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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i'm chris o'connell. late this afternoon, septa filed a court injunction. it is claiming the work stoppage is a clear and present danger to septa riders, potentially impa impacting election day turnout. let's get straight out to fox 29's brad sattin joining us live outside of septa headquarters with the very latest. brad? >> reporter: chris, we can tell that you septa just had a news conference here just a short time ago. this case is going to be argued in a court of common pleas which is actually over at philadelphia city hall just about two blocks from where we are. we are standing in front of septa headquarters right now. let's show you some pictures. we can tell that you septa is filing this unjunction they want to get the 5,000 union employees back to work while chris as you mentioned citing a work clear and present danger to the health, safety and welfare of riders and citizens. we are now on day four of this strike. negotiations on going. septa wants the drivers to go back to work during the talks. the sticking point continues to be over pensions, septa says they sweeten the pot but the union says septa has been
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quietly approving huge pension benefits to the managers and it's not been fair to the rank and file also they say not negotiating in good faith. taking the brunt of the punish many are the 400,000 subway bus and trolley riders without public transit. septa says they are the concern and the reason for filing this injunction. >> the strike has caused people to miss critical medical appointments. is making it impossible for some disabled residents to get to facilities for specialty care and get assistanc sift fundamene care matters. it's causing students to miss school. and presents a risk to citizens right to vote in the novembe november 8th election. >> reporter: this is the first time in modern history that septa has utilized this tool in their so-called tool box an injunction. whether or not it works, we will see. based on this hearing, time will tell but we do know it will take at least 24 hours to get the buses and subway and trollies up
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and running again if it does work. we'll head over to the court hearing now again we don't know if it's gotten started yet but it is expected to happen at some point tonight. they are certainly chris and dawn going to be fast tracking this. back to you. >> all right, brad sattin following developments from septa strike. no doubt local businesses are feeling the pinch of the septa strike. the city won't know the full extent until tax receipts are added up that could be weeks from now. >> but you really don't need statistics to tell you that businesses are hurting and commuters are frustrated. bruce gordon is live tonight at the sheraton in center city where septa negotiates continue. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, guys. no question everywhere you look around the city there are signs both literal and figurative that this strike has put a real pinch on small businesses in particular. septa strike has caused them some real problems in terms of customers get into the store, customers, fewer customers with less time and money to spend, and a work force that quite simply can't get to work.
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kay's coffee shop enjoyed its first busy morning of the week on friday. september tra strike reduced the number of customers here and made it tough for employees to get to work. >> we were closed yesterday because no cook could show up at all. >> we tried everyone of them. nobody could come in. we had to close. >> reporter: kevin stevens one of those cooks. septa strike has cost him big money. >> i've been off for two days because my daughter had to go to school. i had no way to take her to school. finally made arrangements somebody to pick her up. now i'm here this is my first day here. >> reporter: over at primeau's hoagies business is down 30% this week they're closing early each day. 3:00 p.m. instead of 8:00 workers trying to get home at 9:00 or 10:00 at night without buses, trollies and subway find it nearly impossible unless they're willing to pay big bucks for a cab, uber or lyft. regional rail of course is up but for those unfamiliar with using -- >> one of my employees called me upset calling me from new jersey because he got on the wrong
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train. you know so it certainly been a struggle. and an education. >> similar story at nick' bars and grill. business was dead monday. they closed tuesday when workers couldn't get in. and so starting wednesday, owner joey schultz ties started driving his employees to the bar. >> i had to drive out to west philly to pick one guy up. drive up to north philly to pick another guy up. obviously they don't live too close to each other. >> you're scooping up all your employees. >> and driving them in. >> otherwise you got no business. >> exactly. all of the business people we talked to told us they sympathize with both sides in this labor dispute but they want, make that they need to see these streets teaming with buses once again. says shuttle ties i just wish they can just, you know, whatever is going on, just get it done. >> reporter: that's the mood we heard all over the city today. that coffee shop we showed you normally on friday night they would reopen at 6:00 p.m. stay hope until 3:00 a.m. dinner crowd, late night snacks that kind of thing. not tonight. it's just not worth it. it won't be worth he it until
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this thing gets solved. you're not trying to get your workers home at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. dawn, it's been a real mess. can't end soon enough for these small business owners. >> i'll bet, bruce, thank you. frustrating to a lot of people. breaking news skyfox is live over part of philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. take a look at this. this is east falls. it is literally underwater. this is near fox street and abbotsford avenue. now the cause of this watery mess is a 48-inch water main break. there's a shop rite in the area and we have seen a few vehicles just swamped by water. skyfox zooms in you can just see the water there pouring out on to the street. >> it looks like railroad -- railroad cars there. we're going to stay with us for little bit because this is some amazing video coming in from east falls right now. just -- wow look at that. >> it is amazing it's hard -- a water minute break causing -- you can see skyfox is live over the scene.
