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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> sixers dancer belts out the star spangled banner at the home opener. but the thing is she wasn't supposed to sing. why the original singer says she was yanked moment before the show. >> plus, a disturbing arrest in delaware county. part time student accused of secretly recording people in a bathroom on villanova campus. >> everyone just got disturbed. >> but it doesn't ends there. why police are concerned there could be more victims. >> now 12 days away from the election, and the race appears to be tightening. both donald trump and hillary clinton confident with less than three weeks until the vote, what both candidates are doing in the final days to win over voters. >> and, a world series is in full swing. and the hit keep coming. thanks to local company. meet the people making bats
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for this season's fall classic. >> good day everybody, it is october the 27th, 2016. hey, hi, bob kelly. >> hello. >> hi, alex hole. >> i hello. >> hi, sue serio. >> high. >> like roll call. >> here, here, here. >> what's the number? >> only a five today. >> stinking five. >> rain on the way for most every us, and tricky travel in the higher elevations there is morning, with bus stop buddy the rain gear good idea, it is not as cold at least, so for most of us, it is only rain we're dealing with, flyers have a home game tonight. so he's got the flyers cap on. freezing rain advisory in carbon, monroe counties until 11:00 this morning, radar tells the story. see that pink area, up toward the mountains, and that's where we're probably seeing some rain, that could be frozen, at times, but for everybody else, it is all about the temperature that decides the type of precipitation, so, could be a little slippery up toward mount pocono. but in philadelphia, right now, it is 46 degrees.
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7:25, is our sunrise time. we have cloudy skies out there. which help keep the temperatures from dropping too much. we are well above freezing even though only 39 in allentown, 42 in reading, and lancaster, 45 nil millville, 52 already in wildwood. so, clouds around today. maybe a shower or two this morning, or lunchtime, but the heavier rain rolls in for the afternoon drive. high of 60 degrees today. we've got your weekends and your halloween outlook coming up. >> look what we've got here. ready? guess what somebody sent me a picture up. >> no. >> the christmas tree is up at the king of prussia mall. >> yikes. >> no! >> not yet. >> i haven't even had my reese's peanut butter cups for halloween yet. oh, south on 95, jam up from academy, in to cottman avenue. and an accident in the actual construction zone. that's setting us bamm already for 25 minute. live look further south at girard. starting to see some sprinkles
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throughout the cameras here with some raindrops hitting out along 422 near trooper. portions of trenton, getting some rain. we've got all red light here, all of the brake lights back up here westbound on the vine, trying to get over to 30th street station. manayunk norristown line, starting to see things get back to normal. there was train that was on the track, they had 20 minute delays. cleared. just some residual delays. warminster, davisville road, county line road an accident. crash in hunting park. >> this one involving a police vehicle at broad and west pike. more on the story coming up in just a moment on that one. then, south on the northeast extension, if urgent erring from allentown, an accident on the ramp to go south on the northeast extension, otherwise, the bridges looking fine, no problems at the airport, mike and alex back over to you. >> and the home of the brave ♪ ♪
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>> that's jam ill a belting out the national anthem at last night's season opener. great response from the crowd. but the problem was she wasn't the one supposed to sing. >> this wasn't planned. >> yes, we met her. she grew up in atlantic city. the national anthem at the center of this controversy, lauren johnson, bring us to up speed here. now, i had no idea when i was watching her, that she wasn't the first choice. >> that's right. no one would have known what happened. so, seven, formerly known as seventh streeter, was tapped to perform last night at the performance. we have just learned, mike, that when you perform here at the wells fargo center, for the 76ers, all performers sign contracts with the team, and they agree to certain terms. now, the issue last night just moments before she was set to sing was seventh jersey. it was not a sixers jersey, it was an all black jersey with the words we matter on the front. apparently the team asked her not to wear the jersey. someone close to the organization tells us that
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seven was offered several other options to wear, including team gear, but she did not agree. but here's what she says happened. >> i'm at the 76ers game to sing the national anthem. the organization is telling me i can't because i am wearing a we matters jersey. >> well, a lot of people are asking who is she, she is singer and songwriter written music for songs like usher, alicia keys, after ian grand, the team didn't respond to her but did send out this statement. 76ers organization, encourages mean full actions to drive social change. we use our game to bring people together to build trust and strength in our communities, as we move from symbolic gestures, to action, we will continue to leverage our platforms that positively impact our community. now you might remember, mike and alex, last week at pre-season game between the 76ers and the miami heat, girl by the name of danasia laurence knelt while singing the national anthem.
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she was wearing blue blazers and black lives matter t-shirt underneath. she told reporter she wanted to spark dialogue. she wanted to make people uncomfortable because she thinks this country needs to continue talking about what is going on, in the world. so, coming up at 8:00 we'll hear from some fans, and get their reactions to what happened between the sixers and seven last night. >> now, i always felt like the cynical thing every day, right, 7:06. time for it to come out, had she just come out in regular shirt, and sang the national anthem, it wouldn't be our lied story today, would it? and nobody would be talking about this singer seven who has been around for years and years; true? report rory agree, and according to what we just learned, if these performers are signing contract, and agreeing to specific terms, then her manager, her ache, her team red that, they may have known she may have been asked not to wear that shirt. so i don't know. >> not that it is a motive, but certainly is very well
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known in the philadelphia area now. >> yes, because i remember, and mike you mention that would we have known, well, they were pumping her, oh, seven will do the national anthem remember on the show, we brought it up. so when i came i made it just in time to see the national anthem. pi out my snap chat, oh, look it is seven, then i look close thanks, jamilla. i delete me snap. because i was wait that's not seven. i wonder what happened to seven? >> a lot of people thought seven had danced up as a dancer. >> because the half time performer designer he came out, right? >> yes. >> oh, maybe got hair change? >> and that's another whole story because designer god booed when he walked off. >> they cheered him on when he came to the game. and then at the end all the sudden people started booing. >> and isn't tweeted you, it is silly, we don't need a reason to boom. >> yes, because i was trying to figure it out. i tweeted out why are we booing designer, and that's the response i got. >> some people thought because he wouldn't put the jersey
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back on, other people thought he didn't do it -- >> he was everywhere. he was jumping up and down, he took off his jersey. that's the thing, took off his jersey at the end one of the 76ers host crosby came up the jersey maybe to take picture, he's like no, no, no. >> already done that. >> then people started booing. maybe they didn't like it, i don't know. >> one thing about designer, we try to play some footage, he moves around a lot. >> he is known for that. >> wow. >> it was great. real quickly update, braking news out of hunting park. >> involving a cruiser, officer responding to job when another car ran a red light and hit his police cruiser. this happened at broad and pike at 4:30 this morning. the police officer went to the hospital. he's in stable condition. and the driver of the other car had to be freed from the vehicle. he's now at temple hospital and will survive. >> okay, onto this one person is dead, another is injured, during a double shooting overnight. >> now, the search is on for the shooter.
