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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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our heart dropped. i was terrified. >> can you imagine, a dad, described the terrifying phone call he got from his daughter, after she was victim of this flash mob, assault, on temple's campus. four teens arrested. we will talk to that dad live in a bit. plus coming down to the wire, two weeks away from election day and candidates are busy trying to win over voters. the swing state where both donald trump and hillary clinton will be focusing their attention today. i'm going to wash the
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floored with these buns. >> wipe the floor with these buns. that is enough to make you sick. and shut down and entire restaurant. the disturbing video that led to people being fired from a local checkers, and some saying that they will never go back to that checkers. good day, everybody, it is october 25th, 2016. we have big news out of levittown, alex. >> sky fox over a house fire there. it is on fountain road. you can see there, look at that. >> my god. >> you can see fire fighters on the scene there and flames. smoke is white which is when they have work left to do. >> five minutes ago this thing was so much worse, they are knocking it down pretty quickly here. there is not much left of the house. we will take you back there in a second. but first bob kelly, what do you got. >> well, this is up in levittown, this is on fountain road, fountain road, some local detours, heavily, it
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looks like it is a residential development right off of trenton road and 413, just to give you a locater there where we're looking at, and again fire crews are on the scene, they are knocking it down. it looks totally destroyed. i hope everyone was able to get out. of course we will get more details and bring it to you. i hope that the winds, they are not hampering the fire department here out you the there in levittown. >> they are not excessive wind this morning but it is breezy out there and it is a lot chillier so they have to deal with chillier temperatures fight ago this fire this morning. we will give you a seven out of ten because it will be five to 10 degrees colder then yesterday. the bus stop buddy nice and warm in the fleece, this morning. some temperatures in the the 30's in the mountains. we don't have any precipitation at the moment to show you. 46 degrees, a lot chillier then yesterday. sunrise not until 7:23. thirty-six in mount pocono.
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forty-six in philadelphia. 46 degrees in allentown. down in millville is four. fifty-two in wildwood as we get started. yesterday was seasonal with a high of 65, and average high up in the mid 60's, today mid 50's, that is what i'm talking about a lot chillier and breezy throughout the day. your sunset time is 6:07. that takes care of your chillier tuesday. bob kelly, you have got a lot going on this morning. >> we have that fire, we showed you from levittown and we have a tractor trailer fire on the north east extension. here's a picture from the turnpike just north of the lansdale interchange. about a half mile north a tractor trailer, two other commercial vehicles plus a fire, getting word one of the vehicles is off the roadway. bottom line all northbound lanes of the northeast extension closed, just north of the lansdale so all traffic forced off at lansdale
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interchange which means if we are getting on mid county you'll be dead in the water. only get to lansdale and be forced off from lansdale we are not permitted to go north up toward quakertown which means everybody is going to be using route 309 this morning. give yourself extra time. as soon as sky fox wraps up there we will head up north to the extension. an accident that is tying up city avenue bridge here, all of this whole right lane taken out, this is bridge between kelly drive and lincoln drive and presidential avenue as you come across the schuylkill river and head over towards the schuylkill expressway. we're stopped here on the burlington bristol bridge from an earlier opening, mike and alex, back to you. two officers are sent to the hospital after this crash involving a police cruiser, scene north 11th and warknock streets in olney. unmarked police car hit by another car at 2:30 this morning. officers are not seriously
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injured, two people in custody but we are not sure why at this point. frightening ordeal for a mother when a thief steals her car with the child in the back seat. >> woman and son were reunited but police are searching for the kidnapper, steve is on the story up in the north east. >> yeah, northeast detectives hoping to catch this guy but chances are they are just happy that this was not worse. monday night in mayfair for one mom likely means she is never, ever going to leave her car running again and certainly not leave her six year-old boy alone inside either ever again. it is quarter to nine, she drives up to her frankford avenue bank to make a quick cash withdraw and her nissan altima. she takes the atm card out of her wallet, leaves wallet the and kid in the car with you as fast as you can get quick cash, some file was quicker, he makes a quick cash, getaway with her car and then she
