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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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call it frustration friday. day number four promises a progress, though overnight. but when will this finally end? why it may take even more time to get your life back to normal. and two children in critical condition after being rescued from a burning home, what neighbors are saying about the chaotic scene as fire fighters rush into save these young lives. lust, oh, josh, we're not joshing, unloaded, eagles pulled trigger on josh huff, kicked him off the team. eagles explained the decision lust how, josh huff, is apologizing and at one point was crying in the locker room. good day, everybody. it is friday, november the fourth. hi alex. >> good morning, mike. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we can just keep going. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> good morning. >> what is that friday.
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>> singing in the rain, right. >> singing in the rain. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is friday, and it is friday present the eagles game so what we like to do on "good day philadelphia" is just harass, attack the opponent. >> you make it sound bad. we are trying to get fans excited, pumped up eagles to take on their next opponent. >> last friday we had a mini horse come down to fourth and market and poop on the dallas star. now, that didn't work. dallas won. so now people on twitter are saying you you are cursing our team so try to do something positive. >> they said when you go overtop like this it jinkses us. >> we apologize. >> so today we will be nothing but positive about new york giants. this is going to be hard but we will do it. so, if i say anything negative today, to jinks the eagles, i want to you punish me. >> you want to be punish. >> come at me hard. >> on twist error facebook and use the #fox 29 good day.
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>> but we need to know how to punish you. >> i have suggestions, no corporal punishment, i don't want to get spanked or anything on tv. >> just not on tv. >> alex holley is on fire on a friday. >> i'm just saying. >> all right, bob it is mike jerrick. >> what should my punishment be if i'm negative at all. by the way lou fantastic. >> i love the three piece suit. you are looking good. >> look at the that. >> i'm trying. >> yes. >> look at you, let's see. >> yes. >> i'm just trying to be positive. >> there is a naked manikin in the macy's window up the street. >> 6:02. live look at schuylkill expressway eastbound accident right here at south street at that dreaded south street on ramp, ben franklin bridge, watch for no delays at the moment but again, typically start seeing that delay on the bennie around 6:45. live look at route 73 in south jersey, media elwyn line first
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couple trains out of the gate coming in with delays with equipment problems north on 295 an overturn tractor trailer off to the shoulder but they have one lane block here right here near exit number 19. use the new jersey turnpike as your alternate, your try checklist you will have crowded trains, platforms on the regional rail lines, get your tickets in advance and friday rush hour is always crazy, on a normal friday, lighter in the morning, heavier in the afternoon, it will be interesting to see how today plays out. you are coming in the city. you have this is been here all week. maybe coming for an event, wedding, first friday, we have a septa strike and it is gridlock all day but how is the forecast looking, sueby. >> once again it is not complicated. it will be cooler then it has been but we expect a lot of sunshine. it is eight out of ten in weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy celebrating national candy day, yum. temperatures in the 50's. that is a big piece of candy, too. temperatures will go down a little bit before they go
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backup. cold front has already come through at least rain part has, lingering cloud down in delaware, southern new jersey. right now in philadelphia it is 52 degrees. sunrise 7:34. that will all change on monday after a weekend when the time changes. so keep that in mind. we have got 44 degrees in the mountains. we have 55, down in wildwood, new jersey. it was in the 70's again yesterday not upper 70's, we didn't get that much sunshine but 72 was comfortable. today 60. breezy, cooler but feeling like autumn again. tonight we're down to 39 degrees and mike and alex we will get frost tonight. >> frost? >> oh, no. >> frosty friday. >> 6:04. day four of this septa strike. >> we keep saying that they are close to getting a deal but nothing happens. the lets get to lauren for an update on the negotiations. >> hello, alex and mike. yesterday was pretty quiet. we didn't hear much. here's one thing we do know a lot of people focusing on next
