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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tonight for the third time in a week vandalism and violence in a part of philadelphia that's thought to be safe and secure. this is what it looked like this morning along chestnut street. police are trying to peace together who was behind it all and what exactly they were after. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. lucy noland is on assignment. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. businesses in center city are telling us they're concerned but not shocked about this latest crime. fox 29's bruce gordon live in center city tonight. bruce, shattered glass and a mannequin all test left behind in this latest incident. >> reporter: yeah, there was one other thing left behind. evidence at the scene like a car bumper suggested thieves may well have smashed into the window with their vehicle to gain entry as you say mannequin was tossed from the store outside suggesting there were certainly inside the store we don't know exactly what was stolen or the value but remember this is a high end clothing and accessory store there's a bigger story here. potentially disturblying trend. folks at boyd's were not talking to reporters about a 4:40am
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smash and grab that left a huge display window shattered and in need boarding over. the owner of the business just two doors up the block, he was doing plenty of talking. >> how long have you been here? >> five years. >> five years. you feel like it's gotten worse in the last five years. >> every day. honestly i carry a gun. i have to pull my gun already twice on people that literally came when i was inside the store to rob me. >> reporter: shalom says his bling object toy kell boutique hit by vandals and robbery attempts over the past eight months. he says police presence along this stretch of chestnut street is minimal. that thieves know it. >> this the most non-save street in philadelphia. people don't understand that. >> reporter: early monday morning, a brass thief stole the handrail off the entry of the union league at broad and samson causing part of the stairwell to collapse. and last week, an attempted robbery in rittenhouse square ended when the thief shot and wounded good samaritan trying to intervene those who live and work in center city tell me
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they're not panicked by the recent events. nor are they ignoring them. >> it's the city. there's still little danger you have to be conscious of it. >> this is supposed to be the nice part of town. >> yes it is. >> you wouldn't walk here at night, though? >> i mean i don't know. probably not, no. >> i'm mindful of it, but it doesn't make me feel a different way. it's just unfortunate it's happening so frequently as well. >> reporter: window crew finish putting the best face on the damaged storefront at boyd' reece placement window on behind shalom told us he's reaching the breaking point. >> this is what we thinking about moving out of here. very unsafe street. >> reporter: we do know that surveillance video exists of the break in last night. it is not clear when or if philadelphia police will release it to the public. dawn? >> all right, bruce, thank you. major developments tonight in two stories that bruce just touched upon. philadelphia police have arrested teenager they say a behind a shooting in rittenhouse square. this 17-year-old is facing a
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long list of charges including a tempt murder. investigatoinvestigators say het 13-year-old man who stepped in to stop a robbery the teen was allegedly committing. that shooting victim is now stable in the hospital. police say he turned himself in to authorities on saturday. we're starting to get a look at the man police say is responsible for ruining the steps of the union league in center city. police released this surveillance video today. they say the guy here pulled a brass railing from one of the staircases early yesterday morning. he was last seen walking west on sansom street. the crime wound up causing part of that railing in historic building to crumble to the found. if you've got any information, police would like to give you -- to have them give you a call. happening now, in maryland, police say officers shot and killed a man after a woman after they raised guns at police. it happened outside motel room in elkton about an hour southwest of philadelphia. officers had gone there to serve warrants for felony possession of firearms. police say the man was the first
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to raise his gun at officers. >> they knocked an nounsed their presence as police and they immediately ordered the people inside to surrender. that's all part of their protocol. they did that one of the police officers was looking through the window and saw a male suspect inside pick up a handgun and come towards the door. well now investigators are trying to figure out whether the people killed were those named in the warrants. no officers were hurt. turning to your fox 29 weather authority. live look at wilmington tonight just a chilly fall day out there. we're starting to see a whole lot more of those heavy warm coats out there. i know i wore mine today. i'm sure did you. >> i've had mine for week or so. >> you have? >> oh yeah. it's cold when we leave here at night. >> that wind was blowing. no sun out there makes it feel -- >> we're talking about wind chills. wait until you see some of these numbers. the high temperature so far across the the region, on the
