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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it will be a hot one, really surprising for october, get ready for 80-degree temperatures, maybe some record breakers in the forecast why no jacket is required. >> good day, it is, monday october 17th, 2016. 5:00 a.m. how are you. >> so good. thank you so much for joining us on this day. it is hard on a monday, it is monday, the eagles lost, traffic will be a huge problem. >> that is right, lets get over to bob kelly with updates for us, hi there, bob. >> good morning, everybody. 5:00 o'clock straight up, 12:30 a tractor trailer and car collided on the schuykill expressway. here's a live look at the scene right now where all eastbound lanes are closed, and they had westbound lanes blocked, it looks like they are starting to let them through, the concern, do you see tractor trailer right here, it is kind of damage in this accident, the cargo is beer. tractor trailer that was filled with beer, involved in the crash. they have been hand off loading the tractor trailer.
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if you are getting ready to leave and coming eastbound on the schuylkill expressway all traffic forced off at university and make that left on to 34th street and that puts you right back on at grays ferry. they have at least one lane getting by, on the westbound side but it will be a rough go here, for folks that use the schuykill expressway this morning. as soon as we heard about this and car get dave kinchen says i'll go, he is on the scene right now dave, what can you tell us. >> we will step out of the way and show you what is happening. you can get a live look at crews trying to get this beer off this tractor trailer that has been damaged significantly there. we saw pennsylvania state troopers picking up one of the kegs and helping them be moved. we will show you you can see westbound side some cars moving through. it is down to one lane where we are right now as crews are continuing to deal with this situation. we are seeing one or two more
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police cars. other side is completely shut down where we don't have any vehicles coming through. so, traffic is not too bad at this hour but, of course, as time goes on and traffic builds up that is the big concern. however, we will take it, that is the big question. right now eastbound side shut down, westbound, one lane, of the expressway. some of the cars moving through over here. now lets get a check of the weather with sue is. >> unlike mess that you are dealing with their weather is pretty much perfect for today especially if you like it warm. we are going to warm up by the ebb of the day to day. look at how we're starting off with 58 degrees in the city and 3-mile an her breeze. sunrise time 7:14, officially and we have got 58 degrees in mount pocono. sixty in trenton. sixty in dover. and atlantic city. mild start for mid-october for sure. we will see a couple areas of green on ultimate doppler
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radar but not a big deal. there is a weakening cold front coming through the area but it will not cool anything down. we will look at our high temperature today. 80 degrees. warming up well above the average of 65, 66, for this time of the year. in fact that will be our low temperature tonight where we should be for a high. actually not too chilly. we're talking about what will happen after that? temperature roller coaster ride and the seven day forecast coming up, lauren and karen. breaking news in lawncrest a man gets robbed, shot inches from his home and we have learn that the victim died from those injuries. >> family is right inside lets get to steve keeley with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: we remember as kid watching cartoon, and that character quick draw, mcdraw and if you are not a quick draw in real life if you have a gun even if you have a gun in self-defense if you cannot get it out real fast within a second, sometimes, having that gun may be worse and that is
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the case where it is something like that happen. the site of the victim's gun may have caused a struggle and caused victim to get shot being held up by two guys, likely the first random victim to come for two guys just waiting for somebody. he pulls in after going out shopping according to police, into the driveway, back of his house, these two guys say they are robbing him. he probably tried to get his gun out because on the ground they found a live bullet from the victim's gun and his ammunition clip fully loaded. he they ever got a shot off. he did get some word in the police in and out of the consciousness before he died and one thing he said these two guys that held him up took his gun. >> at the this time it appears that the motive for the shooting is robbery, and only description is two males wearing all dark clothing, last seen on foot, south in the rear driveway in the 5100
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block. now fortunate thely we did find some businesses in the area that do have private surveillance cameras, northwest detectives is on location. we have at least one witness that was transported, to northeast detectives and northeast detectives right now is trying to contact owners of this business. hopefully these cameras record something that can help us with this shooting, robbery, investigation. >> reporter: or thing those detectives are checking to see if that gun stolen from the victim was legal. whether he had a license to carry, whether or not he did or not it is now illegal for sure and in the hand of the two kill hours likely may use it in their next crime or killing, if not caused first because they have killed again and they likely won't hesitate to kill before. so, that is the story out here. you've got two guys with the gun who hold up a guy and as he probably tries to get his gun out that is when they start firing and struggling over victim's gun. karen and lauren.
