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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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witten for the game win. >> eagles were up by ten. too bad you woke up. dak with a dagger in overtime, that ends in an epic battle for first place in the nfc east. a ten-point fourth quarter lead isn't enough for the eagles, we have reaction from the players, coaches, you this morning. strike, plus thousands of commuters awaiting word from septa as more than 5,000 workers threaten to go on strike at midnight. the latest on the last minute negotiations and how septa is planning to adjust if the strike does happen. plus, just over a week away from the election, week from tomorrow and the drama continues, why a top democrat says that the fbi is breaking the law, by reopening its investigation in the hillary clinton's e-mails and plus how donald trump is using it the to his advantage on his campaign trail. good day, it is monday, october 31st, happy halloween. >> it sure is a scary monday after what happened last night. >> frightening. >> wasn't it.
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>> everybody has the same story. >> we were good, we were good. i check on the cubs. they're good, they're good. >> now it is all bad, bad, bad. >> lots of people dressed up for halloween over weekend especially saturday night especially up and down streets have of philadelphia so show us photos, how did it the go over weekend. >> will you be reusing your costumes, out on monday, tonight and trick or treating, and wearing the same ones. >> it is all gross. >> when you use the #fox 29 good day this is our big, epic "good day philadelphia" halloween extravaganza coming up later in the show. >> can't wait. >> first lets check with sue because that halloween forecast is very important. >> only thing i can give you is we have a theme. >> we have a theme. >> we have spiderwebs with our weather by numbers to daze. it is nine out of ten. bus stop buddy is off to a breezy start this morning with his mummy, king cut costume.
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same one as last year but it works, it works. temperatures in the the 40's and 50's. no more rain. we have had thunderstorms coming through, fast and furious yesterday and now we're left with chillier air. 48 degrees with 20-mile an hour wind this morning. that will take your hat off. sunrise at 7:29, other temperatures, 30's in the the mountains. forty's to the north of us, 50's to the south of us and those wind will keep up, at least through the morning hours, now the good news is by the time it is time for trick or treating, things should be calmed down with the winds. so feel free to just dance your way through the neighborhood and say trick or treat, our dancing mummy says temperatures in the 50's, all day long. bob kelly. >> did he change colors was he all white earlier. >> well, he is aging like the rest of us. >> good morning, everybody. 6:02. we have a problem on northbound i-95 between broad street and the walt whitman
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bridge. we have an accident. a lot of emergency crews centered around a vehicle here, again, northbound at that broad street on ramp, so between south philadelphia and airport and center city be ready to hit the brakes as we jam on to the next camera we will go, the next camera we will go, to the next camera we will go, come on baby. hit that button, there you go, sue stay right there. here's a live look at roosevelt boulevard coming southbound we have headlights. hit the button there, sueby and is there contingency plan for septa mess that could happen. regional rails is all you'll have. no buses, trolleys, market frankford or subway. today is the day to talk about a car pool maybe cab, maybe use uber for the first time or get that bike out of the garage and pump up the tires because that is the situation. again all eyes will be on that septa negotiation room all throughout the day. mike and alex, back to you. overtime bomb went off
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last night in dallas, a stink bomb, so our people over at daily news and papers around the area having a tough time with their headlines this morning. overtime bomb, that is pretty good on the back, dak the knife, their quarterback came through in overtime for them. and then, look at this. how wide open, is jason witten. my goodness. well he was very wide open. anyway here's a bad head line, i mean agonizing dak feet. >> defeat, dak feat. >> yes. >> i had a hard time. >> look at how wide open jason witten is. >> i don't know if i can see this again. >> so easy. >> nobody in that zip code. >> went in overtime.
