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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 25, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news right now, a double shoot nothing north philadelphia. it lives police searching for answers, tea tails that are coming into our news room. plus, the the detectives say that they have arrested four teenagers on a salt charges in a flash mob right here near temple university. why people living around campus are still worried. also, the emotional plea from one of the victims fathers. and then this... >> i'm going to wash the floor with these. >> this is video posted on video and lots of people are talking bit why checkers in our area have been shut down, and the workers there are fired and... >> it is clear from this is that nobody ace above the law.
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>> pennsylvania's former attorney general already back home after being sentenced to prison, how long kathleen kane will remain a free women. good day, it is a tuesday, it is october 25th, it is straight up 4:01 on this morning. pretty chilly. lets check our forecast with sue serio to see what we expect for this day, fall temperatures, sue. >> big difference from yesterday, you'll notice when you walk outside it is colder. now we have a northwesterly wind which we did not the yesterday at this time and you can see a little bit of lake effect rain, up around buffalo which normally would get when we say the word lake effect it is usually followed by the s word but none of that is making its way down here. we have a few clouds out here this morning. the the temperature as you start your day is chillier then yesterday, at the airport it is 49 degrees with 11 miles an hour wind which make is it feel chillier. sunrise time is not until 7:23 this morning. so 40's and 30's to the north of us, and then eventually
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with sunshine we will get in the mid 50's but expect another windy afternoon. so that is a look at your forecast for today, sunset time is 6:07. we will get to the seven day for you, coming up but bob kelly is here right the now, happy tuesday. >> right back at you, happy tuesday to you. good morning at 4:02 as we get started. vine street expressway still closed to vehicle traffic this morning the drill between schuylkill and broad street pushed off on the vine street local and you can use either the spring garden street off ramp, south street ramps until about 5:00 o'clock. overturn tractor trailer happened overnight, the ramps from 141 to 95, down here in wilmington, just south of the wilmington right on the approach to the delaware memorial bridge watch for local detour this is morning. crew is still working westbound on the schuylkill expressway out near 476, they have what would be the left lane and some bright spotlights out here heading through conshohocken and live
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look at ben franklin bridge, in problems at all working your way up and out of the south jersey toward philadelphia. karen, back over to you. breaking news a police officer had to be to the 407 after his cruiser crashed. scene is at the north 11th and warknock street ape it is since about 2:30 this morning. the this is an unmarked car that was struck by another vehicle. we're learning it may have started as a police pursuit. the officer was not seriously injured. at least two people were taken in custody. we don't have further details at this time. police are investigating a double shooting from north philadelphia, investigators say it happened at 11:00 last engine zidan apartment on the 3500 block of north 11th street. police say a man in his 40's was shot the in the stomach and then man in his 20's was shot the in the chest. the both have them were taken over to temple hospital where we're in stable condition. we do not have a motive for that shooting. and four teenagers are under arrest, police say group is part of the mob that attacked temple students and also even police officers. the lets get to lauren johnson
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hoist near campus with what happened? it was on friday, is that right, lauren. >> reporter: friday night, karen. we're here on oxford street off broad street and this pizza shop over my shoulder, they were able to intervene and help save a girl when this flash mob broke out. police say it happen as students poured on the streets from the temple football game on friday night. it doesens of teenagers were just lurking in the streets here, waiting on a signal from someone. four separate assaults all violent in one of them a female student walking with friends got kicked and punched her cell even if stolen, workers inside that nearby pizza shop came outside, intervened until police arrived. her father joseph remembers getting afrin particular call from his daughter, cristina, moments after the madness. >> she was jumped, and i said how bad? she said dad, i'm beaten up very badly. i said whose phone is this? she said my phonies stolen. i borrowed a phone. i'm heading to the police
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station now. the it happened so fast. the girls kind of went after my daughter, pulling her hair. thank god the pizza place came out, owners of the pizza place came out, intervened, stopped everything, police arrived and they apprehended two individual holding her down. >> reporter: in separate incident a 15 year-old boy was confronted by a female police officer after he was seen throwing rocks at cars. he threw that officer to the ground on top of her bike. she suffered minor injuries n another incident a police horse was punched in the the face twice. in all four separate incident within an hour here at broad street. right here near the campus of temple university. coming up at 4:30 hear what students and parent to have say about temple's response to the violence, karen. >> lauren, thanks much. 4:05.
