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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 26, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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two stories are breaking right now on the fox 29 morning news. first, a child has died inside a home. it happened in the juniata park section. we've got all of the developing details. >> plus, a woman is dead after historic home goes up in flames overnight watch investigators in chester country learning right now about this deadly fire. >> have to confront this again in my life when i've been the dog biting -- >> a push to fight racism and discrimination in the lgbt community. hundreds of people voicing their frustrations. good day everybody, it is wednesday, halfway through this week, it is october 26. i'm karen hepp, good morning, thank you so much for joining
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us, it is a lot colder outside. you will certainly notice it, time to grab the big winter puppy coats, sue serio. >> oh, yes, bundle up time this morning. it is the frosty start we promised you yesterday. our freeze warning is in effect for most of the area until 9:00. and down here in southern delaware, cape may county, it is a mere frost advisory. regardless, the temperatures are down from yesterday. look at philadelphia. only 39 degrees. add in little bit after breeze it, feels chillier than that, 7:24 is now our sunrise time. look at mount pocono, 26 degrees, we're right at freezing in reading, lancaster, 34 in trenton, 29 in pottstown, below freezing in millville, and atlantic city to get your day started. so, yes, make sure you have enough on. winds are coming out of the north today, now, this is the kind of trends that won't last real long. we will talk about some slightly milder temperatures in the seven day forecast, but today, it is 53 degrees, for high temperature, and your
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sunset time is 6:06. that will take care of your chilly start for today. the rest of the forecast coming up, bob kelly? >> i'm over here. tell you what, i got in my car, it said 34 degrees on the dashboard this morning. ya, ya, i use that seat warmer, and warmed that puppy up. nice and toast think morning. 4:02, good morning shall everybody, crews are still out work interesting last night. live look, one of the penndot cameras, pointed right down on the work crew here, this is westbound schuylkill expressway right near conshohocken, 476, replace that metal dividing great there. that kind of runs across the roadway, so again, westbound schuylkill headed out toward conshy, down to only one lane until about 5:00 or so. elsewhere, they did not work on the vine street expressway. i don't think because it was cold, i think is one of those scheduled off nights for the guys. so you are good to go this morning, if you are coming into center city philadelphia, and we are good to go on the
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42 freeway. however, southbound, just watch for work crews out near the 295 interchange. working today on the blue route. repairing some potholes, between i-95 and the villanova saint david's interchange. no problems coming in from the suburbs on 422, 202, looking good as you roll you there king of prussia. both the market frankford and broad street subway still using shuttle buses until 5:00, karen, back to you. >> breaking news this morning from juniata park, there has been nine year old girl who has died after a tragic accident. investigators say it happened just about four hours ago. this home on the 4600 block of pennhurst street, this child was rush over to st. christopher hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later. investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. steve keeley is on his way to the hospital. >> also, we are following some more breaking news out of birmingham township. late night five has killed a person in chester county. right to lauren johnson who is live near that scene that far fire. lauren, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, karen, hard to hear, in a very wooded and secluded area. we can tell you this, crews are on the scene basically just cleaning up the mess left behind that by that for are fire. basically out for the most part. birmingham road in chester county still blocked off at this hour. let's show you some video we shot shortly after the fire. crews were on scene around 11:25 last night. immediately they new to call for a tanker to help battle the blaze. that request coming in because a very secluded area. they brought in port a tank. you can sort of think of it it looks like kitty pool maybe, tanker trucks dump water into it so firefighters can off load water to supply line up the driveway. coronerly on the scene pretty quickly, learned last night one victim discovered dead inside the home. we are learning a little bit more about the home damaged in the fire. one of our fox 29 viewers says
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this home is on the state register of historic homes built in the 1800s. may have heard allowed noise, that's one firetruck leaving the scene. good distance off from where the home s you can't see much damage from here. we understand the crews have the fire under control, now simply cleaning up the mess left behind. >> lauren, thank you, such busy night. now developing story from center city, there is a push to fight racism and discrimination in the lgbt community. city leaders, some barone ers and the general public all coming together in the wake after growing number of complaints in the gay bore hood. packed in the large conference areas, two overflow rooms to share their own personal stories every discrimination. this issue thrust into the spotlight in september after the owner of a bar, candy club, caught on tape repeatedly using a racial slur against african-americans. mayor jim kenney said listening is the most important thing we can do.