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didn't only leave her wallet inside but she left her son inside too and the guy likely got in without knowing who else was still left inside there. >> while doing transaction she heard her car, speed off. she realize sod one stole her car. she screamed, 911 was called, when police arrived and they found the car quickly within minutes. they found the car. it appears that the individual who stole the car got in the car realizing it was running and after driving it two blocks probably realized that there was a six year-old boy in the back seat and that is why car was a bandond. >> we have seen this before with kids in those child restraint seats in the back like you are legally supposed to and people take off with cars. we had one during the morning if you will recall not far from here. it appears this thief didn't want to kidnap the kid or make a car theft, a way worse crime
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so he abandoned both kid and car around the corner on charles street where they have got surveillance video of the guy running out of the car and running away, and they also have surveillance from the bank of him getting in the the car. so, as dumb as you may think the mom was one smart thing she did since her phone was in the car was scream as loud as possible and that is what got 911 involved and likely the guy may have heard her screaming as he sped away. you know what is funny my first thought would have been my six year-old kid got out of that kid and driving the car, she knew as mom didn't think it would be that somebody would stole the car. >> steve, thank you. are these flash mobs back? say it is not so. four teens are under arrest this morning because of the flash mob. >> group is part of the mob that attacked temple students and police officers. here's surveillance video. one hundred young people showed up to take part in it. the story is really gaining
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ground on international attention, first head line on the daily mail. >> interest that the paper. there it is right there. there is a young woman who was attacked. lauren johnson is up near the campus right now. we're going to talk to her father. he is coming in the studio, lauren. >> reporter: i heard he is coming in, mike. that young girl his daughter was attacked outside this pizza shop there in the distance they were able to come outside and help save her this happened at broad and oxford, all planned on instagram by teenagers and that mala was caught on camera. police say it happened as students poured on to the streets from the temple football game on friday, coming up from south philadelphia, dozens of teenagers were here waiting in the the streets for a signal for someone four separate assaults all violent and one of them that female student mike just mentioned walking got kicked and punched, her cell phone taken, workers inside nearby shop intervened
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until police arrived on the scene, her father, joseph remembers getting a frantic call from his daughter, cristina, moments after the madness. >> she was jumped. i said well, how bad. she said dad, i'm beaten up very badly. i said whose phone? she said my phonies stolen, bureau a phone and heading to the police station now. it happened so fast, the girls went after my daughter, pulling her hair. thank god the pizza place came out, owners came out, intervened, stopped everything, police arrived and they apprehended two individual holding her down. >> in a separate incident a 15 year-old boy was confronted, she saw him throwing rocks at cars, she approached him, he threw that officer on the ground right on top of her bike. she suffered minor injuries. in another incident police horse punched in the face several times by another juvenile. so in all four separate
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incidents, four teenagers under arrest, all of this mike and alex, starting on social media. >> wow. >> that is for sure. >> one hundred teens. >> probably on twitter. >> 6:10. thanks, lauren. major damage to a local landmark in the busy section of the city what police say suspects were after after when they brought down the right side of the staircase at the union league on broad street. barack obama is sharknato as presidents, loud, super hype. >> president obama read mean tweets jimmy kimmel including his response that has is classic. hear it the later in the show.
