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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> not able to come to an agreement with septa so as of 12:01 we're officially on strike. >> this morning we have team coverage for what this means for your morning commute, latest on talks, we have got you covered. also, bill cosby, back in court later today. how his defense team is scrambling to keep his accusers off the stan. the clock has run out, oh, boy, the new jersey gas tax hike goes into effect and if you think you are only ones feeling pain at the pump think again, the other places that will to have charge more because of the hike. well, good tuesday morning, we have lots of news on this day, first day of november i'm karen hepp with thomas drayton good morning. >> good to have you with us, facebook users said it the best, it will be an interesting morning. we are following breaking news. as you know septa workers are officially on strike. >> we have team coverage on this one, we have of course bob kelly and steve keeley but we will begin this morning
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with, who is going first. >> i'll get first. >> thanks, bob. >> it is 5:00 o'clock on a tuesday morning but first lets begin with what is not running this morning. we have been talking about it for weeks now. the the talks broke town last night at midnight, septa hit picket line, here's is what not running. no services on the broad street subway. no service on the market frankford line. all of the city buses, trolleys, and trackless trolleys parked in the garage not operating this morning. what is running, this morning, you have the regional rails, all of the regional rails are operating, the norristown high speed line is operating but only to the end of the line, you do not have that city bus to take you in the city. suburban buses are running, however they are not going to cross over into the city line. cct connect which is your paratransit, senior citizens use that to go shopping, that is operating, however, i doubt very much they will be running shopping trips later on today.
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they will probably limit that to the paratransit and medical appointments only and lucy loop here in center city is running as well. now, have a contingency plan. i hope you thought about this i can't believe steve talk to a few folks that didn't even realize that septa was considering a strike. car pooling obviously a big option. cab, maybe giving uber a try for the first time. fire up the bicycle. check with your employer for not only flexible hours to void the crunch of the rush her but sit the has offered an employee shuttle. shuttle buses, free of charge, for city workers will run the exact same route as market frankford ape broad street subway line. all you have to do is show your city, employee badge and that shuttle will also be able to get access by folks coming down for jury duty, all you have to do is schedule for jury duty to day, courts, offices are opened, you you can use free shuttle supplied
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by the city, all you have to do is show your jury card and in order to get a ride on the shuttle services. the here's an update on some of the parking options. if you do not use september awe will feel crunch because follow thanks do use septa will obviously either drive or get another way in the the city. flat rate of ten dollars for ten hours at all if not all of the ppa parking garages. we have the locations for those garages up on our web site at fox so far so good on i-95, the schuylkill expressway, 476, not an issue. coming in from south jersey, you will have your normal commute up and over the ben franklin. patco high speed line is operating this morning. now how this is all going to shakedown in center city for that lets go out to steve keeley live out in front of the jefferson this morning.
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>> septa is on strike. the since we started "good day philadelphia", 21 years ago about, i have reported that, four times now. four strikes since we started this show, i am, chris stay on me, i'm 55 years old. septa is 53 years old. i have never gone on strike. just since i was a freshman in high school in 75, septa has had ten strikes. so this is something, my age group is used to. however, you never get used to a mass transit strike. i looked at old inquirer articles from the last strike in 09. it said that they started bad, and got bad and worse. that is what you can expect today. so what we have right now is a strike only about five hours old. they are still talking that is a good sign. other good sign is last two strikes in 05, 09, just six or seven days. the first strike during "good day philadelphia"'s reign in 1998, 40 days. so, there is the history that
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tells you what to expect, possibly, coming up. we have talk to willie brown after midnight and talk to a couple commuters after midnight already weren't happy. >> we're pretty farrah part. we're going to stay here and go upstairs and keep seeing if we can get it done, tonight but i'm not optimistic that we can. we have economic issues as far as pensions, you have health care, you also have things like i said, driver fatigue, we need to to something not to have our operators running down the street half asleep. most people they work from 9:00 to 5:00 adequate time to rest. my people don't do that. we have to fight for those rights. >> we're in the same spot waiting for bus and getting kick off the bus. they went on strike at 12:00 on the dot. i don't get home. >> they wait until last minute, and it is not fair for whole lot of people that has
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to take the bus home. but i will just change my shift tomorrow, turf go home and start working 8:00 to 4:00. god willing it don't last too long so we can all get to work because we cannot afford to be out of work. >> reporter: so here is the last bus we saw moving, just past midnight and notice above the windshield where they have the route and then suddenly driver flips off the sign and says out of service. he was driving back to the depot. got his passengers off and went on strike with everybody else. it could be a short one. it could be a long one. we have no indication. only good indication from willie brown, they are still talking, even though they are walking. thomas and karen. >> let's hope it is resolved quickly, lot of people waking up with anxiety this morning. steve, thank you. governor wolf released this statement regarding the septa strike...