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there's a grocery store right there. that it looks like it's just behind the store. >> well, no -- >> you can see the water still there pouring -- look at this. >> that's the -- wait i may know this. i know exactly where this is. people, this is the third time in a year that same water main has broken. i've been on this scene. i've been at that planet fitne fitness. i've been in that shopping center parking lot. >> wow. >> look at this. >> this is major problem with infrastructure in this neighborhood. look at those cars. >> completely underwater. >> this is unbelievable. this is a 48-inch main. that is a very large water main that has broken and -- >> chris tell us exactly where this is. i know east falls, too. i'm trying to figure exactly much it's fox and abodes forward you can see the shop rite there. >> right there on the corner of abbotsford road. i just remember being in this very same parking lot. these folks may be stranded you see. the water may be so deep they
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may be stranded. because that's what happened last time. again i've been in this very same parking lot. we'll maybe try to get file video of this, because i remember taking several days to fix this water main and i can tell when you i was there before, it was a lot worse right now. so -- >> you can see people wading through the water there. we'll continue to stay on top of this story and we will bring you more information as soon as we have it as skyfox zooms in on these cars that are already completely submerged in park lot here in east falls. stay with us. >> we'll get you back to that. but we do have some other breaking news. this out of new york and new jersey we're following right n now. two new york police sergeants shot in a shootout with a robbery suspect. >> officers were both rushed to the hospital. this happened in the par chester section of the bronx. police say the police officers had pulled over a car because the driver match the description of a robbery suspect. that person then fired at the
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two police sergeants. we do know one of them was seriously injured. the suspect according to investigators was in fact shot and killed. also, breaking out of new jersey, one person is in custody following a stabbing. this at rutgers university in new brunswick. police say three people including the attacker are being treated for establish wounds. the stabbing happened at the rutgers business school just before 3:00 this afternoon. the motive in many one unclear. and developing now a jury has convicted two of governor chris christie's former aids in the bridge gate scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni were both found guilty of crea creating traffic jams at the george washington bridge back in 2013 for what prosecutors say was political retaliation. a jury found them guilty on all counts. both defendants say they do plan on appealing. sentencing is set for february. we will have much more on toda today's guilty verdicts coming up in our next half hour. a man who claims he was the young boy molested in the shower by jerry sandusky 15 years ago
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is expected to testify in court today. the testimony is part of sandusky's fight to have his conviction overturned. lawyers for the 29-year-old man say he was the person who was identified during the 2012 sandusky trial as victim number two. but lawyers for the man say does he not believe he's the same person assistant coach mike mcqueary thought he saw in the shower with sandusky. the hearing in bellefont hasn't wrapped up yet for the day. now, on to lumberton, new jersey, where brothers christopher and brian company stelle low facing murder charges tonight. investigators were lookly for missing person who lived with the two men. they found that body of that missing person justice dubois buried in the backyard. not clear tonight what the motive was behind the killing. both brothers remain behind bars on half million dollars bail. time now to check in with the fox 29 weather authority. it didn't get nearly as warm today as we enjoyed the rest of the week, but all in all pretty good day for november.
