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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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workers saying they're ready to go on strike. what they want to avoid hitting the picket line and what it could mean. work week . live from center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00. thousands of septa works are
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striking today if a new agreement isn't reached. that means two weeks from tomorrow, busses, trolleys and trains could be without operators. good evening, i'm iain page >> i'm lucy nolan. they aren't looking for an extension, fox 29 sabina kuriakose has more on what workers are saying right now. >> reporter: fired up and ready for a fight. the union that represents 5,000 bus, trolley and train operators voting unanimously to hit the picket line if they don't reach a new detail with septa before the current contract is up at the end of the month. two weeks from now. >> i don't think that septa is serious. i think they're trying to bully tactics and trying with the wrong people. we're not going to stand for that. everything they ask for the answer is no and they can't give us a good reason why. >> reporter: the local 234 and transportation authority are at odds on your pension plans. the union wants to raise the cap
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from 50 to $75,000. healthcare and scheduling issues are also on the table. local 234 says many operator don'ts have time to eat or go to the rest room on the job. union head willie brown says negotiations have not gone well since they began in july. >> we have to strike in order for them to give us fair treatment. >> reporter: for workers like bus operates shelly taylor frustrations drove her to vote yes. >> we're on the front line. we carry the majority of the city around. >> reporter: in statement, septa says quote, the parties continue to barring to reach a new agreement. we hope the union does in the exercise its right to strike. we are focusing on reaching a new contract that's in the best interest of our riders, employees and stake holders. two years ago, septa and the union narrowly avoided a strike when they negotiated the current contract. now, if there is a strike at the end of the month, that could overlap with election day on november 8th and outside of the votes, some of the workers told
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us they consider that to be leverage. but union leaders insist it would simply be a coincidence. in the newsroom, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. of course, we're all over this story. a strike would mess with the daily commute in our area. stick with fox 29 for all the latest on air and online at turning to your fox 29 weather authority. if you're a fan of fall it's a great night. but a big change coming and might have some people getting the summer gear back out. meteorologist kathy orr tracking a warmup. could shatter records >> we're talking about a total change in wardrobe for the next couple days. look behind me. we have a front getting a little bit closer and has showers associated. there is a threat of a shower especially to the north and west of philadelphia. this will lift back north during the day tomorrow. it's still mild out there with a cloud cover. the temperature in philadelphia, 63, 57 in allentown. still 62 in millville.
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in wildwood and atlantic city. the clouds keeping it mild. 52 in the suburb, the wind will be light. the big change, this is huge ridge of high pressure building in the east. puts us in a summer like pattern and that means challenging record warmth. not once but at least twice this week. we'll talk about how temperatures about 20 degrees below normal coming up later. penn state got a big day in tomorrow. so does former assistant mike mcqueriry. us lawsuit is moving forward and jurors will have to decide whether the university act improperly mcquery was a key witness. he testified he saw jerry sandusky abuse a boy in the team shower. we'll have live coverage starting tomorrow during good day. you decide 2016 about three
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weeks until election day. mothers of the movement campaign for hillary clinton. the group is made up of women who have lost their children because of police involved incidents. the women say they support clinton's plan to reform their criminal justice system. the mother of sandra bland was with the group today. >> an old city, a gathering for donald trump supporters, the all american rally for trump brought people together at independence mall for the gop nominee today. in addition to speeches, musicians and artists joined the rally by the liberty bem. meanwhile, both presidential candidates took a break from the campaign trail today with both in the midst of their own controversy. >> clinton and trump surrogates took to the airway to defend the candidates. once again, philadelphia is among their talking point. joyce evans is here with a look >> if voters were hoping to hear serious talk about policies, they were sadly disappointed. instead, the campaign spent just about all their time talking
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about whether the election will be rigged and what role philadelphia might play in the cheating. >> i just hear such reports about philadelphia. >> reporter: donald trump through it out there last week in wilkes-barre and doubled down on it today on twitter. >> the republican nominee tweeting the selection absolutely being rigged by the dishonesty and discuss torted media pushing crooked hillary >> how much of the cheating did we stop. >> in an interview, trump surrogate rude giuliani hinted that election fraud to be here. >> you want me to tell me that the election in philadelphia and to chicago is going to be fair eye would have to be a more ron to say that >> when somebody is saying that the election is rigged and questioning the integrity of our election, hillary and i stand up for the integrity of our elections >> tim kaine insisting it's just an attempt to shift the