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lets look at news from overseas. pakistan officials say that nearly 60 police trainees were killed in an attack on a police center. we know 116 more were wounded including some para military troops this all happened when small number of gunman but half dozen opened fire as they rushed to the hospital at a police training center. so far no one has claimed responsibility. or local stories making news kathleen kane on the cover of the philadelphia daily news, to the dungon, next stop for kane, the big house that is what the head line reads. former pennsylvania attorney general heading to prison important perjury. she posted $75,000 cash bail. montgomery county judge sentenced her to ten to 23 months in prison, followed by eight years of probation, she can remain free, while her legal team appeals, and jury
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quick her this summer of perjury, for lying under oath and then leaking confidential document to the media to embarras a political enemy. we are two weeks to election day. hillary clinton attended a star studded fundraiser, head of her 69th birthday tomorrow. but earlier in the day clinton campaign with senator elizabeth warren. yesterday in new hampshire she and lauren teamed up to rally voters for her new alley, during the final presidential debate, donald trump called her such a nasty woman, and while clinton has not addressed those remarks, senator warren had this to say. >> on november 8th we nasty women are going to march or nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get the you out of our lives forever. >> critics are saying that somewhat ironic that they have teamed up together because warren is a wall street reformis t and clinton some say a beneficiary of wall street. people are saying they are both on the same page. >> we're going to make big banks pay for the risk they pose to our economy. >> wall street speeches show it is not what clinton says
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behind closed stores. whole you this document dump of e-mails showing clinton's campaign from the far left of the democratic party. here's what was in the e-mails. referred to them as crazy leftis t, naive, radical and dumb. new data from the federal election commission shows clinton received 1/5 of her $1 billion in campaign donation from his 100 of the country's wealthiest individual according to analysis by the washington post. real clear politics poll shows clinton is ahead by five points nationally, hillary clinton leads at 47.8 while donald trump is at 42.3 percent. donald trump continues to energize many loyal supporters. he will be focusing on florida, he is acknowledging people in his team that his likelihood getting more voters here in pennsylvania may be on the decline, trump denouncing phony polls tweeting that the polls were create todd suppress his support. >> they are polling democrats.
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the system is corrupt and it is rigged, and it is broken and we're going to change it. >> in a radio interview donald trump mocked jessica drake late woes man to accuse him of sexual misconduct saying i'm sure she has never been grabbed before and that the accusations were total fiction. drake says years trum grabbed her and tried to pressure her into sex for money. billion air said he will sue his accusers after the election. and it is neck to neck in the u.s. senate race right here in pennsylvania, incumbent republican pat toomey and democrat katie mcginty faced off in the second and final debate at temple university just like in their tv ads each spent time criticizing each other. they have big differences on government regulation, economy, abortion, obama care, each said their opponent will hurt the middle class. >> i will go to bat for working families and for the middle class but franklin it is those very same families
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that senator toomey has left behind. >> too much taxes, over spending, massive deficits, doubling of the nation's debt and way too much regulation, is it any wonder we are not getting prosperity that we need. katie mcginty would double down on those failed policies. thanks very much. >> two campaign has spent 100 million-dollar in the race making it one of the most expensive ever in history and whoever wins, could possibly tip the balance of power, in the senate. all right. this story, and i will apologize in advance, it is just gross and ruin your appetite. local restaurant that has been shut down after workers posted a disgusting video on facebook. in item please describe what they do to customers food. steve keeley joining us live from west oak lane, outside of a checkers restaurant, steve, explain. >> reporter: karen, are you hungry right now by any chance. >> not by this story, no, grossed out. >> reporter: this will make your hunger go away.