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crushing blow to a piece of history. >> i walked by this last night, if you have ever spent anytime in center city especially on south broad street you know the union league building, it is gorgeous. built in right around the end of the civil war. well, it is a crime scene now, bunch of yellow tape around it because the right side of the staircase has been destroyed, and there is a lot of outrage from tourist and certainly as philadelphians after a bizarre crime at that building that caused part of the iconic stairway railing on the 151 year-old building to come
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tumbling down. it apparently happened on 3:00 g when surveillance cameras captured a suspect as he climb the steps, yanked on a piece of the brass railing, on the northbound side. that is what he was after. down came composite concrete railing along with it. the brass taken from the steps will take two to three months to repair. the last time they replaced this five years ago the pieces had to be shipped there overseas as a matter of fact. cars have run into that building in the past. >> thankfully they have surveillance video and they will continue to review that to catch the person or people behind the vandalism. >> it was built this 1864, finished in early 1865, right at the end of the civil war. >> so much history. >> it was built to support the policies of the abraham lincoln. i think abe was supposed to come and speak at the union
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league but he got shot a couple weeks before he was supposed to come here and dedicate the building. that is off the top of my head i'll look that up. >> don't fact check me. >> okay. >> but i think that is right. >> it is close, i'll look it up, 6:15 almost. >> outrage over obama care announcement the from the white house about next years health care plans that has many people upset this morning. pat toomey: he was a founder of this pennsylvania bank and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. to take away homes from people across pennsylvania. the practice is banned in 35 states because it's considered predatory, but pat toomey didn't care. pat toomey the banker: he's really not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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we have breaking news around the board here, the big story is all north wound lanes of the northeast extension is closed, just above the lansdale interchange, an accident involving multiple trucks, multiple commercial vehicles, it sound like at least one being a tractor trailer, a fire, one of the trucks are off the roadway. it is all taking place a half mile north of the lansdale interchange, writ here behind the trees. so all traffic forced off at lansdale, anyone from the lansdale interchange not permitted to go north up toward quakertown. fuzz are leaving the house don't commit at mid county because once you get on the turnpike there you will be dead in the water. everybody is using 309, that is way to go especially for right now, sky fox is on the
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way. here we go we are live. here's live look from sky fox over the scene of this accident. look at all these trucks all mangled up here. this is an actual work zone just north of the lansdale. so what you are seeing here is you have one tractor trailer, you have emergency vehicle. look at this guy up hanging over the concrete barrier. again northbound lanes of the extension between lansdale and quakertown. it is that widening project, one, two, at least three vehicles, we have one car in there. i'm in the the sure if that is a vehicle or not. i'm seeing this for the first time gang just like you are here at home. we have emergency crews outside on the scene. this will be here for a while. again, this is northbound northeast extension just north of the lansdale interchange. so between lansdale and quakertown, you can see here, southbound is getting through. so leaving quakertown and
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heading south you will be okay but it is northbound lanes that are totally closed. we have a couple more trucks here, again, first word was multiple tractor trailers and one being off the road. lets go back to the maps, getting ready to step outside the front door northbound closed north of lansdale. here's would be of our turnpike cameras at quakertown on the left. you see no traffic at all. that is a sign that nobody is getting through there between lansdale and quakertown. another accident, a crash on the city avenue bridge between kelly drive and schuylkill expressway. hopefully we have better wet ther news, sue. >> yes, as long as you are dressed warmly enough you will be okay. we are still getting used to the dramatic drop in temperatures, on friday at 80 degrees. saturday only in the mid 50's. we recovered in the mid 60's sunday and yesterday but today we are back in the chilly temperatures once again. we have mostly clear skies,
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that is why we are not seeing precipitation around this morning but tomorrow morning we now have a freeze warning that has now included philadelphia, delaware county. we are under a freeze warning expecting very cold temperatures with those clear skies tonight. 46 degrees right now. that is chillier then yesterday but seem balmy compared to tomorrow when all of these temperatures should be in the 30's in the morning. today mid 50's, tomorrow in the 30's as we said and then 54 degrees during the day. rain rolls in on thursday, most likely in the afternoon but maybe earlier. as we head into the week end it looks like it improves a little bit, so far alex and mike we have spooky sunshine for halloween. >> we need spooky sunshine for what we have planned outside studio. >> what is weird is sunshine is going to be at night on halloween. it is a nighttime thing.
