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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> good morning, guys. >> good morning, karen. >> a loft pressure on her. >> right? >> she can hand it will. >> you can do it. hold, please. justin and jimmy again last night back together in a throw back thursday segment. they take trip to summer camp again and wait until you hear the song they sing. >> and halloween is on a monday, so you know how that is, it is a school night, plus getting the kids set up for the week. so you don't have to wait to get in on the fun, while you have all of the time this weekend, take advantage of great things going on, i'll tell you where you can take the kids or even a adult, a lot of great things going on alex around town. >> who is that a picture of? look at the baby underneath. is it bill murray or is it tom hanks? both are extremely famous
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people. that we think we know inside and out. but the internet can't figure it out. >> i can. >> something in the frame that gives it away. >> thank you, thank you. mariah carey, has been dating married to nick cannon, flight. >> right. >> have a couple of kids? >> yes. >> but weren't they twins? >> other note, when you bring up the word couple, sometimes in a cab, i say give me couple of bucks back, i they say how many dollars to you want back? isn't it common knowledge a couple is two? >> few is three, couple is two. >> they don't mean really two just throwing around. >> when i say couple i mean two. >> i'm saying some people. >> some people -- >> well, it should be stopped. >> it should be two, car send right, few, few is more than two.
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>> right. >> anyway. mariah carey has a ton of cash, but she started dating after she got divorced a billionaire, you know, they both have yachts, by the way, they park their yachts next to each other when they travel around the world. so the guys, last name packer, james, james packer reportedly dumped mariah carey because her extravagant spending. >> was that her own money or was she spending his monday. >> i in. >> i apparently dipping in his pot if he's upset. get this, mariah, keeping her 10 million-dollar engagement ring, the couple became engage in the january. >> i would keep it, too. >> geez. she is living -- the couple became engage in the january, not that long ago, after dating for less than a year, they jumped right to it. so, isn't that the number one reason people break up in relationship is you're spending too much money or you're spending too much money. >> financial issues what i was told is the number one thing,
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pete fight about. >> how much would you have to be spending for a billionaire to complain about is it? we i would. >> always about power and control. no matter what it is, some relationships, one person has all the money the next one is subervient, you know where it is, that's hard. she has equal power. he may have all of the billions, but she has a superstar, been on tv and has her own money. she's -- >> you know what i think is really happening smear just what you said. i don't care how much money you have. mariah carey trumps you. >> she is the bigger star, she i'm not putting up with your stuff, but i thought interesting. see the halloween party she threw the other day? revenge body. >> why with nick cannon? there she was, just couple of days ago, big party all the stars. >> because she's no longer engaged. >> no, no. they hang out, they do it for the kids. they've done stuff together. and they go on trips together sometimes. they're adult for the kids. >> this was huge party, huge
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thing, suddenly it all makes sense. >> huge. >> yes, i know. well that's her revenge body, you're missing out on all of this. >> she is always showing all that, though remember empire? >> oh, mama. >> my thing though, if you are a billionaire, and you still have money issues in your relationship? no hope for anybody else. people say oh, financial problems, big thing in a relationship, people with normal salaries, but if money literally a billionaire; money really ever that much of an issue? you have someone else handling the money for you. >> not about the money. he's intimidated by her. she has the power. i don't care. >> she's only with him because he has all of that mine, not super good looking. >> maybe great personality, karen? , no because he is a billionaire. one of those he's used to getting -- >> if he's a billionaire, he doesn't need monday.
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>> i see, something, it provides you with a insulation, layer, we can only imagine. so, i guess? >> car send like a therapist. >> worldly, knows a loft stuff. >> if you're mariah carey, and you are with nick can zero on, 50 million jobs, engage today a billionaire, and can't make it with a billionaire or the black ryan seacrest, are you going to go with someone like off the street? >> is it like j-lo who went with the dancer? >> are they back together? >> no power struggle. >> all about you. >> yep. he's hanging onto what, you snow. >> yes, auto mechanic or something. >> which is great, ya. >> good with his hands. >> have you seen mariah carey though? i remember they did christmas special, wearing lingerie lounging at home. in stilettos.