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we're at the store right the now. there are no temporary signs telling customers anything, anywhere, i went all the way around the place. wait his this you the down temporarily no signs or when it will be back opened but this checkers on stenton avenue. we are right across the street from mlk high school. shut down, suddenly sunday night after its management saw what so many others did, and were disgusted by it. a facebook video made by the the workers themselves behind the scenes in the kitchen, in the food prep area. then these same workers posted the video, and it suggested, it shows let's is a very unappetizing things. >> i will wash the floor with these burgers. >> i'm doing my job, bro. >> we're just going to take care of it. >> i just saw laughter, play, nobody is taking anything serious, the customers, the
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food, the restaurant, you know, the manager was cursing and acting as if it was nothing. so, i mean i'm never eating there ever again, ever. >> reporter: that is not what checkers corporate wants to hear. it was both among those commenting on the the facebook video posting and then in an additional statement says employees quote involved will be terminated, restaurant will be fully sanitized and reinspect before it the reopens and all team members will be retrain. so a lot of re's in there in the official statement. you have to feel sorry for the guy managing this place and people owning this place that they have to deal with this and hopefully, people won't all feel like that women and maybe somebody will feel hey, is there probably in cleaner place in the world to eat after this video and after checkers corporate got on top of this. >> all right steve, thanks very much. it his 12:00.
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coming up we will have a prince in our area, today, we will explain why, and where he will go. plus also, major damage to one of our local landmarks, here in the city. what police say a vandal was after when he smashed the the steps of the union league. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania.
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"new fallout for donald trump..." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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lots of bright sunshine but you will notice a chillier start. the northwesterly wind coming
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across the great lakes bringing just a little bit of moisture maybe in the mountains, maybe into the lehigh valley and you could see maybe a sprinkle or two, to the north, maybe, even out by ocean county. but that is not the big deal, the big deal is temperatures and how cold it will be, not only this morning but tomorrow morning we already have a freeze warning issued for wednesday morning for all counties that are shaded in purple, and then the light blue is a frost advisory and that includes philadelphia. so tomorrow morning, we will be waking up to temperatures in the the 30's. how about our next chance of rain? not today, and not tomorrow, but increase in clouds late in the day tomorrow getting ready for some rain on thursday with those chillier temperatures to the north of us. way to the north of us. maybe even in the pocono mountains they could see a few flurries but for us, rainy day on thursday it looks like and then things will be changing after that. so very chilly air moving in from the north at a much
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chillier high temperature with a 56-degree high today, mid 50's tomorrow, rainy day on thursday, and then by friday we're back to about 60 degrees, maybe a late shower on saturday but early part of the the day should be all right, mix of sun and clouds on sunday highed in myth 60's, and spooky sunshine. >> what happened to all these mums i bought over the week went these freeze. >> mums the word. >> mums are okay. >> thank goodness. >> 4:17. >> how is your mums? looking good in the 50's on 42 and schuylkill expressway, no problems coming down the new jersey turnpike. i have an update on overturn tractor trailer. this happened last night at 10:00 o'clock, all of the ramps are opened, northbound 295 ramp to 141 reopened there in delaware, so that is good news for morning commuters. gang coming through center city, vine street expressway closed you know normal drill until 5:00. the stretch from broad street over through the schuylkill
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expressway with the local detours and then bridge inspections later today. they will hit you coming and going, southbound i-95, from the vine expressway down through columbus boulevard and then leaving center city heading northbound the crews are working between center city and girard avenue and watch for delays on the the blue route as well. they are patching up all those potholes out there and they will do it all at the same time today from 95 all the way up to nova, they will flip a u turn and coming back southbound but watch for delays during midday starting at 9:00. karen, over to you. well, police in oklahoma are desperate thely searching for a person suspect of killing his aunt and uncle in a home where he had been hiding. the that is suspect. it started with 38 year-old michael van shot and wounded two police officers and stole their vehicle. he then taunted police live, on facebook live, as he was making his escape showing his weapon. police also say he has a medical condition and may try to spread disease and apparent