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cooler side. they're well below average. now the normal high is about 64 degrees. but right now we're seeing temperatures in the 50s. so far philadelphia's high 56. in reading 54. atlantic city 59. 55 in trenton and allentown and wilmington 59 degrees. temperatures will be up and down over the next several days. right now it is 40 in the poconos. 49 in allentown. and you can see 60 degrees in dover. the mild spot. winds out of the northwest pretty good sustained wind of 13 miles an hour in philadelph philadelphia. out of the north 18 miles an hour sustained wind in the poconos. so you have the wind. you have a cold air mass over us and you also have clear skies. that means the freeze warning will go into effect overnight for tomorrow morning. the purple well that is the warning area where you see temperatures between 28 and 32. so that is going to be a hard freeze. end of the growing season. frost advisory along the i-95 corridor in parts of bucks county, richboro included in that. philadelphia through upper darby
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and chester. so these areas a frost so please cover up anything tender temperatures will be getting colder. coming up we have more to talk about in the temperature and weather department. it's getting more active. we have some biting wind chills, yes, biting come tomorrow morning. the first flakes will be nearby. yes iain bite end of the week and rain does return to the forecast and then a slight warmup. so you got whole different variety of weather. i'll see you later in the broadcast. little bit of everything. thanks, kathy. >> a frightening scene unfolding putting children at risk in west oak lane. dozens of teenagers charge at a schoolbus and assaulted young students on board. >> now one of the kids moms is talking only to fox 29. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in west oak lane. dave, how did this happen? >> reporter: well, school officials tell us this bus was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. they tell us this bus happened to drive right up to an on-going brawl next thing people on bus new rocks were boeing thrown to the window.
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the streets of west oak lane are quite now, but witnesses say it was a far different scene monday afternoon with a group of teens assaulting students on a schoolbus along with its driver. >> bunch of kids running around going crazy. old lady standing at the bus stop. knocked her over. beat up the bus driver. then when the police got here, they basically started going at it with the police. >> another student was spit on. another student book bag was taken and the bus driver was spit on and of course they was cursing and everything and yelling. >> reporter: christina does not want her face on camera but says her second grade daughter was in the middle of the chaos. >> my daughter shieldly herself with her book bag and just stayed, you know, down in her seat. she was terrified. she was traumatized from this. so i mean she went from wanting to be on the bus to i'm not too sure if i want to get on the bus again report roar is that so it sat bus was driving kids off from holy cross catholic school. police answered a call of a diss orally crowd at 66th avenue
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and 20th. we contacted holy cross but they referred fox 29 to independence mission schools which confirms three of the students were punched on the bus just after it drove into an on-going fight between teens from two other schools. >> we heard them before we saw them. that's how noisy it was. >> reporter: christina says she wants the attackers brought to justice. >> they can't go around and terrorize our city or our children like that. it's not fair. >> reporter: school officials say they are working with the police, philadelphia police say they continue to investigate. dawn? >> all right. dave, thank you. we're on top of a developing story fanning from montgomery to bucks county aft eight hours of standstill traffic. the pennsylvania turnpike is moving again tonight. skyfox live over the scene now on the northeast extension. crews spent all day long clearing a huge accident involving four tractor trailers it happened about 5:30 this morning. caused a mess prompted state police so close the road between
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lansdale and quakertown. fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident. investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. you decide 2016. we are just two weeks away from election day and the battle for key swing states is intensifying by the day. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are both rallying support from undecided voters in the crucial battleground state of florida. fox's joel waldman is in washington tracking that heated battle for the white house. >> reporter: with 29 electoral votes up for grabs, all eyes are on florida. and for donald trump, trailing democratic rival hillary clinton in the sunshine state most agree it's a must win for the gop nominee. which is why he's back campaigning in florida for the third day in a row. >> the criminal conduct of hillary clinton threatens the foundations of democracy she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. >> reporter: hillary clinton is taking no chances in florida either. despite a slight lead there.
