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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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. woman lucky to be live, how firefighters say her dog helped save her. a man exposed himself to a woman working in her garden. what she did is the talk of the whole town. keep it right here your news starts in 30 seconds. live from center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00. they're a as i of relief for
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dozens of south philly residents. gas leak to do forced them to you. i'm iain page >> i'm lucy nolan. it took utility crews hours to fix the 45 homes. sabina kuriakose live in south philly right now. >> reporter: pgw is still on the scene here, so far, the fire department has cleared out. they tell us the gas leak is under control. the crews right now still working to fix that main. again, 45 homes, two city blocks had to be evacuated for several hours this afternoon. >> sunday evening danger in the air in south philly. hours long gas leak forced the evacuation of 45 homes. spread out across two city blocks on christian street. residents running out in their bare feet as gas gushed into the
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air >> we had in power. >> reporter: it was just after 4:00 when emergency crews got word. a contractor doing work in the basement of one of the row homes had struck and ruptured a gas line. prompting a huge response fire department 11 trucks and nearly 50 firefighters closing off several blocks. peco quickly cut power. pgw crews working into the night. >> the biggest concern is the gas doesn't build up. we wanted a make sure we had a wide enough area to give pgw area work and give the gas enough area to expand and dis participate >> we had no power >> barbara and meredith hoping to celebrate her birthday. they saved the cake but couldn't have the sparks. >> can't put on candles >> we'll be ok. >> reporter: nobody was hurt.
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pgww continues to work to put in an tirely new gas line. >> thank you, sabina, tomorrow, kathleen cane will find out if he's headed to prison. she's convicted nine counts of perjury that could hold a prison centers as long as 24 years. leaking grand jury documents and lying about it under oath. kane argues her loss of career, law license and reputation is punishment enough and that she should get house arrest or probation. prosecutors are pushing for time behind bars. they say her crimes put the entire state's law enforcement in turmoil. >> we're learning more about what led neighbors to a disturbing discovery inside a south philly row home. unfolded on 11th and johnston. neighbors say they hand seen a couple a few days and started to get worried. noticed a terrible smell seeping through the walls.
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concerned there's went in through an unlocked door and found the bodies of a man and woman in a bedroom. the circumstances surround, the death remain under investigation. fox 29 weather authority, we take a live look at art museum. it is almost november. can you see? the wind has been blowing the flags around all day. meteorologist kathy orr is here with what to expect when you head out to work tomorrow morning. >> it's going to be a cool-down lucy, we're seeing clear skies out there. with a few clouds that will be rolling through as a cold front moves in. 57 the temperature. the high today 66. winds out of the south and west. that's a warming winds, temperatures will not cool off that much. but they will during the day and evening tomorrow. right now, 46 in the poconos, the same in allentown. reading berks county 52. 56 in wilmington, millville at 58. the wind has calmed down. we had big gusts this afternoon, they will be back tomorrow as we
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see cooler air moving in. and the coat tails of a northwesterly wind. the is city 52, suburbs 48. the clouds rolling in with a southwesterly wind. once the front moves through, that means cooler air will go moving in. the winds will be shifting by the time we make the toward the mid period of week, temperatures will be freeze in in some spots. coming up in the seven-day forecast, lots to talk about. gustings will return turning much cooler and we will have a first frost. hard to believe. remember friday? it was 80. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> i remember that. >> thanks. eagles got a win today. this time against the former team mate. birds sort of welcoming back sam bradford after the trade that led to carson wentz being the starting quarterback >> welcoming back. but despite the drama this team was a must win for the eagles and the house with more sean bell >> you can tell these guys really, really, really wanted this one, they needed this w, if
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they lost a whole lot of doubt would have crept in everyone's mind. the playoffs, that would have been a distant memory. luckily they got it down. first, it didn't look good. carson looking like a rookie in the first quarter. look at this, just bad decision. picked off and you think it's going to be a pick 6, luckily they stop just short and luckily because defense was staying tall, sam bradford hasn't thrown an interception all season until right now. that's a pick right there. in the end zone, at one point there were five can we have turnovers between the eagles and vikings. they take the kickoff back to the house, 98 yards, that was a play of the game. eagles found their groove after that in the third quarter wentz find to go beckham and that will ice the game. the eagles win 21-10.
