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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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police just made a troubling connection. breaking news. vice-presidenvice-presidential d off a plane in new york after it skids off the runway. your news in 30 seconds. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. the news is breaking at 10 to tonight republican vice-presidential nominee and indiana's governor mike pence is
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safe after what were no doubt terrifying moments at new york's laguardia. his plane skidded off a runway forcing pence and dozen others to evacuate. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the news broke a short time ago. bruce gordon has been on top of us and joins us with depth and context on this scare. bruce. >> reporter: governor pence spent this afternoon in fort dodge i watch his departure was delayed for two hours because of rainy weather in new york city. weather that may to be blame for all of this drama tonight. after a bumpy approach the pence campaign jetliner landed hard on the run slicked runway at laguardia airport slid as the pilot jammed on the brakes. passengers reported smelling burning rubber the plane tour of two tracks of concrete before coming to rest on a patch of grass. there were about 30 people i was bore the flight. including governor pence's wife and daughter all were evacuated through the rear of the plane. no one was hurt. the vice-presidential nominee
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had been on his why new york fundraiser those plans were scrapped after the hard landin g he pence went straight to his hotel to rest. the man at the top of the ticket donald trump referenced that close call at his rally in eye ohio tonight. >> i just spoke to our future vice-president and he's okay. do you know he was in a big accident with a plane? the plane skidded off the runway and was pretty close to grave grave danger but i just spoke to mike pence and he's fine. [ applause ] he got out. serve fine. >> reporter: governor pence later tweeted this me statue to supporters, so thankful everyone on our plane is safe. grateful to our first responders and the concern and prayers of so many back on the trail tomorrow. iain, it has been eventful campaign. >> has it ever, bruce, thank you. happening now the investigation into a shocking crime with troubling connections all is
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quiet at this macy's in northeast philadelphia tonight. but just a few hours ago, there was chaos and pandemonium. >> employees say thieves smashed their way inside and grabbed whatever they can get their hands on and cops tell us those could be the same guy who's pulled off another high profile crime this week. >> chris o'connell is in northeast philadelphia tonight with what investigators have found. chris? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, i can tell you customers and employees here at the may see's store in roosevelt mall definitely shaken tonight after a band of thieves walked right through these doors headed right for the jewelry case here in the middle of the day smashed open with a hammer and stole expensive watches. meantime police think it's the second time this week these guys have struck. >> philly is going bad. >> reporter: shoppers at macy's in northeast philadelphia still shaken over the midday heist that happened right in front of stunned shoppers and clerks. >> people have lost their mind.
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macy's security and staff cleaning up the broken metal and glass in the watch section where three men were in and out in a matter of seconds. >> i walked in the store and i seen the glass busted and all of that. >> reporter: about 2:30 customers heard the loud smash of glass breaking. moments later, the trio of gloved and hooded men were seen running out of the store and into the get away car. but not before getting away with an unknown number of high-end watches. >> the girls were telling me that they busted the cases and stole some jewelry. he they got rob. >> reporter: police think it's the same crew who busted through the boyd's store in center city early tuesday morning when the crooks got away with nearly $50,000 in designer suits and accessories. investigators think this stolen mercedes 350 sedan was used as the get away car in both smash and grabs. >> it's just sad, you know, i hope they really find those guys that did that. >> reporter: meanwhile on statement macy's spokesperson says they're glad no one got
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hurt. the company is beefing up patrols in and around the store. >> it's crazy. i mean, i would never expect something to happen in the daytime like that. even nighttime. >> reporter: now, what police are doing now reviewing surveillance video from a number of cameras inside that store including that one right there. that points to the entrance where these burglars came in. police are asking anyone with information on this case to call northwest detectives. iain? >> chris, thanks. breaking news tonight in the trial of former penn state assistant football coach who's testimony helped convict jerry sandusky. a jury has awarded mike mcqueary more than $7 million in damages. mcqueary has said penn state defamed and retaliated against him for helping with the sandusky child sex abuse investigation. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose joins us live in studio with more on the jury's decision today. sabina? >> reporter: the message from the jury seemed clear.