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and with one of the most important down ballot senate races at stake the campaigns are focusing on strategy. >> i was thrilled to be introduced by the person i hope will be the next senator from the great state of florida, congressman patrick murphy. >> but florida is not the only close swing state. trump's running mate mike pence in ohio today. buck eye state key for any republican looking to win the highest office in the land. governor pence doing his best to drive home that very point what seems to be his new catch phrase. >> now it's time to reach out to all of our republican and conservative friends and say with one voice, it's time to come home. >> reporter: hillary clinton leads the race by five points according to the most recent national poll while nearly half those questioned in a separate survey say that the election is a source of real stress in their
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lives. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. now upper milford township someone target neighbors of u.s. senator pat toomey. police are investigating graffiti spray pain the on the homes of his neighbors. republicans nazi and rapists. toomey call it disgusting politically inspired hatred and democratic opponent in the state race katie mcginty issued is a statement calling the graffiti quote unacceptable. millions of americans could have to pay lot more for health insurance next year. just how much is expected to hurt your wallet coming up. thieves targeting cars at philly's main are a port then it happens again. >> another set of vehicles were reported broken into. >> what's being taken and who is watching your wheels? fox 29 investigates is coming up. plus new at 6:00 o'clock, philadelphia gets a royal visit. why a prince made a special stop in east falls today.
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♪ scary scene in concord township delaware county. a car smashed through garage along the 1700 block of fox brushes way. fire marshal tells us the driver wasn't hurt and that she somehow accidentally drove right through the back of the garage. authorities did call a building inspector to the scene. no word yet if it was deemed structurally unsound. breaking sports news tonig tonight. new york giants have released kicker josh brown. the move comes after police
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reports revealed that brown admitted to abusing his former wife. now, brown did issue an apology but said he never hit his wife. he said quote abuse takes many forms. brown was placed on the commissioner's exempt list last week. a big day in villanova university. it's basketball media day fox 29 getting a chance to talk to coaches and players of the defending national champs and we're kind of all hoping they'll have the same results this season. >> absolutely. fox 29's sean bell is live on campus. how is the team feeling, sean? >> they're feeling great. okay. coming back off of that championship run and everything is fun. everything is great. everything is brilliant much right now they're practicing for the first time. the guys are just happy to be back together. stop asking and listening to everything everyone else is saying and hearing about all the championship talk. the guys are really just want to get back to work. they want to practice they don't want to hear about last year, but still when you come back, you have championship swag no matter what sport it is, when you come back off a winning
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championship, you're better than ever. off swag and a confidence that no one can really touch. the problem is, you can't bring last year into this year. so that's what i talk to the guys about. jay wright, kris jenkins about still having that swag but leaving the past in the past. >> that's not something they lose. that's inside them. that confidence is inside them. that experience is inside them. um, you're never going take that away. usually it's harder to control your ego than it is to pump somebody up, you know. so the challenge is really our egos. >> it's already behind me, you know. we're focused and ready to go on this year. we got a lot of things we're working on that we'll continue to get better at. we have a good team here and we want to be the best team that we can be by the end of the year. we're all focused on that. >> to be honest it kind of felt like the guys didn't want to talk about last year any more. i mean these are college kids.
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they're not used to getting interviews all the time to talk about the same thing over and over again even though it was one of the greatest experiences they ever had, they sort of just want to move and look at this year as its own thing, its own situation separate from last year. later in sports, i talked to josh hart one-on-one about this whole experience throughout the summer and how he thinks this year can top last year. back to you guys. >> that would be nice. all right. >> in levittown fire investigators are working to night to figure out what caused this homing to up in flames. flames broke out just before 5:30 this morning on the 1,000 block of fountain road. crews got it under control but it took about an hour. no word tonight on any injuries. haiti is still realing from hurricane matthew storm of course hit early october and left death and destruction in its wake but young lady from our area is trying to make a difference as the people of haiti try to pick up the pieces. >> she's only 13 years old but this seventh grader at mass community charter school is