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>> it is sad, it makes your heart break, you realize when you're in a situation to change it, do you have help change it. >> unprecedented for this to happen to hold an actual hearing, for us to express these stories, these very, very personal stories. >> the philadelphia commission of human resources says it will be reviewing the testimony, then it will write a report with recommendations how the whole community can do better. the mayor says the sitly take hard look at the report once it is complete. >> political news it, less than two weeks away from election day, tim kane campaigning once again in our area, lehigh valley, also bucks county today. he will be stopping at the bucks county community college of the college's links pavilion. doors to the event will open at noon. also speaking at muhlenberg college later this evening. he will be talking about hillary clinton, then his vision of america, where the focus on the economy. >> vice president joe biden made a stop in pennsylvania yesterday. campaigning for hillary
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clinton. he railed against donald trump during a speech in pittsburgh, saying, trump has caused damage to the u.s. reputation with other countries because of his rhetoric this election season. biden also says can he not condone a presidential candidate speaking -- speaking about women the way donald trump has. meanwhile, donald trump firing back, saying he wished he could quote take trump behind the gym to settle things. trump said biden is only talking tough when standing behind a microphone by himself. today trump will in another battleground state north carolina campaigning in florida yesterday. he seized on news that obamacare premiums are going up next year. he promised to get rid of the whole program. >> they gave a number of 25% average. they know that's not true. you are going to have six, zero -- 60, seven, 80, 90% increase, repealing obamacare, and stopping hillary's healthcare take over is one of the single most important
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reasons that we must win on november 8th. >> for trump wins in florida is vital for his hopes to become the next president. he is also expected to make an advice knit washington, dc today for the official opening of his hotel on pennsylvania avenue. just few blocks from the white house. hillary clinton is receiving a nice professional gift ahead of her birthday today. she just pick up an endorsement from another big name, republican former secretary of state, colin powell. says that he is voting for the democratic nominee. the retired four star army general told the crowd that donald trump would take the country back 50 years if he was elected. of course, powell's a republican. meantime, clinton is also campaigning hard in florida, not taking her slightly therefore granted. she returned to the sunshine state, in a ongoing effort to reach out to hispanics, who make up 27% of all the voters there. early voting there began monday. >> i feel good, but boy, i'm not taking anything for granted.
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>> latino voters there turning out in unprecedented numbers to the polls, 99% increase from that same point in 2012. >> and clinton's efforts to turn out the minority communities may compromise by some leaky week emails, that quotas may have been used for diversity, one from february of 2015, between hillary clinton's former chief of staff, cheryle mills, and john pad he is that. it shows campaign desires for quote hispanic woman as a political director. no e-mail concerns stories every huge discrepancies of pay between the sections at the clinton foundation. newly leaked emails say sheesh should have been more for the come being her private e-mail server. >> coming up: parent in west oaklane, they're outraged. there was attack on school bus, and several young children were injured. this is a story you'll see only on fox. but first: >> it is concerning. i mean, at night, i don't know, i definitely want to be
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in a group. >> talking about one of our fanciers stores in the end sire city. luxury of department store, the late that's whole string of crimes in rittenhouse square. how police are vowing to keep you safe. >> and also: bright lights, and allowed message. people coming together in prayer. law enforcement and the community. it is a good one.
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well, here it is.