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week because of the election coming up. as for 30th street station it is quiet here thousand. difficult check board and we will head inside next half an hour. there are a few delays listed. here's the deal as far as negotiations are concerned. union leadership is not happy with the the request to force members back to work. they say septa should be focusing on settling this contract. that would help thousands of people get their lives back to normal but reality is, buses, trolleys, trains are in the rolling by tuesday it could pose major problems getting people to the poles and on time with so much traffic on the roads. pennsylvania, of course is a battle ground state. philadelphia overwhelmingly democratic so this strike could hit the hillary camp pretty hard. the issue though is that when union voted to authorize this strike they also said we are not extending or suspending the strike until the negotiations are done. one union member explains to the public why he is off the job and in the picket lines. >> we are as a union do
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apologize for inconvenience to the riding public, you know, because we don't want to do this. septa just forced our hand to bring us out here to do what we need to do, like we were saying in contract, no work. we just want a fair contract. fair wages. tear work rules. we're in the robots. >> reporter: you heard him say it, pensions, paycheck, health care, work rules are big issues on the table. the last union strike is 2009, by the way, lasted six long days so we are heading in today number four here in philadelphia. at 30th street station starting to get busy. we will go to the other side and get inside and check back with you in a half an hour. >> that sound good, looking forward to that. two young children they're critical condition this morning after their house caught fire. >> steve keeley is at the scene in olney, steve. >> reporter: critical but improving. police still guarding scene, fire has been long out since before 10:00 o'clock. the lets go to the video we shot soon after and we're talking very little kid. one year-old and six or seven
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years old who knows how fire got started. philadelphia fire department, resuscitated these two kids. >> they pulled the kid out and the parents were going crazy, and the neighborhood was, the house was just going up, in smoke filled and it was just disturbing. >> reporter: were you surprised anybody survived the way the fire was going. >> yes, very surprised because it was full of smoke and the fire by the time fire department got here they assessed the property and smoke just hit them. the whole top of the roof was like in flames. smoke was coming out of every where. they started breaking windows and smoke was just going every where. it it was, i just pray that be in died in there. >> your prayers were answered how good you hear that the kid both survived and fire department saved their lives.
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>> felt great, god is good. >> all right. so that prayer was for those kids, to live, somehow be safe, and they were, alex and mike, critical but i am loving was war from the fire commissioner and that is always good word out of his mouth at a scene like this. >> all right. >> thanks, steve. how about the news yesterday? eagles management changing their mind on the josh huff situation after coach doug pederson says you know, he will play with the giants. team decided to release him very next day which was yesterday. so yeah, they said he wouldn't be suspended after his arrest on the walt whitman bridge on tuesday. howie roseman tried to explain it yesterday. >> eagles gm. >> we spent a lot of time over the last 48 hours just making sure we had the information and that we weren't rushing to judgment. we have a process in place for these sort of things, that could lead to us what he we
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think is a right decision. >> what was he really trying to say there? what do you think happened? some people are saying maybe he did that interview, i don't know. >> all pro athletes have guns or maybe the owner stepped this. >> yeah. >> he didn't say what led to them changing their mind, but why huff was released and nigel bradham not discipline. roseman said circumstances were very different. bradham is facing assault and huff was pulled over for speeding and he had marijuana and gun in his car with hallow point bullets. >> bradham had a loaded gun in the airport. >> maybe because one player is better than the other. how about melania trum in philadelphia a. >> she makes her first appearance since being in philadelphia speaking at rnc. and what she and donald bonded over when she first came to the united states. plus a comment she made about her platform what would be if she what's electric to be first lady of the united states. some say say well, that is ironic.
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>> well, she doesn't like bullying. um-hmm. i'm having a watch party sunday to watch the giants. so they have come down here big guy's hot dogs, it is hot dog friday, alex. >> i like that. >> yes. >> who doesn't like a good hot dog. >> i like a wean i. it is frankforder friday. spread the word. >> thanks for coming out and gu.
