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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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can't wait for that one. good day, everybody. it is friday, thank goodness it is friday. >> tgif. >> good morning, thomas. >> good morning, great to have you you with us. time is 5:00 o'clock. it was a rainy evening. rain is moving out, is that right sues serio. >> it is out of here, the dear harry kalas used to say. now we have a seven out of ten because we have high wind today and temperatures that are below average but i think it will be worth getting through because of the weekend. now, do you see this chocolate bar in bus stop buddy a's hand it is national chocolate day. >> yes. >> why don't we all have the day off today, i don't understand. bring chocolate. we have temperatures in the 40's and 50's as you get started this morning. all of the rain moved off shore, we have left over moisture in the mountains. maybe a mix of precipitation up there but that is about it, and wind will dry everybody out today. 10-mile an hour wind out of the west, 51 degrees right
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now, 7:25. we have to wait until sun arrives. temperatures in the 40's to the north of us, close to 50 in reading, it is 50 in wilmington. 54 degrees in wildwood. wind mostly coming from the west/northwest and they are starting to pick up a little bit. we will see more windy conditions won the sunrisees. rainy day yesterday with a high of 61, today cooler, windy, but wait until you see those weekend numbers. i think you'll like them. bob kelly, you were talking about the wet leaves, they were all over my street this morning. little slippery. >> yeah, slippery not only on your streets, driveways, on and off ramps just be careful of the roads being wet, thanks to rhea hughes from sports radio wip sent me a tip on this one this accident on the at atlantic city expressway right where the 42 freeway end and atlantic city expressway begins. the road, curves here to one way, vehicles down the embankment, here he is down here in the grass.
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so just an example of the slippery roads out there this morning. so heading towards the shore on the freeway, southbound 42 as soon as they see that sign that says welcome to the atlantic city expressway, bam, there is the crash right down there into that grass median. now, no problems on the the blue route, schuylkill expressway looking good, i-95, speeds will be knocked down a little lower then normal will because of the weather conditions, septa was using shuttle buses until 5:00 so trains are firing up's we should be good to go there but watch out for delays on the paoli line, we had a lot of slippery rail delays yesterday on the way home and probably going to be a repeat the for start of the morning, that paoli line is line that is all train covered here long the main line coming in there downingtown. thomas and karen, back over to you. we have a developing story right the now police have shot a man with the knife in june yacht a officers say man was drunk and acting variety eventually. >> this morning he is in the hospital in critical condition.
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fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters. police had to make a very difficult call here. >> reporter: good thing is they didn't to have kill him. he is stable and got immediate help because there was cops on the scene, ambulance on stand by because this took a while to happen. let's show you video. one thing in our shots is front storm door of this house it is on elsenor street, corner house which helped a little bit i guess in juniata. what didn't help when you you go out that front door you cannot make it out in the dark video but there is a railing on both side of the step and a boob there. not a lot of room to operate outside the house where this eventually played out the but most of it inside the house, family calls at ten last night saying he is drunk, suicidal and armed with a huge knife and he is a big guy, holding this big knife against his chest, threatening to kill himself. cops tried to taser him twice, ripping them out one after another. that makes him meaner and angry then he chases cops, they go out trent door, he comes after them with the
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knife, corners them on the steps between that railing and the stairwell, and then they had in choice but to shoot in self-defense. >> these officers use a tremendous amount of restraint trying to get this male to drop his weapon and backing out of the home, but again, they did what they could do at that point in time but it seems like in the steps area outside area right here and then he comes out toward him, very narrow area and the officers are caught on the steps and they discharge try to get himself. they tried to make an attempt to resolve the situation with the yank their firearm but it didn't work out that way. >> fifty-four but critical but stable which is good news. other good news is these two cops that didn't just save him from himself, but there was two others still in the house. only one got out of the house after they call 911. he was threatening a lot of people including himself, family members and those two officers who bravely showed up and tried all they could do to