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meteorologist scott williams with more on how the rest of weekend is looking. i'm not complaining. >> yeah, really no complaints a will lot of sunshine, typical, dawn, for this time of year as far as the high temperatures. making it into the low 60s. a lot of sunshine out there right now. 59 degrees the sun will set this friday evening at 5:55. it has been a little breezy at times. we have 60 in atlantic city. 57 degrees right now in the lehigh valley but high pressure that is in control and look at that drier air as we look at the water vapor imagery moving into the delaware valley and all the way into florida so we'll really keep this pattern into the upcoming weekend. stepping out this evening it's definitely sweater weather. grab the jackets. temperatures dropping into the low 40s by 11:00 o'clock tonight and then we're looking at some patchy frost by tomorrow morning. 40 in philadelphia. 30s once you move into the suburbs. and of course coming up we'll talk much more about this november pattern. the entire weekend forecast and looking ahead to what's to
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expect at the polls on election day. back to you. all right, thanks, scott we'll continue to follow -- we continue to follow breaking news in east falls that you can see is basically underwater right now. a 48-inch water main break has created quite a problem there. you can see the cars are practically submerged in the water. this is at abbotsford road and fox in east falls. >> this is a shopping center there. you see there's a shop rite. there's a ross clothing store. i believe just from remembering being on this corner there's a liquor store there. if you remember -- this was the third time in a year that we have covered a water main break right along in this -- it's the same water main and you can see it backs up to a railroad there and this is is 48-inch water main. crews now i'm assuming on the scene trying to get this thing stopped. but as you can see what it left behind. a flooded parking lot a flooded
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rail station. railways so we'll check back on this in little bit, of course, big breaking news in the east falls section tonight.
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♪ breaking news. we want to continue following right now. some stunning images coming from east falls section. people being rescued right now by philadelphia fire department rescue boats from this shop rite supermarket here on the corner of fox street and abbotsford road. this is a water main break. 48-inch main that broke. about half hour ago.
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still broken it's a this hour. >> people have their cars park in the parking lot there. they're inside the store shopping and now they're coming out and they can't even get to their vehicles that are submer submerged in the water here. as you mentioned chris it's a 48-inch water main. that is a very large water main the water is pouring into this parking lot on to the railroad tracks behind this shop rite and other stores in that complex at the corner of fox and abbotsford road in east falls. we know that officials are on the scene. you can see a boat there in the parking lot helping people and we have fire officials and others on the scene walking through water that is at least knee deep. maybe deeper some in some spots. >> you see they're,, what they're trying to do now is get the customers who were inside shopping trying to get them to their cars but you see their cars are tire high in water. if we look we'll get a back section of this. main concern i'm assuming now is that railroad that is now caving
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in from this water main. keep in mind, this is a 48-inch, this is a mega sized water main that transmission line. this isn't your normal line that is go to your houses. this is a main transmission line. you can see right there -- >> the ground collapsed. >> where the pavement is giving way and the water is just pouring on to the railroad tracks that are right behind that shop rite in east falls. this is unbelievable. and that water is just gushing it's like a waterfall on to the track there is. >> like i said before, you see people also there -- like we mentioned before, this has been a problem in the past that this -- at this very water main. fox 29 was there at least twice in the last year for a water main break. myself was there when the exact same thing happened. shoppers were stranded. they were able to get this -- get this capped win about an hour then but i can tell you
5:17 pm
just from experience, this is a lot worse than it was last winter when we were there. >> we were there in june as well, chris, according to our producer for water main break. so this as you have mentioned is a problematic area and this seems to be the third water main break that we know of that's happened at that exact location. >> as we know, all over the city of philadelphia, the aging infrastructure, this is a couldn't stan problem throughout the city. water mains that are over 100 years old are not uncommon around the city. so this is problem and it will continue to be a problem with the colder weather coming. so we'll of course continue to follow that story from east falls. >> we will. a man who was supposed to be trust to do fix people's apartments ends up in big trouble with the law. a maintenance worker at a germantown building was actually stealing while on the job. >> resident became suspicious and helped police catch this g guy. fox 29's jennifer joyce here. jennifer that resident pretty
