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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 17, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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we're following breaking news right now father shot dead moments after coming home from shopping, his family is inside the home, what police say two suspects took from the victim before taking off. plus more breaking news a tractor trailer and car collide on the schuylkill expressway, at this minute, all eastbound lanes are shut down, what you need to know before you head out the door. major vote from septa workers saying they are ready to go on strike what they are diagnosis for to avoid hitting the picket lines. will it feel like hot october today get ready for 80-s week. why you probably will not need your jackets outside. >> good day it is monday october 17th, 2016, it is 80-degree temperatures in october. >> good morning to you. >> good morning how are you.
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>> bob said i look like a leaf. >> would you ever lay in a pile of leaves and we would not even see her. >> let's get over to breaking traffic news this morning, hi bob. >> i haven't even had my first cup of coffee and we have a hut down on the schuylkill expressway. the here's what happened, at 12:30 last night an accident involving a vehicle and tractor trailer, eastbound, at the university interchange. now the tractor trailer has been leaking fuel, and as of right now we are getting word to deciding whether to hand off or off load all of that fuel or just tow the whole thing out of there. i a say which everyone is quickest will get my vote. a all eastbound lanes of the schuylkill are closed so this means anybody between center city and south philadelphia, you will get pushed off, at university. you can get off at university, kind of work your way past field, past university city, and then back on at grays ferry. so not a real difficult on/off, but, we have had a
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very light volume at this hour. things can get hectic and they don't deidentify what they will do there and get those eastbound lanes back opened. eastbound closed, westbound, opened. live look at the ben franklin bridge, coming into downtown. otherwise speedometer readings where they should be 51 on the schuylkill from the conshohocken to center city. they did not close the vine. that is open. anyone coming from say kipping of prussia coming into center city that university situation is not even going to impact you, it is sitting right here between 30th street station and the stadium area to give you a location there and then if you head north on i-95 you will notice a brand new traffic pattern, penndot moved all of the lanes around between bridge and cottman avenue. so that will catch you by surprise this morning. otherwise mass transit, market frankford and subway still using shuttle buses until 5:00. sue, i brought my shorts and my jeans shorts and the pockets hanging out good that is great, really short ones, i
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can't wait to sees this, unfortunately we will have ample opportunity because it will be nice and warm out today, we will give you a ten out of ten. hopefully do you like it warm and you will think it is a ten. the temperature right now is 60 degrees. not too much lower then the average high for this day, 5-mile an hour breeze, no fog to speak of, 58 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-eight in trenton. fifty-six in pottstown. this is like an early september morning with 61 degrees in dover delaware. there are a couple showers around, a few out in the western part of the state and a few reaching our northern and western suburbs and to the north of us where there are some clouds, up in burlington county, but really not a big deal and should be gone soon. maybe a shower or a cloud out there but for the rest of the day it is looking fantastic with a high, lauren and karen of 80 degrees. eight-zero. >> sue, thanks very much. breaking news in lawncrest a man gets robbed and shot
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inches from his home, and we have just learn that the victim died from those injuries. >> lets get right out to steve keeley at police headquarters with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: well, this is a case that proves even if you are armed with a loaded gun unless that gun is out in your hands and ready, to lift, point, and aim and fire that doesn't guarantee you will not be a victim of the shooting. so perhaps this man had a concealed, weapons permit, but with a gun concealed he was victim of the robbery and a murder victim now. twenty-eight years old. comes home at 11:00. perhaps he lives in fear and that is yes has this gun. who knows what, right now about the victim. they don't know this gun is a legal gun. all they know is they took the gun, that is the robbers, with what they left was the victim's ammunition clip, fully loaded with bullets the as they took off. victim never gets a shot off. never probably got his hand on his own gun, maybe he was reaching for it the and he was
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shot four times and killed. here's inspector scott small. >> twenty-eight year-old victim had just returned home from shopping. he was in the rear of his house about to go inside of his property when two male is a approached him, at least one of the males pulled a gun and announced a robbery and for some reason one of the perpetrators fired multiple shots based on ballistics evidence. we know at least four shots were fired from a semiautomatic weapon. all four spent shell casings were in very close proximity to where the victim collapsed in his drive way. >> reporter: no official id released yet on this victim but they know who he is, 28 year-old hispanic male and they know his family as well because his family including a child safely inside their house when this all happen. but now just can't believe that they have lost this man last night. so the family is among those talking to homicide right now,