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love for this country is something we had in common when i met donald. he loves this country and he knows how to get things done, not just talk. he certainly knows how to shake things up, doesn't he? >> melania trump was shaking things up. this was her first see much since rnc. she did it in our area in berwyn. she's fight to go win over women voters in our area. this was at main line sports center. melania vowed to fight for women and children if she becomes first lady. she will give us a clue what her platform would be and she wants to fight cyber bulling a monk young people and teens. >> so she doesn't like bullies. >> especially on twitter, and social media. >> yeah, okay. just married to them. let's move on. 6:12. hillary clinton has selected philly to play help to her last major rally, thinks on
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monday before the election. democratic nominee's husband and daughter will join them with president obama and first lady for this rally. this will be huge. we know it is kicking off at 7:00 in the evening, the 11th hour of this campaign. we don't yet know where it will be. wow. the 11th hour in philadelphia. where it all started for her. >> it just shows how important pennsylvania is for this race. >> i'm sure donald trump will be here as well. plus eagles battled another hated division rival on sunday but instead of hate we're spreading love, it is part of an attempt to reverse our good day curse. when we're negative the eagles seem to lose, but nothing but positive. people are weighing in on twitter. you guys just made this up. yes, we made it up. it is frankforder friday. >> those will good. >> oh, yeah. >> baby. >> is what name, big guy.
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>> big guy's hot dogs. >> ♪ the
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up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. and criminalize women's right to choose. pat toomey and donald trump both would defund planned parenthood, "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah." "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors... who perform them." and when donald trump insulted women and bragged about... sexual assault, pat toomey refused to reject him. pat toomey: won't stand up to trump. won't stand up for women. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. good friday morning. hello northeast philadelphia starting to see jams, southbound i-95, heavy from a
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contacted hi in through cottman avenue and construction zone. schuylkill expressway eastbound we're looking at an accident at south street that is causing delays into the city. delays on three major rail lines, regional rail lines starting to pop, media elwyn, lansdale doylestown, wilmington newark. some delays. at front and oregon, an accident watch for that near stadium area if you are driving, flat the rate ten bucks for ten hours at the garages. easing up on the meters. if you are biking just a head up, great you are trying something new, ride the bike but wear bright colors, too many last couple taste we have seen early morning and beginning of the rush hour, the folks just wearing a dark jacket the or black backpack. put a reflector or something nice and bright a pink outfit, pink shirt, maybe go with the yellow green, green highlighter color, anything other than black. friday checklist you will have
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crowded trains, regional rail platforms. the get your tickets in advance. that friday rush her will be rough. do you think it is rough. look at monday? as we just mentioned we will have the president, the former president, and woman who wants to be president, all coming in, to an area that is in grid lock from a septa strike. motorcade madness. sue? sue is wearing pink. you good are to ride the bike. >> yes, you will see me out there. >> we have got kick off forecast for sunday's eagles game. it is in new york. a lot of eagles fans heading up the road, turnpike to north jersey, 58 degrees at 1:00. beautiful day. hopefully we will be all happy to see it in that game after we win. now we have got some clouds lingering in southern delaware and new jersey but sky is starting to clear out. this is wake of the cold front coming through yesterday. we don't expect it to be
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72 degrees like it was yesterday, just 60 but that is an average high, it the stays nice over weekend, less windy, then it will be today. don't for get to change your clocks back on saturday night. we have reminded you enough, but by tuesday, election day, weather looks really good mike and alex. >> you'll like this because you are a positive person. i love the new graphic. >> so cute. >> it is beginning of the new series, feel good friday, so every friday, jen fredrick is going to surprise someone doing great things for people in our community. we continue positivity. first vice will be this morning, in the 9:00 o'clock hour. make sure you tune in for this special moment. it will be a surprise. person doesn't know they are celebrate today. plus if you have suggestions who you would like to nominate comment on her face book page jen fredrick fox 29 or on her twitter account which is jen fred fox 29. >> that would be fun. >> all right. so every time we trash an
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eagles opponent on fridays before the big game, the eagles seem to have a tendency to lose. it must be us this week we decided to do something totally different. >> plus some people are saying you guys do too much and then it jinks us. so we are trying to listen to you. if we cannot get you excited by trashing the team we are about to play why don't we just be nice, say something nice to them. >> okay. >> let's start with one of the players, one of the most famous, odell beckham junior. would you like to come to the green screen. is that what we're sowssed to do. >> yes. >> i'm wearing morning green. >> well, we didn't think that through, did we. >> no. >> i will need a prompter here because i'm an idiot. so i'll do it. >> lets see what you look like. >> i like to support eagles by wearing green on friday, day before a game. >> it is not that bad. >> well, stay out of his hair.