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headlines from sexual assault miss contact. nine women came forward. >> the thing that makes it so believable that he engaged in that kind of activity is not just that he said it but his sort of instinctive abuse of power >> trump running mate telling voters there should be more coverage of the wicky leaks scandal with new batches from john podesta. they included transcripts of speeches clinton made to wall street bankers discussing having a private position and a public stance, mike pence claims the media is not reporting the full story >> they ignore an avalanche. of hard evidence about corruption pay to play political favortism. >> could the rigged election claims aimed at philadelphia? we reached out at city officials for comment. we haven't heard anything but it
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is a weekend. lucy you can only imagine what mayor kenney might have to say. >> isn't that the truth? two new polls out, one shows trump four points behind clients. the action poll as the secretary of state at 47%, the businessman at 43%, at a wall street journal poll clinton's lead is in double digits by 11 on tuesday, bill clinton will campaign for his wife in montgomery county. the event will happen tuesday afternoon at montgomery community college central campus in blue bell. the rally is open to the public. to north carolina now where police are searching for the person who fire bombed a local political office. >> it happened at one of the statement's republican headquarters, take a look at this at the serious damage at the orange county building, not too far from rally north carolina. you can see everything inside burned. someone through a bottle through the window and police say the
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criminal spray painted the outside writing, in part, nazi republicans. >> this is a horrific, horrific act of political terrorism. one that we will not succumb to. and one that we will answer >> nobody was hurt but officials are telling other party officers to be on alert. the investigation into who did this is still ongoing tonight. >> we are now three days away from the third and final presidential debate. you can watch it live right here wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. followed by fox 29 news. fox's chris wallace will moderator that debate. let's talk football. the eagles lose another one back to back this time against the division rival. the washington redskins, sean bell with us to talk about the disappointing game >> the eagles got punched in the mouth and you would think after
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starting off so slow they would have started off faster against washington but it was nothing like that in and the redskins he can say within a johnson being out right away. ryan kerrigan, forces him into a sack. rips his jersey, he had to get a new jersey right after. it was that kind of night. i thought they were going to kill them. on the other side. the did he first couldn't stop anything, kirk cousins crowder for the 16-year-old td washington took a 14 zip lead. luckily they made some stupid makes. takes it all the way for 64 yards, tying the game up. the eagles got dominated. fourth quarter about a minute left. eagles down 27-20. matt jones 50 yarder killing the eagles host the redskins win
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27-20. they're going to want to burn this game tape. >> short term memory, you know, you watch the tape, you make the necessary corrections move on, learn from it. and i told the team last week, there's two types of people in this league. learn from it and ones that don't and we have to learn >> the eagles just got dominated in this one. ugly from start to finish. as part sunday after the news gary cobb and i will break down another terrible effort all the way around. iain >> thanks. fans of course, as you know has no shortage of opinions how the eagles are doing. we caught up with a couple after game. >> doing a great job. just have to get a little seasoned, once we get seasoned, it's fantastic. not setpointing because it wasn't a total wash-out. >> carson wentz managed the play clock, we need to get some long fast all right?
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and not just rely on the running game. we need get good solid place going in order to win. eagles, eagles. >> i couldn't hear that guy. the eagles take on the vikings next sunday at the linc and sam bradford. we can watch it right here on fox 29. little boy driving a car, a 7-year-old on a joy ride. he can barely see over the steering wheel. it's on video. bad enough. who was behind the camera? facing big old trouble. thousands of moms from across philadelphia taking to the streets today. what they hope their united efforts will change, not only here at home but nationwide. police officer got an unexpected surprise when checks out a noise complaint. what this group of guys was doing that had the officers cheering them on. . there was no shortage of pink through the philadelphia this weekend. the personal
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home invasion in ridley park. police say two robbers tried to inside a house. some type of fight broke out gun went off. the homeowner should be ok. both robbers got away. a good samaritan landed himself in the hospital. hit by a car as he tried to help someone else. the accident is prompting police in mercer county to issue a new warning. >> coincide is not coincidentally with the peak of deer season. brad sattin is live in hamilton
