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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the job. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. workers are holding out for better deal, of course. we have team coverage tonight. chris o'connell talking with commuters about the impact of the strike on their routine. dave kinchen outside the sheraton where negotiates are trying to hammer out that deal. >> let's start with you, dave. some hints of some progress. >> reporter: yes, some interesting progress. we got a word from congressman bob brady usually in on these negotiations especially when things are pretty slow. he says that things are moving along and that both sides are close to deal. let's go to some video right now. we can tell you congressman bob brady tells us that he personally feels good about where things are. he says that this was of course much more encouraging than what the union had told us the transport workers union told us before 5:00 o'clock. a source with the union telling us that septa is offering them quote quarter inches instead of moving inch by inch but the congressman says that they are moving much closer together on this but they still have to get
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a deal together on pensions that's the big sticking point. here is the congressman. >> optimism. i'm optimism they're going to get it done. they're coming back to talk tonight. there was a proposal. they really went back to executive --, willie went back to his executive board. they did tweaking. they're coming back representing again. the key is talk. they got to talk, you know. i would like to get it done rush hour. hope they get it done by next rush how far. >> reporter: we have video also of union members heading into the sheraton hotel here in center city and going up to the negotiating room. by the way, we want to tell you the congressman was talking about willie brown the head, the president of the transport workers union local here who took a concept deal if you will back to his executive board to tweak it. so both sides are still moving at this late hour. ba, to you. >> we got a whole bunch of people dave kinchen hoping they can move in a positive direct. thousands of people across our area are a little upset right
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now. day two of the septa strike and day two of a horrible commute to forty one work. >> long lines for regional rail and traffic jams on the roads creating a lot of headache out there. let's check in with our chris o'connell live in jefferson station tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, the good news is, regional rail is running tonight. but because of the strike the volume is increased dramatically. take a look. the long cues on regional rail here at jefferson station. a lot of people here queuing for these trains. many of them are late. luckily no cancellations. you see they have ambassadors here in the green vests making sure you get information. let's look up here. look. not too bad here. chestnut hill east sick minutes late. west trenton local 17 minutes late. jenkintown two minutes late. far cry from yesterday because picketers were blocking access to some of these train yards preventing some of these conductors from getting to work. that meant canceled trains. take a look at some of the video
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we took earlier. it is packed in here at jefferson station, but once again, things are moving. some saying this strike is really thrown their whole routine upside down. if you ride a bus, ride a trolley, you are finding other ways to get there like the train, trying to get where you knee to go. it is just a lot more people. it's really causing a trickle down effect here on regional rail. we just spoke with a couple frustrated passengers. >> it's just been little chaotic a lot of delays. very crowded. yes. >> you about ready for the strike to be over. >> yes, definitely. >> i was standing at north broad and i mean the train just went right passed me. so i just had to come all the way back here just to go back to doylestown. >> reporter: as you see right here they put up these signs conductors will not be collecting fairs on the trains. that's just to save a little time making sure you get your ticks here.
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one last look as i'm going to take a long walk down here for people just waiting to get home. typically this would be make a five or 10 minute wait. some of these people have been waiting here for an hour or mo more. i can vouch for all of them when they say they hope this strike is over soon. guys? >> absolutely, chris, thanks. skyfox is live over traffic along 676 and 95 as you know the strike has caused many more backups on the area roads as you can see. indego suggest service people are using the bike sharing service i like to say service. it's allowing for unlimited parking dr. certain hours at certain locations. you can check the app for indego for real time station updates and to see if a bicycle is available for you. now if you need any of this information, just go to fox 29.cot com. we've all the lips that you need and all the information you also might want to check out regarding septa's strike status. you can sign up for tech alerts and follow us on social media as well.