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philadelphia mayor jim kenney also weighing in saying ... headache sure to stay tuned to fox 29 because mayor kenney will be joining us live on good day at 8:00 o'clock. meanwhile ride sharing services uber is looking to cash in. the company has announced it will expand the uber pool service which allows customers to share their rides with fellow passengers, traveling to nearby locations, that is starting to day. uber pool will be available in new jersey, reading and
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southern parts of the delaware. we, of course, are staying on top of this. we will continue with live reports on the strike all morning long. you can also go to fox, where a guide on everything that you need to know just click seen on to tv. 5:08. we do need to get kid to school even though is there a strike. sue serio what are we putting the kid in this morning. >> you'll need a jacket this morning because it is a chilly one but we expect a nice recovery today we are giving you a ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers. buddy already has his lunch packed, it is national calzone day. so there you go. temperatures in the 30's and 40 as as we get started this morning. no cloud cover. that is why. there it is an empty bus stop right across the street from news olde city. 42 degrees right the now with a 5-mile an hour breeze. it no, sir as windy as yesterday. it is only 29 degrees in mount pocono. thirty in allentown. right above freezing in
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trenton. thirty-eight in wilmington. 39 degrees in wildwood. it is a cooler morning. we had our spooky sunshine as predict yesterday but below average temperature for your high, today, right where we're supposed to be with 62 degrees. sunset time is 5:58. we will have that seven day forecast, coming up. all right, thanks, sue. here's something else that is happening on this very busy day, can bill cosby's lawyers convince a why to drop those sexual assault charges against him. >> they will try again today in court in montgomery county where lauren johnson is joining us from the courthouse, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: that hearing scheduled for 9:00 a.m. here at montgomery county courthouse. the it is expected to last two days. it is his late's tempt to clear his name of the sexual assault charges. judge steven o'neill will hear a few specific arguments in the case, the first whether a deposition by cosby admit to go using drugs to give women for sex can be used at trial. another is whether prosecutors
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can actually bring up cosby's prior bad acts against a dozen other women. cosby, hoist expected to go to trial in june 2017 faces three sexual assault charges stemming from 2004 even counter with temple university employee andrea constand. she says that cosby drugged and assaulted her inside his montgomery county home. her story sound similar to that of five dozen others who have come forward accusing cosby of that exact same thing. prosecutors will argue in favor of allowing testimony from the other women to prove that cosby had a pattern of sexually assaulting women and many other cases statute of limitations is now over so cosby cannot be tried in those other states, karen and thomas. >> thanks very much, lauren. also happening today, drivers in new jersey, when you need to fuel up at gas pump you will be paying more. after nearly 30 years without a gas tax hike new jersey law make's proved that 23 cents increase, and that will bring
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total to 37 cents per gallon. lawmakers needed to do it to fix roads, bridges and supporters say it is needed because of the transportation fund that is out of money so that goes into effect today. uber is saying it will hike its price for riders in new jersey because of the gas tax increase that will cost them more so they are passing it along. the uber will add two cents per mile fee to fares to help drivers pay for gas. new jersey once had the secondlyes gas tax in the country. we are covering breaking news septa workers are officially on strike. >> all morning long we will keep you covered. we have team coverage of everything you need to know before you head out the door. plus, look at these cars, left in local community remember the zodiac killer. was this just a halloween prank? why police say it is just not funny.