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and steve keeley is live with an update on the search. steve? >> reporter: well, the victim police describe as white female, 38, from kensington, no where near where we are up in northeast philadelphia, off welsh rd. and a man also shot in the face and arm drove himself to nazareth hospital. we are in the way back corner of the joshua house apartments, off welsh rd., and you would have to know this spot to get to this spot. and look at the chrysler 300. it has got big bullet hole, right above the back tire, through the trunk, and there is blood splattered all over the car, the police, when they got here, found the woman shot seven times maybe, point blank, lying between the chrysler 300 the other car next to it. and there was a third guy with them, who showed up. >> police here now, sun barely coming up, seeing more bullet holes, jared come back to where i am, right behind this
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police car, you can see another windshield shattered. we talk to the owner of the chrysler 300, who was awakened by the gunfire right around 1:30 this morning. >> i heard gunshots we hours in the morning, but rare, i'm thinking maybe it is firecrackers or, no, i come out to a carve blood and a bullet hole in my car. >> how long have you lived here snow. >> about two weeks maybe. >> so you just barely move in. >> yes. >> but the one thing since you got a daughter you were like i need a safe place to live. >> absolutely. >> when you checked this out, what did you finds out? you never heard -- >> no, nothing, i heard of anything here, good school up the street. my daughter two, good school up the street. it is a very nice family oriented neighborhood, playgrounds, got playgrounds around here, i'm thinking it is safe, it is safe. yes, i guess you're not safe anywhere. >> and she is right about that. so, here we go. again, another murder and this time police have at at least a
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couple of witnesses, hopefully you would think if somebody shot you in the face and the arm and tried to kill you, that you are going to tell police who that somebody was, especially back here in this parking lot meeting with him for some reason. you also say the reason, too, even if it is something elicit. >> you would think so. complicated lives out there. all right, steve. eleven past 7:00. now up to manhattan here. upper east side. they're trying to knock down a six alarm fire. i think they've got it un control now. again, the upper east side of manhattan. it was a five story building on east 93rd street, and if you know that area, it is called york ville. our sister station fox5 in new york is reporting one person has died, at least three people injured, including two firefighters. we will keep you updated on that. can't seem to get a shot from fox5 skyfox. but this is their ground unit that is there. not much to see. the fire is under control now.
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did a lot of damage. >> 7:12. you decide 2016. the race for the white house intensifies, if it can get any more intense. >> very intense, now even more intense because of the new numbers. polls have come out overnight. look at that. right now, hillary clinton at 49%, donald trump, at 44%. that's on the national side of course. but fox news poll shows trump is gaining on hillary clinton, in a head-to-head match up, hillary clinton leads 49 to 44 as you see there in a four way race, clinton ahead of trump 44 to 41%. so, for more on these polls, co-host of the five, one of my favorite shows on fox news channel, one of my favorite people, joins us, welcome back to philly, dana. >> i love being on your show, again, i miss you guys. >> oh, i miss you, dana. >> you are looking great. >> i remember when you came up and you introduced alex to all of us. >> oh, that's right, yes, great day. >> and we went to your last book signing, we hunk out a little bit when you came to fill. >> i yes.
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>> i love philly. you know, you have great convention there, and it was hot, though though, really hot. >> oh, my god was it hot. well, so is this race now. >> yes. >> i just told but the new pole numbers. >> yes. >> how is this happening, dana? how is he gaining grounds on her? >> well, people are focusing their minds, realizing that, okay, we might not in general they're un favorable both historic highs. but, i'm sure that if you're in philadelphia or anywhere across pennsylvania you're ready for this election to be over, because the commercials have been unbelievable in the swing state. my mom lives in colorado. i have friends in north carolina, they said enough is enough. pennsylvania is very important state for both of these candidates. hillary clinton last been in the lead for the most pardon, joe biden helping to get her across the finish line. >> donald trump never really led in national pole. but because the race is such high steaks, and been doing a lot more specially in florida, one thing mike and alex to
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lock at that national pole number where he is gaining, but where he really needs to gain is in some of these battleground states, florida is a must win for him, that's why i spent so much time for him down there the last few days. >> you mention high steaks, maybe that's the reason seeing such high turn out already for early voting? >> 12 million people have already voted. >> right. some of those battle ground states, there is early voting, floured ac one of them. i think donald trump is leading hillary clinton in that. but just barely. under performing romney's numbers. but she doesn't have as much entheusiasm on her side as back had. today she will have michelle obama on the trail with her, first sign they've appeared together. little odd couple. but michelle obama probably is the most valuable surrogate on the campaign trail. donald trump is his best surrogate. he doesn't need a surrogate. he is the most entertaining, that's who everybody want to see l it comes to democrat michelle obama is the star. >> tell you we've also in this, we have senate race here getting national attention. >> yes. >> mcginty and toomey. and more money has been spent
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in that campaign on both sides than ever before in a senate race, dana. >> well, and the other thing that happened, we found out, the republicans are worried about losing some of these senate seats, so instead of taking the money that they had, to target vulnerable democrats, having to use that money to defends republicans, pat toomey is one of them. i actually red this morning, mike, that larry, who does the crystal ball, down at the university of virginia, he thinks that toomey will hold on. >> oh, he does, okay. he's pretty good pollster. >> pretty good. >> dana, just real quickly, more importantly, how is jasper? >> great. had a fos make it to philly. he is my dog, four and a half years old, just wrote a book about him. part essay, the best part gallery of photo shops, like modern art to me, i've had fun time having distraction during this reelection. >> well, mike told me that when you guys worked together, you always had jasper with you. he would be -- >> jasper would come to work every now and then, yes?
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>> that's right. and i think weren't you there one time when he came? >> yes, the dog right next to us on the couch, yes, yes. >> i'm going to have him on saturday, too, gone to the book signings with me, my point is that if you feel like you have strained relationships with friend, family members, remember dogs, cats, you know, the family pet, where we all have common ground, non-partisan thing, we can all agree that dogs can bring us together. >> you know, i never thought that, but in the last few months, i've had a dog in my life and it is true. it bridges people closer together. >> next time people bring up politics, re running on, say hey, gout a dog? >> let's go pet the dog. >> exactly. let's go for a walk. >> or scratch my belly. well, i won't ask to you do that. >> mike, you should go around asking people to do that. >> i'm sure it will go over that. >> i've asked dana it do, that she would never do it. okay, well, i met you, and it is great to see you. >> let us know the next time
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you're in philly. >> have fun one having sean night. pennsylvania such a big deal. bye bye. >> 7:17. >> let's goat sue. >> i'm so glad you opened that door. the doggy door. guess who is coming in tomorrow then? >> who? >> rufus. well, you know, she can bring jasper, can't i bring rufus? >> sure. >> okay. freezing rain advisory in effect for the mountains, yes, little chillier up there, temperatures are below freezing. so we're seeing some pink on the radar, which indicates some freezing rain, maybe around mount pocono, and now the temperatures at the surface starting to go up little bit. you may get rain. you may get freezing rain, careful this that's where you're traveling this morning, every place else seeing very light showers, maybe few around bensalem, lambertville, couple maybe sneaking into the city. couple out in chester county. but the heavier rain is expected a little later on in the day. 46 degrees right now in philadelphia. much milder than yesterday. forty-two in reading. already 52 wildwood. fifty in dover, delaware. look at the future cast, keeps
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most of the rain to the north and the west, throughout the rest of the morning, and can it deeps us cloudy, as well. but then the heavier rain, say 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, rolls on in, cowen counter downpour or two, on your drive home. that rain continues on and off. occasional isolated downpours, through about 11:00, 12:00 into the early hours of tomorrow. but by tomorrow morning, it is gone. it will be windy tomorrow though. 6 degrees today. fifty-seven tomorrow. plenty of sunshine, but chilly winds, a warmer wind, on saturday, with a high of how about this 70 degrees. and then 71 on sunday. cold front will cool things down for halloween on monday, but not too much. we have 60 degrees during the day, probably in the 50's whether you're trick-or-treating bob kelly. sweater weather not bad. >> that's right, trick-or-treating you know it. patty's got good trick-or-treating with the kids have, to keep an eye on the kids. good morning, by 7:18, looking live, hello maple shade. shaders route 73, accident
7:19 am
southbound right between the new jersey turnpike and 295. right where fellowship road comes in to play. you see, all jammed up here, also causing a back up, for anyone that's exiting onto route 73, from both the turnpike and 295. >> raindrops, out on our cameras 422, sue has mentioned scattered showers coming our way through trenton, 295, even portions of route one. here is a live look at the vine expressway. westbound, heavy as the folks are lined up here, definately new construction set up at the top of that ramp for 30th street station. because there has been a hot mess all this week, folks trying to get off at 30th street. we had 20 minute delays on the manayunk norristown line. things are almost back to normal. no other problems yet on mass transit. mike and alex back to you. >> 7:19. >> plenty of excitement at the wells fargo center last night.
