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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hillary clinton is once again under federal investigation after the discovery of yet more e-mails. in a letter sent to members of congress, the fbi director said new e-mails have come to light in an unrelated case prompting in look at the democratic nominee for president and e-mails sent while she served as secretary of state. in july the fbi said its investigation was finished saying while clinton was he can treatmently careless her actions were not criminal. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in bensalem where republican vice-president candidate mike pence was campaigning and of course, weighing in on this one. dave? >> reporter: many of the trum trump/pence supporters here already got the news right before the indiana governor took the stage, and they were jumping for joy at the headline and they were also supportive of what the governor had to say about it a all. >> tonight a bombshell. fbi announcing its reopening its investigation over hillary
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clinton's use of a private server. after new e-mails come to light. fbi source telling fox news, the new e mates males were found during the sexting investigation of anthony wean are in. donald trump reacting while campaigning in new hampshire. >> i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to haveght the horriblet they made. this was a grave miss character of justice that the american people fully understood. and it is everybody's hope that it is about to be correct the. >> reporter: in bensalem this afternoon indiana governor mike pence rallied with supporters at tc mill work and offered his comments on the fbi's reopened probe. >> now we just learned hillary clinton may have been a whole lot more than extremely careless when it came to handling classified information.
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>> reporter: fbi director james comey sent a letter saying the bureau has learned of e-mail that is appear to be pertinent and will allow investigators to quote determine whether they contain classified information. the trump/pence campaign is eager to see where the findings go as is the clinton campaign demanding to know more immediately. campaign chairman john podesta releasing this statement this afternoon "the director owes it to the american people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining. we are confident this will not produce any conclusions different from the one the fbi reached in july ". >> reporter: aside from that statement, it remains to be seen what hillary clinton will say herself about this newly opened reopened investigation. chris? >> thankful to be safe today after a close call last night on a rainy new york runway. officials say runway safety technology helped prevent his
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plane from barreling off the runway at laguardia airport. pence and his campaign were evacuated through the back of the plane. governor pence says it was obvious the pilot was hitting the brakes very hard before the plane came to rest in a patch of grass. >> we had about 10 seconds of uncertainty at the end of that landing. but just so thankful, so thankful to our pilots and frankly to the first responders the plane had no sooner come to a stop that i felt like we were surrounded by first responder r. >> no one was injured. meantime bill clinton is staying busy on the campaign trail here in pennsylvania. he stumped in the western part of this battleground state today speaking to large group in beaver county. he's headed to reading and any moment now where he is expected to start speaking around 5:30 tonight. the election season has been a wild ride so far. count on fox 29 is with you online and on air as we inch toward election day. stay with us for the very latest
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in the ever changing race for the white house. philadelphia police are on the hunt tonight for several people wanted in connection with at least two daring smash and grab robberies and possibly more. police say the most recent incident happened yesterday and macy's in northeast philadelph philadelphia. the crooks scattered or shattered i should say one of the jewelry counters and grabbed everything they could. >> detectives now have at least six people they're looking for and found one of those cars involved. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at police headquarters with the very latest on police these brazen crimes. dave? >> reporter: chris, fbi's violent crime task force is now involved in this investigation. investigators say they are looking at other robberies in the area in recent months to see if these guys were involved in those. they say the smash and grab crew is experienced and professional but they are leaving some evidence behind. first it was boyd's on chestnut street in center city then may see's on the boulevard in the northeast now investigators are looking for links to other smash
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and grab robberies in our area. >> he's concerned. you have individuals that are striking like this in multiple incidents. >> reporter: daring smash and grab crew drove this high end mercedes in both heists this week as they targeted high-end merchandise p $50,000 in leather coats and bags at boyd's. over $16,000 in expensive watch at may see's each time using the same get away car with a stolen license plate. >> the same mercedes bense was used in the incident at macy's yesterday. >> reporter: this is all that's left of the red toyota rav four used to knock out the plate glass window in the boyd's early morning burglary. it was found torched in north philadelphia two days later. >> the dangerous situation because typically when you have a robbery situation, they can explode at any point that time and that's our concern. >> reporter: detectives are also looking at two recent smash and grab robberies in our area back in august. on august 17th, 3 men wearing hoodies used sledge hammers to bust open jewelry cases at the philadelphia mills mall.
