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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you know what that means. buses, trollies, subway lines all coming to a screeching halt. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. the threat of a strike has businesses, schools, hospitals scrambling to make some contingency plans. let's get out to brad sattin who is live in university city tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain, frayed nerves and angry people here right now. the clock is ticking. these negotiations actually... >> this kim packet more than 400,000 people. septa and the union have been negotiating all weekend long through the day today but the word as of right now is there is really no news. let's take to you some pictures from earlier today. strike would stop the subway lines, market frankford and broad street lines, stop the trollies around the city, the buses around the city. knauer it would not impact the norristown high speed line or suburban buses. in other words you can pretty much -- >> eventually they get it done but it's a matter of time when they get it done. cause a loft april convenience
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for lost people. >> reporter: how will it cause inconvenience for you? >> oh, man, boy, i ain't going to say that on camera. >> you're not real happy about. >> know it will cause me a lot of inconvenience. >> i'm active person y stay in the house. with the strike will keep me in the house. >> definitely looking -- hopefully they come up with an agreement before tonight. if not, who knows. >> reporter: septa really urging people to start planning for this. we do know the bike share program being expand. uber being expanded. contingency plans are being made for university city as well as for the school district. excused absences will be allowed so really a lot of planning is going into this but again negotiations continue to be underway at this hour. no real news to report. we will have more in about an hour from now. guys, back to you. >> so much to talk about. all right, thank much, brad. lots of hospitals and schools do have a contingency
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plan should septa workers strike. you can get all the breaking details on our website, you know it, fox prosecutors and defense lawyers in the bill cosby trial are staying busy tonight. high stakes pretrial hearings begin tomorrow. prosecutors in the sex assault trial are hoping to call 13 of about 60 of cosby's us a carry social security those lawyers say the comedian used his fame to be friend young women, knock them out with drugs and alcohol and sexually assaulted. his defense is hoping to poke holes in the argument and keal those women off the stand questioning their relevance and credibility. montgomery county judge will hear those pre-trial proceedings tomorrow the trial starts in june. in the bridge gate trial the defense made some bold statements about governor chris christie. bridget kell's attorney called the governor in his inner circles coward force not testifying against his client. the prosecutor then urged jurors to ignore those claims about christie. focus on the evidence against kelly and bill baroni instead.
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kelly testified she told christie about the lane closures a month before they happened and that she believed it was a traffic stutter. christie repeatedly denied those claims. jurors began deliberations today. happening right now, new charges against bucks county man cues evidence keeping a dozen girls in his home. prosecutors say there were even more victims who leonardo dicaprio plan sexually assaulted. police say some of those victims were young as six years old. fox 29's dave kinchen reports from feasterville with the latest on these new charges. >> reporter: the new charges were read to leonardo dicaprio plan via video arraignment. new charges in a case that the da has called despicable. five more alleged victims and more than a dozen new felony charges for 51-year-old leonardo dicaprio plan of bucks county. a man accused keeping 12 girls in his feasterville home for years. police tape still surrounds that house on old street road. >> unfortunately, this man had almost a feeding ground from which to choose his next victi
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victims. that's exactly what did he. >> reporter: detectives say the five new victims are all girls between eight and 17 years old and all sisters of 18-year-old woman. >> he essentially groomed them to believe he was a religious figure arc god like figure to whom they should summit. >> reporter: the affidavit of probable cause graphically describes kaplan raping and sexually assaulting the sisters over search years. >> one victim telling investigators kaplan saw the sisters as his wives and believed it was all part of god's plan. it's alleged that kaplan fathered to additional young girls with the 18-year-old who was just 14 at the time she gave birth. >> mr. kaplan was a friend and business associate of the six female's parents. >> dry da is talking about daniel and savilla lancaster county residents also facing charges. police say they gave the sisters
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to kaplan as a gift for helping them with their financial troubles. prosecutors also say the sexual assault started in lancaster in 2008 and carried over into bucks county. >> a judge added $1 million bail to the million already in place. >> in feasterville, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> turning to our weather now, crisp sunny day out there today. perfect day for parade. look at the kids and teachers at media elementary school marching around in their costumes for their annual halloween barb. i think chris o'connell's kids were out there. they look great. >> kathy, kids and adults alike want to know how things are going to be this halloween. so what's it going to be for trick or treating. >> it will be pretty nice out there. beautiful this morning for the halloween parade. ultimate doppler seeing a few clouds moving in. these are high clouds and they usually are an indication that tomorrow will be even warmer and that will be in the forecast. you can see the numbers right now. 39 in the poconos but elsewhere in the 50s. the winds go light.
