to get around sections of north carolina especially on interstate 95 and 40, shut down. >> such a problem. the cant believe it has been a whole week. back here locally, 5:14. sue, you are saying it will be a ten, it will be fabulous. >> this is kind of weekend you wish for, when you have things to do outside and there is so many events this weekend including our alzheimer's walk tomorrow in wilmington delaware. we will have fleece on though,
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these are frost advisory in effect for actually tomorrow morning. so more on that tomorrow coming up. here's future cast to show you temperatures in the 30's, north and west in the city by 5:00 in the morning but sun comes up after 7:00 and then things will be recovered nicely. here is current temperatures 49 in philadelphia, but only 38 in pittsburgh. forty this detroit. chicago a lot have that cold air, chillier air moving in our area, light tonight, in the overnight hours. so right now we will have nothing to show you on radar, the attention now that nicole is gone and leaving bermuda well, still out of power in many places, it is torrential rains moving in the north west over the weekend. some of this remnants of the typhoon from the pacific. as we look ahead to next week we could see some record, maybe in danger. i don't know about tuesday's record of 89 degrees but it maybe 85 on wednesday in some places. we're forecasting possible temperatures in the 80's. in this forecast we have
5:16 am
decided to reach 80 on tuesday, so chance of the shower on monday, but look at the weekend 65 today, sunshine, chilly start thomas we mentioned and then 68 degrees on saturday, pie sun take we have a high temperature of 72 degrees, warming up through middle of next week. another cold front comes through on thursday, cooling things down just a little bit, so it looks like decent wet's head bob kelly but we will have fun this weekend. >> what is goodies it looks like we will have sunshine for outdoor events whether it be walks, soccer, baseball, here's a live look at roosevelt boulevard, northbound, the right lane right here near fox. this fellow was disabled, pulled up besides to give him a jump. they have hood opened. coming north on the boulevard, heading in the fox street watch out, live look at delco i-95 in delaware county, socking in with fog this time yesterday. that is a welcome change heading north on 295, off ramp to the black horse pike closed
5:17 am
until 6:00 with construction and then right after the rush hour beginning around 9:00 through 3:00 we will see construction on i-95 in the area of the betsy ross bridge, septa will be using shuttle buses this weekend on the airport line. so if you are using trains to get to the planes over the weekend just give yourself a few extra minutes. in problems at the airport. we have got socked in with fog. today should be a good day to fly. lucky you. no problems on the schuylkill expressway, at least for the moment but then the pennsylvania turnpike a welcome change. they now accept charge card for payments out of the toll plaza so you can see charge it beginning this weekend through the toll plaza, and then there is still work on 495 north at the du pont highway for gang rolling through wilmington. karen and lauren, back to you. now we have a developing story, wait until you see what the owner of a nail salon did, when robber came in all on surveillance video. the owner, they are getting robbed, he is not going to
5:18 am
just take it. he is searching around, he said what can i grab. he throws a plant at the guy. this was wednesday evening at apple, nail and spa on north fifth street in olney. two guys walk in. they are casing the joint. they say how much does it cost for pedicure. moments later they came back. within went to the register, other blocks the door, in a desperate move the owner throws that potted plant at the suspect. >> he come back, he see the gun. he stopped. >> employees scuffled with the suspect trying to stop them at the register but they did getaway with some money. they took off running down 300 block of olney avenue. good news, in one was hurt. in boston two police officers fighting for their live, but the suspect shooter is new dead. it all started when police responded to domestic disturbance calls between two roommates wednesday night. when police arrived three
5:19 am
three-year old kirk figueroa shot at them. he was then shot and killed by other officers. police say shooter was wearing body arm or and not licensed to have a gun in massachusetts . >> we're not proud when we have to use deadly force but obviously we have two officers gravely injured here and it left no choice. >> two officers injured 27 year veteran richard, and 12 year veteran matt morris underwent surgery and still are in critical condition. man accused offsetting off bombs in new york and new jersey pleading in the guilty, a hmad kahn ra him i appeared in his hospital bed. he was in a shoot-out with police last month. prosecutors charged him with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer and other offences. he faces a list of federal charges and, being held on five million-dollar bail. social media is still on fire after first lady michelle obama delivers an emotional
5:20 am
speech, and some even calling it the best speech of the campaign so far. >> clearly it was filled with such passion. she was talking to voters a at the a rally in new hampshire and she said she was just shaken to the core by the comments trump made in that 2005 recording, on tape and she said trump's comments were shocking and demeaning. she dismissed his suggestion it was locker room talk. >> this was not just a loose conversation this wasn't just locker room wanter, this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. >> while our mothers and grandmothers were often powerless to change their circumstances, today, we as women have have all of the power we need to determine the outcome of this election. >> trump has lost some support in new hampshire since that video was released one new hampshire senator said she no
5:21 am
longer plans to give him her vote. mrs. trump says, portions of the magazine store a alleging sexual assault are false and completely fictionalized. story was first person report from the people report shore said once medical an a left the room at marlogo trump push himself on her. >> let's switch gears, flyers opening up their season, verse the kings, with two teenagers on their roster. >> they are talking about ivan provorov and travis konecny. both players were taken in the first round in 2015. they look good in the preseason. provorov is a defenseman, the seventh overall pick in 2015, his teammates say he handles himself like a veteran on the ice and conn net any had six points this preseason. he will play left wing to start on the line with veteran sean couturier and jake voracek. >> those names will get you sometimes, right. >> yes. >> the new eagles player, replacing lane johnson, we
5:22 am
have to call him the big v. >> really. >> yeah, maybe. >> too many letters. >> 5:22. free parking is a thing in the past but some say the plan to raise cash for a local town wouldn't be just expensive for a driver who says the plan will cost them. here's something easy to pronounce your winning numbers. we hope you have them. good luck.
