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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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while donald trump remains confident despite slumping poll numbers where both candidates are focusing their campaign today. president obama gets mean. >> barack obama is sharknato of presidents, loud, super hyped. #sharknado four. >> president appears to read mean tweets about him, including one from donald trump but it is the president who gets the last laugh. hear his response coming up. plus a video so disturbing it shuts down an entire restaurant. >> wash the floor with these buns. >> how checkers is responding to this disgusting video featuring now former em please. good day everybody it is october 25th, wish we had better news but we have a bad, bad tractor trailer accident. i should say four tractor trailers. >> he yes, four. sky fox over the scene of this mess on the northeast
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extension. it is northbound northeast extension just north of the lapse dale interchange. look at this tractor trailer, right there, hovering over the concrete barrier, and, one, two, three, four tractor trailers. also a pro pain truck in there somewhere. look at the propane tank there. thank goodness that didn't get whacked during the crash. is there a couple of cars. now that we are seeing daylight here we are seeing that there is a fuel spill, look at the this tractor trailer hugging laying sideways over concrete barrier. it puncture the actual fuel tank and you can see glare on the road surface. that is diesel fuel. more than just cleaning up these tractor trailers. one of the vehicles, right down here was down embankment. bottom line all northbound lanes are closed. getting ready to leave the house right now, a hot mess, northbound, northeast extension just about a half
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mile north of that lansdale interchange. so for anyone that is heading north from say mid county you will than stuck dead in the water here, don't even commit to the turnpike. you will be forced off from lansdale from lansdale you are not able to go north up to quakertown, 309 is your best bet as far as north, south and everybody is going to be using route 309. so think about where you have to go here this morning and try to definite the liz use an alternate leaving mid county, it is bumper to bumper all the way up to that lansdale interchange. as you saw from the chopper this is not something that will get taken care of quickly. this is on the city avenue bridge causing delays from the kelly drive over to the schuylkill. when you opened up that front door this morning, wow it is cold. >> safe bet to say heat is on this most of the cars we are looking at, what a mess out there this morning. your weather number today is a seven out of ten. we are off to a chillier start
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with bus stop buddy, temperatures ranging three's to the 50's, mostly in the 40's this morning. at the airport we are at 47 degrees. about to have our sunrise but not until 7:23 to morning. you can see most temperatures mid 40's. thirty-six in mount pocono. forty in millville. fifty in wildwood. fifty-six is all we're getting for a high today anywhere between five and 10 degrees chillier, breezes up to 25 miles an hour, tonight, low scattered frost all over the place with a low in the city of around 37 degrees or colder, mike and alex. we have another big story, an active morning on this tuesday out of bucks county. look at that fire a massive fire broke out well a couple hours ago. steve keeley is in levittown, hi there, steve. >> reporter: if this was a two story house which initial reports said that second story is long gone.
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you can understand why when you look at that video you just showed. everybody is out safe, good news. it looks like a one story house here where we are right now. you can see a fire fighter in the dark still putting water from above. but the fire is out finally after a rough job for the fire department is here. several communities here pendell, middletown and levittown. this is a complete loss but not a bad loss because we are not talking about any looks of life and pets that the family had made it out but great work by the fire department up here. always good when you see fire fighters relaxed and smiling like this gentlemen here is, that means everybody is safe and everybody is okay. you hear sue talking about the weather and we always talk about long before the investigation begun, did cold weather have anything to do with people finally starting to figure out how to keep warm
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whether it is steve, space heater or getting heat crank backup after a long summer ape spring without having to use heat, but this was a night where people are turning heat on for first time if they have not had it on before. it looks like only thing safe here is basketball court out here in the driveway knocked over right now. so, good news here from levittown for this fire. it looks worse from the video. as sun comes up you see extent of the damage. the as they put a hose the roof you can see parts of the roof just break ago way from the force of the the water. alex and mike you are right, it is that time have of the year when we have these fires almost every day. >> as it gets colder people turn their heat on. >> by the way, steve's next stop he will go to that tractor trailer accident where there are four trucks and cars and propane tanks a big mess on the the northeast extension. that is his next stop. flash mob that is put together on social media,
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probably twitter, ended with four assaults near temple's campus friday night were four teenagers now in big trouble in custody. >> students have something to say about it, this morning. lauren, i can only imagine how the students feel after something like that happened near their campus. >> reporter: absolutely students and parents. this happened within one hour 8:30 to 9:30 friday night right here off broad street. we are on oxford street standing near this pizza shop because they got involved once they saw it all happen from the window there inside. when it was all over students, police, and police horse were assaulted by kids as young as 15 years old. check out surveillance video. you you can see what looks like hundreds of children standing in the street. they are waiting. they planned this on instagram. a meet up that turns into a mala. group broke off in smaller groups and started assaulting everyone nearby. 9:27 friday night temple sent out an alert that said increased police activity due to large groups of juveniles
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on broad street in the main campus. police are responding but students are saying that was just too little information and way too late. >> it is definitely troubling to see youth out there in rethe very like that but more troubling not being alerted by the university and having it down played in the e-mail they sent us. >> i had no idea what that meant. good thing i was at home. if i had gone out i would not know. >> reporter: in one of the cases a 19 year-old was attacked so bad she had to go to the hospital. her cell phone was stolen in a separate incident. a female officer was trying to arrest a 15 year-old boy. when she approached him he slammed her on the ground. she was injury when her body hit her bicycle. in the end some parents are saying they are concerned about their students and they are thinking of forming a coalition to work with campus police for situations like this. in coming up in 20 minutes mike and alex, we will hear from one of those parents who are concerned about this
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violence on campus. >> indeed, right here in our studio. >> more than just concern, he is angry about what happened, understandably. 7:08. in olney police are investigating a crash involving a unmark police koran north 11th and warknock streets. cruiser was hit by another car at 2:30 this morning. we are learning this may have started as a police pursuit. two officers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and two people in custody. philadelphia's mayor fair neighborhood detectives hoping to catch a person who stole a child with the child inside. a 26 year-old woman left her six year-old son in the the car last night, this is on the 6500 block of frankford avenue. officers say that is when someone jumped in the car and drove off with the boy still in the back. police found the car just a few blocks away with the child inside rain unharmed. police are investigating a deadly accident at a theme park in australia. four people were killed on the
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thunder river rapids ride after it malfunctioned. two riders were ejected while other two were trapped inside the ride possibly in the conveyor belt system. >> my god. >> victims were all adults, two men and two women. >> that sounds really scary. 7:09. local fast food restaurant has been shut down, its workers out of the job after a video was posted on line. >> in this slid video, the employees described the gross things they will do to the customer's food. >> thinks only part of the 44 minute video on facebook live. it was taken by workers at the checkers restaurant on the 1700 block of stenton avenue in west oak lane. they talk about sex, selling drugs and spitting on customer's food. take a listen for yourself. >> i will wash the floor with these buns. i want to you come up here. i will blow my nose with these