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reference to aids. in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood detectives are hoping to catch a person who stole a car with the child inside. police say it was a 26 year-old mom who left her six year-old son in the car for a couple moment last night on the 6500 block of frankford avenue. police say that is when someone jumped in that vehicle and drove off with her son, still in the back. officers did find that car, just a couple blocks away with the the child still inside, and unharmed. 4:19. an iconic building in center city targeted by vandalism. police are searching for whoever caused damage at the union league building. dave schratwieser reports many people are wondering how this crime was pulled off on busy broad street. >> very unfortunate situation here. we are very upset about it certainly. >> reporter: union league officials and tourist were outraged after a bizzarre crime at the union league that cased part of the iconic stairway railing on the 150 year-old building to come tumbling down. >> this is beyond criminal, this is disgusting. >> reporter: it happened just after 3:00 a.m. monday when
4:20 am
surveillance cameras captured the lone suspect as he climbed steps and yanked on the piece of brass railing. 6-foot piece of railing came down along with the composite concrete railing attached to it. >> grabbed the brass, ripped it down causing the structure to fully collapse as you can see here. it appears that way. he did walk away with the brass, yeah. >> we were saying what a beautiful building. to see this it is just unacceptable, totally unacceptable. >> reporter: work crews spent the evening cleaning up the mess and assessing damage. union league members continue to file in the historic building using a second stairway. >> being a iconic place for philadelphians and our members it is a bad day to see vandalism and structure to our property. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. 4:20 is our time. former aid to chris christie has been called into question about exactly what the governor knew about those lane closures. bridget kelly testified that she told governor chris christie twice about the lane closures by the george washington bridge and he knew
4:21 am
about traffic problems in the area at fort lee. on friday kelly testified that christie signed off on a traffic study connected to the lane closures. christie has continued to deny knowing anything about the scheme before it happened. prosecutors have not charged the governor. happening today, something fun. we will have royalty among our, all of us, prince albert of monaco may be in our area have after buying the childhood home of his mother. grace kelly. it the is located in the cities east falls neighborhood, prince albert tells people magazine it is very important to him this home. he remembers being there and playing with his cousins as a child. he is planning to visit philadelphia as he decides what to do with the property. he bought it for $754,000 in september. and history will be made at this years world series. pretty exciting. it has been 108 years since the cubs won the world series, that is longest championship drought in any sport and they
4:22 am
have not even made it to the fall classic since 1945. talking about the curse. the indians have not won since 1948. they have made several appearances, most recently in 1997 when they lost to the the marlins. even though it is best of seven series, we will break it down, in baseball's game one is important because teams that win game one in the world series go on to win it 64 percent of the time. first pitch at 8:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. all right. we have been talking about the big win, kind of fun to growth, largely because of the coach really aggressive play calling. what the team's coach said that he did that paid off big time for our bird. lauren? >> no, here's your winning lottery numbers.
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our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them?
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a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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good morning i'm sean bell, eagles getting a big win on sunday because doug pederson's aggressive play calling. he showed a lot of trust in his players and on sunday really it paid off. >> i trust our guys. i trust the offensive line. i think it sends a great message to the rest of the team, to our defense, to special teams that hey if we convert this and stay on the field it send a good message. >> eagles did come out of this game with a loss, ron brooks will be out for the year with
4:26 am
a quad injury. he looked like he was trying to make a tackle will right there and his leg just kind of buckled on him. secondary already very, are thin. that will be a very tough, loss. shayne gostisbehere with the the shot but a great save by carry price leading to another montreal goal. flyers lose three-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. thanks, sean. health care costs are about to go up as part of obama care how much more you can expect to pay out of pocket. but first, more on the the arrest of some teenagers, following that violent flash mob that happened right here near temple, why students in the community, are watching their backs. plus this video is posted on facebook and everybody is talking about it. if you ever work in the kitchen, people might say and do, people are really grossed out, we will explain. most people owe the bank.