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$5 million in punitive damages awarded to the former assistant coach. 2 million for his claims of defamation and misrepresentati misrepresentation. former assistant football coach mc mcqueary vindicated by a center county jury of nine women and three men. jurors deliberating for just four hours before awarding mcqueary $7.3 million in damages and his defamation suit against penn state. 3 million more than mcqueary's attorneys asked for. 5 million in punitive damages against the university. in his suit the former penn state quarterback asserted his alma mater and former employer defamed him after it came out that mcqueary's testimony helped prosecutors charge former defensive coach jerry sandusky with molesting children. mcqueary says the school damaged his reputation in a statement it put out the day child abuser sandusky was champed. it says he was retaliated against for helping in the
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investigation. it was a february night back in 2001, when mcqueary then a graduate assistant says he saw sandusky sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy in a penn state shower. mcqueary says he told coach joe paterno the next morning. and top administrators days later. he says they promiseed to something about it. instead mcqueary's lawyer argued in court university officials tried to sweep it all under the rug until the case blew open a decade later. mcqueary said he was subsequently suspended from coaccoaching duties barred from school facilities and that penn state did not renew his crack. >> in court penn state's attorney nancy conrad says it was public opinion and not the university that ruined mcqueary for not stopping a rape in progress. the ap reports this is the first time penn state has not settled a civil case rooted in the
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sandusky scandal outside of court. instead this one went to trial. now the judge still has to rule on the whistleblower claim he was treated unfairly and barred from his duties. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, is a ben in a. on yao roar day tonight an end to the rain but the start of high winds and then my friends -- >> yes. >> a warmup. meteorologist kathy orr going to pull out the short sleeves again? >> i think so. yeah, got to get rid of the fleece and down jacket that i have if my car right now. take a lock at ultimate doppler. good evening. we have showers moving through. one last batch through our suburbs threw chester county and montgomery county, and then the cold front moves through doesn't look like much but this is the front right here, and then temperatures are going to fall. it's amazing. scott and i were just looking at the temperatures they're actually rising we're at 60 degrees right now but once that front moves through, look what happens. reading 47. allentown 47. mount pocono 38. that is the colder air that is in our future. tonight and behind that front we're talking about gusty winds.
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right now we're out of the south about 20 miles an hour. so that's a warm wind for us. once the front mough those winds will change and look at this, out of the northwest at 30 miles an hour in pottstown and in reading. tomorrow morning, gusting to 22 miles an hour. that northwest wind will put a chill in the air. you'll feel it in the morning but as lucy teased earlier, a big warmup that you won't believe in the seven day. it even surprised us. we'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thanks. investigators are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man inside a cell phone store in north philadelphia this afternoon. it happened just before 1:00 inside a mobile store along the 2900 block of north 22nd street. police say someone shot a 47-year-old worker several times in the back and then took off. that worker died at the scene. boost mobile says it's shocked and saddened by the loss. u.s. district judge has approved a settlement for claims from last year's port richmond amtrak train crash that killed eight people. it injured hundreds of others.