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springing into action. >> thank you so much. >> maddie gabriel is on a mission. this northeast philadelphia teen brought her cause to fox 29' gas day philadelphia this morning. >> madison is right here. >> collecting clothes, shoes, food, you name it, for families in haiti. >> it hurt me. i just had to do something. >> wow! >> oh, my gosh. >> this is mazing. >> maddie was motivated by a phone call from her aunt who lives in haiti and was hit hard by hurricane matthew. >> lot of everything, her house was wiped away. they went to check and everything was gone. there was nothing left. >> reporter: 13 year old is a especially concerned for the little children. that's why she started the maddie help a child foundation. >> she was telling me that the kids are drinking dirty water. and that can make them very sick. so i decided to help them. >> god bless you for doing this, baby. >> once the word got out this morning about her collection drive, donations started pouring in. dozens of people dropping off items outside our fox 29 studi
5:19 pm
studios. >> she got me down here. she got me down here. >> clara thomas says maddie just captured her heart. >> when you see children doing something in this world positive you got to act on it, you know, so it took me two buses to come down but it was worth it. it was worth it. >> thank you very much. >> the teen's mom contacted the red cross and green drop who were happy to help. >> appreciate it. >> valerie is proud of her daughter's passion and evident. >> she's always been that kind of child who wants to help other children. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> and it's no surprise then that maddie wants to extend her helping hand beyond haiti. >> everywhere. i'll help anybody. just to see a smile on somebody's face that's all i want. >> quite an inspiration. maddie is having a big collection drive for haiti this saturday at cottman and frankford avenues in philadelphia. she also has a gofundme page for more information you can find a link at by the way she's already working on a toy and book drive for christmas. a developing story now in
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the fight against isis. the american led coalition battling the terror group carried out five air strikes in the mosul area they destroyed dozens of isis targets. >> us coalition forces are assisting iraqi fighters in their effort to reclaim the country's second largest city. mosul has been under isis control for more than two years. more than a million people are believed to still be living there. there's been reports of many civilians being killed meanwhile international leadersare in belgium discussing the fight against the terror group. defense secretary ash carter says they spoke to about talking, taking on isis and its de facto capital in syria. >> we've already begun laying the ground work with our partners to commence the isolation of rocca. as we meet here we're helping to generate the local forces that will do so. >> the white house says other attacks by the militants around this country have not taken away any rei soar from the battle to retake mosul. coming up, usually filled with tens of thousands football
5:21 pm
fans this time of year, but penn state beaver stadium is about to play host to something that's never done before. >> after a lot of debate, minnesota city council has decided what to do with the home of music legend prince. what they're vote means. and is an american girl doll on your little one's holiday wish list? it could be a whole lot easier to get your hands on one. which retail chain you will start to see these dolls in very soon. ♪ [ roars ]
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philadelphia police neither your help finding two men tonight. they say they stole items from a cvs in west philadelphia. it happened earlier this month along the 4300 block of locust street. police just releasing this security camera footage. they say the two men walked in and started placing hair clippers in bag. according to investigators 11 a worker tried to confront them the men threatened the worker and told him they were armed. no one was hurt. in north jersey, a deadly family tragedy. police say a father took his own live while jumping into a river with his two young kids. police were call it miracle that the sons ages one and three survived. police say 37-year-old john spin kin threatened to harm his kids after an argument with his wife and he died after jumping off the bridge.
5:25 pm
on i287. the boys are expected to fully recover. police continue to investigate what may have triggered spin k kin. now to australia police are trying to figure out what exactly went wrong with four people died on an amusement park ride. it happened in queens land on a fast moving water ride at dream world. there was some sort of malfunction on the thunder river rapids wouldn't people were ejected and killed. it's not totally clear what happened to two other riders but officials say they wound up getting trapped. >> two people were ejected from the ride. another two people were caught inside the ride. two males and two females. they were assisted by queens land ambulance and personnel and had all sustained injuries inn compatible with living. >> the amusement park remains closed during investigation n in entertainment to news tonight it is final you will one day get a chance to visit the home of new