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they made off with $100,000 in rings. it was two weeks after a similar robbery in montgomery mall netted robbers $10,000 in jewelry. >> these guys seem to be professional. this is not the first time doing this. >> reporter: police believe robbery crews like this usually don't stop until they get caug caught. similar smash and grab crews hit more than 15 times in our area before the fbi and police took them down. we're hoping that somebody can identify that car at least give us some information surrounding that car and get these guys in custody before somebody gets hurt. >> reporter: now, according to investigators, the suspects in the macy's robbery dropped a bag filled with watches as they made their way to that mer sid days get away car. their take so far this week over 65 thus san dollars in stolen merchandise. investigators are convinced they will strike again. chris? >> all right, dave, thanks. we want to you getting breaks news out of chester delaware county. let's go right now to skyfox live over edgemont avenue where
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police confirm a car struck at least three people. at least one of the victims has been transported to the hospital by medics most likely crozer chester hospital. no word on how badly those people are hurt. police may have just found the van that hit those people, of course, developing right now. we'll bring you the very latest as we learn more. time now to check in with the fox 29 weather authority. after a chilly start to the day, we rebounded nicely with plenty of blue skies and lots of sunshine out there are but the best news is still to come. the weekend forecast meteorologist scott williams here now to tell us more. we like it, scott. >> dawn, yeah, good news if you like the 70s returning for the upcoming weekend. right now, it's still sunny but a little chilly with that breeze. winds have been gusting up to 30 miles an hour but the current temperature in philadelphia right around 56 degrees. it's chilly right now in the poconos. still stuck in the upper 30s. we have mid 50s in lancaster. 56 degrees right now in wilmington along with millville. but look at those blustery
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conditions. winds right now in philadelphia gusting to 26 miles per hour. life wise in the wilmington ar area. so still a little blustery but we're dry and we are quiet. so for the upcoming weekend we'll be talking about temperatures soaring but if you're stepping out for dinner, maybe a football game, grab those jackets. look at 9:00 o'clock temperatures in the upper 40s. mid 40s by 11:00 o'clock tonig tonight. and we'll dip into the mid 30s for the suburbs right around 40 in the city for tonight. but look at those temperatures off to the south. 83 in atlanta right now. we have 85 in dallas along with houston. so some of that warmth will head right to the delaware valley for the upcoming weekend. we'll talk about just how warm it will get if we'll touch some records, plus, a little bit of rain in the forecast for a part of the weekend and the latest details on what to expect for halloween. back to you. all right, scott, thanks. a freight train crash in delaware county sends two people to the hospital. skyfox was over the scene around 8:30 this morning when 2csx
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trains collide between kerlin street and concord road in chester. the rode railroad says an empty train was traveling from virginia to new jersey when it collided with another train carrying consumer goods and food on its way to atlanta. two employees were hurt. residents say they could hear this crash from mile away. >> we were inside a house, and it kind of felt like somebody kicked the door in so if you can take that's probably like sound decibels. that's a lot of power. >> it was just so loud it like filled the whole air. i mean like filled the whole area up. >> word on the extent of those injuries. investigators are working to determine the cause. it's been a long day for crews trying to repair downed wires on the pennsylvania turnpike. even longer day for drivers. skyfox live over the scene right now. the turnpike still closed in both directions between the brie bensalem inter changes. crews are installing a new electrical pole and raising power lines that were knocked
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down this morning in an accident. you can head to for more information on both the eastbound and westbound detours. now to breaking news out of chicago. terrifying moments for passengers aboard an american airlines plane at o'hare airpo airport. a tire blue as the plane was taking off damaging an engine on its wing. flight 383 was bound for my am me and the pilot was forced to abort take off. the slides of the boeing 747 were deployed and everyone did make it off safely. a ground stop is in effect atnes cleared. a scary morning for a teenaged boy. suddenly woken by masked gunmen in his south phil him. to men burst into the home on 21st street around 4:00 o'clock this morning. the boy was sleeping on the living room couch when one of the gunmen broke in demanded money. then tied him up in the baseme basement. police say both of the men tried to destroy the alarm box. the teen was able to escape.