7:20 am
it felt electric there. look at this. people so excited to see noel embiid come out and hit the floor. sixers opening new season with renewed optimism because that far guy, ya. the rookie big man was impressed in his debut, he had 20-point, and seven boards, and in just 22 minute, when he scored his first point mike everyone went up, clapping, standing up. >> erupted. >> close game throughout. but in the closing minute, the thunder, they score on a fast break. they steel the game. the sixers lose 103 to 97. >> so still calling him a rookie? >> it was his first professional game? >> technically. see what howard eskin tweeted. he said he talk to joel embiid. he said he was nervousment isn't that cute? i was like oh,. >> this is start his third year right. >> but if you have never been on the court for real or the home opener. that's big deal, all eyes on him last night. >> no question about it. we will talk to but how good
7:21 am
is he, right? so i've asked sonny hill to come n he knows basketball better than nick in this sit. >> i he really does. >> scott o'neil of the sixers, he said joel embiid is the best young big man he's ever seen. >> ever. >> really? >> ever, ever? >> that's pressure. so i'm going ask sonny about that. >> okay, rare delay for apple product? the apple company, computer folks, are delaying? >> the air pod. you know what, start to make this announcement people are saying how is this going to work? i guess a.m. sell wondering the same thing. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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♪ to the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. if you dont know now you know. ♪ ♪ do that thing that you do. ♪ ♪ i'll show you a new move. ♪ ♪ check out the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ i'll get you dancing to the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. ♪ "save five when you spend thirty on costumes and décor at target." robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> hey, business news this morning, twitter is cutting 9% of its work force, world-wide. >> yes, yes, 9%, the company is totally struggling, i know,
7:25 am
we use twitter all the time. but, the issue for twitter, is figuring out how to make money, and aside from journalists and celebrities who get it, how to make the average person understanded twitter, and want to use it. fields dollars interest from potential buyers, to disney, to google parental if a bet. but seems like all of those companies have backed out. at snap chat, facebook, and instagram, and pinterest, all growing their users bases. twitter is having trouble doing that, and in the quarter they say they had 317 million monthly active users, and that's why stock is up right now. the job cut, i know bass news for the workers bus good for investors, means they're controlling the cots cents -- costs, stocks up. >> twitter reached its peak? >> it has. like old do you have us like me, i use instagram so much more than twitter now. >> well, listen, this is what does on twitter, lauren.
7:26 am
all he does is re tweet. he never actually tweets. you're not putting youth anything that you're saying, just either re tweeting someone or responding. >> it takes too much time. >> let me tell you something when i am covering breaking news story or something local that i ned information on, i go to twitter. you can get a lot that way. you know, when we had the hurricane, that was twitter was a great way to see how police were responding, everyone updates their twitter page. so amaze to go me that -- >> no. >> it is a lot of people get their news oral letter today news certainly as twitter but lauren, when you're laying around in your sweat pants, yoga pant. >> instagram. pretty pictures. >> go with instagram. >> or facebook, a lot of people get their news from facebook, the problem is all of the fake fuse stories or jokes that pre ten to be stories so it can be confusing. >> celebrities dying when they're in the really dead.
7:27 am
>> wonder if twitter will be the new my space? >> hard to imagine. >> back whether? >> so, real quickly, about apple then, with the air pods over there. i guess it doesn't make sense? >> air pods? what? supposed to go on sale this month for 160 bucks, for the new eye phones, doesn't have the new head phone jack. guess what, not going on sale because they're not ready. apple work to go perfect them. no time line on when they're hitting the market. but this makes me question. i mean, come on, apple. you used to be so detail oriented. i'm happy to know that you're not putting out a product that's not ready. because you are being detail oriented. so what went wrong? you announced it without having it built? >> simonetti, listen to there is if i bought one of these, can i stick my regular old cord in there?
7:28 am
>> yes, yes. >> you needed a captain err. >> which costs -- >> the extra piece do you have remember to put in. >> i hear that's annoying. people are always forgetting those adapt ers. >> yes. >> meyer theory is they got speed back from people soup the reaction, let's pull back, figure this out some more. >> i get. that will real quickly here, so within two, three years, will all of us be walking around with two white little earring looking things hanging out of our areas? yes. >> lauren, we will see you tomorrow. >> and also, 160 bucks is expensive. >> exactly. i love your earrings, by the way. >> those are actually -- >> oh, thank you, like $2, ages ago, on some like crazy stands on the street. >> looks like about two bucks. >> stop. what's wrong with you?
7:29 am
>> dollar apiece. lauren, see you tomorrow. >> okay, so you watched the world series, tied up, the cubs came back, won the game last night. so, start noticing the next time we have it here on fox the world series. the bats they're using, jen, explain what i'm talking about. >> okay, so, kids like matthew here, he plays little league, lower merion, and pros, like brandon wagner, place for the yankees. they're using the same bats. and they're all made right here in norristown. so, we will talk a little bit about that. by the way, mr. wins a game in cleveland, super fan. past mast .
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> 7:32, bus stop buddy has the best advice of the morning. bring the rain gear with you. cloudy right now in philadelphia and happily it is not as cold as it was yesterday. we had some precipitation to our north and to our west. nothing here yet. and if you get anything this morning it, will just and shower or two, just be careful if your area traveling in the higher elevations, freezing rain reported up around mount pocono, that's why the advisory in effect for today. so in philadelphia right now, 46. remember, we were in the three's at this time yesterday. we expect to get up to 60 degrees, but it looks like a rainy ride home. your sunset time is 6:04, this evening, so that's thursday, talk about the weekend in your seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue. 7:30, call it 7:33, on this
7:33 am
thursday morning, live look, hello mt. laurel, new jersey, route 73, watch for an accident, right here, between 295 and the new jersey turnpike. accident here. this is southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard. right near broad street. so anybody headed south, between broad and the schuylkill, be ready to hit the brakes. fifteen minute delays on septa's rest trenton regional rail line. because equipment problems. how is your equipment? talcony palmyra bridge, scheduled an opening now any minute, so go for that extra jelly donut if you are getting ready to head out the front door, or head for the betsy ross bridge, that will be your best bet again, that opening set for 7:35 this morning. who is hungry? i say hoe is hungry? thursday's we pick different spot for breakfast, we are going to salem, new jersey there is joint was nominated the best in salem, the ems cafe, they got a nickname, pattiescakes, have some of
7:34 am
pattyscakes, bring the kids, bring your appetite, i'll bring the news van, and then do it live on good day. fifth street is going to shut down between tabor and chew all because of construction, and then the princeton avenue ramp to head north on i-95 will go into shut-down mode later on tonight, at about 8:00. all part of the widening project up there in northeast philadelphia. meek and alex back over to you. >> the great northeast. >> part time villanova student under arrest this morning, 19 year old vincent cane of broomall accused of secretly recording people in public rest rooms and on classroom on campus. kane facing child porn and other things, secretly recorded men and women at public bathrooms at villanova and also out of broomall cvs store and at cardinal o'hara high school. >> he would play the phone under near where the candy typically is stored, very hard to see, but the camera would be able then to be focused on
7:35 am
ladies that were wearing skirts. >> really shocking because i think the bathroom no matter what is supposed to be something really personal. it is really scary for us girls you know to have our privacy out there. i just hope i am not one of those victims. >> police say there could be at least 30 student victims at villanova at least. also found video from inside bathrooms at cardinal o'hara high school. that will video believed to be two years old, so doing this for awhile. police are concerned there could certainly be more victims out there. >> okay, so, let's bring a couple of people, good friend over there, attorney fred perry is here, social media expert, so we start with you. run through some of the charges now? >> the charges include invasion of privacy, unlawful use of communications facility, and it looks like they found some child pornography images, as well. >> but 80,000 different videos and still pictures. my goodness. jj, i mean, we're talked about