6:21 am
>> literally and figuratively. >> come in a writ will bit. i have no stomach right the now. odell beckham has fantastic hair. >> look at those curly hair. >> he has fantastic hair. does he have anything else that is positive to you think. >> on the sidelines he runs in the kicking net every now and then. >> he has a great temperament at games when things goes wrong. i can go negative there and satisfaction he is a hot head but he is not. he hugged that net and got down and need in front of it. >> now they are friend and he talks about it all the time. >> yes. >> he made that work he is a great dancer, mike. >> hold on, hold on. >> we're staying positive. >> you can do this. >> what is your blood type. >> be positive. >> be positive.
6:22 am
>> gratitude is my new attitude. >> yes, yes, yes. >> okay. >> all right. >> it wasn't that bad. >> we will be fine. >> we have other people to go through. >> yes. >> other star players on the team. >> we're fine. >> so eagles pull the trigger, you see what i did there, on josh huff, releasing him from the team because of his legal troubles. he had a gun. how some of his former teammates now reacted when they heard the news and why he cried. don't forget to continue to tell us because you saw mike was struggle, what we should do to mike how we should punish him if he cannot stay positive about giants today so we don't jinks the eagles. you can do that. use the #fox 29 good day. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles released wide receiver josh huff just a day after saying he would play on sunday. yesterday howie roseman talk about why he decided to do this now. >> we spent a lot of time over the last 48 hours just making sure we had the information and that we weren't rushing to judgment and then we have a process in place for these
6:26 am
sort of things that can lead us to what we think is the right decision. >> we all saw this coming but they finally made it official, phillies bought out ryan howard's contract, declining his 2017 option but he will get a nice present on the way out, ten million-dollar. howard is last guy from the 2008 world series team. flyers and islanders under a minute to go flyers down two-one. shot off the board, matt read there to put it in. that pushed the game into overtime. the game would go to a shoot-out and claude giroux comes through in the clutch with the goal, flyers win three-two. their third win in a row that is sports this a minute, i'm sean bell. 6:26. people are weighing in on twitter what should happen if i say something negative about the giant. a picture of the giants logo. >> okay. >> put me in an eagles jersey and send me to the game in the meadow land. i wouldn't come out alive. so keep them coming. >> i got one, angel says can
6:27 am
you tell mike if we lose he has to run, in the window with only his boxers on for only five minutes. >> no one wants to see that. >> what? >> we want to keep you guys watching. >> that is not negative for me, that is negative for you. >> big store of the day, day four of the strike, another day of congestion, delays. so, we have had negotiations overnight. we will tell you how close they are right now before this weekend hits.ov break. u? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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philadelphia commuters, increasing days of delays as septa union cannot reach an agreement. why it may take even more time to get your life back to normal now. >> lust, this young lady right here, battles with seizures every day. her dad says, that we know that she need to be happy and healthy, only problem is it is expensive, hard to get, and sometimes illegal. he joins us next hour to show us his ongoing fight for easier access to medical cannabis. plus, oh, josh, no gosh. >> gosh, no josh. >> unloaded. >> eagles pulled trigger on josh huff, kicked him off the team, the eagles will slain the decision or in the really explain but people are trying to figure out and they have their own reasons for happening but huff is
6:31 am
apologizing and crying. >> he has lost his job. >> you will in the see him do that again. good day it is november 4th, 2016. >> sure is, and we're celebrate to go day because mike's created a holiday. it is frankforder friday. >> here's the thing. you know i freak out about hot dog stands up in new york city, and it is because of the hot dog water. now, i have taken some pictures of hot talk stand up in new york and i think ryan maybe has one of them for you. sometimes it gets dirty. that is there up this new york. the is there a crusty guy standing over hot dog water. but this is why we asked big guy hot dogs to come in, from quakertown. >> yes, bill buckly. >> he prides himself this decent hot dog water. >> even though i know it is a thing for you. no matter how good hot dog water is for you, it is something you you are scared to do. >> i refuse to get near it. >> i never thought about the hot dog water.