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>> it is but for us it is in the morning. >> it is schools too. >> yes. >> so cute. now to a story that may ruin your appetite. if you are eating breakfast, we're sorry. local fast food restaurant has been shut down after workers post quite the video on facebook. >> in item please and you are about to see this footage, employees tribe what they do to customers food sometimes. they are former employees. >> they have been fired. this was in west oak lane, wases have already come in, they have shut it down. they are doing a thorough scrub and they have fired people in this video. lets take a look. >> wash the floor with these buns. >> he said wow wash the floor with those buns. it is a 44 minute facebook live, taken by workers at that checkers, someone on the 7100 block of stenton and it shows them or hear them clearly talking about drug use, sexual
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encounters and spitting, he will spit on his gloves and customers food. after this was shared a lot of people saw it and bosses came in and fired those workers and restaurant was closed temporarily. >> i will wash the floor with these buns. unaudible. >> i'm doing my job, bro. >> come up here, blow my nest with these buns. >> we are closed for the moment. we will take care of this. >> i just saw a lot of laughter, and play. nobody is taking anything seriously. the customers, the food. the restaurant itself, you know, the manager was cursing and acting as if it was nothing. >> yes. >> so i'm never eating there ever again, ever. >> the plan is to fully sanitize and reinspect that restaurant before it reopens and all of the team members will be fully retrained. no one we don't know when
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restaurant will be reopening but it has been two days that it has been closed mike and alex. >> i kind of like the checkers. they have them around the country. would you ever go back because it is a good restaurant. >> now that the employees are not there you would think they would be all new employees to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> just get on twitter, is what your hand will, thanks, karen. >> alex holley fox 29. >> you are mike fox 29. >> yes. >> very simple. >> would you ever go back. >> this remind me of that restaurant on the main line and they had their issues with that kind of thing. they completely shut down, re-did the restaurant. >> it is flourishing. >> yes. >> i don't know how it is doing. >> the chinese restaurant in bryn mawr and if you give me two more minutes i will come up with the name. >> i don't know if you have two minutes. >> yeng meng. >> we have to get to this. fire is about a being in action and trying to go on the winning streak, steve mason with the ton have of saves but
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was it enough to get flyers over the hump, coming up next.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. good morning i'm sean bell.
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eagles getting a big win on sunday largely because doug pederson's aggressive play calling. showed a lot of trust in his players and on sunday it really paid off. >> i trust our guys. i trust the offensive line. i think it send a great message to the rest have the of the team to our defense to special teams that hey, if we convert this and stay on the field it send a good message. >> but unfortunately eagles did come out with a loss, cornerback ron brooks, will be out with the year with a quad injury. he looked like he was trying to make a tackle right there and his leg just buckled on him. secondary is already very thin, that will be a very tough loss. to the flyers, canadiens, this third period flyers down two-one shayne gostisbehere with the shot but great save by price. that would lead to another montreal goal, flyers lose three-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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nice job, sean. flash mob turns very violent in the area and several people assaulted. hear from the father of one of those victims and why some want more to be done to prevent these things from happening. a carries stole when a child inside, he is safe this morning, but boy's mom was doing when the thief struck and how police are trying to track down that guy. look at that beautiful maybe beyond a crescent moon. can you explain what the crescent moon is? what is shadow is the earth. >> providing a shadow on the moon. >> so we are in between the sun and the new york city. no, between the sun and the moon. >> it is waning moon from the harvest moon from a week and a half agoy have not seen wayne in a while. >> wayne's a world. >> wayne's world, wayne's world.
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we have some breaking news. this is a bad wreck. sky fox over the scene of a really tough crash northbound on the northeast extension. this is just north of the lansdale four tractor trailers involved, bob has details. and then this. >> beaten up badly. i was terrified. >> the dad describes the terrifying even if call he got from his daughter after she was a victim of the flash mob
6:32 am
assault. four teens have been arrested, 100 involved in this but is it enough. more on what the school is doing to keep students safe. two weeks from today, two weeks from today is election day in this country and candidates are trying to win over votes. the swing state where both donald trump and hillary clinton will be focusing their attention today and then this. >> barack obama is the sharknato of presidents, loud, stupid and over hyped. >> president obama read mean tweets for jimmy kimmel last night. there is one from donald trump. you have to hear his response to that one. >> good day, it is tuesday, october 25th, we have four tractor trailers, that have been ripped apart. the here's bob. >> hey gang, good morning. 6:32. looking live from sky fox over the scene of the nasty accident that happened within the hour. northbound northeast extension just north of the lansdale
6:33 am
interchange look at this tractor trailer hovering around what would be that concrete barrier, this is construction zone just north of the lansdale. between lansdale and quakertown there is at least four tractor trailers involve. i see one car here. you see shiny glare on the road surface, a sign of the fuel spill is, a lot going on here, you can see construction workers and emergency crews out here northbound lanes of the extension closed at lansdale. this is how this will work out here and lansdale interchange no traffic, permitted to go north, up to quakertown. and mid county, and stuck dead in the water, quickly backing up like pancakes here.