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>> steve, thank you. we're following breaking news out of nicetown. scary moments there for woman who was forced to jump president from second floor of her home after a fire this happened just before 1:30 on the 1700 block of west juniata street. victim is a 50 year-old woman who was taken to the hospital with injuries to her head. as for the fire in word what caused it, but no one else was injured in that blaze. more breaking news now, in west philadelphia, we know at least one police officer was hurt after an early morning crash, it happened near the intersection of 52nd and chestnut streets. the officer was taking over to the hospital, only minor pain is what they are saying, but we don't know what cause that had crash. also, covering some more breaking news right now there is a 19 year-old who was killed after he was shot in the head. this happened about five hours ago, the scene is the 2900 block of rose hill street, in kensington, we don't have a lot of information about possible motive in this case, but there are obviously investigating it. more developing news out of toms river.
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right now officials are investigating a police involve shooting there. there happened just before 7:00 last night in the silverton section of ocean county. the right now little information has been released. we do know no officers were injured during the shooting. it is unclear as to what led to that shooting. ocean county prosecutor's office is now looking into this we should learn more about exactly what happened later this morning. and, we're learning some more information about a shooting that happened on the campus of lincoln university over the weekend. it was home copping weekend and they brought in more security because they knew they had alumni coming back. we broke this story yesterday morning on good day. investigators say there was a female security guard who was hit by a stray bullet when shots were fired, over the weekend. the it happened just after, some sort of altercation on the main campus in chester county, a bullet struck a van, she was sitting in the van, and she was hit in the arm, she went to the hospital, she had surgery, the bullet was removed, no students were injured, right now, pennsylvania state police, and the university police are investigating. a major vote from septa
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workers saying that they are ready to go on strike, in two weeks, thousands of people in the city may have to find another way to get around if they cannot come to terms on a new contract. 5700 train, trolley, bus workers say that they will walk off the job if they do not have a deal with septa by october 31st. they are all in the local transport workers union. the union and transportation authorities disagreed over pensions and health care plans. in addition to scheduling and safety issues. >> i don't think that septa is serious. i think they are trying bully tactics and they are trying it with the wrong people. we will in the stand for it. >> reporter: what kind of tactics. >> everything we ask for the answer is no. they cannot give us good reasons why they can't give us these things. >> worker strike would not impact regional rail service. septa is trying to reach a new contract that is in the best interest of the riders, the employees, and the stake holders. philadelphia woman who admitted to wanting to join isis will appear before a judge today. prosecutors say keona thomas
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known as young lie aneses tried to support the terror organization. fbi agents arrested her in the spring of 2015. she was heading to syria to join isis and already had a plane ticket for the first leg of that trip. if convicted, she could face up to 15 years behind bars. let's talk sports. eagles lose another one this time to the division rivals the washington redskins. >> and, ugly and so disappoint nothing this game because obviously our first division rival that came up a side from our defense, kick off return which we did get a touchdown and interception return for a touchdown, we were demolish. we looked brutal. eagles offense could not get any momentum going, defense, they struggled, certainly they are missing lane johnson there. in the end redskins won 27-20. sean bell will have more on sports coming up in one minute. we always have a lot the to say. vent our opinions. get it out there we are putting it on twitter and in every bar. >> we have caught up with a couple of people, fans after
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the game. >> wentz is doing a great job but he has to get seasoned but we wet get seasoned he will be fan has particular. it was a total wash out. >> we need to get some good long passing routes, and that opens up the running game. we need good solid plays going. we will win. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> all right. >> we still have people on the band wagon. good know. eagles take on the vikings next sunday at the link, you you can watch it right here on fox 29. it is deer season. we have had tragedy involving this, good samaritan who was just trying to help someone out after they hit a deer now there is a local police department issuing a warning, important information you need to know. presidential election is just weeks away but as race heat up so does satire how comedy i writers at snl are having a little fun.