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november 1st, 5:14 and the the city is, kind of a cloud here with the septa strike. here's a live look at the sky line coming from south jersey, this problems here up and over ben franklin bridge. we have a live lot torresdale and harbison neighborhood streets will start to see that impact with the septa strike. the let's bring in from septa headquarters heather redfern, heather, good morning. >> good morning, bob. >> tell our viewers what is not running this morning. >> any of our city transit
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services, so market frankford line, broad street line, any city bus routes, and the trolley routes ten, 11, 13, 15, 34, and 36. >> basically you have everything within the city limits that is not operating but what is running this morning. >> our regional rail is operating, norristown high speed line trolley routes 101, 102, lucy which is through university city, routes 310 which is horsham breeze and 204, 205 and then cct is operating. anybody has a cct appointment, they, cct is running today. >> let me ask you cct typically when we see snowstorms and what have have you, paratransit will be only limited to doctors appointments. is that the case so far for this morning or if you had a doctor appointment or a mall shopping trip planned will you honor all have of that today. >> regular service is up and running for crt.
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we do dialysis only in weather emergency but this is regular service. there may be some delays as traffic will be a lot heavier then normal willal but regular service for cct appointment. >> okay, great. with the regional rails expect overcrowding. you told me yesterday you were making tweaks to have some express trains, tell me about that. >> we did add several trains across our regional rail lines, and the timetable, the times for those trains are up on our web site and contingency plans. then also our other trains are printed on the timetables. >> what is the game plan, what is going on down there at septa headquarters. >> we are here, we are monitoring the situation and we're ready to go back to the negotiating table. >> all right. thanks very much. heather redfern from septa, we will check with heather throughout the morning. if you are going to be driving in the city, make sure you have a contingency plan, car pool, cab, maybe using uber for first time. check with your employer for
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flex hours, maybe come in later, leave a little will later to adjust yourself to stay out of the crunch time, you may remember the strike back in 09, the rush hours were just ridiculous. and then employee shuttles, something that the city offered for city employees, buses will run, the exact same route as both market frankford and the broad street subway. you just to have show your city id, in order to get that free ride on the shuttle. now that shuttle service can also be used by any of the city employees or anyone, coming in for jury duty to day, again, the city is opened for business. our philadelphia public schools are opened, today, and the catholic elementary and high schools archdiocese schools, they were already scheduled off for a holiday, it is all saints day to day. if you every coming in the city here is a couple parking options for you. there will be a flat rate of ten dollars for ten hours put in effect at select p pa
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parking garages. we have a list of those select garages on our web site at fox 29 to the come, so far, so good right now again, the schuylkill, i-95, blue route, not seeing any major delays but it will get worse before it the gets better but we don't have any issues over the bridge. sue, for folks standing outside trying to find alternate means what is the forecast looking like today. >> waiting for a ride make sure you have a jacket on because it is a chilly one. it is only tuesday but we are looking ahead to the weekend because this is when we fall back our time changes overnight saturday into sunday. sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. it will become 1:00 a.m. it happens this weekend. that is what you have to deal with on sunday when we are not on time and, temperatures, and starting to day, with normal temperatures but thanks to high pressure in control, we have a warming trend on the the way at least for wednesday and thursday before things cool off again.