6:32 am
just the hot dog. i can see what you are saying. >> that is why some people clear clear of these hot dog stand in new york, they look at that water, wow, no, no, no. >> pretzel instead. >> live look at sky fox up and early over the schuylkill expressway right here near south street an accident at south street ramps there. as we go to the maps it is causing delays, in bound, taking the maps eastbound on that schuylkill expressway right at south street. there is a delay between 30th and through tunnel, off to the shoulder but none the less it is starting to see delays build up here. southbound i-95 an accident at cottman avenue in the construction zone causing early morning backup from academy on down. early morning delays for first couple trains on the media elwyn, lansdale doylestown and wilmington line, already with the septa strike. south philadelphia front and oregon we have an accident, overturn tractor trailer north on 295 right at exit number 19 which is just north of the
6:33 am
paulsboro. if you are getting ready to head out, best bet would be new jersey turnpike. friday checklist get ready for crowded trains once again, platform same deal as last couple case, get your tickets in advance. today is different. friday are different. mornings lighter, afternoons are always hot mess so if you have not been into center city all this week, there is a septa strike and coming to an event, wedding or out and about pack your patients and do we need to pack an umbrella sue. >> no, we won't need one the entire weekend. bus stop buddy has pack his candy because it is national candy day. just a couple days, it is in the 50's this morning. chillier air moving in. you can see cloud left over from the cold front. rain has moved down to north carolina. we don't have anymore rain in the forecast. it is 52 in the city with a 6-mile an hour breeze and we don't get sunrise until 7:34. it is 44 degrees in mount
6:34 am
pocono. that cooler air settling in there. fifty in allentown, pottstown, reading, trenton. fifty-one at atlantic city 567893 in dover. five, five, five that is your sunset time. that is your number of the morning. so we should be in the upper 50's by lunchtime topping off at around 60 degrees. the wind gusting to 25 miles an hour today. we will talk about the seven day forecast, including election day coming up, guys. >> thanks, sue. >> no, it is 6:34. >> a lot of people, they are wishing the time would speed up because they are dealing with so much when it comes to today four, we are getting ready to deal with this again of this septa strike. >> what you are trying to tell me there is still no deal. lauren johnson, what is the rubbing, what is the sticking, is what the point. >> you know what it is, it all boils down to money. they can't agree on it. while they can't passengers were caught in the middle. we are in the middle of the concourse at 30th street station where septa trains are. here's the deal.
6:35 am
they have barricades up. there have been big crowds. you can see a pig rush of people coming down and then they get confused a toss where to go next. that is what is happening. it is confusing. i talk to i few passengers. they don't want to stop and talk. if you look at track six and five they are all link every single last one of them is link. it is chaotic, hectic and this is all over money. union representing 5,000 members is not happy with what they currently have and they don't know what they are being offered n some states, transit workers covered by pension planned establish in the city and state. in philadelphia though it is septa who negotiates with the union. one local firm tells us that the the union pension average in terms of the generosity, compared with other pension plans across the country, lacks inflation protection. it is just not good. that is why so many of these members are standing strong off the job. >> we are going to stay out here as long as it takes.