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we will keep sky fox up with another update from the extension. you open up that front door, wow, and, you say it is called this morning. wait until tomorrow morning. meantime, bus stop buddy, he is in the right warm fleece today. in the mountains in the the 30's, most of us in the 40's, and it is a chillier start then we had yesterday, we don't have have any precipitation to show you on radar but we have, temperatures 46 degrees right now. we don't have have sunrise until 7:23. we will start to see daylight in about a half an hour and get better look at that accident on northeast extension. in the meantime, these are temperatures 44 in pottstown.
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forty-three lancaster. forty-four millville. and, wildwood. we are only 56 degrees and another blustery day with wind up to 25 miles an hour. we will talk about the freeze warnings, that are in effect for, tonight. coming up in just a few, guys. >> you said freeze? 6:35. >> intense fire fight, when a housings up in flames, look at this video here. this is breaking news from bucks county, sky fox over the scene in levittown on fountain road, you can see crews there working on this fire here and reports of no injuries. steve keeley on the way there and will give us more. >> not much left of that house for sure. >> 6:35. >> two officers are sent to the hospital have after a crash involving a police cruiser. scene north 11th and warknock streets in olney unmark police car hit by another car around 2:30, officers are not seriously injured, two people are in custody. temple university facing criticism this morning from parents and students after a
6:36 am
flash mob on friday night. >> so far, four teenagers are in cuss to the are todd i but you is that enough. lauren johnson joins us live, near temple university. lauren. >> reporter: hi there mike we are on oxford street at intersection of the broad, where this all unfolded on friday night, right here near movie theater. if you are familiar large group of teens crowded streets here after planning this meet up on social media. it was all part of the surprise attack against anyone who was in the the a area moments later mob of students went in the small groups and these attacks started against temple students, police officers and even a police horse all assaulted in the street fight. one victim a 19 year-old suffered injuries that sent her to the hospital, and she lost her cell phone in that scuffle. a day after this happened her father, went to facebook to express his frustrations with the school. >> there needs to be better awareness, in advance, a
6:37 am
little bit less waiting for investigation toss hang and let the parents know up front what their children were in for. it was nice to know. >> to find out facebook is never the way to go about it. i think they need to handle it better to step up security with all that is going on and figure this stuff out. >> all of the violence was captured on nearby surveillance, four arrests so far, those teens have been in trouble with police for those, including one where a 15 year-old, slammed a female officer on the ground and she felon top of her bicycle and sustain injuries. as you said mike there could be more coming in the next few days. >> you would think so. we will talk to the dad, of one of those victims here in just about probably 45 minutes. 6:37. >> lets get to philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood where police are hoping to catch a person who stole a child with the car inside. twenty-six year-old woman left her six year-old son in the car last night in the 6500 block of frank for avenue.
6:38 am
officers say that is when someone jumped in car and drove off with the the boy still in the back. the officers found the car just a few blocks away with the child inside and not harmed. 6:38. former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is back home this morning after posting $75,000 cash bail. kane was sentenced to ten to 23 months in prison followed by eight years probation. she will remain free while her legal team appeals. kane was convicted for lying under oath about leaking confidential documents to the media to embarras political enemies. a philadelphia residential treatment program has been shut down by the state. nearly two weeks after a teen died. program was run wordworth academy in wynfield on october d boy died after officials say he lost consciousness and then staff members tried to, restrain him when he became upset. spokesperson says that while that particular program is
6:39 am
shutting down other programs will continue to operate, and that the academy itself will focus on improving operations and staff training. it is neck and neck in the u.s. senate race in pennsylvania. last night was final debate between incumbent republican pat toomey, and democrat katie mcginty. it was held at temple university and just like tv ads, and, passing each other, her opponent will hurt middle class if elect. >> i will go to bat for working families and for middle class, but frankly it is those same families that senator toomey has left behind. >> too much taxes, over spending, massive deficit, doubling of the nation's debts and way too much regulation. is it any wonder we are not getting prosperity we need. katie mcginty would double down on all of those failed policies. thanks very much. >> two campaigns have spent a hundred million-dollar on this race making it one of the most
6:40 am
expensive senate race necessary history. >> um-hmm. >> well, are you ready for a prince? get ready for royalty. are you ready for royalty? prince albert of monaco may be in our area, after buying the childhood home of his mom, grace kelly, it is located in the cities east falls neighborhood. prince albert tells people magazine the house is very important to his family and is planning on visiting philadelphia today and as he decides what he will do with the the property. prince albert bought it for nearly $800,000. beautiful home. it is beautiful. >> well, she used to be married to the face of the one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world and now jared fogle's ex-wife, and is suing, and crimes against children. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
6:41 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump..." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them."
