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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here on the city of brotherly love. live look at independence mall from skyfox right now. that's where hillary clinton set to hold a huge rally soon and she's got the big guns helping her out including her husband former president bill clinton and of course president obama and the first lady. good evening to you i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. as clinton heads this way drum is that making several stops of his own in a final attempt to win over voters. let's begin tonight with our sean in it wilson live at the crazy scene of independence mall. shawnette? >> reporter: it is a very crazy scene. we're live at fourth and chestnut right now. take look this way just about a block away from independence mall where this hillary clinton event will begin at i believe 7:30 tonight. we'll have our camera pan this way. take a look at the line of people waiting to get into the event. they are headed that way. it is a busy evening right here in old city and center city. so as we take a look at video we were able to gets moments ago streets are blocked off around
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independence mall as you just saw forcing traffic which now include septa buses again since their strike is over, they're causing cars to be bumper to bumper on the street that is are open. then there's the line of people everywhere. people walking from every direction to get to the hillary clinton rally. and these people don't mind waiting in line. >> awesome. it's a big event. >> i go to the university so i'm happy that the strike is over finally. took the broad street line down. met miranda here after work and here we are. it's a hail larry recallly. >> leave on time. leave an time. huge traffic. people everywhere. everybody -- everywhere people are walking. >> reporter: and so back here live again incredible line of people here waiting to hear hillary clinton hopefully energize them tonight. on the eve of the big election day. so just so you'll know parts of market street, fifth street and sixth streits are closed to traffic and also we just talked to someone who says that this
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line has gone all the way to south philadelphia passed south street people waiting to get back to old city to the event tonight. so crazy and exciting night. exciting time right now. back to you. >> all right, shawnette, meanwhile, donald trump is spending his day rallying in five swing states. that includes a stop here in pennsylvania and a little later tonight let's get out to chris o'connell on independence mall with a look at trump's election eve. chris? >> reporter: well, that's right, first of all, hillary clinton certainly bringing out the big guns here on the night before election day. as you said, guys, becoming all too clear pennsylvania is a must within for both candidates. set the stage here behind me. that is where hillary clinton will be coming to night in a couple of hours. she'll be joined by president obama, her husband president clinton and his wife -- michelle obama and probably the biggest stars of the show will be right there on the stage right on market street right across the street from the liberty bell that's where you'll see heavy hitters bruce springsteen, bon
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jovi scheduled to perform tonight as you can see the gates are open. the music is playing. and it's almost show time. now both candidates spending their final hours in pennsylvania trying to rally what become a coveted vote. donald trump already hit florida, north carolina, on his way to pennsylvania. new hampshire, michigan at a recall in north carolina. he made fun of this rally in philly. >> and i don't have a guitar and i don't have a piano. all we have is great concepts for our country which is the most important thing. because frankly when people get on stage and they're entertainers and they entertain in order to get people to fill up a room, for hillary clinton -- >> reporter: as we bring you back out here live, everyone supposed to hit stage about 8:00 o'clock. after tonight's rally, hillary clinton scheduled to fly off jet setting with bon jovi for
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midnight rally in raleigh. hillary clinton, both trump will be in home precincts tomorrow to cast their vote. guys. >> all right. chris o'connell. you know it we're counting the hours until polls open across our area. all kinds of preparations happening right here right now. that's made amid of speculation from the trump campaign that the election process is rigged and he's taking aim at the city of philadelphia. >> tonight officials assuring voters they don't need to be concerned about voter fraud. dave kinchen joins us with a preview of the preparations. dave? >> reporter: iain and lucy, philadelphia election officials tell us they take pride in running a fair and transparent system, ton night, we've learned that the feds will be on hand to make sure voting take place without a hitch. >> people walk through the chilly november air in chestnut hill are eager to end the political hot air filled this presidential election. >> i think it's been so contentious, and i'm very