7:36 am
some weird creepy cases. >> this guy is unreal. it makes a parent freak out. >> oh, my, i mean, it is nothing safe. my first thought was can i home school my girls for college? >> yes. >> ya. this young man has some serious psychological issues. it is is tough for me to believe that none of the images were shared. however, i did talk to a friends of mine in law enforcement last night and he knew of the case where another person did something very similar, and had many, many thousands of images on a hard drive that he kept for his own personal use. and if you think about it, if he had taken the risk of showing these to anybody, he might have been caught sooner. >> and even too, jj, the fact that there is 30 victims that we know of, i mean, is there a way to find out if there is any others out there? >> i have a feeling that this is going to be tough to figure out without, you know, somebody has to go through looking through all of these
7:37 am
images, obviously, they were very thorough about putting the dathan times of day that the video was taken in the rest roms at villanova. >> from the police department? >> i'm so sad and upset for the victims that are potentially in these images, and as a parent, but at the same time as a parent i don't want to spread fear. this is not the norm. this kid has some serious problems. and i'm very glad that they've caught him sooner than later. >> when you think about the high school. we haven't even discovered the pictures from the high school yet. my god. villanova did release a statement saying in part the university is appalled by the behavior of this individual. and he has been banned from campus since shortly after the investigation began. it goes ton to say, the university is committed to providing resources and support to anyone affected by this incident. there is nothing more important than the security and safety of our students and the entire campus community. but fred, can a school be held responsible for the behavior
7:38 am
after student? >> well, i think you would have to look and see whether or not the school was providing adequate protection and security of the locations where the videos were taking place. if someone is planning a video camera, in a location, that is not likely to be seen, i think it is difficult to assess responsibility on the university. >> this guy, what -- we know the charges. i mean, how severe is the punishment? >> well, it is very severe. i mean, i think this is all true, then characterize him as cereal -- serial invader of privacy. this is an outrageous conduct, more than just someone who is a curiosity seeker. this is someone if it is true has serious psychological issues that need to be addressed. >> well, jj, looking at some. notes that you had on this, you were wondering do they do backgrounds checks? >> yes, i was very curious about, that my son just
7:39 am
switched schools in florida from a community college to florida atlantic university. and they really put him through some -- had to jump through some hoops before finally being accepted. now, in this young man's case, i don't know that there would be anything in his backgrounds, because i'm sure university is not going to go and talk to your friends about what kind of a person you are. it sound like some of his high school classmates had had complaints regarding this, about him, in the past. soy it is likely that he would have thrown under the radar on that. >> i guess somebody like this guy this creepy guy could keep it secret from all every his friend, but think of all of the kids that went to high school with him over the last three, four years, what they are thinking this morning, i mean, jj, what do you say to your kid? how do you protect yourself this? almost impossible. you don't know that there is a camera in the candy section of a cvs? >> i know. the first thing dow is freak out privately in my own mind, and then i will calmly talk to
7:40 am
my kids, you know, i've always tried to teach them from a young age to be really aware of their surroundings, i think that our generation of kids is growing up in a time really where not a lot of them have a lot of street smarts, if you will. >> true. >> so we need to really teach them not only to be completely aware of their surroundings, look up from their phone, look around, see who is standing around them. >> that's right. >> walking too closely to them. and now apparently we need to look for cameras underneath the toilets. >> real quickly, fred, we will start with you, i don't know if you have an answer, how do you catch guys like this? >> i guess in this circumstance they got lucky. they stumbled across the camera. they traced it back to this young man. and that's how they found him. but these types of individuals are very, very difficult to catch. and to prosecute. and when you do, i think you -- >> i get the police departments are monitoring
7:41 am
websites, or not websites? >> should be doing sweeps of barnes or something? >> probably, right, jj? >> yes. a lot of times people collectors of images like this will share them with other people that do the same thing in what we call the dark web. >> yes. >> the inter webs. and there is a market for photographs images like that. so i'm sure they still have a lot more digging to do. >> oh, you know it. if he's been doing this since he was in high school? my god. fred, jj, thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> 7:41, we'll take a break.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> live look at 29. up in trenton, new jersey, little wet roads. >> sue is stand i buy, change in road conditions, in driving conditions, as we move through our thursday. fifteen minute delays right now, because of equipment problems. on septa's west trenton regional rails line, bridge opening, with scheduled 7:35, so currently in the middle of a parking lot here, on both sides of the talcony palmyra.
7:45 am
go for the double jelly donut if you're headed out the front door this, mo, look at this, 45 minute to 60 minute delays on septa's wilmington regional rail line. so that's a rough go for folks coming up, from wilmington, and we're going to breakfast, over in salem, new jersey, the best of salem. ems cafe will be out there from 9:00 to 10:00. what's the forecast looking like for my drive to breakfast? sue has got it coming up in 15 seconds. >> 7:45, most of the precipitation we're seeing is north and west of the city. and we still have the freezing rain advisory in carbon, monroe counties, we zoom in to ultimate doppler radar, shows, that pink around mount pocono maybe up toward scranton and there is some accumulating snow, little further north of that. but, that's not anything we have to worry about, look at the temperatures, so much
7:46 am
milder than yesterday. 46 degrees in the sit, 50 down in dover, delaware. only 30, though, up in the mountains, where they're having those problems. 06 degrees today. fifty-seven tomorrow. but nice warm up, just in time for the weaken. and so far, so good for trick-or-treating, good day philadelphia will be back, right after this.
7:47 am
7:48 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:49 am
>> last night the cubs beat the cleveland indians five to one, so they even up the series one game apiece. by the way, while you are watching the game, made here in our hometown, loyal business which makes both teams, by the way, your little leaguer may be using the came kind of bat, made around here. >> so, norristown, where they make the bats. >> hey, jen. >> guys, chandler bats, behind us, brandon wagner, part of the yankees system. really trying to show like these guys are hitting these pro bats, but someone like matthew is literally hitting the same bat in little league. >> absolutely, one of the things we did from the beginning, he can act same quality as big league, and minor league players alike. >> okay, you're a phillies fan, but decked out head to
7:50 am
tow in cubs gear, because you also like the kixx, your dad grew up in chicago, you went to game one in cleveland? >> yep i did. >> how cool to be there? >> just being there. >> yes, okay. you're holding chris ryan's bat. who is your favorite cub? >> christ brian. >> okay. so, you're sending this literally out to chris, so he can hit it tomorrow night in chicago. >> yes. >> let me pick the big names up, name dropper. is he allowed to hit the bat that will go into the world series row takes. >> probably a good idea to take it for test drive. don't use up all of the hit though. >> are you cool with that. >> sure g in,. >> emma is schlere, you didn't get to go to the trip though did you? >> no. >> maybe next time so listen, i thought it was unique, good
7:51 am
morning by the way, would you want new bat for the world series? >> yes, if it was chandler. >> what so good about the bat? >> so much louder than another bat. >> you said bats are different, you want something fresh, something good, right? >> yes. just new. >> just looks better, no baum marks. >> when we wrap it up, don't want to use his bat, because that's bad luck, i'll use your bat, i'm afraid i won't hit it. here we go. put the thing, okay? here we go. >> all good to go. >> ready? you ready for this? >> i'm ready. >> i'm ready. >> nice. here we go. >> that is not bad. >> okay. it may not be powerful. >> yes. >> maybe, look, maybe i'm not this guy. certainly not this guy. but i'm not embarrassing. not embarrassing? >> not at all. >> well, don't push it, jen.