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again, karen and lauren, as we hear almost every day, with everybody getting surveillance cameras because everybody is fearing crime they have surveillance cameras pointed at and near this area and detectives will be trying to see if they caught this on camera. >> all right, thanks, steve. we are following breaking news out of nicetown scary moments for one woman who jumped from the second floor of her home after it caught fire this happened just before 1:30 on the 1700 block of west juniata street. victim a 50 year-old woman was taken to the hospital with injuries to her head, after jumping from that window. as for the fire no word on as to what caused it no one else was injury in the blaze. more break news from west philadelphia, we know at least one police officer was hurt after an early morning crash. it happened right there, wow look at that car, at 52nd and chestnut street. officer was taken to the hospital, reporting just some minor pain, we do not know the cause of that crash. also overnight a 19
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year-old man is dead after being shot in the head, this all happened just after midnight, there is the scene the 2900 block of rose hill street in kensington. right now police have little information about their situation and we will pass that along when we learn more. now to developing story septa workers voted to strike and they are ready to hit picket lines if they do not get the a new contract. >> this a affect is a lot of people. everyone that rides buses, will trolleys and trains but there is 5,000 people walking off the job as those operators of the big machinery. lets get out to dave kinchen with the latest on this at septa ahead quarters, cave. >> reporter: septa riders say they have been through this before but whenever these strike threats are made, or in this case a decision to strike unless a deal is made it has a lot have people across the delaware valley certainly trying to figure out what their alternative plans will be in this case, if they failed to reach a deal with management. twu local 234 which represents 5,000 train, bus, trolley
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workers voted unanimously to walk picket line if they are unable to reach a deal with septa. management before the current contract expired in two weeks. both sides are divided over pension plans, health care, schedules. union says many workers just don't have time to eat or use the rest room on the job. union leaders say negotiations have been rough going since july. >> they are trying bully tactics abe they are trying it with the wrong people. >> reporter: what kind of tactics. >> everything we ask for the answer is no and they cannot give us good reasons. >> we're on the front line. the majority of the city we carry around. we need top of the line benefits. if they are not going to do anything, we have to strike to force them to give us fair treatment. they are calling for changes. we will sit down and negotiate. if you come to the table and all you say is no you are not willing to change anything we are not getting anywhere. >> reporter: septa says in a statement the parties continue
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to bargain to reach a new agreement. while we hope that the union does not exercise its right to strike we are focusing on reaching a new contract, that is in the best interest of our riders, employees and stake holders. the the union says it the will not extend current contract to avoid a strike, and by the way, if there is a strike, it could potentially last even through election day, again, if they actually do walk picket lines so people want to get this thing solved and quickly, back to you. >> i'm sure they do, dave kinchen thanks very much. now to a developing story, officials are investigating a police involve shooting in toms river this happened just before 7:00 last night in the silverton section of ocean county. right new little information has been released what we do know is no officers were injured during the shooting. it is unclear as to what led to the shooting. the ocean county prosecutor's office is investigating. we should learn about what happened later this morning. we're also learning more about a shooting that happened on the campus of lincoln university over the weekend. the story we first broke on
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"good day philadelphia" yesterday morning. state police say there was a feast mail private security guard struck by a stray bullet when shots were fired over home coming weekend. they have hired this private security to help out with the alumni coming back. there was an altercation at the main cam a puts which is in chester county and then stray bullet struck a van and that is where that security guard was sitting and it hit her in the arm. she was taken to the hospital. they took the surgery to get the bullet the out. no students were injured in the the event. right now state police and university police are investigating. the philadelphia woman who admitted to wanting to join isis will go before a judge today. prosecutors say that key an a thomas known as young liones tried to support the terror organization. fbi agents arrested her in the spring of 2015. they say she was heading to syria to join isis and already had a plane ticket for the first leg of her trip. if convicted, thomas could face up to 15 years in prison. let's talk about those eagles, they lost another one,
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time to get to division rival washington redskins. >> it was hard to much was. they are beaten up and down the field. everybody was struggling. really not having lane johnson there. a kick off return for a touchdown but that was a good thing, defense making a couple big plays. then we had a interception that was returned for a touchdown. eagles were demolish, yesterday. offense could not get anything going, defense obviously not making much progress. the it looked close maybe we would pull it out but we did go out 27 for washington, 20 for philadelphia. sean bell will have more in sports. good samaritan injured while trying to help someone else now one local police department is issuing a new you warning and what that has to do with deer season coming up next. of course, our presidential election weeks away but as the race heat up, so does the satire how comedy writers over at snl they are having an amazing time with all of this what they did pretty darn funny no matter
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your politics and they had to do something with ken bone.