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amtrak will pay $265 million to square up all of the claims from the deadly crash. tom klein is one of the lawyers who led negotiations with amtr amtrak. he says this program let's a judge hold hearings and evaluate damages. victims can testify or submit documents if they want in on the $265 million. investigators say the engineer of amtrak train 188 was distracted when he took a turn too fast sending the train kareening off the tracks. attorneys for the victims say this settlement is a fair one. >> judge davis gave us a mission on the management committee who want these victims compensated fairly, efficiently and timely. we took that seriously and we believed that this program will accomplish that. >> federal law caps payouts for anyone accident at $295 million. tonight neighbors in one northeast philadelphia community are shocked and saddened after
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someone shot and killed a woman outside of an apartment more than a dozen bullets were heard last night at the complex off welsh road. >> a man with that woman is hurt and police believe robbery is the motive. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more from police headquarters. i heard gunshots like wee hours of the morning. >> reporter: april coats was asleep inside her apartment with her two-year-old daughter early thursday morning when gunfire erupted outside. >> very rare that something happens like right here. i'm thinking maybe it's firecracker. no i come out car of blood an bullet hole in my car. >> reporter: when the gunshots ended police say 36-year-old pauline simmons was dead and a man who traveled here with her was shot listed in critical but stable condition. >> she shot one time in the chest. we do believe it was some type of robbery. we believe she had money on her that was taken. >> reporter: according to detectives, simmons, her friend who was wounded and a third man arrived here around 1:30am to meet someone in the nottingham building when the gunfire broke
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out. >> i'm thinking it's safe. it's safe. i guess you're not safe anywhe anywhere. i feel sorry for her family and my prayers go out to them. i'm very sorry. >> reporter: in all, more than 12 shots were fired. one hit simmons. one hit her friend and one shattered this apartment window. another bullet pierced the side of coats' chrysler 300 parked near the victim. >> she was killed but a lot more people could have gotten hurt because of the rounds that were fired in the complex. >> hopefully they find whoever did this. >> reporter: homicide detectives continue to interview witnesses and look for surveillance video they hope will lead them to the suspect or suspects who carried out this murder. police say there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. quick question for you. does your daughter play sports perhaps? she may not have the same protection against injury that the boys do but one local dad has a new invention that could change all of that and
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keep our girls playing the games they love. and -- welcome to the sleigh street canal. this thing has been paved, doug up, repaved and reduction up. four months of waiting later, the folks around here are sick and tired. they couldn't tacked to us get results. the story straight ahead.
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>> breaking news out of new york city. republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence along with dozens of others are safely off a plane that skidded off a runway at laguardia airport. >> fox's sharon crowley is at laguardia tonight. sharon, what do we know right now. >> reporter: they're still investigating exactly how and
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why this happen. one of the runways is closed to traffic. another one has been reopened. luckily for passengers they're being urged to call their carriers but here's what we know about 7:45 this evening, governor pence's plane was returning from an event in iowa here to laguardia. he had a private fundraising is event at trump towers which has since been canceled. when the plane skidded off the runway. luckily everyone on board are just fine. on the plane secret service, campaign staff and of course many members of the press. everyone could smell the burning rubber. port authority of new york and new jersey which of course has authority over the airport here at laguardia had a press conference just about half an hour ago and they said luckily there was a barrier there that kept the plane from going any further. if it had gone any further it would have gone on to the grand central parkway here in new york city. so luckily nobody on the plane was injured.
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but they're still trying to figure out exactly how this happen. i can tell you that of course governor pence tweeted he's so grateful that everyone is okay and the passengers on the plane said that he jumped right up after this happened and went right back to where the press was sitting to find out if everybody was okay, and told the press that there was a lot of mud covering the window where the pilots were sitting in the cockpit that they couldn't even see out of there. we're also told significant damage to the runway there not sure whether that was caused by the plane or something else. but it's really quite broken up there. so could tonight they're basically working to try to figure out how to remove the plane from that runway and figure out exactly what happen happened. >> fox's sharon crowley thank you very much. live a laguardia airport in new york city. several federal agencies caught a lot of people suspected of scammed phone call. >> it's a trance national case people pose as irs, him grace are other government workers the department of justice says the
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criminals pretend to be those government agents and demand money, threaten arrest or deportation. doj is charging 61 people around the world it says are connected to the india based operation. the feds say they scammed at least 15,000 victims out of more than $300 million. yes. this was big. they targeted people all across the us folks primarily on immigrants and the elderly. >> these individuals demanded immediate payments from the people they called to avoid deportation, to avoid arrest or to cover supposedly unpaid income taxes. >> officials warn these scammers have even set up a system where they're target irs on the caller id's. remember irs says it never, ever calls people. fox 29 getting results tonight for a south philly neighborhood with its own canal. not that they wanted a canal. they say it's what's left behind from a pair of botched paving
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jobs on their street. >> bruce gordon is back in the studio tonight after spending a lot of evening on the 1800 block of sleigh street. blues bruce, tonight's rain gave i was good look at the problem. >> it sure did. to get a real sense of the frustration thon block you need a calendar. >> this street was pretty bad. there were ridges all the stones were all over the street. >> reporter: folks who live on the 1800 block of sleigh were ecstatic when the streets department crews showed back in may to repave their crumbling asphalt. >> when it was done it looked beautiful but it just wasn't done right. >> reporter: because the paving was poorly pitched, every rainstorm produced ponding. puddles extended into driveways. so the city came out and doug up this outer strip about a 90-foot stretch and repaved it. it still wasn't right. so around mid june, crews dug it up again. only this time, they never came back. >> little kids fell in the hole two week ago. he was riding his bike and went off the edge into the curb.