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but pat toomey actually owned a bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street.
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dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. a double shooting is being investigated, police looking for some answers. we have all of the breaking details on that. four teenagers have been arrested on assault charges after that flash mob that happened right here near temple university. why people around campus are
4:30 am
so concerned. and also there is a video on facebook causing a lot more than just conversation on social media this is a checkers restaurant now closed and some workers have been fired. good day it is a tuesday october 25th i'm karen hepp. the straight up 4:30. lets check this forecast. sue, we have temperatures in the the 50's. >> forty-nine it just dropped down. >> in the mountains it is in the 30's this morning. you will feel difference when you walk out the door and we will not get in the 60's like we did, yesterday. we have got that cold air coming from the north the west, and you can see, the camera here at philly international, temperatures 49, a lot more chillier then yesterday in the 50's, westerly wind, at 11. look at the mountains 38 there. forty-six in trenton. forty-two in millville. our warm, spot is wildwood with 52 degrees. we have got 12 miles an hour, 10 miles an hour wind,
4:31 am
10 miles an hour wind with gusts in the 20's in the mountains. and the shore. that will make it feel chillier then it is. with sunny and seasonal, average high 64. we got up to 65 degrees. the not so much today. fifty-six should be our high temperature and another blustery day. that is your wet ther authority forecast, the seven day is coming up. bob kelly, good morning. >> it is definitely chilly out there, wow, get the coat and the fleece on, good morning, everybody. 4:31. live look the a the closure of the vine street expressway downtown between broad street and the schuylkill until about 5:00 o'clock as part of the overnight construction, you can use vine street local or jump off schuylkill at either spring garden, south, or at 30th street. now tacony palmyra bridge getting ready for early opening 4:40 time slot here. get ready to grab your cough east and keys and head out. you have nine minutes to beat it or go for jumbo coffee to wait it out or bet thecy ross bridge is a good alternate.
4:32 am
that is a the 4:40. good news for the gang from wilmington north bound lanes of 295 the off ramp to 141 has been closed with an overturn tractor trailer. everything is open. we're ready there for a morning rush hour. karen, back over to you. we're following this breaking news that comes from olney where police are investigating a crash, this is an unmark police car, the scene is right there at north 11th and warincome streets. crews struck another car just about two hours ago. we have learn this may have begun as a police pursuit. an officer was taken to the hospital. we are told the injuries are minor. at least two people have been taken into custody. also police are investigating a double shooting, this happened in north philadelphia, about 11:00 last night inside an apartment on the 3500 block have of north 11th street. police say a man in his 40's was shot in the stomach and a man in his 20's in the chest. >> we believe both of the victims knew each other, they
4:33 am
were inside the first floor apartment which is the 41 year-old victim's apartment. we believe shooting took place inside of that property. we do not know motive or if it is a robbery. >> both of those victims were taken to temple university hospital and they are in stable condition. we don't have a motive right the now. 4:33. developing story right now several teens are under arrest, dozens more wanted after a series of flash mob attacks aimed at students at temple and also even police. we have got lauren johnson nearby where this all happened to explain, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, karen. we are talking about criticism temple is facing after parents and students heard about what happened friday night right here on broad street. we're across roads at oxford avenue near the movie theater. a large group of teenagers crowded streets here after planning to meet up on social media as part of the surprise attack against anyone who was in this area.