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run a few blocks and call for help. he was treated for a couple of cuts on his feet. no arrests have been made. tonight two philadelphia police officers are on administrative duty as an ing.stigation begins into a police say they respond to do a call for an intoxicated and suicidal man on the 3800 block of else nor street in juniata. a man at the house would not drop the knife in attempts to sub do you him with a taser were unsuccessful. that's when they say the man came at them with a knife and they fired. he's in critical but is it a stable condition tonight at temple university hospital. well the man accused of destroying donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame is out on bail tonight. the surprising things he's saying about his actions today. and it was a bad night for this college student after she mashed her car into the back of a police cruiser but it gets worse. what they say she was doing that caused her to crash in the first place. plus -- people go ballistic with
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halloween decorations in the yard. i'll go to several free attractions during the day so you can enjoy them at night.. and all new at 6:00, two days after the sixers yanked her from singing the national anthem because of her "we matter" jersey. the team is now saying sorry. we'll tell you why the sixers had a charge of heart on secyn.
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♪ tonight police identified the person killed yesterday in a boost mobile shop. 47-year-old robert anderson was shot several times on the 2900
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block of north 22nd street. that is in north philadelphia. anderson worked at the cell phone shop and police say the motive in this killing was robbery. police are still searching for the gunman. closing arguments today in the bridge gate trial. >> prosecutors once again tried to prove to juror that is two former aids to gov are in chris christie purposely created gridlock for political retaliation. prosecutors showed a screen to the court displaying bridget kelly's infamous e-mail that reads time for some traffic problems. kelly and another defendant bill baroni testified they believed the closures were part of a traffic study conceived by former port authority official david wildstein. wildstein has pleaded guilty and testified that both kelly and baroni were full ale wear of the plot to punish the fort lee mayor. the defendants each face nine counts each. and speaking of the george washington bridge, commuters trying to drive over it today had a pretty rough time. the port authority says a man tried to scale the bridge at the
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height of the rush hour. for nearly an hour the upper level of the bridge was closed as emergency crews worked to try to catch the shirt less man. officers were finally able to grab him on top of the bridge. police have yet to say who the man is or what exactly he was doing up there.nvestigating an accident involving a septa bus in west philadelphia today. police say a car rear ended the route 10 bus this morning around 5:30. we know that one person inside the car and one person in the bus were taken to penn presbyterian hospital. no word on their conditions at this time. a major blow to philadelphia's world renowned i care center wills eye hospital. >> fight is not over. wills eye has lost its appeal to medicare and medicaid to keep its official hospital status. without the status wills cannot treat patients requiring more than 24 hours of hospital care. instead it will coordinate overnight care with thomas jefferson university hospital just across the street. effective november 26th. but center bob casey is vowing
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to keep working to get the department of health and human services to reverse that decimesi wills is considering its other legal options and in a statement today the hospital said "our goal is to work with cms to reach a solution that is acceptable to both organizations and that protects the tens of thousands of patients who rely on wills eye. >> three mr. days to get into the halloween spirit and we are doing what we can to help. hal lien is now believe it or not the second business holiday of the year after christmas. but what if you want -- don't want to pay all that money to go to the hottest haunted house. what exactly are your options. >> fox 29's hank flynn shows us a little homework you got plenty of options. >> they say comin coming back ar dark at the better thing any way. i don't have if we'll have the leeway. we'll see.