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buns. >> unaudible. >> doing my job, bro. >> we are closed for the moment. we will take care of this. >> i wouldn't come here to eat because i don't know what other food they have in here. >> reporter: you are not going in there. >> no, i will not take them in there. i asked them, they said checkers. i said i will take you there. >> reporter: not now. >> not now, no. >> reporter: checkers tells thaws this restaurant has been temporarily closed. employees involved in the video have been terminated. restaurant will be fully sanitized and reinspected before it reopens and all a of the team members will be fully retrained. >> if you are not savvy about social media, facebook live is basically, a live television show on your phone. so they know. >> in a moment. >> they know they are broadcasting to the world but they did it anyway. >> they asked people to respond on social media, what would you do, would you ever go back. now that they have got rid of the staff and inspect, correct
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and restaff i would give them a break. paris says no, i don't think i could go back to checkers. the what is wrong with people. >> after that you know how things work out. it might be the most clean and best run checkers in the world now. >> it will be certainly watched, for sure. >> scrutiny will be unbelievable. >> just two weeks to go from today ladies and gentlemen, are you registered to vote? donald trump and hillary clinton are zeroing in on swing states, particularly florida because they started voting yesterday. >> trump is arguing the poles are all wrong and clinton is relying from outside help with this one. >> we should have said early voting, in florida. look at how rosie it is in d.c. >> reporter: florida sound kind of nice right about now, yeah, chilly here in d.c. you know, look at these recent polls donald trump has a the lot of ground to headache up, not much time with election just two weeks away but that
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zooms poles are incorrect and trump are arguing that the polls are rigged against him. >> how are you feeling about florida mr. trump. >> feeling very good. >> reporter: donald trump may feel good about florida but his campaign has recent poles giving hillary clinton a four-point lead there approaching the lead that she carries nationally. trump says the numbers are bright. >> listen they are phony polls put out by phony media and i'll tell you what all of us are affect by this stuff. what they do is they try to suppress the vote. this way people don't vote. we're winning this race. >> reporter: trump argues most polls over sample democrats and points to elections like brexit vote where polls were wildly inaccurate. >> and so once and for all. >> hillary clinton who was also in florida is banking on those poles being correct and her campaign has new swagger. openly mocking trump and his supporters with this ad for
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tin foil hats. president obama appearing on abc jimmy kimmel show filed on reading a trump tweet calling owe bam at worst president ever. >> at real donald trump. at least i will go down as a president. >> but for clinton campaign there could be a real danger in over confidence. >> the the last thing you want to do is tell them you are winning, two weeks before election and they don't feel like they need to go out and stand in line and cast a ballot. >> reporter: that is the danger, but on the other hand hillary clinton is up in so many polls now and nationally her lead average is about six points or so that is a pretty good position to be in, again with the election just two weeks away. back to you guys. >> big focus seems to be on the senate and house races and doug luzader i will give you a quiz, what is one of the tight eskimos important senate races in the country. i would say the most important. >> and one of the most expensive in history.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: well, you have to talk about new hampshire and kelly ayotte. >> we will see you tomorrow good of course, talking about the senate race here in pennsylvania. pat toomey and katie mcginty faced off in their second, well, only one left, final debate. at temple university as a matter of fact. they have big, differences on issues like government regulation, the economy, and abortion. but just like their tv commercials, each spent much of their time blasting each other, over their opinions of hillary clinton, and donald trump. >> he is only person running for united states senate in the entire country who has in the leveled with his constituents. >> i am not a hyper partisan reflective ideal og who has to give blind obedience to his parties nominee. katie mcginty does that, i do
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not. >> two campaigns have spent a hundred million-dollar on this race, making it one of the most expensive senate races in history. doug luzader, that. >> yeah doug, take that. >> whole country will be focused on that two weeks from tonight for sure. kathleen kane's ego drove her to take down enemies and break the law. those were the words from a montgomery county judge, as he sentenced the former attorney general of pennsylvania, to ten to 23 months in jail plus eight years of probation. >> kane was found guilty of illegally disclosing details of an grand jury investigation. kane posted $75,000 bail and will remain free, on bond, appealing her conviction. when it comes to that sentence and going to prison, doing jail time it may be a while before she gets to see that. >> i would agree with that. i bet this guy do our legal
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analyst but she cannot appeal the sentence but she can appeal the convictions. >> it could take a while. it could take up to a year. it means she will remain out on bail. it was embarrassing. but they put her in handcuffs in the courtroom and they led her out of the courtroom in handcuffs. >> here she is going in but when she comes out, in the same beautiful outfit there, she is got an accessory and that is handcuffs. >> that is right. >> isn't that how they do it, if you have been sentenced. >> remember who she was, she was chief law enforcement officer in pennsylvania. >> yes. >> for her to be in handcuffs is quite a scene and there were a number of pictures. yesterday was an emotional thing in the courthouse. she actually, pled to the judge for leniency. she cried. she had her 15 year-old son there who also pled to have her mother not serve time in jail. she has a 14 years old who could not attend and show up. >> so, would that be brought up, if it was a guy, a man.
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>> we well, i can't get to jail because of my kid. >> it is more compelling if it is a mother. she's going through a divorce right now. >> she might be a single mother. >> if she were a single mother and children were younger. lets say those kid were three and four years old, single mom. >> ken, what does that have to do with it. >> because judge may be sympathetic to that. reality being what it is, it would be. the let me tell what the judge said about her. judge was real tough on her. judge said that the attorney general had a heads off with your, off with your heads mentality, basically at the office. he also said which was derogatory, she called kane a political neo fight and basically said that her time in office was just all about revenge and getting back at political fauxes. >> acting like an amateur. >> basically acting like an amateur. it was a really tough day for her. >> you said yesterday, you felt like judge would make an
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example out of her. >> she did. mike was closer with the event isens. mike said a year. she got ten months. i said about six months. people asked me she will serve ten or 23 months because that is span. i think she will spend ten months. she will be a model prisoner. she will not cause any trouble in prison. i think at the end she will be led out somewhere around the ten month time per. >> that is way down the road. >> it is, but the question is when she will actually start to serve because like i said, until the appeal of her conviction is over and that can take up to a year. she will be home with her children for the next year. the she's out on bail. she had to pay $75,000 cash. who knows when that will be finalized. when it is, they will go to her house, they will probably put her in handcuffs and they will take her to jail. >> she will go into a jail cell. >> she will go in the jail cell. >> unless she wins. she will go to the montgomery county correctional facility, which is not exactly federal
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prison. it is not all that rough for her but remember she will be in prison with people that she actually put in prison. that could make it tough for her. >> dangerous for her. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> we have to cut it short because we have big traffic news, this will go on all show. >> you got it, gang. 7:19. sky fox over the scene of this accident, wow, look at this car, look at how close this fellow is to being underneath that tractor trailer. this is a live look, ouch, look at this, a cab in the tractor trailer mangled into the back here. this is northbound lanes of the northeast extension just north of the lansdale interchange. it happened about an hour and a half ago, the accident involving at least four tractor trailers, the at least two vehicles. lot this tractor trailer hovering on the concrete barrier busting the fuel tank. that is diesel fuel.