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right now these are the chillier temperatures we're talking about. 42 degrees in the city. twenty-nine in the mountains. thirty-three in trenton. wilmington delaware we are walking out the door to 38 degrees. it is not as windy as yesterday but it is a chilly start. we are going to 62 degrees later on and 10 degrees tomorrow to 72. mid to upper 70's on thursday, the record for thursday is 80, probably won't make it there but do prepare for a chillier weekend ahead. >> you are the bright spot this morning. >> weather is only good thing i think. >> 5:19. lets check the other top stories we are following this morning, residents wake up to creepy notes on their cars, park in fishtown. sinister word written by serial killer known as zodiac killer. letters were found on two street, police are investigating as a mischievous halloween prank. someone placed them on several windshield on york and sabina
5:20 am
streets early sunday morning. officers say they are copies of the 1907's letter from the zodiac killer in the san francisco bay area which put symbols and threat against school children. local pastor dan roth recognized the author right away and thought police should know. >> it looked funny. i grab one and looked at it and recognized it right away as a copy of something from the zodiac killer from back in the 70's, it contains some stuff that is kind of threatening, so i figure it would be a wise thing to contact the police and let them know about it. >> no other letters turned up in the area, police determined it wasn't anything serious, no one was in danger, that it was just a prank. updating the three pennsylvania residents who were accused of trying to drive-in to new york city, heavily arm. they have all pleaded not guilty. police pulled over 50 year-old john ramsey, five three-year old dean smith and 29 year-old kimberly brent, back in june, at entrance of the holland
5:21 am
tunnel. now their truck had gun rights decals on it and cracked windshield. when police looked they found weapons, including a rifle and shotgun. their lawyers argued that the search was illegal and they plan to file motion toss suppress that evidence, all three are free, on bail. philadelphia police say it was a teenager who went on a paint ball shooting rampage in north philadelphia prosecutors have charged a 16 year-old boy with aggravated assault and related charges. they say he shot the paint ball gun from a home on the 1500 block of west diamond street, sunday afternoon. two people reported it to police, fortunately nobody was seriously injured. police arrested that boy without the any issues. 5:21. we are on top of the breaking news that will affect basically everybody with traffic backups and tie ups. septa union workers have decided to go out on strike. they are on the picket lines, they did not reach an agreement last night. this will affect not the just your way to work but how your
5:22 am
children are getting to school in the city of philadelphia, they will go to the the public schools and then the ride home as well. so we have you covered on all of those front. >> certainly do. maybe some good news if you want to check lottery numbers here they are, good luck, we will be right back.
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we have a developing story right the now we know three people have died and several others were injured after a
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car hit a flatbed trailer, carrying adults and children on a halloween ride. this is not in our area but in mississippi. police say these children and one adult were related, and they were killed in the crash happening in the town 80 miles east of jackson. other people involved in this crash did suffer life threatening injuries and we're getting details in right now and we will bring them to you as they are coming in. 5:25. top money stories this morning, it appears wells fargo is on a roll, legal one. it has agreed to pay 50 million-dollar in a new settlement, this time to banking giant is accused of over charging homeowners for appraisal fees. those fees are typically 30 toll air or less but wells fargo was charging at least three times that amount. the fees were often times listed as other charges. spokesperson says they insist that the bank did nothing wrong but that the the company wants to avoid a long litigation process. the this news comes almost two months after another major scandallal at wells far gore
5:26 am
where bank employees opened up millions of phony accounts without customer position to boost their sales number. another sign of the times, holiday, halloween is over by just hours and we are thinking ahead to the holiday season, including star bucks, here's a sneak peak of the cup that will come out for the holidays. there was one anonymous barista who posted the cups. the cups will be featured with the holiday branches, and it is different from the plane red cup of last season that got criticism because people thought it wasn't holiday enough. that he is will be coming out on november 10th. >> nothing christmas decorations are already out at the stores. i have a neighbor down the street who has christmas trees, ape lights outside. >> too soon. >> little too soon. >> wait until thanksgiving. this is something that is happening right now but we know septa strike, workers have gone out. this will affect all of us. >> city buses, subways, trolleys, in longer carrying passengers after local union