7:52 am
>> as they say in sport, that's the hardest thing to do in the world of sports, hit a ball that's coming at you up close to 100 miles an hour. >> i can't imagine. >> oh, ridiculous. but also, getting a jump shot. dribbling, running really fast and dribbling. that's hard to do. >> it is hard to do. but, you know what? embiid seems he knows how to do it. >> playing pretty well nor big guy here, south philly there, the sixers taking on the thunder but here is the deal. just how good is this joel embiid? who better to ask than our friends, sunny hill, who gins us here live on good day philadelphia, in a matter of minute. hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for
7:53 am
women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the heart of my presidency. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'll get ♪ to the diggy ♪ diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. if you dont know now you know. ♪ ♪ do that thing that you do. ♪ ♪ i'll show you a new move. ♪ ♪ check out the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ i'll get you dancing to the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. ♪ "save five when you spend thirty on costumes and décor at target."
7:54 am
no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice sorcing outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us.
7:55 am
dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> sixers kick off their season.
7:56 am
>> everybody came out to see joel play, joe em embiid. >> man of the night. >> he really was. when he scored his first points, the crowd, pretty loud crowd. so everybody in the stands, how good is joel? he must be good if he played at my alma matter, university of kansas. >> i knew were you going to say that. >> excuse me. >> i didn't know that. >> yes, joel, went to the university of kansas. >> no, talking about you. >> yes. >> oh, i'm down. >> sonny. >> can i say wilt. >> me and you. >> so me, jay hawk. >> yes. >> joel embiid a jay hawk, and wilt chamberlain a jay hawk, the reason why i bring up wilt, you really think that joel could be compared to wilt chamberlain. >> i already had that conversation with him. that's one of the things that we have bonded about overbrook
7:57 am
hide, globetrotter, put the nb on the big map. why do i say that. >> because first off from a statue point of view, both of them are huge men. they're not just tall people. and i say that to him all the time. and then his skill set for this era of basketball bye we saw last night, saw the inside game, showed three-point shot, we saw him put it on the floor. and we seen him block shots and we seen him -- >> this from go who dint pick up a basketball until what, high school? >> he was coming out of high school when he came to this country and went to private school and then onto kansas university. >> yes. >> we've been waiting for this, for two years, there has to be so much pressure on him. >> you bring up good point. the last time that i've seen our building wells fargo center there is excited was mr. electric himself, allen
7:58 am
iverson, when he plugged it in, last night gave me the feeling that back with us and the fans deserve credit because they were fantastic. >> that's big statement. hold on now, seriously, you feel like it feels just how it was when allen iverson was here. >> i created the words for allen iverson, first came here, introduced himself to me, i said to him, you know, i know who helped raise, he said, mr. sonny, i know who you are. so i've had under my wing since first here with the 76ers. >> does joel know about wilt chamberlin. >> definitely. >> because he didn't grow up around here. >> he is a very learned individual. he's got tremendous attitude, very appreciative of the opportunity to have afforded him in this country since he came here, and as you said, jay hawk. >> jay hawk. >> he was able to go to kansas and and part of that, yes.
7:59 am
>> 's tweeter, too. he used to live in my building. >> oh, my good. >> and he's funny, funny, too. >> when you get on the elevator with him, yes. >> well, i could barely get into the elevator with him. yes, real quickly here, i don't know this much about dario. >> we may not a lot, but as soon as he stepped out on the court people like thunderous awe played, dario. >> he's got all around game, 6-foot ten, can put the ball on the floor consideration shoot from outside and can double toward the basket it and try it make some plays, so he has all around game eventually will blossom. don't forget, these are all young players.
8:00 am
>> look at joel dribbling, three times, dribble four times. >> look at dario hustling. >> but the fact that the nuke will you us is here, for the future. >> we don't have ben sill operate, okafor just coming back, know em undergoing operation, and will be back shortly. >> are we going to have to trade one of the big guys? >> i think at some point we will sit down as an organization, we will evaluate it. i don't think we will make that any time soon. because you have question marks. then we want to see how they fit in. last night's game was good because we had from oklahoma, can't or, able to use big men on the floor at the same time. so, there is a possibility that two guys oakford and embiid could play together and be very effective part of the game. because the game is going short, it would give us a chance to be tall and be dominant.
8:01 am
>> you are dominant. >> you have me all excited. >> let me say this since you're excited, were you not at the game last night. how about one of those? >> oh, you come with goodies? >> oh, ya. than was on every seat last night in our arena since were you not able to get there and do what needs to be done. >> see, i was there. now, mike was a little late. >> what? >> so mike? >> get your shirt? >> no. >> did you get your shirt? >> i got my shirt. >> little big for me, though. >> that's okay, well, you can sleep in it. >> true, sleep shirt. >> we have some for the other people here. >> thank you for that is correct son. >> i good to see you. >> and thank you forgiving me the love all the time, when you come in, can't wait to come into my corner. >> i love it. >> thank you, my friend. >> thank you hey good day it is thursday october the 27th, 2016. >> another national anthem
8:02 am
controversy here in philly at the 6ers game. >> from boot to barn call. you better take care every those parking tickets. the new device blocking your view until you pay up. >> no more nightmares. watching scary movies, may not be the only reason you have bad dreams. the food you're eating before go to bed. and that are spooking you when you sleep. >> and, isn't it ironic? >> ♪
8:03 am
>> justin timberlake goes back in time with jimmy fallon, plus how justin is responding to his-self ' controversy. >> the barnacles are the new boot t looks like your jeep, bob kelly. >> that's my car! what are they doing? >> that's the new form of a boot. it goes over the win shield. >> where's perry? i need perry, just left the building. fred? i paid that. i did. >> why they decided now to put the boot on the win shield. >> better than the boot. >> well, they say it is better than the boo boot.
8:04 am
>> you're going to get the boot, five on ten scale on the wetter. >> well, so sorry about that. i didn't think about the weather. >> for most of us, at least in the metro area, it is not raining, yet, and if we get a sprinkle or two this morning, that's probably about it. the heavier rain comes later on be prepared for it. here we go, there is some rain moving through the metro area, of covers, radar, telling the tail. >> 47 degrees. >> there will be some rain with few downpours, and overnight low of 48 degrees. we will tell when you the rain ends, and the fun begins, for the weekend, coming up. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody. we call it 80:00, a we get
8:05 am
ready on thursday morning, oh, take a look right here. this is i80, just east of scranton. the area that sue has been promising all morning long, we will start to see that mixed precipitation, and the temperatures are little lower, than north of here. so, things could be little tricky up there along i80 this morning, live look at i-95, roads are dry. accident right near the delaware state line taking out what would be the left lane there. fifteen minute delays on septa's west trenton regional rail line. because of some equipment problems. accident in south jersey, right at what we call the old red lion circle where route 70 and 206 come together. route 70 of course, the roads a lot of folks head if they're head today lbi. other than those couple of other situations i mentioned with mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys, are winning with no delays. >> ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
8:06 am
>> the 76ers open their season, right but it is what didn't happen at the beginning of the game that has people from around the world talking. i'm surprised it is getting national attention, and international attention, but it is. >> and it is all because of the national anthem, and who performed the national anthem, lauren. >> right. alex, mike, it was two simple words: we matter. well the sixers thought not tonight. here inside the wells fargo center, last night, they wanted to do something different. so they asked seven to change, and apparently she refused. while she was still inside the wells fargo arena, she posted this message to her fans on social media. >> i'm at the 76ers game singing the national anthem, and the organization is telling me i can't because i am weighing a we matters jersey. >> so, who is she? seven, better none as seven
8:07 am
street tear some people, been around for awhile, once member of girls group, now solo artist, this is a clip that you're watching from video that she released last month, also songwriter for some really big names in music. well, the sixers released a lengthy statement, not indirect response to her, but part of it says we use our games to bring people together, to build trust, and to strengthen our communities. as we move from symbolic gestures, to action, we will continue to leverage our platforms to positively impact our community. now, twitter is talking. this user writing: when you are asked to sing the national anthem by the sixers, you represent them. not yourself. john campbell write: we live in a society of opinions and debates. it is what makes the world go around. and how about this one? here is a idea. maybe this wear sixers jersey, sing proud, move on. we're also learn, mike, alex, all of the performers are asked to sign contract, before they perform here with the team. so maybe she new that she could be asked to wear that shirt if it was believed to be
8:08 am
controversy at. -- controversial. >> we have 6ers jersey to wear, went back and forth. >> right. >> and you know, seven may still be in -- seven's been on our show, i advised with her couple of times up in new york, when i was working up therefore the network. she is probably still in town. probably sitting in a hotel room maybe watching the show right now always like seven. so if you want to come in, explain what the shirt meant, and why you didn't want to change the shirt into a sixers jersey, common in. >> over here at fourth and market. >> talk to bus what happened. >> yes. >> a lot of people are talking about it this morning. >> a lot of people saw this. because the game last night. >> we're on national tv last night. oh, lord. people around the country saw sixers fans. >> oh, okay. >> and he's yelling, the f word, he's flipping up both
8:09 am
middle fingers. well, that guy escorted from the arena in addition to being televised locally, broadcast nationally, and on some international stations, too. some people all over the country and around part of the world saw that. >> and then on top of that, there was another incident during the half time when designer was on, remember yesterday we had to pan on the show, known for the song panda. performed during half time, jersey, took it off, running around, junking up on the press table, doing all kinds of things, then at the end everyone started booing him. mikey must admit, i'm all on snap chat and stuff. i look down to get to my next snap chat to record, booing him. i think i may have miss the a moment if there was a moment. >> why not get on twitter. if you were at the game, why did some people start booing? did you not like his performance? some people thought he was jumping around too much, not really rapping and singing. >> kind of what he does. >> that's what he does. he has got all of thee crazy, gyrations. which i thought was fantastic. >> really what it was.