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this was an amazing sight, it was sat take in, wilmington delaware where we were at the alzheimer's walk with more people then they have ever had at the wilmington walk. everybody turning the flowers, they are different colors representing whether you were suffering from the disease, caring for someone with alzheimer's disease, love someone with the disease or
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advocating the fight to end this disease. the look at all these people. we had perfect weather in the river front in wilmington. shawnette wilson and chris o'connell was there a long with yours truly and roofus the dog. thank you for everybody to came out. it was a beautiful day. now we have started a trend over the weekend. it was a nice day on saturday. warmer on sunday. now we will be challenging record warmth as high pressure builds in moves off shore and allows temperatures to be well above average, at least through the hid will of the week. in fact, some off the record possibly to beat 85 degrees is the record for tuesday. 80 degrees is the record for wednesday. we have a very good chance of beat ago this one and decent chance of beating tuesday's record high temperature, which has been standing for a pretty long time. so stay tuned for that. right now we have 58 in mount pocono. mid-october that is pretty mild morning, 54 degrees in lancaster. sixty-one in dover. sixty-two in wildwood.
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here in the city, it is 60 degrees already. average high is 65, for this time of the year. we only have 5 miles an hour wind but they are coming from the southwest and we did have a few showers to show you but there really isn't much, maybe a lit until lancaster county just a stray shower or two with a few clouds and future cast doesn't show any rain for rest of the the day. the decent sunshine mixed with clouds every now and again giving us a chance to get the to a warm temperature this time of the year which today should be around 80 degrees. average high mid 60's, last week, late last week we were right around there. sixty-eight was our high on saturday. seventy-one yesterday. eighty today. eighty-three tomorrow. mid 80's on wednesday. then we will get rain on thursday and that takes temperatures back down into average for the rest of the week. we have pictures and the numbers, word are coming because, you know would be, it is monday.
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>> good morning, everybody. 4:16. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway, the accident eastbound with all lanes blocked, at university. here's what happened at 12:30 race night an accident involving a tractor trailer and caro kurd right here on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. the truck, tanker is leaking fuel and penndot combination is combination of trying to plug the hole, clean up the mess and decide what the next game plan is. the good news here is that all eastbound traffic is an ease i off and easy back on. coming in the city first of all vine street expressway is opened, and then location is right here, near 30th street. so right after 30th street all traffic pushed off, at university avenue, and you'll get off at university, the first traffic light you make a left at 34th and then, that puts you back on the schuylkill at grays ferry. so an easy off, easy back on, not going to be reallies i
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later on once we get in the heart of the rush hour but just in the last half an hour we went from the trickle to seeing a steady stream going through that alternate. hang with us, and give yourself a few extra minutes eastbound on the schuylkill. coming from south jersey we are looking good, no problems here on the 42 freeway looking good at philly international, in problems through the weekend. we will have a good daze to fly. turnpike keep in mind using the pennsy turnpike this morning you are now able to use your charge card. charge it if you haven't run the bill up over weekend and past your limit, karen. >> yes. >> you can use your charge card for all of the payment at all turnpike toll plaza, karen and lauren back to you. lets talk about the race for the the white house. >> we have some new poll numbers out and they show two very different lead to for hillary clinton. one shows trump is four points clinton washington post abc poll that has former secretary of state at 47 percent with trump a at 43 percent but
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another pole dop by wall street journal and nbc clinton's lead is double digits at 11 points. tomorrow, former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife in montgomery county, that event will take place tuesday afternoon at montgomery county community college central campus in blue bell. that will rally is opened to the public. we are just two days from the third, final presidential debate, you can watch it live right here wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. followed by fox 29 news, fox's chris wallace will moderate that debate. we have a huge race that is happening here that eyes all around the country is watching pennsylvania republican u.s. senator pat toomey squaring off against kate i mcginty that is their first debate, that is happening today. it will last an hour. so this race between these two people could deciding whether republicans hang on to their senate majority at 7:00 o'clock tonight. 4:20. now to north carolina where police are searching the the