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the frosty start, that we promised, the freeze warning includes philadelphia, delaware county, the frost advisory down to the south of us, but we're all cold this morning. so, right now temperatures range from 39 in philadelphia to 32 in lancaster, it is below freezing in allentown. 31 degrees atlantic city international. check some more, up in hazleton, 29 degrees. same for pottstown. and in mount pocono, it is 26 degrees this morning, 30 in millville, 31 in atlantic city, you get the idea that you need to layer it up today? it would be a very wise thing to do. now, it is 48 in lewes, delaware, where they have some clouds, and 38 degrees in dover, delaware. no precipitation, hardly a cloud in the sky, which is why it got so cold overnight. you call it radiational cooling, where there isn't any cloud cover to keep in whatever warmth we had during the previous day. so, that's the situation, and we don't expect any precipitation until tomorrow. but we have changed the timing
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from what we were looking at at the computer models yesterday. we'll see increasing clouds today. we'll have cloudy start tomorrow. we will have a wintery situation in northeastern pennsylvania, but the rain for us doesn't roll in, and the reason it is only rain is because it is a warmfront, until maybe 4:00, 5:00. call it afternoon and evening rain. it rains through about midnight, 1:00, then by the time we're on the air with the fox 29 morning news tomorrow, or friday morning, it won't be raining any more. friday should be dry day. since warmfront, slightly milder day. >> that's a look at the prepare zip takes future. high down to 69 degrees. days are starting to get so much shorter. seeing the average get lowered. after 86 degrees, last wednesday, 56 degrees on saturday, we were back at 56 degrees for high temperature yesterday. maybe even chillier today in the low to mid 50's, 59 degrees, tomorrow, with that rain, late in the day,
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mostly cloudy skies, on friday. but it looks like a pleasant day. and how does the weekend start off? well, not bad. little bit of warm up maybe into the upper 60s by sunday, still dry for trick-or-treating on monday night. bob kelly? >> there you go. i grabbed few snickers, not snickers, what do you call them, reese's cups on the way home last night. >> how can you resist? >> i ate the whole pack on the way home last night. good morning shall everybody, 4:15 -- 4:15, what's today? hump day. something's going on there. not supposed to be there. oh, gone! look what happened? there you are. so we were talking about how cold it was this morning. 40 degrees. definitely use the seat warmer package this morning on my way in. sue, is my image there behind me? okay, so just going to keep talking. you. >> look lovely, really, lovely shade of blue. >> there we are, live look downtown. philadelphia live look at the
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cathedral here off to the side. you've got the art museum circle up ahead. here is the construction zone right here along the parkway. so with the chilly start this morning, make sure the kids are bundled up. i know they'll probably gave you a hard time about wearing that jacket or not wearing the fleece or the hoodie, make sure that they're bundled up as they stand out there on the street corner waiting for the school buses. otherwise, we've got some construction west on the schuylkill expressway, working your way out toward conshohocken, down to only one lane, crews will be throughout until about 5:00 this morning, again, on that westbound side. they're working along 42 at 295. this is a hot mess last night, karen, we went down to the, the penetentary, callowhill street blocked at 13th. nobody's working. nobody's around. cones in the middle of the street, nobody's directing traffic. come on, what's going on here?
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watch out for the morning rush hour, that will be a hot mess working your way up toward call owe head toward broad street. subway, working shuttle buses. >> thank you so much. this happened yesterday, smash and grab robbery, tens of thousands of dollars of items from boyde's, which is one of our city's most exclusive stores. this is just the latest in a whole string of vandalism and violence in center city. at least six thieves smashed a car into the window display early yesterday morning. that's when they went in and stole all of those very pricy handbags, leather items, $50,000 worth of jacket and other clothing, the owner of different store down the street, operate call store, said he's considering leaving this ritz is he block of chestnut street. >> how long have you been here? >> five years. >> feel like it has gotten worse in the five years? >> every day, and honestly i carry a gun, i have to pull my gun already twice on people, literally came in when was inside the store to rob me.