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setback, plus declaring a wynnewood neighborhood clear cleared of that virus. we have learned that five people have been infect with zika in a one square mile area of the city just north of the little haiti neighborhood. it is third miami area community identified where mosquitoes transmitted virus to people. back here bucks county boro is considering doing something it has never ever done before. >> this is newtown and they want to start charging drivers to park at their municipal lot which has always been free in the past. this is a big deal for people. many businesses are worried this will drive people away, boro says it cost a quarter million-dollar to repave the loss and they have to get money back somehow. council is considering charging a dollar an hour at three hour lot, starting next year. >> trying to keep, you know, taxes down for our residents, and one of the ways we look at it is people that use parking lot they should be the ones
5:26 am
that pay for it. >> dollar an hour is too high. we can price ourselves right out of the market. >> opponents have gathered a thousand signatures on petition to hope to stop parking fees from going in effect and boro council will be holding a public hearing come monday, it bet it will be pack. >> i'm sure it will be. >> frustrating to pay for something that is free and it wasn't like a surprise. >> yes. >> okay. coming up, police investigating the scene of the devastating car reckon roosevelt boulevard, two teens dead another person injured, details coming up. dave kinchen is following breaking news, dave? >> reporter: ten year-old boy is found dead, a at a school, we are hearing what may be related to the cause, we will tell you that after the break.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. a teenager is down at a school after a fight with the staffer. details coming up. police are investigating scene of the devastating car wreck, how many there are on that boulevard that have been deadly, now we know two teenagers are dead, another injured, were it may be difficult for police to try to figure out had happened. could citizens complaint lead to jail time for governor of new jersey. how chris christie camp is responding to the complaint
5:30 am
and what he is asking for the prosecutor to do. donald trump firing back after accusations he sexually assaulted nearly a half dozen women, what the presidential candidate says he has to prove his innocence. good day, it is, friday october 142,016th. >> so you have two weeks until halloween, you have to get your little kid their costumes. >> you have to get her a costume, i was trying to go with the bold costumes because we have people with make up. >> yes. >> it is great. >> really scary though. >> so let us know what your kids are doing out there. >> sue serio, it will be a ten today, that is awesome. >> it is ten out of ten. we have cool start with temperatures in the 40's and 50's. bus stop buddy has sweat shirt on, needed throughout most of the day to day. flyers kappas well, they will start their regular season late tonight on the west coast. we have 49-degree temperature at airport 7:11 is when
5:31 am
sunrise is official. we have to wait, but make sure you have your sweater or jacket on. thirty-nine in mount pocono. thirty's in pottstown as well. the trenton has 45. lancaster 46. in the 40's in millville, dover. forty-seven in wilmington, delaware this morning. expect plenty of sunshine. this is beginning of the fantastic fall weekend. we have had cloud cover yesterday with that cold front coming through but today, very bright, little breezy at times 65 degrees our high temperature. we are off to a good start we will give you the rest coming up, bob kelly. >> keep it coming, sue, 5:31. we are off to a good start. this fellow here not so, this is a live look at roosevelt boulevard right here near fox street, far, kind of hugging that right lane a little bit here but we have a penndot arrow truck, and otherwise we're in good shape. bennie come into downtown no problems up and over area bridges, 51 miles an hour on the schuylkill, no problems come down i-95 out of the
5:32 am
north east this morning. philly international looking good, moving out of town for weekend we have had some fog delays yesterday, but i think we will be good to go, for the fly today. 422 eastbound starting to see volume pop at collegeville just the beginning of the normal morning rush hour and then crews working for gang in delaware 495 north down to one lane at du pont highway, karen and lauren back to you. following more breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, two teenagers are dead, another in the hospital after being involved in the late night crash. it happened just after midnight, on roosevelt boulevard, and north front street. philadelphia police say car teens were in collided with an suv, before hitting a tree, officials say a 17 year-old girl and 19 year-old guy were both killed in the crash. brother of the man died was in the hospital. driver, the woman did stay on that scene. detectives in wynfield are investigating the sudden death of the teenage boy. >> dave kinchen is live outside what has happened with