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but first bob kelly. problem right now is not the deer but the beer on the schuylkill expressway, lets look at our live camera here early morning tractor trailer accident loaded with beer as crews to have hand off load the cargo right now, all eastbound lanes of the schuylkill are closed, we will have the rest of the details and detour when we come right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that
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good morning, welcome
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back. 5:13. updating our breaking news an accident involving a tractor trailer shutting down the schuylkill expressway. here's a live look from the news van on the scene. this happened at 12:30 this morning, the truck on the left was one involved in the accident. the cargo, filled with beer, and the problem is, that they are afraid if they towed the truck it is already damaged so much, that the cargo, would spill on to the westbound lanes. you you can see the tractor trailer all busted apart there. so crews are working to hand off load the cargo of beer. there is a combination of cans, and kegs and put it on that tractor trailer on the right side of your screen there. therefore, the schuylkill is shut down eastbound. now lets go to my live penndot camera. again, right here with the camera right above the accident scene actually. one person was taken to a local hospital. they had some injuries. but with the eastbound schuylkill expressway closed right now coming into
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philadelphia you are okay, vine expressway is opened, however once you get to university that is where everybody is forced off, you get off at university, make that left at 34th street that first traffic light as if you are going down to chop and then get right back on at grays ferry. it is ease i off, easy on but we are starting to see morning traffic starting to pop. there is already a backup here next to the eastbound. westbound leaving south philadelphia and coming into center city philadelphia, only one of the two lanes are opened. they are keeping that left lane blocked, just as a precaution in case any of that cargo should spill on to that westbound side. this could be a little while. once they get cargo off they have to deal with the fuel spill and towing that tractor trailer out this will be here another hour or so. ben franklin bridge looking good coming into downtown philadelphia brand new traffic pattern on i-95, note ace nice smooth ride heading north bound, penndot moved all of
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the lanes over at cottman avenue so that will catch you you by vice. later today city avenue down to one lane from cardinal over to bryn mawr avenue and that is a construction project that will tie us up during the midday, but, not bad for a midday forecast, coming up here, i think we will be able to lets call it take your convertible to workday what do you say. >> yes. >> put new a better mood stuck in the traffic. >> work on that fall tan good without a doubt, yeah. it is first we started this warming trenton saturday. only a little bit chilly in the morning but is there shawnette wilson. the yours truly, chris o'connell taking pictures of the walk to end always highamers in wilmington, delaware. right down by river front there you can see purple and white balloon arch to get everybody started. more people then ever showed up, purple wigs and all to help the fight against alzheimer's and help those hoff the disease, caring for
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people hoff the disease, it is just heart breaking, when this strikes your family and sadly there are many tam list experiencing this we have flowers, different colters if you are suffering from the disease, caring for someone or just want to find awe cure. thank you to everybody who showed up, and in wilmington, delaware, the first state on saturday morning. we loved it. we have a possibility of some tied or broken record this week. tomorrow in philadelphia, the record high temperature is 85, we're forecasting 85, wednesday's record has a good chance of being broken and that has within standing since 1947, 80 degrees, thursday record of 80, standing since 1917, maybe in danger new one that we may tie tomorrow that has been a record since 1908. long standing records in danger this week with this unusual warmth. 60 degrees in philadelphia, dover. sixty-two wildwood.
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fifty-eight in mount pocono to get you started this morning. wind are not an issue, it is wind direction we pay attention to because once we get southeasterly winds that is usually when we will get the warmer weather. we will see rain in the western part of the state. that is part of the cold front that is dissipating. we should not see any rain from it around here. we had a shower or two off to the north of us but it is certainly not a big deal. bigger deal is sunshine and warmer temperatures, so, don't bother with the jack tote day. i don't think we will put one on bus stop buddy either next time we see him. i think we will be okay even if it is a little cool at the bus stop this morning. you can see sunshine. average high for hid october is in the mid 60's. we have in the up are 60's on at day, gorgeous, yesterday a mix of sun and cloud 71 degrees all the way to 80 today. mid 80's tomorrow and wednesday. showers possible in the morning on thursday but we still could get close to 80 degrees. then cool down begins on friday, but with another frontal system and that will cool us down considerably over the weekend and temperatures
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will be in the lower 60's. there is your, roller coaster ride, ladies in the seven day forecast. >> all right, sue, thank you so much. lets talk politics to the race for the white house. >> we have two new polls boat show clinton is up but difference is dramatic in how much. one shows that trump is about four points behind clinton, that is done by washington post and abc. so they have, former secretary of state hillary clinton at 47 t 43 percent. but then wall street journal/nbc poll has clinton up double digits, 11 points. >> well, tomorrow former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife in montgomery county. that event will take place at montgomery county central campus in blue bell. we are just two days away from the third and final presidential debate. you can watch it live right here wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. followed by fox 29 news. fox's chris wallace will moderate that debate. and we have a race that everybody in the entire country is watching right now. it is senate race between pat
5:20 am
tomb i and his democratic challenger katie mcginty. they are meet to go day. their big debate. it will last an hour. so this could decide, whether or not the republicans hang on to the senate majority, many people watching this debate. now to north carolina where people are searching for person who fired bomb a political office this happened at state's republican party headquarters. lets take a look at the another just damage, this is at an orange county building by hillsboro. a lot of severe damage there what happened was someone threw a bottle filled with flammable liquid through the window over the weekend. molotov cocktails. police say the criminal spray painted offensive word there. >> this is a horrific, horrific act of political terrorism. one that we will not succumb to and one we will answer.
