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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 15, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. and happening right now at 11:00 heartbreaking fallout from a tragic car crash. this young woman was one of two young people to lose their lives on roosevelt boulevard this morning. police say they were in a car that was rushing to a family emergency. tonight loved ones are trying to start the healing process. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. friends of the young victims gather add short time ago to honor the lives of those who were cut short. let's get straight out to fox 29's brad sat tip in northeast philadelphia. such a sad story, brad. >> reporter: very sad dawn, for sure around 8:30 tonight there was brief memorial for one of the victims here op this parking lot about mile or two from where that victim lived. sad story for sure. rushing to the hospital early
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this morning cost two teenagers their lives. >> really nice character to him, you know, one of a kinds. >> reporter: friends of 19-year-old struggling to accept their close friend is gone. he and 17-year-old maggie were in the back seat of this hup day sonata as it flew down rows vessel boulevard early this morning. his 18-year-old brother at the wheel rushing toward temple university hospital after learning their father had been hurt as the victim of an armed robbery attempt. they never made it to the hospital. >> pass me and went right through the light at rising sun avenue and then the next light at front street that's when the accident hit because he ran through that light as well. >> reporter: running a red light their car t boned a ford explorer. close friends of maggie stopping by the intersection this afternoon for quiet tearful reflection. >> we were actually just talking to her about a month ago she was going to come over for week and spend a week with err had. that's why it's hurting her a little bit more. they just talk to her.
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>> more of the same tonight from the young man's friends. >> you'll never see the guy upset about anything. if he were upset and saw you like that he would have done his best to make you laughing. always with a smile. big heart. way more than a friend to everybody here. like a brother to everybody. >> reporter: the drivers of the two vehicles suffered just minor injuries dawn we're being told by police tonight the charges are not expected. all right, brad, thank you. in southwest philadelphia, the search is on for whoever shot and killed a young man. police say they found the victim on the 1300 block of south 58th street just before 8:00 o'clock tonight. someone had shot the victim two times. the man believed to have been in his late 20s died right there on the scene. so far no arrests. suspects or even word on a possible motive. well, new questions from parents tonight after student dies at a local school for troubled teenagers. police say three staff members enter add room after a disturbance at wordsworth academy in wynnefield heights
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yesterday. now, according to the staff, the 17-year-old lot of consciousness and died while they were trying to calm him down trying to subdue him. circumstances surrounding that student's death are still very unclear. the school which serves students with emotional and behavioral challenges said in statement today that they are shocked and saddened but cannot comment on the student's death. to you decide 2016. as the allegations of sexual misconduct against donald trump continue to mount. >> always complimented and never said anything about what he had done at the beverly hills hotel however this caused me a great deal of pain and anguish. >> that season five apprentice contestant summer, she alleges that the republican presidential nominee kissed and touched her without her consent back in 2007. she is the second woman today to come forward with allegations against frump. donald trump is respond to go today's controversy.
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he's vehemently denying all accounts of sexual misconduct but tonight, at a rally in charlotte, north carolina, trump tried to pull abate and switch. >> the media and the clinton campaign have brought forward false allegations less than a month before the most important election in modern times. these allegations are 100% false as everybody i think you know. >> a real clear politics poll average has donald trump behind hillary clinton by more than six points nationally. meanwhile hillary clinton is dealing with more leak e-mails wikileaks released thousands more e-mails today from the clinton campaign chairman john p0odesta's personal account. it shows aids asked former president bill clinton to cancel a speech to wall street firm right around the time that hillary clinton announced that she was run are for president. the e-mails reveal campaign
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staff were worried about the clintons appearing a little too cozy with wall street. none of that, however, came up in seattle today where democratic nominee continued her offensive against donald trump. >> we do have to repair the damage that he's done k we will do, but on both domestic and on national security grounds, repudiating his candidacy sends exactly the right message. >> also today former president clinton and president barack obama hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton in the battleground state of ohio. all these developments will no doubt be a topic of discussion at the third and final presidential debate. you can watch it live right here on fox 29 wednesday night at 9:00 o'clock. followed by fox 29 news, fox's chris wallace is serving as the moderator for the third debate. on your radar tonight, frost tonight and a cool weekend but the good news is, things warm up.