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>> owners every boyde's has not commented. we know a row placement window has already been ordered. >> 4:18. police arrest add teenager they say behind a shooting in rittenhouse square. seventeen year old medi fragi facing long list of charges, including attempted murder. he shot 39 year old man who was stepping into intervene in a robbery that the teen was involved in. the shooting victim of that is now in stable condition. >> also, we're getting closer look at the vandal police say is responsible for ruining the steps of the union league. police say that is the guy right there who pulled off a brass railing from one of the staircases early monday morning. he was spotted walking west on samson street. this crime ended up causing part of the railing of the historic build to go crumble to the ground. there it is, extensive damage. so steve keeley have more on all of this violence that we've had recently in the whole center city area coming up in a live report in a matter of mole on the so. >> other news coming up on
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4:19, olney, community literally turning laws with hand enforcement in the name of peace, the 35th police district organize ago prayer walk in north philadelphia. our chris o'connell has a message every healing for people who have seen too much crime in their community. >> light flashing, speaker blaring. >> from the word of the lord. >> people who need god as outside of the wall. >> philadelphia police chaplains from across the city hit the street in olney, stopping block by block. >> i pray -- >> in the crisp october night they marched through the 35th district, past the bullet riddled windows, a murder happened here, a shooting over there. but tonight wasn't about violence. this was about hope. >> we need more than prayer. we need folks to come together in unity, and realize that this is not just one person's problem, but it is a community
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problem. >> the problems here, not unlike other parts of the city, drugs, and violence. >> i seen people die in front of me, people got shot in front of me. >> joselyn martinez heard the shots from her stoop. she came out immediately grabbed the hands after officer. they prayed together. >> because there is a lot of people, i mean, too much violence and everything, and too much death, and it is good to hear little words about god. >> lady just stopped me just now, shook my hand and said really appreciate what you are doing, this neighborhood needs some prayer, needs police presence. so, i really appreciate it. >> resident here just glad to see police officers when there is not a crime happening. local clergy hopes it helps heal wounds. >> to have police officers come out and build a friendship, relationship with the community, and love them, i think, helps a lot. >> chris owe con em, "fox 29 news". and police are saying this is the third time they've had this prayer march, by some of the reactions right there, you know, they'll be having
4:21 am
another one next year. >> it is 4:21 delaware man in stable condition after police officers shot him during pursuit in dover. police say they were trying to arrest him, 25 year old jameer fisher for failing to appear in court. that's when he got in a car and tried to get away ramming into their patrol vehicles almost hitting the officer. he will be facing, the suspect, more criminal charges. >> 4:21. such a tragedy from north jersey. it is a deadly family tragedy. police say a father took his own life while jumping into a river off a bridge with his two young boys. police are calling it a miracle that the sons, aged one and three, survived. police say 37 jerold john spicken threat toned harm his children following an argument with his wife. he died after jumping off the wantque bridge, the boys are expected to fully recover. police are continuing to investigate what may have set
4:22 am
him off. >> and, delaware police are going to be out this weekend in force cracking down on drunken driving, holiday weekend of course, with the halloween events going on. state highway safety officials say more than 100 police officers will be out on the roadways this weekend, police will be conducting checkpoints, in five different locations, including two, in new castle county, one in kent county, there had been 34 deaths, a tribute today impaired driving in delaware so far this year. and more than 3200 driving under the influence arrests. we do have good news after all of the bad news, if you play the cash five, bought your ticket in montgomery county, congratulations. you could be a million air. someone did buy a ticket worth a million dollars monday at the bp station right along gravel pike. so if you have a year to claim your prize, maybe you have t. >> and don't from get you can watch your lottery drawings right here on fox 29 here are your winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them. >> plus, also, we will be talking sports. our champion villanova back at practice, trying to repeat the
4:23 am
magic of last year. what coach jay wright, fine looking human being, wants this team to do and it has to do with the past as he looks forward. i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar
4:24 am
who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm sean bell, the champions, villanova back at practice, and trying to repeat the magic of last year. coach jay wright wants them to forget about the past, but still, keep that championship
4:26 am
swagger. >> that's not something they lose, that's confidence inside them. that experience is inside them. you're never going to take that away. usually harder to control your ego than it is to pump somebody up. >> to the flyers, and the sabres, after the flyers were down three-zero, they came all the way back to tie the game, and force shoot-out, end the shoot-out. jake bore check, getting it done. the flyers win four to three. now to the world series, both the cubs and the indians trying to end a big drought. i mean, over 50-year drought. yesterday cleveland had a little bit closer. right there, roberto perez providing some insurance runs. cleveland wins six-zip. takes a one-zero. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. coming up at 4:30, the largest auto scandal agreement in us history. why nearly half a million volkswagon and audi owners could be giving their cars back to the dealer.