5:18 pm
compelling evidence to show the cops. >> yeah, pretty clear surveillance video of a burglary in progress. the victim says she acted on her suspicions and it paid off. >> philadelphia police say sneaky burglar wearing november shining a flashlight and creeping around this apartment unit at cloverly park apartments in germantown was actually the building's maintenance man. detectives confirm christopher taylor of bensalem turned himself in to police yesterday on muddle tell charges related to theft and burglary. >> i wasn't losing my mind. >> jeannie helped police solve this crime. the surveillance footage came from her unit. she says she installed a hidden camera in july after she noticed medication was missing. this week, she helped crack the case. >> i came home monday night. i was going through my camera and i'm like i couldn't believe actual wal i was seeing. i was like, is this really for real, because he was all in my stuff. you can hear ransacking the drawers. >> reporter: she immediately called police and reported the incident to her property manager
5:19 pm
who assured her taylor has been let go. no one from the management company has returned our calls to confirm that or comment on the situation. she says property managers have yet to tell residents wap what happened and she thinks that's wrong. >> everybody needs to know. if he was in my apartment, he was in everybody else's. >> reporter: she says her landlord changed her locks but she still haven't feel safe. she plans to move out as soon as possible and wants some help. >> i want them to compensate me, because i need to move and i shouldn't have to pay for it out of my pocket because i was violated by their employee. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they're now investigating to see if other residents may have been victimized as well. if that's the case, chris taylor will likely face more charges. chris? >> all right, jenny, thanks. we are on top of breaking news. we want to get you back to skyfox over the stretch of philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. that is underwater right now. this is near the baker center
5:20 pm
shopping center near fox street and abbotsford road. we're following a major water mape break. the cause of this is a -- as we just saw the skyfox keep in mind transmission with our helicopter a little spotty depending on where it's flying but we are covering it as 48-inch water main break major shopping center up there. there's a shop rite there. there's a ross. but this is a major water mape break that is now cars are under water and is now threatening railroad tracks. >> right. people are stranded. we're seeing boats there rescuing people. so of course we will continue to stay on top of this story and keep updated as it continues to develop.
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welcome back. we continue to cover breaking news out of east falls where a major water main break at bakers center, shopping center that used to be the old tastykake factory has just been consumed in water. 48-inch water main breaking. that's major major break. filling that parking lot right there. that shop rite you can see with water stranding shoppers workers leaving cars completely underwater. take look at this parking lot. we were seeing boats rescuing people presumably taking them to
5:24 pm
their cars but a lot of these cars will not be able to get out of the parking lot tonight and water has been pouring behind the facility over the railroad tracks. part of the road is giving way. so it is a complete, complete mess. >> it is not yet over. this is live right, guys? >> yes. >> this is live shot. i wasn't sure if this was taped. it's not capped yet. they have not prepared this water main break. we're trying to get in touch with the philadelphia water department to ask them what they're telling people down there. we can only assume that water service is out. it certainly was last time. but you can see the water is -- has to be going into those stores by now. if it's tire high or more on these cars, it has to be going into these stores. i know there's a dollar store there. >> you can see take a look chris the water is definitely above the windows there. last time we check it was tire high. it was knee deep. you can see right there. >> going into the stores right
5:25 pm
now. >> not good scene. >> not a good scene there. again, behind it is the other concern. railroad tracks. it seemed to be 48 car railroad tracks, not -- i don't believe -- they're not commuter trains or septa trains or anything like that. but the trains were on the tracks. as skyfox panning behind it. you could see the ground was caving in i'm sure the integrity of those railroad tracks is a big concern right now. that is where the water was flowing it look like. it. >> looks like it slowed down little bit there unless it was a different spot but the water has been pouring off the back of that parkin parking lot down an embankment. part of the parking lot -- this is where we were notic noticinge where the water has just been pouring down on to the area where those railroad tracks are. >> yeah. let's go to -- we have probably the best in the area when it comes to traffic and nightmares like this.