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end this peacefully and as you heard lieutenant stanford just say it doesn't end that way and tasers, karen and thomas have zero owe affect on those big guys. like trying to shoot an elephant with a dart gun. >> they keep ongoing. 5:05. steve keeley, thank you. pennsylvania is top destination on the road to the white house. presidential nominees pick up the pace in our area. with the election just days away both campaigns make stops here today. president bill clinton will be at berks county while g.o.p. vice-presidential nominee mike pence will lead a rally in bucks county. republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence is safe right the now after pretty scary moments up in new york's laguardia airport. his plane skidded off a runway on landing, forcing pence, and lots of others to evacuate. >> weather may to be blame for all this drama here. his departure from fort dodge, iowa was delayed. after a bumpy approach pence campaign jet landed hard on the rain slick runway in laguardia airport and it slid
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as pilot jammed on the brakes. the passengers reported smelling burning rubber as it tore up two tracks of concrete before coming to rest on a patch of grass. there were 30 people on board, including governor pence wife and daughter, all were evacuated through rear of the plane n1 was hurt. pence told reporters he is fine, he did say mud splashed on the front windows of the cockpit. >> it was craziest landing anybody on this plane had ever experienced. it felt like breaks were jammed on the entire time. plane seemed to be fighting off the one direction and governor pence came back within a minor two of landing and asked if everyone was fine. >> the plane skidded off the runway and was pretty close to grave, grave danger but i just spoke to mike pence and he is fine but everybody is fine. >> ntsb investigators on their way looking into what went wrong. back to the campaign trail, according to a schedule
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today's trump is expect to peer in new hampshire, maine, way all in one day and once again raising possibility of voter fraud calling election poles rigged and pounding on the story that voting machines in texas are flawed. in illinois former congressman and self described tea partyer joe walsh tweeted something that is getting a lot of attention. he wrote on november 8th i'm voting for trump. if trump loses i'm grabbing my musket. you in? such threats are increasingly common and began to trump at trump/pence events several weeks ago. >> hillary clinton gets in i may self am ready for a revolution because we cannot have her in. >> no, no. >> i'm saying i like trump. >> trump has in the the agreed to accept outcome of the election as legitimate and retuesday toss say if he would work with clinton if she wins. hillary clinton is also expected to be in iowa today, now just 24 hours ago she made her first appearance on stage
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with the current first lady michelle obama who encouraged everybody to get the out and vote all in north carolina. >> we go high, when they go low. if you are out there working your hearts out for high girl, here's the thing, i just want to tell you all, because this has been a draining election but i urge you to please, please, be encouraged. >> meanwhile another leak e-mail shows there was some questions within clinton's own camp about the private e-mail server. top advisor john podesta questioning that private server, podesta and clinton's current campaign chairman. continuing release have of e-mails may be causing i drop this pole numbers for clinton. lets look at mess recent coming in. right now, the race has narrowed. hillary clinton has a three-point advantage overdone old trump, she's ahead 44-41.
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this is latest "fox news" polls. many, many polls. she was up in this specific poll by just six points last week. we're following breaking news in south philadelphia this morning, police are investigating a home invasion. it happened a half an hour ago on the 2200 block of south 21st street. there is no word on injuries at this time. police investigating a home invasion in the 2200 block of south 21st street. as more information comes in, we will pass it along to you. we have this developing story right now police are trying to track down thieves that are behind a couple smash and grabs in our area. target this time is a macy's in northeast philadelphia, crooks driving everything that they could. >> investigators say this latest brazen crime is actually connect to another fox 29's lauren johnson joining us live from northeast philadelphia they knew what they were after. they went right into that macy's. >> reporter: that is right, thomas because right on the other side of this door here is the jewelry counter. you can see it now, the lights
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have been turned on inside the store. no one inside now but yesterday a very different scene, lets look at video, this is what is left of the men, three gloved, hooded men made around 2:30 yesterday when customers heard jewelry counter being shattered. they were in and out in just seconds police say and they were able to getaway with an unknown number of high end watches. shoppers were all caught off guard. >> yeah, i shop here all the time. i live in the neighborhood. scary, very scary. >> people have just lost their mind. >> it is crazy. i mean i would never expect something like this to happen in the daytime like that. even nighttime is crazy. philly has gone bad. >> reporter: well, getaway car stolen silver mercedes 350 sedan, same car police say was on the scene of the smash and grab on tuesday, in center city. check out that surveillance video, from boyds on chestnut