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let's check in with your fox 29 weather authority now. live look along the ben franklin parkway it was nice comfortable fall day across our area. enjoyed temperatures in the 70s, kathy. it could be climbing even warm warmer. >> i love it. i don't know about you. i do know about you iain. i know you love it too. picture perfect day on market street in old city philadelphia the fall colors have i bran in the city. the high item which are today in the city 70 but look at atlantic city at the airport 73. 72 in trenton the official number in allentown 71. reading peak at 71 and wilmington the high 68 degrees. the normal high is only 61 for this time of year. 65 right now in the poconos. that's notable. 64 degrees in wilmington and in millville it is 64 degrees. this evening, temperatures will slowly basketball falling through the 60s but those southwesterly winds will keep the numbers up at 11:00 o'clock it is still very comfortable at 61. a surge of mild air will be pulling our way ahead of a cold front and through midday
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temperatures will really push the mid 70s and some spots very close to 80 degrees and that is the record for tomorrow. so challenging that record warmth. rain moves in quickly tomorrow. and cool end to the work week and the weekend. i'll have those numbers coming up later in the broadcast. for now we'll zen it back to y you. >> all right, thanks, kathy. dwelling now in south jersey residents in moorestown kind of tired of seeing brown water when they turn on their faucets and it's not the force water problem to playing the township. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in moorestown and jennifer, town officials think they know the cause. >> reporter: yeah, iain, also we can tell you that erin brokovich the environmental active visit that's well known is reportedly now involved in this south jersey water situation. while moorestown township officials say that's not necessary, because this situation is under control and their water is well within the limits of safety, residents tell us they are concerned.
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>> like this person said my 484 old was just using this water to brush her teeth. >> as a resident and tax paying resident i'd also like dep, epa and our town to press the issue of where is it coming from? >> reporter: this discolored waterspouting from faucets in moorestown, new jersey s concerning to people. posting updates on a public facebook page called moorestown water run by michael babcock and katie angeline knee. she is a moorestown resident who says her bag for this issue prompted her to run for town council in next week's election. >> we have currently contact the dep for help and we'd like to take it serious so people can feel good about showering, bri bringing, the water giving it to their babies for formula. >> the mayor says the two is taking care of the issue when they blame on six water main breaks last month and aging infrastructure. good we're currently in the midst of replacing dozen water mains as we speak and that will be on-going process. >> reporter: last february, fox 29 cameras were present at a
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packed emergency meeting in moorestown township to discuss a separate water issue contaminants. traces of tcp and tce were found in the township's water supply. officials say the levels were not harmful. but at the save you were urging moorestown closed some of its wells and outsourced from new jersey american water. garwood says despite its appearance, the latest rush of brown water is safe, too. >> this water is safe to drink. it's safe to bathe in. it's safe -- if it was not save we would not be serving it to ourselves our or families. >> reporter: township officials say the water wells at the north church street treatment plant will likely reopen in the coming weeks as temporary improvement project just about complete. township officials also tell us they plan to flush the water system owe it's like until you may see some of the brown sediment moving through that system but it should help long term. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thanks.
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we're now six days away from election day and the candidates criss-crossing battleground states hillary clinton and donald trump making stops in florida today. clinton surprised voters waiting to cast their ballot earl until ft. lauderdale and trump was in orlando just one day after he visited miami. >> both campaigns had surrogates in our area today. actress ann hathaway that's who this stumping for clinton at temple university hoping to sure up support from younger voters. and trump's daughter tiffany took with supports of her dad at penn in media this year. she graduated from the university of pennsylvania this year. police announced the arrest of the two people who killed a three year old girl in north philadelphia. prosecutors have charged hector torres, jr. with involuntary manslaughter and related offense and and 17-year-old whose identity they're not releasin rg as of yet. on august 8th, 3-year-old esther palmer died in a crash. police say the impact was so