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township new jersey. brad? >> reporter: lucy up this way, everybody seems had a collision with a deer at some point. there are a lot of them. after last night. police are saying it's not only important to be on the look-out for deer but to know what to do. crash happened before midnight on 295 southbound in hamilton. a car struck a deer and as a good samaritan stopped to help. he was hit by car standing near the shoulder. no one has been charged. the good samaritan is in the hospital. police are putting out the warning that we're in the height of the deer season meaning more deer crashes and more vehicles on the shoulders of major highways so be smart. despite an entire rest area feet away. we found the driver of this vehicle stopped several minutes on the shoulder as cars flew by within inches so close you can feel it >> i've been pulled over on the shoulder where the cars are going by you can feel your car shaking. you know what i mean? it can be scary because i don't know exactly who is behind that
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wheel or what's going to happen. >> reporter: especially if they're not fully focused driving in the so-called slow lane >> we wanted to see how many drivers we could find who appear to be distracted in this lane. we set the stop watch five minutes and counted. five minutes later, we counted a total of 81 drivers in this lane, ten of them appeared to be distracted, including one woman who seemed to be taking a selfie. that's a distraction rate of 12%. police advise you park on the shoulder only in an emergency and then as far from the road as is safely possible. >> i would stop the car at a shoulder where there is grass, adjacent to it >> i don't even drive with a flat tire for awhile and try to find a wider area to stop in. >> i would make sure i pull over, put my hazards on and make sure to call for assistance and wait in my car. >> police say indeed she is right. usually in tight situations, staying had in your car is the best advice. they also don't want to
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discourage good samaritans but they say people who want to step in to help should only do so when they're sure it is safe. iain >> good advice, brad. thank you. septa police spent the day building better relationships with the public. transit police officers along with the chief met residents around stations in kensington and allegheny. chief thompson nestle says it's important for officers to get to see neighbors in a positive light >> i'm trying to introduce officers to the community so they know that there are great people in our city that like the police. and that aren't afraid of the police, and aren't a reason to be feared. that's the message we're trying to get across today. i'm not your enemy and we're hoping that the community says that back and that we're able to develop a bond. >> chief nestle says the exercise is important for new officers and opens that continue similar outreach. a whole lot of people in pink took over the city this weekend for the komen three-day
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and walked 60 miles to fight breast cancer. as our jennifer joyce shows us, they raised millions of dollars while pounding the pavement. >> reporter: keith collins from plymouth massachusetts walks with the women. >> i have three survivors from my family. so i have to keep walking. >> reporter: collins and roughly 750 other men and women spent the weekend be on their feet. >> it's been a great walk. the scenery is fabulous, it's been all around perfect >> they clocked 60 miles throughout the philadelphia area covered in pink. spandex, costumes and capes to cure breast cancer. >> initially they said it wasn't cancer and turned out i had a form of breast cancer. we get blisters, injuries, but it doesn't compare to what
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someone goes through, the pain and suffering of the chemo treatments, losing a loved one. >> reporter: she says it's her first susan g. komen three-day, doing it for her mom. >> i lost my mom. >> i'm proud of you. >> not to breast cancer but i just feel like nobody should be without a mom. >> reporter: emotions remained high as walkers crossed the finish line at the navy yard sunday. smiles, tears, you hugs and cheers. as the committed crowd marched in the closing ceremony. a sea of pink raising a shoe to honor survivors sharing hope, banding together to end breast cancer. >> you think it's you and you're the only one that's been through it as bad as we have. but there's so many amazing people to just come out. >> reporter: these women and men raised more than $2.1 million
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all of that money going to breast cancer research and outreach programs. job well done to all of you. reporting from the navy yard, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> nice day for around in delaware county. hundreds of runners joined some senior strollers hitting the trails in media for the 5k to defeat dementia. there's chris o'connell. for dementia. mainline facilities >> septa workers aren't the only ones threatening to strike if they don't get a new contract. staff members at pennsylvania state university could walk off the job. a pet store frantic to get back its puppies, what they're offering to bring them back safely. you're invited to come out saturday for the lightthenight
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walk at eakin's oval. for the fight against leukemia walk at eakin's oval. for the fight against leukemia
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the red sea, once a u.s. navy destroyer. they're still investigating but believe the iran launched a missile attack for the third time. yesterday the destroyer skufrlly took out the incoming crews missiles. president obama had authorized strike against three facilities in yemen in retaliation for the other attacks on war ships. the iraqi military launch add military offensive against isis, attempting to liberate the northern city of mosul. they showed a brief written statement announce, the start of the widely anticipated military offensive. mosul is iraq's biggest military city. a group of thieves make off with fragile puppies.