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off into the hole. >> reporter: neighbors say streets department crews did come by as recently as a month ago to measure and take some pictures, but not to fill the trench and repave the strip. >> what are my taxes doing? where is the money going? >> pay enough of them. >> reporter: to add insult to injury the mess has cost this block at least a half dozen parking spots. finally, they'd had enough of the sleigh street canal. >> you guys reached out to us why? >> because nobody is giving us any help. >> reporter: i fired off e-mail to the streets department along with a photo of the trench. less than two hours later, i got my promise. crews will return win two weeks to complete the asphalt adjustment an allow more proper drainage. spokeswoman for the department apologized for the summer long delay. >> what do we think, two weeks, give them two weeks. >> we'll give them two weeks. >> all right gave them four months. why not two weeks? >> before the first snowfall. >> that seems reasonable. >> residential if it happens.
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we've asked the folk on the block to reach out to us if the city is not back out there to finish this paving job within the next two weeks. lucy. >> we have to get a new page on the calendar. >> thank you very much, bruce gordon. pair of bad guys and in masks tried to rob a local convenience store but the clerk was not having any of it. what he had waiting behind the counter that sent them running. woman wanted to show her husband lottery tickets are a waste of money. so she bought one. thinking it would be a loser but that really wasn't the case. the amazing amount of money she won. plus -- people go ballistic with halloween decorations in the yard i'll go to self free attractions during the day so that you can enjoy them at night. stick around. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. got a brand new pattern for you. the 422 westbound off-ramp to arm and hammer boulevard, they moved it. the trick though they moved it a half mile prior to the old location. so anyone heading westbound you
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want to pay attention because we'll see a lot of u turn laverne with this new construction pattern and they're also going to be blocking the ramp from princeton avenue to 95 north with construction that shuts down tonight. i'll have the jam cams. sue with the weekend forecast. see you tomorrow at 4:00.
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania.
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two would be robbers pick the wrong store. this is video from yesterday inside the rodriguez mini mart along the dairy avenue and east germantown. two guys walked in. one pull out gun right there. they tried to get behind the counter. the police say the store's 60-year-old owner refused to hand over any cash. what he did hand over was bat and he started swinging it back and forth. the two men took off up 21st street and police are now searching for them. in maryland, the race for senate gets uncomfortable. >> what was supposed to be kind of simple dough bait for an open seat turned out to be kind of eventful. >> democracy and serve the public. i'm on the ballot. >> you have to leave now. >> i'm a candidate for us senate in maryland and this is how you're treating a candidate? >> that's how they treated her that was green party dr. margaret flowers. being escorted off the senate debate stage last night in baltimore. only maryland congressman chris
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van holland and kathy sell good were invited to participate. flowers was upset sean included and interrupted the debate before security took her away. your daughter may in the have the same protection as her male counterparts when she's playing sports one local dad got a new invention that could change all that and keep our girls playing the games they love. >> kathy orr is tracking that forecast of yours. >> we're talking about clearing skies, gusty winds but then a major warmup that is a weekend surprise all the numbers when we come back. >> coming up at 11 sweet natured dog who just wants love but he needs help tonight. and the alternatives aren't great. >> i want to see him as tweet and loving as he is turn into a dog that's, you know, going to be a aggressive. >> but you can help. his name is dutch. he needs temporary home. that's all while his owner fights for his own life. that's all while his owner fights for his own life. how you can get involved.