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strong that it flew esther from her family's car. the second it was hit. it was at second and west york when this ham. police released surveillance video connected to the crash. they believe that prompted torres to finally come forward. pretrial hearing continues in montgomery county for bill cosby. why his attorney argue his constitutional rights are being violated tonight. sean? >> iain, josh huff in a world of trouble with the police but apparently not with his team. doug pederson updates us on whether or not he'll play on sunday plus huff talks about why he carries a gun in the first place much that's coming up later in sports. >> police and fbi agents stormed the banks of delaware river. why the water way is the focus avenue crucial collaborative drill. ♪
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she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ day two of pretrial hearing in the sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby. >> his lawyers are fighting hard in the courtroom today to have the case thrown out. fox 29's brad sat didn't was in
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court today and joins us live outside the courthouse in norristown. brad? >> reporter: well, iain, you're right. day two wrapping up about an hour and a half ago. at this point they are done at least for few more weeks at this point. it was a day of pretrial motio motions, no rulings at this point coming from the judge but the focus was really on what evidence to allow we did hear a recurring theme that bill cosby's rights could be violat violated. who should be allowed to testify, how will it be done and what can be said? those are some of the questions both sides ironed out today in preparation for bill cosby's planned up coming trial. >> from the very beginning in this case he has maintain his innocence. he stands here today maintaining that innocence. and we look forward to being able to put this behind us. >> reporter: the morning was focused on whether the 79-year-old entertainer's constitutional rights were being violated by facing a trial 12 years he allegedly drugged and sexualsexuals assaulted former e
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university employee andrea constand. >> to go down this track is one that i don't think is relevant to where we will get after we get a jury to decide this case. that is a fundamental as spec of our system of law. >> reporter: the defense insisting there was an old deal in place by the da back then not to charge cosby because of a lack of evidence in exchange for cosby's deposition at a civil hearing where he admitted to drugs and extra marital affairs. now district attorney kevin steele wants to use cosby's own words against him saying there never was such a deal in place. the defense says this case is really about the political ambitions of the da that steal got elected for tough talk against cosby in his campaign ads so now he's keeping a campaign promise. afternoon focused on 13 other alleged victims who might testify. prosecutors 11 the defense is trying to intimidate them by making their names part of the public record which got the da angry in court.
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>> you can tell how upset i was over that, and, um, i hope that, um, the press will respect those people. >> reporter: now another issue that came dawn is bill cosby's eye site. the defense saying he's legally blind. he can see faces. he can see photos. things that might help him jog his memory in order to help himself in this case. the da on the other hand seemed to question though how blind cosby really is. again, the next hearing is set for next month. the trial at this point is set for early june. lucy. >> thank you brad. atlantic city's battle with the state over the city's finances wages on. one day after governor chris christie rejected its turn around plan. that move let's governors administration move forward with itsly now threatened state takeover. but mayor don guardian says the state state s rejection is full of.
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>> because we are still within the 150 daytime frame to submit our complete plan we will be taking full advantage of this by addressing all the state's concerns and will hand deliver the report to the commissioner by the end of the day tomorrow ". local and federal agencies all responded to the delaware river today but it was just a drill. emergency responders gathered along the river in tinicum delaware county to take part in a homeland security exercise. it creates a realistic threat on the river and goes over ways for emergency crews to respond. it's all so crews are prepared just in case of a disaster or an attack. >> the delaware river is extre extremely important here in delaware county and philadelphia and of course the entire region. it's a channel for shipping and commerce here in delaware county and philadelphia and the river needs to be protected. >> officials say the training is not a response to any known threats. they just want to make sure everyone is prepare.