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anxious to -- foy my person to win. >> i'm looking forward to, um, moving on from the constant commercials and, um, you know, just the horrible talk back and forth. >> reporter: the feeling is much the same across town in west philadelphia. ready for election day tomorrow. >> i just want to get it over with actually. to me it's a big circus act, though. sooner it's over the better it will be. it don't matter who win or lose. >> reporter: whether the goal to to choose the neck leader or stop the madness, the city officials who run elections in philadelphia say the final preps are underway with some machines already being warmed up. >> we're just fielding phone calls and dotting our eyes and crossing our t's and getting ready for tomorrow. >> reporter: commissioner deal z sets says 220,000 new voter applications were submitted from the primary to the end of registration last month. and she guarantees the process will be free from the
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accusations of fraud that donald trump has suggested charges hillary clinton has dismissed. >> in this particular race we're fortunate to have the older equipment because it drowns out some of the noise we're hearing about possible hacks or improprieties in the system. >> reporter: as added securit ae security u.s. department department will monitor poll activity in 28 states and civil rights division will have personnel right here in philadelphia. >> we do all that we can to have transparent well-run elections. >> reporter: polls open at 7:00 a.m. and the feds say those investigators will be there all damon touring everything and of course we'll keep an eye on it tomorrow. lucy. >> thank you very much. speaking keeping an eye very close eye on an even closer race here in pennsylvania. pat toomey and katie mcginty criss-crossing the keystone state. a last ditch effort by both to win votes in the us senate race.
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polls show they have they are mc and neck and you know what, the whole nation really is watching this race. the reason, whoever wins tomorrow, could determine which party gains control of the us senate. >> on election day be sure to keep it tuned right here to fox 29 news. we'll have live results for you as soon as they come n your fox 29 team will also be live in new york at both trump and lynn clinton headquarters and we'll be tracking major local elections as well. it's all right here on fox 29. developing to night in philadelphia's logan neighborhood, police are searching for the person who shot a man putting several schools on lock down it happened around each lm at broad and olney. a man walked into einstein hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. school administrators put four surrounding schools or lock down for a half hour. so far though no arrests. in kensington, 16-year-old girl is in critical condition after police say someone shot her in the head. it happened along the 2100 block of east first street around 2:30 this afternoon. investigators say they have a
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person of interest in custody. happening right now, the engines on septa buses and trains and subways are finally revving again after six days of septa strike has come to an end. septa's management and union leaders came to tentative agreement under contract early this morning. comes just in time for election day. >> but there are a lot of hard feelings left behind. let's get out to bruce gordon live right now in center city. bruce? >> reporter: guys, there's no question about it. still hit and miss service at this hour on the buses, the subways and the trollies. but for the most part, septa service is back up and running tonight. just in time as you say for election day, and 91 too soon for hundreds of thousands of septa riders still angry. for them mass transit is an necessity of life. as mass transit began stirring back to life at the frankford transportation center late monday morning we found joseph williams waiting for bus service to a blood plasma center near the franklin mills mall. williams was look to go make up
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for a lot of week of donations and the cash they bring. >> just missed a week of i could have made over 70 some bucks going to the plasma center but, you know -- >> what indeed, six day strike was the 12 toth represent septa service since 1975. early morning news conference 10 to tiff five year contract was announced fox 29 asked septa's board chairman why it so often takes walk out to get a deal done. >> it's just the normal course of business. how it gets done in the city. it's unfortunate. we we all work together. it all comes out in the end but it's just part of the process. >> reporter: septa has already announced it will offer credit vouchers to those rider who's lost money on weekly or monthly passes. go to our website for details, but that offer does not satisfy all of the hundreds of thousands of passengers impacted. >> we're asking the general population to present these passes when they are boarding septa vehicles. >> reporter: this group set up in front of septa headquarters
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monday. distributing free passes for those inconvenienced by the walkout. a purely symbolic gesture aimed at bringing attention to the effective walk outs on the working poor. >> if they don't accept it, i have at least got my message across and my message is tepp at a meet the needs and stop the greed. >> full bus, subway and trolley service will be up and running in time for the tuesday morning rush. election day. welcome news for riders but lots of these folks know it's only a matter of time till the next labor dispute interrupts service and cost them time. money, a new job. >> you get the impression either side listens to or cares about people like you? >> sometimes i feel they don't. >> reporter: it has been a rather brutal stretch for septa of course. what with the summer long disruption to regional rail service and now this strike. but come tomorrow morning, aga again, election day there's nothing more important than th that. everybody gets their life back.