5:26 pm
legend prince. after much debate about public safety and traffic concerns, prince's estate is being turned into a museum. minnesota city council voted to rezone paisley park recording studio and home. mayor denny lawson berger says he's really pleased with the council's decision calling eight ben of big benefit for the community. prince of course tied in april on the 21st of an accidental overdose. young girl battling cancer becomes good friends with one of her local firefighters. what that firefighter is now doing for this brave little gi girl. and an important meeting to night concerning the city's lgbt community. what it wants done to tackle racism and discrimination. kathy? >> in weather, we're talking about the deep freeze. temperatures falling to freezing tonight and below and wind chills in the 20's. we'll take look at the numbers with the seven day when we come back. ♪
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what, are you gonna cry now? don't be so gullible mcfly. you sit down, sit down. shoot it, fat boy. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. you are so stupid. how stupid are the people of the country? i don't want to see you in here again. get him out of here, get out. come on cry baby he's like a little baby cry. i don't know what i said, i don't remember. what are you going to do about people who want to be mean and all this bullying. tell me a little bit more about why that's on your mind. i have asthma and occasionally i've heard people talking behind my back. that was really brave. i really do think we need more love and kindness in our country. that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are, and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. because that is not who we are as americans. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. >> several schools in bucks county are banning clown costumes at their halloween parades. the move comes of course after police arrested two young people for making threats to middle schools this is what police say one, 12-year-old posted on instagram earlier this month. the image posted depict add gun, 95 and needle. another 12-year-old also facing charges of terroristic threats
5:30 pm
and harassment. according to published reports bensalem penn ridge and souderton school districts have all banned clown costume. in the bridge gate trial today, a federal prosecutor giddy defendant bread it? kelly on her claims she knew nothing about the traffic scheme. former top aid to governor chris christie repeated her testimony from friday that she thought the lane closures were the result of a traffic study. u.s. attorney questioned kelly about why she didn't mention the traffic study in any e-mails or texts. he also asked her why she deleted message on her own. kelly testified last week she told governor christie a month before the lane closures happened on the george washington bridge christie denied having any knowledge of the plot and has not been charged. ba, to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's life look at allentown. it was a chilly start for almost everyone across the delaware valley today. those 80 degrees temperatures are a distant memory. kathy orr has got your forecast in 15 seconds much
5:31 pm
>> what an afternoon. okay, it's been a little cooler than we've been used to, but still pleasant. little bit on the windy side but skies will be clearing as high pressure from canada builds its way in. 40 degrees right now is the afternoon temperature in the poconos and it's been sitting there for the past couple of hours. 49 in allentown. 52 in trenton. 53 in philadelphia. wilmington 54 degrees. and as you look to the north and to the east, through new england and new york and southeastern canada 40s and 30s for afternoon highs. that's cold. but it does happen this time of year. already some snow in places like lake placid and also the mountains of vermont. future feels like takes us from of the this afternoon into tomorrow morning and this is a little bit of a shock. you have winds out of the northwest about five to 10 but temperatures overnight will be
5:32 pm
so chilly that these numbers will be driven down by the wind. mount pocono will feel like 21 tomorrow morning. unbelievable. in allentown feel like 26. philadelphia 33 degrees. so don't let the kids go out without a coat tomorrow morning. 30 degrees in millville. 31 will be the feels like reading in wilmington and dover it will feel like 31 degrees tomorrow morning at about 7am. we have big trough building in the east and that chilly air allowed to move on in. and the colder air will be settling in but it's not going to last all that long. we will be seeing temperatures rebounding over the next couple of days. so in the city overnight, we have a temperature of 43. in the suburbs i should say little bit cooler than that in the 30s. in the suburbs we will be in the lower 30s much as we look ahead during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be cooler again. we have a freeze warning that will go into effect and that means that temperatures will be falling into the 30s and in some
5:33 pm