5:33 am
the developing details, hi there dave. >> hi lauren and karen. police continue continue on investigate this story. we have been calling it sudden death at this point. a 17 year-old boy has been found dead here at wordworth academy in wynfield heights. police are called to the 3900 block of ford road just before 11:00 last night to investigate. initial reports say there was a altercation, with the staffer, prior to this situation happening, and according to its web site wordworth academy works with young people hoff emotional behavioral and academic challenges, again, a teen has been found dead here, a 17 year old at wordworth academy, some sort of altercation with the staff member involved in this case, according to initial reports from investigators they say continuing to try to sort this all out we will bring you latest as we get it. thanks, very much dave. coming up we have more breaking news, coming to us from new jersey. we know there was a person killed walk ago long
5:34 am
interstate 295 in mount laurel, it happened just after 11:30 last night. right there at exit 36, southbound lanes were closed while state police investigated, we don't know, we don't know any information as to the cause or what happened with the victim there. now to fox chase where an 18 year-old is in the hospital after being injured in the hit and run accident. it happened just were 9:30 at the verree road and rhawn street. police say victim jumped on the hood of a car. >> witnesses, this is an unusual incident, a witness saw this 18 year-old male jump on, to the hood of a moving vehicle, the at intersection of rhawn and verree. witness does not know why that this 18 year-old chose to jump on to the hood of the moving vehicle. >> car didn't stop before crashing in the tree and in the pole, police are looking for vehicle and driver. we do know teen injured in the accident was inside a mini market moments before the accident buying foods. police are currently reviewing
5:35 am
surveillance cameras. a new developments in the whole bridge gate scandal a new jersey why is letting a misconduct complaint proceed against governor chris christie over those lane closures that happened at george washington bridge. three years ago. north jersey activist who filed this complaint against governor in fort least in court there. judge found probable cause for that to all move forward so that bergen county prosecutor will be figuring out the if an indictment will follow. christie has denied any role in the scandal his critics have been quick to pounds, governor's spokesperson says an appeal is underway, some in trenton believe that bergen county prosecutors are should step aside because christie appointed him. new details about the new jersey railroad involved in the deadly crash last month, officials say that railroad had more accidents and has paid more fines and safety violations then any other u.s. commuter railroad over the last are last five years. federal date shows new jersey transit trains has 157
5:36 am
accidents from 2011 until july of 2016. they caused more than six million-dollar in damage and 13 passenger injuries. new jersey lawmakers are seeking subpoena power to investigate new jersey transit after a commuter train crashed, into the hoboken station killing one woman, injuring more than a hundred people. democratic assembly speaker vincent preato a lawmakers will consider resolution granting judiciary power to issue subpoenas to require hearing attendance, he says that the public deserves a thorough investigation. new to the latest republican presidential nominee, donald trump. >> trump is lashing out as his female accusers. >> look at her, look at her word, you tell me, what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> trump calls his five female accusers, quote horrible, horrible liars. he told supporters at a rally that he has evidence to refute their claims. meanwhile entertainment tonight has another hot hike
5:37 am
moment, this time, it catches trump back in 1992 speaking with the whole group of ten year-old girls there at trump tower saying he will be dating one of them in ten years. more e-mails coming from the hillary clinton campaign they are showing they are trying to give the illinois presidential primary moved to a later date. clinton's campaign thought a delay might stop trump's momentum. they emphasized that the clintons would not forget that political favor, well, hillary clinton did not get her way. primary was held as scheduled this march. 5:37. sixers back in action, joel embiid back on the floor, highlights from last night's game coming up next in sports. how tall are you?
