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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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struck him out, two out. >> joe: third strike out tonight for mike napoli. >> john: this has just been one pitch after another, attention on both sides 1-0 game, already had one of those to start the postseason, cubs on the advantage. >> joe: first pitch on the ball to jose ramirez, he's 2 fo. hit .500 in this world series. in anthony's, ball and a strike. the big bats will come to the plate again for chicago before the end of this one.
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strop tried to keep it a one-run game, another quick pitch on a delivery down and away, 2-1. ramirez looking for a third hit, that's into left field zobrist back to grab it. pitching has been outstanding in game three. will it continue? bottom of the eighth, 1-0 cleveland ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> joe: tonight's telecast was sponsored by t-mobile one, welcome to unlimited baseball. and by walmart, this halloween save on candy, costumes and more at walmart. tonight's aerial coverage brought to buy directv, if you call yourself a sports fan you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. addison russell now at the plate. kyle schwarber on deck, bryan shaw on the mound. ball one to russell. >> john: russell struggles with curveballs, laying off that one. trying to get a cut her up, got to think up against shaw. >> joe: 2-0.
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>> john: i think francona is trying to steal some outs here with shaw with allen in the bullpen warming up. >> joe: biggest swing by russell, trying to tie it. the counts 2-1. terry francona who's got the 1-0 lead will ride the rest of this one with bryan shaw on the mound now, cody allen of the closer in the bullpen. >> john: i think cody allen comes in to face shorebird. it's not a good matchup, shot against schwarber in my opinion. >> joe: a ball three on a check swing.
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another good swing and a 94-mile per hour pitch, full count. >> john: russell getting pretty big with his swing, you know he's trying to lift the ball. anything he can do to get it in the air. now on a 3-2 count, you've got to find your way on base. shaw could get really aggressive and throw him a curveball here and i don't know that russell could lay off of it. >> joe: on 3-2. a tension-filled wrigley field watching with a full count on addison russell, 22-year-old shortstop, leading off the eighth. to third, fowl.
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down there, you could see aroldis chapman is up again. >> john: he'll be in the ninth regardless whether the cubs score or not. at home, nothing to wait for, most games he'll pitch in the ninth. >> joe: brian sandberg watching. 3-2 again and to russell. it struck him out, one away. bryan shaw wins that battle, first strike out a tonight. here comes schwarber who had an rbi single against shaw in game two. they loved him as a rookie last
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year, 16, then five in the postseason. had only five plate appearances this year until he tore up his left knee in a collision in arizona, worked his way back behind the scenes. accelerated his work on the side, here he is in the world series. strike one. >> john: that's where you've got to be you've got to be up in the zone. anything down, i think schwarber and his swing path absolute luz. the arc of his swing. a first pitch up, let's see if they keep climbing a ladder and to stay up with cutters. >> joe: schwarber's batting for strop, who struck out 1 2/3 of an inning. chapman as john said will pitch in the ninth. schwarber a double, a pair of
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rbi singles in cleveland in games one and two, a couple of walks. upon the count here 2-1. >> john: that's the game plan so far, 3 for 3 he's kept the ball up there. schwarber has been disciplined, knows what he can do and what he likes. until he gets due to strikes, he'll look for that pitch. >> joe: shattered bat on the infield, that's lindor. two out. and shot getting five big outs around that windblown triple last inning as he has two out here in the eighth. >> john: he executed, that was the game plan trying to get the ball up. much tougher, you can could see bat completely destroyed.
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>> joe: the batter will be dexter fowler, the pitcher will be bryan shaw. from tomlin to andrew miller to shaw. still just three cubs hits, no runs. fouled, strike one. reminder, tomorrow night, game number four at 7:00 eastern, a matchup of john lackey and corey kluber. who was brilliant in game one. the 0-1. >> john: the indians all postseason, they haven't needed many games. get the first two out of the way in seven games.