5:26 pm
we've called in bob kelly. joining us on the phone right now. bob, what can you tell us on this one? >> reporter: gang g afternoon. first of all, you know, this is unbelievable. i'm being toll it's a 48-inch water main in that shopping center there. the shop rite. now, just could to kind of pain folks a picture this is just off of the rose vest boulevard and the fox street off-ramp. if you were heading north on the boulevard, and you got off at fox street, you made a right, bam, there's that shopping center there. it's baker center shop rite. i can't imagine, you know, being in that store there and then just doing your shopping, grocery shopping and coming out, um, and having this, you know, what has become a sea of water here. and as we look live from sky fox, i'm actually multi tasking here with you guys. i'm in my car on my way to an event for the ymca. i'm watching us live on my wife's phone. talking to you on my cell phone. and my wife is driving obviously
5:27 pm
right now but we're looking at the water that's going down that train -- that embankment which, um, thankfully is not a septa line. that is just a 48, used for 48. this should not impact septa's rail line here this morning. have we heard from any of the -- look at that. how the water is kind of gushing over like niagara falls there. i wouldn't if that neighborhood that's right behind it -- actually that's retaining wall. hopefully that neighborhood there is not going to get flooded out as well. have you heard from the water department at all? >> i can tell you exactly what they're doing now, bob. they don't have -- you see people climbing on top of the shopping carts right there. in front of the doors they don't have sand bags inside that shop rite. what they're using is sand bags to protect the water from coming into the store. bags of mull are and bags of top soil. they tried to put in front of the doors and you can see -- >> you can see all the shoppers
5:28 pm
right there. >> all the people stranded right now. >> they've gone inned to their shopping. carts full of groceries and come out to find their cars are underwater, and there's no way to get to their cars. no way to drive their cars. so they will probably be stuck there for some time. we are waiting word from the water company on what exactly the game plan is here. but it does not appear that this water main has been capped yet. we've been seeing pictures of the water flowing behind -- behind the train station there. but bob you said there's 48. the good news it's not affecting commuters. >> exactly. it's not going to affect septa right now, but looking at that water main, typically how this works. there's a valve and that valve may not be right where that water main happens. if that's a 48-inch main, the water department we're looking at guys here going over and trying to rescue folks into a boat/sort of live preserver -- lifeboat there, and we're
5:29 pm
zooming in to the guys at shop rite. but the water department is going to need to find where the valve is, the closest valve to that that break point. i don't see anyone in that neighborhood is probably going to be without water for little while. >> absolutely. >> we're going to cut out of here. we'll -- as you see, many rescues happening before your eyes. in east falls. we'll take short break. try to get some more information from the water department from right now you are live here on fox 29 breaking news from east falls.
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>> breaking news out of east falls where you can see a complete mess here. this is a water main break. water pouring out of this main down an embankment taking part of the road with it behind that are some freight trains but this is happening as skyfox zooms out in the parking lot of the baker center there's a huge shop rite and other stores where people are completely stranded because of this major water main break, and chris we're learning that this is from our records at least the fourth time there has been a major break here at this particular location. skyfox pulls out and kind of gives you an overview exactly where this is happening. >> you see the water levels now reaching up to the middle of these train cars. that is the parking lot of the baker center. if you know this neighborhood, this is on fox street and
5:33 pm
roberts avenue. that is the intersection there. this is the baker sent. it's in the area of the old tastykake factory. it is now a shopping center where a 48-inch water main has broken, and this is a water main from our records that dates back to 1895. and how big this thing is it can carry 100 million gallons of water a day. >> not to interrupt you but look you can see fire and emergency crews are right there in the parking lot. there are shoppers there wading through at least knee deep water presumably trying to get out of the area. get to their cars. this is unbelievable. you were saying it's 100 million gallons. >> 100 million gallons a day that went through this. so something is happening in this neighborhood. this has been a problem four times over the last two years. something needs to be done and we're trying to get with the philadelphia water department to try to explain some of this.
5:34 pm
but right now, the effort is to try to get these shoppers out of shop rite to their cars and out of there. as the water -- the water main has not been capped. has not been fixed yet. it still continues to pump water out. >> can you imagine going to the store to go shopping and coming out and carrying all your groceries and it looks like -- is there a baby there. >> yeah. >> you can see a woman being helped out of that lifeboat to her car. it's got to be so unsettling. frightening. >> she's handing the baby over. >> my goodness. >> can you imagine just going -- >> no. >> grocery shopping. >> i can't. going in to get your milk and eggs tastykakes and coming back. this lab story they'll be talking about for a little whi while. >> doesn't look like anyone is in real danger right now. >> but if we pan out a little bit, you are mentioning before the water is really starting to encroach on some of those stor stores. they were putting bags of mull
5:35 pm
are and dirt to try to keep the water from going into the shop rite, but down that complex a little bit, you can see clothing store and it looks like the water has already started to go into some of those stores. it's right up to the very edge of the window, and when we had zoomed in earlier, it wasn't that hot high. >> it's going into those stores. they're going to have some damaged merchandise. i know the dollar store that is to the right, there's another shopping sent to the right of that had some damage and a lot of their merchandise was just swamped after this. so, again we continue to follow this. this is a major water main bre break. east calls at the baker zen. we'll continue to follow this through the night. >> let's get over to scott williams though now for look at the fox 29 weather authority, and it's looking to be pretty great weekend. >> autumn like today. we had warm weather but now it's kind of seasonal, scott.