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>> truer words were never spoken. let's get weird. it's halloween. >> i know you're dying for some candy. >> reporter: halloween big business now. $8.5 billion spent on canhidys o the national retail federation but what if you don't want to bust your budget. >> we have been waiting for you. >> reporter: penny pinching halloween freaks like you and me have options. know that and some are right in your backyard. like the one in williamstown at the corner of crystal and atlantic avenues. there are a number of lay outs gory picnic with a body part butcher shop display. there's skeletons, fishing several witches, a pet cemetery. it's radical. >> zombie on the toilet. >> reporter: it look like a lot of fun. no admission you can drop a couple of bucks in the donation box. i'm sure that goes to a goe froo
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talk to about it. unless of course you consider the gatekeeper. >> leave some candy for me or beware of what you see. >> reporter: i dropped by one at harrison avenue in blackwood that's supposed to be good, too, but the guy wasn't home from work yet. i was early. so off i went over to southwest philly to drexel hill. >> everybody is always ask we do it for the neighbors. we do it for the kids. just everybody is really enjoys it. we do it for ourselves, too. >> she tells me this is the place. there are no pretenders at least not in drexel hill. this is the direct sill hill halloween house. ♪ >> reporter: anna and her husband have been laying out their halloween extravaganza for seven years at their drexel avenue home.
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all the wip dose, boarded up and the front yard features a real autopsy table which weigh aston and goes with the real coffin oa very real hearse. >> my husband has an auto repair shop in upper darby al's auto repair in upper darby that's where we store everything in the back of the hearse and tow it right down to the shop. >> reporter: particularly like the heads hanging from trees. so wrong and so halloween right. this is a word of mouth thing i just gave you three. pay one a visit and make sure it's after dark. the attractions are better after all and the owners will be there and then you just start asking around. you can pay a lot this halloween but you've got options not to. talk to me at hank fox 29 or us at fox 29 philly. well, it is not scary but old building becomes new again in philly it's an all excitin eg
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new addition to university city. university of pennsylvania cutting the ribbon today for the new compensation center it will be the school's new hub for innovation, business, ventures and research. new building part of a $37.5 million investment at penn aimed at aligning enter brewers from the university with the private sector. >> the ideas that get generated in research enterprise can grow in order to make it to the marketplace. >> the 58,000 square foot modern building actually former industrial facility along the schuylkill river. the harlem globetrotters paid a special visit to sick children at chop but that's not the only treat behind what they're doing here for some young people in philadelphia. and puppies and a bachelor party? things that normally don't go together. so how did a group of guys out for a good time each end up taking home a best friend? >> if you are someone who uses the video service 59, bad news.
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the pennsylvania turnpike is still shut down at this hour making the evening commute a mess. skyfox is over the scene right now. the turnpike is closed in both directions between the delaware river bridge and bensalem inter changes. crews are installing new electrical pole and raising power lines knock down this morning in an accident. you can head right to for more information on the eastbound and westbound detours. did you see this? man cues used vandalizing donald trump wall of fame star is speaking out. >> james otis the air to the otis elevator and lifter recent fortunes was released from jail after poising $20,000 bail. he was caught on video destroying the hollywood walk of fame star. otis who was dressed as a construction worker is accused of destroying the star with a pick ax and a sledgehammer on wednesday. he says he's a democrat and proud of his actions.
5:26 pm
>> i'm not at all ashamed of what i've done. what mr. donald trump has done he sort of derailed the entire election. i got so upset. i got so frustrated and angry and that's why i did this. >> prosecutors charged otis with felony vandalism. he says he wanted to sell pieces of the star and donate proceeds to the women accusing trump of sexual misconduct but he had to return them. police in north dakota have now arrested more than 140 people protesting against the controversial oil pipeline project. soldiers and police in riot gear used pepper spray and fired bean bags at demonstrators yesterday. confrontation mark major escalation of protests raging for months. the great zoo indian tribe says the pipeline skirts its reservation couldn't disturb cultural sites and threaten their water supply. those behind the pipeline project and local leaders deny those accusations. well, it was a bad night for
5:27 pm
this college student after she smashed her car into the back of a police cruiser. but it gets worse. what they say she was doing that caused her to crash. and he's a sweet natured dog who just wants love but he needs some help tonight and the alternatives aren't great. >> i don't want to see him a sweet and loving as he is turn into a dog that's, you know, going to be aggressive. >> his name is dutch end needs temporary home while his owner fights for his own life. how you can get involved. scott? >> dawn,ig kind of blustery and chilly get ready for a weekend warm up. will we hit any records but there's always chance for some weekend rain. the timing next.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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>> isis is reporting scores of innocent iraqis relocate all in an effort to use them as human shields. this according to reports received by the un. >> u.s. led coalition is helping iraqi forces recapture the militants last major strong hold in that country. fox's benjamin hall has more. >> reporter: hundreds of iraqi families are fleeing areas around mosul. seeking shelter in refugee camps as local troops fight to liberate the city from isis but for many others, it may be too late.