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so that will not be an issue tonight. so for your little monsters those ghosts and goblins clear and cool 51. maybe another layer, sweatshirt, a fleece underneath the costume will be in order after the sun sets right about 6:00 o'clock tonight. then noticeably warmer for november. as the month begins tomorrow. a surge of warmth moving in from the southwest as temperatures go above average. not just mild but challenging records coming up this week. then more storms to bust the hit heat and cool end to the week and into the weekend this could be it the last warm up of the season. we'll take look with the seven day later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> enjoy while we can. thanks so much kathy. in delaware county car went a little too far into a garage. skyfox over dress they are circle in upper chichester around noon where dispatchers tell us the driver pulled into a garage and just kept on going right into the house. first responders rescued the
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driver who is not hurt. you decide 2016. the race for the white house once again coming to philadelphia. vice-president joe biden and house minority leader nancy pelosi set to speak in about 20 minutes at penn's landing. the clinton surrogates will deliver a keynote speech at the sheet metal union for democratic party event. also expected to speak about electing hillary clinton here in the battle ground state of pennsylvania where she remains ahead in most polls. the justice department just announced that we use all needed resources for a quick review of material just discovered related to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> election day of course is little more than a week away. polls they're tightening. fox's lauren blanchard has the latest from d.c. >> reporter: the renewed investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails is once again driving the conversation of the election. just eight days until voters head to the polls. democrats are criticizing the em balanced fbi director for announcing the fbi will take another look at clinton's use of her private e-mail server,
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donald trump is praising him and the department for its controversial decision. >> he's got to hang tough because there's a lot of, arc lot of people want him to do the wrong thing. what he did was the right thing. >> reporter: white house today saying president obama will continue to campaign for the democratic nominee despite the reopening of her case. >> those of hugh have been covering the president for while now know the president is somebody who is pretty even keal. there's no schedule change contemplated at all. >> reporter: meanwhile clinton is hard at work trying to change the conversation. telling voters at a campaign event in ohio earlier that americans don't want to talk about her e-mails. >> for those of you who are concerned about my using personal e-mail, i understand. and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> reporter: trump is hoping to use the latest scandal as way to sure up support in key swing
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states as well as states typically out of the reach for republicans like michigan where he spent most of his day campaigning. lauren blanchard, fox fuse. >> melania trump is dropping by our area making a rare public appearance on the campaign tra trail. thursday she'll speak in the burbs of philadelphia. no specifics as of yet. this will be her first campaign speech since the republican national convention. the race for pennsylvania senate seat remains neck and neck as the campaign enters its final week. today republican incumbent pat toomey stumped in north wales at the manufacturing company stream light. he spoke about taxes and his plan to keep jobs in pennsylvania. meanwhile democratic katie mcginty will also join biden and pelosi tonight at penn's landing. 400 blacker gee philadelphia just endorsed the democrat earlier today. tonight investigation continues into some possible election fraud in delaware county. it's a story you saw only on fox on friday. fox 29 has obtain the search warrant for field works llc on
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chester pike in norwood. the state police are looking for evidence of tampering with public records and the for profit company which registers voters. they want to look at all voter registration forms blank and completed ones. state police are also looking at how employees are being compensated to see if they had to reach quotas or got any bonuses. no specific candidate or campaign has been mentioned in connection with the investigation. the field works released a statement says in part "field works is now working with county officials to provide them with information on how program and applications they're investiga investigating. keeping in with our regular practice we'll work aggressiv ay with authorities to seek the prosecution of anyone involved in wrongdoing. >> your parents always told to you eat your veggies, right? now researchers are saying it's the thing to do if you want to stay young. which veggies you shall be piling into your grocery cart. if you fuel up in new jersey your time is running out to save a few bucks at the pump. how much time you've got left before gas tax hike goes into
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effect. >> robbers and burglars have been targeting them for far too long. the police and members of the asian community. >> the army teams up with a local company how the partnership will help put soldiers back to work.