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talk about a dangerous situation. how lucky is this guy, wow, right there, so you have at least four tractor trailers. there was a propane tank off to the side of the roadway. thank goodness that didn't get hit or involved in this accident. it looks like you have a home right here look at how close this home was to this entire crash this was the stretch of the turnpike that is under construction. it narrows quick just north of the lansdale interchange. now lets go to the maps. we are shut down all north bound lanes are closed, traffic forced off at lansdale. if you get on mid county forget bit, you are stuck dead in the water. folks have been out here at least two hours stuck with this where to go. you are not able to get on at lansdale and head north. best alternate would be route 309. so think about it right now before you leave the house, where you're leaving from and
7:21 am
where you are going and try to avoid northeast extension, 309, everybody is going that way, and we will have to go old will school, this morning, and again this will be with us for the entire rush hour, and only good thing, sueby it is in the raining and we don't to have deal with that problem with that gasoline leak there. >> yeah could we just go back to bed. >> all in favor, eye. >> yes, 309 and everything else, anyway. the freeze warning in effect for tomorrow. this is not to day but we're preparing you early and frost advisory in southern delaware. temperatures though this morning are chillier then they were yesterday but not as chilly as tomorrow. mid 40's for philadelphia, and just about every where else but only in the 30's in mount pocono. we will get to 56 degrees today, 54 with that frosty start tomorrow, rain rolls in on thursday, and with a warm front so it is just a tiny bit warmer on friday and sat the day and sunday and it looks so far, so good, alex, like it
7:22 am
will not rain on halloween. >> i'm sure a lot of the students and kids are excited about that. rain on the costumes. 7:22. uber providing medical service for one day only where you can order a free flu shot to your door today.
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bring your kids and their costumes to the touch a truck event in the parking lot of the deptford mall, this saturday october 29th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they will, be able to touch the trucks they see, ride a hey ride and trick or treat. kids are free and president benefits the veterans multi services center. great event. kids will love it. >> touch a truck. >> 7:25. >> millions of americans will be paying more for health insurance after shocking numbers came out. >> well, we have discussed this for four or five years now obama care premiums set to go up by hundreds of dollars. lauren, tell us, how much exactly. >> in pennsylvania, premiums are set to go up 33 percent in the new year, national average
7:26 am
for 39 states, on the exchange affordable care act exchanging up 25 percent making matters worse and this is why the plans are going up, it is because one in five customers only have one option. when they are otto bam a care exchange. united and other companies have dropped so many cities and states because they cannot make money. why can't they make money? not enough young people who are healthy are paying in and signing up, and number two people who are signing up, are far sicker then anyone ever imagined. so this is a problem, tweaks are necessary, we will see what happens whether it is hillary or donald in the hot seat. >> donald said repeal the whole darn thing. hillary clinton says let's rework it but you had to have thousands, well, millions of people join, or it never was going to work and this was going to happen and now it is. >> yes. >> and more people are getting
7:27 am
health insurance, we can clear about that and subsidies for folks in pennsylvania, three-quarters of the people on the exchange do get a federal subsidy but who pays for that, right. >> will they be able to keep their health insurance if it keeps that much. >> speaking of health. >> how about getting a flu shot the but your flu shot coming to you. >> yes. >> what? >> well, hot delivery by uber, the drivers will in the give flu shots but registered nurses, with the company called passport health, they will be, it is not available in philadelphia. it is available in wilmington delaware. what you do between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. open up uber app, go to the health options tab and get your flu shot the for free. >> so, for free. >> so a nurse, well, you can get free flu shots at drugstores. >> but you have to get to the drugstore. if you can stay in the same spot and moth move. >> a nurse will come to you. >> benefit to me. >> all right. >> well, thank you. just today, lauren.
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>> it is clever. just today between those hours, in wilmington especially. >> yes. there is something different about lauren today, different eye make up, what is it. >> darker color. >> i feel like everything was the same. >> i kind of do all this half sleeping in the morning so i don't even know. >> you are missing a eye lash. >> i hate when people say, no, i don't wear fake eye lashes. that means worse. >> not necessarily. >> you cannot get any better, lauren. >> you are fabulous. >> thank you. >> we have to run to this breaking news again, sky fox over the scene of that really bad accident, northbound lanes on the northeast extension now, we have some daylight trying to pull that one tractor trailer. look at the size of that tow truck just north of the lansdale, four tractor trailers involved a couple of cars that we have seen, and we have an update after the
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break. i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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updating breaking news looking live over sky fox over this mess of the accident on the northeast extension, at least four tractor trailers, two cars, all piles up. now that we are seeing daylight we can see how bad
7:32 am
they are. look at this one hanging. they have all spilled diesel fuel all over the roadway and this is right here in the construction zone, just north of the lansdale interchange. thank goodness none of the construction workers were hurt when this accident occurred. look at how close it is to somebody's backyard. look at the propane tank, sitting right there, just a stone's throw which could have have made matters worse. lets go to the maps, this is all northbound on the northeast extension just north of the lansdale interchange. the it is a parking lot right now from approaching lansdale, all the way up to the scene where all traffic is forced off at lansdale, from lansdale, there is no access to go north up to quakertown. your best bet would be route 309, and look at 309, a live look from five points we will call it where 309, all comes together here. so again, think about where you are leaving and where you
7:33 am
are going and come up with an alternate plan. there is 20 minute delays on septa's west trenton line. mike and alex, back to you. >> i have been driving through there in a car during the day and it is, you have to pay close attention to get to one lane of the construction zone near lansdale. 7:33. >> four teens are face ago salt charges in the flash mob attack that involved 200 teens. friday night around temple university, and all these teens are responding to a social media post. and it have been involved one sophomore and this sophomore was beaten so badly she ended up in the hospital after this attack. >> joseph says his 19 year-old daughter, a temple solve more was held down and stumped honorary petely. >> she said dad i'm beaten very badly. i said whose phone is this? she said my phonies stolen. borrowed a phone. i'm heading to the police station now. >> he said she just return from the temple football game in south philadelphia.
7:34 am
he rushed down to meet his daughter and made this emotional facebook post. sources a it started with an instagram post calling for a meet up. police say they responded to reports of 200 teens honor near broad street. cops say the teen mob then broke off into several groups and attacked a handful of temple students. one teen reportedly assaulted a temple police officer and philadelphia police say one of the horses was punched in the head. temple university put out this alert saying there was an increased police activity in the area but didn't say it was too late and should have been sent sooner. >> well, cristina's dad joe, as you saw in the piece there joins us now. >> joe, good to have you here. >> good morning. >> how is cristina. >> she's doing much better, black and blue. she was able to walk after a day, i kept her in bed. she wanted to come back to will school. i wouldn't let her. but she's back at school now. but she's still black and blue
7:35 am
and sore and she's all right. >> she's a sophomore. >> she will be a junior halfway through this year. hoping her grades are not the affected by this. >> she was ready to go right back. >> she carries a 3.6, temple school of business. >> was she at the game. >> yes, they left early. she was with two male friend. she came up from broad and sees e bill more, made a right on oxford. whether they got in front of the pizza shop is when, right there, about 40 teens just rushed them. she was not able to get the mace out. and more girls went after her and pulling her hair, scratching, and so she had bruises on her back, her arms, her ribs and then they were stumping on her head and face. >> they were holding her down. >> she went down in the fetal
7:36 am
position but her back is really cut up. >> so then after this happened she called you and you could not understand what she was saying. >> i just left my son's football game. i see a call difficult not recognize. it was her crying. i was trying to get everything out of her. she just said police had taken her to the police station. i said call me when you get there. she eventually got in touch with me when police took her back to her apartment. he didn't want to go to thomas jefferson hospital she wanted to come home and go to st. mary's medical center so that is where we took her. >> you went to temple. >> yes. >> you have had to move around the country a bit. >> yes. >> were you comfortable sending her to temple. >> absolutely. i went to temple. my, i work for a newspaper, i'm very street smart. i taught my children how to be street smart. i think she was too trusting. she's very diversified.