5:31 pm
the united nations says it has information the militants are using civilians as human shiel shields. >> credible reports suggest that isil has been forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes in sub districts around mosul and forcibly relocated numbers of civilians inside the city itself. >> reporter: isis in control of the country's second largest city for more than two years. iraqi troops are working their way toward mosul itself. reclaiming dozens of villages from isis in the process. >> they seemed more focus on trying to delay and disrupt the iraqi advance and so they're doing that with indirect fire, suicide vehicle born ied's we've seen the. >> reporter: u.s. coalition against the militants playing a supporting role in the massive operation to recapture mosul. it's carrying out air strikes on isis targets and providing support on the ground. 1,000 coalition service members are based at this airfield which is once controlled by the terror organization. >> so you're looking at here is,
5:32 pm
um, a cut out of when dash occupied the airfield they destroyed it in the hopes that the, n the coalition would not be able to use it. >> reporter: u.s. military says coalition tried to prevent the relocation of civilians by launching precision air strikes earlier this week on isis vehicles. in iraq, benjamin hall, fox news. this weekend marks four years since super storm sandy made landfall along the new jersey and new york coasts. many neighborhoods are still recovering from that storm that caused so much damage to the shore line. other neighborhoods aren't even bothering though. the staten island neighborhood of okay wooder beach isn't rebuilding at all after officials concluded it would be foolish to do so in an area that's just not protected from the sea. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. you needed a jacket this morning but as the day warmed up it was pretty nice out there. >> and there's even more good news for the weekend. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds.
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stepping outdoors on this friday evening, you'll want to grab the jackets, the sweaters head to do football game those temperatures will be dropping pretty rapidly once the sun sets. also, those winds relax a little. certainly was a dry and sunny day as we look at ultimate doppler right now. still not tracking any rain. high pressure is in control for now, but we are watching a frontal boundary well to the west that will be moving in for the second half of the weekend in particulate sunday that's our next chance for some rainfall. so as we take look at future wind gusts diminishing as we move toward the overnight picking up again during the day tomorrow and note the wind direction. more out of the south and west so that will allow for those temperatures to really sore.
5:34 pm
highs today only in the 50s. by the upcoming weekend well above average. temperatures the average for this time of year in philadelphia is right around 63 degrees. for tomorrow we'll be around 70 and then take a look at sunday. temperatures right around 77 degrees. the record for sunday by the way is 81 degrees. but take a look at the temperature turn around it will be pretty breezy for tomorrow. some high clouds streaming by. sunday a mixture of sun and clouds, and then the afternoon and evening, we'll watch a frontal boundary bring the threat of a couple of scattered showers but most of the weekend is going to be dry. so as we roll the clock ahead a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. a chilly start. some high clouds during the afternoon. we're dry all day saturday. on sunday most of the day dry, look at the clock here. 6:00 p.m. we're watching that front bring the threat avenue couple of scattered showers toward the pocono mountain and the lehigh valley by 8:00 o'clock moving toward 10, 11 toward the philadelphia area and once again
5:35 pm
it will be kind of scattered hit or miss activity so everyone is not going to see that rainfall late sunday afternoon and evening. mostly clear, chilly breeze out there. 30s in the city. 40 in the suburbs. tomorrow a cool start but look at the afternoon. 70 degrees, mild and breezy. winds out of the southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. so what about the halloween forecast this monday? >> it's not going to be too cold and it's not going to be too hot by 3:00 o'clock mostly clear, 60. kind of clear and creepy mid 50s by 6:00 in the evening. the sun will set on halloween right around 6:00 o'clock and then he is a we move toward 9:00 p.m., cool and creepy temperatures in the low 50s. that weather authority seven day forecast showing 70 tomorrow, nice for tailgating the temple game as we move toward sunday look at that. 77 degrees and then cooler behind that front. monday's high 60. 63 on tuesday. back to the 70s on wednesday.