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. 6:43. good morning. we're looking live from sky fox the scene from the nasty tractor trail are accident, four tractor trailers involved in this snafu here, thinks all just north of the lansdale interchange on the northeast extension. look at this, he is kind of hanging over what would be the concrete barrier here in the construction zone. this is that work zone if you are driving the stretch you know what i'm talking about between lansdale and quakertown it happened about an hour ago at least four
6:44 am
tractor trailers i saw maybe one or two cars involved in this whole wreckage here. we are dead in the water. there is no traffic permitted at all northbound. southbound is getting through but that old gaper delay here leaving quakertown heading down southbound is opened, northbound is closed, go ahead keep rolling back with me. traffic is backed up half mile north of the lansdale interchange. these folks here of been sitting pretty for about an hour or so, and counting, and if you keep going back you can see it is about a half mile north of that off ramp of lansdale. so turnpike right there these are folks that are trying to get on making a bad move and there is lansdale interchange. you can see it right the there just north of the lansdale interchange and traffic is being forced off now, because of this accident. the lets go to the maps, this
6:45 am
will be here for morning rush hour, again, instead of going northbound you'll be forced off at lansdale. typically get on at lansdale you are not able to go north and do not get on at mid county because you will be sitting dead in the water leading into that closure point. 309 is your best friend this morning, not the best alternate because it is that inning is will lane road, through all of the townships, the traffic lights. we're also dealing with the school bus on this route as well. give yourself extra time and delay that trip if you can, northbound lanes closed, here's another accident that just popped up here southbound roosevelt boulevard, right at the fox street on ramp, i'm in the sure if this school busies involved or not but there was a car wrapped around a pole here a second ago and this guy pulled up. we will get more information on. that when we open up be ready for a a surprise, sue has details in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
>> there are bumps, and for each one is there triple a. >> yeah, surprise is it is cold, and a lot colder then yesterday. cold front was still in the process of coming through yesterday at this time. high pressure has built in bringing us northwesterly winds and it is chilly, out there this morning but nothing compared to what we will get to tomorrow. look at this a freeze warning in effect for all of these counties that are highlighted in purple and then down to the south, it is frost advisory so for many of us our first freeze of the season happening, late tonight after midnight, right now it is 46 degrees and chillier then yesterday but balmy, compared to tomorrow. 36 degrees in mount pocono, 52 wildwood, 44 millville and wilmington. you you see where they are coming there the west and northwest a lot chillier then
6:47 am
yesterday. a 21 miles an hour wind gust in wildwood. chillier temperatures today and tomorrow. then we will get rain rolling in on thursday mostly happening in the afternoon and clouds and sunshine decent day on friday but still below average a late shower possible on saturday and looking good for sunday and at least the daytime of halloween will be spooky sunshine. we're predicting darkness at night. >> darkness. >> 100 percent chance. >> pretty much. >> you can never rule out sunshine. this is an interesting legal case. the ex-wife of the former subway pitch man jared fogle, subway sandwich shop, says the company knew about fogle's sexual interests in children but did nothing about it, and now she's suing the subway sandwich chain. >> katie mclaughlin along with her attorney detailed the complaint yesterday. subway received three reports about jared indicating his sexual interest in children.
6:48 am
but, mclaughlin claims chain to not take any action and continue to promote him in order to make money. >> finding out your husband and father of your children is a child predator and now we have his job, involved on a regular basis is devastating. subway did not have have it, and continued to be spokesperson and facilitate his visit to those hundreds of schools beyond comprehension. >> her suit claims that she and fogle met after subway was made aware of the allegations and, seeks unspecified, and, and, survey, and 16 years in federal prison for child pornography charges. >> she was, probably wouldn't even marry him had she known, she never would have said something. so two weeks from today, and, and, and, swing state early voting has started in
6:49 am
many places, as many as 5 million people have already voted while both candidates are looking to get more votes, of course, both are still dealing with, controversy, especially over last 24 hours. >> last 24 hours, this whole election has been a series of controversies, for sure. >> that is exactly it. always developments, lets get you caught up to date with the latest one. donald trump has choice word for his latest accuser difficulties migging her allegations out right. her name is jessica drake. she's 11th woman to publishly come forward of lewd behavior claiming that trump touched her and kissed her without her permission during a charity golf tournament ten years ago. trump spoke on this firing back at her insinuating as an adult film star she's grabbed a lot. >> he grabbed me on the arm and she's a porn star. now this one that came out recently. he grabbed me and he grabbed me on the arm. i'm sure she has never been grabbed before.