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iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's live look at trenton, new jersey, right now. those summer like temperatures not here any more. >> um-um. >> not too bad out there. kathy orr is here now. kathy, everyone wants to know what's the forecast for election day. >> it will be a nice day but behind me very busy. this is the roadblock catch between fourth and seventh on market and you can see festivities will be gettin gettg underway soon for that rally on independence mall. 54 the temperature the. the high 56. winds out of the north at six. if you will be in center tee tonight temperatures will be falling through the 40s. as we get out the vote on election day, 7:00 a.m., 44 degrees. by noon 62 if and pleasant bite evening at 5:00 o'clock, the temperature 65. so no reason not to get out there and get out the vote. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, miss kathy orr. dunkin' donuts making some changes. good news if you like a certain hot beverage. what you can expect to see more of on the menu at your local donut shop. holiday signs already popping up in stores. so how do you plan to do your
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shopping? where one new survey says people are flocking to. police say this guy tried to steal something from a local target. what happened outside that had him running away empty handed. coming later at 6:00 local mom has a problem that nearly a hundred thousand people in this country face but her situation is more dire than most. she's opening up about her struggle and you could help. dangerous thing.
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a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ day before election day and the latest fox news poll has hillary clinton with a four-point lead over donald
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trump nationally 48 to 44%. stay with fox 29 throughout election day. we'll bring you results live as they come in. shocking moments caught on camera at a target store in port richmond. this happened last month in the store along castor avenue. police say security cameras caught the man stealing an electronic item and when he went to leave the store without paying for it, investigators say a store guard tried to stop him. that led to a struggle. police say the accused thief came back with a knife threaten the guard he ran off without taking anything. thankfully no one else was hurt. a warning tonight if you've gotten text from your bank. pennsylvania attorney general says people are getting messages that look like they're from legitimate financial institution. it's asking users to fill in bank account information, another text looked like from pay pal. both of these though could be scams. if you have any doubt about a text you are receiving always contact your bank. >> new castle county, delaware police are looking for whoever shot a woman as she leapt in her
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bed. officers respond thed sparrow run community in delaware delaware. they found a 38-year-old woman shot it appears those bullets came from the outside of her home. medics rushed her to the hospital. authorities say she should recover. they say bulletsly hit several other homes and nearby cars. they're now offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and a convi convict. a man is recovering after getting dumped into a trash truck in port richmond. police say the guy was sleeping in a dumpster on aramingo avenue when a trash truck came by to empty it sis this morning. fortunately he was rescued and taken to the hospital. we don't know yet what his exact injuries are. fire officials say he's in stable condition. these two past mondays have been the equivalent of -- i say a hangover for eagles fans. for the second week in a row the birds lost this time, of course, to the new york giants. and now coach doug pederson is talking about what to expect for the rest of the season. all right, sean bell is in the house.
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sean, i guess aspirin won't help us with this one. past five games only one win. >> hangover usually means you had a good night the night before. right? it's not the case for the eagles. all their losses coming on the road, too. all of them coming down in the final minutes like this team just can't get out of their own way. whether it's a fumble, an interception, it's always something with this team. yesterday it was a slow start. they couldn't recover from. carson wentz had two, two interceptions in the first two possessions. that really put them behind the eight ball. giants racked up 14 points eagles could never fully get back from that. even when they finally did get close the defense got shredded by eli manning. man hemoglobin 4td's only sacked once. eagles lost 28-23. each loss was by seven points or less. four-four at the bottom of the division and somehow they need to bounce back in the second half of the season. could they make the playoffs? i don't know. >> keep working.