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>> four men pried their way into the houston pet shop. this is a terrible thing for these animals. one puppy tum billed from a kendall. the men stole six dogs. they're worried they're in grave danger because they could be hurt. >> this little girl named diamond was cut by glass. they broke the glass and the pup withes were sitting right there in front of the glass. they didn't -- they didn't care about the puppies at all. the shattered glass in front of their eyes. they didn't care about them. >> the owners are offering $800 a dog hoping they will get them back so they can treat injuries and make sure they're ok. this is not the first time thieves targeted them. a year ago. someone stole five other bull dog >> a sailor is under arrest after driving his truck after a
10:26 pm
bridge. it killed four people. police think the driver was under the influence. he was also treated for injuries that were described as major. troopers say the truck fell 60 feet after it crashed into a guardrail. eight other people on the ground were hurt. but only one of them seriously. a mother in florida is in serious trouble after sheriff's deputies say she let her 7-year-old son drive her car, then put it on facebook. this is what quaniqua, posted. she let the boy drive a third of a mile down a suburban orlando street. they arrested her thursday. she now faces charges involving child neglect and letting an unauthorized person drive a car. thousands of moms from across philadelphia took to the streets today. what they hope their united efforts will change. not only here at home but also nationwide. a police officer got an
10:27 pm
unexpected surprise checking out a noise complaint. why this group of guys what they were doing and why the officer was cheering them on. >> a lot of warm air on its way up into the delaware valley after this front lifts back to the north. we're talking about temperatures running 15 to 20
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students at 14 state universities in pennsylvania are watching what comes out of the negotiations between the pennsylvania state system of higher education and it's faculty union. the faculty is threatening to strike if the deal is not reached. that strike would affect more than a dozen universities including west chester and kutztown. professors could hit the picket line wednesday morning. it will be back to normal train schedule for commuters in hoboken less than three weeks after fatal train crash. full train as far as resumes at that station tomorrow morning. new jersey transit officials say all but two of the tracks at the hoboken station will be operating again. trains entering that station will now have to reduce their
10:31 pm
approach speed from ten to five miles an hour. in that september 29th crash, which killed one person and injured more than 100 others. the trains data recorder showed the train was going twice the speed limit. around the nation social justice activists are celebrating the anniversary of the million man march. >> that includes philadelphia. demonstrators called for an end to racial ininjustice. they filled the national mall at washington to address similar social issues. today at morgan's peer humans and cams look. they time teamed up with the spca to host the dog center day to benefit the spca and its life saving mission of preventing animal cruelty.
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texas a police officer got a surprising response to a noise complaint >> really anything but a typical call. >> we were having like a party or something. are you all a group? >> yes >> questioning the officer found out the men were grooms men practicing a wedding dance for the next day. they had to show off their moves. ♪ ♪ always loved that song. the officer cheered them on. told them, hey, keep on dancing. keep the music down a little bit. police department posted the video to its facebook page with the caption, we see a lot of bad but we see a lot of good too >> i'm be dancing next week when
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it's 80 >> i was over here going, uh-huh. what a -- what a night. it's beautiful out there now. it's only going to get warmer. if you like spending time outdoors this is definitely going to be the week for you. outside right now in old city, at beautiful night. the high temperature for the day made it into the 70's. 71 the city. 63 we have the southwesterly wind and that is the wind that's going to keep it warmer. we have a front bringing clouds into the region. few showers will sneak in especially to the north and west of the city. that front will lift north and open the flood gates of more warmth into the region, 56 in the poconos, 61 in pottstown. 62 in millville, the whole north and east new england on the mild side were the front approaching with the clouds. to the west in pittsburgh still 65 degrees. we're mild overnight. then we watch high pressure build off the coast. a summer-like pattern that is pretty rare in the month of october. especially as you get toward the
10:34 pm
end of the month. we'll see strong southerly winds, huge ridge will build and as it does, southwest winds will build. warmer temperatures, maybe a little bit more humid around here by the mid to latter part of the work week. to hers above average. how much above? tuesday's forecast high is 86. the record is 85. for wednesday, the 19th, the record is 80. we will easily break that with a high temperature of 84 and consider the high the normal high is 65 for this time of year. overnight tonight in the city, 59 in the suburbs 52 increasing clouds, a chance for shower especially to the north and west. during the day tomorrow, we start the warmth, partly sunny skies, high temperature 80. that's just the beginning. as you plan your day, step out the door, the kids had at the bus stop will be comfortable at 60. by lunch 75 in the afternoon for any activities 80, by dinner hour, it will be dark but temperature 75.
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on your exclusive seven-day forecast, tuesday 86, another record wednesday, still pleasant thursday, a few showers friday and turn to say cooler next saturday and sunday. you have to love it. we're calling it augtober. >> fox is gearing up for another musical. >> a reboot of the hockey horror picture show premier this week. >> it's a tribute stars laverne cox, victory justice. you can catch the muck cal thursday at 8:00 p.m. followed by fox 29 news at 10:00. i just need rocky horror fans to realize it's not a remake, it's a tribute. >> that will do it for us, and fox 29 news at 10:00, >> keep it here for sports sunday.
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♪ . this is fox 29 sports sunday. >> the eagles band wagon is getting bare, i guarantee there will be no president obama joe biden shout-outs. the eagles got owned by washington from beginning to the end. it didn't look good. gary cobb will be joining me to break down a bad back to back lackluster performance by t


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