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winning seven and eight games. they have a lot of team wins, they utilize a lot of different weapons. that will be the case, 4 2/3 out of the starter and the bullpen. >> joe: that's outside, 2-1. on deck is kris bryant. if he bats in this eighth inning, you have to believe it will be against cody allen. he's been up for a long time for cleveland in their bullpen. right now, it's bryan shaw and its dexter fowler. that's a base at! tying run is on with two outs. we'll see a francona makes a move here with bryant coming up.
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>> joe: this week the nfl at foxx kicks off at a special time of the washington redskins battle the cincinnati bengals live from london. than the seahawks square off with a sense in america's game of the week, the packers face off with the falcons.
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it all begins sunday at 9:00 eastern only on fox. junior home run derby aloud's kids 14 under to complete for the homeland championship, senate today to host a freak of addition at your local community at here's the battle, kris bryant against cody allen. brandon guyer comes into the game takes over left, rajai davis is out in center. tying run at first, two out, here we go. strike one. >> john: cody allen 6-0 game came into the ninth and basically through primarily fastballs. most different situation here, starts off bryant with a real good breaking ball. these indians can spin a baseball, not to mention 96 for a fastball. >> joe: michael martinez has moved from center to third base.
11:16 pm
strike two on bryant. so there they are, rajai davis in center, michael martinez in third, cody allen on the mound. they are playing deep to cut off any kind of double or extra base hit that would allow fowler to score with two outs. >> joe: bryant for the count of 0-2. that's into right field, that will fall foul. that would have been a test for chisenhall had that been fair, fowler was well around second base when that dropped. >> john: that had a chance to be one of those rare singles that scores. the way that ball was barely hit
11:17 pm
and the spin it had, chisenhall playing is so deep. basically almost to the tracks. >> joe: fourth pitcher of the night, cody allen, trying to end the eighth. runner goes. swing and a miss. the throw to first end of the inning is over. what pitching tonight by cleveland. tomlin, miller, shaw, now cody allen. we go to the ninth, game three we go to the ninth, game three indians on top 1-0. and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain.
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chevrolet is the most awarded car company over the last two years. i love it! it's fierce. how would you sum this car up in one word? incredible. amazing. i can't use one word. >> joe: here's aroldis chapman, there are the numbers in this postseason for the hard throwing left-hander picked up from the yankees, a longtime cincinnati red, first up, lonnie chisenhall. ball one. chisenhall, then michael martinez, then yan gomes. chisenhall zero for my country tonight, 1-0 cleveland, ninth inning. the big bats will hit for
11:21 pm
chicago in the bottom of this ninth. 99 from number 54. >> john: i think this crowd came in here with such great anticipation based on the matchup and based on who they are facing tomorrow thinking if they could get this game, corey kluber on short rest, kind of a wash because as good as he's been -- >> joe: strike two. >> john: now you're good to get some very anxious people in chicago if cleveland can hold onto this 1-0 win. >> joe: john lackey the number four starter against the ace for the indians tomorrow night, corey kluber winner in game one. one have a two pitch. stricken out, one away. >> john: breaking out this letter a little bit lately, making it not fair for guys
11:22 pm
getting ready for 101, 102. >> joe: with one out and nobody on, the batter, michael martinez. his first at-bat came in to pinch run. he's zero for mack won this postseason, pinch ran back in the seventh, he got to home plate on a hit by coco crisp. one ball, one strike. michael martinez tonight, the fifth player to play center field and a third base in the same world series game. darrel thomas the less to do it in 1981 for the dodgers. >> john: this is more of what i thought we were going to get through this series, the first two games broken open late by cleveland to win 670, cubs had the other game completely in hand five runs and it didn't cash in with all their
11:23 pm
opportunities on the basis. tonight, if this were a football game, cleveland was moving up and down the field and wasn't able to score. chicago state in the middle of the field and then finally cleveland cashed in, they put too much pressure on the cubs. >> joe: martinez fouls it away. you mentioned the benches emptied for terry francona, joe maddon still has tom conlon, he's used heyward, monteiro, and schwarber. >> john: he must have the strongest teeth in america always chewing on that gum, ease in their grinding away. >> joe: here's a 2-2 pitch. full count.