8:10 am
>> one of the sixers assistant, whatever. >> the host. >> yes, christian, he bridges over the jersey that design her ripped off, by the way, i don't know what designers doing, eating and exercising, with his regimen is, man, that guy is ripped. >> performance cents and jumping around. >> man that guy has got abs all the way to next week. >> i tweeted and asked why are we booing him filly? one guy goes alex this is philly. we don't need a reason. >> well, they wanted to put the jersey back on. he said i've letter that on. see what happens. >> okay, doing double take. >> is it bill murray or tom hanks? in this picture? >> oh, wow. >> the internet can't seem to figure it out. can you? and if you think it is obvious, think again. it could go either way. >> no. you're right. >> the more you look at it the harder to gets. >> is that bill murray or tom
8:11 am
hanks? i think there is a clue there actually. >> bob kelly's car has been booted. what am i talking about? that's the new form of a boot, it doesn't go on your wheel any more. it goes across the windshield. but there is a way that you can get rid of it, with your cell phone. it is weird. it is new. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania.
8:12 am
"new fallout for donald trump..." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:14 am
>> good morning, look likes tractor-trailer and two squad cars, northbound lanes of 476 between 95, and mcdade boulevard delaware county, accident at the red lion circle where route 70 and 206 come together. you know what thursday means, just voted the best of best, in salem county, we're going to the ems cafe, pattyscakes, somebody booted my car! and sue's going to have the forecast from my trip to
8:15 am
pattyscakes in 152nd. >> tears continue to fall, now we get some precipitation to help with the situation. off to the north of us higher elevations some freezing rain around, but, temperatures have warm up, this is warmfront coming through, and so we don't have to worry about anything but rain today. 47 degrees, in philadelphia, already 51 in dover, 53 in wildwood, 40 in lancaster, so just about everybody except the mountains above freezing. 60 degrees today. with that rain around. 57 degrees tomorrow with plenty of sunshine, but will be quite winnie, blustery tomorrow. >> warmer wind saturday, check it out, 07 degrees, should be fine for the temple game, 71 sunday, halloween cools off
8:16 am
little bit, but so far still good for trick-or-treating, alex? >> as long as still good for trick-or-treating sue that's what happens. so let's just make sure that's still okay. thank you, sue. >> philadelphia street, that feeling you get out when you come to up your car you see a big yellow boot on the tire. oh, all of those parking ticket. well, not easy to get off. we know that. two people tried t like this woman in texas here in the video, actually drove away, rather than except the fact she hadn't paid her parking ticket. and she had a boot on her car. this may be changing soon. with this new tool, mike, you won't be able to drove away. you can't see anything. >> no look at this disgruntled parker and driver here, bob kelly calling the parking authority now, new fangled boot on his jeep here. bob, what's the problem? >> meet kevin. kevin dougherty, with a company, it is barnacles, what, barnacles parking?
8:17 am
>> enforcement. >> so this is the new form of boot. what do you think about it? let's walk over to it and look at it. >> in storage, in transport, and being able to deploy it, takes time to employ, also, because you see the vehicles, you can't put the booth on that. >> like it is dangerous right now we're doing interview being standing in the middle of the street? >> it can be deployed from either side of the vehicle. that's safety factor for the deploying personnel, also the motorist, motorist release feature f bob was on the phone calling us, and he paid over the phone, he would be able to row least it himself. >> you call, take care of the bill, then they come out being take the boot off, then you can drive away. so i would pay, see, i would
8:18 am
pay the bill over the phone, then it would be released, take this off, put it in my vehicle and drive over to the parking authority. >> right. if you hit 3521 on there right now, the one time code -- >> does that release it? >> should. >> wait a second. could you activate it again? because i want to show a feature that's involved. >> sure. that didn't release it? >> hop in. >> so if you get mad, i got a ticket. i'm not paying this. >> alarm goes off, alarm goes off. >> oh, i hear you. >> try moving just little bit. so if you try to drive off, the alarm goes off again? >> correct. >> okay? move -- just turn the car on, the alarm is going off. >> i can still see though. >> judge couldn't you just stick your head out and drive? >> gps unable.
8:19 am
you can't see out your win shield right now, so even if you could see me, you're not going to be able to see 95% of your field of view. >> it would be dangerous? >> yes. alarm is going off. not stealing government property. >> sure. come on over here. >> dangerous thing. >> i can probably swing this. what, you will be able to track me down now. >> correct. we track you down. also tracking, it is illegal. >> look like a do you have us, yes. >> ruin themselves, we will be able -- >> okay, prototype. you won't see it in philadelphia yet. but it is being used up in allentown. >> correct. yes, allentown for couple of months, and two other sit it is, as well. >> good to meet you, ever glenn thank you for having me out. >> handsome man, right? are you a single man? >> no, i'm married. >> never mind then. >> okay. come over here. give me one all righty then. >> all righty then. >> no, jim carrey.
8:20 am
>> all right i. >> give it to me. >> all righty then. >> you two. i just -- >> all right, alex? >> well, that's different, it is interesting. i think it will work. we'll see ppa might be using that soon, guys. at least you heard it here first. 8:20. think pink. beyonce, lady gaga, they knows what's in. pink is not just for spring. how you can rock the color right now. >> and different take on political ads, why the wife of a texas politician is begging voters to elect her husband. begging. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
8:21 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her?
8:22 am
they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime,
8:23 am
i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. >> okay, proke blob sick of all of the campaign commercials out there for the president's race, and also the senate. >> now seems to be the same, right? talking down on each other, i approve this message. >> but one in texas that's different, has a lot of people talking about it, not attack add at all, just funny. the premise candidate's wife
8:24 am
needs him out of the house. >> general really doesn't have any hobbies. >> unless your tax rate -- this year we can take it down to 3838. >> so is he always like that? >> ya, all the time. >> means the 3838 will probably go somewhere between 3838 and 1.69. >> most people leaves their work at the offers. >> we have three live rail cars. you can put 16 people on each car. so even if you add two caution, adding 300 people affected. >> there are a million people in this community. >> i mean, that's .01 to the eighth pour if you round it off it is zero. >> all he want to do is fix things. >> he i guess this 18 wheeler, park in this neighborhood, all over the place, quite frankly, that's not a code violation. >> think i like helping around the house here. >> police re-elect gerald. >> i love this. she want him out of the house. >> i love it too.