7:37 am
she has many nationalities of friends. she's very trusting. >> when she sees 200 people gathering there did she say, i got to get out of this area. >> i think they crossed the street or something but then they rushed her it was that fast. they could not turnaround and runaway. >> after this incident do you feel differently about her going to temple. >> absolutely. i heard nothing being said about this. >> from the school. >> from the school, from anybody. >> normally they send out an emergency tweet. >> that is right. >> it went out at 9:32. everything started 7:30 or 8:00. >> too late. >> my daughter got off at 8:15. walk upright in the middle of it. if she had known she could have have gotten off susquehanna and walk one blocks and down but the alert system was way too late. >> temple sent out the alert after the group broke up, this is after the situation became
7:38 am
more violent and police there are saying that more arrests could follow this. how does your daughter feel about how temple handled it. >> she feels pretty good. she's a little overwhelmed right now. my facebook post went viral, close to 5,000 shares now over 3,000 reactions, 2700 comments. i had a message from a gentlemen who saw a news story this morning. he was very upset. we have message from the uk now. it is worldwide. >> it is on the front pages of some newspaper in london this morning. >> yes, i was contacted by the london newspapers last night and i gave permission to put pictures. >> we did get this a while ago from temple. temple police work together with philadelphia police to have an increased presence especially on weekend. we are encouraging campus community to height even awareness and use following
7:39 am
campus resources. then they go through different resources that you can contact. is that enough for you. >> well, i'm happy about that because that has never been done before. this has been going on for weeks. students are getting attacked. i'm happy that temple is putting something in place on weekends. it is not off campus housing but outside dorms. >> that where she lives. >> right there the at 15th. >> don't say where she is but too late right now but best to you. >> yes. >> unfortunate it took an event like this but so glad that she's doing better and she's back in class. >> thanks. >> appreciate you coming in. we will be right back. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. so, go get some fuel, this has been up over this accident but man, this is northbound lanes especially on the northeast extension. a lot of construction, it has been for years, and who knows, if this is the cause of this accident but look at this backup, my goodness. northeast extension just north of lansdale, four tractor trailers, involved, four
7:43 am
tractor trailers involved, a couple of cars, at least, and look at all of the fuel spill there. this is going to go on for hours, and hours. bob, i'm thinking noon before we clean this thing up. >> they have to get big rigs out and then they have to clean up that fuel spill before they can safely allow any traffic through there. look at how that squeezes. we go from two lanes with the shoulder to look at how tight that is. >> it is real tight. >> of course this happened this morning where there is no overhead street lamps, this happened at 5:30 this morning when we are pitch black in the area. >> during the the day driving up there. >> it is a mess during the day let alone at nighttime. >> all right. >> on a much lighter note, ladies and gentlemen, today is national come on back i don't want to say something silly until you see me because when you see my.
7:44 am
>> it is silly. >> it is silly. it is national greasy food day. now who better to cover that then jen fred. >> i believe she has found greasy food. >> come on greasy. >> i found greasy food in lambertville, this has been opened less than a week and i decided to go on a diet yesterday. we will tell what you this stuff is and cool concept. say hi, to them over there. they work here.
7:45 am
7:47 am
welcome back. updating breaking news we are looking live from sky fox over the scene of this nasty, accident, on the northeast extension, of the pennsylvania turnpike. it the happened two hours ago involving four tractor trailers, just north of the lansdale interchange. what we're seeing here is actually tow trucks, backing down to the accident scene so that they can pick up what is left of these big rigs. sky fox can roll back and show me actual scene of the tractor trailers. we had four tractor trailers all collide just north of the lansdale interchange. is there december you will feel all over the roadway, look at how close it came to even one of the homes here.
7:48 am
we have one, two, three, four tractor trailers, a couple of cars all hangled this there as well. one of the tractor trailers hovering on that concrete barrier. when this accident occurred right here, it ruptured the toll tank of that tractor trailer and there is diesel fuel all over the roadway. right here is that spot, to squeeze, where we go from two lanes of the shoulder down to only two lanes and it is a tight squeeze. if you use that construction zone you know what i'm talking about. the lets go to the maps all northbound lanes are closed, forced off at lansdale, no access from lansdale heading north, your best bet, using route 309. that is a jammo this morning. so before you step outside the front door think about where you need to go and avoid the turnpike and avoid 309, and give yourself plenty of extra time. we are looking at 20 minute delays on septa's west trenton line and another accident, this one just popped up here
7:49 am
involving this tractor trailer, this is north bound lanes of 476, approaching the schuylkill express way. now sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. you will notice chill as soon as you walk out the door if you nothing compared to tomorrow. we will have such a frosty start tomorrow that we have freeze warnings in effect for most of our viewing area except for cape may county and southern delaware but they are under a frost advisory. the suffice it to say it will be colder tomorrow then it is right now. today is colder then yesterday. 47 degrees in philadelphia, mid 40's, just about every where else. fifty in wildwood. thirty-six in mount pocono. they will be in the the 20's tomorrow, winds are coming out
7:50 am
of the west and northwest, a lot colder, and 17-mile an hour wind gustness wildwood. so seven day forecast is colder today then yesterday when we were in the mid 50's. today, tomorrow. rain rolls in on thursday, gone by friday, and late shower possible on saturday, and this is last weekend, of october because halloween is monday and it looks like at least for now, mike and alex, no rain on hall wean. >> isn't it the worst when you put on your costume and it is all wet. >> especially for me because i got cheap kinds. >> paper. >> yes, and rain would come and it will be dripping. >> one we were dressed in snow, to go trick or treating because nothing would stop from you getting candy. >> you have to get candy. >> great night. today is national, greasy food day. so what is more messy and greasier then barbecue. i love barbecue.
7:51 am
get it all over your face and hands. >> so jen went to a new spot. >> really cool and new. this is math the math, good morning. we told you it was greasy food day. we will begin with. >> fried pickles. >> drop the pickles here. >> not only do we allow you guys have energy we like your restaurant. we have a show at noon, it is called, the q. >> yes. >> this place is called. >> more than q. >> i love it. >> the point is basically that you have barbecue but you have more than barbecue, we have amazing employees, i'm just kidding. so good morning. >> good morning. >> so what do we have? this looks amazing. >> yes. >> in honor of national greasy spoon day we thought we would throw some fried stuff there. this is goldman triple hot dog, bacon wrapped dog, fried with pulled pork, a slaw, south carolina mustard sauce and topped with our pickled
7:52 am
sweet peppers. >> has anyone ever lived. >> we do provide lipitor, for considerable heart failure. this is our fried chicken sandwich with our cream slaw, we mixed in sweet pickle relish and sirac h mayo. >> this is the brisket, this is our smoked brisket sandwich and greg is topping it now with our sauce. >> very pretty. >> thank you. >> and our pickled topping. >> i said to you guys, you have been in this location, in lambertville in kline's court for less than a week. you won the tv lottery but you have been around. >> we have been around for several years. we started in stockton and out grew that space. we were fortunate to land this location. >> this is byob. >> yes. >> we can write on the walls. >> you can write anywhere. >> anywhere. >> anywhere he says. >> yes. >> why do you think people are excited about barbecue, why now. this is not the your mom's barbecue.