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>> but first, a tragedy. a child has died inside one of our homes in the city. we've got all of the developing details. plus, also, what investigators in chester country learning right now about a house fire that claimed a woman's life. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> house fire right there, it happened out in chester county, so what we are learning right now, we have a live report coming up. plus a push to fight racism and discrimination, in one community. it was a packed house with so many people voicing their frustrations at a big hearing last night. what city leaders are demanding of barone ers. also, a story you'll see only right here on fox. how parents in one neighborhood are responding after an attack on a school bus left several young children injured. >> and you've got to feel t it is cold out there. you probably have the heat on. we have freeze warnings in effect right now, in our area. so what you need to know before you get the kids ready for school on this morning. good day everybody. it is straight up 4:30, i'm karen hepp on this wednesday. let's get right over to sue. because she can let us know about how cold those numbers are. >> oh, yes, coldest morning for many of us of the season so far. all of the prep significance cents i think are in the right
4:31 am
place. freeze warning in effect for all of the places you me? that purple/blue, then down to the south a frost advisory, here's why. in philadelphia, 39 degrees, to start, with a little built after breeze. and sunrise at 7:24. the clear skies that unable us to be so cold this morning. which means sunshine later on. but first you have to deal with 26 degrees, in mount pocono. thirty-four in trenton. right at freezing in lancaster and reading. thirty-five in wilmington, 31 atlantic city, only 30 degrees in millville, always a cold spot, compared to everybody else. winds are at least not excessive making it feel that much colder than it actually is. but, there is no precipitation to show you. we had that lake effect precipitation yesterday. that caused some clouds around here. but, not today. 53 degrees will be our high temperature. we will see plenty of sunshine, so that's the upside to those clear skies. we will talk about some weather changes on the way in the seven day forecast and the latest halloween outlook, as
4:32 am
well, bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, on a wednesday, it is exactly 4:32. and it is chilly out there. boy, definitely coming in this morning, the gauge on the dashboard showed 34 degrees, boom, hit that seat warmer, that will wake you up getting in the leather cold seats in the morning. hello to philly international airport. no problems or delays in and out of philly this morning. we're loaded up the snack machines there. we're loading up the coffee bins, the snack carts, here at the airport. so good to go there. going to the next camera, it shows us the ben franklin parkway, looking live downtown. the crews did not work last night, on the vine expressway, so that's good news. for folks coming into or out of philadelphia, they are working westbound, on the schuylkill, out near conshohocken. otherwise, we're looking good up and over the ben franklin. platt bridge, to the airport camera, spun around in the opposite way. no problems into or out of
4:33 am
southwest philly. now the market frankford and the broad broad street subway ug shuttle buses until 5:00 running with no delays, karen, back to you. >> thank you so much. developing story right now, comes to us from birmingham township. investigators are trying to figure out how a person died in the late night house fire in chester county, lauren johnson is there right now, with what we can learn. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning to you, karen, so we just watched about five fire engines leave the scene here, and several support vehicles pull away. birmingham road now reopened. we are a little bit closer to that home. the address here, 1310. so the fire's out. crews remaining on the scene are just cleaning up a little mess left behind. here's what we know from some video we shot shortly after if the fire last night. crews here 1125:67:89 immediately they new to call for tanker to help battle this blaze here, that request coming in because we're in a very secluded area here. and i don't see one fire hydrant on this road. so they brought in a
4:34 am