11:24 pm
>> john: you can see right there, there's all the work he has done. >> joe: seeds, gum. three have an too. it struck him out, two outs. coming up next, baseball's most talked about postgame show, joined kevin, a-rod, frank, and pete as they break down tonight's game at next or watch it live on fox sports go. across from murphy's bleachers. and now it to the back corner of this ballpark, out beyond the scoreboard. the manually operated one in center. here's yan gomes. he is the catcher that's got a e long-term deal with cleveland. it's his first action of the
11:25 pm
postseason, got hurt originally in the middle of july, separated right shoulder. he's cost ten big-league innings since. the last time was the last day of the season in kansas city, october set playback second, 26 days ago. he will be on the plate in the bottom of the night. one ball, one strike. again, rizzo, zobrist, willson contreras. heyward was scheduled up forth in the bottom of the ninth. 2-1. >> john: i'm surprised how many sliders chapman has thrown. as you mentioned, he hasn't had much action. timing can't be that great to catch up with 101, 102.
11:26 pm
almost doing him a favor throwing him a slider. >> joe: that's high, for ball three. they've seen roberto perez step in for yan gomes doing a great job catching this postseason with a bat. rajai davis on deck. full count, chapman trying to strike out the side. to the right side, baez to rizzo. had to hit a moving target to get the final out in the top of
11:27 pm
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we're gonna live forever! >> joe: rizzo will be first up for chicago, we both know back to the seventh inning. stat cast is powered by amazon web services, the only one of the game scoring on a hit by a crisp, than throw to third by soler for the second out of the inning. >> john: easy throw out as long as he kept that online, and he did. >> joe: derrek lee, cubs first baseman cubs over fan eddie vedder is here along with his daughter. hall of famer second baseman, john hamm.
11:30 pm
in attendance tonight. ryan dempster going velvet and in the bottom of the ninth inning there we go. anthony rizzo, first up. cody allen, that's in the left field a base hit. tying run is on, rizzo, his first hit of the night. and now i pinch runner for rizzo after he parted off into left. >> john: decided to be aggressive, decided a fastball coming out of allen, didn't hit it perfectly but hated exactly where he could be caught. good start for the cubs. >> joe: chris coghlan will come off the bench and provide more speed over at first. as ben zobrist who has six hits
11:31 pm
in 11 at-bats in this world series of steps in. >> john: may be expecting a bunt at third base. >> joe: no sign of one there, with zobrist the way that he's swinging. >> john: i don't know that you take the bat out of his hands. >> joe: martinez will stay in tight. checked his swing on all one. >> john: allen has such a power curveball, it complements the fastball. as a hitter, you've got to get geared up for the fastball and when you see a pitch that starts the height of the fastball, for
11:32 pm
zobrist to lay off that pitch, that's huge for him. >> joe: cody allen has gone 14 t since the third week of august with an era of 0.36. what a role he has been on, 1-1 pitch. write down the middle, strike two. >> john: that's what i mean, his fastball so good, down around the news, starting a curve ball around the news, hard
11:33 pm
to layoff of them. >> joe: people standing inside the ballpark, swarming it outside the ballpark. waiting on a 1-2. struck him out. one on, one out, a big one picked up by cody allen. >> john: that's just no chance, that's what i was saying. it starts at the knees and it breaks down, there's really nothing a hitter can do. you're only hoping for a mistake in that area, 1-2, power breaking ball. i don't know how many fastballs will be thrown here on the remainder of the cubs hitters. try to sneak in a fastball every once in a while but that power curveball is tough. >> joe: pitching coach mickey callaway in the dugout watching. willson contreras at the plate,
11:34 pm
24-year-old rookie, runner goes, ground ball to third. martinez gets the out at first. two out. and of the cubs are down to their final out and chris coghlan got a good jump on that pitch by cody allen. this game is good to fall into the lap of jason heyward who has basically been benched. he's 2 for 30 this postseason, he's been tied up inside, had a tough time catching up to fastballs, he's lost his starting spot, but joe maddon is begging for something from his back here in the ninth. >> john: if your jason heyward, you handled yourself the way you have knowing you like to play, there will come a point where one play or one swing will change the whole attitude of how the year has been for jason heyward. he would love nothing more than for this to be the case. his one at-bat, last game he had a bullet into center field.