7:53 am
>> no, no. >> we're pretty well trained and this is what we do for a living. people are excited because we offer a great product. barbecue is new to this area. you will in the find a lot of barbecue in these parts. great opportunity for us to showcase what we do and we love being here. we love the town. we have the best customers anywhere that essentially family at thin this point. >> okay. of these, hi, i'm just getting paper towels. >> yes. >> which of these three things should i try. >> you want to get really fried food in you. >> yes. >> then would i go for that goldman triple hog. >> there i go, awesome. >> yes. >> the the one shaped like a hot dog. >> it is already falling apart. >> we do provide wet wipes. >> you think this is funny. i asked you to do this on tv and you guys both said, no. >> no, not on tv.
7:54 am
>> get in there. >> yes. >> watch out for the drip. >> sometimes you just put on a bib. >> i try to eat. >> yes. >> that is so good. >> i will take a bib. >> there you go. >> so they should bring q for q's audience on the q show. >> you to have q on the q. >> i like it. >> that is your q. >> we have to make the connection. >> please. >> can i justin variety you please to come down outside of our window here at fourth and market, right now. there is a local young woman, she's 13 collecting donations for people dealing with the aftermath of hurricane matthew, in haiti. madison gabriel is trying to raise money and gather up clothing, dried goods to send to haiti.
7:55 am
she watched the coverage. she was touched by this. her heart was touched. she's doing this because her father is from haiti and her aunt is still living there. so madison and her mom will be on "good day philadelphia" this morning around 8:30 or so to talk about her fundraiser. she will stay outside the studio and collect items for people willing to donate. so please come to fourth and mark right now. hillary clinton: this is not an ordinary time, and this is not an ordinary election. i want to send a message to every boy and girl and indeed to the entire world. that america already is great, but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. i want us to heal our country and bring it together. we have to start getting the economy to work for everyone... not just those at the top. making the best education system from preschool through college. making it affordable,
7:56 am
because that's, i think, the best way for us to get the future that our children and our grandchildren deserve. my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. this is the america that i know and love. if we set those goals and we go together, there's nothing that america can't do. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
7:58 am
big story all morning long here on "good day philadelphia" on this tuesday, has been four tractor trailers and a couple cars and a nasty, nasty accident. and it reminded us of the study we found yesterday, if you live near busy road it can be harmful to your health in the because of car accidents, truck accident but because of toxic fumes and too much noise that could affect your blood pressure. >> doctor mike, explain this, we are getting too worked up over it. >> it is true, real deal.
7:59 am
if you live near a busy street, what happens, i-95, you have cars and trucks that have diesel engines going by all day long. not only is it loud but there is production of what is called nano particles and that comes from these trucks belching out diesel exhaust and those particles get into your bloodstream and actually cause damage. so, you get damaged blood vessels, look at that, you are breathe ago this in. look at those people under that plume. you get tons of that into your body, it causes high blood pressure, increase your risk of cancer, all kind of things. >> hard to get away from busy roads. >> especially if you live next to one. >> what can you do about it. >> well, you have to move or, you know, if lou at blue route what they to is they have these barriers so the noise is decreased. >> yes. >> well, i don't know what to do about it.
8:00 am
>> you do now. >> one of our producers here, you know, jody, she lives close to 95. it could explain a lot about jody. finally pinpoint the problem with her. >> best thing to do is move away. >> sometimes we like to have long conversations with you but you are out of here already. >> in the business we call it getting wrapped. i get wrapped before i say anything. >> sometimes that happened. >> it happens to us too. >> a lot of people want to rap me. >> how about this, it is tuesday, october 25th, 2016. local restaurant workers shared disgusting, behind the scenes footage. >> unaudible. >> i will blow my nose with these buns. >> how a philly checkers restaurant is responding to
8:01 am
antics of now former employees. >> forget nursery, babies should sleep in your room, new guidelines to keep your infant safe. and we're helping haiti, local seventh grader battled to make a difference in the wake of hurricane matthew. what you can do to make a difference today right here at fourth and market. and a mean streak. >> president obama like mustard on his hot dogs because he is gross. >> president obama reads mean tweets on jimmy kimmel live why he could not respond to donald trump. >> nothing fun think morning as far as traffic is concerned, bob, what is the situation on the northeast extension. >> let's roll video, we have been hovering all morning long over this nasty accident northbound lanes of the northeast extension, four tractor trailers and couple cars all collided early this morning. look the at the wreckage, look
8:02 am
at how close that vehicle came to sliding underneath one of those tractor trailers, all northbound just north of the extension. look at how, it is like a funnel. you go from two lanes and shoulder on either side. the look at how tight of the squeeze you see they go into. of course, at a high rate have of speed there in the middle of the night there all north bound lanes are closed at lansdale interchange. if you are getting ready to head out the front door this morning all traffic northbound is forced off at the lansdale interchange. no access from lansdale to get on the northeast extension heading north bound. your best bet would be route 309 and that is bumper to bumper. so anyone who gets on at mid county you are dead in the water because you'll have a 4-mile crawl and forced off at lansdale. your best bet this morning take a second, think about where you're going and then try to avoid using the extension and route 309, and
8:03 am
take some of the old roads, back roads, old school to get there. another accident, look at this mess, north bound blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway, look at the skid marks from this trailer. it looks like propane but only within rain opened north bound on the the blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway. this morning when you open up that front door you are in for a surprise, sue, nice and chill think morning. >> yes, 10 degrees colder then yesterday at this time which is part of the reason why we're giving you go a seven out of 106789 buddy is nice and warm in please this morning hopefully you fleeced it up as well but you'll need your shades. we will add that to the even kemp flyers, by the way playing at home begins buffalo sabres. no precipitation making it to our area this morning. there is sunshine at the airport and 48 degrees with a 10-mile an her breeze so it feels chillier then that, 37 in the mountains, 38 in millville, new jersey.