port-a-tank. it dumped water in it the fire fight kearse off load the water supply that ran down the driveway here. so the coroner was on scene pretty quickly. we learned around 11:40, last night, one victim discovered inside that home. we are learning a little bit more about the home damaged in the fire. one of our fox 29 viewers says it is a four-bedroom home sits on 2 acres every lands here and it is on the state register of historic homes. apparently it was built in the early 1800s. so again the scene pretty much clear here, but unfortunately, sad news, karen, we learn one person did die in this house fire. >> such a tragedy. lauren, thank you. 4:34 is the time. right now in the juniata neighborhood, nine year old girl has died after a tragic accident. police say this one happened about four hours ago, at this home on the 4600 block of pennhurst street. that child was rushed over to st. christopher hospital where she was pronounced dead. investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong
4:35 am
there. >> happening right now, a push to fight racism and discrimination in the lgbt community. city leaders, barone ers, the whole public came together in the wake of growing number of incidents, and complaints, in the gayborhood. packed house, in fact, overflow, in two conference rooms with people coming out to share their personal experiences with discrimination. this was all thrust into the issue back in september after this video came out the owner of the eye candy club caught on tape repeatedly using racial slur against african-americans. mayor jim kenney was therefore the meeting. he said listening is the most important thing we can do. >> it is sad t makes your heart break. you realize when you are in a position to change it, it is your responsibility to help change it. >> this is unprecedented for this to be happening for the philadelphia commission on human relations to hold an actual hearing, for us to express these stories, these very, very personal stories. >> the philadelphia commission of human resources says it will be reviewing last night's testimony, and then put out a
4:36 am
report, and then the mayor says he'll take a look at the report and figure out what can be done. >> less than two weeks until election day, vice presidential candidate, tim kaine, will be in our area, lehigh valley, also bucks county. he'll be at the bucks county community college at the lincoln pavilion. stores open at noon. he'll also be speaking at muhlenberg college later this evening. he'll be talking about the vision for america. >> with political passions running so high, so many communities around this country are cancelling classes on election day. some parents and officials fear that voter conflict and violence could engage err students. some administrators are removing polling places from schools even here in pennsylvanian ohio and illinois. republican nominee, donald trump, is asking his supporters to stand guard against voter fraud at the polls. >> 4:36. the largest auto scandal agreement in us history. why nearly half a million volkswagon and audi owners may
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no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice sorcing outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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judge 4:39. volkswagon has to pay up big time. judge says auto maker has to pay $15 billion of claims for its emissions cheating scandal. one of the largest in the country. audi owners, cw, that have two
4:40 am
diesel four sill inner engine will now be able to have their vehicle bought back. several schools in our area bucks county now banning clown costumes at their halloween parade. this move all comes after police have arrested several young people for making threats to middle schools, police say 12 year old who post that picture, on stain gram earlier this month. gun, knife, and needlement and another 12 year old also facing charges of terroristic threats and harrass: story you'll see only on fox 29. some parents who are pretty upset after attack on school bus left several young children injured. group of brawling teens, who ran after a bus, happened in west oaklane, then forced themselves on board that bus. it happened right near 66 avenue and 20th street in the west oaklane section monday afternoon, officials say 20 people from holy cross catholic school were being dropped off, feuding student from other schools started throwing rocks at the bus, and then forcing their way on, and attacking the people on board.
4:41 am
there was a woman who says her second grader saw the whole thing. >> another student put back, taken, and the bus driver, and of course they were cursing and everything, and yelling. she was terrified. she was traumatized from this. so, i mean, she went from wanting to be on the bus to i'm not too sure if i want to get on the bus again. >> and it is so scary. school officials confirm three students were punched but we're told their injuries were relatively minor. philadelphia police say they are investigating. >> there is local teenage here shows he's such a big heart. how she put together this huge fundraiser, you watched it right here on "good day" yesterday morning, to help people of haiti. what you can still do to help.