5:21 am
>> the good news is that nobody was injured, but officials right the now are warning everybody is in different political headquarters just to be on high alert because you this race who is become so divided, and, people have very strong opinions. this is still all under investigation. there is a i good samaritan who is now in the hospital after he was struck by a car. he was simply trying to help somebody else who was hit a deer this happened early saturday morning right on 295 south in hamilton township. car that hit a deer, stopped on the side of the road this man comes upon the scene, gets out of his vehicle, goes over and he is struck by a third vehicle, as he was on the shoulder. police are warning everybody out there just to be smart, it is, the height of the deer season right now and they say only park on the shoulder in an emergency. >> i have been pulled over on the shoulder where cars are zooming by and you can feel your car like shaking you know what i mean but it can be scary because you don't
5:22 am
necessity exactly hoist behind that wheel or what will happen. >> so in the crash that happened in new jersey over the weekend the driver, that hit that good samaritan good stay on the scene. the victim is in the hospital, no one is facing any charges. it will be back to normal willal train schedule for commuters in hoboken, new jersey today. less than three weeks have after a fatal train cash full train service resumes at the station this morning. new jersey transit officials say all but two tracks at hoboken station will be operating again. trains entering the station will to have reduce their approaching speeds from ten to 5 miles an hour. in the september 29th crash that killed one person and injured more than a hundred more trains data recorder shows it was going twice the speed limit there. high drama on the high sees, target of the u.s. navy destroyer u.s. defense officials say they are investigating but believe iran backed hoodi rebels launched a missal tack for the third time in a week against u.s. navy n saturday's attack destroyer launched counter measures
5:23 am
which successfully took out incoming cruise missiles on the red sea. president obama authorized strikes against three radar facilities in a yemen in retaliation for other attacks on warships this week. iraqi military has launched a military offensive against isis. it is attempting to lynn rate northern city of mosul. iraqi state tv showing a written statement announcing the start of the widely anticipated military offensive. mosul is iraq's second largest city and thinks a push to retake it, that is the biggest military operation in iraq since american troops left in 2011. according to some reports, three men have been arrested in connection to the death of the 16 year-old daughter of olympic run are tyson gay. trinity gay was shot and killed early sunday in lexington, kentucky. she was shot in the neck standing outside of a restaurant when a group of hen, in two different cars, started shooting at each other. she was taken to the hospital but later died. 5:23 this morning did you
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but pat toomey actually owned a bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. hundreds of men and with men completed three day to secure breast cancer walk. walkers gathered on friday
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morning, traveled 60 miles, in the navy yard. that arrived in south philadelphia sunday afternoon. costumes, crossed the finish line and paraded through emotional closing ceremony. they raised their shoes for survivors, shared hope and banded together honoring to end breast cancer. >> it feels like family. >> when you are the only one that has been maybe through it, as bad as we have, there is just so many amazing people that come out. >> together the crowd raised more than 2.1 million-dollar for breast cancer research and outreach programs. all right. 5:27. we are following several big store thinks morning. >> we have a beer truck that shut down one of the busiest roadways. now we are hearing someone is injury. >> reporter: yeah, driver in a sedan that was involved in this tractor trail are crash, taken to the hospital, we will tell you what we know about that victim and how they are
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"i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. breaking news a tragedy, a father shot dead moments after he came home from shopping, his family was inside, and what police say that the two suspects got away with present leaving that man for dead. more breaking news
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overnight a tractor trailer and car collide on the schuylkill expressway all eastbound lanes shut down right now what you need to know before you head out the door. major vote, from septa workers saying they are ready to go on strike. what they are asking for and how soon we can see them walk off the job. unseasonably hot, workweek forecast could break some record? when we are set to feel 80-degree temperatures. sue serio has more in weather. good day, it is monday, october 17th, 2016. >> we are trying to make this a good day but we have struggles with the eagles losing and now we have traffic woes. lets get over to bob kelly with what everyone needs to know. >> good morning, 5:31. updating breaking news mostly lifting up coffee cops for a monday morning. others though work crews lifting up kegs and cans of beer involved in this accident. here's what happened at 2:30 last night a tractor trailer on the left involved in an accident, with another vehicle, on the eastbound lanes of the the schuylkill
5:32 am
expressway. now the cargo of beer, combination of the kegs, and cans, ruptured the tractor trailer, so they have to hand off load the entire cargo, put it into this tractor trailer on the right, bottom line, all eastbound lanes of the the schuylkill expressway right the now are closed, and already starting to see a backup here in our jam cams, from center city, in toward university. they are pushing all traffic off the uni, the exit there for university city, children's hospital, going down for an early morning appointment this morning with the kids give yourself extra time because everyone forced off at university. you will make a quick left on to 34th and that puts you back on grays ferry, easy off, easy on but when everybody has got to get off that one exit we will see problems for this morning. otherwise ben franklin looking good, no major problems on i-95 but our own dave kinchen on the scene of the tractor trailer accident. you are looking in the