4:34 am
moments later mob of students split into small groups and those attacked started. students, police officers and even a police horse all assaulted in that street fight. one victim 19 year-old christine malleta suffered injuries that sent her to the hospital. she lost her cell phone in the scuffle but she was able to call her father very frantic and afraid. a day after this happened her father joseph went to facebook to express his frustration with the school. >> there need to be better awareness in advance. just waiting for investigation toss end and let the parents know what is happening. and what their children are in for. it would have been nice to know. >> i had to find out through facebook is never how to go bit. they need to handle it the better, step up security with all that is going on and figure this stuff out. >> reporter: all of the violence was captured on nearby surveillance cameras. students tell us they don't feel afraid but they feel the school could have done more.
4:35 am
four teenagers are in trouble this morning in connection with all this parents and students say they will be a little will bit more careful and alert, karen. >> good add rise, thank you. also happening right now 4:35. this next story can make your stomach upset. there are workers at the a fast food restaurant who put something out on facebook describing gross things they do to your food when they are behind the counter. it is checkers up in west oak lane and it is now closed. steve keeley is here. steve, as a reporter, we go into that checkers because they have kind of clean bathrooms. >> reporter: you have gone into this checkers before you are telling me. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: will you ever go back in, well, to use the bathrooms. >> well, look there will be in cleaner fast food restaurant in the country then this checkers, for sure, after this, that is why it is not opened right now. this 44 behind video has caused going on 44 hour shut down of the checkers here.
4:36 am
we are across the street from mlk high school. the fast food company acted real fast after being among thousands that viewed this facebook live video, made by the food prep kitchen staff behind the scenes saying and doing things with the burgers and buns that made the checkers chain contact the franchise owner right away who shut the place down on sunday. >> i'm going to wash the floor with these burgers. >> unaudible. >> we're just close for the moment and take care of it. >> i won't come in here to eat. >> you are not going in there. >> i will in the take them in there i will take you there. not now, no. >> reporter: well, chris o'connell among those we talked to through the drive through window with the manager who told him they are cleaning and hoping that they
4:37 am
will open up eventually but would not give them day or a time. checkers chain commented with so many others on that video and wrote the behavior of these employees does not the meet our high standard for food preparation, and guest services and does not represent the thousands of checkers employees who do an outstanding job every day. the employees involved were fired, and checkers says that the restaurant is being fully sanitized reinspect and other workers not the in that video retrained, before reopening. so karen my guess is that this restaurant will be the safees and cleanest in philadelphia, once it gets back opened. hopefully people will forget the what they see in that video this if they are regular customers here and will trust the new staff and current staff and the management that everything is a okay from here on in. >> i bet it will be, steve, thank you. 4:37. presidential politics, less than two weeks away. vice-presidential nominee tim
4:38 am
kaine will be speak nothing bucks county tomorrow at bucks county community college in newtown. the doors opened up at noon. he will speak at 2:00. it is neck and neck in the u.s. senate race in our area last night incumbent republican pat toomey and democratic challenger katie mcginty faced off in the second and final debate. six abc produced it. candidates have big differences on issues like governmental regulation, economy, abortion and obama care. pennsylvania republican party says state's law on poll watchers violates voters free speech, and they are suing. current law dates back to 1937 and it allows pole watchers to monitor locations, only within the county in which they are registered to vote. some election district are not restricted to a inning will county which is why the state g.o.p. says that law is unconstitutional. 4:38. pennsylvania's former attorney general kathleen kane has been ordered to serve ten to 23 months in the county jail in perjury and obstruction case.
4:39 am
she was processed and briefly held before she paid her $25,000 bail yesterday. she was convicted this summer of leaking grand jury information to the media to embarras a political rival. health care costs, get ready to pay more as part of the health care problem with obama care, how much more you can expect to shell out of pocket. we will be right back.
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4:42. millions of americans, some bad news will be paying more for health insurance, under the health care law. premiums are expected to rise by an average of 25 percent next year. the consumer will be seeing fewer insurers even offering plans. so republicans are jumping on this condemning this announcement, house speaker paul ryan released this statement families are stuck paying higher premiums and democrats only want to double down on obama care. there is a better way. republicans are offering a plan to repeal obama care and replace it. >> not only premiums but deductibles and that is cash out of your pocket. >> donald trump came out attacking premium hike, hillary clinton has been distancing herself from obama care calling for reforms. coming up, less than three months left in office what president obama is doing right now, he has only done this once, before. hmm, we will explain.