5:27 am
decided to go on strike. this morning we have team coverage of what you need to know before you head out the door, we will be right back. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i
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forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. septa is on strike. many of to find a different way to get to work. the kid still to have get to school now that the union leaders have decided to walk
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out. >> it is a challenging morning. plus bill cosby heading back to the courtroom later today as defense attorneys trying to get the judge not to allow the accusers on the stand. we're also patient more at the pump this morning this new jersey waking tup that but garden state now officially feeling the effects of that new gas tax hike. >> dealing with quite a bit this morning. i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp. it is tuesday, in first. we're starting a new month with a strike. we are following that breaking news this morning. all eyes on septa workers and picket lines. >> we could not come to an agreement on simple things as far as bathroom breaks, lunchtime for operators, scheduling, operate the or fatigue, things of that sort. we could not come to any agreement. we will strike as of right the thousand. >> workers hit the picket line just after the announcement it was made. now get ready for a messy morning commute. >> we have live team coverage this morning. we have steve keeley over live
5:31 am
at jefferson station but we will begin with bob kelly and bob, i saw the city activated they're mergecy operation center as well. >> exactly. all hand are on deck except on all hand behind the wheels. as we mentioned septa strike is underway here this morning. first, lets begin with what is not running this morning. not operating the broad street subway. the market frankford line. those city buses, trolleys, no trackless trolleys. the basically anything within the city limits is not operating this morning, what is running this morning you have to have an option to use any regional rail lines from the suburbs in towards the city, norristown high speed line is operating, the suburban buses are operating, however there is suburban buses are not going to come inside of the city limits. cct connect which in other words that is paratransit system, we have talk to septa, that is operating and by appointment only. anyone who has an appointment for say a doctor's appointment or a trip today, that will be
5:32 am
honored, expect delays, because again, the paratransit vehicles are going to have to navigate congestion, the extra congestion, that we're all going to have to deal with and lucy loop also operating, today. now lets go to my maps here if you are driving we are expecting to see heavy, increase in vehicle traffic, coming into the city on our major roadways and even throughout the city, parking options for will folks, a flat rate of ten dollars for ten hours is being implemented at select ppa parking garages here in center city. we have a list of those locations up at fox we have a contingency plan, a car pool maybe talking to others in the office, a cab, if you haven't tried uber or lyft it is good day to do so. fire up ten speed bike, check with your employer for flex hours, give you an opportunity to come in later, anyone who remembers strikes from back in 05 and 09, if you can avoid
5:33 am
rush hours you have a better opportunity to at least breathe and get there without going along with the masses. and the employee shuttles for example the city of philadelphia has offered an employee shuttle, buses will be running the exact same route at market frankford and broad street subway. if you work for the city all you have to do is show your city id. if you are coming into town for jury duty just show your junior or card and get a ride into downtown. the city services, everything is opened, philadelphia public schools, they are opened and kid are expect to be in class. we will get a little bit of the break because it is all saints day november 1st, so all catholic archdiocese schools already had a scheduled day off. coming in from new jersey in problems or delays at all but we are starting to see beginning of the morning rush hour, there on the freeway, here's a live look leaving south philadelphia, again, expect grid lock to start to take over the schuylkill, i-95 and streets in the city. the lets toss it out to a
5:34 am
fellow who probably covered one or two more strikes then i have in my day steve keeley live out front of the jefferson station. steve, back over to you. >> reporter: i lived at sixth street right behind independent hall, washington square during the last strike and i used to take septa i didn't have a car back then. i will show you a tricky learn. do you see this bus coming? only bus on the road are new jersey transit buses. they come over bridge and they all stop at sixth ape federal. then they go through center city picking up people. if you are commuting from olde city, you can jump on a new jersey transit bus and get into places around city hall and check new jersey transit schedule and they have plenty of stops. they go all the way up to cherry street all around archdiocese f you ride septa from say olde city or touristareas and go in center sit the eye for a short ride is there an alternative courtesy of my little history with septa and strikes.