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a high end store, ransacked when a group back an suv, into the front window, they all ran inside and came out, carrying thousands of dollars of high end suits and other high ticket items. they headed straight for that mercedes. now we have not seen any surveillance video from this location, just yet but check this out a camera, perched right on top of the end of this macy's store surely police will be able to get something from that video that may bring them closer to an arrest in this case. >> thanks, lauren. >> happening today closing arguments in the the so-called bridge gate trial. they are expect to run through monday, jurors were supposed to hear arguments yesterday but judge sent them homesiting legal issues. two former allies of chris christie are facing charges in the lane closing plot, that prosecutors argued was political retribution. time right now 5:11. penn state must pay more than seven million-dollar in the defamation case of mike mcqueary. >> he won. jury ruled in favor of the former assistant football coach in less than four hearst
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last night. mcqueary making no comment as he left the courthouse in center county. jurors awarded him 2.3 million-dollar in compensatory damaging, 5 million in punitive damages. he blames university officials for destroying his life, coaching career after he emerged as a star witness in the sexual assault cases in the jerry sandusky. judge is expect to rule on the whistle blower claims in the coming weeks. coming up, neighbors are stunned when someone guns down a woman outside of an apartment, what led up, possibly to the deadly encounter. also ahead gas prices are going up, at a pump in new jersey but you may not the think that is a bad thing how they are giving you a chance to weigh in on how you that money is spent.
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i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't...
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words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we are looking at radar so you can see rain from yesterday has moved well off shore. it is, in vermont, new hampshire right now in the form of snow in some cases but for us, we're pretty much done with precipitation. there is a little bit of mixed precipitation around mount pocono, but that is about it. we will focus on the temperature, we will focus on the wind in the wake of the cold front. 51 degrees in philadelphia, 41 mount pocono. fifty-one down in dover. wildwood has 54 to start your day. lancaster 49 degrees. so everybody is, above freezing and we will see temperatures go down a little bit and then go backup with
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plenty of sunshine. it will not warm up to seasonal temperatures but we will get close 10-mile an her wind out of the west and few wind gusts out there in the 26 to 31 miles an hour range if you you are up in the mountains, very windy up there. average high 63. we were below yesterday but close enough. now today we are in the 50's all day, 57 degrees but what a jump tomorrow, we will get up to 70, give that one a ten and then 75 on sunday, cold front comes through sunday night. it will be cooler, on monday, for halloween but still dry and that is most important thing because we don't want it to rain on your, costume. now bob, you have been researching, it is not only national chocolate day but what else. >> you got me thinking when you said national chocolate day so i check with our home office in milwaukee and it is also national bread stick day. you can they ever have enough bread sticks. we have a whole big platter, nice wooden cutting board i set up, little tipping sauce,
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bread to sticks for breakfast that is how we do it over here. live look the at i-95 hitting southbound not bad at all for the gang coming from new hope, coming up over trenton morrisville bridge heading southbound in toward city. everything is wet and damp from the rain we had yesterday. here on the the 42 tree way, southbound right near 42 ending and atlantic city expressway begins you think you're having a bad start to the day. look at this fellow down the embankment here in the grass median. is there only one lane opened, again, heading southbound down toward the shore on the freeway, right where freeway goes to the right and becomes 42 local and expressway, begins, heading down to the gambling town there in ac. well, watch for a brand new off ramp, penndot says old penndot shuffle here, westbound lanes of 422, off ramp to arm and hammer boulevard is still there, they just moved it to a new location. they have moved it back a half mile, so it comes up on you
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before you are used to see the big sign there. a lot of folks heading up, doing u turn laverne so be prepared if you go shopping to the outlets over weekend and use route 422 to get there, thomas and karen back to you. time right now 5:18. developing story out of northeast philadelphia, investigators are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man inside a cell even if store yesterday afternoon. it happened just before 1:00 inside a boost mobile store on the 2900 block of north 22nd street, police say someone shot a 47 year-old worker several times in the back and then ran off. victim died at the scene, boost mobile says that it is shocked, saddened wye the terrible loss. police are looking for one, possibly two people for murder of the 36 year-old woman at a northeast philadelphia apartment complex. police found pauley simmons shot to death next to cars in the parking lot. man with her was wounded. police say more than a dozen
5:19 am