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>> think she does that? >> yes. >> when she is alone? >> reality show coming out in a month or two. >> they have, you know, notice, sorry, mike, people would do that, all of their cars park out in the drive way. who parks all of their cars out in the driveway at any given moment? >> when the producer asked to you do that, do that for them, yes. >> sorry. >> no, no, fine. >> mtv, even took a bath, bubble bath for them. >> champagne oring? >> rose pedals. >> ya. >> there it is, rid there. >> oh,. >> with this billionaire, it is a power struggle. he's intimidated by her, even though he has a big lump in his pants, talking about his wallet.
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>> he'll go with the model. >> mod snell. >> we don't care. >> young, that's going torque you know being be so smitten, if you're taking me off to saint bart's or whatever place. >> he's just not packing anything. >> so, who would mariah go with now? who? >> back up dancer too. >> i say back up dancer, think you're onto something. >> get on twitter and answer the question, who should mariah carey date next? maybe should spends some time alone? that's what i like to do, spends time with my thoughts. >> let's go back, i'm thinking two years ago, the big debate over is that dress blue or is it gold? >> i say black and blue. >> i still say gold and white. >> you see a goal and white dress there? >> it is goal and white, with a white bellaire owe. >> that's what i see, karen?
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thanks, di, backs me. >> floor direct or di says gold and white. >> did we ever have an ophthalmologist in? >> we it, couple. >> i don't remember what they said. >> i don't either. >> each eyeball. >> the tricks, we have another trick though, two new tricks, pretty phenominal. >> what is it? >> about legs, mike. >> i see oiled up legs from the thigh just below the knee, and then, ashy. >> oh, hole on, some people say they are super shiny like you, others say painted white. >> i can only see the oil. itch no idea, then the give away in the picture is you can see the white paint on the other side i couldn't see that
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to save my life. then once you see. >> so someone painted streaks of white? >> yes. >> oh, now i see it. >> you can see the magic markers there. >> that's crazy. >> this whole time? >> can you find some white paint? >> oh, no. >> charles has some. >> that's white paint t wasn't shine. >> i yep. put it right down in highlight areas. >> i got one for you. >> okay. we're going to put up a picture, is this tom hanks or is it bill murray? >> i'll give you my clue. >> i was 100% convinced it was tom hanks. >> well, thanks for giving it away. >> i think it is bill murray. even kevin mccarthy our movie critic just spoke about this this morning, he said i had to do double take. my first thought was bull murray then whom tom hanks crossed my mind and i got confused. and you know kevin mccarthy, he talks to stars for a
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living. >> but the it up again. one of them is world-widely famous golfer. and it looks like they are at a golf tournament. and that's bill murray. he plays in the pebble beach open every year, he plays golf almost every day of his life, bull mir i, and tom hanks does not. >> i thought it was tom hanks so i didn't give it away. i thought it was tom hanks. >> looks like tom hanks. >> but it is bill murr. >> i that's bill murphy are we sure? >> yes. >> it is bill hangs, tom murr. >> i he really looks like tom hanks in that picture. >> let's do it side by side. put them up. do we have that. >> they don't look anything a like. >> that's interesting. >> maybe in the nose? that's stretching it. >> just the way he was sort of leaning up, tom hanks was leaning up, i think, you know? >> yes. >> well, mike, you say people confuse you with george clooney all the time. >> all the time. it start to get irritating after a while.
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>> did they comment on urine is that gram, oh, george? >> i'll be walking down the street people george, what are you doing in filly? i say i'm here making a movie. it is interesting. well, we can stay on that for the rest of our lives. >> mike looking like george, give us your george clooney face. >> i have white paint here. >> oh, no. >> i don't have a george clooney face. >> if you look like george you must have a face where you look like him he's brooding, you know? >> still not using lotion, obviously. >> did they move it up? >> it has to be wide, thin. >> moving. >> thin line. >> ain't that the truth? >> oh, gosh. >> i can't get any whiter. but i guess i am.
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>> care on, for example. >> while you're doing in a, this might be a while. yesterday karen, all talking about justin tim letter lake, took the selfie in the voting booth, everyone started freaking out because ray lives in tennessee, it is illegal to take selfies in the voting booth. now, justin timberlake is talking about it, i mean, top story, and they were talking about this for like ten minutes straight. yes, a picture, posted on social media, took it down because he learned it was a big no no. prohibit voters in recording or taking pictures inside the polling station was we have just in, just timmendequas beer lake will not get into trouble. >> get out and vote. >> damn straight. >> don't, don't take a picture of yourself. >> i had no idea. i had no idea either.