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person firebombed the local political office. >> this happened in one of the republican party headquarters. look at the damage, pretty serious damage to the building, in hillsboro orange county. these are inside pictures severely burned there. this is one of the supporters of the trump offices. police say someone threw a bottle filled with flammable liquid over the weekend. the criminal spray painted outside writing in part nazi republicans. >> this is a horrific, horrific act of political terrorism, one that we will not succumb to and one that we will answer. >> no one was injured but right now people at party offices are told to be on high alert because it has become such a volatile race, this is all under investigation. developing story out of ridley park delaware county shots fired at a home invasion. police say two robbers tried
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to get inside a house on ward street, some type of fight broke out and a gun went off yesterday. they say home owner should be okay, both of the robbers were able to getaway and police think they may have targeted the wrong home. good samaritan has landed himself in the hospital, after he was struck by a car, while simply trying to help someone else. this all happened early on saturday morning on 295 and south hamilton township. there was a car that struck a deer so that started the whole thing and somebody else stopped to try to help that situation but as that person was out of their own reek will, he was struck near shoulder of the road so police are warning anybody about their, you know, this is height height of the deer season and you have to be very careful. shoulders are for emergency otherwise get as far away from the road as possible. the here's what someone had to say. >> i have been pulled over in the shoulder where cars are going by and you can feel your car shaking but it can be scary because you don't know exactly who is behind that wheel or what will happen.
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>> now the driver of the car that struck the good samaritan stopped at the scene which was in the a hit and run. that victim is in hospital. no charges have been filed. today is the day, for commuters in hoboken, new jersey will return to normal. less than three weeks after a fatal train crash. full train service resumes at the station this morgue. new jersey transit officials say all but two tracks at the hoboken station will be operating again. trains entering the a station will have to reduce their approach speed from ten to 5 miles an hour in the september 29th crash which killed one person and injured more than 100 more, the train's data recorder shows it going twice the seed limit. lots of people are climbing off the eagles band wagon especially after yesterday's loss. >> i don't know about that but it is disappointing. it was a rough game, it did not look good. despite those games so close sean bell has the complete break down of what went wrong in the big game in sports in one minute. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles just came crashing down to earth. last week they could say they didn't come to play. yesterday, it was simply a butt kicking. the team was awful right from the get go. big v had no shot against ryan kerrigan on the first play. kerrigan bulldozed, ripped his
4:26 am
jersey and forced a sack. then a couple plays later kerrigan just rips him down, and gets another sack, doug pederson didn't give him any help, eagles lost 27-20. washington had five sacks and offense they ever got going. >> i think there is a tough route to get in the groove today. we didn't feel like we were in step, in the first half. the flow of the game was weird. we had three straight defensive drives there with the wick concern and pick six, so we never really got in the rhythm offensively. >> eagles falling behind cowboys dak the prescott has zero problems with the packers hitting butler for touchdown. cowboy wins 30-16 on top of the nfc east. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> they have next week, that is what we have to say. >> always next week. >> 4:26. we are following several big stories. >> there was a robbery and man died after that he was shot in the middle of it.
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steve? >> reporter: yeah, before he died he shot four times, point blank but in and out of consciousness and able to tell police he had a gun too and that the guys who shot him took his gun. now they have two guns on the streets. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. breaking news overnight a father is shot dead moments
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after coming home from shopping and his family inside the home, what police say the two suspects got away with present leaving the man for dead. plus more breaking news from overnight a tractor trailer and car collide on the schuylkill all eastbound lanes still shut down, what you will need to know before you head out. a major vote from septa workers saying they are ready to go on strike what they are asking for and how soon we could see them vacate their jobs. and unseasonably hot, who is complaining, our workweek forecast that could have you calling in hookie this week, temperatures in the 80's. good day everybody it is monday, it is october 17th and good morning all of you. >> good morning to you. >> 4:30 rough start we will begin with the shut down .