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here's a little bit of the positive. >> look at jerry. >> jerry was so excited. >> twenty-nine-23. dallas widens its lead in the division for sure. they are six-one. we are four-three. we are a couple fumble as way, steve, and i'm trying to be positive here. we are apparently competitive with all of the teams in our division. >> it still hurts. >> steve's in pennsauken. >> every time in the division has a winning record. three of them were four machine record but redskins four-three-one record because of their tie yesterday. we have noticed a couple thing. guy pumping gas has not dropped the gas pumps. people buying coffee has not dropped cups of coffee as they come out. so why is it that the eagles receivers can't keep their hand on a football. all right. if we have not showed you this play 4,000 times, here it is, the last play of the game and jason witten did not drop the
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ball. neither did dak prescott. boy that kid can scramble. he made something happen after having a rough game under 50 percent completion rate but all that math thers is who wins and loses. >> we had some ups and downs in the game and to see them stay together is encouraging to me as they a head football coach. we will make no excuses. we will take them as they come. and just makes us a better football team and makes us all around better, stronger team. >> this is a resilient team. one of the things we will learn from it. we have a lot of young guys. it is tough. i just mentioned it is tough to lose a game like. that we're in overtime. we're in control. we will learn tritt. we will be better. >> so here are low lights, almost everybody in the receiving core and running back core trooped the ball even when dell smallwood dropped a hand off as one play that he fumbled in addition to the drop. as you drop candy in kid bags
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today as temperatures drop, as we drop from the rain drops, let me tell you how easy it is. watch, here's the mike phone. i caught it in the dark with the light in my face. how hard is it. >> drop will be a bad word in philly, you cannot say it. just ban the word. >> the drop. >> all right. we will drop the mike, steve keeley. we will check back with you in a bit. we're in big trouble tomorrow morning if he they don't settle this thing today. it will be last day, to ride septa for a while. >> union planning a strike if they cannot come to terms with the the transit agency and current contract expires today. >> remember last time this happened in 2009. that is where they negotiated this last time too, sheraton center city, hi there lauren. >> they spent the weekend here saturday and sunday trying to come to a deal here at sheraton. nothing just yet. so, what does this all boil down to? well, money, of course, especially, pensions, health
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care costs, coverage and public safety issues. who is affected by all of this? more than 5,000 septa bus drivers, trolley, sub waste operators. if they are off the job more than 575,000 transit riders will be scrambling come tomorrow morning. >> i won't be able to get to work because i use public transportation for everything. to think they he don't have any kind of backup system for something because it has happened before, it is, it is really bad. >> every time there is a negotiation of the contract it always happens, i wish that they could do something that is final once and for all so people can get to work. >> reporter: that might be tough. if nothing happens by midnight. negotiations started all the waste back in july, one of the big sticking points public safety concerns like breaks for drivers, operators, union saying in some cases they don't get breaks long enough to use bathroom and fatigue could be dangerous for riders. there is a service
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interruption guide posted on septa's web site but mike and alex, this will require commute tours get really creative come tomorrow morning with options like maybe uber, lyft or even car pooling. >> think about if it is still going a week from tomorrow election day. >> yes. >> of course, that is a bargaining point as well. we will check back and let you know about those negotiations. a week long manhunt comes to an end in oklahoma. how police were a able to track down the man accused of killing his aunt and uncle. plus the days of cheap gas in new jersey will be soon behind us, how much longer you have to fill up before the new gas taxings into effect.