11:35 pm
>> joe: base hit would tie it likely, outfield is deep. tying run at second, two out. ball one inside. tying run is coghlan at second. heyward trying it to deliver. hard-hit but foul. may have broken his bat and he did. the cubs tonight are zero for 03 with runners on base. >> john: .so good at the cleveland pitching has been here in game three. it really has. there is always going to be situations where you watch a game live and go i can't tell you about three mistakes they've
11:36 pm
made. if you watch it again, there may not be three mistakes. they've executed everything perfectly. >> joe: 1-1 on heyward, who with one swing it could erase memories of a frustrating season come in his first as a cub. chopped right side off napoli, the inning continues. scored an error for now. but now the tying run 90 feet away with baez coming up. >> john: this is a tough play, it's in between. he is just down the line, all that napoli wanted to do was keep it in front of them. topspin hits him high in the heel of the glove. i staying in front of it, he
11:37 pm
knew he was secure to keeping the run from scoring, to still give allen a chance. >> joe: here comes callaway to pitching the pitching coach with javier baez coming up. 0 for 3 tonight, 2 for 12 in this world series. >> john: of the two batters that are coming up and i think this is a discussion remember this kid, he can expand the zone. he likes the high fastball. the discipline to stay off the breaking ball early will be crucial. i just can't imagine throwing a first-pitch fastball to baez in this situation. then if you're the cleveland catcher, you've got to protect against that power curveball in the dirt, coghlan has to be able to read whatever he can. >> joe: crazy game, first-time baez that since seventh spot in the order, the game is in his lab facing cody allen, first and third, two outs.
11:38 pm
grimm running and baez unloads on a file back to the screen. they are giving heyward second base where if he takes it, a basic could win a ball game. >> john: i give allen a lot of credit, betsy pitch right there. fastball away, baez just missed it. he wanted the ball a little bit more inside, but man you could tell he would love to have that pitch over, i don't think you'll see another one of those. >> john: six running, hi, no throw, down to second is the potential winning run.
11:39 pm
it is a stolen base for jason heyward, uncontested. again, this outfield is really deep. a base hit out of the infield could likely when it for chicago. first base open, addison russell on deck. down for ball to.
11:40 pm
he went around, home plate umpire john hirschbeck ring sum up, 2-2. >> john: that's why i'm surprised by the previous pitches. i don't know that the baez can layoff anything in this area. awfully close. >> joe: comes down to their final strike. they've waited 71 years for the world series to return to wrigley field. this game has had everything except a run for the cubs. >> john: same pitch, it's hard for bias to lay off of it.
11:41 pm
>> joe: gomes has to block a tip it in the. 2-2 pitch. cleveland wins it 1-0. as bias strikes out on a pitch that was up. and of the cleveland indians have just thrown their fifth shutout in 11 postseason games this year and the cubs have been shut out for the fourth time this postseason. >> john: really an incredible job, an incredible team job. this game came down to a close play, a pickoff play at third and the than a base by coco crisp, that's all the cleveland indians needed as they send the ball to their ace going into tomorrow's game.