4:42 am
4:44 am
>> so to put a finer point on it, we have a freeze warning for much of the area. but then right here in the metro it is a frost advisory. so we will be below freezing in many places, but here in philadelphia, delco, parts every montgomery, bucks county, mercer county, it will probably be slightly above freezing. but there will be scattered frost on your pumpkin in your yard this morning. 39 degrees in philadelphia. 35 degrees in wilmington. 32 degrees in lancaster and reading. 26 degrees in mount pocono and 30 in millville. down in cape may, balmy 50 degrees, but then to up woodbine and it is 33. we have 31 degrees in atlantic
4:45 am
city international. twenty-eight in mays landing, 32 medford lakes, doylestown only 28. twenty-nine in pottstown, perkasie, 27 degrees. so, high pressure is i guess our enemy this morning, but keeping us cold. here comes warmfront. so this will not last very long. but, we could see a bit of a wintery mix tomorrow morning in the mountains. >> what? >> oh, for pete's sake, in the mountains. see, that gets their attention. nobody listens to me in this studio any other time until i mention the s word. so we take a look at the future cast, show you what we're talking about, here's today, see, wednesday, we have just cloudy skies today. here comes thursday. look, you see what happens. to the north of us, there will be some frozen precipitation. we'll get only rain. and then my mums could use it. so that will be a good thing. then we have skies clearing just in time for the weekend. average hi, 63 degrees, oh, we
4:46 am
were so much above average last week, but since then it has been below many cases, 54 degrees today, close to 60 tomorrow with that rain, and then mostly sunny skies on friday, saturday looks pretty good. and we have a brief instance of milder temperatures, sunday, halloween, so far, so dry. that's really the big thing we care about for halloween, is that it doesn't rain. and we don't want it too cold either, bob kelly, who likes to wear a parka over top of their costume? >> someone get the soap to wash her mouth out for using the word wintery mix. she didn't say trail mix. >> i heard all of the other stuff, the one that got my attention. >> wintery mix, bamm, everybody stops, right? >> now i know how to get attention around here. >> good morning, everybody, 4:46. looking live, the blue route, no problems or delays at all. roads are dry here. little frost on your pumpkin as sue mentioned, it is chilly out there. if you jump in that car this morning with those leather
4:47 am
seats, put the seat warmer on as did i coming in on the schuylkill expressway. live look here on the 42 freeway, headlights working your way in toward the city. they pick up the work that was right here on the ramps to 295. so, looks like we're god to go. they did not work on the vine street expressway last night. that's good news, open for business there. no problems up and down 202. the scene of the fire, where lauren's been at all morning long, right here, just off of 202 and 926. actually nice amish farmers market, maybe bring back some danish for us on her way back. service suspended on septa airport regional rail line at the moment. all because of some early morning power problems. so if you were looking to take the train to get to the plane, you'll have to maybe use the cab or the uber service. again, service suspended on airport line on both the market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen, back to you. >> thank you so much. 4:47. officials in philadelphia, the problem people aren't showing
4:48 am
up for jury duty. nearly half of the people get a summons, disregard it, so now they have whole new track particular to try to get people to do their civic duty. what they are planning on use something on line questionnaire, instead of making you come all the way down, go into court, then follow that up with a e-mail instead of through the traditional mail system. they are also providing coffee and donuts to make it a little nicer for people at jury duty. >> i'm in! >> bob kelly says he's n pennsylvania lawmakers making progress in the whole new medical marijuana law, how it will all be figured out. department of held has released draft regulations for dispensaries. the rules prevent facilities within a thousand feet of schools or day care centers. they also require visitors to be told will be under video surveillance, and employees have to be 18. the governor signed a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the spring, to let patients take marijuana in the form after pill, vapor, ointment or liquid. >> 4:48 is the time. haiti is still reeling after a
4:49 am
three weeks from the hurricane matthew, the storm struck earlier and left so much death and destruction in its wake. but there is a young laid fry our area who said i'm going to do something. i know i can make a big difference. boy is she ever. she is just 13 years old. but the seventh grader is springing into action. dawn timoney has her story. >> thank you so much! >> mattie gabriel is on a mission there is northeast philadelphia teen brought her cause to fox 29's good day philadelphia. she is collecting clothes, shoes, food, you name it, for families in haiti. >> it hurt me. i just had to do something. >> wow. >> maddie said she was motivated by phonecall from her aunt who lives in haiti. and was hit hard by hurricane matthew. >> lost everything, her house swiped away, they went to check and there was nothing left, gone. >> thirteen year old is specially concerned for the little children. that's why she started the maddie help a child foundation.