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the may have been ugly but got it done >> i knew this was going tore sort of those back and forth wasn't going to be real high scoring game, that's a great football team. the that's a great defense. got a lot of good players over there. it was going to be sort of a heavy wait fight a little bit. toto right to the end. >> the eagles get a must win game comp on sports sunday gary cobb will break down the entire game. take a look at the eagles schedule over the next couple weeks. probably going to be pretty tough. iain. >> absolutely. eagles fans at chuckie and pizza are weighing in. among the hot topics sam bradford. . >> the fact that he came back and we basic embarrassed him puts a smile on my face, two teams that everybody had going to the super bowl. >> it's the man. keep the defense the way it is.
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nobody could beat it. >> we were happy to come down here from north dakota and see carson pull out a win for the eagles. >> i thought the game was great. bradford choked just like he would when he play for us. the birds travel to dallas next sunday to play the cowboys. 2016 time is winding down. the candidates hit the campaign trail. hillary clinton rallied voters in north carolina and joking about the debates and joking about the election being rigged. a polling average shows clinton were you a small lead in north carolina. meanwhile, the vice president's wife joe biden became the latest high profile democrat to stomp in the philadelphia area. >> she was joined with senator tim kaine's wife. events at spring garden and chester county. jennifer joyce was on the campaign trail this afternoon.
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>> is anybody up for land slide? >> reporter: rallying an intimate crowd of female voters. vice presidential nominee. pushed the clinton kaine ticket at a campaign event held at the community college of philadelphia. >> i have a hope that we're all going to do everything we can to get every vote out for hillary and for tim and for katie mcginty >> they reenforced the message. re >> we now how important it is for us to be treated as equals. with dignity and respect. we know how important it is for us to make our own decisions about our own well-being. that's who we are as a people. that's what makes america great. >> reporter: women's issues, a top concern for amanda rosen of
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center city and she feels the stakes are high in this election. >> just because this election is different from everyone is saying different from any other we ever had. i really think this election is going to change how america is one way or another. >> reporter: rosen attended hillary clinton's rally at university of pennsylvania saturday. rosen wants to better understand the issues. >> hearing what their positions are, and especially with hillary we haven't been able to hear that at the debate because it's been more like kind of a high school back and forth. >> reporter: car lien first campaign events. >> i do believe that everyone should have access to edification. >> reporter: the election is peaking many people's political interest. democrat party leaders are hoping the record 200 million americans registered will hit the polls november 8. >> this is a race that can have further surprises and every day matters as we're coming down to
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the final stretch >> jennifer joyce fox 29 news. fresh off the stop. tim kaine is coming right back. the vp nominee set the campaign on wednesday and the final push to win the battleground state. he will hope to convince keystone voters to choose clinton. the polls shows her ahead by six points. donald trump has his sights on another swing is state. >> naples florida, he asked the supporters to get out and vote early. they can start tomorrow. and for trump winning florida is vital. politics which averages all the major polls has him behind six points. but trump is eyeing a different poll >> investors business daily the
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most accurate poll just announced that we are leading nationally by two points >> trumply final push comes as another woman steps up to accuse him of unwanted sexual advances. jessica drake is the 11th person to make such claims publicly >> as the clock ticks down, stay with fox 29 on air and online a fire ripped through a row home. woman is alive because of her four-legged best friend. when firefighters saw. there's a warning about a designer drug that's cheap and easy to get. it's got killer consequences why experts say it's nor dangerous than heroin >> an oklahoma police department is once again in the headlines after officers killed a homeless man. what happened in the moments leading up to the deadly encounter >> a woman working in her garden when man stopped to ask for
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directions. then exposed himself. what the woman did next is the talk of the whole town.
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this is all that's left of a weed world's candy troubling after it caught fire on the
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delaware memorial bridge. at total loss. inside that truck it was candy. but it was 60 to $70,000 worth of marijuana laced candies. the five employees in the truck are not injured. fire marshal is investigating what started the fire. unlikely hero has emerged after a fire rips through a port richmond row home tonight first responders say it was a family dog who saved his owner's life. he did something he normally never does. the neighbors new something was wrong. joan pileggi is live at temple where thanks to that pup, doctors are treating the human mom. >> reporter: the victim in this early morning fire was rushed here to temple university hospital. her devoted pet who's being called a hero was taken to cares annual hospital for emergency treatment. that's in langhorne. that pet was burned. now, neighbors and friends are hoping both of them will recover after this devastating fire. >> it was frightening for neighbors when they woke this
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morning to the sound of a barking dog and then discovered thick smoke and fire in the home across the street. >> just woke up in the middle of the night seeing fire engines and flames going up on the curtains >> she was my friend. very good friend. >> inside the burning brick row home in port richmond, a woman, her dog and cat were trapped inside >> the firemen, they quickly acted. ran in the house. observed the situation. took andy out on the stretcher, come to find out that the dog was laying on top of her, protecting her. it's a beautiful thing. >> the victim's dog name ch, ay had continued barking as long as he could. thankfully alerted neighbors about the fire. >> when the fire department opened up the doors that the dog was laying on top of the lady. he was guarding his master.