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♪ police are looking for the man in many surveillance video accused of of robbing an elderly woman in ogontz. police say he had been doing repair work at the 83-year-old's home for several weeks and one daily your this month police say they got into a fight over payment. that's when police say the man attacked the woman and took 250
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bucks from her. if you recognize this guy, please call police. happening right now, a local immigrant community targeted by thieves and home invaders fighting back. >> they want answers and better police protect. >> the victims of a string of violent robberies that have many business owners frozen in fear. bruce gordon is live at city hall and heard heart-breaking stories today, bruce. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, some of the cities poorest neighborhoods these asian american owned corner stores and take out joints among the only business on the block and crime stats show this addition proportion natalie targeted by crooks who believe, a, that the business owners bring home with them lots of cash, b, they're less likely to report the thefts to police. the security camera footage is often grainy even blurry. but for those asian-american business owners targeted by thieves attacking their stores and homes, the memories are clear as can be. >> to even think about it comprehend someone come through your door while you're sleeping and your children there are with guns drawn yelling and screaming i can't imagine what these
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people go through. >> please protect us. >> members of the asian american community packed city council chambers to demand answers after 2015 rash of home invasion robbers and a string of store burglaries that morphed into home invasions this summer. >> this woman lives with her husband and two young children above their take out restaurant in the city's logan neighborhood. back in june, two masked men broke into their home put a gun in their faces, beat their daughter and robbed them of $7,000 in cash. >> during the first two weeks after the armed robbery my daughter couldn't sleep and cried every night. i ask her why she -- what she dreams about? she always cry and say, that masked man was coming up to me. so scary. >> reporter: other asian american crime victims say the robberies and home innovations are part of a broader pattern of a abuse in the neighborhoods where they do business. >> we're trying bleep go back to china and some people spit at
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us. this unfortunately events have created psychological scars in our daughters. >> reporter: many asian american crime victims are untoiling report incidents to philly police. fearing their pleas will be ignored if understood in the first place. >> the main reason is the language barrier. that they simply do not get language access at the point that they call the police and that is their number one fear and concern. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they do have interpreters on staff to make reporting easier butts frankly after hearing today's testimony, it's clear that whole process needs to be better and faster. iain some of those involved in these home invasion robberies have in fact been caught. purred but clearly the targeting of the asian-american community continues and more work must be done. >> absolutely. let's hope so, bruce. thank you. philadelphia police say it was a teenager who went on
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paintball shooting rampage in north philadelphia. prosecutors have charged a 16-year-old boy with aggravated assault and related charges. they say he shot people from a home on the 1500 block of west diamond street yesterday afternoon. two people reported it to police. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. police arrested that boy without any issues. three pennsylvania residents accused of trying to drive into new york city heavily armed all plead not guilty much police pulled 50-year-old john cramsey, 53-year-old dean smith and 29-year-old kimberly are a rant in june at the entrance of the holland tunnel. their truck had gun rights decals on it and contracted windshield. police found weapons including a rifle and a shotgun. their lawyers argued today that the search was illegal. they plan to file motions to suppress the evidence. all three, though, remain free on bail. it's not been a very good monday for lot of eagles fans because if you watch the game last night and it was on late against them boys you know why. the birds fell in overtime.
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fox 29's sean bell here to break it all down, sean. >> that was a tough loss to actually swallow last night. overtime loss to the cowboys well it kind of feels devastating. eagles fans would rather be dominated or blown out against the boys than to lose quite like that and they really out played the cowboys for most of the second half. eagles had 10-point lead twice in this game. jordan matthews touchdown made it 20-10 and they had 23-13 lead early in the fourth quarter but the offense just sort of stall stalled. dez bryant made amazing catch to push this thing to ot and jason witten would complete the entire come back and two out of three eagles losses they had fourth quarter leads and they just blew it. the guys have to figure a way out to finish. >> we just got to learn to finish bottom line. got to learn to finish. it comes down, when it comes down to that crunch time at the end of the game, i mean, we had opportunities to sack the quarterback let him out. we had opportunities to make plays on the ball.