spots we may see 20s. temperatures continue to tumble. on your seven day forecast, 53 degrees the high temperature for tomorrow. a frosty start in the philadelphia area with a hard freeze in our suburbs. but we will have sunshine in the afternoon. some afternoon rain on thursday but temperatures will be begin to bump. you can see a high of 55. friday gets better mostly sunny at 60. partly sunny on saturday. 66. we could go a little bit higher but there's a chance of a few sprinkles. by sunday the temperature just soar. they just spike all of our commuter models we see a stronger south southwesterly wind on our weather maps. so we could have a really nice afternoon and then on monday for halloween the numbers a little bit milder as well with mostly sunny skies. a temperature of 64 and now the morning looks milder for halloween which will be great for any type of halloween parades at school. tuesday mostly sunny 66. so we have this major cool down and frost and then we have that
5:34 pm
warm up by the end of the week and the weekend. so the tail of two seasons as we work our way toward winter. >> all right. kathy, thanks. >> you bet. >> tonight an evident to fight discrimination in philadelphia's lgbt community. local officials are gating at city hall in the wake of growing complaints in the gayborhood. >> city leadersare hoping this meeting is the% step in the right direction for positive change. fox 29's jennifer joyce is at that meeting which is set to gip very shortly. jennifer? >> reporter: yeah, it's going to start it round 6:00 o'clock tonight, dawn and the philadelphia commune of commission on human relation social security expecting a packed crowd for tonight's meeting. held here at 801 arch street after an increasing claims of racial discrimination win the lgbtq community. those beeps you just heard when the n word said repeatedly by the owner of eye candy a club in the city's gayborhood. the owner later apologized through a facebook post but many people offended by his word say more needs to be done to prevent
5:35 pm
discrimination against people of color in the lgbt community because of increased complaints of this kind the commission decided to hold a hearing as of now for tonight 25 people have signed up to give either written or verbal testimony related to claims of discrimination at bars and restaurants in the city. chairperson of the commission thomas earl says, the information gathered tonight will be reviewed. >> what we have heard, um, are that people of color from the lgbt community, um, are sometimes being asked for extra forms of identification, um, are being ignored, um, once they're in the establishment for placing food orders or drink orders. >> reporter: earl said roughly 30 establishments were subpoenaed to attend tonight and commit copies of their anti discrimination and dress code policies. the hearing will run from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. all are invited and all will be
5:36 pm
heard time permitting. dawn and iain. >> jennifer, thank you. well, is an american girl doll on your little one's holiday wish list this year? it could be easier to get your hands on one. which retail chain you may start seeing these dolls if very soon. and it's filled with tense of thousands this time of year for football games but beaver stadium at penn state is about to do something it's never done before. it's got nothing to do with football. >> plus new at 6:00 o'clock pennsylvania lawmakers are working on rules for the state's new medical marijuana law. what regulations they are considering to keep the drug out of the wrong hands. i work 'round the clock.
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♪ in your money tonight if you've started thinking about holiday shopping one toy might be a lot easier to find this year. >> it's very popular toy. the american girl dolls to be coming to store near you. toys r us will be become the first us based retailer to feature an american girl shop. they will be opening about 100 toys r us locations on saturday. the sections will feature american girls truly me dolls
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along with newest doll like welly wishers. accessories, outfits, doll sized furniture and pets will all be available. soon it could be easier to buy beer in pennsylvania. state senate approved the bill that would among other things allow people distributor tousle six packs, a loud taverns to sell alcohol at 9:00 a.m. on sundays without having to have food prepared and ready think tailgating. you can also be able to buy mixed drinks at sporting a recent nass in the state that sell bill. it heads to the state house of representatives. use soon may be able to see more than sporting event at penn state beaver stadium. penn state is going to start holding concert there is now. that's what athletic director fill he is 10 told the center daily times today. 107,000 seat stadium will host very first concert on july 8t july 8th. penn state is not announcing just yet who is headlining the inaugural concert until it's november 5th home game against
5:41 pm
iowa. millions of americans could have to pay lot more for health insurance next year. just how much it's expected to hurt your wallet coming up. >> do you perhaps park at philadelphia international airport when you fly? don't miss this fox 29 investigates report. why thieves are targeting cars and even driving off with a few of them. jeff cole' report is coming up.