5:33 am
trailers, are they close to maybe getting all that cargo off. >> reporter: i think so, it looks like there might be a couple more units, maybe two or three that they have to lift, you can see tow truck here, the man with the towing shirt with the forklift. he is putting this load into this other truck which is a pp thea truck enforcement unit, that is what it says on the side here. now, we also want to show you one lane of the right lane, it looks like of the westbound side is opened here, of the schuylkill if you we will spin it around and show you eastbound side that is completely shut down here. we did get new information too, we have learned from state police, i put a call into the local mayor here and they told me that, there is a person who was driving that hit this -- person that was driving the car that hit this truck, that is in the hospital now, there is a accident involved in this crash.
5:34 am
that driver is in the hospital, we don't know their condition, at this time. still trying to figure that out buzz one person hospitalized with some form of a injury, that person in the sedan, that was involved in this crash here, but you can see just the significance of the damage there. we can even see the cars, passing through, the hole in the side of this truck. so it is a pretty massive damage on that side of the vehicle will. i would say they have three units left of beer that they have to take off this truck and put on to this other truck which belongs to ppa as part of their enforcement unit here. that is latest live from the scene on the schuylkill now back to you. or actually lets go to sue, with weather. >> we have a beautiful day in store. warm day. you'll forget it is october. bus stop buddy saying do i have to go to school in of course, you do. we did in the put a jacket on him today. temperatures in the 50's and 60's so maybe a sweat tore start but you sure won't need it by end of the day. you know how kids are, they
5:35 am
leave sweater or jacket at school. temperatures range from 60 degrees in philadelphia to 60 in trenton to 58 in mount pocono. fifty-five in pottstown. and, we will look at ultimate doppler radar showing just a couple of showers here and there, as we head through the morning, but really nothing going on with that. showers are not an issue with our weather today. it will be 80 degrees. prepare for a warm one today and many of us just put away all of our summer clothes. so here we go a couple days in the 80's and 65 degrees our low tonight. that is a normal high temperature, lauren and karen, for today. >> all right, thank you so much, sue. a lawncrest man is dead after being shot and killed in his driveway. >> lets go out to steve key liz in his police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: detectives are here back where they have to go a lot have times and that is in northeast philadelphia's back allies and driveways. northeast philadelphia famous for having those back driveways on that angle, slanted down where people have
5:36 am
garages on the bottom of their house, and they frequently park their cars. robbers know that. that is why they were probably waiting for someone to come home, back alley of f street where home owner was parking his car after shopping. he comes home. likely becomes a random first come first chosen victim but as two guys pull a gun on him this victim is also carrying a gun. he may have tried to pull it out and that started a struggle over the gun and then had robbers fire four shots point blank at him and that hit, in the chest right away but in the arm and leg and that is why they are firing away still. he is finally hit twice in the torso area. police find a live bullet and ammunition clip fully loaded from his gun telling you he never got a shot off but likely fighting over that gun and that is how they fell out of the gun during a struggle, before he could fire a shot they take his gun and they take off. police know that because he is in and out, still alive at
5:37 am
that point and still able to tell police something and that is when they saw him and they took his gun. >> twenty-eight year-old victim had just returned home from shopping. he was in the rear of his house about to go inside of his rot when two male is a approached him, at least one of the males pulled a gun and announced a robbery, and for some reason one of the perpetrators fired multiple shots based on ballistics evidence. we know at least four shots were fired from a semi automatic weapon, all four spent shell casings were very close proximity to where the victim collapsed in his driveway. woman that was his wife, live in girlfriend was just inside and hears those four shots. she's with decks now. they had a young child lauren and child with neighbors sadly and will never grow up to see his or her father. >> just heart breaking. >> very sad. >> well, we are following more breaking news out of nicetown
5:38 am
scary moments for one woman after being forced to jump out of her home when it caught fire this happened before 1:30 on the 1700 block of west june yacht the a street. victim a 50 year-old woman was taken to the hospital with injuries to her head after jumping from that second floor window. as for fire in word what caused it and no one else was inside or injured during that blaze. a police officer from philadelphia recovering after a early morning crash. this happened, about four hours ago right at intersection of the 52nd and chestnut streets. the officer was taken to the hospital, reporting some minor pain. we do not know the cause of the crash. all right. our eagles, well, this is a tough one. i thought they were going to win but they didn't pull it out. they got devastated basically the entire game. it was ugly. sean bell will have a complete break down in sports in one minute. i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you?