shots rang out at a complex off welsh road early yesterday morning. she was shot one time in the chest, we do believe it was some type of robbery. we believe she had money that was taken. she was killed but more people could have gotten hurt because of the round fired in the complex. >> i feel sorry for her family and my rayers go out to them. >> reporter: police say simmons and person with went to meet someone at the complex around 1:30 when gunfire erupted. gunfire struck at least one car in one apartment. more top stories making news this morning u.s. district judge approved a major settlement in the deadly amtrak train crash that happened in port richmond last year. amtrak will pay 265 million-dollar for all of the claims. this derailment killed eight people and injured hundreds of other passengers, investigators say engineer was distract when he took a turn too fast sending the train careening off tracks. why will hold hearings and evaluate damage for each of the victims. new jersey transit has
5:20 am
made a move to improve safety in the wake of the last month's deadly train crash in hoboken. agency hiring former metro north pet peter keneto, to meet the federal safety requirements. they will pay him $50 an hour to review and help a positive train system which will make a difference. get ready to see more casino style gambling across the state of philadelphia. >> after legislators approved new gambling regulations. new bill will allow casino style gambling on the internet and state's six international airports. >> wow. >> reinstate mandate that casino pay tens of millions of dollars to host communities. house passed the bill yesterday. the legislation will regulate fantasy sports betting. right now future of the bill is unclear. it has to be approved by the state senate. so a lot of us have been moaning, groaning about these gas taxes going up in new jersey because be in likes to pay more but as a voter you will get to decide how you that tax money is spent. governor chris christie signed
5:21 am
a 23 cents gas tax hike that goes into effect, a week after the november elections, but before you vote there will be a question asking if all of the money from the tax hike should go to transportation projects. that is way they sold it saying that is where it will go. this is first hike in the state of new jersey in 28 years. >> gas taxes, residents not loving that one. 5:21. still ahead we are learning shore about that innings isers fan who flipped the bird at the russell was brooke. why he is insisting more to the story. >> doctor, comedian there he goes, look at that. >> nothing fun bye that. >> but here's your winning lottery numbers. good luck. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?"
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katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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welcome back on your friday morning taking a lot at the top stories making news pennsylvania's public universities and their coaches have thousand made a deal, avoiding a walk out. this all follows a brief faculty strike at 14 state schools you may remember. coaches union has accepted a new four year contract which includes salary increases and affordable health care costs. in our air ra this will affect cheyney, kutztown and west chester university. well, we have talk about that yesterday morning, you may have heard about this guy at a 76ers game and uses choice word and gestures toward russell westbrook and then he curses at one of the
5:25 am
the guard from the thunder. >> on video he insists there is more to this story. doctor richard heartway a philadelphia urologist. it shows westbrook yelling after driving to the basket, he appears to curse. you saw it right there. he is wearing an allen iverson jersey stood up in his seat and screamed at westbrook while thunder star starred at him. he ended up getting tossed at wells fargo center. he says it was westbrook who initiated conn trenttation in the private post he writes not as simple as it seems. i love to scream at players and anyone who has been to the game with me knows this. part have my charm. what you may not have seen on any of the video clips is what started the whole thing which was russell westbrook saying sit down, fat boy when i stood up to boo. that was his response. you're a fan, i don't know. >> that is what you think about that one. a situation where you react, maybe didn't dot right thing. >> emotion gets to you during
5:26 am
a game. >> you have to contain yourself. >> let us know what you think about all that. >> 5:25. injury a ward more than 07 million-dollar to a would hand this is baby powder lawsuit. >> huge case, a california woman and she filed this lawsuit saying years of using johnson and johnson baby powder caused her cancer. she was diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 2012. she is at latest in the whole string of cases raising concerns about the health impact from the extended use of talc powder. jury verdicts have awarded nearly 130 million-dollar and two similar cases but you there were two other pieces from new jersey that were thrown out that said there wasn't reliable evidence that talc leads to ovarian cancer. it is 5:26. now, can this be real is this jen fred, i know she's up, and awake. >> can this be real, jen fred. >> she's out there doing something fun, what do you have, jen. >> so we're in lambertville because we heard about this
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amazing street. this is union street. we want to know where you think are the best tech racials, we will be here in lambertville until you tell me next location you want me to head to. again, this is a weekend we will see all decorations. hit me up on twitter and tell me where we should go next. you out.