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breaking news out of new york. republican vice-president
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candidate governor mike pence is okay after his campaign plane slid off the runway. the plane tour through two tracks of concrete before stopping on some grass. pence tweeted feels fine and he'll be back on the trail tomorrow. no one is hurt. disturbing new details in the death of a teen at a special needs school in wynnefield earlier this month. reports from the department of health and human services says three staffers at wordsworth academy restrained and punched the 17-year-old student after he was suspected of stealing an i-pod and became aggressive. witnesses reported heard the teen getting hit and had said "get off me, i can't breathe". well that boy died shortly aft after. closing arguments in the so-call bridge gate case have been delayed. jurors were supposed to hear arguments today but the judge sent them home saying that some kind of an issue came up and they should come back tomorrow. no one has said what that issue was. two former allies of governor chris christie are facing char
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charges in lane closing plot. prosecutors argue was political retribution. new developments in the saga connecting muslim clerk in the poconos. turkish minister is pressing the u.s. to extradite golan. they blamed for insight ago coo that ended with hundreds of deaths. whatever osama bin laden means for the united states and for the american people goal land means for the same for the turkish people. justice department says any extradition would have to meet strict standards of evidence. >> the most comprehensive animal protection bill in pennsylvania's history still has a pulse but it's a faint one. the state house never got around to voting for or against house bill 869. the bill supports tell us it still has chance to go up for a vote in november and backers in
10:31 pm
the senate which passed it unanimously say they'll vote for it and then hand it off to the governor. he says he'll sign it into law. among the things it would do, make torturing a pet felony, keep convicted abuser from getting their animal back and stiffen the pennel tear to abusing and killing a horse. it could still go up for a vote on november 14. call your r tiff and senator if you want to make history in pennsylvania. big changes are coming to the way pennsylvanians buy beer. governor tom wolf will sign a bill that will allow beer distributor tousle six packs and growlers. currently distributors can only sell 12 backs and cases. the bill would also allow retailers to directly ship beer to your home and let bars start selling alcohol at 9:00 in the morning on sun days without a requirement to sell food. >> teenaged concussions have sky rocked biggest jump many for girls incredible one 18% according to new report after
10:32 pm
football would you believe the next most dame high school sport is girls lacrosse. >> makes sense. a dad from our area just created a game changer. our karen hepp has his new invention. >> reporter: bella is fast and fears on the field. she carries the big stick and can hurdle anything in her path. landing her on the podium. a competitive success in many sports. but sophomore year a simple fall in field hockey nearly took her out of the game. >> what they told mow was that my brain hit -- like it hit my skull three times. it went forward and back and it went forward again. i remember not being able to keep my eyes open and my coach kept telling me keep your eyes open. i decided to call the ambulance. put me on spine board and off to the hospital. >> reporter: mri's, x-rays, bella had concussion so severe she had to sit in dark room missing five weeks of school and
10:33 pm
months of sports. >> i was in a fog for such a long time. even after i felt better i was in such a fog. >> reporter: teammate kelly, had two concussions both times from a ball snacking her unprotected head. >> it's just like hurts everything in your said just like fuzzy and like you couldn't even comprehend anything that was going on. >> reporter: what's going on is a huge spike in concussions. rates have jumped one 18% for girls 10 to 19. but the popularity of lacrosse in our area pennsylvania, new jersey, have some of the highest rates in the nation. girls lacrosse is second only to football for concussions in high school sports. one big reason, no helmets. check out what the boys wear they look like terminators, shoulder pads, gloves, huge helmets. the girls, a skirt and a opinion knee and pretty goggles no helmet. nothing to protect their heads