8:25 am
>> wow. >> so this is out of austin, you know austin, they look to be different, have all kind of different kind of things, i remember because you guys know i'm from texas, one guy named kinky running for governor. if you can only imagine? >> kinky freedman. >> yes, what his campaign was like. >> hacks, all of that. >> kinky. had big old cigar in his mouth all the time. megan we have to pull the picture of kinky. >> kinky die? >> did he? >> i don't know. >> oh, my gosh, i didn't know that. >> i think kingsy still around. i just haven't seen him on tv. >> he was so texas. >> so texas. >> the cowboy hat and the cigar. >> this dude just running for county commissioner, but been, and she does not want him back in the house. i seems like a very boring man. >> i really like it though, it stands out, because it is so different. you know what i mean? >> yes, do you have kinky now? >> oh, there is kinky. and he would have stuff and there were people, i want to be kinky, whatever year it was. >> he ran for governor, didn't he?
8:26 am
at one point. >> governor. >> that's why he ran for governor, that was the slogan, yes. >> you listen to me. >> i promise i would listen to you better. that's the key to this job, listening. >> yes, mag and, key to the job is listening. >> what is was one every his songs, bob? >> jews? what? i can't say that. they don't make jews like jesus any more was one of his songs. geez. >> kinky was accentric. >> just as they say it in my ear doesn't mean i then have to voice it. >> i'm more worried about if he's still alive. how did i not know? >> megan? >> please don't tell me that mike kill off kinky. 's' alive. >> mike? you can't go doing, that just talking about fake stories killing off people on facebook
8:27 am
>> the news of my death has been highly overrated. okay, no more nightmares. you know, ever sleep with somebody who wakes up in the night screaming? >> personal experience? >> what i meant to say -- >> what were you thinking about? >> not screaming for that reason. i never hear any of that. no, did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and have a bad dream, a nightmare? it may be because of the food you ate before you went to bed. so there are certain foods you should not eat before go to bed. >> is that what she toll you? >> i haven't heard screaming in 30 years. >> not even then.
8:29 am
when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:31 am
pre except days moving through the area, up in the higher elevations it is freezing rain up there. we've been seeing up-state new york some snow. but for most of us it is rain, and that's because temperatures warmed up a lot since yesterday. so, it is not as cold with bus stop buddy. but he does have his rain gear with him. even if it is only cloudy for you right now. and temperatures in the four's, you'll need that umbrella later on. freezing rain advisory continues until 11:00 a.m. in the city. we have 47 degrees, big warm up from yesterday, at this time. and heading to high of 60, with occasional showers and mostly cloudy skies, we will tell you how long the rain will last coming up in just a few moment, mike, al next. >> thanks, sue. >> well, we are just few days from halloween. you know this time of year, i get scared very easily. >> no yes. >> i try not to watch all of the scary things, because when i go to bed, nightmares.
8:32 am
>> seriously, there are just few things that even grownups are afraid of like alex, like this.
8:33 am
>> a lot of nightmares. i don't want that to happen again. >> okay. >> so don't eat certain foods before go to bed. now, registered dietition, kelly jones; here, kelly, good to have you here. >> thank you for having me, good morning. >> give me your backgrounds quickly, so we can believe what you're saying. >> yes, very important to know that i have the background to be talking about this i'm registered dietition, and i also a.m. board certified dietition, i work with a lot of athletes. >> all right. about 50 things not supposed to eat before go to bed. >> people say it in general. don't eat late at night. but i guess certain thing wires area eating make it harder on ourselves. >> all about what you are eating at night. with halloween coming up after we talk about all of the compounds, in these foods, you might see the halloween candy not really the best thing to have right before go to bed too, knit mayors. >> i used to think it was unhealthy stuff, but salad dressing, to me that's healthy. >> right. a lot of people would think that salad dressing would be
8:34 am
healthy. a lot of salad dressings have additives in them. low in fat, when they take the fat out often add other things to make it more flavor full, like sodium, and sometimes a lot of sugar you only need 1500 milligrams in a whole day. >> will salt keep you up? >> so here is the thing a lot of the foods have sodium, a lot of sugar that can promote higher blood pressure, if your blood pressure is up you be feeling more stressed going to slope. so sodium that's in there if your blood pressure rises and stress hormones are released maybe you could have a connection to inducing the bad drops. >> that's what causes bad dreams and stress, and our blood pressure in. >> it could be the stress ores that you've head of time, yes. >> hot sauce? >> hot sauce high in sodium,
8:35 am
also has compounds in it called capsayson also last health benefits, anti-inflammatory increases blood flow. so if the sodium is increasing blood pressure, then it ends up increasing your blood flow, and your heart rate. >> many people like to have maybe cookie before they go to bed, flight. >> cookies and milling? >> yes, so the cookies, there is the sugar, processed flowers, the sugar in processed flowers make your blood sugar, after the spike you see crash. with the crash epinephrine or adrenyline makes you feel anxious, release court sole, blood pressure -- >> so shouldn't have chocolate to drink? >> will make you little bit more ankles us. >> there go. orange juice? >> similar. so, orange juice is going to be, or any juice, will be different than eating the whole fruit. >> i love juice.
8:36 am
>> maybe have it earlier in the morning with a bald meal. having whole piece of fruit, slows digestion, slows, so you don't see the spike in crash, when you just have the juice, bet then sewed, a still very rich in sugar. >> i have to admit every now and then i have ice cream before i go to bed. this is judge i have nightmares? >> no good? >> again, it is the sugar content. at night a snack in for something healthier little lower in that sugar, and most people aren't eating the proper portion every ice cream >> yolk effort would be okay? >> some yogurt healthier than others, a lot of added sugar, might be the same as having a bowl every ice cream. >> you can see these, flip tops, some have carmel sauce, you could be getting four, 5 teaspoons of added sugar in your yogurt. >> back when i was alive, always warm cup of milk.
8:37 am
>> would you any so. >> the milk is giving you more protein than your average ice cream. that protein also helps to keep your blood sugar from spiking and crashing. and the milk also just containing the natural sugar lactose, which takes little bit longer to breakdown than the sugars you're getting in ice cream. >> when you have bad dreams, what do you normally -- i have this dream i'm naked on college campus to this day, looking for the place to take the final ex glam do you really? >> do you have that one? >> no, dow not have that one. i have dream that i'm falling a lot. i know a loft people get those dreams. i should probably research what that means. >> do you wake up? >> all the time, yup. >> just before you fall? right before you hit? >> right before i hit. >> the old wives tail, if you if you actually land in your dream you would be dead. >> yes. >> that hasn't happened yet. >> we all know what my nightmare is, ya.
8:38 am
>> you're really good, we'll have you back. >> sue, you have, what's it mean if you dream of smalling. >> means something in your life is going in the wrong direction. >> oh, no. >> time to redirect your situation immediately. >> so what's going on? are you married? >> i am married. everything is fabulous there. >> going well? have children? >> i do not have children yet. >> do you want children? >> eventually. >> sue, we need to figure out what it means if you're walking around naked? >> thank you. >> i would take a lot of analysis. >> one burger king getting into the halloween spirit. >> some say halloween is a holiday. >> shouldn't be. because the pranks they pulled on the competition, using simple costume, burger king, went after mcdonald's. mast past .