5:36 pm
staying mild on thursday and then cooler with a shower chance again as we move toward friday of next week. how do you like that weekend forecast? back over to you. >> love it. love it. >> thanks, scott. well, does your daughter play sports? she may not have the same protection against injuries that boys do. one local dad has an invention that could change all of that and keep our girls playing the games they love. and all new at 6:00-a man weights for family dollar store to close forces all the employees behind the counter and steals the cash. where police say he was hiding for more than an hour.
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hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for
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women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the heart of my presidency. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ in old city, police are searching for a man who broke into a candy shop on market street. take a good look at this one. police say the guy forced open the door of the shane confectionary grabbed a laptop, money and one of the store's security systems. if you recognize him give police a call. 19-year-old texas a and m student is in trouble with the law for hitting a police car. >> that's not bad enough. believe it or not there's even
5:40 pm
more to this story. miranda radar rear end add squad car in brian texas she told police officers it was because she was taking a topless selfie at the time. >> what? >> she planned to then snap chat to her boyfriend. not a good idea. police say there was also an open bottle of wine to top it off in her cup holder. >> um-hmm. well, twitter is shutting down the vine video app and laying off 350 people. twitter bought vine in 2012 after reported $30 million. but now 59 it's so yesterday. wither says it will give user as chance to save their videos before the service shuts down for good in the coming months. turning to your health now, a st. louis jury award add woman $70 million in her lawagnst joh. she says years of using the company's baby powder caused her to develop ovarian cancer. it is the latest case raising concerns about talcum powder. earlier this year, two other lawsuits ended in $127 million
5:41 pm
reward. about 2,000 other women have filed similar complaints. this is the third time johnson & johnson has been forced to pay out big claims against its baby powder. the harlem globetrotters payed a special visit to children at children's hospital but that's not the only treat they're doing for some kids in philadelphia. and puppies and a bachelor party? not something you'd normally expect to go together. so how the group of guys out for good time each end up taking home knew best friend? sean bell. dawn, villanova getting their shine on tonight. rings, banners an whole lot muriated at the pavilion. players with the championship swag later in sports.
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5:45 pm
♪ chance for the community to learn more about the private sector tons of businesses set up shop at the bright hope church on north 12th street in north philadelphia. they helped with resumes even did interviews right there on the spot. the people searching for a job today brings a message of hope. we have found out some individuals and some individuals are still looking. but it's very positive. it keeps hope. it brings hope to people that, you know, if the doors keep opening, maybe i'll be able to walk into a door. into a position. >> people need hope today's job fair was hosted by pennsylvania state representative w curtis thomas. special treat for patients at children's hospital of philadelphia. >> harlem globetrotters star brought his tricks to dazzle all the kids. globetrotters zen us this video today as star thunder law showed up just in time for halloween. he passed out jack o lanterns basketballs and wrist bands to the kids who may not be able to
5:46 pm
get out for trick or treating this year. the globetrotters are giving back to children in the philly area this week with their abc's of bullying prevention program. they'll be at eight local elementary schools. >> teenage concussions sky rocked in our area and the biggest jump is for girls. a shocking one 18%. according to a new report. after football would you believe the next most dangerous high school sport is girls lacrosse. >> but a dad from our area just created a game changer. our karen hepp has his new invention. ♪ >> reporter: bella is fast and fierce on the field. she carries the big stick and can hurdle anything in her path. >> come on bella. >> reporter: landing her on the podium a competitive success in many sports. but sophomore year a simple fall in field hockey nearly took her out of the game. >> they told me was that my my skull three times it went