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>> this is going to be great. >> i lover him. he is so cute and funny, like he is just ageless, timeless, just a way to do a me a cull pa on that one. >> oh, they go to camp, yes, the summer camp. this time they had little help from al last tis more a set. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a lot of people love this. latest movie, trolls.
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pretty cool. >> the thick braces, little body things. >> just doing a paint interesting. >> oh, i've given up on the shiny. face on my knee. >> oh, isn't that lovely? >> why, mike? >> if i could get my knee down to show you, but i can't get my leg down. >> will this hurt? >> can't get my leg down far enough to get it on camera. >> do you have kneemonia. >> too tight, dot look like a face any more. >> why the face? >> i don't know, felt like it. >> it was a knee jerk reaction? >> oh, good one, karen. >> by the way, some people are weighing in about mariah carey. nina, says needs to do what nicky minaj did, get a man who doesn't mind being the alpha in a relationship. >> must be a take fan. >> finds a man willing to be sub board than the to the alpha female.
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then someone said mariah carey needs lucious lion in her life. >> 102nd. beyonce has a way of having that relationship, where she is still, both alpha in their own way but still finds a way it get her point heard. >> that's true. >> but she is not the alpha. but she is. but she is not. >> you think that marriage is sole schmidt. >> mike! >> yes, i do. >> seriously, they're power cup. >> i are they? >> a lot going on this week toned celebrate halloween, stuff for the kids. stuff for the adult. you don't want to miss anything. specially if it is free, right? a lot of free stuff going on. so i have a little preview for you so you and your costume can have somewhere to go. >> okay. >> since everyone is getting ready for halloween this weekend, i thought great idea to do an alex around town, so many events, why don't you come their headhouse square for the south street pumpkin fest. there will be a lot of fun this saturday.
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want to see some magic? so mystique will be here saturday. hello. >> hi, how are you? >> do you have attributing for us? >> dow. >> i call this the fun magic coloring book. it is called the fun magic coloring book. i was very excited when i got this book until i realize the the book was empty, that's where you come in, mad hatter. touch the flowers. perfectment look what happens when you touch the flowers. you know what? go like this. that's how you get the colors to appear in the places of the book. >> oh,. >> oh. >> quick, quick. >> wait a minute. i said draw something. you scrubbed up the pages. you're scribbler, you know what? tap the book. when you tap it, that's how you fix the scribbles. alex you were awesome. high five. >> that's real magic. >> whether you see all of that magic this week tend might work up your appetite. come to one of my favorite places, bridget foy.
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>> the queen of hearts. so we've got some great new fall dishes to warm you up. and we're right down the street at second and south. this is our vegetable curry, pa dutch chicken pot pie, braze short rib with mushroom. >> this is a jog i roll roger made with apple cider. >> we're going to have a party that night. 9:00 for the adult. when you're ready to get a babysitter. >> want something strange and unusual, or go somewhere that's called strange and unusual, your store? >> yes, it is. >> i don't know if i can hand this will. >> also beautiful skeletal preservations such as this
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alligator foot and fully articulated cat skeleton, variety, such as tax determine i, rats, foxes, even towed coin purses, not to mention i love your nails. >> circus, hey rides, face painting so much going on here headhouse square saturday. not it mention you got to have some music, this is the tony and ivory. >> of course when you bring the can i, do you have do some trick-or-treating, all happening here, on saturday. from 12 to 5:00 p.m. see you there for this week alex around town. >> but headhouse square, still more going on all over the area. eastern state penetentary, runs through november 5th, 25 to $45, kind of experience you want. then, all week long, the smith
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commons hosting free halloween movie screenings on it big television screen, projector, put outside. tonight's movie is hoch us poke us, people love that move. >> i fun. >> rittenhouse row halloween all day halloween event featuring trick-or-treating, neighborhood businesses, do shopping with the kids go through. goes from 10:00 a.m. saturday on. and saturday night, morgan as peer hold its annual halloween bash, ticket for that $40, also, east passyunk, fall fest, spooky saturday 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> i'm exhausted so much. >> really good job, alex. >> thank you. have to go around town. >> yes, alex around town. >> i know something else you could do. >> what's this? bark in the park. >> pets, yes. >> sue, when is that? >> it is this saturday. is this an elephant? no, it is a little dog. wait until you see the costumes we've got. from bark in the park. happening at rowings tree park, all coming up next. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