5:19 pm
we didn't do it. >> license let those teams linger and hang on, you know, we know coming in here they're going to fight till the end. you know it will be a dog fight till the very end. you got to step on the gas when you have them in that position. >> just those late game learning situations. the things we could have done, um, going to go back and watch the tape. it's a lot of us and we got young team and just to lose like that in the fourth quarter when we had our opportunities we got to learn and kind of put them away when we can. >> let go of a golden opportunity and later in sports when the eagles wide receivers showed their frustration the wide outs have a ton of dropped balls. but they're not trying to hear it. lucy? >> all right, thanks very much sean. students at one bucks county school didn't have to go to the halloween store for costumes. all they had to do was look in the dictionary. teachers at school lane charter school in bensalem encouraged students to wear vocabulary words as costumes.
5:20 pm
the school says it's a way to promote literacy and encourage a little creativity. >> we like to put academic spin on so students get an opportunity to be exposed to some words that they may not know. to learn from each other. the parade just one part of it but activities that take place all day in the classroom as we well. >> more than 700 participated in the school's traditional halloween celebration. the man behind tesla got a new project that's got nothing to do with cars. what elan musk is making that he hopes will pop up in homes around your neighborhood. >> toyota is working on new way to unlock your ride. and get your end join going. a woman who had been missing for nearly a week located but getting her to safety wasn't an easy task. where that woman's car wound up. ♪
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keep on scratchin' in california unbelievable story of survival for one woman trapped in her overturned car for days. 69-year-old barbara mcpherson had been missing for nearly a week before police found her saturday night. her suv was dangling off a cliff
5:24 pm
in san bernardino mountains it is rugged out there. police found her after someone noticed her car and called for help. >> i got about 20 feet away from that car and my hair on my neck start to do stand up. she could barely lift her head and she just all i heard like ahh. >> she was out there for almost a week. it took rescue crews about an hour to stabilize her car before she could pull her to save team she's in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. new tonight a florida circuit judge ordered that the city of orlando release those audio recordings of the pulse nightclub gunman talking to dispatchers and negotiates. circuit judge schreiber says those could you tell us calls should be made public right away. the seat had previously shared a transcript of the calls. the judge did not rule however on whether 232, 911 calls made by victims should be released. she said she still got to listen to them first. 49 people died of course back in june when a gunman opened fire in the club. it is the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history.
5:25 pm
in colorado air force squadrons putting all that they've learned to the test. some of the nation's finest took part in the com applicants challenge. >> test their fitness and leadership and discipline. the competition kicked off at the combat search and rescue demonstration cadets watched first hand how to perform a rescue mission using two black hawk helicopters. they simulate admission to find, treat and get a downed airman to safety. >> biggest thing that cadets can take away from that team leadership and how important it is to really operate as squadron and as team. >> leaders say the two day military team challenge a way for to evaluate all 4,000 cade cadets. manhunt for accused killer is over. who investigators say lead police to a major clue that helped them track down their g guy. gas up in jersey time is running out for to you fill up with cheap gas. how long you have left to save some money at the pump. i forgot to do it, kathy. >> we'll have to run out during
5:26 pm
our dinner break. >> temperatures will be on the rise. you see all of that red? it's building from the southwest. so we're not talking about 60s. maybe talking about 70s. but challenging record warmth bi tchallenging record warmth 70's coming up when we come peni and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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if you want to save a few bucks you better do it by tomorrow. our steve keeley explains. >> reporter: the signs, they are a changing. >> it's going to be sad. i'm going to cry. >> drivers are schettering tears because new jersey's gas stations are shedding their under $2 a gallon prices late monday night after the clock strikes midnight. when the trick part of halloween comes from new jersey's politicians. there are 23 cents a gallon hike in the state gas tax. then to the one good thing many thought new jersey had going for it. the cheapest gas prices around. >> nostalgic thinking this is my last fill up under two bucks a gallon. >> a little bit. i'm going to come back and top it off before midnight tuesday. >> exactly. >> the way it works is, suppliers invoice gas stations with the new tax so the jump for a gas station like this one getting a big delivery in 8500-gallon tanker truck like this goes up $1,995. stations then recoup that from