4:31 am
now what they decided to does they had to hand off load, all of the kegs of beer, because if they tow the tractor trailer they are afraid the kegs would fall in the westbound lanes of the schuylkill, and cause an even bigger problem. that is fully loaded, with kegs have of beer, there you go. kegs and eggs this morning on fox 29. >> lets go back to my traffic map there because the best way to get around this, right now, we can laugh and have some fun because nobody was hurt, that is and, now the volume pop it
4:32 am
is not fun anymore because eastbound schuylkill right now all traffic forced off the at university, you make a quick left on to 34th street, and that puts you right back on to grays ferry, easy off, easy on and light volume right now but that is not the case, starting in a half an hour, depending upon how quickly those guys can work to off load the cargo. plus there was a fuel spill from that tractor trailer. the once they get those kegs on the other trailer they still to have deal with the fuel spill, and that broken down tractor trailer. this could be a a mess for morning rush hour. coming from new jersey much easier ride, in problems on 42, as you work your way in toward the city looking good this morning. pennsy turnpike in problems or delays at all, you can new use your charge card for those payments, at all of the toll plaza. and here's your speed meter readings across the game. fifty-five schuylkill and blue route looking good.
4:33 am
we had some showers. they are kind of going away abe shouldn't be an issue not an umbrella day at all. we're expecting mostly sunny skies once showers are gone and it will feel like summer, with a high of 80 degrees. lauren and karen. >> thanks very much. lawncrest hand is dead after he was robbed and shot in the drive way. >> lets get out to steve keeley with what we are learning at police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: this guy was hot shot point blank four times and you would think that would kill him. it sound like a struggle
4:34 am
because two shots only hit him in the arm and leg but two dead square in the chest but before he died he is able to talk to the first police on the scene up there and second district. he is 28 years old. he had a gun with him. he never got a shot off in self-defense and may have been him reaching for a gun and these two robbers holding them up in the driveway alley behind his house as he came home at 11:00 here on s street in the 5100 block before they shoot him four times during that struggle. they end uptaking victim's gun and taking his life because he died soon after talking to police and being taken to temple hospital. >> now the victim told us that he was robbed and after the victim was shot one of the perpetrators actually took semiautomatic gun from the victim. so we don't know if the victim got a chance to pull that weapon or to it was just stolen as a result of the robbery. we have found four spent shell
4:35 am
casings from the perpetrator's gun and we found a live round and a fully loaded clip from the victim's weapon. >> reporter: and because they found that ammunition clip and that live bullet on the street it sound even more that indicates that it was a struggle over the victim's gun. maybe having ammo clip fall out of it and maybe even the bullet fall out of the chamber during that struggle. so they don't even stop to pick that up. they take gun, they take off because four shots is going to wake up the entire neighborhood including victim's possible wife and young child inside the house, unarmed now talking to homicide as the woman young child at a neighbor's house. karen and lauren maybe some video of this as well. it may be he was coming in the back of his house, maybe he had a gun because is there a crime problem in that area and that is why so many people have surveillance cameras that the detective will try to see if there is video of this.
4:36 am
>> it is so sad, steve, thank you. septa workers are upset and they say it very well could come in the knew near future a strike. >> they voted to authorize a strike last night. dave kinchen live in center city with these details. >> reporter: it is a big thing septa riders are bracing for yet again here and that is all if in two weeks septa and union fails to reach a deal with management there. twu local twu 234 as they voted to walk the picket line if they are unable to reach an agreement before the current contract expires in two weeks. both sides divided over pension plans, health care and schedules. union say many workers don't have time to eat or use rest room while on the job. union leaders say negotiations have been rough going since july. >> we have been negotiating for a couple years now and it appears that septa is not taking us seriously. we have to do this. >> you also said you are willing to strike through the election has that changed,
4:37 am
have you heard from democratic leaders. >> let's make this clear once we're on the strike, is there no going on strike coming off strike. once we are out there, we are out there. >> people to have realize they have families, and everybody has a right to feed their family and they have a right to have wage, benefits like everyone else. >> reporter: septa says in a statement the parties continue to bargain to reach a new agreement. while we hope union does not exercise its right to strike we are focusing on reaching a new contract, that is in the best interest of our riders. employees, and stake holders. bottom line union says they are absolutely not renew this or extend this current agreement, back to you. dave, thanks very much. now more developing news out of toms river this morning. right now officials are investigating a police involved shooting there. this happened just before 7:00 e silverton section of the ocean county. right now little will information has been released.