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like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> getting ready for annual bark in the park fundraiser there is weaken, and there is all kinds of competition. >> so funny, best kisser, best election, best tail wag err and best costume. so much fun. our own sue serio will be there, and she joins us right now. hey, sue? >> not only yours truely, but bob kelly who will be there. along with steve martin from preston and steve. on wmmr. so we are going to have a great time. we thought we would gave you a limb preview of this rain or shine event, which is at rose tree park, this saturday in media. and here, from the prominence -- providence animal center justine. did i gave you a dramatic enough entrance here, tadah! justinea, you have the cutest
9:24 am
animals with you. >> this is elvis. >> 'd wizard costume, but little too rainy for. that will so we decided on bun. >> i yes? >> so bob and steve and i have to judge these costumes? >> it will be hard. they're really good. >> best competition. >> okay, this is after key, and his his favorite mascot franklin -- franklin. >> oh, he has his autograph jersey this, too. >> very lucky boy. so he is looking for a home, as is this little guy. >> oh, the puppy and the bigy dog. whatever you are in the mood for, find the pet of your dreams. >> exactly. one more too. >> what? >> we have an elephant. >> yes, we did see our little elephant in the tease there, what's our elephant's name? look at this. >> i know, so cute. right? >> now, of course, this is the good day animals, they turn the butts toward the camera, thank you so much. >> i know, all of these cutest available for adoption. >> the event is rain or shine, but getting the rain out of the way now, won't be raining saturday.
9:25 am
what time should we get there? first you have the run, then the walk. >> the run at 10:00 the walk is at 10:45, open registration at night 9:00. then the contest starts at 12. >> cool thing to know about bark in the park, it is not just those things, it is a whole big festival. you have food trucks there, and vendors, right, and you can get little doggy biscuits, and all kinds of things. >> there are so many things happening. it is so cool. and we have a pitbull kissing boot for little pitty puppies like this one. >> oh,. >> so you can kiss, downing lots of kissing. there you go. >> all right. so would be will be doing kissing and judging and all of this this saturday rose tree park in media. and it all benefits the great work that you do at the providence animal center thank you, love up, sue. >> we love you back. all right, it is a lot of love on this corner here at fourth and market. >> there is so much love. sue we can see you through the window. wave to her. wait, go this way. >> umbrella. >> let's get to jen. because she helping us out. talking about pink, how pink
9:26 am
can do an already to wear all year around. now there are some fall colors to get into. jen? >> yes, we are talking about unique and interesting combinations. so, we are doing a little bit of fall, but it is not so orange and black. so come on back, we will tell you all of the unique things up might not have thought of before.
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hey, jen is helping us look good this season, alex. >> he said there are a few fail proof colors, in the fall, how about that and color combinations, you want to dot the same old thing, just mix it up a little will bit. >> yeah, come on, jen. >> i'm mixing it up, i'm trying. karen thomas is here, good morning. >> we love you here because
9:30 am
you are notteling telling us what to wear but our fashion history, if you will. >> least i can do for you, jen. >> i told you a a couple weeks ago about weird color combinations that everybody keeps throwing my way, first time i have tried it, and this is like, a maroon wine, with a green and i said it might be too christmasy but you gave me this idea, what is going on here. >> this is in the red family but really more maroon with the touches of purple. earrings and necklace are in the green family but more sort of the mint pale green so what you are doggies making it not christmasy by turning knob on both collars and paring them together. >> you want to anchor it with the strong color. >> what i have done here is rock navy which is something we saw on the runway, with a lot of rust colored and navy. if you do rough or in it or range family with black it can look too halloweeny, too feel like a pumpkin but it is real fresh. >> it looks current, and i
9:31 am
didn't think it could look, am i allowed to a that. >> of course. >> we have some things, to give us some other ideas. this is kind of like etanish, yellowy tannish with a boulder blue then you height expect for fall. >> exactly. >> other thing is that we have done this with cream, so instead we have done, so much black and white and it is great, is there always a time and place for that but doing a cream with sort of the navyish is softening black and white so dark light but not as strong. >> we have come over here, so this story, we will hand it to you you, fashion girl. >> here she goes. >> it is like a black and white but mimics a gray with the white crimson. >> exactly. we saw gray on the runway with red, so yes, overall look at this dress is gray but it is i black and white, pop it with red or something in this family. it could be a hot pink. just something warm, it can be your pop. >> let's talk about real life models. >> humans. >> yes, this is a hazing.