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5:44 pm
>> philadelphia police are trying to find whomever is behind a double shooting in north philadelphia. it happened just before midnight along the 3500 block of north 11th street. police tell us two men one in his 40s the other in his 20s were both shot. they are in stable condition at temple university hospital. investigators are not yet sure
5:45 pm
about a motive. n your health tonight if you've got health insurance under obama care you may have to pay lot more next year. the obama administration says premiums will go up by average of 25%. consumers will also see fewer insurers offering plans. republicans are condemning the announcement. house speaker paul ryan releas releasing a statement saying "republicans are offering a plan to repeal obama care and replace it" republican nominee donald trump attacked the price hike. meanwhile rival hillary clinton has been distancing herself from obama care during her campaign. do you listen to music while you work out? new research suggests that it is a good thing. researchers from the university of british columbia say those who listen to music during a high intensity training session felt better about their workout than those who exercised in silence. study authors suggest that music can make adopting a more intense workout a little bit easier. some disturbing figures about smoking and cancer
5:46 pm
according to the american cancer society. nearly one third of cancer deaths among americans over 35 are caused by smoking. researchers used federal government data from 2014 and it showed 28% of cancer deaths among adults thrive and older could be a tributed to cigarette smoking findings appear in jamn internal med glenn fox 29 investigates we've got exclusive report now about dozens of travelers returning to philly's main airport to find someone broke into their cars. in few cases their rides were don. >> the thieves have come in two waves now. but finding video of them in the act may not be as easy as you'd think. jeff cole reports. >> reporter: with nearly 12,000 parking spaces in five mule tee story garages and surface lots just outside philadelphia international airport has plenty of convenience parking. a big sign invites to you park at the airport. the rate $11 a day for economy,
5:47 pm
up to 24 in the garages. your vehicle is safe with us the philadelphia parking authority boasts online. but is it? fox 29 investigates has learned that recently in the early morning hours thieves have broken into dozens of high-end cars and driven right off with a few of them. we've obtained pictures that show how it's done. they were sent to us by a flyer who returned to garage b to find the rear passenger window jacked right out of the door. and tossed on the back seat of his car. the contents were rivaled through. in emergency phone in the garage didn't work he says so he returned to the terminal to call the ppa where he found out he wasn't alone. >> that flyer heard that his car was at least the 30th hit here at philly international over several nights in august. they were all audis. a source with detailed knowledge of the airport confirms the
5:48 pm
break ins plus a couple of cars were stolen. philly police tell us it's major crimes unit is working on a rash of break ins but that's not where the story ends. fox 29 investigates has now learned 15 to 18 more audis were hit again in early october with at least one more car taken. >> well, we've had number of vehicles hit back in august in which was brought to our attention most recently probably about a week and a half work weeks ago another set of vehicles were reported as broken into. >> reporter: police spokesperson lieutenant john stanford says, the incidents are probably all connected but it's unclear just how. a source tells us thieves are targeting audi a6 and a7 models by popping out their windows and locating an emergency key sometimes found inside. despite several calls and e-mails laying out what we've learned, audi usa has not
5:49 pm
responded. police are cautious. >> i don't want to pinpoint exactly which vehicles at this point in time i don't want anything to interfere witness investigation or as well as the method of how they gained entry inside the vehicles. >> reporter: the most wrists who contact the us spent 220 bucks fixing his window. more concerning, his registration was gone. he paid out of pocket for extra id theft protect. >> would they be seeking vin numbers tore plate cars and move overseas or -- >> very good possibility. again, i don't know. and it's something that we want to, you know, we're not ruling anything out at this point in time. >> reporter: there's this. police told the outer audi owner they had no surveillance video of the break in because there are no cameras inside the garage. the ppa tells online it's real time parking availability system and licensed plate recognition technology so they can keep track of the exact spot you pa parked in. we drove around. and we didn't see any cameras
5:50 pm
either. we asked the ppa about it. they weren't talking. and neither was the airport. both admitted to an investigation but pointed questions about security and cameras to employees. >> can you tell us whether there are cameras on the individual floors that would have captured this for you? >> that i honestly don't know. you may have to check with the parking authority in terms of a little bit better answer on that. it's their parking lot. >> reporter: last year, the airport completed a $6.5 million upgrade of its surveillance camera system. but it monitors passenger and checked baggage screening areas at phl. not parking. the tsa told us, its job is security at checkpoints. for anything else, talk to the cops. >> this is problem, right? it's not your parking garage. but that's a city owned entity out there at the airport and you don't want 45 cars getting hammered. >> listen at the end of the day we're responsible for the security at the airport along with some other agencies, but
5:51 pm
we're not in in any way, shape or form going to pass it off on anyone. >> reporter: again no comment from audi usa when similar thefts two years ago in england prompted questions about that emergency key and audi rep there said in part, no vehicle is immoveable if its key is accessible. other ways you might protect yourself and your car, take parking tickets when you fly. perhaps your registration as well. jeff cole, fox 29 news. a young girl battling cancer finds quite a friend in one of her local firefighters. what that firefighter is now doing for this brave little gi girl. plus, grace kelly's childhood home in east malls is sold and new at 6:00 the vip who made a were visit to the house today. >> plus pennsylvania lawmakers are working on the rules for the new marijuana law. what regulatorsare considering to keep the drug out of the wrong hands. ♪
5:52 pm
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but pat toomey actually owned a bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> jokes lag have to pay up big tie. ought though tow maker these pay $15 billion in claims. largest i was tote settlement in u.s. industry. half a million vw and audi owners will be able to have their vehicle bought back. a young missouri girl battling a rare form of cancer gets a special treat from firefighters. kyra stout became honorary firefighter with the fire protection district last night.