10:34 pm
were they get wack with a stick or a ball. >> rob's four girls are the center of his world. he loves two things above all else. philadelphia sports and his family, his house is a shrine to both. >> this is the living room. it's not like a normal living room. >> it's a basketball court. >> yup, just your average indoor family basketball shoot around. >> sports are integral to their lives. >> without sports, there's really nothing else to do in our family. i feel like i can just be me when i'm playing sports. because it's just something that i love to do and it just makes me happy. >> reporter: rob wants his girls to be happy and safe when the youngest two asked if they can play lacrosse he couldn't believe there were no helmets and he said no way. >> they're strong, they're fierce, they play hard. they may aggressive. i love that part of it but, you
10:35 pm
know, not have any protection on their head to me is, um, you know, it's just being insane. >> he decided to do something about it. he got a team of experts and created the first ever approved head gear for girls lacrosse. >> first of all, you can squeeze it. >> reporter: he didn't just pink it and sling it humming bird is all new safety technology. it passes every rigorous test and is it a and starred door but designed for a female athlete. it's got a ponytail opening and can be used in other sports as well. they'll be ready for holiday delivery just in time for lacrosse season the girls think it's a game changer. >> sports are a mazing but they're only going to last so long and you do have a future after sports. so it's really important to preserve that future and your head is that future. >> reporter: bella and kelly think if they'd been wearing this kind of head gear that may have prevented their injuries. >> both my concussions were like from actually up here. i hit my head over here. so i feel like it would have helped a hot with the impact. >> reporter: the head gear is
10:36 pm
made by humming bird sports. to find out some more information we put a link on our website it comes in many different colors. but one of them is not pink. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. woman wanted to show her husband lottery tickets are a waste of time. she bought one thinking it would be loser but that was not the case. how her plan backfired. in the best way possible. hitting the streets to find the best halloween haunts. you know what turns out it doesn't cost much money to get the pants scared off you.
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pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ life trying to teach her husband a lesson. had that lesson plan back fire. boy s she happy. glenn today blackwell wanted to show her husband buying lottery tickets is a waste of money. she bought a $10 carolina million scratch off ticket to
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make the point. she scratched. you saw the check. she won million dollars. >> i had to eat my words but they were worth eating. so i was very happy. >> i'm saying i need to prove that point myself, right? after taxes blackwell got a lump sum of more than $400,000. not a bad for a day's work. the money is going trait to her granddaughter's college tuition. in your money, samsung still dealing with fallout from the note seven recall. the burning phones tanked the company's third quarter profits. >> south korean electronics giant recorded net profits dropped 17% from the third quarter of 2015. it's smallest quarterly profit since it launched the galaxy more than sick years ago. samsung of course was force to do a bon don the note seven after so many reports of the phone overheating and catching fire. the company expects the recall to take a bite out of profits through the first quarter of next year. meantime apple says it's delaying the release of its wireless air pods the company first unveil those new ear buds
10:41 pm
along with the iphone seven when they sort of removed that head phone jack. apple says the product is not ready yet so they're not going to ship it as of yet there's no word on why the delay or when they will eventually hit the mark. it started with -- 911 system in one part of the country were completely clogged. the hoax that just created a dangerous situation. kathy is tracking your forecast. >> oh, yeah. we're watching the numbers iain. they will go down tonight but that chilly air will give way to some warmth. we're talking a sudden surge of warmth in that seven day forecast. you don't want to miss this. we'll be right back. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse.