9:32 am
this is a great translation of. >> gucci this past season on the runway did baby blue and sort of the army green. >> okay. >> some of this stuff on the runway can be really difficult to translate and make it wearable. this is how you inspired by colors you might see on the runway and make it, something thaw can do. we have got a pale blue in the sweater and then this awesome vest in the army green family and what we have done is translated gucci's runway into something that is very wearable, very current and sort of unexpect color combination. >> you can wear that out and people not like wow, you are trying too hard. >> exactly. thank you so much. >> this is what we're talking about bringing more navy and cream together bringing it into it. >> we were saying, i mean, i know i'm always wearing so much black, so much black, so much black. we have done a taylor black or a rich navy and we are seeing a lot of navy right now. it doesn't just have to be in your denim, it can be in your
9:33 am
shoes, awesome fur faux vest and wearing natural tone necklacees, it is a beautiful way to off set entire look. >> is there anything, thank you very much, that that you have seen, and i know i'm throwing this to you last minute that you know heck no, from the fall look. >> to be honest, no, only because i generally when i see women it is in philly, main line all around us, if you are going for it, good for you, go for it, as long as you tiehl great about it or you feel uncomfortable if you push your comfort zone a little bit, nothing wrong is in fashion anymore. >> i love it. >> gorgeous. >> it is cool, every little parties difficult rent. >> i wanting to shopping. >> thank you. thank you, high five's, you always just, to it. >> my pleasure. >> seriously. i love this girl. >> she's always like do this, not that. >> yes. >> thank you. >> cool. >> she makes it simple. >> new ideas. >> nicely done.
9:34 am
>> okay. so last night high friend matt cord the announcer at the sixers he text he and said i have a really good seat for the game, i don't want to go to the game i wanted to take a nap. i had to dash out there. i got my uber app out. a guy pulls up and said my god it is you, we watch every day, his name is mike as well. so, i get in the car, he calls his wife and she was screaming i love "good day philadelphia", thank you for watching every day. on the front of his car, so we take a picture out front of his car at wells fargo center. his front license layer is uber king, the king of all uber drivers. >> wow, uber x or black. >> i don't know. >> what is fancy one. >> uber black. >> he is probably that. >> nice car. >> ding of the uber drivers he said. >> of course, so that is why you went to the sixers game because matt cord said he had great seats for you because you way i remembered, i had
9:35 am
wanted to go you said yes. i called you for the game you said i will be late, you weren't going to come. >> no. >> i would have been just left, to hang out. >> i was going to go home, i was tired, hang out with matt cord by the court. >> sometimes, are you this way where you are like, a girl guy or guy, guy. my husband would much rather hang out with dudes rather than girls. >> who did he sit with. >> who did you sit with. >> at one point, you and your friend. >> he ended up sitting with me, where was matt cord there. >> we could not see very well from where he was. >> that is really nice. >> at the end of the day, he hangs out with girls. >> he know where his bread is buttered. >> or he had no choice, karen. >> well, the seat wasn't, it wasn't there anymore. >> nice try. >> there was a lot of people, connor war win, ryan howard, lot of people were there last
9:36 am
night. it was a packed house, karen. >> so anyway, there we go, uber king guy says he has chauffeured around many tv personality. >> really. >> okay. >> yeah. >> he can call us, bring him to the show. >> did you get his personal number. >> i got his number. >> okay. >> here's the thing, on thursday, bob goes to a breakfast place and stuffs his face. remine me. here's bob. >> i found a spot today, that was voted best of salem county and they found out what carson wentz favorite breakfast meal is, say hi right here, hello e ms cafe. >> hello. >> we will be right back.