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6:11. well, eight days before the election fbi to takes a new you look at hillary clinton's e-mail use. the justice department has obtained a warrant to search computer believed to contain e-mails from clinton's top aid huma aberdeen. agents found listen to this 650,000 e-mails, i don't think i have sent that many e-mails my whole life they found that many on a lap top that they think was also used by former representative anthony weiner aberdeen's estrange husband. fbi made discovery while investigating weiner's alleged sexting with the minor. sources say those messages may have been sent to or from the private server that clinton
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used while she was secretary of state they are not sure. ranking democrats are blasting fbi director for releasing this information so close to the the election. in the letter senator harry read said james comey may have broken federal law. senator citing the hatch act which bars governmental official from his using their position to influence an election. fbi has in the the commented on that though. melania trump will be in our area this week, making a rare public appearance on the campaign trail. this will be thursday. she will speak in the suburbs of philadelphia. although trump has this is released any specifics, exactly where she will be, it the will be melania's first campaign speech since the republican national convention. she been visiting with michelle obama. that is a joke. cubs survived to play another day. see how they were able to send the series back to cleveland after losing their first two games at home in the world
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series. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us,
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i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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i like it. happy halloween. why don't you come down to fourth and market this morning at 9:00 a.m. for our halloween special. we will be all dressed up and we want to you dress up too. it will be fun. bring the kid, there will be music, face painting and a
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costume parade. and we hope to see you there. >> always -- look at that. okay a lot of people dressed up friday and saturday night. so send us your pictures from over the weekend. use the #fox 29 good daze or we won't be able to see them. >> super hero family i love it, so cute. >> roger and jessica rabbit. >> 6:16. >> did you dress up. >> i didn't trust up. >> i had stuff to do around the house. >> yes, i can i had a frightening costume on. i have it on right now. >> here's sue. >> that is a i good one. >> how much did you pay for that. >> a lot, every day. >> from the school of hard knocks. we have a trick or treat forecast because that is the concern, it is scarecast today. creepy clouds temperatures in the the 50's. we didn't retain warmth from yesterday, there is a look at a loop of the last 12 hours. you can see then are storms coming through and they
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started around 5:00 o'clock and this we go just a lot of thunder and lightening but it went through quickly and we're left with just clear skies. and chillier temperatures of course. thirty-six in mount pocono. forty-nine in wilmington. fifty in wildwood but the breeze makes it feel chillier then that. 20 miles an hour sustained wind in philadelphia and gusts of 26 miles an hour. good news is we don't expect wind to hang around the entire day they will start to subside, late afternoon, look at yesterday's high temperatures, 79 degrees, today, 58 with spooky sunshine. and then perfect for trick or treating really just cooler then yesterday. now we will see a warming trend as we head into the middle of the week and by thursday we are in the mid 07's but then another cold front comes through with late daze showers and then we are back in the fabulous 50's as we head into the weekend. so bob kelly, didn't we have a good time on saturday at rose tree park. >> great time, first drive
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every had a chance to go to the bark and the park. here was winner of the best costume contest. little girl here her pets costume, pupcheno, get it. >> we had fun at rose tree park for a couple thousand people over there on saturday afternoon. no problems up and down the blue route this morning, 476, but we have a problem on i-95. here's the deal, north bound i-95 between broad street and walt whitman bridge. first word came out that it was a car, tow truck and a bus, all involved in this crash, and we have been zooming in. we have got sky fox sipping to the scene as soon as they get there we will take you their life from the air, but if you are heading north on i-95 from the airport, coming toward city, as soon as you come off the girard double decker, bam, right at stadium. that is also going to cause a
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delay at navy business center. all eyes are on the negotiating table at septa headquarters. contingency plan, regional rail is all that they will have rolling if that strike takes place tonight. so think about it today, car pool, talk among your co-workers maybe cab, uber for first time, bike, all of the kid are expected to be at school. so it will be a rough one if we do hit that strike deadline tonight at the midnight. northbound on the free waste coming toward city, we will see extra volume and i think unusual traffic patterns mike and alex. folks want to get to work so they can get home early for the parade at school. >> perfect. >> 6:19. new developments in oklahoma regarding a manhunt for michael dale vance, junior. officials confirming that vance was shot and killed during an early morning shoot-out. the massive manhunt for 38 year-old began last sunday after he shot and wounded two cops. vance was wouldn't wanted
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object charges including two counts of the first degree murder in the death of his aunt and uncle. >> one bad guy. more on the big earthquake which struck italy yesterday, third mess powerful quake to hit country in two months, thankfully, there have been no reports of the fatalities which is hard to believe, nearly 8,000 victims are held by officials there. officials say it destroyed a cathedral and other beloved landmarks. i saw footage of thens running from their convent. 6.6 quake was strongest earthquake to hit italy in 36 years. they have had a bunch of after shocks too. in new jersey, police are investigating a after a person was hit and killed by a car. it the happened around 9:30. police are not releasing any information about the the victims and they are not saying if the the carrie main on the scene. police are investigating after a body was found in fairmount park. police say a passerby found a man's body yesterday afternoon, on the 2400 block of reservoir drive, and
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someone had wrapped the body in the carpet n word what circumstances led to the victim's death. did we come up short in big d or what, that pooping horse on friday didn't help us. eagles blow a ten-point, fourth quarter lead and lose in overtime to the cow body. look at how rookie quarterbacks fair. we will put them up face to taste, helmet to helmet. >> we needed more poop. >> we laid some poop in the end zone last night that is for sure. so lottery numbers and we will come back. you out. no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes.