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welcome back at 4:45. happening right now it has been three weeks since that hurricane matthew roared through haiti that killed hundreds and left behind an enormous trail of destruction. now, the big issue is a food crisis. the estimated 1.4 million people are in need of food following that october 4th hurricane. of those nearly 800,000 are in dire need and immediate need is necessary according to officials.
4:46 am
so is there a little will girl from our area who wants to help. coming up at fourth and market we will have have a little girl collecting donations for haiti. the she's 13 years old. her name is madison. the she's trying to raise money getting clothing, dried goods, anything to send to hate toy help people rebuild their lives. she's doing this because her father is from haiti and her aunt is still living there she and her mom will be on good day at 8:30. she will talk about the power of one how she's making a difference and she will be outside our studios too. you can come down and meet her and maybe bring is much appreciated. she will be out there. what will the weather be like out there. >> you will need your fleece, definitely and make sure you have a jacket the that is warm enough. it is a colder morning then we had yesterday with that cold front coming through and it has been a dramatic drop in temperatures since friday when we had a high of 80 degrees and saturday we were only in the 50's. we recovered to the mid 60's sunday and yesterday with you today we will go back down in the mid 50's. so no precipitation to show you but we have those child
4:47 am
year winds coming from the north and west and then tomorrow, we will have freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect, when we get started at this time tomorrow and going until 9:00 on wednesday morning. so as far as precipitation is concerned we don't expect any of that, it is all about the temperatures, today, and tomorrow but look at what happens on thursday, here comes some rain, and maybe in the mountains something frozen but for most of us we will see rain thursday and thursday night. it is 49 degrees in the city. we have got temperatures in the 30's and 40's to the north of us, that is air rolling in so it is only 38 in mount pocono. forty-eight this allentown. forty-seven do he grease in wilmington. we have wind that make it feel a little chillier then it actually is and wind gusts in the 20, 25 miles an hour range. your average high is 64 degrees. we were right around here bread with 65. today we will lose, 10 degrees. then that frosty start
4:48 am
tomorrow with the freeze warnings out and the frost advisory and then we will recover to about 54 degrees on wednesday, by thursday it is a rainy day and it looks better as we head into the last weekend of october with your halloween, spooky sunshine, on tap for monday. >> going to be doing work on the blue route today too. >> you are already ready for monday. >> 4:48. a live look at vine street expressway. we have one side opened getting ready to pick up the cones here after that overnight construction looking good on the boulevard coming southbound. no problems at all from northeast philadelphia down through the schuylkill expressway. again, vine expressway it looks like they have westbound side opened getting ready to pull cones up on that eastbound side. we will be good to go. tacony palmyra in the middle of an opening, uprights are straight up here. use that betsy ross bridge, grabbing your keys and heading out the front door at the moment. we will see which way this freighter is heading probably
4:49 am
north bound. we will see burlington bristol bridge opening in an hour or so. for gang using the new jersey turnpike, southbound at exit number 7a, for i195, the exit there for great adventure. watch out for an accident in the center lane. on the blue route, 476, they will be filling the potholes again today. they will work from 95, roll up to saint david, flip u turn and take it southbound both today and tomorrow. hopefully we will get potholes filled and we will be good to go, but watch for delays starting at 9:00, back over to you. kim kardashian may no longer be upset over claims that she faked being robbed at gunpoint. that was what someone was saying so she's now dropped her defamation lawsuit against celebrity web site that the claim that the reality star stage her own robberies in paris. she withdrew her suit have after she and gossip site called media take out resolved that issue. no details about the resolution were offered. police reported kardashian was
4:50 am