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as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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♪ when you call 911 every second counts. this week in laci washington state it was what dispatchers say was happening every 30 seconds that put lives at risk. operators at the first and county communication center say bogus calls started flooding the lines every 30 seconds for nearly half an hour. police now say they've got the man had was behind it all. it stemmed from message that includes a link that highjacks yours phone and forces it to call 911 over and over again. on your radar right now, some interesting weather we've
10:45 pm
got happening. so you've got the grab bag to please everyone and everything i think here. >> absolutely. we're talking about warm, we're talking about chill. worry talking about blustery and we're talking about short sleeves and shorts and flip-flops? yeah it's all in the seven day forecast. ultimate doppler showing one last line of precipitation that is actually the cold front moving through temperatures on the back side much cooler in the 30s and 40s here the line of precipitation going right through the i-95 corridor in the suburbs right now you can see in parts of bucks county, montgomery county, through abington, norristown, lower merion and extending toward philadelphia so moving through the philadelphia area right now through upper darby, drexel hill, chester, upper chichester and extending down through the brandywine valley and into wilmington. so south jersey, you'll be seeing the rain in salem county, cumberland county coming up very very soon. all associated with a cold front. the front moves through and just like we get a strong northerly westerly wind on the back side.
10:46 pm
clear skies but blustery day tomorrow. sunny and windy with high temperatures 58, 60 degrees. we got some rain today. but not enough rain. we have a serious drought in south jersey scott has been looking at all the numbers. scott it's a little bit more serious than we original thought. >> it really is, kathy, especially as you move into central northern parts of new jersey. as we look at the water vapor imagery you can see most of the moisture is actually going to be out west over the next several days. tapping into some tropical moisture in southern california but we saw that frontal boundary kind of move through but once again look at some of the rainfall totals about quarter of an inch in trenton. almost half an inch in philadelphia. a little over half an inch in wilmington. so really just a drop in the bucket. take a look at the drought warnings now. 14 counties in new jersey we're talking about a serious drought. this declared by the department of environmental protection. the last time we've seen drought warnings for parts of new jersey it's been about 15 years we have low reservoirs it's impacting
10:47 pm
the fall rec croatian, boating, fishing, you can't really get your boats in the water for some parts of new jersey and also impacting trout. they're having trouble actually releasing some of those trout into the river. so certainly having an impact across parts of the area. and looking ahead over the next three months, this issued by noaa it look like the areas experiencing that drought will continue at least through the end of january. kathy? >> that's really amazing. that means less precipitation for them as well. as we take look we're looking at ben franklin parkway where it's cloudy. the skies will be clearing tonight. overnight tonight low temperatures in the 40s. during the day tomorrow, 58 degrees. it looks like it will be mostly sunny little bit on the blustery side and as we look ahead your seven day forecast from your weather authority, beautiful on saturday. this is what i'm talking about. nip flops saturday for the temple game. sunday 75. halloween looks great. tuesday, wednesday and thursday the first three days of november
10:48 pm
looking gorgeous. lucy you really can't beat that. >> no complaints around here, thank you so much kathy. you know what, you saw it right here the big jack o lantern on kathy's seven day for more days to get into the halloween spirit. halloween is not second biggest season of the year after christmas. but what if you do not want to pay 30 bucks a pop to go to the haunted house in your area? what are your options, right. >> fox 29's hank flynn shows us way little homework you've got plenty of options. >> coming back after is a better thing any way. i don't have if we'll have the leeway. we'll see. >> truer words were never spoken. let's get weird. the halloween. >> i know you're dying for some candy. halloween is big business now.
10:49 pm
$8.5 billion spent on candy and costumes this year according to the national retail federation. what if you don't want to bust your budget? >> we have been waiting for you. >> reporter: penny pinching halloween freak like you and me have options. know that and some are right in your backyard. like the one in williamstown at the corner of crystal and atlantic avenues. there are a number of lay outs at gory picnic with a body part butcher shop display there's skeletons, fishing, several witches, a pet cemetery, it's radical. >> zombie on the toilet. >> reporter: it look like a lot of fun no admission you can drop a couple of bucks in the donation box i'm sure that goes to a good cause. no one here from the house to talk to about it. unless of course you consider the gatekeeper. >> leave some candy for me or beware of what you see.