11:42 pm
higher than high fastball above the barrel, incredible game. >> joe: so well-managed in both corners of the dugouts, you've got terry francona who emptied his bench, use that the bullpen, in a three hour, 33 minute game three the indians get one. that's enough. with that, cleveland, the first team ever with five shutouts thrown in a single postseason, albeit now with more opportunit opportunity. their pitching has carried them in the postseason to this point, up two games to one of the world series. >> john: it really has. i can't say enough about when you're in this kind of game, tents, the pressure and the ability to deliver under the gun, incredible. >> joe: let's go down to the
11:43 pm
field, his ken rosenthal. >> ken: 4 2/3 scoreless and is, how are you able to keep the cup so off-balance with mark >> go in the game plan, following him. knowing what the game plan was going in a just try to execute. you leave the ball at the heart of the plate, they can put a cook a number on you in a hurry. execute pitches and keep them off balance as much as they could. >> ken: your dad was here i saw you searching for is a location earlier in the game. how emotional is this for you? >> this is one of the hardest sites have had to deal with a long time. this from the atmosphere around here, knowing where my dad was, i found it before the game when i was going over there to the weight room. i want to know where he was, i looked up to find him. i knew where he was, and my mom, it was pretty special, pretty special start for me and one of the more emotional that i've had in my career. >> ken: congratulations, now over to tom verducci. >> tom: coco crisp, one run in the game, you delivered it.
11:44 pm
no pinch hits during the regular season, a big one tonight. tell me about your approach, as you certainly jumped on the at that early. >> right, i went over the scouting report before it went up there, and i know he has a natural cut to his plus fastball. i was hoping to get the barrel to it and i did. if cutting on me and i was fortunate enough that it was able to drop it in front of the center. >> tom: world series is been around since 19 oh three, this is when the nighttime a team has won with one run and no extra-base hits. what does it say that you can win this type of game? >> the guys work hard, their pitching to the great job over there, that's what type of series this is good to be like. fortunately for us, we've got one and they didn't today. hopefully we can keep getting that one extra run. >> ken: >> tom: think so much, congratulations. >> joe: the only rbi belongs
11:45 pm
to coco crisp, second time around. andrew miller gets the victory, carl edwards, jr., gets the loss. loss. at the same for cody allen, it's his sixth of this postseason, he has yet to allow a run. of the bullpen outstanding, you heard from josh tomlin at the beginning, 4 2/3, no runs, two hits in an emotional start tonight, game three, at the 25th. 1-0 game in world series history, 649 world series games have been played. we can only hope tomorrow night is as intense, see you then, until that point, we send it out to kevin and the guys out beyond the wall. kevin? >> kevin: thank you very much, what a game. an absolutely outstanding game three here 1-0, well played. welcome. a frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez, and kevin burkhardt. the indians take a two games to one world series lead, a
11:46 pm
dramatic 1-0 win over the cubs. plenty more to do, when we come back, a lots to do in this game we will break it all down. another gem, andrew miller out of the pen, the indians playing a small ball and in the bullpen, the bullpen, the bullpen for these indians, their fifth shutout this postseason, it's a new record. fans still happy but this was a cleveland night. indians have a 1-0 lead and a 2-1 world series lead, we are back this.