5:35 am
ten strikes since 1975. that sound like a lot. can you imagine if we had ten super bowl wins since 57 or ten world series wins, wow. septa headquarters here you can bet, even though it is empty right the now there will be picket signs ape picketers out there later. by the way if you are not noticing this makes two mornings in the the row philadelphians are waking up with bad news. we had eagles late overtime loss yesterday close to midnight and then septa on strike at midnight. halloween need, cinderella story as all of those stories septa buses turn into pumpkins at midnight. here's willie brown and some commuters we talk to since the strike started. >> we have a few very minor things we agreed upon. those issues we could not come to an agreement on. we have conceded. we have been working at this for two years. the thing that gets me the most when you you consider pensions, you asked about the pensions we're not being greedy. i think septa slapped the
5:36 am
public in the face and taxpayers when they told you they will do pension reform. what they did was line their pockets. we found money, here's the money. how do you do pension reform but yet you give yourself, a $500 a month up to a you this dollars a month increase. the that is thiefry. >> i think it is crazy, i really think it is nuts because people, we all use septa system. 800 i believe early almost a million people are affected in this and i really think they need to actually come back on and resume rail service because this is really crazy, it is jussie don't understand why they always need to go on strike because this affect is a lot of people that need to travel to work. they need to go to doctor's offices. they need to go to schools, et cetera. >> i work every day, i work two jobs, i don't know how i get to work tomorrow. it is, what it is. but it will affect everybody out working to pay bills.
5:37 am
>> a lot of people affect, life goes on here. steve keeley following very latest. he will have live updates the throughout the morning. we are staying on top of this one. we will bring you live reports on the strike, you can also get the very latest fox 29 to the come. we have a guide with everything that you need to know, about the service stops just click seen on tv. it is 5:37. after a all that candy i need something hot, gooey, maybe sauce inside. >> substantial, right. it is national calzone day and we are here to fix you up. that is lunch today, i think, and it is a chilly start this morning if you want to go for breakfast one. temperatures in the the 30's or 40's, because of these clear skies here chillier then they were on halloween morning and as we look at the philadelphia temperatures only 42 degrees, not much breeze and sunrise isn't official until 7:30 this morning. 29 degrees in the mountains. thirty-four in reading. trenton has 33. thirty-eight in wilmington.
5:38 am
39 degrees in wildwood, again, not as windy but it is chilly so if you are waiting for somebody to give you a ride to work maybe today make sure you have a jacket on. 57 degrees is what we got to yesterday for halloween and that spooky sunshine. today seasonal high temperature of 62 degrees, mostly sunny skies, a few clouds here and there. your sunset time 5:58. we will see how long a warming trend last in the seven day forecast just ahead, thomas and karen. >> thanks, very much sue. so much more news still happening today. drivers in new jersey even if you are just passing through and need to fuel up at the gas pump you will be paying more. after 30 years without a gas tax hike new jersey law make's proved that 23 cents increase bringing the total now to 37 cents per gallon in taxes. lawmakers say it is going to be used to help improve the road and the bridges. the supporters say the hike is desperately needed because state transportation fund is outs of money. 5:38. we are following breaking news happening overnight and this
5:39 am
morning septa union workers decide to go hit picket line after failing to reach a contract agreement. a break down of how this is affecting you next.