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this is in salem, new jersey, at e ms cafe. and, good morning, we are at e ms cafe, lot at whole gang here, all right. we are right on, just south of the delaware memorial bridge, on the new jersey side. my new girl friend here, anna. >> how old did you say you were. >> ninety-four. >> you are looking good. you a said secret is creamed chipped beef. >> candy. >> candy, it is hard work. >> hard work and candy. >> yes. >> these two guys just came back from i thought you were police officers, swat team you just came back from out of the the woods. >> we just came back from hunting. >> hunting all night. >> 50:00 this morning. >> did you get one this morning. >> he got one yesterday. >> good, good. >> you guys are eating a hearty breakfast here. this place was just voted,
9:41 am
best of, salem county. and the one thing i thought that was interesting, i'm sorry, hon, they are all eagles fans. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> and, here's what they did, they did some research and they found out carson wentz favorite breakfast item, and they have it here. and, favorite breakfast item. >> this is creamed eggs. >> creamed eggs. >> yes. >> a little bit more of -- >> describe it. >> we did google will research from carson wentz. he lives right down the street. the his favorite meal is creamed eggs. we have a good rendition. it is sauce with chopped hard bowled eggs, it is on our menu now hoping he will come try them. >> this kind of looked like, i will taste tonight a behind, it looks like a sauce with chopped up eggs. >> chopped up eggs, on top of
9:42 am
white toast with delicious home tries. >> it remind me of what mom and dad served all the time, they called it s.o.s. but it is creamed chipped beef. >> yes. >> you know what s.o.s. means, right. >> yes. >> we can't say it on tv but we have that here. >> yes. >> sausage gravy. >> yes. >> over home fries good what do we have here. >> this is our bacon with home fries and eggs over easy, and bacon comes from a local butcher, scrapple and sausage made across the street. >> carson wentz, if you're watching, they have your favorite breakfast meal right here at the e ms cafe, i think we send them a those. we get carson wentz over here for breakfast, right. >> right. >> back to you in the studio. bring some back for you, okay. >> bringing back on the went wagon. >> wentz wagon. >> it is rolling like this now. >> so that michael phelps dude, fantastic swimmer, probably best ever, right. >> yes. >> this guy can keep a secret.
9:43 am
it turns out he has been married for months. i will tell you about his newlywed after the break. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
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like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate.
9:45 am
i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. welcome back. we have been talking about this early. controversy at sixers game, this moment, right there, did that just happen. a fan, flipped off russell westbrook during the game. >> you know how this goes in situations like this, power of social media people started investigating trying to figure out who this person is.
9:46 am
>> because this was broadcast, nationally, this was a national game last night. the whole country saw this guy. >> you know what he does. >> for a living. >> um-hmm. >> what? >> well, the people doing some research out there, tweeting, crossing broad he appears to be a doctor. >> do you know what kind of doctor. >> urologist. >> he has to be a proctologist with fingers like that. >> do you suppose he is in at work today. >> what do they say about him? he has had, he is a big eagles fan too. >> big eagles fan. >> yes. >> because he was in the article. i guess he did terrell owens i told you so, anti eagles rap. and they interviewed him. he said that,... >> well, he used to have seats, season tickets for the eagles, and then his wife, they broke up, so through divorce they had more than a
9:47 am
divorce agreement about how to split eagles tickets then how to split up the children. >> wow, more of a controversy for them, darn. >> he is a urologist. >> he appears to be. >> yeah. >> urologist. well... >> can we talk about tmz. >> he is having a moment. >> it wasn't so much flipping the guy off but yelling the f word too, screaming it at the floor. >> kid were there. we love our sorts. we want to be strong about it. >> but it gives us a bad rap when things like this happen. >> by the way it looks like michael phelps is married. he did it secretly. so lets go right to tmz. van, how long have they been married. >> they have been married since june 13th. i was just so entertained about the whole eagles guy segment you just did at 76ers game. that was really funny. but it was hilarious. during the olympics everyone
9:48 am
was talking about michael phelps engagement and cutting back to what we saw was his fiance nicole johnson. they have been married since june 13th. they did it in private. one of michael's business associates a very close friend, officiated the entire thing. this was a big deal. everybody was ready for this huge celebrity wedding and it turns out they had already done it. they might still get big ceremony but michael phelps has been a taken man for a long, long time now. bomb shell we broke on this web site yesterday. >> so van, what do we know about her. >> oh, they have been engaged for a while. she already had a child from michael phelps. the day they were engaged, the day that they were married she posted on her instagram and said a very special day with my family. in one knew what that meant. we thought they had a good dinner or saw a great movie or something. it turns out that was the day they had gotten marriedy just
9:49 am
love these stories. it shows celebrities can do it without all the attention. sometimes they just don't want all of the fanfare. >> if i were to get married again would i like to do it, at city hall, and, real quickly here, what is the meaning of your t-shirt. >> well, it is like pharmaceuticals and politics, my brother has a whole deal, pharmaceutical drugs and politics, across the country. i don't know. >> somebody ask me to wear it so i wear it. i'm a puppet. >> there was no policy at tmz, because i watch every day. >> oh, no i have flip-flops on as we speak right now, in dress policy whatsoever. >> got to love that california life. >> did you skip out on hollywood boulevard yesterday, a guy defaced the trump start. >> pick ax to the trump star. this man is name jamie.