5:30 pm
each driver. the politicians don't even miss a trick either. the gas stations then have to all measure how much gas is left in their underground tanks at midnight monday going into tuesday then pay the tax on the remaining gallons already delivered too. that money they say is supposed to all go to fix roads and bridges but many in the state upset that politicians last week were proposing using the money to extent the north jersey light rail line for billion of dollars with it. don't believe them. >> do you trust politicians to spend the new higher tack on the roads? >> no, not really. no. no. no. i don't trust none of them. they're all crook. >> reporter: and since she's among those not so trusting of the tax racers she's also no longer going to be among the 30% of out of state drivers that new jersey politicians say will pay the new gas tax. savings she says won't that big any more, and worth the bridge toll from philly. >> are you going in such a hur row to come over to jersey to
5:31 pm
fill up for now on if you know the deal isn't so good. >> probably not. >> reporter: 23 cents a gallon more adds up to $150 more a year for drivers getting 20 miles a gallon and driving 15,000 miles a year. and so as they watch the numbers spin on the pumps, and the numbers about to change on the signs, they're taking one last look at the one in these prices realizing it's something they may never ever see again. >> are you thinking maybe you might want to frame and save this receipt. >> i am. i'm going frame it and put it on my desk at work. >> reporter: i remember when gas was under $2 a gallon. >> see, this is it. this is what it once was. >> reporter: in pennsauken, waving bye-bye no these ones, too, steve keeley fox 29 news. >> sad about this. >> fox 29 wet authority now live look at wilmington, delaware, after some serious rain and clouds last night. the sunshine has been welcome and phyt beautiful sight on this monday. i'm wondering it will stick around. kathy has got for your full forecast is 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
>> yesterday we experienced some record warmth. today temperatures below avera average. the normal is 62 for this time of year. philadelphia the high 59. reading 55. 57 in ac. trenton 56. allentown 54. wilmington 68 degrees. that's on the warmer side. ultimate doppler showing some high clouds pulling in from the southwest. a sign that tomorrow will be warmer and indeed it will be. right now in center city philadelphia the temperature is 56 degrees. sunset at 5:59. so if you're ghosts and goblins are going aft 6:00 o'clock, the temperature is going to be falling very quickly. once that sun sets. winds out of the north at 8 miles an hour. and falling. so the wind will be light. 7:00 o'clock, 51. 8:00 o'clock, 48.
5:33 pm
by 9:00 o'clock, 46. with overnight low temperatures in the upper 30s and the lower 40s. national temperatures very impressive you see the yellow those are moderate temperatures. the oranges and the reds are warmth. so from tennessee to the south we're talking about temperatures in the 80s and this is all going to be pushing toward the northeast. raleigh already 69 today. so by tomorrow, new york, philadelphia, washington, will all be in the 60s. so we are going to watch as high pressure builds down from the north and as it continues to moderate and move offshore we'll get into a return flow. a warmer south wind tomorrow. then becoming southwest so that means for the next couple of days sunny, light winds and pretty mild temperatures going into the 70s actually by wednesday but the peak of the heat will move in on thursday. so thursday we have a surge of that warmth ahead of a cold front and it will be noticeably warmer. we'll be chasing some records. the record on thursday is 80 degrees. we will be very close. in the city overnight 41 the
5:34 pm
suburbs 35. clear an little creepy. cooling fast after 6:00 o'clock when that sun sets. tomorrow 62 mostly sunny. seasonably mild. easterly winds becoming southerly and remember that southerly southwesterly flow is a warm wind for us. as we take a look at that seven day forecast from your weather authority, we'll go day by day. tomorrow 62. 74 for wednesday. chasing that record thursday. the record 80 set back in 1990. and then afternoon showers some thunderstorms as well could be gusty just like last night. a few severe are possible. and then behind it look at this a20-degree temperature change from thursday afternoon to friday afternoon. so much cooler for the weekend. football weather for your saturday. 60 then by sunday cool the high temperature 57. by monday mostly sunny, a possibility of a sprinkle early. the temperature 54 degrees. so for near 80 possibly on thursday, back into the 50s and i'll tell you guys i don't know if we'll have another warmup after this one.