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end of the game, we had opportunities to sack the quarterback, let him out. we had opportunities to make plays on the ball. we didn't do it. >> making a move before trade deadline it is a head much quarter. they traded their linebacker jamie collins for a late round draft pick and collins, going from the best team in the league, to the worse team in the league. ouch. college hoops, ap preseason, ranking, came out and they disrespected villanova they ranked them number four in the country after they are bringing back most of their guys from that championship team. you know those guys will use that as motivation. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. to smell two body washes and pick their favorite- i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day! but what was body wash a? ohhhh, i love bath and body works! and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh... this is suave! really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave, three fragrances preferred
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over bath and body works now twice as much smelling good. buy one get one free with a coupon in sunday's paper. we're looking live, at i-95, gap, right here that market frankford syringe garden street station with the septa strike, all of the trains are dark, the stations are locked up and no service within the city limits. we are seeing extra volume coming in the city here jammed up on the vine street expressway, crossing town, these folks here trying to get into the 30th street station, again, regional rail lines are your one option, probably your only good option right now as far as railroads. what is running, today, are the regional rail lines. the norristown high seed line, the suburban buses, outside
5:46 am
the city, they are on a separate contract. that is why they are operate to go day. trolley routes 101, 102 are operating, cct, paratransit, anybody who has a schedule for maybe a doctor appointment or a shopping trip, that will be honored if it was already prescheduled but remember these paratransit vehicles have to sit in the traffic grid locked that will occur later today with the septa strike and lucy loop operating in university city. what is not running today is none of the city buses or trolleys, in market frankford line service and this broad street subway service. there are parking options that the ppa put in effect, flat rate ten bucks for ten hours, you cannot beat that at select garage is here in center city. we have list of those select garages on our web site at fox, have a contingency plan, anyone who has lived through other strikes like i have in 05, last one in 09 was
5:47 am
a rough one, day one was rough, day two was worse. get a car pool plan together. think about the options, cab, uber, lyft, here's an opportunity to try new services today. maybe the bike. check with the employer or flex hours and check with your employer about shuttle services. if your company is big enough they probably had heatings on how to get their employees into the building. for example the city of philadelphia has an employee shuttle service that will run the exact same route as the market frankford and broad street subway. at least gets everybody a chance to get to that main route there, show your city id and you have a free ride up and down both broad street subway and market frankford lines. if you have jury duty to take you can use that free city employee shuttle by just showing your juror card. city of philadelphia, jurors, courts, everything is opened. philadelphia public schools are opened today, and kids are expect to be in class, sorry
5:48 am
kid, however, the archdiocese catholic schools they are closed to day, all saints day, so that was a holiday was already on the calendar. we are seeing volume pop here through king of prussia, no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, but what is the forecast looking like for anyone that is heading out front door in the moment? sueby has tonight 15 seconds clear case mean a chilly start to the day. temperatures are lower then they were yesterday when we got started on, halloween but wind are not the as high, so maybe it is a wash but it is a jacket kind of morning for sure. looking at future cast plenty of sun behind today and tomorrow which is wednesday. now we will jump ahead to thursday and we will see some rain rolling in maybe even some thunderstorms, not unlike
5:49 am
what happened on sunday ushering in first a warm front and then coal front and cooler temperatures as we head in the weekend. that is your precipitation situation as we go through the next couple days. 42 degrees in philadelphia, 29 in mount pocono. it is 42 this dover, delaware. only 38 in wilmington. thirty-nine in wildwood and wind are not as much of an issue as they were 24 hours ago. the lets get to that seven day forecast, an a nation warm up. sixty-two today but 72 tomorrow. before the rain comes we will get in the mid to upper 70's on thursday, back to a chill on friday, and then don't forget as we head into the 60's over weekend this is time change weekend, guys, we will tall back an hour sat the day night. >> all right, sue, thank you. quite a change there. 5:49. let take a look at other top stories we are following at this hour. bridge gate trial begins two of governor christie's allies is in the hand of the jury. jurors began brief deliberations late yesterday
5:50 am
afternoon after attorneys wrapped out closing arguments. they are expect to continue this morning. bridget kelly and bridge appointe bill baroni are charge with scheming to punish a democratic mayor who didn't endorse the republican governor. they face counts including conspiracy, wire fraud ape misusing property of the port authority of new york and new jersey. that is agency that operates george washington bridge. the christie was not charged. there is three pennsylvania residents accused of trying to drive-in to new york city heavily armed, and all just pleaded not guilty. police pulled over 50 year-old john ramsey, five three-year old dean smith, and also 29 year-old kimberly rent, back in june at entrance of the holland tunnel. truck had gun rights decals on it and cracked windshield. police found weapons, including a rifle, a shotgun, the lawyers, argued yesterday that search was illegal and they plan to file motions to suppress that evidence, all three are free, on bail.