6:36 am
>> reporter: all night, 24 hours. >> six months. >> reporter: all day every day. >> all day every day. >> this is just our livelihood. people need to realize why we are doing it and what we are doing it for. we have families just like people complaining about not getting on the bus or whatever. this is our livelihood. this is for or family. >> and, you know what it seems like everybody is crying, shore money, commuters here fight to go where they have to get on time, staying out of traffic. it is clear right now. not a lot of traffic. it comes in waves. and negotiations will resume today. we heard yesterday not a lot of progress, union members walk out of that meeting, hoping they will walk back in as they get underway and maybe we can get some deal, and sometime soon. thanks, lauren. people are saying hopefully sometime soon, the tiehl. >> 6:36. fire fighters rescued two children from a late night
6:37 am
house fire. and, luckily fire fighters, and, could have have been, there. >> it happens every time there is a horrible, story when little children are involved. it is starting to get cooler. people bring out these space heaters. i don't know if that happened in this case. we found something overnight, there has been a giant recall in the only of says heaters but humidifiers and dehumidifiers and these are common, well known brand names and they are recalling millions of them. we will give you that list, a little bit. lauren will have that from new york in a little bit. >> they have been causing fires. would you think a dehumidifier would cause a fire in the home. >> never heard of it. lets get back to the the big sports news in philadelphia, josh huff released yesterday. >> player said josh huff was in tears in the lock are room when he lost his job yesterday. >> yes. >> he issued a statement apologizing to the team and promising to do better. one of the things that may have went in the decision in letting him go he insisted he needed a gun. in an interview we have been
6:38 am
playing that one. the cornerback mckelvin, explained why some players feel the need to carry. >> if somebody who is your name, they see, how much you worth and, of course, people don't have have that much or of course you air customed to people, may see you as a target and may want to come after you or whatever and on guys have guns, some guys have families, some guys have kid, and they have wife's ape stuff they have to protect. >> so everybody has a opinion on this. this story is not over in philadelphia for all of us fans. so get on twitter. we have a lot of assignments for you today. what do you think eagles make the right decision. the not everybody's reality is the same in this country. >> so the reason why they talked to him josh huff said in an interview it is something every football player has to deal w they make honey. they go home. you might be a target. you want to protect your family. >> you have to know the gun laws in whiz particular state
6:39 am
you are in. here's the deal, it is friday. we always like to trash the opponent of the eagles on friday on good day. but every time we do it, we seem to lose. we are spinning it all the way around. we will be positive. say nothing but positive things about giants player. if i say anything negative today, then i got the to do something to punish myself. >> we have asked people for ideas. >> all right. >> lets go to twitter and see what these ideas are. >> no, no, no. >> one says you should wear a hot pink wig for a week. >> you do that already. >> i do, yes. >> no, no, mike wise, mike should to have drink hot dog water that he doesn't like. >> jennifer bar evans. >> have mike drink hot hot dog water. >> i think i like that idea. >> doh. >> i will not say anything negative. is it time to say something else. >> who should we do this time. maybe one of their most tame us players eli manning.
6:40 am
>> beautiful manning family. >> they are quite lovely. >> aren't they. >> i have nothing negative to say about that. >> how many families, my green shirt, green screen. how many have two amazing football players. >> well, brot hours both won super bowls. >> eli and payton manning. >> isn't that lovely. >> i wish this was real so i could kiss them. i lovie lie manning family. >> look at them. >> what about this eli is also a veteran in the game. you know, he had perfect attendance. >> yes. >> well, he had perfect attendance. he always shows up, ready to go. >> he never missed an nfl game. >> you can see right here look at this face, look at this face, he has a model face. he should do a campaign for some company, don't you think. >> yes. >> great person. >> look at that. >> classic. >> he is so stupid. >> look at what just happened. >> go outside and get that hot dog water.
6:41 am
>> you are going with this. >> i a gree, you should do hot talk water. >> i have a thing about hot dog water. >> here's the reason, you go, come on, let's go. >> it is waiting for you. >> this is going to be good. >> really mike you should blame our viewers because every time we do these things, and we have these opponents coming up we do this stuff where you attack the other team. you said we're jinking eagles so we are trying to do something nice. we are trying to be nice. maybe this will help us win. you just can't go with the plan, mike. mike's on his way outside. he is outside there for frankforder friday. >> hey, is what going on. >> as you know, the security system here is like fort knox, i had trouble getting out here. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> are you big guy. >> yes, i have gloves on. >> bill buckly. >> where is your hot dog stan.