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toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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i'm sean bell, instant classic between eagles and cowboys in jerry world. unfortunately eagles end up on the wrong side of it. in the second half carson wentz find jordan matthews, right here for the 5-yard touchdown that made it 20-ten. eagles had a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter. but the cowboys stormed back, and dez bryant making his restens felt right there. grown man catch right there. he had four catches, 113-yard, that pushed the game in
6:25 am
overtime and cowboys win and march right down the field. dak prescott finds a wide opened jason witten. that is a game winning touchdown right there, eagles lose 29-23. >> cubs stay alive thanks to chapman, he closed the game down in the two and two thirds innings of doing it. cubs win three-two. they push the series to a sixth game. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> you know this by now because it was yesterday morning but i will tell you now redskins and bengals playing last game in london this year this one went into overtime. washington dustin hopkins missed a 34-yard field goal giving bengals the ball back and andy dalton fulled the ball away. washington gets one more chance to win the game. this is just a mess but fails on the hail marry at the even. here we go. that is kirk cousins. watch him run around.
6:26 am
just launch it baby. my goodness. pathetic. game end 27-27. like kissing your sister. like taking a shower in the rain keith. a tie. another tie. >> lets talk about the flyers then. >> let's go flyers. >> they were in action taking on the hurricanes. this one was tied up at three, in the third period. >> brandon manning gets a shorthanded opportunity and he does not miss it, giving the flyers a four-three lead. they would hang on to win, ending a two game losing streak. flyers won. who but that. >> lets the's go flyers. >> that is enough. at least for the flyers. >> it could be both. >> flyers, halloween. >> both, certainly not eagles. will they or won't they, deadline fast approaching for septa work tours reach a deal or there will be a strike. what it could mean for you tomorrow morning. an october surprise for clinton campaign how she's
6:27 am
responding after the fbi reopens its investigation into her e-mails.
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♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪
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♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ every little thing. dak and the cowboys shine in overtime leaving eagles fans asking what went wrong. a ten-point fourth quarter lead is not enough for the bird, who lose, in the overtime, and we have reaction to the loss this morning, a lot of people waking up, unhappy. >> i went to bed with the
6:30 am
ten-point lead and i woke up with a six-point loss. plus did you hear that sound? that is clock ticking, for septa workers, more than 5,000 could walk off the job if there is no deal by midnight, what it could mean for your commute tomorrow morning for sure. and 650,000 new e-mails lead to another investigation of hillary clinton and her private server where e-mails were found and how both campaigns are responding, just eight days before americans cast their vote. it is halloween, good day, it is october 31st, and we're going to go right to bob first, because we have breaking news. >> we have got that accident, good morning everybody. sky fox over the scene of the crash i told but last time around. look at this mangled car, at i-95 northbound between the broad street interchange and the walt whitman bridge. initial word went out that we had a car, a tow truck and a bus involved. all we see is what is left of
6:31 am
the mangled vehicle here, on i-95. now e ms crews were on the scene they took somebody out, right now though sky fox is over the northbound side and this is going to impact your trip if you are leaving the airport area coming north in toward the city. lets go to the maps. here is our live penndot camera, which you can see only left lane, getting on through. so already a backup northbound i-95. we are looking at 30 minute delays on septa's lansdale doylestown line paw of power problems, this morning. and there is that delay on i-95. it starts right around girard point double decker heading up in the accident scene and get your contingency plan ready to go think about it today, regional rails are only thing that will operate if the the strikings down later tonight. talk among your co-workers, figure out car pool, a cab, maybe uber for first time, we have got that old ten speed bike out of the garage, sue, hopefully we have a good forecast for the bikers.