5:51 am
philadelphia police say it was a teenager who went on a paint ball shooting rampage in north philadelphia prosecutors charge a 16 year-old boy with aggravated assault and related charges. they say he shot paint ball gun from the home on the 1500 block of west diamond street sunday afternoon. two people reported it to police, fortunate thely nobody was seriously injured. police arrested that bye without the any issues. all right. your money news, many americans are planning to start their holiday shopping after the presidential election. >> can't believe it that is time. >> according to survey by national the retail federation, more than a quarter say election will impact their spending plans, experts say retailers should rare for a rush of consumers in the weeks following the election. americans plan to spend an average of $936, i don't know how they get that figure but they do during this holiday shopping season. >> my head hurts thinking about it. if you like red wine and hot chocolate let's mix them up together.
5:52 am
wait until you see this drink. headache you tiehl all warm and busy. it is called red wine hot cocoa. so lets give you directions. mix your favorite red wine, cocoa powder, milk, sugar, a little salt in the small sauce pan and bring it to the a boil reduce it a bit, keep stirring it, so it does not burn and cool it. mixture to your desired temperature and tap it with whipped cream. >> sound good with all of the breaking news this morning. probably thinking something stronger though then red wine. >> red wine? i have got another good one for you this one is a bride showing true love for her grandfather, so cute, this is all over facebook and social media, the bride's name is jennifer griffin and her eight five-year old grandfather stanley first asked to be her flower grand pop, so started as a joke. she said you know what let's do it. >> that is cute. >> whole crowd shared as he threw pedals as fairy grand pop down aisles and he was happy to be part of her big
5:53 am
day. look at how cute. he thought attention was hilarious. beer and murder sound -- beer and burger sound like your great meal. carlos's hardees says this sauce is made with cheddar cheese and you guessed it, beer. >> um-hmm. >> if you are looking to get a buzz off this burger, look elsewhere because all of the alcohol is cook off during the process of making that burger. they have good burgers. >> yes, they do good hard to to find a restaurant in this area. >> people tweeted them present, thank you for that. we a rebater that. our good day viewers letting us know where they are. we have to keep an eye on what is happening because this is breaking news situation that we have with septa right now. they did walk off the job. they are on strike right now so you have to find a different way to get to work and if that is how you come in they hit picket lines. we will give you everything you need to know they have reduced rates in the parking lots, if you are driving, car
tv-commercial tv-commercial
5:54 am
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welcome back. it was a halloween-like to other at the white house. the first couple leading a flash mob getting down to michael jackson's thriller.
5:57 am
earlier obama's gave out canned toy thousands of d.c. school kid on the white house lawn. president told opportunity they could disregard michelle's lesson or healthy eating for just this one day. all morning long we have been following breaking news after workers deciding to go on strike and now many people are without a way to get to work and school but don't worry, we have covered on how to get around this mess, it is going to be quite the morning commute but we have you covered stay with us.
5:58 am
this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
5:59 am
6:00 am
we are unable to come to an agreement with septa so as of 12:01 we are officially on strike. >> we're on strike officially. commuter nightmare or a morning hair, day mayor, right now, as more than 5,000 septa workers are officially on strike, details on what is running, what is not running and what your options are to get to school and to work. today the day of of cheap gas in new jersey is a thing of the past, new gas taxis now in effect, what it could mean for your wallet. plus a big day an important hearing in the bill cosby case, evidence a judge will be asked to decide on, in his pretrial hearing, today, here we go again. ♪


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