8:04 am
43 degrees in wilmington. forty-one in lancaster. our high today only 56. we're in the mid 60's. and, and, it is seven day forecast which includes halloween coming up in just a few, mike and alex. >> thanks, sue. a intense fire in bucks county, two story housings up in flames. sky fox over the scene in fountain road in levittown. fire started just before 5:30, everyone inside making it out, safely. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. four teenagers are under arrest this morning. the group is part of the mob that attacked temple students and police officers on friday after the temple football game. here's surveillance video. nearly 200 students just standing in the streets there and then things got violent. in one attack a female student walking with friends got kicked and punched and her cell phone was stolen. female officer was also tacked and police horse was punch in
8:05 am
the head. in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood detectives are hoping to catch the person who stole a car with a child inside. police say a 26 year-old woman left her six year-old son in the car last night on the 6500 block of frankford avenue. the officers say that is when somebody jumped in the car and drove off with the boy still in the back seat. police found the car just a few blocks away with the child inside and was unharmed. listen to this,. >> i will wash the floor with these buns. >> disturbing video from a local restaurant, workers, you can see them there, claiming to do things in the sketch then will kill your appetite. chris o'connell will explain. >> reporter: checkers store in the 7100 block of stenton avenue shut down tonight, owner closed, forced to sanitized the restaurant and regroup after this. >> i will wash the floor with these buns. >> reporter: shocking facebook live video taken by restaurant
8:06 am
workers and shared with fox 29. >> no wonder, you don't make me come. >> doing my job, bor. >> reporter: it talks about sex, selling drugs, and spitting on customer food. >> come up here, blow my nose with these buns. >> reporter: forty-four minute video was viewed thousands of times including by checkers corporate as stunned viewers watched, angry comments fire them all, shut down the place, we went to checkers to get the their side of the story. what are you telling customers here when they saw this video and they are upset. >> we are closed at the moment. >> reporter: some customers had no idea that the store was closed until we showed them the video. >> nobody is taking anything serious, the customers, the food, the restaurant itself. i'm never eating there ever again. >> wow. >> so in a statement checkers tells us that the employees involved will be terminated,
8:07 am
the restaurant... restaurant will be fully sanitized and reinspected before it reopens and all of the team members will be fully retrained, in other word, employees, no word when the restaurant will reopen. it is a public relations nightmare as you can imagine, here to talk about this is david nef from nef and associate. >> good to see you so checkers of course is a chain and their corporate office, big boss said let's shut down this particular checkers. >> that was a good move. >> why? >> because this problem is so dramatic with the the customers of checkers that it requires an immediate action like closing a restaurant down. they were accountable. they were responsible for the problem. they are going to fire all of the employees and they will retrain the new employees the proper way to conduct themselves in the kitchen. >> do you think, this probably
8:08 am
should have been happening that they will ban cell phone use soon in the future. >> that would be very appropriate action. >> i would too. >> so, with your expertise can this checkers ever come all the way back. >> i think the checkers brand in general may take a hit on this i have been first one to say, you know what with a lot of these other issues that happened in the past with other fast food and retail operations that they will recover and won't have any impact at all on their bottom line. for some reason i think this one will affect their sales. >> how do you get it back then >> i think time heels all. i think they should be pro active in making announcements about some of the new actions they have taken company wide as well as this specific. >> put that on twitter, facebook, instagram all over the place. >> positively. what hurt them with the viral nature of social media which
8:09 am
is so impact full in today's marketplace they can leverage so media to help them get on it of problem. >> should they be responding ? sometimes when bad things happen, lot of companies they will not respond to it. we asked people how they felt about this. he says my mom loves checkers fast food but now because of this incident she won't eat there. should they be respond to go people tweeting about checkers and saying about things. >> we believe that you should always respond to your customer base and your constituent base, all the time. to hide from the problem makes the situation even worse. >> just apologize and say. >> be accountable, responsible and make it ride. >> sim i am as that. >> we will see what happens as time goes on. >> it will be interesting. >> you look good today. >> so do you, mike. >> he looks good every day. >> not as well as alex. >> i get that all the time. >> where is alex. >> i'm standing right in front
8:10 am
of you. >> i get where is mike? oh, it is just you. >> is it just you. >> thanks for having me. >> great to see you. >> relationships can be hard but is every disagreement worse a fight? are you fighting. the one question to ask before the gloves come off, it might save you from fighting. forget the nursery, babies should sleep in your room, new guidelines that keep your infant safe. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
8:11 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours.
8:12 am
creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:13 am
they have lost another legend, pete burns, lead singer of the british group, dead or alive, well, ironically, he died sunday after suffering a heart attack. and he was just 15 when he took the stage to fill in after the 1969 plane crash that killed buddy holy. he recorded 38 top 100 hits, bobby vee was 73.
8:14 am
>> let the me see here bobby vee, help me with this. >> my baby. >> that was a great song. >> do you remember rubber ball. >> yes, rubber ball, bouncing back to you. >> yes. >> they are first two that come back to my mind. >> let's play some of his music, those two big hits later in the show. >> they are very peppy. >> it is just sue behind you there. >> yes. >> like a rubber ball we keep bouncing back to bob kelly. >> the folks are spinning around to try to get out of this northeast extension close another here. sky fox been over the scene all morning long of this multi tractor trailer, four tractor trailers and a number of vehicles north bound just north of the northeast, lansdale interchange. look at how that are owe those lanes go. you go from two lanes and shoulder on either zoo side to
8:15 am
that tight squeeze of the funnel. certainly in the safe and in the a good spot to be this morning when this happened just before today light. here's the deal north bound extension all traffic forced off at lansdale, from lansdale, there is no access to go north up to quakertown. that is pushing everybody on to route 309. it is bumper to bumper to bumper from one even to the other. what i need to you do is stop for a second and think where you are going and think about a different way to get there besides northeast extension on route 309 because we are bumper to bumper there. here is another accident northbound lanes of the the blue route approaching schuylkill expressway. septa running with an average of 20 minute delays on the west trenton line, mike, are you okay. >> we have a lot of people with all this breaking news. >> look, mike is having a baby. >> you have calm her down. >> yes. >> that is amazing, look, baby
8:16 am
whisperer. >> yeah. >> here you go, daddy. >> thank you. >> he is ron. >> good to see you. >> hi, doctor what is the name. >> bye, shayna. >> bob kelly has 18 kids. >> but he does president know about these new guidelines. >> these are sleep guidelines. i have been told all my life you better keep that kid in another room. >> because of reasons like that, crying, you won't get any sleep. you bring baby in, get in bed, bring him into your bed, no, no, no. >> we need to educate you, mike. >> the american academy of pediatrics just came out with
8:17 am
the revised sleep recommendations for infants. about 3500 babies a year die from sleep-related deaths. that is why this is a big deal. >> it is. >> it is in that category, 1500 a year, alone so 2011 the american academy came out with wecht mend dayses. they updated it this week. these are guidelines how to keep your baby safe. >> what jumped out at me was you could put a crib, it doesn't have to be in another room, it can be in the mom and dad's room. >> they want it to be in the mom and dad's room. >> that is new you this week we have learned, we have discovered baby is safer in the same room but not the same bed. that is a big distinction we want baby in the room and not the bed. >> so you can hear what is going on. >> we don't expect mom to stay up overnight and watch baby sleep. no one would get rest that way. having baby in the same roomies safer. >> they were saying this could decrease risk of side by 50 percent. >> 50 percent.
8:18 am
>> what exactly happens when sids, sudden infant death syndrome what have have we learn about that. people are starting to buy circular bids. what exactly happened. >> it is kind of a diagnosis, that we don't completely understand and something that we make that call after the baby has died. it is current understanding it is a triple risk. you have a vulnerable infant in the critical developmental times exposed to outside stress or. recommendations are base on this outside stress or and critical infant who want to make sure the mom gets best prenatal care and doesn't smoke. >> it is important how to place baby when it is time to go to bed. >> that is right. >> so, is this a good crib or a bad or good set up. >> there is a lot going on here. >> this is a test. >> is this a good crib or bad crib. >> my belief is you would not have brought in a good crib so i will go bad. >> bad.
8:19 am
>> smart guy. >> this is inn chris crib set up. you might see this where they have all this stuff in here. this is stuff from my house. this is, we got to take all this out if we put baby in there. we want no stuffed animals. >> not even fanatic. >> no loose blankets. >> not even bunny here. no extra clothes. we don't want any of that. >> we're down to nothing. >> thinks a wearable blanket. if you are concerned, a wearable blanket is something that is just a sleep sack. if you want to wrap a baby in the blanket, tightly swaddle. >> because we don't want loose bedding in loose bedding they can just dislodge themselves and risk of such case. >> so basically you have something like you this place the baby in and that is all you need. >> yes, fundamental is is the same from the previous recommendation. alone, back and baby should
8:20 am
always ab loan but not sharing an adult bed. they should always be on their back and then, in their own place. >> so is what the problem. >> i don't know. >> how do you get out of here, what is going on. >> what is going on. >> oh, shaynea. >> magic touch. >> you should come over at 3:00 a.m. >> silence. >> she's like what is going on. >> look at the that face. >> mike you may need to baby-sitter. >> reaction of the typical "good day philadelphia" viewer, screaming, crying. >> silence now. >> you might take mike with you. >> when was last time you heard silence.