5:35 pm
it's already november. >> i know. i know, kathy. don't remind me. thanks. >> you bet. all right. coming up a local landmark with a long history a tracking loo looking for paranormal. we'll take look inside. and forget the key and key fab toyota is looking on new way to unlock your ride and get your engine going. >> globetrotters bring treats and treats to chop. the childhood nuisance the team is working to combat. most people owe the bank.
5:37 pm
but pat toomey actually owned a bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ traffic is moving again along interstate 95 after crash backed it all up for hours this morning. state police tell us three cars were involved in the northbound lanes right near the broad street exit. traffic backed up past the airport at one point in time dispatchers tell us medics took one person to the hospital. we do not know that person's condition. >> toyota testing a new wave getting in and out of the car. it's a new smart key box system let's drivers use their phone instead of a key to get in and start the car. automaker will test this new system in san francisco on the get around car sharing service.
5:39 pm
the phone use as blue tooth signal from the phone to start the car and toyota says if all goes well, it might use that same technology in japan for an unmanned car rental business that is in the work. you know tesla probably best for its electric cars but now the company just unveiled pretty amazing new solar energy products. ceo elan musk all about it integrated future of clean energy. new leucites rah products include four new solar roof panels and new power wall two which is a rechargeable battery you can mount on your wall. solar panels kick in power for the entire house if your power does go down. if a beer and burger sound like your idea of perfect meal this burger is probably right up your alley. fast food chain carl's injuries and hardy's just rolled out their beauty the budweiser beer cheeseburger. chain says the beer cheese sauce is made with cheddar cheese and you guessed it some beer. but if you're looking to get a
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ breaking news live look at south philadelphia. vice-president joe biden set to appear with house democratic leader nancy pelosi at any
5:44 pm
moment. they're at the jefferson jackson autumn event. this is the sheet metal work whole. whole lot of big named democrats there. politicians including candidate foment s senate katie mcginty. government officials in italy working to find housing for thousands displaced by those powerful earthquake. they happened yesterday morning in the country central mountainous region. 6.6 magnitude quake luckily has not claimed any lives. but damage is widespread in some communities. as many as 15,000 people were forced from their homes. parts of italy are still recovering from august earthquake that left nearly 300 people dead. police originally thought it was murder suicide but now a new story is unfolding in kansas much police say someone targeted the three people they found shot to death. >> it's a mystery that has the community very much very nervous. police say a woman in a car called police she saw bodies on a driveway in rural central kansas. the sheriff says the victims
5:45 pm
were 37-year-old woman and two men one, 33, 152. police saw an 18 month old baby inside the home uninjured. >> baby is fine. very upset. one of the deputes showed up they could hear the baby screaming much the baby has been in the house that whole time. >> so far police have not made any arrests but say they're looking for one particular maroon car. the baby police found is now with family. week long manhunt no oklahoma for michael dale vanc, jr. ends in a fatal shall yacht. trooper shot and killed him late last night during a fierce gun battle. he was wanted for a string violent crimes across the state including two relatives and shooting three officers. oklahoma highway patrol plans to release video of the shootout. police say a tip from a farmer led them to the suspected kill killer. they found him in a camp site where they believe he had been hiding out. >> a farmer discovered a vehicle in this field.
5:46 pm
vehicle came very close to matching the description of the vehicle we've been looking for suspect vehicle. that's what caused to us come together tonight. the sheriff' office and local department here and our troopers had the area secured down fairly quickly. >> sheriff shot during that shootout is out of surgery and is expected to recover. happening right now, success in the two week old fight for mosul. iraqi forces reach the outskirts of the city what ask expected to be a long and hard battle. little information on mosul for you. it was strong hold of iraqi christians. many lived there for many years isis had control over it for many years now. the u.s. is helping iraqi fighters take it back. fox's benjamin hall has the story. >> reporter: iraqi forces gaining grounds to the east of mosul. local troops there taking control of a village outside the city. taking heavy fire as they move closer to the isis held area.