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>> well we have been prepared for this warmup for while now. and man dorks we have it. it looks a little hi like it's shaky behind you kathy orr a little windy perhaps. >> a little windy but you know what, this is the warm wind lu lucy. we like that. the southwest wind in south philly there's the platt bridge pretty busy late this afternoon early evening. hope you had the chance to get out enjoy this gorgeous day. if you didn't there is time tomorrow right now we're still holding on to 66. the high 70 south southwesterly winds at about 10 to 15 miles an hour at times. cooler air to the north. and to the east but look at the south and the west hagerstown still 70. charlottesville 80 degrees. some of that warmth a piece of it is going to move our way tomorrow. fair weather high pressure builds off the coast. here we go again with that summer like pattern we get some surges of warm southwesterly winds ahead of this front and squeezes or funnels the warmth up the coastal plain and we reply the benefits near record warmth tomorrow ahead of this front but this front is moving a little bit ahead of schedule and that means the rain will come in
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on the earlier side by midday. so temperatures will warm and then they're going to cool by tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be pretty quick warm up. high pressure builds in behind it an cool high pressure system w we look at the precipitation and the rain moving in, just clear skies through the early morning hours. some clouds as the day progresses and there's line of showers and some thunderstorms by 1:00, 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. could be passing by the i-95 corridor. not a lot of rain, but a few rumbles of thunder and much cooler, drier air behind it. overnight tonight, it's going to be a mild one. of course, we'll see you right here after the world series. 59 in the city. 55 in the suburbs with fare skies. during the day tomorrow, it will be mild as well. we will see high temperature in the upper 70s some afternoon storms and some of them could be gusty. but first we see some record warmth. record in philadelphia is 80. upper 70s in reading. 81 in ac. trenton 80. allentown and wilmington records in the upper 70s and some of these will be broken. so that front will be approac
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approaching tomorrow morning by about 1:00 o'clock there's the surge of warmth. and then once that front passes late in the day the temperatures begin to tumble. by 6:00 o'clock we're already talking about 50s and some 40s far to the north and west. here's a look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. friday, wow, almost 20 degrees cooler than tomorrow. saturday 57. of course, daylight saving time back to standard time on sunday and monday, tuesday and wednesday lookin looking good f% full week of november. hey, sean. >> kathy, distractions. eagles dealing with a ton of them this week. hear what josh huff teammates had to say about his arrest plus huff talks were you why he was carrying a gun in the first place. he talks about where he's from and how that affected his situation. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ doug pederson letting another player off the hook. josh huff will not be fined. not be suspended. there will be no punishment from the team at this point. pederson says the organization will wait until the legal process plays out. this is the fourth incident since pederson has become the head coach where a player has dealt with the law and so far the team hasn't disciplined anyone. today jeffrey lurie was at practice making sure his presence was felt. huff apologized for the incident but also said that most players in the nfl have guns. sap good excuse? no. huff said he's been in situations where he's feared for his life so despite being
6:25 pm
arrested, this is something he has always done and something he feels like he'll always need. >> i'm from houston. um, and i mean you can't trust a lot of people in houston. there's always somebody out to get you. so obviously, um, i mean, i've been known to, um, i mean -- you got to protect yourself. even when i'm back in houston i always have a gun on me. >> the spotlight is on us. in this city, in this market, the spotlight is on everything we do. and you have to be smart. you have to make right choices. >> okay. regardless of where he's from, he needs to know the law and figure out another way to maneuver. that is not how you get things done here, because this could affect his livelihood just as much. luckily for him his teammates still have his back. brent celek spoke to him this morning. >> none of us are perfect. we all make mistakes. he made a mistake. he has to own up to it, admit
6:26 pm
it, fix it and move on. >> we'll talk more on josh huff on sunday on "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. how war eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself break down the latest and actually talk about the game. plus we'll have a special fox 29 post game report after that and a over 30 minutes from now pre-game coverage of game seven of the world series. either way tonight a curse will end. >> yay ask. >> josh huff you're an nfl player now. isn't exactly. >> follow the law. >> handle yourself in certain way, okay. >> we know that. >> follow the law. >> we do that. >> all you have to do is follow the law. >> be like iain. >> don't speed. do go over the bridge. >> eat your vegetables. >> follow the law. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> real easy. follow the law. >> don't miss the world series. ♪
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lucky lady. she didn't even have a ticket. so how did she end up sitting next to bill murray? then -- >> the suspected assassin of two cops. >> his angry confrontation with police. >> i was assaulted. and tv fireworks. >> you're being delusional. >> no, i'm not. >> and hillary erupts over what this guy said. >> i am sick and tired! plus, the american actress and prince harry. >> the house where she grew up. quite a switch from buckingham palace. >> and what her mother is saying today. then -- >> we ate all of your candy. >> funny or mean? >> there's no more left.


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