9:50 am
he says what he wanted to to was deface the star and then sell it, auction it off, and use that money to i guess give some of the people who accused donal trump of sexual misconduct. those stars i don't know if you know out there in philly but you pay 30,000 bucks for those stars. he defaced public property. he did it for his own reason. >> well,. >> just left an r there on the street for republican. >> thank you, van, we will be watching this afternoon. >> for sure. >> tmz live. >> in problem he is one of their best people. >> yes. >> angelina jolie questioned by fbi, we know that already why officials talk to her for four hours, again how this a
9:53 am
9:54 am
judge has just ordered, a 265 million-dollar settlement, for a victims in the amtrak 188 trash, that killed eight people, last may, as you know, investigators announced in a meeting in washington d.c. recently that brandon bostian was focused on, word, that a nearby train, had been hit by a rock. that was going in the opposite direction and that he lost track of where he was, before the crash. ntsb investigators say that they had positive train control, had been in use, had they had that technology on that side of the tracks, that automatically have would have slowed down the train, of course, the accident would have been prevented all together. well, we know that.
9:55 am
all right. 9:54. we are learning shore about the incident that led angelina jolie to file for divorce from brad pitt and allegations of child abuse. >> fbi interviewed her. >> they did, for four hours about what happened on private plane between pit and his teenage son maddux. fbi was looking into charges of assault. we have learn that the los angeles department of children and family services has extended it investigation into brad pitt. sources say it shows officials are looking into something serious because they are still involved. >> you would think, they didn't find anything for four hours interview that they were to go that maybe they would let it go. >> and fbi of all things in the like local police from where ever you are. >> all right. we will stay on that one. here we go. >> it is a favorite of high school and college parties, the game never have i ever, right, where you admit stuff you have done in your past. >> well, ellen degenerous had snoop dog anna kendrick and martha stewart to play around with the game and one of the
9:56 am
questions involved sexting. >> have you you ever sexted. >> have i ever sexted. >> applause. >> oh, my god i'm so glad i'm here today. martha, you have sexted, do you know what that is. >> i have used technology for a lot longer then you have, ellen. >> all right. all right. to who, it doesn't say none of of your business. >> martha got a little sas. >> well... >> who has she dated over the years wasn't she with someone
9:57 am
famous. >> she has along ago marriage and she is feisty. she tells us how it is. >> she will, my gosh. >> maybe she was doing time. >> i'm google will go it. >> she's lock in the slammer. >> you can't have cell phones in there. >> they found a way to get cell phones in that show. >> as long as they smuggle one in the prison it could come in the cake that she bakes. >> i have to say it once a day. >> say what. >> kim kardashian, kim kardashian is back to work filming the reality show keeping up with the kardashian, they don't film it, they videotape it, this is after the star was robbed in france as you know. spokesmen for our network e entertainment to television says full production has resumed, thank god, it is not clear if kim will address being involved in paris the on the show, my guess is, she will. >> well, she dated a billion air. >> martha stewart.
9:58 am
>> and she like >> yes. >> she's from. >> anthony hopkins
9:59 am
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