11:47 pm
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>> kevin: welcome to the postgame show, presented by lethal weapon on fox. indians shut out the cubs again 1-0, they take a two games to one world series lead, it took 71 years to play world series game at wrigley, this one was a jama. as much, as you could imagine from a 1-0 game. a reminder, continuing coverage of the postgame just click on over to fs1, will be there full-time in just a moment. find that channel, will join you in a second. for the indians, this is a great game they did a lot right. they scored the run on small ball and then more of their great bullpen again. >> frank: the indians are used
11:50 pm
to winning close ball games all year long, they've been pitching lights out all year long and then the world series, great pitching beats great hitting. both offenses struggling right now, they need to pick it up or could be another pitchingfest again tomorrow night. >> pete: the indians played well a cat except a couple baserunning blunders, getting picked off and getting thrown out at third in that situation, is usually going to come back to bite you but it didn't for the indians tonight. >> alex: october continues to be all about small ball, simple hit by roberto perez, then you have a simple bunt. coco crisp, base it. how does july 31st bring andrew miller to the yankees in august august 31st spring coco crisp to the oakland a's looking right now? >> kevin: frank was begging to walk him. as soon as he can appear. >> frank: i've seen him in situations, he's a great fastball hitter, said please don't pitch to them if not, he'll get a big hit. he showed once again he could get a big hit, that's what he's
11:51 pm
been about for at least a decade now i've watched them for a while. >> frank: the next week that was his first penchant of the year. >> kevin: not a spot is normally an especially playing in the american league title cuu doesn't get that opportunity much. >> alex: he makes contact you like to squeeze, i did too. contact is an incredible commodity to have this time a year. >> kevin: i tell you what, here's the thing. andrew miller and alan, cody allen, indians are 23-01 a pitched together in games, bottom line the cubs had a shot but they closed it down again, not bad. >> pete: i got take up my hat off to tomlin, how to give up 36 home runs? he give gave up two hits and fd 30 two-thirds. speak >> alex: what a registered for him. >> frank: he's doing what is got to do right now for his father, big start for the cleveland indians tonight. >> kevin: wonderful for his father, paralyzed recently from the chest down to be here, you saw's interview. we've got a lot more to do, so much to break down for this for
11:52 pm
most of you, stay tuned to late local news, for continuing coverage to come hang out with us. that's where we're going right now, will continue with this postgame show, indians that the world series two games to one after a shutout over the cubs, see you in 30 seconds
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
up next hillary clinton speaks out after the fbi says it's taking a look at new e-mails. what she says the american people deserve plus a chilly night tonight. but what's the weekend have in store? for news and full but what's the weekend have in sour children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who
11:55 pm
frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion,
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and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. >> we begin tonight with breaking news out of delaware
11:57 pm
county. a possible voter fraud investigation. fox 29 was the only one on the scene in norwood tonight witness pennsylvania state police and investigators with the state attorney general' office. sources telling us they say they served a search warrant on a company in connection to allegations of possible voter fraud. that company provides campaign and political canvassing services. the ag's office says it has no information to release at this time. we have heard from the company involved. we are awaiting an official response and of course we will get you any updates as we get them. we'll get them to you. in other news tonight -- >> it's imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton respond to go night to the bombshell announcement from the fbi. the bureau now taking a look at new e-mails tied to its investigation of clinton's private e-mail use.
11:58 pm
all of this happening just 10 days before the election. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. the clinton campaign now says the american people deserve the full and complete facts right now following this late objection surprise. a blockbuster double barreled october surprise from fbi director james comey. he's investigating hillary clinton and her e-mail server again. after new e-mails emerged according to an fbi source from a separate case, the sexting investigation of former congressman anthony weiner. the husband of huma be a we dean clinton's top aid interviewed bite fbi during phase one of the investigation. comey firing off a letter to stunned member of congress. i am writing to n you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday and i agreed that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these e-mails, to determine whether they contain classified
11:59 pm
information as well as to assess their importance to our investigation. comey was under intense pressure after declining in july to press charges against clinton. despite suggesting in fact she did mishandle classified information. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the happened link of classified information, our judgment is that no residential prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: tonight hillary clinton responding. >> director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in july. >> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval
12:00 am
office. >> earlier today, president obama had no comment. >> mr. president, any reaction to the fbi reopening the investigation into clinton' e-mail server? is she fit to serve? >> well, meanwhile, governor mike pence hit the campaign trail in bucks county. >> he had a whole lot to say about clinton's fbi investigation. pence rallied supporters at tc mill work in bensalem this afternoon. he criticized clinton for using her private server for official business and for actions taken by the clinton foundation. he told the crowd, the truth will come out. call on the fbi to immediately release all the e-mails pertinent to their reopened investigation. the american people have a right to know! and they have a right to know before election day! >> governor pence also spoke about his close call in a rainy new york runway last night and praised the wor


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