4:38 am
we do know no officers were injured during that shooting, it is unclear as to what led to the shootings. ocean county prosecutor's office is now looking into the shooting and we could learn more about what happened later this morning. 4:38. there is so much walks and events that are happening did you see this one, one of my favorite, pink elephants all over, t utu's, they walk with all of their might, the very personal reasons, so many women and a few men raising money to fight breast cancer. you wanna see something intense?
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after 40 years of making soup at progresso, we've learned chicken is king. and so we're now using 100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups. long live chicken!
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welcome back in your health news at 4:41. sea of pink all over the area this weekend as so many thousands of women and men completed the susan komen three day event to cure breast cancer, it is so impressive, showing off all of the people they walked for. they were gathering in willow grove on friday morning and then, they traveled, 60 miles by foot to the navy yard. i love help people, you honk whenever you see them cheer them on, they came in obviously yesterday afternoon, all of the pink outfits and they crossed the finish line and parade go to a very emotional closing ceremony. today they have raised 2.1 million-dollar for breast cancer research and outreach programs. this is 12th year for susan komen three day event in our area. presidential election just weeks away but as race heat up so does satire, how comedy
4:42 am
writers at snl are having some fun with last week's presidential debate, and that unlikely star
4:43 am
4:44 am
this will be quite a weather week because we will be challenging warm air moving in with high pressure in the southwest, and temperatures well above the average, and this time in october, we should be in the mid 60's for our high temperatures but you we're almost there right now, especially town to the south of us, dover delaware at 61.
4:45 am
right now 62 in wildwood. fifty-nine in the city. upper 50's just about every where else, so, that is how we're starting off today, wind mostly moving from the southwest and the west but there is not too much breeze out there, it will be a nice day, there is some moisture in the the air with the upper level disturbance and we have a couple showers we were looking at earlier on radar that were no longer reaching the ground. we have some cloud here and there today and also unusually high tides along the shore, we have got that full hunter's moon from yesterday along with the astronomical high tides and regular high tides, it has been just minor flooding down there but otherwise plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow, and rest of the week. now here's your average 66. we started with 68 on saturday. seventy-one on sunday. zooming up to 80 today. some places will, possibly break some record tomorrow,
4:46 am
wednesday, and possibly even on thursday, we will see how warm we will get but then we will cool down, back to the lower 60's by the weekend. so that is what we call a temperature roller coaster ride. we will keep track of it all for you you as day goes by. bob kelly still have shorts ready. >> ready to go with jean shorts, white pockets sticking out, white northeast philadelphia legs, i'm ready to go. 4:46. lets roll video from the news van when we showed up to the scene of the tractor trailer accident. surprised cargo here, tractor trailer is disabled there what would be that left lane involved in an accident with air car and fuel spill. they can't toe it because they are afraid cargo would spill out on the westbound lanes. the cargo? kegs of beer, anyone want to help. >> i hear it is coors, jen fred will be showing up within moments. >> we will send jen fred over there to help out hand off load that entire tractor
4:47 am
trailer worth of kegs of beer. it will take a while. they were concerned if they try to tow that tractor trailer it is so damage from the accident that the kegs would have spilled in the the westbound side. god bless those guys hand off load ago this cargo. the best bet right now coming eastbound on the schuylkill expressway all traffic, forced off right here at university. go to the first traffic light, make a left on the 34th street and that puts you right back on grays ferry. easy on, easy back on however, that will certainly throw some extra volume and extra time into your commute, between center city and south philadelphia. live look at ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia, both today and tomorrow they are working on city avenue from cardinal over to bryn mawr avenue and take that down to one lane, otherwise, broad street subway, market frankford line using buses until 5:00. karen and lauren back over to you. saturday night live cannot be enough in into the
4:48 am
presidential election. over the weekend they had a lot of fun with the most presidential debate. >> i was looking so forward to it. they focused on the chris cyst that many donald trump got after he was going around the stage lurking behind her and, of course with ken bone. >> i agree that obama care can be improved, kim, but kim, it does have its benefits. number one, is insurance companies cannot deny you coverage. number two, it is a serious health problem. number three... and number three women can't be charged. women can't be charged more than men for health insurance, okay.