6:42 am
>> perkasie, quakertown, doylestown area. >> so let me look at your hot dog water. that is my punishment. >> what should i drink it out of. >> we have some cups here for you. >> really. >> is it really hot. >> it is pretty hot. >> this was such a bad idea. >> is it well season. >> yes. >> i'm sure hot dogs are delicious. >> yes. >> hot dog water is disgusting. >> to, it is seasoned. >> okay. >> you need to come up with another punishment. boy, it shells good though. i'm not dead, just yet. in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime,
6:43 am
i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.
6:44 am
6:45 am
my son austin, five years old, said mike has to drink the hot dog the water, if he talks about the giants. >> austin, go to school. >> ah, 6:45. good morning, everybody. grab your hot dog juice and live look downtown vine street expressway already seeing delays coming in delays. buckle your seat belt. lets go for a ride. sky fox over i-95 a double hot dog delay here, already from woodhaven, in through, cottman avenue. combination of the volume, we also have had an earlier accident in the actual construction zone.
6:46 am
again, friday's are always different. look the at the difference between folks come in and city and toll being leaving the city. northbound 95 not a problem at all. look at the maps there there is an accident on the eastbound schuylkill expressway, jammed solid heading toward south street where the crash in center city. regional rail lines getting out of the gate with ten or 15 minute delays, on average, you can count on 30 minute delays as we move through the morning. the south philadelphia an accident at front and oregon. overturn tractor trailer north on 295, just north of paulsboro, which is exit number 19, and, here's the checklist for your friday, be ready for crowded trains, lath forms on the regional rails, get your tickets in advance, friday rush is always a rough one evening rush and wear bright colors if you're riding your bike, all this week we have seen folks with the black jacket, kid with the book bag, put a bright fluorescent sticker on there so we can see
6:47 am
you until we get sunrise here, all eyes are on that weekend forecast, sue has got it coming up in 15 seconds. i think we have done a good job reminding you, a reminding you and reminding you what is happening this weekend. we will fall back to eastern standard time, and it happens, officially at 2:00 a.m. for most of us who go to bed present that, we will set our clocks back if we remember before we get to sleep. so we can fall back. we will gain an her of sleep and it also gets tark really early. cold trent came through yesterday we still have lingering cloud down to the south of us and colder air is taking its time but it is getting there. 44 degrees to the north, 52 in
6:48 am
millville. fifty-two in philadelphia. fifty-three in dover, delaware and wind will be starting to pick up, after sunrise. 07 miles an hour in mount pocono gusting to 32 miles an hour. 60 degrees is our average high yesterday, and we were in the 07's again above average but we're right where we are supposed to be, stays that way over the weekend. we have a beautiful autumn weekend ahead and then it stays, dry, all the way through middle of next week including, election day, mike and alex when things should be sunny and dry. >> yes. >> really. >> really. >> seriously. >> election day weather is good. >> i was distract, i was transcribing every word that you were saying. >> right. >> i look forward to reading that. >> i go back over it at the end of the show. >> so flattered. >> 6:48. >> anytime we say something negative about the eagles next opponent i have to do something negative. >> because, in the past when
6:49 am
we have gone all out trying to get ready to tackle our opponent it doesn't work out. >> last friday where we put up the footage of the horse pooping on the dallas star. >> we went overtop. some said we did too much. but we brought in a pony. we tried to get it to, don't mess with the star. >> i get the sense we don't that have footage. >> we don't that have footage. >> so i'm trying to say something positive. i said something negative about eli hang. lets do victor cruz. >> i can get through this. >> let's see, victor cruz. >> great dancer, look at him go. >> i have to admit that salsa looking dance there, when he scores, he is a good dancer, no question about that. >> can do you moves like that, you have to admire it. you are no victor cruz. >> what about this, he came back from a bad injury, he hurt his they, october 2014. while playing against the the eagles. but he came back from that and he is fearless, dedicated to
6:50 am
the game. that is a positive there. >> victor cruz. >> yes. >> he was cheating on his girlfriend. >> mike? >> this is not how this is supposed to go. >> well, she put it out there on twitter. >> she did send a mass text. >> he cheated. >> okay, you know what this means. you know what you have to do. >> lets do something else. >> lets see what one of the latest tweet we had, what should we do, punish mike, when he cannot the say something positive. they are saying drink weiner juice. they like it. >> drink, drink, drink. >> you did have a little bit. what was it five or ten minutes ago. there was that. lets see if we have another viewer comment. >> do you have to put that it way drink weiner juice. >> hot dog season water. >> doctor c says come on that was a sip not a drink. you tell hill alex locale.