robbed of her jewelry at gunpoint by masked men who tied her up in her paris apartment for more than an hour. ex-wife of the former subway spokesperson jared fogle is suing subway. she alleged that company knew about his sexual interest in children but continued to promote him. her name is kate i mclaughlin and along with her attorneys detailed a complaint yesterday. lawsuit claims that subway received three reports about fogle indicating sexual interest in children. that wife claims the chain did not the take action. >> your husband and father of your children is a child predator and knowing that his job involved him visiting schools on a regular basis is devastating. subway did not act on it, often continuing to utilize jared as their spokesperson and facilitate his visits to those schools is beyond comprehension. >> lawsuit seeks unspecified
4:51 am
damages, right now fogle is serving 16 years in federal prison on child pornography charges. entertainment news right the now in, one of the last days in office president obama appeared on jimmy kimmel last night reading those mean tweet that is were sent his way. >> i bet obama likes mustard on his hot dogs because he is gross. just found out my daughter shares a birthday with obama, puke. barack obama dances like how his jeans look. you know, this jean thing, this is so old. it was years ago, come on. my mom, bought new conditioner and it suck is it isn't even conditioning my hair, i blame obama.
4:52 am
can you lift. i lifted the cuban cigar ban. >> the president is going to nevada and california, campaigning for hillary clinton and many other democratic candidates. of course, president only has 86 taste left in office, election is exactly two weeks away november 8th. it is 4:52. here's something fun to do with the kid this holiday weekend. come down in your custom to a touch a truck event. they can get up close and personal climb up, get in, all those big vehicles they want to get out, cement mixers, construction vehicles, police vehicles, fire vehicles, it will be at deptford mall, this saturday october 29th from 11 to 3:00. they can explore the trucks. they can go on hey rides, trick or treat, get them free, it benefits the veterans multi services center. coming up next hour we
4:53 am
have some new information especially for pregnant woman about zika, here is some new treatment that famous things they are saying that maybe only thing they are recommending right now for pregnant woman.
4:54 am
♪ it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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4:55. you see it, you shoot it. fresco users are helping to show is what happening in their neighborhood, your neighborhood. police in burlington county are investigating acts of vandalism at different spots
4:56 am
around cinnaminson. this video comes from fresco users nicole johnson and graffiti over at memorial park, someone spray painted several words, all over the park earlier in the month. police think vandals acted gannon friday right near chestnut hill drive, damage at each location ises hated at $2,000. then we have this from jennifer sharp from kingsessing yesterday, this is a good one a mural dedication called bloom, the mural is, created by artists with members of the youth violence guild and depicts a blossoming branch with hundreds of drawing and they are all together. artists say each reflects an aspect of home. so when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it. if you down load that fresco app you will get $50 if we run it on air. here's is what coming up at 5:00 a.m., lauren. >> good morning to you. friday night flash mob happening right here than broad street. in the end four teenagers
4:57 am
arrested, police officers, students, others assaulted, we will have more after the break. >> reporter: if you have not check out checkers video shot at this one restaurant you may want to wait until after breakfast.
4:59 am
two police officers are in the hospital after a car slams in the the cruiser. we have developing details, right now.
5:00 am
and plus, detectives say that they have arrested four teenagers on assault charges after a flash mob attack right here near temple. why people living around campus are still worried. and then this... >> ill i'm going to watch the board with thesebergers. >> they are supposed to be serving customers but this video on facebook is causing a fire storm why a west philadelphia checkers is now shut down and some of the workers, fired. also... >> what is clear from this is that nobody is above the law you. >> pennsylvania's former attorney jennies back home after being sentenced, how long kathleen kaine will stay a free woman and what they think may be next. good day on this tuesday, october 25th i'm karen hepp. the it the is colder today then it was yesterday morning but still not too bad and very seasonal, sue. >> that is right but we will give you seven out of ten because it is a shock to the system, it is a chillier morning. we have a frost


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