6:32 am
let's hope they work it out. bus stop buddy is all red which his mummy king cut costume we are off to a breezy start with temperatures in the 40's and 50's. he is so excited about the costume parade at school, best part of the halloween as a little will kid. well, no, candy is best part. rain came through last night. we are left with chillier temperatures now that the cold front has cleared. 48 degrees in philadelphia. sunrise time is 7:29. we have to wait an hour now for sunrise, so the fright cast for trick or treating is spooky sunshine for today and then tonight, it will be clear, it won't be as windy as it is right now for trick or treating and temperatures will be in the creepy, 50's, as we head in the the night time hours. mike and alex, back to you. >> creepy. >> 6:32. in about 90 minutes negotiations will begin again
6:33 am
for septa and union employees. >> yeah, current contract expires midnight, tonight, and that could mean a bad morning for all of us here, lauren what is happening at sheraton center sit the eye. >> reporter: according to twitter the negotiations for resume at some point this morning. maybe they said around 6:00. i have been watching twitter feeds seeing if there are any updates but they met all weekend back and forth. no deal. but they are expected to try to get that deal to happen before midnight tonight because that is when current contract expires, both side have been talking since july about pensions, health care cost and coverage, and public safety and scheduling for drivers and train and trolley operators. who is caught in the mid until commute hours rely heavily to get around the city. we're talking about half mile people that use septa the tuesday morning some people could be relying on their plan b options if the the meetings today do not the go well. >> it the is bad, really bad.
6:34 am
>> it won't stop me from working but it helps me if the around but i'll have plans if they do go on strike. >> i really think because septa is only show in town that we should be in a situation, i do feel for the workers, every time, every few years they want something but we the public have have to suffer and that is wrong. >> reporter: yeah, it could be bad. shuttle will servicing plans for employees work for hospitals in university city, city itself, making contingency plans for its employees and school system says that they will keep a regular schedule, now hike you mentioned in the last live shot that people are worried about election day which is next tuesday? we're told some agencies and groups that are get out the vote groups are trying to get shuttle services established to help those voters get to the poles. >> something has got to be done. thanks, lauren f that is not bad enough news let's keep
6:35 am
it on you here. let's watch this one shore time. overtime dallas/cowboys. >> elliott the in the the backfield. press cot, knocked down, throws, wide opened, jason witt tone win the game. >> irritates me how wide opened he was, how easy, they had the ball fell in his hand. he didn't even to have work to get it. >> cowboys battled back from a ten-point deficit in the fourth quarter a lot of people went to bed when they were up by ten. woke up overtime loss lose by six. >> you know that feeling when you wake up, google, well, who won, who won. >> i dit every time. i get up and with one eye, i would go, come on,. >> please, please, please. >> lose the game, steve, what kind of reaction are you getting out there in pennsauken. >> they are saying eagles offense was a lot like the septa negotiations over weekend in the fourth quarter, it went no where.