6:51 am
>> bill is in from the hot dog stand. >> yes, hi bill. >> what is this. >> come on in, bill. >> this will make it better a champagne glass. >> idea is to have that lid off. >> we're getting it ready here. >> oh, god. >> get a close-up. of this. >> we know you you are fans you are used to drinking out of fancy flutes. >> it is hot. i'll be back.
6:52 am
>> thank you so much neil for big guy's hot dogs. i will get one right now. we will take a break. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg.
6:54 am
at a neighborhoods a restaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. josh huff released. dave uram has an opinion a lieutenant of people are saying just suspend him, don't
6:55 am
get rid of him. >> that is exactly what i wanted him to do just suspend him, maybe four, not paid suspensions that would have sent the perfect message to the team to him. i think they went too far. it will be a little damaging this weekend with the giants. lt of angry players. some chose not to comment on the release. others players like ken john barner, malcolm jenkins spoke on it, brandon graham, players are upset. they were surprised. because day before doug pederson is saying as of now josh huff will play. they went from as of now josh huff will play to josh huff is gone. it is a big difference. >> what do you think happened? general manager howie roseman had a press conference but he didn't explain why there was such a big difference. >> he didn't explain anything. he was a parrot. he kept repeating himself. it is a process. gathering information. this is right decision for
6:56 am
philadelphia eagles. it was a repetitive par the on the for howie roseman. >> do you think and this is just conjecture because thinks one man's opinion, owner gets on the phone, lets get rid of him. >> there is a variety of things. little media session he had the day after the news came out could have had something to do with it saying all professional athletes own guns. could have been the fact maybe he had gun on the premises of the novacare complex. >> he said he never did. >> and maybe they are not telling us something. all those things could have factored in. >> some people feel, you have mentioned he went to oregon, chip kelly was an oregon guy, he didn't really want him. >> i don't know if that is the case. i think josh huff he is not the a great player but good special teams player. very good special teams player. he is replaceable. he is. >> as a wide receiver, after what happened, he only had 73-yard. >> he didn't do much. we will see everybody thinks
6:57 am
he is a speedy receiver that can come in you don't sound excited. >> no. >> i think, this week, giant/eagles is supposed to be about rivalry but all week we are talking about this. this was so poorly handled. i put it on the eagles. >> another team will pick up josh huff. >> yes, i think he will. >> hang around, more coming up at 7:00 but lead story of the day, the septa strike, lauren. >> day number four. >> that is right, day number four we are here at 30th street station, the lines, starting to get long at the sales ticket counter, we will tell you what is happening here, in the concourse after the break. in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody...
6:58 am
she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:59 am
priorities usa action is responsible in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorn i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers.
7:00 am
i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose. frustration friday, we still have that septa strike, another day of long lines, bumper to bumper traffic and showing up late. there are promises of progress but when will this all finally come to an end. and a local father's fight of his life to save his daughter's life. >> to one should live like this, to person this this world should live this way. >> this little girl suffers from seizures her dad says he knows one thing that could help his daughter, his uphill battle to get it. and the clock is ticking, four days, that


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