5:47 pm
>> translator: we will close in on dash from all angles gone willing we'll cut the snake's head. 33 no way out and no way to escape. they have no choice. either they surrender or die. >> reporter: isis in control of mosul for more than two yea years. the ss milt m tale err estimates three to 5,000 isis fighters are inside city limits. 15 to 2500 more are believed to be outside iraq's second largest city. while it is the iraqis who are fight to go out of the isis from their last major strong hold here, the u.s. is backing them every step of the way. >> we continue to see reports that isil is forcing civilians to act as human shields in play didn't disregard for their satisfy tee. coalition will continue to conduct this campaign with an eye toward protecting the innocent lives isil is putting at risk. >> reporter: meanwhile, we were able to gain access to the newly liberated town. men lining up to get their haircut and beards shaven which was forbidden under isis rule.
5:48 pm
but that freedom might still be a long way off for the million plus civilians still living in mosul city. it may be weeks if not months before the city is liberate libd benjamin hall, fox news. in your health tonight, do you want to stay young. >> there's vegetable that could help you with that. >> it is broccoli. it may just hold the key. scientists from washington university school of medicine say the vegetable contains natural compound that slowed down normal aging in mice. of course, we're not mice. so further research needs to see if that translates into human beings. study authors noted brock cole system not one of your things you might try cucumbers or cabbage or something green. not easy being green but you might want to include it in your menu. >> four-year-old boy in florida decided to dress up as some thing and someone very special this halloween and that was his daddy. jadin harris is a sergeant in the air force been deployed for the past eight months. little boy wanted to look just
5:49 pm
like him to go trick or treating with his mom at a neighborhood event last week in gainsville. jadin just got more than whole bunch of canny. you saw what happened. love these thing. >> i didn't know what i was expecting. i thought he was coming here to pick him up from trick or treating. turn out to be whole lot more. >> jadin refused to let gov his dad's hand for the rest of the night just love that. his dad hopes this will be a halloween his son will never forget. the michigan woman who got in trouble with the law for drop kicking a cake at a super market was back in court today. tricia cortez pleaded no contest for taking a swing on a woman inside the store. a judge sentenced the suburban mom two years probation. woman she swiped at was in court today and she shared her opinion of cortez prior to being sentenced. >> i just want her to realize that she can't go around huring people and i think she thinks
5:50 pm
she's entitled to hurt people and i hope justice is done today and she does stop. >> cortez was sentenced to 300 hours of community service for that cake kicking incident. she's also completed anger management classes the judge said she took that punishment into account when sentencing h her. the rise of counterfeit drugs has the food and drug administration issuing warnings to doctors about what they're injecting into you. is it the real deal? if it's not, you can end up paying a steep price and not just money. tonight on fox 29 news at 10, the battle to count -- counterfeiters on the wild west of the worldwide web. the rise of fake fillers and drugs such as botox has manufacturers racing to make counter fit proof packages. doctors try to fix the fallout of what those count fits are doing to people. what to watch out for tonight at 10. >> a local historical landmark now destination for those loo looking to find paranormal activity. we'll go inside the spooky
5:51 pm
place. >> new at 6:00 o'clock, the globetrotters bring some tricks and treats to chop. they are battling something that a lot of kids have to dole with and we've got the story. and the army teams up with a local company. how the partnership will help put soldiers to work. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
5:53 pm
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jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, this is the final week to get our best offer ever. only from fios. >> pope francis in sweden
5:55 pm
bringing message of christian unity. he's in the country to mark a 500th anniversary of the' tow ant reformation he met with the swedish prime minister at the airport. the event recognizes martin luther's reformation splitting pros tastants from catholic in the 16th century. this is only the second time a pope has visited sweden. little spookiness now for you on this halloween. investigation in weather one well-known historical land narcotic our area is actual haunted. here's fox 29' photojournalist bill rohrer. >> population 300 soldiers. >> stories told at fort mifflin predate the american revolution. >> this is the half cocked position. >> some about 200 brave soldiers held the fort against the powerful british navy. others are about ghosts. >> sometimes there are sightin sightings. right around here. who has no face. you see the body. no face. >> reporter: fort mifflin is on every top haunted website in america. paranormal experts from all over