4:50 am
>> she was telling me that the kids are drinking dirty water. and that can make them very sick. so i decided to help them. >> reporter: once the words got out about her collection drive, donations started pouring in. dozens of people dropping off items outside our fox 29 studios. >> she got me down here. she got me down here. >> clara thomas says, maddie just captured her heart. >> when you see children doing something in this world, real positive, you got to act on it, you know, so it took me two buses to come down, but it was worth it, it was worth it. >> thank you, very much. >> the teen's mom contacted the red cross and green drop, who were happy to help. gabrielle proud of her daughter's passionate effort. >> always been that kind of child, want to go help other children. >> thank you. >> and no surprise then that maddie want to extend her helping hand beyond haiti. >> everywhere, i'll help anybody. just to see a smile on somebody's face, that's all i
4:51 am
want. >> dawn timoney, "fox 29 news" >> dawn timoney tells us maddie's having big collection drive for hate think saturday, it will be over at cottman and frankford avenues. she as also going to have a go fund me page. for more information we put a link on our website she is already working on toy book drive for christmas. all right, coming out, some fun this halloween weekends, bring your kids, we'll have great event, called touch the truck, it will be over at the depford mall in the parking lot this saturday. we'll have one of our live trucks there. there will be construction trucks, firetrucks, police trucks, free for kids, 11:00 to 3:00. they'll be able to explore, dress in costumes, this event will benefit the veterans multi service center. >> well, when it comes to autism, such high rates in our area. but could girls be the secret to a major break through? we will explain. when we come back.
4:52 am
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>> katie mcginty and pat toomey getting help from senators coming in from all over the country, today mcginty with elizabeth warren, out there in pittsburgh, toomey will be kicking off two day trek across pennsylvania. he began yesterday with some senators from colorado, south carolina and louisianna. in the meantime, police in upper milford township, that's where toomey lives, are trying to figure out who targeted his
4:55 am
neighbors, and wrote graffiti. someone say someone spray painted hateful anti-republican graffiti on the homes of toomey's neighbors. some of the messages equated republicans with nazis and rapists. senator toomey calls the graffiti discusting, inspired political hatred, and his democratic opponent in the senate rate, katie mcginty said this graffiti is unacceptable. >> new questions about whether form aids of governor chris christie believed in the lane closures was for traffic study. so, in court, bridget kelly insisted that her infamous e-mail that red time for some traffic problems was about that study. but the prosecutor thinks she and another defendant bill barone were actually collaborating before the incident in 2013. federal authority say they retaliated against another democratic mayor before the whole bridgegate scandal. >> we have so much more coming up at 5:00 a.m. on fox 29 morning news, but first, let's get right to lauren johnson, at the scene after fire. lauren?
4:56 am
>> reporter: deadly fire her in chester couldn't, the scene has now been cleared, and for the first time getting closer look at the home. we'll try to get some shots for you inside, all of that, coming up after the break. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
4:57 am, and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
4:58 am
>> breaking on fox 29 morning news, person is dead after a historic home goes up in flames overnight. what investigators in chester country learning right now
4:59 am
about this deadly fire. and this: >> it is concerning. i mean, at night, i don't know, i definitely want to be in a group. >> the robbery of a luxury department store, the just the latest in a whole string of disturbing crimes in rent house square. how police are vowing to keep center city safe. >> plus: >> to have to confront this again in my life when i've been through the dog biting gig. >> lots of tempers and frustration, a push to fight racism and discrimination in one community, what city leaders are demanding, and hoping to move our area in the right direction. >> and brr, you can absolutely feel it, we will be taking a look at a chilly morning. still the nicest day. sue has the number right there, a seven, but what are the numbers outside your window in she will tell you in just a moment. good day everybody, it is wednesday, hump day, half way through this week, that's
5:00 am
always a good thing. i'm karen hepp. let's get right over to sue. we saw the number. let's look at other numbers. because we have some warnings. >> they are low numbers, that's right. we have freeze warnings for all of the purple area here, and then it is a frost advisory for everybody else. so, many of our temperatures are below freezing this morning. if you haven't had your first frost of the season, this is the day. we will be between 34 to 37, in the metro area this morning, and frost may be on your pumpkin. 40 degrees right now, with 6-mile per hour breezes out of the chilly north-northwest. and sunrise time, 7:24. so we've got to wait a while for the sunshine. we will get some. and that will be the saving grace for today. 28 degrees, right now, mount pocono, at pottstown, 30 in reading, right at freezing in lancaster, allentown 29, 33 trenton, wilmington, 38 degrees in wildwood, millville is right at freezing this morning. so, here's what we've got going on on bus stop buddy. first of all his warm winter coat and some


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