6:36 am
good line from our wawa reactors here. last day to get gas under two dollars a gallon here at wawa. let's show you a fourth quarterly light courtesy of the running back when dell small wood rookie and rookie mistake. he gets one call. here's his first carry of the game not until the fourth quarter, maybe that wasn't a good idea from the coach and his hand, obviously cold, fumbles, gives cowboys enough good field position to get the a field goal to despite the a three and auto fence i have series. good hold by the defense but held them there a touchdown but that got cowboys within a touchdown. that had the score 23-16. you are starting to do match math in your head. that is not a good sign. you are thinking they are within a touchdown and this isn't looking good. it looks like it is going downhill. it eventually did go downhill all the way. they let that fourth quarter lead slip away. >> terrible. i think doug pederson did
6:37 am
terrible play calling, you have to start throwing deep ball. >> i thought we played great. the awesome chance to win right there. turnovers, you nose, a couple of costly penalty at the end of the daze cost us. >> we had game in hand with a ten-point lead you are not the supposed to lose. >> reporter: only good thing about that overtime was when they showed cutaway of jerry jones box, the gas tax governor from new jersey wasn't up there with his reddish sweater on, by the way, the eagles will be in new jersey for next game with the giants paying the higher gas tax with their team buses. finally a game on fox by the way. eagles have not been on fox much this year. >> trying to find a good head line, steve as you are talking there. marcus heyes he has been around for years and he said no reason to stop believing. he still believes. >> they are competitive. they are two fumble away from
6:38 am
being six-one themselves. >> and some dropped passes. >> why would you put a guy in who has not been in the whole game in the fourth quarter to run the game? when dell what is his face small wood, small wood indeed. >> it is difficult to catch a pig skin. it is difficult to catch a fat ball. that is you why get paid millions of dollars to do it. >> i can't do it. 99.9 percent of the people, watching the the show can't catch the football but they get paid to catch the football. so there is this dude for 49ers, torey smith, it looks like he might want to be an eagle and he has to do it, when is nfl deadline, 4:00 p.m. staff? >> i'm pretty sure it is today it is today. >> maybe he will come. >> but then we will have to knock off our other people. >> bounce somebody out of here. >> i've got a lights. >> any of them.
6:39 am
>> all of them. >> the election is a week from tomorrow. my goodness. eight days before the election and fbi in a fire storm surrounding hillary clinton and her e-mail use while she was secretary of state. the justice department has obtained a warrant, to search the computer believed to contain e-mails from clinton's top aid, huma aberdeen. agents found over 600,000 e-mails on a lap top they think was also eye former house representative anthony weiner, aberdeen's estranged husband. sources say those messages could be, could be, classified. ranking democrats are criticizing the fbi director for releasing this information so close to the election. in the letter, harry reid said james comey may have broken a federal law. senator citing the hatch act which bars governmental official from his using their position to influence an inn
6:40 am
election. what do the presidential nominees have to say about all this? well, thomas, tell us. >> good morning. hillary clinton continues to campaign, however, what she's not doing she's not addressing the fbi investigation, specifically. but you could read between the lines, during her speech to voters in south florida yesterday. >> no matter what is thrown at us we need to stay focused on our goal. >> we are calling on the fbi now that you have thrown this question mark letter out and already had back draft you have to put details out for american public to see instead of doing this kind of of, you know, big question mark right before the election. >> no major surprise donald trump is seizing the moment using clinton e-mail scandal to his advantage. he made it a key topic at his rallies in new mexico over the weekend. >> how do you have e-mails, what do you sit down and just keep typing. hey no wonder nothing gets done in our country.
6:41 am
this is the single biggest scandal since watergate. >> trump is stumping across michigan, the polls suggest this latest fbi revelation isn't changing voters mind. new york times poll has hillary clinton leading pennsylvania, 48-40. trump is ahead in florida by four points. north carolina the presidential race is a virtual tie but this october surprise, it is not really packing a major punch but could say closer to most expected. >> north carolina, trump has to have north carolina. >> he has to have florida as well. >> when this came out on friday, anthony weiner was trending, what are the odds that he would be the one. >> it is never good when a weiner is trending. a rare appearance on the campaign trail, by melania trump. >> she will deliver a speech on thursday in the suburbs of philadelphia although trump campaign has not released any
6:42 am
trump speech it will be melania's first campaign speech since the republican national convention. >> look at her there in cleveland. >> yeah. >> eagles fans stunned after cowboys battled back to defeat the bird in overtime. we will take a closer look at what went wrong. you might want to get on twitter right now and tell me what was the reason for the loss? is it the fumble? is it the the dropped passes. lay it the on he. we're not going to drop this subject. >> no, not at all. "in washington, if you don't have some independence, some backbone, you might as well not even be there." backbone?! pat toomey voted 7 times to defund planned parenthood. and when he didnít get his way, toomey threatened to shut down the federal government. now, toomey refuses to tell us whether he's voting for donald trump. but when he's in other parts of the state, toomey's said he wants to support him. pennsylvania just cant trust pat toomey.