5:36 pm
it really is going to be seasonal for the upcoming weekend. we'll keep things pretty dry as well. high pressure really in control. not only for our area, new england, parts of the southeast the midwest, we're looking at a dry pattern for days if not a couple of weeks across our area. live look right now at old city. it's going to be dry, quiet and chilly as those temperatures will be dropping later on this evening. so grab the jackets and sweaters. >> upper 50's right now the sun will set shortly about 5:55. still kind of breezy winds out of the north and west at about 15 miles an hour. we have 60 right now in millville and dover. 57 currently in allentown. so into the weekend that big area of high pressure will continue to dominate our weather pattern. chilly overnight, seasonal afternoons and sunshine will continue across the area for the entire weekend. but don't forget, fall back this
5:37 pm
upcoming weekend saturday night into sunday. you'll want to turn those clocks back one hour so you get that extra hour of sleep. but look at the sunset on sund sunday. 4:52 in the evening. so high pressure continues for the weekend. continues into much of next week as well. in fact take look at those rainfall chances into the weekend. parts of next week keeping them slim to none. so for tonight, it's chilly. some patchy frost out there. 61 for the high temperature tomorrow kind of similar to today. if you're headed to the meadowlands we're looking at sunshine on sunday as the birds take on the new york giants. we're talking about the seven day forecast. a lot of sunshine, seasonal temperatures and look at election day. a high temperature of 64 degrees. back over to you. >> all right, thank scott. we couldn't to take lock at breaking news out of east falls at the baker bakers shopping ce. you can see the water just pouring on to the railroad tra
5:38 pm
tracks behind major shopping center there. shoppers are stranded. cars are underwater. eighths 48-inch water main break from our records we believe this is the fourth time in the last two years that there has been a major water main break at this locate. again we are staying on top of this story and we'll bring you the latest developments we're trying right now to get in touch with the water department to see exactly where the situation stands. >> we have crews on the way to east falls right now. we will bring you the very latest. new pictures. right now we'll go to a break. stay with us. fox 29 continues.
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. >> skyfox over stretch of philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. a major water main break has occurred. this is near fox street and roberts avenue in the east falls section. we want to go straight to john ellio with the philadelphia water department. thanks for joining us. can you give us the latest update on this. >> sure. how are you? we have our crews on sight right now working to get access to the valves to make
5:42 pm
sure we can turn this off. there are four, 48 water mains in this location so we have to figure out which it's on. make sure we can get that turned down and reduce the flow of water. priority number one to get this water main turned off. i understand that there are some evacuations taking place by the fire department, and i'm sure emergency managers are on the sight as well. we'll work with them on coordinating any responses that need to be done but priority number one to figure out which water main is broken and get that turned off. >> the problem is because there are four, 48 water mains in that general area the water department has not yet identified which one is broken? is that correct? >> unfortunately, i am in my vehicle on my way there. i can say the exact physical they have identified which main. as of about half an hour ago they were still looking to locate which one was broken. they may have changed but the
5:43 pm
first priority is to figure out what is broken and get that turned down. >> john you say you're on the way to that location. i'm sure you've been there before because there's been four other breaks in that same area three or four. can you tell me what's going on in that particular area with your infrastructure? >> um, unfortunately, i can't tell you. because, you know, each one is different. each one, you know, requires a investigation. at this time, you know, it's too early to tell. we will very likely have this water main looked at by an engineering firm to see if they can identify a cause, different stress facts put on the main but these mains were installed in late 1800s. so we'll have to see if age is a cribbing factor or any of the development that took place over the past few years, you know, could have been one of the causes. however, at this time it's too early to say. we'll certainly do a full investigation. >> john, thank you so much for talking to us on the telephone. we're looking at pictures right
5:44 pm
now of a helicopter overhead, and it looks to be -- >> philadelphia police helicopter. >> philadelphia police helicopter landing on the scene. we hope to go back to you and talk to you again once you get on location and can fine out more information. so -- >> i should be there in about 10 minutes. i'll be happy to provide any more information or comment. >> thank so much, john, appreciate it. >> no problem. >> i don't know diguilio joining us from the philadelphia water depth. stay with us. depth. stay with us. clinton and i approve thislary message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ we want to get you back to the breaking news we've been following for about 45 minutes. skyfox over a stretch of philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. a major water main break. that stretch of the neighborhood is underwater. this is the baker center
5:48 pm