5:56 pm
hanging in the closet with all of the other firefighters uniforms gear labeled stout. it's all for the nine-year-old who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer two years ago. she was in remission but the cancer returned last may. kyra met one her local firefighters tom last year and he never forgot that brave little girl so he organized this special day. >> thank you so much for all of this, and i love you guys, and you're the best. >> i never been a father unfortunately never been able to have children. i can only imagine what it would be like, and she's really fulfilling that void. >> she is a cutie. thomas has been growing his hair out to raise money for children with cancer. eventually shave his head when he reaches a certain goal. quit a guy. >> good for him. mother in good if just thrilled tonight she gave birth to his little boy a couple of days ago much she's also surprised. >> probably an under statement
5:57 pm
as fox's christie hut chink's tells us that mom didn't know she was pregnant. >> it's safe to say sean jaeger made quite the entrance into this world weighing so much pounds 3 ounces, 19 and a half inches long. a precious baby boy. but a precious gift his parents weren't expecting. they didn't even know they were expecting. >> i was having these waves of cramping is the best way that i can explain it. and some lower back pain, and anybody that i had talked to said it sounds like it's kidney stones. >> the pain got so bad, stephanie went to the emergency room. but the attending physician asked stephanie a question she wasn't expecting. >> he said, and you're not pregnant. >> i was locate no. um -- you know, i would know. >> but ultrasound showed she was pregnant. 38 weeks pregnant. >> in my mind i'm thinking, i'm
5:58 pm
not going to tell was i'm thinking, but he -- i'm like i'll tell this man again there's no baby in there. >> a few hours later, sean was here. >> how was this in me? and he -- he was breach and he was sitting and as he was sitting his little feet were up by his head so he couldn't wiggle he couldn't move. the doctor was like, you know, that's why you didn't feel him. >> she says she had no symptoms and just year ago doctors diagnosed her to be an early menopause. >> i believe everything happens for a reason. you know, if he wasn't in the cards, he was not in the plan, but he's meant to be here for a reason. maybe one day i'll understand but you know, he's -- he is a sweetheart. i'm glad he's here. i wouldn't change it at all. >> some people say no way. a woman would know if she was pregnant. stephanie says, she now gets it. >> that's what oy thought, too. when i read the stories, and,
5:59 pm
yeah, i'll be less quick to judge next time, because it can happen. ♪ the window of a high end retailer smashed in center city. now, some say the area is not as safe as its reputation. >> honestly i carry gun. i had to pull my gun already twice. >> why at least one nearby business owner has resorted to carrying a gun. ♪ plus, teens charge a schoolbus and attack the students and the driver on boa board. >> scared, scared for my child and her safety. >> now, what changes parents want to see after the violent incident. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. happening now, we are tracking cooler temperatures moving in to the region on the left you see signs of autumn as leaves fall into the tacony creek. on the right life look at wilmington. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney
6:00 pm
in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. aft experiencing record warmth last week, we are now planning for freeze. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr tracking that chilly cool down. kathy. >> the big question is, are you ready? because it is going to be shock to the system come tomorrow morning. but there's hope in that seven day forecast. take look at today's high temperatures. about 8 degrees below average today in philadelphia. the average high 64. we are at 56. that's the official high from the national weather service in south jersey and, of course, at the airport. reading 55. atlantic city 59. in trenton 55. the same in allen to you and wilmington we made it to 60 degrees. right now you can see the cooler air to the north and west of the city. temperatures in the 30s in the poconos. in the 40s to the north and west. 50's along the i-95 corridor to the south and east. the wind will be part of the puzzle come tomorrow morning. it's not going to be a strong wind but a 10 to 15 miles an hour wind out of the northwest and cold temperatures will combine to make


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