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reason why these got on the air because they used the #fox 29 good day. >> and they're cute. >> well, some are cute. well that one is cute. >> that is monte g. >> momma g. >> yes. >> excuse he. >> i love monte g, he he comes through and he came through with that one. fantastic. >> hey, bob what are you going to be for halloween. >> i don't know, probably one of those -- >> you know. >> you know. >> you watch this show pj mask, they are characters, crime fighting characters. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. >> tights and a cape and a has being. >> sky fox over the scene of this accident at 6:45. northbound lanes of i-95 between broad street and the walt whitman bridge. a mangled, it looks like a chrysler sedan here, on the
6:46 am
northbound side of i-95, it happened about a half an hour ago. lets go to the ground shot from our penndot camera here. you can see only left lane getting through. if you every leaving delco, airport and heading north on i-95 delay begins around this girard point double decker and takes you right into that accident scene. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at the willow grove interchange and we're starting to see delays here on the schuylkill expressway, mike and alex, i like to say motorcade hadness. >> yeah, i know do you. >> check this costume. what a way to get kid involved. >> secret service, you have the president, in the wagon, which is underneath the covering there and of course septa's contingency plan we have the regional rails at the office talk among everybody, get that car pool lined up, cab, uber, get bike out of the garage because all eyes are on that negotiations table at midnight tonight 306789 minute delays at the moment on
6:47 am
septaes a lansdale doylestown line, and that is all due to power problems. of course, everybody will be out, we have got the school halloween parades, trick or treating tonight. what is the forecast going to be like sue, in 52nd. if only we could have kept yesterday's weather one more day with you the forecast for tonight isn't bad. there are bags ready to collect candy as temperatures will be in the 50's it will be clear and not as windy as right now. there are all of the storms come through yesterday, about five or 6:00 o'clock when they rolled through. very noisily, but now we're left with cooler, air. 48 degrees in philadelphia. forty-nine wilmington 506789 in wildwood. 36 degrees up in mount pocono. and wind are getting up there,
6:48 am
20 miles an hour, sustained, in philadelphia, we had 26 miles an hour wind gusts, and that is where we are this morning. we went well above our average high over weekend. we were at 57 friday and zoomed up to 69 on saturday and 79 degrees yesterday. we knew that wasn't going to last. fifty-eight today but bit of the warm trend back in the 70's by wednesday and thursday, and then things cool down again as we head into what will be mike and alex, the first weekend of november. 6:42. >> epic battle will for first place in the nfc east, back and forth game between eagles and cowboys. eagles have a chance to win, they had a ten-point lead but they blew it in the fourth quarter. >> blew it. >> they eventually fall to the cowboys in overtime. dak prescott, hitting this one for the game winner in dallas. >> here's the game winner.
6:49 am
>> i could have made this catch. standing by himself, jason witten. >> just hanging out. >> he didn't even have to move. >> the guy with the camera is closer to him then any eagle. so, dave uram is back he predict that the eagles would win by one. you had it right, it was tied at the end of the regulation but then we had a horse outside pooping on the dallas star did that work out did you get him to do that. >> it did, at 9:00 o'clock, like clockwork. >> okay. >> that was where we guarantied an eagles win. so lovely linda watching the game. >> dear alex. i blame you and fox completely for the eagles loss. y'all should dress like asses yourself with poop on your faces, thanks for the loss what a lovely sentiment. >> good morning to you to, linda. >> well, who is to blame. >> doug pederson is to blame.