shopping center on the corner of fox street and roberts avenue. the cause of the flooding is a 48-inch water main break that we are told was not capped yet. but does it look like the water has stopped flowing. there's a shop rite in the area. we've seen some evacuations from fire -- firefighters, and the water seems to be receding but still an active situation. of course we'll continue to follow this story and keep you updated throughout the broadca broadcast. developing now, a jury has reached a verdict in the bridge gate trial. bridget kelly and bill baroni have been found guilty of creating traffic jams at the george washington bridge in 2013 for what prosecutors say was political retaliation. >> this comes in the seventh week of the trial after full week of jury deliberations. fox's joe tow hee reports. >> i am innocent of these charges. and i am very, very looking forward to this appeal.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: defiant and disappointment from former chris christie allies bridget kelly and bill baroni following a stunning guilty verdict over their role in the 2013 bridge gate scandal. >> we're disappointed. we're disappointed. primary concern now is the family. >> reporter: bridget kelly crying in court as the jury of seven women and five men found her guilty on all charge ms. nine count indictment including conspiracy and wire fraud. >> verdicts like this, prosecutions like this, investigations like this send a message to people we don't tolerate and it's not right. if do you it and we found out about it we'll go after you as hair as we can. >> jurors not talking about their verdict but defense attorneys are calling foul. >> u.s. attorney' office should be ashamed of this case. they claim the prosecution's case was based completely around testimony of their star witness david wildstein. and the concept political retribution for the fort lee mayor something the jury was
5:50 pm
instructed not to take into account by the judge. >> read this indictment. and tell me without david wildstein and without punishment tell me what this case was about. this case was and is a disgrace. >> i don't think we ran away from david wildstein at all. david wildstein was exactly the character who was portrayed by both the government and the defense at trial. he was a political operative who for years engaged in all sorts of dirty tricks. the idea we should be ashamed quite the contrary. although i take no pleasure, no pleasure in this very. and no pleasure in having had to go through this process. i am enormously proud of the work my office, the fbi and inspector general did on this or christie. multiple witnesses testified that the governor knew about the lane closures as they were going on. that includes the government star witness david wildstein. feeling vindicated christie release another statement saying "i had no knowledge prior to or
5:51 pm
during these lane row alignments and had no role in authorizing them. no believable evidence was was. (to do contradict that fact. anything said to the contrary over the past six weeks in court is simply untrue ". when we put witnesses on the stand, we put witnesses on the stand who are corroborated by other evidence and we don't -- we don't ask people to testify about things when we think they might not be true. >> reporter: not so subtle jab from u.s. attorney paul fishman right there. now, the headaches actually aren't over for governor christie. just this afternoon some members of the assembly tweeting they want to open a new investigation into the governor over what he knew about these bread gate lane closure scandals. the trial may be over but bridge gate isn't going away for the governor any time soon. in newark, joe too wee "fox 29" news. >> local supermarket doing its part to help those in need this thanksgiving. giant food stores donated a thousand turkeys to philabundance. the event kicked off today in havertown. all part of the store's feeding our neighbors every day campai
5:52 pm
campaign. giant plans to hasn't out $90,000 worth of turkeys this holiday season. a milestone to be proud of in north philadelphia today. habitat for humanity sold and dedicate add brand new home today clifton carter and deanna corbin bought a brand new home at diamond park. it's a development of affordable townhomes at 16th and fountain streets. congratulations to the family who are now first-time homeowners. it's the 196t 196th home built d sold by habitat for humanity here in philadelphia. congratulations. >> love it. it was a party more than a century in the making in chicago today. why it was extra special for all the young cubs fans who got to be part of this massive celebration. and we are following developing news concerning the septa strike. it's now taking legal action. septa now taking legal action to try to get those workers back on the job. we are live outside septa headquarters with the very latest. ♪
5:53 pm
>> and we're continuing to follow that breaking news we've been telling you about. major water main break in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. it look like the water has stopped flowing after a 48-inch main broke at the bakers shopping center plaza. we have crew on the way. we will bring you an update coming up at 6:00. ♪ she ate like a pig. trump has said and done... you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and republican brian fitzpatrick
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and criminalize women's right to choose. pat toomey and donald trump both would defund planned parenthood, "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah." "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors... who perform them." and when donald trump insulted women and bragged about... sexual assault, pat toomey refused to reject him. pat toomey: won't stand up to trump. won't stand up for women. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. pwhen i come home and dinner'sry not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p*á*á". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything.