8:21 am
>> here's the problem, i charge $1,500 an hour. >> look at that. >> feeding time. >> doctor, thanks for coming in. >> new guide lines. >> yes. >> i have a question, whatever happened to black friday, do you you remember we used to have fun on black friday on this show, target unveils its toy book of deals. >> but you have to move fast because deadline to get top toys, comes at a good price. >> way before black friday. president obama read mean tweets on jimmy kimmel live, why he could not resist from responding to a dig by donald trump.
8:23 am
i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
8:24 am
i think i will stand. i'm kind of squatting, actually. >> it the is like a work out. >> it is like my glutes.
8:25 am
>> while you're doing that i will do this. >> your glutes, nice. >> look back at it. >> president obama appeared on jimmy kimmel and you know that means, mean tweet, presidential style. he read off tweets people send him that are in the so nice. >> they are real tweets from human in america and then he read them. >> yes. >> my mom bought new conditioner and it sucked. it isn't even conditioning my hair. i blame obama. barack obama, bro, do you ever lift. i lifted the ban on cuban cigars, that is worth something. barack obama is the sharknado of president, loud, stupid and over hyped, #sharknado four. president obama will go down
8:26 am
as perhaps the one president in the history of the united states, explanation point at real donald trump. at real donald trump at least i will go down as a president. >> that is pretty good. >> look at the that face though. >> that mike drop. >> apparently in the interview then, they had a interview between jimmy and the president the of the united states, he said a couple of times while watching the debates the three debates he laughed out loud. >> come on you see how these things go. >> do you ever laugh sometimes. >> you laugh out loud. >> trying to help folks down in haiti, a local seventh grader her name is madison, vowed to make a difference in the the wake of hurricane math the you and she's outside our studio right now. she has a aunt that still lives there. her daddies from there. help her out. come to fourth and market. i will tell you exactly what
8:27 am
she's collecting after the break. blank blank .
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> we are so over. >> fine by me. >> relationships can than hard but is every disagreement really worth a fight. >> the one question, only one that you should ask yourself, before the gloves come off. >> my favorite relationships. hundreds of women put on yoga pants to make a point, what one man said about the garment that really set them off. we will explain in just a bit. but lets get to bob with the update on the accident affecting traffic all morning. >> good morning. 8:30. nothing has changed. we are still jammo with all lanes blocked on the northeast extension as a result of this nasty accident. it occurred earlier this morning at 5:00 a.m. four tractor trailers and a number of vehicles, just north of the lansdale interchange in the the northbound lanes of the northeast extension. there is a fuel spill from
8:31 am
each tractor trailer, all traffic is forced off at lansdale interchange, we're backed up for miles approaching lansdale. the once you commit at mid county you're dead in the water. there the is no where to go. no access from lansdale north so all traffic using route 309 for the entire morning. the that is having a domino effect through montgomery county on your secondary roadways. twenty minute delays on septa's west trenton regional rail line. if you have not been outside yet you are in for a surprise. sue has the surprise in 15 seconds. there is a fall chill in the air. but it is chillier then yesterday but not as cold as it will be tomorrow. bus stop buddy will probably have a heavier coat on them but we have added sunglasses,
8:32 am
flyers cap for the game, at home tonight with the sabres. temperatures mostly, still in the 40's, even with the sunshine. we are seeing lake effect precipitation but in making its way here. so right the now eighties 48 degrees with the the westerly breeze at 10 miles april hour. thirty-seven in mount pocono. forty-three in pottstown. thirty-eight in millville. wildwood is 51. it dehe pend how cold it got last night. fifty-six is our high, that is colder then it was yesterday, wind gusting up to 25 miles an hour, we will talk more about the freeze warnings alex for tomorrow morning. >> thanks, sue. >> 8:32. back in early october hurricane matthew touched down in haiti leaving a path of death and destruction. >> more than 1,000 people died and many more are left homeless. fortunate thely relief efforts have been underway, to help deliver thousands of pound of rice and medical supplies to the hardest hit areas.
8:33 am
many of the roads have been reopened but people in haiti are not out of the woods just yet. one woman is hoping to change this and she's 13. she's outside with mike, right now, mike. >> george, we're on, aren't we? i think we are. okay. madison is right here. she did a nice introduction. i want to learn more about you before i understand why you are doing this. madison you are in seventh grade. >> yes. >> where. >> m his ast charter community. >> you are 13. >> she brought along her best friend. >> what is her name. >> bella. >> lets look at bella but more importantly her sign because we want to tell you exactly what we are trying to collect. why did you want to help people of haiti. >> i wanted to help them because i felt strongly about having children and parents tormented by disaster like my aunt and my dad are from haiti. my aunt is living there i lost
8:34 am
one of my aunts in the earthquake. my aunt is telling me when i'm on the phone with her that she has lost everything. they are in the church. they have no one to turn to. >> george, lets talk to madison here a little bit. so tell me that again. in the earthquake that was in 2010. >> yes. >> you lost your aunt. >> yes? so how is the other aunt that you have down there after hurricane matthew. you say she's in a church. >> she's in a church. they have no one to turn to. the kids are drinking dirty what the ther which can make them very sick. that just didn't sit right with me. i had to step up and do something. >> they are house is gone. >> nothing left of it. >> okay. >> they tore right through it. >> is she always like this, mom. >> more than that. she dips her hands into everything and i have to suffer for it. >> this is a labor of love. >> yes, right, right. >> so, what are we collecting exactly. >> we're collecting clothes, food and shoes and everything.
8:35 am
>> everything. >> but you have help inn tony is ceo of green drop and you have the big green drop truck behind you. george, check this out, they have brought in a big bin here. this is at fourth and market. it is empty. that is no good. how does it the get to haiti. i have talked to people in the red cross and now you are affiliated with the red cross i can tell by the sign of your truck here. move over so we can see. that how does that stuff get to haiti. >> it doesn't get to haiti. what we do with the clothing donations and household goods we convert tonight to cash for red cross to fulfill their mission on focus on those helping those in need and other placees we don't have much time left on the show. get down here to fourth and market as fast as you can, with especially the shoes that will be converted into cash that they will send to haiti. if you can't get here by ten
8:36 am
or 11, how do we get these at to turn into money. >> go to one of our drop off locations, mid-atlantic region. we have 20 or so here in philadelphia go to the event on saturday, that they are hosting. we have a number of events. you can also schedule a home pick up anytime. >> well, come on. >> what did you bring. >> we brought pants, jeans. >> couple sweat shirts. >> that is what we're talking about. >> somebody else. >> who are you. >> what did you bring. >> i brought some clothes. >> well, come on over here, put it back. i should get your name too. >> katie. >> where are you from. >> narberth. >> thank you for doing that. >> you're welcome.
8:37 am
>> are you. >> i'm bella's mother. >> we have six more bags. >> yes. >> we will bring some on saturday. >> where do you live in. >> in somerton, philadelphia. >> come back as fast as you can. >> okay. >> you're cool. you are a cool kid. >> thank you what do you want to be when you grow up. >> and actress. >> well, you are on your way. >> great to meet you. >> my goodness. >> you did a nice job with this one. >> thank you so much. >> okay. get over here fourth and market. >> what a sweet, sweet young woman. that is amazing. let's help her out. we will be out identify until ten. we will have information on our web site so you canadian help out and help out people of haiti. what happened to black friday? target unveils its toy book of deals but better move fast, the deadline to get top toys, at a good price. it is coming.