6:50 am
>> the coach. >> doug pederson, it was his worst game so far this season. he didn't do anything right with the play calling. his decision making was weak. he wasn't aggressive like he was before. it was what we predict he would be passive, timid. >> he is what he said he would be. >> last night it showed. >> is this the most egregious play let a guy come in who hasn't touched a ball and give him the ball. >> when dell small woodies one of his, big mistakes had a carry the entire game, up ten points at that point trying to hold on to a lead and kill clock. >> why did he put him in. >> because it was one bad decision after another. >> there is no rational to why he put him in. he didn't have a good explanation. pederson didn't have a good explanation to anything last night. he seemed just as confused as we were in his post game press conference what about the wide receivers. >> wide receivers are bad too. >> six drops.
6:51 am
you you can do a better job catching the ball then the eagles. >> we have to to a better job. >> here's the thing torey smith there are rumors that the eagles are trying to get torey smith, talking to the 49ers. >> he is a wide receiver for 49ers who is better than any wide receiver on the the philadelphia eagles. he would make everybody on that offense much better. open up the feel. well, guess what. >> he might want to come to philadelphia, you know why. >> let's watch him catch a ball. >> we will see that offense. >> wide opened. >> but he goodies. >> agholor would drop that. >> did he drop a wide open. >> it would have been a touchdown. >> so trade deadline is tomorrow at what time is it, bob. >> 4:00 o'clock. >> tomorrow at the 4:00. he might want to come here, because he married, a plymouth white marsh young lady, look isn't she pretty. >> she's pretty. >> he is stylish. >> yeah. >> that is some incentive.
6:52 am
>> i think that howie roseman should call 49ers, howie roseman should do the deal. eagles started three-zero. when you start three-zero you should try to be a contender. you you are when you are three and zero. and if they want to remain contenders they have to do something. >> listen here wean i. >> if ryan matthews doesn't drop the ball, small wood didn't come up small, they could have won both of those games. >> they have lost three, winnable games, they lost three winnable games. matthew full many in detroit. if the defense would have showed up a lit allergens washington. >> they should be seven and zero. >> they should be. >> last friday when i did this to you we put up both rookie quarterbacks. we put up who will do better then the other one. ryan, to you still have stats from yesterday, here real quickly. so who had the better game. >> i heene in the end, prescott was one able to pull off win and perform down the stretch when wentz could not.
6:53 am
they had final two drives in the fourth quarter were three and out. went got sacked twice in the final drive. >> aggressive. >> in the end, prescott had better game but wentz still, is what 32 of 43, with six drops and no weapons around him. >> he had no help. >> he had no help. >> that is exactly right. >> in the end good teams figure out how to win and eagles didn't find a way to win. >> this could be so fast you you won't believe it. when coach pederson decided to punt and not try a 56-yard field goal. >> 53-yard feel gold after he made a 55-yard field goal at half time. i don't agree to his decision to punt. pederson was great the because he was aggressive and do things that just seemed, not normal but they do things that seemed to do things that were aggressive and he didn't do that last night. >> you would not have punted here. >> see you here next hour. >> lets talk about scary movies, is what your favorite halloween, horror film?
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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6:57 am
captain america, and the beast, happy halloween from jeremiah. >> so cute. >> thanks, stacy. >> don johnson says princess molly having a great time yesterday at the pumpkin patch yesterday at sesame place. >> all right. here we go. we have a septa strike, looming, and they are to make a deal by midnight, lauren. >> that is right they have to make that deal right here at sheraton in center city. they were here all weekend, hoping to make a deal between union and september, so commuters live are not affect. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself.
6:58 am
pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:00 am
bird dropping this dallas. what an overtime stink bomb. dak the dashes the hopes of eagles fans this overtime with a touchdown pass to a wide open, jason witten. a game eagles should have won, holding a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter. we will look at what went wrong. what to you think went wrong? how did we lose this game? hit us up on twitter. plus the clock is ticking for septa and its workers and for you, just hours left, until the deadline to reach a deal, if it is not met,


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