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no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we have details straight ahead. philadelphia he 30 lease shoot a man after coming at an officer with a knife. what that man was trying to do before he was shot. really tense moments at a jet carrying mike pence, slide off a very rainy runway. great to have you with us, time is 5:30 on this friday tgif. can't say it enough. we are almost to the weekend. i'm thomas drayton. i'm karen hepp. there will be so many parties, for halloween, kid, people, grown ups. >> are you going to a party? >> we have a wedding. >> i'll be sitting at home, i don't know. >> thank you you. >> sue serio, do you want to come along. >> sure. >> after i take my nap let's just all celebrate national chocolate day, perhaps the way bus stop buddy is, with his,
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with his check late bar, that is dessert after lunch. he has eagles cap on, another football weekend is ahead, temperatures in the 40's and 50's and we have a breezy start to the take, all of the rain from our cold front though has moved off shore, so we don't have to worry about that anymore. we will have some wind kicking up though especially after sunrise which doesn't happen until 7:25. it is 51 degrees right now in philadelphia, 39 in mount pocono, 48 this allentown, trenton has 47, 50 in atlantic city and in wilmington delaware. that is what it is like out the door. very windy in the higher elevations, 10 miles an her breeze in the the city and down in wildwood and plan on lots of sunshine today, it will be a windy afternoon with a high temperature of 57 degrees, sunset at 6:03, so bob kelly, happy friday. >> right back at you, sue, you have to love it the when sue is in charge of the candy, national chocolate candy take here to take.
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>> it should be every day. >> exactly. live look at an accident scene, the the 42 tree way right where freeway end and the atlantic city expressway begins. anyone that head south, down toward the shore area you know where i'm talking about 42 local goes off to the right and this becomes the atlantic city expressway. an accident right here, it looks like a truck and vehicle went off in the roadway in the grass median. only one lane opened right now. getting ready to head south on the freeway or down toward the shore area it is opened, only that one lane. just watch, that is an example of the road wet, slippery from all of the rain we had yesterday and all those leaves that have been knocked down, it is like trying to stop on a sheet of ice in the neighborhood so just be careful as little ones head out on the school buses. in problems on i-95, schuylkill or blue route. we have a campaign event later today at 2:00 up here in bensalem. watch for possible delays on the regional rails. main one that always we try to
5:33 am
get caught up in is paoli thorndale line because from thorndale through main line that entire stretch of tracks are tree covered. all of those leaves dropped down on the rails, we had delays last night, for the way home and we could have delays, this morning, on the regional rail lines. so just factor that in. big concert in south philadelphia, powerhouse, kicks it off at 6:00 o'clock. thomas and karen, back over to you. we have breaking enthusiasms there south philadelphia, that is what police are investigating a home invasion that just happened a half an hour ago. scene is 2200 block of south 21st street. we do know a person was taken to the hospital and we do know victim ran into a nearby 7-eleven asking for help there. there is a 7-eleven bypass i young, we have lauren johnson on her way to the scene and she will bring us a live report in just moments. 5:33. developing, police shoot a man in juniata, officers say man came at them with a large knife. this morning he is in the hospital in critical condition.