10:50 pm
>> i dropped by one at harrison avenue in blackwood that's supposed to be good but the guy wasn't home from work yet. i was early. so off i went over to south west philly to drexel hill. >> everybody is always asking when we're doing it we do it for the neighbors. we do it for the kids. just everybody is really enjoys it we do it for ourselves, too. >> she tells me this is the place. there are no pretenders at least not in drexel hill. this is the drexel hill halloween house. ♪ >> anna and her husband have been laying out their halloween extravaganza for seven years at their drexel avenue home. all the windows, bored up and the front yard features a real autopsy table which weigh aston and goes with the real coffin which goes into the back of the very real hearse.
10:51 pm
>> my hun has an auto repair shop in upper darby. al's ought tee. lee still store everything in the back of the hearse and tow it right down to the shop. >> reporter: i particular like the heads hanging from trees. so wrong and so halloween right much this is a word of mouth thing i just gave you three. pay one a visit and make sure it's after dark. the attractions are better after all and the owners will be there and you start asking a roy un. you can pay a lot this halloween but you've got options not to. talk to me at hank fox 29 or us at fox 29 philly. ♪ too much of a weeny for halloween. >> way too much. >> i admit it. >> scary guys another night i can even follow that. bad trend continued for the flyers. we'll tell how it burned them again tonight at the center. eagles preparing for a pair of dallas rookies have the cowboys feeling young but far from restless. they're at five-one.
10:52 pm
the top player knocking off the luster for the dallas star in not so scary sports cast.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ flyers in town against tonight hosting the arizona coyotes at the center. flyers hoping for little momentum coming off game tuesday night where they trailed three three-zero then game back to beat the buffalo sabres four-three. bad trend continued for the flyers tonight. out scored
10:55 pm
eight-one in the first period this year. oliver larson right here beats steve mason two to nothing coyotes. flyers do come back on the power play. not brayden schenn schenn they are ties it up at two goals peace. go to the third period. the coyotes own the final stanza. martin with the break right here. gets the shot gets the goal passed mason. fighting afterwards but it settled. they had five-three win. steve mason on another flyers start. >> we're starting games and putting ourselves in hole and we can't be doing that. we say it over and over again. i wish i had an explanation why it keeps happening. that's not it way hockey team should play in order to win hockey games, and tonight we paid for it. >> paid for it again guys much eagles and cowboys coming up sunday night in dallas first place in the nfc at steak. these are your grandfathers cowboys a year ago they were four-12. sunday they come in five game
10:56 pm
winning streak the longest active streak in the nfl. big focus will be running back elliot fourth overall pack in this april draft out of ohio state. leads the nfl in rushing. four straight, 100-yard games each 130 yards what he's doing for rocky quarterback prescott that may be even more important. >> he has something to do with that. he's made some plays with his feet. given them read option capabilities. um, he's extended plays on third down, um you know, he's run the bootleg effectively. so all of that helps him. >> it really starts witness running game with those two guys, um, they get into a lot of third and short situations because they've been running the ball so well behind the offensive line and dak doesn't really make mistakes, you know, he gives it to seek, let's him do what he needs to do. >> both teams playing well. it's fun when these two teams have something to play for. >> s were calling up at 11. >> we do animal stories around
10:57 pm
here this week needs a home for a little while. the life and death battle his own are in faces before he can take this best friend back no his home. also breaking news off the top. and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. see in you just a couple of yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking at 11, scary moments for a vice-presidential nominee. indiana governor and donald trump's running mate is safe tonight after his plane skidded off runway at new york's laguardia airport. no doubt a relief after terrifying moment. good evening, i'm lucy noland. everyone else on that plane wack 58ed safely as well. our bruce gordon is in the studio with the very latest. bruce? >> reporter: governor pence's campaign jetliner departed iowa two hours late this afternoon because of stormy weather in new york city. when the night finally arrived in the big apple so did the drama after a bumpy approach the plane came down hard on the runway at laguardia, began to skid as the pilot slammed on the brakes nearly 40 people aboard including pence's wife and daughter some said they could smell burning rubber aircraft


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