8:38 am
8:39 am
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we have been covering four tractor trailer involved. >> a couple cars underneath those trucks. so lets get to steve keeley. how close are you, steve. >> reporter: we got real close thanks to the man behind the camera and wheel of the wheel and you can see damage and why, we have had reports from bob kelly and others that there are injuries in this accident. look at the damage to the cab of that tractor trailer and how you that got that damage that high we still don't know. we are down this embankment the as you can tell. they have two straps both around the hood and around the remaining parts of that cab just to keep it from falling a pared as this tow truck eventually tries to take it down the road. but look at the extent of that damage. he hit something high up, maybe a piece have of construction equipment like a
8:42 am
crane arm or something. you have to wonder what he hit because look at the height of that large tow truck and still collided with that. we don't know any answers about what happened out here but it wases three hours ago, 5:30, very cashing. because we are on embankment it wasn't anyone, no deer will run up that hill and jump a guardrail. other tractor trailer doesn't look that damage looking through trees. we see two of the four, no eye tea when this road will reopen. we are watching vehicles go both ways up and down. there will be a huge clean up. but northeast extension, still trouble, at 8:30 something, three hours after this accident this morning, guys. >> unreal, all right, steve good work today. he has been all over the map. >> now my daughter jessica and i have admitted this on the air when she was certainly a teenager, even before that i would combo into her bed room and you could not see the floor. >> because of the clothes.
8:43 am
>> clothes, stuff, books, whatever. >> you didn't make her clean her room. >> well, it wasn't very good at discipline as you can tell in my life but jen freddie's, and she will help you clean up playroom and whatever room, right. >> it is not me my house is a mess too but it is rose miller. rose know where it goes. so your house might look a little bit like this, rose say if you start organizing you want to do three things wrong. we will talk about three things you are doing wrong, coming back after the break. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
8:44 am
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chillier this morning then yesterday but tomorrow it will be in the deep freeze in some cases. freeze warnings in effect now including even philadelphia, for tomorrow morning starting midnight until about 9:00 a.m. frost advisories to the south of us here. here are your current temperature even though sun has been up since 7:25. still 48. forty-one in lancaster. forty-two in atlantic city. we're heading with these wind, to an even more of a chill, now wind gusts are not a problem just yet but it will be windy at times with
8:47 am
56 degrees. mid 50's with the frosty start tomorrow and then rain it rolls in and then by thursday, since it is a warm front it should be only rain but things stay dry for the most part over the weekend with dry weather, for halloween monday. we don't want to it rain on your costume, will alex. >> we certainly don't. thanks, jen because she's saving us time. do you need help organizing those playrooms and bedrooms. organizer says we are doing three things wrong and jen, you will reveal these three things to get it right. >> we want to get it right. we are here with rose miller. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was following you on instagram looking at your amazing projects. you say that is within of the things i'm doing wrong personally is looking at social media for my idea of what i want to do in terms of the organizing. >> right, absolutely. >> you say throw away image we have of having like a pinterest perfect situation. >> i think creating a
8:48 am
functional system that works for your space, as we are's inundated with what people have. you need one that works for you and your family, and go from there. >> i love it. >> other thing you spoke to everyone in the news room. we get excited. you go to target, wal-mart, we buy all of the little drawers, baskets we will organize in that is a no, no. >> here's a perfect example. this basket is absolutely fabulous and fun and clear, you can see through it, but do we hang it, you know, it won't stand and it is awesome but this is buying before you know what you will use it for. you have to declutter, purge, know what you need to organize and let go of just to donate the stuff you want to to get rid of. then if you need to play a role in keeping an organized space. knowing where, having a place for everything. >> a plan in action. >> we never make a plan.
8:49 am
>> a plan. >> other thing thaw said are you a filer or a piler. so we look here, this is a mom of three. we are in her office. you did a good job color coordinating her situation, correct. >> yes. >> three children, amazing children with all extraordinary needs. each child has a color, color coded system, most simple way to remember who is what and what file belongs to what file. >> girl is pink and then one of the boys is this. >> yes. >> she needs to see it. >> she needs to see it good what is that over there. >> it the is wall flower. anytime she has a meeting or republicans for an e-mail, everything is up load todd your smart phone. so many different ways to organize our stuff. laura is visual she needs tonight front of her. wall file comes into play.
8:50 am
wall file for each child if she runs to the meeting she can grab this and go and add if she needs to add. there is a file here of their work progress when they go to the meeting, here's where they begin, here's where they are at. it is such great progress. >> this time of the year you might fall, organizing better than spring organizing. the this is when we get all of the papers. 80 percent of the stuff coming home we don't need to keep. >> if not more. >> so now that we have done the no, no's we will do the yes, yes in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> yes. >> we will go to the playroom. >> see how she has organized three kids, amazing, high five, i'll follow you on instagram but not copy your stuff. >> we will make your own system. >> guys, isn't that great. >> it is cool, i have learned a lot. i will wait for yes and in the nine's. thanks, saving us sometime there. what happened to black friday we have to talk about this, target unveils its the
8:51 am
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8:54 am
four tractor trailers slamming together in the middle of the night. two cars under those trucks. they have pneumonia slowly
8:55 am
removing, the third trailer they are towing out with the giant tow truck they have one more to go. they have to get cars out of there. it will be past noon before this road gets cleaned up. northeast extension north of lansdale. >> a lot of work. >> we have been covering this since the 5:00 o'clock hour. >> yes. >> earlier this morning. >> so, we introduce you to madison, 13 years old. here comes a woman who will donate, for the people of haiti, the shoes off of her feet. >> my goodness. >> how about that. >> what they will do is green drop will take this, and turn it into cash, so, then that cash will go to help the folks down in haiti devastated, in the earthquake six years ago but one in 2012 and one just a few weeks ago. >> hurricane matthew and they are working with american red cross. this effort right here maddie a 13 year-old girl, family
8:56 am
members in haiti and she wanted to do something bit. amazing little girl. hopefully we will get more and more donations and we will have more information, people tweeting me where they can co nate if they cannot come out right now on fox few minutes before 9:00. she has asked all morning long what happened to black friday. >> things are changing. >> target has a toy book that they have all of the deals and top toys, 738 of them, but there is a catch. always a catch, mike. >> here's the tiehl, these deals are only if until the take before thanksgiving. that is november 23rd. one of the deals you can expect 50 percent off a different new toy each day, on the stores cart wheel app. the app is called cart wheel. and an additional 10 percent off a kid wish list the company is also providing a coupon, that is good through november 5th. hurry up on that one which will take 20 percent off of toys, sporting goods or arts
8:57 am
and crafts purchases. the sale officially begins october 30th. so start your engine, october 30th. >> get it all done day before thanksgiving for good prices. >> in black friday anymore. philly is where you want to be for halloween. our city ranked high, way high on the best sit toys celebrate halloween. but there is something we are lacking, that kept us out of the top ten. what are we lacking. for all of the couples out there we know relationships can be hard but is every disagreement worth a fight? apparently there is one question you should ask yourself before you get the in the the fight, before you start a fight, that could save your relationship, one question. we will reveal it. >> does she have a. >> that is not the it. >> no.
8:58 am
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