5:34 am
steve keeley at police headquarters, this man was determined. >> reporter: yeah, he was drunk, determined, determined to kill himself. that is what the the 911 call said, hey he is 54 years old in the corner house on elsenor street the in the the juniata section, just past ten, please get over here and plus two other family members are still in the house afraid to try to walk out, knowing he has got this huge sharp kitchen knife. so the cops get there, he is seated inside, not a lot of room to work, they tried talking to him gently, that is not working. they are trying to order him to put the knife down that toss than the work. then they pull out their taser gun. they hit him once. he rips it out. the gets meaner and angrier. they reload the taser gun. they hit him again. he rips it out again and more mean's angrier. they decide time for us, as police officers to get out of the house and lieutenant stanford picks up the story there there. >> the officers in retreat
5:35 am
mode coming back out of the president to door of the home, they actually get out of the house, at which point the male makes his way to the front door, begins to violently slam the door, looking at the door of the rot it is actually ripped off the hinges. so the officers are on the step area, the male continues to slam at the door at some point in time the male actually exits the front door of the property still armed with this large knife and makes his way toward the officers. at that point officers discharged a weapon striking the male in the torso area of the body. at the that point the male collapsed, and knife is removed from the male. >> reporter: they get out of the front door. look at what is left of the storm door. it is off the hinges. this guy slamming the door coming off the cops. they are cornered on the thin little steps by that metal railing, and shot him but got him instant medical attention and to the hospital and that is why he is alive and he will survive all this, come to, realize i have to thank those cops for not killing me and not letting me kill myself.
5:36 am
karen and thomas. >> thanks, steve, that is the truth. political news right now, pennsylvania's become a hot destination on the the road to the white house. presidential nominees will pick up the pace in our area. both campaigns are making stops here today. president bill clinton will be in berks county while g.o.p. vice-presidential nominee mike pence will be leading a rally in bucks county. republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence is safe after terrifying moments in new york's laguardia airport. his plane skid off runway forcing pence and dozens of others to evacuate. the passengers reported smelling burning rubber as plane tore up two tracks of concrete before coming to rest on the patch of grass n1 was hurt. donald trump is expected to appear in new hampshire, maine, iowa all in one day. trump says he is considering suing nbc. he broke the law when they released that recording of him making lewd comments about how he felt entitled to grope women aboard a access hollywood bus. trump says his microphone was
5:37 am
not supposed to be on. hillary clinton was democratic nominee expect to be in iowa today as well, with less than 24 hours ago, she was making first appearance on stage with her first lady michelle obama, first time they have done that. she encouraged to have everyone get out and vote. this was in north carolina. >> out there working your hearts out... >> we're really excited we have our eagles green on. we feel it. we're getting ready for a big game. you will in the believe what we have plan coming up later on good day. what they will be bringing in. >> can't wait for that stay with us.
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'm hfios is not cable. i we're wired differently.
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek eagles getting ready for a sunday night showdown this dallas. the first lays at stake. eagles/cowboys dallas has nfl's leading rush inner ezekiel elliott all, 100-yard rushing games but his biggest impact has been on another rookie, that is cowboys quarterback dak press scott. >> it starts with the running game work those two guys, they get into a lot of third and short situations because they have been running the ball so well behind that offensive line and dak does not make mistakes. he gives to ezekiel and he does what he need to do. flyers taking on a bad arizona team last night, at the center and martin handser
5:41 am
with the goal, coyoties beat flyers five-four. dh this is first two games of the series in cleveland but coming off acl surgeries, doctors have not cleared kyle sorber to play in the feel. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> shredder loves this time of the year. i love this time of the year because of the decorations. it is fun. look at that house, yes. >> get to spook everybody. >> one town when it comes to halloween one town going all out. who better to end is is jen fred. who also goes out. hi there, my friend. >> hi there, guys. this is union street in lambertville. some houses are really deck out, so is your treat special, we want to hear about you think the best decorations are.