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good morning i'm sean bell. there is no nice way to put this. yesterday eagles got punch in the mouth. after starting off slow last week it was even worse, this week. redskins offense just dashing eagles d on the ground, robert kelly in the second quarter with a 45-yard run, and that led to a touchdown, and eagles, weren't able to do anything. in the fourth matt jones breaks off a 57 yarder. absolutely awful.
5:42 am
that capped washington victory. they had 230-yard on the ground in the 27-20 loss. >> you know, the tackling, you know, disciplined enough to make plays that you are supposed to make and not go out there and try to make anybody elses play. that is what we have been goodies everybody has been patient. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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all right. so the birds fall again. >> yes, they did. >> well, you cannot have that many penalty. hello i'm big daddy graham. you cannot have that many penalty. like 27 in two weeks and you just can't play under those conditions, and expect to inn. it will not happen. >> you get to see wentz getting sacked so many times. i felt like it rattled him. he did in the have protection. >> they had mr. vaitai i will not attempt to say his first name, mr. vaitai there, you know, tackle and clearly not ready to play. i may self if i were doug pederson would have pulled him out of the game but i'm here to report to you the feeling of philadelphia fans being that i just spent four hours talking to them. there is nobody jumping off the bridge. people thought they should have won yesterday. they are upset about yesterday's loss but they are not going that is it, we're
5:46 am
done, we will not win a game rest of this season. there is nobody doing that, yet. lets see what happened if they lose gannon sunday to the vikings which they won't be favored to win that game. part of them sacks were wentz fault he has to get rid of that ball. >> he hold on to it, you can see him first, second read and then he waits and go down. >> what is it with you two. >> do you have football coaches. right on the money with everything that you saying. wentz has got to get rid of the ball quicker but no doubt, pederson had probably his worst game as a head coach. people sometimes forget that was fifth game he ever coached, that was it. but it was definitely his worst outing as a head coach. here's, there he is, he had
5:47 am
sometime on that particular throw. he did, but it is also not helping he doesn't have many great wide receivers. he really doesn't. >> look at that. >> that will go for big time bucks, some charity but he doesn't have any great he havers or great running backs but he is the real deal. nobody called last night going we are seeing carson wentz you better get used to seeing. no, i was really surprised. people like to think eagles fans are ready to jump on, jump off. >> we have faith. >> it is not the case. they hung in there last night. now again we will see what we talk about next week. >> what is playing next week minnesota. >> are they still undefeated. >> they are five-zero undefeated coming off a bye week. they did not play yesterday which means they will be extremely well rested, all right. >> true. >> maybe they will be rusty.