5:56 pm
come to investigate. >> you run into any kind of a disturbance. >> greg o'brien has been paranormal vest for 10 years. >> if anything comes close to it -- >> many encounters with a spirit name the judge. >> sightings of soldiers. there's screaming lady. >> reporter: together we investigate add few rooms. not much happened. a grown an few lights moved on investigating tools. but while shooting this story, full camera batteries that last all day, drained in minutes. greg told me spirits feed off the energy. >> my favorite ghost story that of the unknown tour guide. >> reporter: several guests told beth they encountered a soldier giving tours in the powder magazine. >> raoul see a shadow figure going back and forth. >> reporter: fort mifflin didn't have any tour guides working. >> only true stories that are experiences shared by visitors
5:57 pm
and staff alike where they experienced the same or similar spirit in the same location of the fort and then pass it all through the lense of our documented history and ask does it make sense? if it does, we'll share that story with the public. >> reporter: some guests don't realize they had an end count until they got home. check out this figure standing in the left corner. or this outline of soldier standing in the powder magazine. whether you believe the photos are real or not walk aig loan is a little creepy. in philadelphia, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. ♪ >> philadelphia is the best citing to trick or treating according to zillow the company does the rankings every year to find the best cities for your little monsters to score the most goo december in the shortest amount of time. philly has a lot of houses an lot of kids. they move up from 13 last year a loft those kids around 10 year old. cobbs creek by the way the best neighborhood followed by frankford and then logan. our good day crew really got into the halloween spirit today. >> yup, got all dressed up and had a halloween bash this
5:58 pm
morning with a bunch of our fox 29 viewers. >> let's warm this place up a little fire. >> yes. >> i like olympic torch. >> okay. >> can you bring the torch in young lady. >> these are our opening ceremonies. >> got the olympic torch. got the medals around the neck. manger rake was ryan lochte. bob kelly dressed up like michael phelps. alex holley was simone biles. fox 29 viewers got to vote online for their favorite costume and the winner is alex holley. ♪ >> new charges to night for a bucks county man accused of of fathering two kids with a teenager. >> this man had almost a feeding ground from which to choose his next victims. the gruesome allegations from prosecutors revealed what went on inside the home where they say a group of girls were held captive. immigrant community under siege in philadelphia. speaking out now tonight about criminals targeting them. what is making them easy prey.
5:59 pm
♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin at 6:00 with your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at center city tonight. after an unusually warm fall weekend it's a lot cooler today. bad news for the kids hitting the streets for halloween tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let owed he head over to meteorologist kathy orr tracking how low the temperatures are going to go, kathy. >> 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than yesterday at this time. take look at today's highs. plenty of sunshine but a cool start to the day. philadelphia topped off at 57. reading 55. ac57. and mid 50s in trenton and allentown. wilmington the high 57 degrees. we are going to see a big cool down sunset occurring right now and you can see those blue contours as temperatures to the north and west have already fallen to around 50. in reading and lancaster and pottstown. 47 in allentown and only 36 degrees in the poconos. along that i-95 corridor the
6:00 pm
cool air will be filtering in during the evening hours. for your ghosts and goblins it's going to be cool. this evening at 7:00 o'clock 51. and then pretty cool for your 8:00 o'clock hour. 48 degrees. by 9:00 o'clock, chilly, creepy, 46 degrees. as temperatures fall into the upper 30s and lower 40s overnight. then noticeably warmer for november as we begin the month tomorrow. a mild stretch as this pushes up from the southwest and temperatures soar well above average for this time of year. this could be our last major warmup of the season. it is november after all. so coming up we'll talk about challenging record warmth this week. more storms that could turn severe that will bust the heat and then a cool end to the week as we head into the weekend. remember, this weekend daylight savings time will end. it's back to standard time so what would you rather have, more sleep or more afternoon daylight? hmm. nothing ponder. i'll have that seven day forecast coming up later in the broadcast.


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