5:42 am
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pennsylvania just cant trust pat toomey. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. good morning, everybody. still dealing with delays here, with this accident in south jersey, right here where 42 freeway end and the atlantic city expressway begins. anyone heading towards the shore, this is where four 2b comes 42 local and here's beginning of the the expressway. we have an accident, whole lot of emergency vehicles. one or two vehicles off into this grass median here that is tough to see because we don't have daylight but only one lane opened so be careful heading south and be ready for delays naturally because of the wet roads, everything was soaking wet there all of the rain we had yesterday, here's a live look at schuylkill
5:45 am
expressway, no problems or delays coming in or out of the city. we are seeing beginning of the rush hour especially here on the vine expressway folks backing up trying to get off 30th coming into downtown off the schuylkill. heading out to the outlets out there in oaks, 422 west, off ramp to arm and hammer boulevard, they have moved it a half mile closer, from the old location, so if you are heading west and expecting to get off at arm and hammer pay attention, it is in that active construction zone toward pottstown. callowhill street block at 13th with construction, that will be a mess for the morning rush hour. big concert tonight, powerhouse our gang from power 99 down there from tonight and double header in south philadelphia tomorrow sixers at one, flyers at 7:00. so we will have a change over not only inside stadium going from the floor to the ice but also in the parking lot and, of course, what is the forecast like for our trick or
5:46 am
treaters? sueby has it in 15 seconds. he's back. by popular demand our forecast, mummy, doing the twist, giving you the trick or treating forecast. now as we noah lot of kid, i just can't stop, chubby checker, enhanced. anyway, kid have their halloween parties at school. sometimes they have parade outside. it will be in the mid 50's with plenty of sunshine. sixty is our high and lower 50's, as you are trick or treating, on monday. >> yes. >> yeah, yeah. >> you know what, monday's coming. it will be here soon you have this. in the meantime, on all of our rain have moved well off shore and we are seeing clouds
5:47 am
break up and clear up a little bit. so no more precipitation to be concerned about. temperature 51 in philadelphia. forty-nine lancaster. thirty-nine in the mountains in millville, it is 48 degrees, wind are starting to pick up a little bit especially in the higher elevations, 16 miles an her there with the wind gusts of 25 miles an hour, so, expect to hold on to your hair today, 57 degrees is our high. 70 degrees tomorrow, what? yeah, nice warm up over weekend and 75 on sunday. there is a cold front coming through sunday night maybe a sprinkle or two late in the the day from that so it is cooler, on monday, for halloween but still dry and that is most important part of course, thomas and karen is it cannot rain on your costume. >> it is perfect halloween weather. i don't think it is better. you want your costumes on, not too many jackets. perfect, sue. >> amazing. >> speaking of halloween so many are getting ready. we have decorations all up
5:48 am
there but there is a town that goes all out. >> we're talking about lambertville, new jersey. >> jen freddie's there to see what is happening. i see all of the bright lights behind you, jen. >> it is pretty cool. basically we're all here at the corner of north union and delaware. as you can see it is like house have after house after house, black after black, and i have to say, you know, tom our photographer and our want to keep talking because we want to go to the neighborhood where houses are right next to each other. this house clearly stepped up, big, bold, beautiful decorations. they are like definitely halloween focused but not too scary. and this house was next to a house that is pretty famous. do you see these characters right here. they have become legendary. there was a documentary that was filmed here at this house. apparently the would the man is a former art teacher and she makes all of these decorations by hand.
5:49 am
it is receipt i cool. we came here at 5:00 in the morning because we wanted to show people this is what it looks like with the lights on. a lot of times in morning tv we cannot really show people what it looks like because lights are this is on but as you can see gorgeous, gorgeous, decorations and obviously they were worried about the weather because in many areas, certainly in my neighborhood it looks like it rained overnight. like we were talking about what it is, this street is just really familiar to people and they want to see, each and everyone of the people coming up, later this morning we will speak to the police officers, because apparently they really have to like make sure that the kid are safe, kids are safe and is there so many of them trick or treat nothing lambertville. we have said it once, i will say it again, this is, of course, one fabulous street but it is just one street in our area. so, do you have a house in do you have pictures? do you want to send them somewhere else that we can showcase this morning. we want to see everyone's
5:50 am
halloween decorations? karen and thomas, as i toss it back to you what are the kids going to be. >> we are doing percy jackson all in all percy jackson every single one of us. it will be fun. >> what about you, jen. >> i'm keeping mine secret, my daughter is landry is seven this year she is recycling one of of her halloween costumes so is there more in the project so later today we will take borrowed toy see what we can get him to to scared him into. go to twitter, facebook, tell me which street you think is the best street all around the area, we will go there. >> thanks, jen. fox 29 good day is our #. speaking of good day michael eugene jerrick joins us because it is a very special friday. >> it is a very special friday. >> hi there everybody. hi thomas. there we go. what is in this tube. it involves eagles/cowboys sunday night.