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brookside. for all your sides. good morning i'm sean bell. eagles cannot get off to another slow start, now against a team in the division and not against redskins. the last week eagles especially defense started off sluggish and that cost them, after, three straight blow out wins they could not get it, done in a tight game but, defensive coordinator jim schwartz says there was a lot to learn from that loss. >> one of the things that may serve us well from that was the fact we hadn't been in the close game before. our first three games, there was a lot of grinning on the fourth quarter because games were sort of out offhanded. you will testify play tight games in the nfl. there is some seasoning and experience that goes with
5:41 am
that. sixers and wizard. joel embiid looked great. drive to the wrack, spin move, pump fake, and he gets it in, look at the this one. off the miss he dunks it back. he looked great, 11 points, 12 board. sixers lose 100-79. that is sports in a minute. 5:41. been a huge week for kevin hart, first a star of the hollywood walk of fame, new movie come out but one life milestone that is being reported that he will not even acknowledge. we will tell you about it coming up.
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5:44 am
good morning, 5:44. tgif. we're ready for the weekend, headlights eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, king of prussia mall, sue serio's favorite the spot she even has a name on her parking spot back there only kidding, billy, if you are watching. eastbound schuylkill seeing volume as we get ready for morning rush hour. headlights coming toward the city on the freeway, no fog this morning. that is good news compared to yesterday. but get ready for the beginning to the end of the construction project, here on i-95. tonight, at around 8:00 o'clock penndot will move all of the northbound lanes of i-95, over to the newly construct, stretch here, at cottman avenue and that will significant will nal the last traffic pattern shuffle of the three-year long project. we're finally seeing light at
5:45 am
end of the tunnel. tonight we will see construction lights down to one lane northbound i-95 from bridge up to cottman and plan is by tomorrow morning we will have have everything back in place and barriers shuffled around, and be ready with the the new traffic pattern. on the new jersey turnpike, we are looking good this morning, in problems on the the blue route from saint david down to i-95. we're off to a quiet start here on major roadways, this morning. but through the weekend, septa will be using shuttle buses on its airport lines, speaking of the weekend, what is forecast going to be like. sue has it in 15 seconds. temperatures are not too bad we're used to the chilly morning but tomorrow morning if you happen to be up early and we hope that maybe some of you will be joining us for the will hinge ton walk to end
5:46 am
alzheimer's? anyway it will be on the chilly side with temperatures dropping in the 40's and maybe frosty in the suburbs that you see here, so that is the frost advisory, not now but for tomorrow morning. 39 degrees right now in mount pocono where they have had their first frost of the season. forty-four in reading. forty-nine in dover. fifty-one in wildwood. that is the kind of morning, that you're experiencing right now but by middle of next week we will get a brief taste of summer with temperatures that are forecasted to be well above average. we will see in a second in the seven day forecast, hurricane nicole has weakened to category one storm, and very far away from bermuda, closer to nova scotia then bermuda as they recover from that. we will have some warmth next week, maybe some records, at least that we will approach, record high temperatures, by about tuesday or wednesday, but today, 65 degrees. sixty-eight tomorrow. dry, beautiful. and 72 on sunday, and with a
5:47 am
chance of some showers late in the day on monday, we will get to 80 degrees on tuesday, close to it on wednesday, and then cooling down with a couple more showers, by thursday. that is thursday of next week. so lots of warmer weather, lauren, and karen to the. >> we will look forward to that. >> lets look at our top stories making news, nearly three years after a woman disappears from lower macungie township police say they have made an arrest. they have mike at horvath. prosecutors say he was a co-worker of the the victim holy grim who disappeared in november of 2013. well, just last month police got a search warrant and combed through his property, and they found bones, dna tests match those bones, to the missing woman holy grim. also police say thieves in one of our south jersey communities has really went to a new low. they are going after seniors in their own home. >> police in east greenwich township are looking for
5:48 am
burglars who distract an elder liz couple by posing as water department employees. they say one man distract couple while other two snuck inside pocketing gold coins and other valuables. police say thief may have targeted seniors throughout the tri-state area but they did not count on the security system, this particular couple, had in place. most still don't have video surveillance but in this particular incident we were lucky enough and fortunate enough that this family din stall video at some point and it is key to this investigation. >> if you have any information or recognize these men you are asked to call police, oh, and watch this... >> she sold a football stadium out tonight. >> es a back. >> big screen with his latest stand up, titled what now, as
5:49 am
you just saw, not only does it feature stand up but big name movie actors in the movie, halle berry and don cheatle and rumors are floating that he and his new wife are expecting. hear his response to that question on the breakfast club. >> you are expecting another one. >> i don't know where that came from. >> you cannot call your wife that. >> is he serious. >> so, he also said he and his wife wrote their own vows for their wedding. did he tape part of that special here in philly. >> his last concert or stand up, whatever you call it, performance show was in philadelphia at the link. that is where he said we sold out a football stadium. >> i cannot wait to see that. looks amazing. so, she's 20 year-old ape already a super model, reality
5:50 am
star, we know her. she testified for quite a while. she was telling officials that she was terrified when 25 year-old chef on mckenzie followed her up her driveway in hollywood hills. was pound ago way in the window of her car. if convicted he could face six months in jail. the his attorney says he suffers from a severe mental disorder. >> that family is going through a lot. kim kardashian dealing with the hotel break in for paris there for fashion week, and now this, a lot going on. >> reality world, real world is tough. this past weekend, if you did you don't to have worry because on saturday we have our next walk to even alzheimer's even. october 1:58 to noon riff front wilmington in delaware. final walk in philadelphia on saturday in 12th but if you you want to wake up this weekend you will have a chance to see shawnette wilson, chris o'connell and our very own, sue serio. >> yes, will roofus go. >> roofus has been informed
5:51 am
that he is going and he said okay. >> roofus sighting. >> all right. >> coming up later on good day there was a local mom kicked out of the friendly's restaurant with her children because her child that somebody who has autism wouldn't stop crying. so there is always two sides to every story what the restaurant wants customers to know that mother will be joining us live.