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meteorologist scott williams here with your forecast at 11:00. >> hi there, dawn. those temperatures will warm up in a hurry as well. we'll be talking record territory in the seven day forecast. but chilly for tonight. take look at the boards here north and west. highlighted in blue also pretty much all of south jersey, the pine barrens we're talking about frost advisories. temperatures dipping into the low, mid and upper 30s protect those sensitive plants. high pressure has been in control you it was a nice frid friday. a few high clouds streaming in to parts of south jersey, also, into delaware. so we're going to watch that cloud cover, but mainly clear. look at the temperatures already 43 degrees as we move toward pottstown. 33 in the poconos. upper 40s right now in atlantic city. so for tomorrow morning it's a chilly start. but that area of high pressure will shift out to sea. winds will be more out of the south. so it is going to be mild afternoon. in fact, planning your day by breakfast philadelphia 45. by lunch time already 60. 67 degrees by 3:00 tomorrow
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afternoon. so that will be the high temperature tomorrow. but look at sunday. above average temperatures will climb into the low 70s and then as we move toward kick off if you're headed down to maryland fed he can field we're looking at temperatures right around 68 degrees. great football weather also for tailgating. look at the pattern change as we head toward next week. a dip in the jet stream out to the west. a big ridge in the east. so winds are going to be more out of the south and west. well above average. look at the the records to beat as we move toward tuesday. philadelphia's record 85. the forecast 82. wednesday the record is only 80 and the forecast look at that 83 degrees. it's going to be pretty warm and toasty as we move toward tuesday and also wednesday. so for tomorrow, 67. another 10. perfect 10 for sunday. maybe a spotty shower as we move toward monday upper 70s then look at the low 80s tuesday into wednesday. a little cooler by the latter
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part of next week. >> all right, look pretty good to meme thank you, scott. if you fill up in new jersey you're going to hit a little bit deeper into the wallet next month. governor chris christie signed legislation today that raises the state's gas tax by 23 cents per gallon. attacks will go into effect on november 1st. money raised from the gasoline tax will go towards eight year, $16 billion transportation program. in return the legislation includes cuts to the sales tax and the estate tax. happening now in gloucester county, police are hoping neighbors can help them track down the person who went on a tire slashing rampage. that slasher hit nearly two dozen tires and some of those cars were even park in people's driveways. fox 29's shawnette wilson reports from deptford township with the latest from police. >> it's stupid. it's zen less. >> reporter: michael giordano woke up to police at his door early tuesday morning. someone had slash his back tire while his car was park in front of his home on sussex street in
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department for township. 93 got his neighbor's car, too, they away on vacation. >> someone with nothing better to do. oh, let me just sit around and destroy people's property, you know, have them wake up to not being able to go to work. >> reporter: someone slashed nearly two dozen tires. it happened between 9:00 o'clock monday night and 8:00 o'clock tuesday morning. >> several incidents approximately 18 incidents of criminal mischief to vehicles in the neighborhood of cooper village. >> reporter: bob taylor left for work early tuesday morning and didn't notice two of his tires had been slashed until he was on the road. >> the sensor came on and the van started leaning one way. i drove it to wawa and got air. >> reporter: by the time he got to work they were completely flat. >> hope somebody opens their mouth and the wore gets out who did it. >> police asked neighbors with surveillance cameras to check the video to see if it captured anything that can help them with the investigation. shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. one philadelphia neighborhood is not giving up the fight for safe school crossing for their children.
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what people did today to make sure the city takes notice. the 76ers shell out millions of dollars to get into the video game business? is it a good investment? the numbers may surprise you. and here's an easy question. do you want a happy family? experts say they figured out what you should do to make it happen and it doesn't cost any money. check this out. a daring rescue. several good samaritans spring into action to save a 68-year-old woman from a sinking car. ♪ police in arlington virginia say that woman was trying to back into a parking lot when she drove over a curb and landed in the upon. several bystanders jumped into the water and pulled her to safety.