6:50 am
they make it, it is all lies. >> trump went on to say he thinks hillary clinton is behind these accusations. lets talk about hillary clinton. she's facing another controversy this related to the investigation into her use of a private e-mail server. it indicates there was donation from his a friend of hers that could be tied to the fbi to drop that e-mail case against her. democratic virginia governor terry mcauliffe donated to the senate campaign of an fbi agent's wife, and that was the agent that was overseeing that whole investigation into clinton. so donald trump is calling for a whole another investigation. lots of people all know each other washington and inside beltway and they have tangled webs that are now being revealed, guys. >> terry mcauliffe is a close friend of clinton for sure. lets get back to this breaking news, affect ago lot of people, north bound lanes, northeast extension, this just on the lansdale, four tractor
6:51 am
trailers involved, in this accident. bob is it getting any better. >> this will be with us for rest of the morning because there is a fuel spill. look at that tractor trailer right there hugging the concrete barrier, is there a car, right by his rear tires here so there is diesel fuel all over the roadway so this is going to be with us for rest of the morning. >> coming right back. most people owe the bank.
6:52 am
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back to the breaking news. we have a mess here. northeast extension, sky fox is over the scene of this really bad crash, northbound, on the northeast extension, this is just north of lansdale as you can see there, four tractor trailers involved. there is a car underneath one of the tractor trailers and traffic is unbelievably backup northbound. bob has more in a second. lets try to lighten things up on this tuesday morning, president other bam a period on jimmy kimmel last night. >> you know what that means mean tweets presidential style. >> oh, boy. >> do you even lift. >> i lifted the ban on cuban cigars, that is worth
6:55 am
something. >> barack obama is the sharknato of presidents, loud, stupid and over hyped #sharknato four. president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. exclamation point. at real donald trump. >> at real donald trump, at least i will go down as a president. >> did you see his face right after like what now. >> wow. >> say something. >> yes. >> i think best part about this mean tweet segment is seeing celebrities and whoever respond, their little come backs. >> yes. >> i don't know if they did the clapper thing. >> we should do that segment because the tweet that is we get. >> we get tweets.
6:56 am
>> yes, we get tweets. >> we get bad accidents, almost every day but this one tops a lot of them. >> this is the northbound northbound on the north east extension and it is just north of the lansdale here. look at these tractor trailer, four of them involved in this, traffic is backup, and looking at that tractor trailer over the median there. >> my gosh. >> the carries wedged underneath it more after the break.
6:57 am
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phone call no parent wants to get. >> i'm beaten up very badly. my heart dropped. i was terrified this man's doubtes one of several people assaulted by violent flash mobs friday night arrests have been made but some say not enough. this concerned father joins us in the studio to talk about his scary ordeal. plus, we're now two weeks from election day and both candidates are ramping up attacks to win over voters. >> we nasty women will march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. >> it is unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the e-mail lie, the e-mail scam, the e-mail corruption. >> hillary clinton getting help from a major supporters
7:00 am
while donald trump remains confident despite slumping poll numbers where both candidates are focusing their campaign today. president obama gets mean. >> barack obama is sharknato of presidents, loud, super hyped. #sharknado four. >> president appears to read mean tweets about him, including one from donald trump but it is the president who gets the last laugh. hear his response coming up. plus a video so disturbing it shuts down an entire restaurant. >> wash the floor with these buns. >> how checkers is responding to this disgusting video featuring now former em please. good day everybody it is october 25th, wish we had better news but we have a bad, bad tractor trailer accident. i should say four tractor trailers. >> he yes, four. sky fox over the scene of this mess on the northea


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