8:39 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> bring the kids in their cast tomorrows this saturday, october 29th, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the depford mall parking lot. can explore the trucks, you see all around, live the live tracks, they get to get in it. get to ride hey ride, go trick-or-treating, kids are free and the event benefits veterans multi service center thing you don't want to miss. kids love this every year. and, jen, i'm wearing pink, this morning. because there is a pink trend out there that we all need to know about. >> you usually think with it for summer or spring, but fall into pink, the message, from beyonce and lady gaga, here, we'll tell you how you can get it done in the fall. feels weird. but we look good. looks cool. i'll get you dancing... ♪
8:43 am
♪ to the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. if you dont know now you know. ♪ ♪ do that thing that you do. ♪ ♪ i'll show you a new move. ♪ ♪ check out the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ i'll get you dancing to the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. ♪ "save five when you spend thirty on costumes and décor at target."
8:44 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:45 am
i just had to show this halloween outfit. who can resist? a twisting mummy. yes, yes. it won't stop. yes, stowe looks like it is dry weather for halloween. and we will be about 55 degrees at noon, high temperature around 60.
8:46 am
in the 50's shall for trick-or-treating, not bad at all. now back to today. we've got some rain moving through the area, very light around the metro area, and it is freezing rain up to our north, and that's where you have to really be careful. because temperatures up there are below freezing. as evidence right here, with 29 degrees in mount pocono, but everybody else, is well above freezing. so any precipitation we get today will be in the form of rain. # 06 degrees today, 57 tomorrow. very blustery and windy tomorrow. winnie saturday, as well, but temperatures are warm warmer, cooling off as we said for halloween. but still, dry for trick-or-treating. that's your seven day forecast, mike anal next. >> thank you, so much, sue. ladies, it is time to stock up on your pink, i have my pink shirt on, pink necklace, even had a bagel with some pink cream cheese that strawberry think, mike? >> i just have a pink face. >> see, mike trick me, he said alex let's wear pink tomorrow. that's the new thing. i said sure mike, you don't like to match. you sure i want to do that?
8:47 am
oh, yes, alex. what's he doing? he comes in here, more pink. >> i was scrambling around this morning trying to find a pink tie that i used to have, but i got rid of the shocking pink tie because i -- i don't like wearing pink. >> lady gaga, beyonce. >> i know. >> all of the celebrity designers, gucci, michael course, they love the pink. jen, we have to get mike on board here. not just women. >> in the winter. >> you have to get on board. men and women are wearing pink, little boys are wearing pink. we're here at louella. >> it is interesting, we know about it for like breast cancer awareness month in october. but, you say, pink is just really flattering on a lot of different, like, people? >> our ladies love pink. everybody loves pink. it is a season less color. we are seeing it all year around. >> you're not surprised that pink is the in-color for fall? >> not at all. >> so this is like little pink thing i threw on when i came in, i love it, it goes nice with the wine color. you have some other examples.
8:48 am
we begin with annie. and first of all, you love this because it just lights up a room? >> it has i have descent shimmer to the silk, absolutely beautiful. holiday look or just like a date night look. it is perfect. >> it is cool. thank you very much. and so, if you're not ready to go with the whole dress, you can also wear it in the form after top. >> right. >> the top is called the olga top. it is silk made in florida which we love. so it comes either the olga dress and the telephone a top. >> something you can wear with jeans obviously if it was date night or wear it with short in the summertime. >> you can wear it with black pant, wear it with white denims for resort, if you are going on crews, pull out your white denim, wear that, great, wear it a million ways. >> i love it, and swing i and fresh and nice. so this i love. again, looking toward holiday season. and it is like a true black look with a pop of pink. >> right.
8:49 am
you can wear that for black tie, for guest of wedding, your own birthday party, anything, it is ostrich feather skirt which you have address like that. >> yes. >> and thick ribbon around the waist, spin around, show us the zipper in the back. >> very cool. >> by sale disable, great party dress. everybody's wearing lazy lurch earrings, fun resort sheik look for year around. >> let me ask you quick question. she asked the question. when got my ostrich dressy was worried because we are the same height, even in heals, is it okay to have little bigger on the bottom when you are maybe not as tall as anne? >> yes, called fit and flare look, shows off waistline, it gives little fullness to the skirt. >> okay. >> very flatter. >> finally look at the smile. she doesn't even need bright pink. hello. that's address that goes everywhere, flight. >> it is called the everywhere ruffle dress. >> is it really what it is called? >> yes. we have it enough i -- navy, black, peng, machine wash, pull it out of the washer,
8:50 am
hang it up, dry the next morning, you can pack it, and the ruffle just fluffs up every time. >> i love it. as we wrap up, a lot of women are afraid to wear pink, but i think it is a great color. >> it is fabulous. look how it is flatter. >> yes, it is flattering, looks good. it is a zip like you slept all morning and weren't ready for morning tv. again we talk about, see i'm wearing this wine with the pail pink, there are new color combinations. we will do that in the 9:00 hour. mike, are you sold? common? ladies are looking good in pink. >> okay, i'll go buy another pink tie. >> you should. >> women in pinky love. >> pink is a lovely color. >> really is. >> let's get in it. >> year around as she said. halloween is what next monday? >> on a monday, so makes it kind of awkward, school night, beginning of the week, you don't want to throw the kids off the schedule. but you don't have to wait to get in the fun. >> this weaken so much going on. i'm going to let you know where you can take the kids to really get into the spiritment some free things going on, all around our area. let's go around town, mike?
8:51 am
>> saturday will be big night for halloween, for sure. lottery numbers. most people owe the bank. but pat toomey actually owned a bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:54 am
>> forget this halloween burger. >> remember, the bun was black? i ate it. it was pretty good. >> what was weird was if you ate a lot of the black hamburgers, your poo turn green. >> i don't think you had to get that far into it. >> i even tested it out. it did. >> you sure did. >> ya. that was a fun segment. one new york burger king is stepping up and really getting into this halloween spirit this year. >> so we're going to show you a picture, restaurant in queens, covered by a sheet with the word mcdonald's spray painted on it. and it looks like a ghost,
8:55 am
right? but it doesn't stop there. the sign reads just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. you know, so, that's the difference burger king, mcdonald's. >> sure, the charbroiled. >> you there go. this is the first time burger king has pulled a stunt on its rival, in 2015, they asked mcdonald's remember this, the combined efforts to create the mc whopper, for world peace day, and maybe mcdonald's didn't want to do that. >> i think kind of cool. covers the whole franchise, whole store in a sheet. neat. >> we're going to do attributing, put a sheet over us, and say -- >> there goes that news van. >> nope. we go there. >> i like music from the 70s, don't you? >> look at you. you must throw on some shade
8:56 am
this morning. >> print of shade. >> then we would have to hire a bun of of boring people, would take too long. right? i have to grow a mustache? >> and you would have to stop. >> yes, true. >> okay, michael phelps, he can keep a secret. he's had few secrets exposed over the years. turns out he's been married for months. how the newlyweds kept it under raps. >> she is adorable. >> and is it over? really? mariah biliary fiancee, he dumped her, who dumped mariah carey. you don't dump mariah carey. >> i would shoot her out african on. >> how money got in the way of their relationship. >> money. >> it is all about the money.
8:57 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> good morning, guys. >> good morning, karen. >> a loft pressure on her. >> right? >> she can hand it will. >> you can do it. hold, please. justin and jimmy again last night back together in a throw back thursday segment. they take trip to summer camp again and wait until you hear the song they sing. >> and halloween is on a monday, so you know how that is, it is a school night, plus getting the kids set up for the week. so you don't have to wait to get in on the fun, while you have all of the time this weekend, take advantage of great things going on, i'll tell you where you can take the kids or even a adult, a lot of great things going on alex around town. >> who is that a picture of? look at the baby underneath. is it bill murray or is it tom hanks? both are


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