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♪ parents of students in grays ferry took to the streets in protest today. they're upset because there are no crossing guards at several busy intersections in their neighborhood. students are dismissed from universal charter high and elementary school in south philadelphia they are typically crossing the streets on their own. parents volunteers have been helping out until today when police actually came to assist them. the parents and community leaders say they're fed up. >> we really concerned that somebody's child is going to get hurt and nobody will take responsibility for it. we need crossing guards. >> police were there today but
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acknowledged there's a shortage of crossing guards and until more are hired, they are asking the volunteers to continue to help the children cross at the intersections. well you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show you what's happening in the neighborhoods. chris, what's happening tonight? >> well, dawn, today philadelphians came together to celebrate someone very important to all of us, william penn. at city hall many stopped by to honor the founder of pennsylvania for his 372nd birthday. fox 29 viewer took this video from the courtyard organizers highlighted many of penn's accomplishments and gave out two awards today. the crowd also enjoyed music from the quaker city spring band. that's all part of the annual gratitude with attitude birthday party for penn. our fresco use err at boat house row today more than 500 people gathered for the senior strut health event. the group first marched outside along with the mummers, then
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headed out to lloyd hall where a huge health fair took place filled with lots of vendors educating about healthy lifestyles, giving free health exams, even some cooking demonstrations. well, you see news happening in your neighborhood, make sure you take out your phone and shoot it. make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. dawn? >> all right, thank you, chris. do you want a happy familiarly? who doesn't. new study says you should stay at home instead of taking a family vacation. baylor university researchers say quality time spent together contributes to more satisfaction with family life. they found visiting new places and inter acting with new people actually leaves families exhausted and with less brain power to focus on relationships. what makes families happy then? eating together may be one of best options other activities like playing games or watching tv together could be just as effective. the 76ers are shifting into new territory and meeting a new
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prospective fan base where they are on the couch. the team is buying into the have you yo game world and when you look at the numbers it makes perfect sense. our hank flynn took a look at a whole new world. ♪ kind of local hub headquarters for the e sports community here. what's e sports? >> it's a mixture of everything chess, poker and playing the piano. >> let me give eight shot. >> very confused right now. >> who me? >> no him that was scouting -- wait. i've got the enemy confused with my inn epp toy to you. he's watching me playing going what is this idiot doing. >> i used to go thing or two about video games. now i don't know much. >> nobody will be recruiting me to be on their team. >> philadelphia 76ers stepped into video games with both sneaker recently paying millions for two edge sports team video
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game team. the sixers and philadelphia gamers agree the numbers don't lie. >> 36 million people, more than the b championship game, nba finals nhl finals -- >> 10 years ago it was taking place in high school gyms. now they're selling out in staple center and i don't see that changing any time soon. >> that's joe, of nerd street gamers who runs regional tournaments and streams them for fans. he let me give star craft a shot. popular game but tough for beginners like me. >> these things going back and forth. >> they're workers. >> mine or his. >> yours. >> your opponent is not on the screen right now. >> here's the thing. i just spent the last five minutes at war with myself. good i was trying to kill the lobsters without knowing they
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were mine. >> even when you're inept at it -- >> they're the and me now. >> star craft is fun and you can talk smack. >> hit enter. >> okay. >> i'm a reporter running e sports is what i'd say. >> i want him to surrender. >> the cooler still seeing how things have changed since i played 20 or their years ago. >> nintendo 64. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> alex gilbert creates tools for gamers. one difference between then and now is you can make a living paying games. >> kids these days can legitimately say and expect and potentially get to the point they can be a professional video game player. they're idols are pro game players. >> top players make six figure salaries competing for team sponsors by massive hardware and software companies not counting prize money with games like counter strike, global offense and star craft and others at the
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center of it all. for the sixers it's a ticket to a whole new market. >> demographics don't inter secretary very much. so for us this is pretty unique opportunity to to be able to get out there and generate a new fan base not your typical traditional stick and ball spo sport. >> younger generation allows us to be able to put our brand on the forefront of their mind. >> how it grows, where it goes, it's all still working itself out. >> i'm trying to get my hands warmed up. >> the pro gaming industry itself a part of multi billion dollar. injuries happen. player burn out. hit me up on twitter at hank fox 29 and us at fox 29 philly. >> sean brace now with an apology, sean? >> yeah, dawn. i don't do this often coming up next i ask for forgiveness and give joel embiid is heartfelt plea to allow me back on the embiid
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♪ all right. welcome back. sean brace has some apologizing to do. his commentary in 15 seconds. pas ♪ all right i want take this time to speak about a man known as the process. that's right. mr. joel embiid. you know, travel back in time of after the 76ers missed out andrew wiggins back in 2014 i was happy that i believed joel embiid was the prize of that draft. foot surgery later and i still believed that drafting embiid was the correct move. a second foot surgery later, i
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have to admit joel, i waiverred. all right. fast forward to this past summer we're starting to see the videos of joel posted up 5-foot five coach and i still wasn't 100% on board. five games into the pre-season and i'm asking you, mr. joel embiid, please, take me back. i believe. that's right. embiid has been monster so far for the sixers. in his fifth preseason game last night that's the fifth professional basketball game ever the process scored 11 points and pulled down 12 boards in the first half alone that's a double double for the people scoring at home. he's a freak. point guard shooting threes, throw down rim rocking dunk with ease. embiid has been a monster. look, i get it this is the part you tell me it's pre-season and joel needs to show he can make it through a full nba season. however, i am not allowing those tiny little details to hold me back back baby. i'm all in joel. this time i'll never leave your side again. no more trips at the doctors,
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all right? dawn? >> all right. thank you sean. well check out the new wax figure of act stress la cox doctor franken further unveil at madam tussaud's in los angeles less than week before the rocky horror picture show reboot premieres. cox will be playing the lead role in the two hour tv special. you can see it all next thursday live objection 20th right here on fox 29 at 8:00 o'clock. all right. that will do it for us tonight at 11. thanks for joining us. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we are back here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend and scott will have your weekend weather covered and it will be nice weekend right. >> it really is. warming up rapidly chilly start in the morning. >> all right. >> thanks a lot. have a great evening. see you tomorrow.
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