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>> they rescued the woman burned over invest % of her body. they carried out her dog and cat both unconscious. >> they also rescued two animals, one dog was actually was outside and resuscitated by the firefighter, that dog was supported by the red cross emergency relief organization for care. >> reporter: neighbors have identified the victim as andrea belotch. in critical condition. i spoke to her brother late this afternoon and he told me then she had a 50-50 chance of survival. as for her dog, the dog, as we mentioned was burned but is in stable condition. the cat did not survive. fire investigators are looking for the cause of that us early morning blaze. >> my prayers go out to them. thank you so much. in state college, police are
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asking folks to me forward i with video or pictures following last night's riot, >> penn state's fan took it a little too far after the team upset ohio state. police say thousands of fans took to the streets celebrating. some fans were knocking down light poles, damages street signs, stating small fires. police took about to hours to clear the hour, arrests are pending and asking for the public's help if they witnessed any crimes. airlines always say to arrive at the airport early for your flight. one couple was too early and that had american airline switching out planes for a flight from philadelphia to boston this morning. a couple boarded their plane two hours before they were supposed to board. american airlines said the door to the plane was open and the couple who don't speak english just walked on and sat down. company said it wasn't a security breach but decided to
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use a different aircraft. quote, out of an abundance of caution. there's an opioid epidemic in our country. police are adding another drug to the list and calling it pink heroin. it's a powerful synthetic opioid known as u 47700. it tale comes from china and cheap. a lot of states are working to try and ban it. one person died from taking it in virginia and it's resistants to narcan. >> people are getting, trying to get the high of their lives and in the process dying like never before when it comes to heroin and opioids. >> especially because pink heroin is available on line. police are urging parents to be cautious and aware of their kids' actions. iraqi forces are making progress in the fight against
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isis, the special forces are into towns surrounding mosul. ash cart traveled to baghdad. hits trip follows the meeting with turkey leaders friday to help retake mosul from isis despite tensions between turkey and iraq >> more than a dozen people dead after a nasty crash involving a bus an tractor-trailer. what investigators are looking for. a deer is alive thank yous to a new jersey police officer, where he found him to survive. most people owe the bank.
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. devastating bus crash in california left more than a dozen people dead. it was on its way to los angeles from a casino. the driver crashed into the back
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of a tractor-trailer this morning. in one of southern california busiest interstates. look how far that bus went in the back end of that trailer. authorities are trying to recover the black box to help learn more about what happened here. ntsb just arrived on scene. police are shot and killed a man. officers responded to a scene after they say a 58-year-old william frost confronted two people with a knife. police say the man refused commands to drop the weapon, so they tased him and fatally shot him. they say he was homeless and frequented the local she would. >> he was a good guy, friendly. he had a big heart >> cars were around, who could say a bullet could ricochet and exploded. anything of that nature >> the two officers involve are on paid leave from the
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department pending results. federal investigators are continuing to look into the widespread hack of a popular internet sites friday. most of the east coast and west coast. cyber attack shutdown dozens of the world's most popular websites such as amazon, netflix, twitter, papal. investigators are trying to figure out if russia or china may have had a hand in the attack or an independent group of hackers. experts think an even larger attack is now in the works. georgia police are searching for the person who shot and killed two children during a home invasion. police in clayton county near atlanta say five siblings ages six through 15 were home alone and they rushed there after one called 911. they found two siblings, a 15-year-old and 11-year-old dead. the parents were out on the town that night but rushed home after a call from police. investigators say the intruder
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or intruders didn't take anything. all possible motives still on the table. search and rescue crews are scouring several rivers and streams looking for a teen two disappeared. the terrifying way he ended up in the water. >> a woman was working in her gander when a guy stopped and asked for directions. what she did next that's the talk of the town. whether we're talking about a cold front that will be moving through, we actually see temperatures slightly rise and stay steady and then fall in the wake of this the front. 's wait till you see the number. we're talking about falling to freezing in some spots. when we come back.