5:48 am
>> that is one way to look at it, rusty or rusted. >> you have a big event. >> i do, big show with joe conklin and our daughters, it is two funny philly guys and our daughters, casey conklin, and big daddy for tickets. media theater. saturday november 5th. go get your tickets by going to big daddy >> thank you for having me you former nfl coaches you. >> yes. >> all right, bob kelly. we get credit for our sports prowessness. >> looking good over there. 5:48. live look at project underway right new on the schuylkill expressway. off loading a tractor trailer full of beer and putting it on the other trailer. it happened 12:30 this morning when tractor trailer on the left here collided with another vehicle, all eastbound lanes of the the schuylkill are closed. lets go to our live camera on the scene, dave kinchen has been there all morning long,
5:49 am
project again taking all the beer from the left and moving it over to the right. and then once they get it all transferred over, the problem we will have have to look at it fuel spill on there, tractor trailer definitely has damage to the front tires. this could be another hour. there you go. there is an example of the oil, gasoline, that is the on the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. now headlights on the left there, that is left bound side, police have one lane opened because you can see that gaping hole in the tractor trailer. if our photographer can zoom into that, that tractor trailer started to bust apart when the accident occurred there were kegs of beer rolling around the back. luckily no one seriously hurt, the driver of the vehicle was involved in the tractor trailer and was taken to the local hospital. lets come back to my maps now because if we're heading out the front door eastbound on the schuylkill express waste we are bumper to bumper from
5:50 am
30th street you can see brake lights into university wherever one is forced off at uni. if you are taking the kid down to a checkup and or appointment at children's hospital get a move on. this is in your way. everybody forced off at university. first travel light at 34th, puts you back an on grays ferry. it is easy off, easy on but it will take extra time to do that this morning. i think we're in for a good looking monday. suesby has the a answer in 15 seconds. we're challenging record warmth this week with high pressure building in from the south, once it moves off shore we will get southeasterly winds and temperatures ten to
5:51 am
20 degrees above average for this time of the year. we will take some summertime once again, these are record for tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, 58 degrees since 1908, 80 since 1947 and 80 since 1917 respectively. these are all from philadelphia, we have a chance of tying, beating the record soundly on wednesday and maybe coming close to it on thursday. we will see what happens, regardless about the records though we will be feeling like a little will taste ovulate summer, early fall. we have 58 in reading. fifty-two down in wildwood. even in the mountains in the 50's but we are right at 60 degrees in philadelphia out to the west we will see some showers, that is dissipating cold front. nothing really affecting our viewing area. you can see in new york a couple stray showers or two but trust me it is not a big deal. there will be cloud around today but plenty of sunshine to get to us that 80 degrees or beyond 80. regardless. as we said it will feel like
5:52 am
summertime today, tomorrow, wednesday, maybe even thursday but then we will change with a couple cold front, some showers possible on try, that will be our change over today, and then we can even looks dry so far but much, much cooler, really, back to normal. lauren and chris and karen. saturday night live cannot seem to get enough of the, weekend show had fun with most recent presidential debate, so check this out. >> i agree that obama care can be improved but ken, it does have its benefits. number one, insurance companies cannot deny you coverage. number two, you though it is a big deal, with serious health problems. number three. and number three, women can't
5:53 am
be charged. >> ladies and gentlemen, put your hand together for one, the only, mr. ken bone. >> he is so cute. >> i really need that had right now. >> election cycle, comedy gold for snl, but donald trump did not think it was funny. he put this out on twitter. watched sat take night job, hit job on me. time to retire boring, unfunny show. baldwin's portrayal stinks. media rigging election. saturday night live pokes fun at melania trump with a beyonce inspired lemonade sketch. 5:53. a police officer got an unexpected surprise checking out a noise complaint what
5:54 am
this group of guys were doing in the dark that had officers cheering them on.
5:55 am
5:56 am
there is a lot of loud music but officer goes out for this noise complaint but not a typical call. let's take a all. >> are y'all having a party. >> we're practicing a dance. >> are y'all a group. >> yes. >> here's the deal, they are groomsmen, officer found out they were practicing for a
5:57 am
wedding dance. how cute is this? temptations my girl. wedding was the next day. so they should practice their moves. >> ♪ >> he told them to keep dancing just turn down music. this happened down there in texas. officer wrote we see bad but we see a lot of good. lets take a look at the traffic mess because this is bad right here we can see eastbound shut down, bob will have a live report in a moment. we do know somebody was injured at this beer truck crash, we will be right back.
5:58 am
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tractor trailer and car collide shutting down parts of the schuylkill expressway. what do you need to know before you leave the door. a tatter is killed after being robbed, shot right outside of his home, they shared with his family what police say two suspects got away with present they took off. it was a flat out butt kicking, eagles lose another one this time against the division rival, washington redskins, you saw it, it stinks, plus this. i think they are trying bully tactics and they are trying it with the wrong people, we will not stand for that? fired up, ready for a fight, thousands of bus operators, gearing up to hit the picket line. what a strike could


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