4:49 am
number four. >> let's take another question. this one comes from james carter. >> good evening, mr. trump. >> oh, no. >> my question is do you believe that you can be a devoted president to all of the people. >> that is a great question, denzel, thank you. i love they inner cities. >> my name is james and i didn't ask anything about inner cities. >> inner cities are a mess. just last month i was in detroit and... >> the whole thing was so much fun. you can watch it again, but donald trump did not think this was funny at all. one of the headlines you can't take a joke. this is what he said watched saturday night, hit job on me. time to retire boring unfunny show. alex baldwin form trail stinks. media rigging election. meanwhile snl spoofed melania trump using a version of the
4:50 am
beyonce's sorry video. >> ♪ >> third and final presidential debate is, wednesday october 19th and of course catch it all right here on fox 29. beyonce proving she's ultimate performer and professional she was slaying it so hard at her event this weekend her ear was bleeding but she didn't even blink twice. >> ♪
4:51 am
>> you can see she just wipes it away and keep singing that super long pony tail got caught on her earring causing it to rip out but her show must go on and it did. the concert was streamed live on her husband's streaming service, tidal. you need edge to survive in life. i got my friend over my house that i grew up w we are having a conversation i hear my son coming down the steps. i hear flip-flops popping, they are popping fast, something is wrong. dad, wifi is down. >> i don't know what may be worse. >> it is wifi. >> big weekend for kevin hart at the box office that comedy concert filmed in our city what now brought in 2 million bucks, he obviously got a star on hollywood's walk of fame as well. reunited and feels so
4:52 am
good, love is in the air for 60.5chio in the morning, he is remarrying his ex-wife, live, right here on good day, on wednesday and our very own mike jerrick is officiating. it is all happening at waterworks over by the art museum. you can watch the wedding on our show at 9:00 a.m. on wednesday. >> i had no idea. happy for them. i love when people get remarried. i still love you. i love you too, honey. >> 4:52. there is a police officer that gets an unexpect surprise when checking out a noise complaint. what the group of guys were doing that had officers, cheering them on.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
police officer gets a surprise responding to a noise complaint. >> it was anything but a typical call, let's check it out. >> we are having a party or something. >> having a breakfast. >> yes. >> are y'all a group. >> well, after some questions, the officer found out the men were groomsmen practicing a wedding dance for the very next day so naturally they had to show off the moves. >> ♪
4:56 am
>> well, the officer's said just kept dancing, but turn music down. police department posted it on their facebook page saying we see a lot of bad but we see a lot of good too a a lot of good moves in the dark too. >> that is so sweet, and my girl, down in texas, nicely done. >> cute, cute, cute. we're following several big store thinks morning. >> lets get over to bob, there is a peer truck with some problems and we have an update on this, bob. >> good morning, everybody. they have shut down both directions of the schuylkill expressway at university, as crews tend to a tractor trailer accident, the tractor trailer loaded with beer, dave kinchen on his way, racing to the scene, to not only help but also report, we will have details when we come right back. so we're learning to be more like them. removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal.
4:57 am
i like his face. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals ar you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. my swthis scarf all thatsara. left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
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start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap.
4:59 am
breaking news a father shot dead moments after coming home from shopping his family inside the home, where police say the two suspects took from the victim before taking off. and more breaking news from overnight, this happening right now, a tractor trailer and a car collided on the schuylkill expressway, all eastbound and westbound lanes are now shut down, this is a beer truck we will have have latest on what you need to know. major vote from septa workers they are ready to go on strike what they are asking for to avoid hitting the picket line.
5:00 am
it will be a hot one, really surprising for october, get ready for 80-degree temperatures, maybe some record breakers in the forecast why no jacket is required. >> good day, it is, monday october 17th, 2016. 5:00 a.m. how are you. >> so good. thank you so much for joining us on this day. it is hard on a monday, it is monday, the eagles lost, traffic will be a huge problem. >> that is right, lets get over to bob kelly with updates for us, hi there, bob. >> good morning, everybody. 5:00 o'clock straight up, 12:30 a tractor trailer and car collided on the schuykill expressway. here's a live look at the scene right now where all eastbound lanes are closed, and they had westbound lanes blocked, it looks like they are starting to let them through, the concern, do you see tractor trailer right here, it is kind of damage in this accident, the cargo is beer. tractor trailer that was filled with beer, involved in the crash. they have been hand off loading the


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