5:51 am
what is in the tube. this may be a history headaching "good day philadelphia" and i'm not kidding. maybe not for good reasons. >> in the past we have thrown pumpkins, we have also thrown, we have danced on the dallas star. >> is what yelling. >> hi,. >> i heard a little will bit about this. i will in the say what it is. >> it involves stars, a horse. >> pony up. >> and poop. that is all i will say. >> we will see something you have never seen in morning television. >> i'm leaving the building. i came back just in time. i was in the meeting and i slowly started backing away. >> how is this possible. >> they will in the do this. >> it is always a great weekend, it is eagles, cowboys, sunday night. >> weather is supposed to be in the 70's on sunday, great sunday and sunday night just to watch the game. >> we will watch the game.
5:52 am
we have big halloween show on monday. >> yes. >> i can't wait to see what you will be on monday, big halloween show here. >> i have already got my costume, ready to go and i'm not a woman this year. that is promise i have made. >> were you a last year woman before. so, again it is stars, it is a horse and a poop and a tube. >> you know what it is, karen. >> do i. we will share it with you. it will be a lot have of fun. don't forget about on monday we want to you join our big party with our halloween show. we want everyone to get in the the act. bring your kid down. they can dress up. we have the best time. party starts at 9:00. there will be food, treats and people from the eastern state penitentiary and dancing, good day and music. >> i will a will guys for what will happen later today on good day, what mike just mentioned. >> you are a serious, uptight guy. >> no, i don't mean that. >> our credible guy. >> yes, okay. >> and then mike is off the rails.
5:53 am
>> it will all go off the rails today. >> thanks, karen. 5:52. >> neighbors in south philadelphia dealing with dangerous canals would you believe these huge places in the street. this has been going on for months. they say city botch the job. how we are trying to help.
5:54 am
our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division?
5:55 am
a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:56 am
if you are looking for something to do with the little once this holiday weekend we have a perfect place. it is touch a truck event in the parking lot of the deptford hall this saturday october 29th there 11 to three. bring the kid and their costumes they will explore a number of trucks, take a hey ride, of course, trick or treat, kid are free and event benefits veterans multi services center. fox 29 getting results for residents in the south philadelphia neighborhood who have seen their street torn up for past four months. so folks on the 1800 block of slay street says city repaved their block back in may but because pitch is poorly designed rainwater pools in driveways so crews dug up a stretch of asphalt, near the curve, repaved everything but was in the the done correctly n mid-june more digging, this time crews never return to finish the job. >> little kid fell in the hole two weeks ago, riding a bike and went off the edge in the curve. off the edge in the hole. >> you guys reached out to us,
5:57 am
why. >> because we cannot get anybody to get us any help. >> we're glad you did, our bruce gordon got involved and streets department has promised to come out, finish that job with the proper drainage in the next two weeks. we will make sure that the city keeps it promise. coming up next, developing news on police involved shooting in north philadelphia land one man in the hospital, details in a live report. lust mike pence doing just fine this morning after his plane flies off a rainy runway, what the vice-presidential nominee says he saw as he evacuated, we will be right back.
5:58 am
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shots fired, philadelphia police shoot a man with a knife, what they say he was doing, just before the shooting started. plus, a hard landing for vice-presidential candidate, what went wrong when hike pence's plane landed in the rain. will he makes a bucks county appearance today? rivalry renewed, it is eagles/cowboys weekend, eagles and cowboys will battle for first place this sunday night. both teams led by rookies who have taken a league by storm. we compare carson wentz, our guy verse their guy, dak press scott before their first of what could be many big time match ups, are they the new


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