5:56 pm
more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. they are still partying in chicago. why won you, right? >> look at that. >> coming in full force to celebrate their world series champions.
5:57 pm
the cubs of course clinching the title wednesday dramatic game seven against cleveland much this is the first championship for the cubs since guess when? >> 1908. ever knows, right. >> that's right. luckily today was already scheduled a day off for chicago public schools. so even the kids got to join in on the fun. well, we certainly need more of this. today our friends "good day philadelphia" started a new segment and it's sure to bring smile to people's faces every week. >> it's called feel good friday and as the name suggests it's a chance to thank people for helping in their communities. take a look. >> we wanted to say thank you because this is something we want to do every single friday. but because this is the first day, we wanted to start. you know you've been peeking over the side joe. we're here to say thank you. >> hi, how you doing. >> thank you. >> i watch you on tv all the time. >> now i understand you're a retired firefighter. >> yes. >> and you're here -- you're checking attendance. >> i take care of the children and talk to them and try to give them encouragement.
5:58 pm
>> it's awesome. here's the situation. we brought 15 balloons for three people. i can't separate them. so you'll get your balloons in just a second. globe okay. it's classic good day. who else are we saying thank to you. >> good morning, everyone. good morning, good morning, good morning. >> good morning. >> right here fran o'brien. >> fran i hear you're the hug lady and pretzels. i understand that even though you're retired you come to work with these kids each and every day. >> guilty. >> why is it important for you to be here? >> there's no feeling in the world like working with somebody on a skill or a task and when they get it the feeling is undescribable. >> feel good friday. if there's someone you want to say thank to you at the help of the good day team and jenn fred go to jenn's face bock page and nominate someone. just get thank you and balloons and a surprise appearance from jenn fred herself. ♪
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 o'clock, day four of the septa transit strike. it's causing a crippling commute for thousands trying to make their way in and out of the ci city. now septa is going to court. plus -- all of our members who came out today to honor somebody who really doesn't want to be honored. >> celebrating one philadelphia firefighter's long career of helping others. what the courageous firefighter had to say about the honor, even though he's not crazy about award. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we have major breaking news right now the city's east falls neighborhood. skyfox over a huge water main break. the break itself near fox street and roberts avenue. take look. this is the baker center shopping center. the entire area underwater at this point. the cause of the flooding a
6:00 pm
48-inch water main break. there's a shop rite in the area we've seen several vehicles swamped underwater. we've been watching firefighters evacuate people in boats probably who went into that store to do their shopping and came out a mess. >> and we as you said chris saw people being escorted to their homes in knee deep water. we talked to a water department employee on the telephone had was on their way to this huge water main saying there were four, 48-inch water mains there and they were trying to locate the exact one. dave kinchen has finally made his way to the scene. what can you tell us, dave, about the situation there now? >> reporter: well, we're right in front of that shop rite. let me just step out of the way here and you can see this lady actually was rescued had to be carried across some of the water there between the stop sign on this side and those doors going into the shop rite. you can also see some people here the firefighters helping


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