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re police in new hampshire, a boy died after a powerful and deadly storm hammered the northeast this weekend. he did not come home after leaving a friend's house during the heavy rain storm. fast moving water may have swept him into a large storm drain. investigators searched rivers and they did find the body. they have yet to identify it and cannot say if it is jacob's tonight a woman is grabbing headlines. >> she was waters plants when she noticed a car coming towards her. inside was a guy without a shirt and a guy exposed himself and was performing a lewd act. she sprayed him with her garden hose and he drove off. she's lucky all she had is a hose in her hand and not pruner. >> how dare he?
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he's lucky he just got wet. i was just thinking i would have used anything i had at hand to fight back. it was something in me that wanted to not let him know this was ok and not give him that power. >> police have not caught the man as of yet. a new jersey trooper's heroic act is going viral trooper, dwayne phillips found himself in a house. he found a deer nearly drowning in a pool. jumps into action and pulls it to z in this picture, you can see the deer was exhausted after the near death experience, but new jersey state police say he did recover and was able to run off >> thank goodness. philadelphia home where grace kelly grew up is the property of the royal family in montco. her son is prince albert and he's confirmed to possibly
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magazine he bought the home. the six bedroom house is in the city's east falls neighborhood. prince albert told the magazine the home is very important and he plans to visit philly on tuesday. that's where his mom said yes to his dad as far as a marriage proposal. he bought it for $754,000. thousands is going to great cause tonight. >> it was raised in a dog friendly way. the mutt strut took over south philadelphia's navy yard today. the one and a half mile walk attract add how to pups. it's to raise money and awareness for paws and its efforts to save philadelphia's homeless animals. dogs dressed up in costumes. there was a k9 talent show. it's the 10th year of this event. it's officially snow season in alaska. snowstorms stirred up trouble and joy. the grown ups are dealing with power outage, the kids did best to hit the sloepts.
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some towns got a foot of snow. the anchorage police department says within a span of a few hour, it had 60 car crashes on it'sth hands. no snow here yet. but it's cooling down out there, kathy. >> not yet. >> no. >> i was pruning this afternoon. we're not ready. but soon some of us will be seeing our first frost. 80 degrees on friday. of course we had the temple game. great weather. saturday. 56, below average average. today 66 tomorrow will be slightly above average. but the change is heading toward the month of october. the city it's 57. 56 in wilmington, 60 in wildwood. to the north through new england and also through new york city state southeastern parts of canada looking at 30's and 40's. even williamsport checking in at 47. you could see ahead of this
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front dry conditions with some showers along the new york pa border. this fronts moves through early tomorrow morning and after that temperatures will follow. we have a southeasterly wind and it will be fairly light during the day tomorrow. it becomes more northwesterly and that has colder wind for us. temperatures will peak earlier that the day then late in the afternoon, they will be falling. overnight, 52 in the city, 48 in the suburbs, clouds moving in during the overnight. during the day tomorrow, 65 degrees for the high temperature. mostly sunny but a gusty wind. southeasterly winds ahead of on the front. behind the front we're talking about northwest winds 15 to 20 gusting to 30. once againing this will be an early high and then during the afternoon those temperatures will be falling. your seven-day forecast, brought to you by your weather authority tuesday, a chill look at this. 57 degrees, 42 will be the morning low. now, wednesday is the day we have to pay attention to. a cold start to the day.
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that is the day we could have a frost in our suburbs because the city will be waking up to 38 degrees. same thing goes for wednesday in it into thursday morning. thursday morning, the low 38 in philadelphia. but in our suburbs we're talking about only temperatures in the lower to mid 30's. the normally colder spots leak quakertown and perkasie and pottstown you could have a frosty start wednesday or thursday. by thursday afternoon, we see another front coming our way, rain most likely during the afternoon then temperatures rebounding somewhat for friday and for saturday and then after a front moves through saturday. we cool it down again sunday. you can see these temperatures up and down high mainly in the 50's and 60's and lows in the 30's and the 40's. that is the scoop. 'tis the season. >> speaking of which, i saw a chris has commercial already: we did. >> that will do it on fox 5 news
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at 10:00. >> keep it here for sports sunday. this is fox 29 sports sunday. >> weird, ugly, slope pie. the eagles game was all of that and more. a lot of bad adjectives but they got a win. that's the bottom line. take a look at the eagles coming through in a must, win situation. plus nfc east. everything getting a little bit tighter than it was coming up next in sports sunday.


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