5:52 am
i can't believe we're doing this.
5:53 am
gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin' philadelphia union has a brand new facility, soccer
5:54 am
team unveiled its power training complex in chester. state of the art facility that has indoor space, it has two training fields right next to the team's energy stadium. complex was built in a renovated industrial facility. airlines are taking extra precautions to prevent fires from the passenger's phone or other device. it the is in response to the the galaxy note seven and the fires and explosions, linked to those phones. three airlines are adding fire suppression equipment, including fire containment bags for overheating, phones, those airlines include alaska airlines and virgin america. delta plans on add aing those bags very soon. honda has announced a recall of 350,000 civics in the u.s. because of problem with the electronic parking brake, software issue that could allow the car to roll role away if the vehicle isn't left in park. recall covers 2016 model civic coupes and sedans. honda says no crashes or injuries have been reported. toyota recalled 2016 prius
5:55 am
yesterday for a similar software issue. coming up, teenager found dead inside a school late last night after being involved in some type of fight with the staffer, now police want to know how this all happened, the the latest on their investigation is coming up. tragedy on the boulevard, two teenagers are killed, two others hurt in the crash, why police are having a tough time piecing together what happened. and could citizens complaint lead to jail time for the governor of new jersey? the bridge gate scandal. how chris christie camp is responding to the complaint and what they are asking for the prosecutor to do. cken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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a teen found dead, inside of a school, late last night, after being involved in some type of a fight with a staffer at that school. now police want to know, how that all happened. the latest on their investigation is coming up. plus tragedy on the boulevard, two teens are killed, two other people hurt in the horrific crash why police are having a tough time piecing together what happened. plus, it started as a citizens complaint, but could it land that man, chris christie, in jail? why the new jersey governor is on the hot seat over bridge gate, the scandal continues. good day everybody. it is friday, october 14th, 2016. >> say it again, it is what. >> it is friday. >> or as young woman used to
5:59 am
sing years ago, friday, friday, friday. >> rest becca black. >> that is it, whatever happened to rebecca black. >> i think she has another music video out. >> we will find out in seconds. here's sue serio. >> did you forget my name. >> say my name. >> you were given the camera a chance to swing back. i appreciate that. >> you will like the number you will like the way you look. >> i guarantee it. >> we've got flyers starting late tonight, their regular season in l.a., but we thought we would celebrate that with buddy, temperatures in the 40's and 50's, clear skies which means we will have sunshine, we just have to wait until 7:11 for official sunrise time, 49 degrees, right now in the city, we have only 38 in mount pocono and pottstown, 43 in reading, down in millville, 45 degrees, 46 wilmington delaware. cool start, beautiful day with a high of 65 and bright sunshine, tonight, those clear
6:00 am
skies, will take us down to four in the city, and there will be frost in some of the suburbs overnight, talk about what happened the rest of the weekend coming up in just a few, good morning, bob kelly. >> hi sue, good morning everybody. 6:00 o'clock on a monday. 422 starting to see volume coming around the curve here at trooper road we have expo center in the background heading toward king of prussia so far so good from new jersey. they have pick up most of the overnight construction. we are ready for rush hour. no fog. we left that off the breakfast buffet. southbound on the new jersey turnpike we are looking good up and over delaware memorial bridge. in problems on the the blue route from saint david on down. looking good coming in from chester county, left over work right here around 202 right here near frazier interchange. septa is using shuttle bus these weekend on the airport lines. if you are using train to get to the plane through the weekend through a few extra minutes on the commute there for folks using turnpike we mentioned this yesterday, they now accept charg


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