5:47 pm
forward, it went back and then it went forward again. i remember not being able to keep my eyes open and my coach kept telling me keep your eyes open. you can go to sleep. i decided to call the ambulance. i was on a spine board and off to the hospital. >> reporter: mri's, x-rays, bella had a concussion so severe she had to sit in a dark room missing five weeks of school and months of sports. >> i was in a fog for such a long time. even after i felt better i was in such a fog. >> reporter: teammate kelly, had two concussions both times from a ball smacking her unprotected head. >> it's just like hurts like everything in your head. fuzzy and like you couldn't even comprehend anything that was like going on. >> reporter: what's going on is a huge spike in concussions. rachel jumped -- rates jumped one 18% for girls 10 to 19. with the popular of lacrosse in our area pennsylvania and new
5:48 pm
jersey have the highest rates in the nation. lacrosse is second on to football for concussions in high school sports. one big reason, no helmets. check out what the boys wear. they look like terminato termin. shoulder pads, gloves, huge helmets. the girls a skirt, a opinion knee and pretty goggles. no helmet. nothing to protect their heads when they get wacked with a stick or a ball. >> the girls get ignored. >> rob stoker's four girls are the center of his world. he loves two things above all else. philadelphia sports and his family. his house is a shrine to both. >> the living room. it's not like a normal living room. >> it's a basketball court. >> reporter: yup, just your average indoor family basketball shoot around. >> sports are integral to their lives. >> without sports, there's really nothing else to do in our family.
5:49 pm
i feel like i can just be me when i'm playing sports. because it's just something that i love to do. it just makes me happy. >> reporter: he wants his girls to be happy and safe when the youngest two asked if they can play lacrosse he couldn't believe there were month helmets and he said no way. >> they're strong, they're fierce, they play hard. they play aggressive. i love that part of it but, you know, not have any protection on their head to me is, um, you know, it's insane. >> he decided to do something about it. he got a team of experts and created the first ever approved head gear for girls lacrosse. >> first of all, you can squeeze it. >> reporter: he didn't just pink it and sling it the humming bird is all new safety technology it passes every rigorous test and standard but it's designed for a femaleth least it's got a ponytail opening and can be used in other sports as well. they'll be ready for holiday delivery just in time for lacrosse season. the girls think it's a game
5:50 pm
changer. >> sports are a mazing but only going to last so long and do you have a future after sports. so it's really important to preserve that future and your head is that future. >> bella and kelly think they'd been wearing this kind of head gear that may have prevented their injuries. >> both of my concussions were from up here. >> i hit my head over here i think it would have helped a lot with the impact. >> reporter: head gear made by humming bird sports tom find out some more information we put a link and our website fox 29 it comes in many different colors but one them is not pink. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. the 151-foot statue of liberty was designated as national landmark on this day in 1924 and seen today as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. the gift from the people of france now sits on what now known as liberty island and new york harbor. it's classical appearance is derived from lib tear yous, is
5:51 pm
that right? is that how we say it roman goddess of freedom of slavery, oppression and tierney. she would as tablet representing knowledge with the date jul july 4th, 1776 on it the date of the declaration of independence. well, he is a sweet natured dog who just wants love but he needs some help. big tile tonight. the alternatives aren't great. his name is dutch. he's a cutie but he needs temporary home while his owner fights for his own life. how you can help this story have happy ending. all new at 6:00 two days after the sixers yanked her from singing the national anthem because of her "we matter" jersey. the team is now saying sorry. >> a man weights for a family dollar store to close and then gathers all the employees behind the counter and steals the cash. where police say he was hiding for more than an hour.
5:52 pm
"in washington, if you don't have some independence, some backbone, you might as well not even be there." backbone?! pat toomey voted 7 times to defund planned parenthood. and when he didnít get his way, toomey threatened to shut down the federal government. now, toomey refuses to tell us whether he's voting for donald trump. but when he's in other parts of the state, toomey's said he wants to support him. pennsylvania just cant trust pat toomey. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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owhat we value, how we treato others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:55 pm
dawn, you'll like this sto story. >> i love it. >> group of bros from michigan going viral tonight after adop adopting a litter of stray puppies on a bachelorthese friee staying at a cabin when a stray
5:56 pm
dog came to the door eventually they noticed the dog was producing milk and soon found her seven puppies nearby. the pups were around six weeks old. they appear healthy. all of the guys each took one home and relative also took a puppy and the mother home. >> so cute. >> that's good deed. >> it is. good deeda dog in south it needs temporary home tonight because his owner is too weak with cancer to take care of him. this is where things get a little complicated his pup ended up a ban donned in the woods and his human dad had no idea. >> our bill anderson shares the story of a dog in need and an owner in just as much. ♪ >> reporter: sadly we've done way too many stories about pets in need of a home. dog fighting, overcrowded shelters and irresponsible owners are usually the cause but this story is different. it's a loving and responsible owner and a caring and friendly dog that just needs a month or two of kindness.
5:57 pm
>> once he found out he had cancer he had a really tough time because he did have it in his spinal cord so what he ended up having to do he had to move out of his place he was living and in with someone elsewhere he couldn't take the dog. >> reporter: the owner was battling cancer and couldn't care for dutch, but he loved him and thought he had made arrangements for his friend. >> he gave dutch to his brother-in-law. he thought it was good. you know, his brother-in-law. >> right. >> who then gave dutch to his friend. now the owner didn't know that dutch was going to the brother-in-law's friend. >> reporter: somehow dutch was ban donned by the so-called friend and that's where we stand today. the team at shore animal control found dutch and they brought him in. >> a woman went out to feed him and he jumped right in her car. >> reporter: real. >> to go for car rid clearly not aggressive dog. >> not at all. >> shore control can't keep dutch long time while his owner looks for new place where he can bring dutch and they worry about him going to a shelter where they say a sweet loving dog can
5:58 pm
become aggressive. >> i don't want to see him as sweet and loving as he is turn into a dog that's, you know, going to be aggressive just because he's stressed and, you know, he doesn't know where he is. >> reporter: all right. let's just put it all out there. like many of you high questions about how dutch ended up abandoned and the people who would allow this to happen to dog under their care. but while we debate adult decisions and mistakes, it's the dog who ends up suffering by no fault of his own. >> he's just the sweetest dog. he looks like a scary pitbull. he's huge and nass seive but he's honestly the sweetest dog. >> reporter: you haven't missed a lot of meals, big guy. every day we want to share stories of people doing good things in their community and today shore animal control represents half of the story. but dutch still needs you. today's social media to speak but only to those who know how to listen f you're one of those people who can help and support dutch tweet me at bill
5:59 pm
a. fox 29 and continue to show how our area supports each other for goodness sake. ♪ >> what sweet pup f you're interested in fostering dutch while his own are in looks for a place where they can live together, please call the shore animal control. >> you want to take dutch home. >> i know. >> you'll find all the contact information on our fox 29 facebook page. ♪ right now at 6:00, with just days left in the race for the white house, a major development threatens to rock one of the candidate's campaigns. and two days after the 76ers pulled the national anthem singer over her wardrobe, they are saying sorry. what prompted the change and how the team plans to make it up to her. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we only 10 days until the election, a bombshell from the fbi that could impact the hillary clinton presidential
6:00 pm
campaign. the fbi announced its revie revg new e-mails tied tots probe of the democratic nominee e-mail practices. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. sources tell fox news the e-mail surfaced during the fbi's investigation into sexting by former congressman anthony weiner. the fbi director sent out letter to members of congressional letting them to this review. he said, new e-mails uncovered in an unrelated case are promming the bureau to take a look at them and determine if they contained anything classified and to a assess their importance to the bureau's earlier investigation. in july the fbi said its investigation was finished saying while clinton was extremely careless about her actions, they were not criminal. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in bensalem where governor mike pence just addressed today's big news. dave? >> reporter: trump/pence supporters actually got the word of this reopened investigation a bit earlier before mike pence


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