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keep working. and keep grinding because like i tell the team, you know, after games like this, i promise them if they keep working the way they've been working good things are going to happen down the stretch. >> we still got a lot of games to go. we got eight games left it's on us. we can either -- we can either go 12-four. you know what i'm saying or we can keep losing week to week. our mindset we going to try to win out. that's the goal. >> we're halfway through a lot of football to play. good thing we're coming back home. you look around the league right now, obviously not in the spot we wanted to be but we're in a good smother spot. >> later in sports carson wentz talks about the struggles he's having in the last few games to start off these contests. former eagles josh huff already found a home. also hear what he had to say about his second chance. lucy? >> thank you sean gel bell. you decide 2016. security is on the minds of officials in new york city. for the first time since the '
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'40s both parties candidates will election day gatherings in the big apple. mayor diblasio says new yorkers were rest assure the nypd has comprehensive plan in place. police deployment about the same when pope francis visited the city. hillary clinton and donald trump will have their celebrations in midtown manhattan only about 1 mile from each other. >> these kids are still staying engage in the election process. charter school in parkside held a mock election today and during the school year the kids had a number of political themed project to teach them about their government. tonight the nation is remembering its first female attorney general. janet reno's family says she is died from complications of parkinson's disease today. she was 78 years old. reno was one of the most prominent figures in president chill town's cabinet one of her most memorable decisions was her authorization of the armed seizure of five-year-old elian gonzales of cuba from the home of his miami relatives. >> search to fine all victims of
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a suspected serial killer is expanded south carolina this comes days after a woman was found chained in a storage container in large rural property. police say the suspect todd cole help admits to killing four people in 2003 and then he told them that there were two more graves. investigators are now trying to identify all the victims involved. >> the first site we had, um, the remains of david carver and the second sight that he pointed out we were able to find a person i don't know gender, don't know manner of death, how long, they're supposed to be one more down here. but we're going to keep searching until we are positive that's it. >> cohlhepp was denied bond yesterday and he's a suspect in at least seven deaths. >> coming up from behind bars to building bridges, we're introducing to you amazing local man who is hitting the streets to show young men and police officers that they have more in common than not.
5:21 pm
and quite a site. crews wheel a huge building right down busy street. the important figure who once used this space to create works of art. >> local guy who lost his job is turning it into an opportunity to make some new friends. his big goal that created quite a following online.
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>> heartbreak tonight in georgia after man shot and killed a police officer. police say 41-year-old patrick zahn drop of the peach county sheriff's department responded to a dispute yesterday. a man who police are only saying 57 years old started shooting. he killed sadiron and injured another officer. the 57 year philadelphia is in the hospital in the intensive care unit. >> jury selection underway in the trial of a man in a mass killing in south carolina church. first of two death penalty trying for dylan roof. he's accused of killing nine people during bible study historic black church in charleston last year. jury summons were sent to 3,000 prospective jurors in the charleston area whittled down to 500. jury selection could take
5:25 pm
several weeks. historic museum in colorado puts new meaning to big move. >> entire property just pick up and moved to a new locate. remote controlled wheels helped move denver vance kirkland studio eight blocks yesterday. three room building is 26 feet high and was the studio of painter vance kirkland. they're hoping the new location will help him gain moreen recognition. >> it's a neighborhood that really values our -- i'm really excited for it to have a home down there. one for it to get more space but also frameable to be able to walk to different museums all in one neighborhood. >> the studio lost a few bricks along the way to its new location. but it is slated to open sometime next fall. okay, geology lovers this is for you. a amazing video from hawaii tonight showing bubbling inside a lava lake this is on top of hawaii's kilo way ya volcano you can see the summit there.
5:26 pm
pretty active. we're also getting a look at eastern portion of the lava lake where lava continues to enter that sea. incredible. no communities are in danger at this time. parts of oklahoma cleaning up after a powerful earthquake. locals say you know what happens all the time around here. what officials say is making the quakes such a common occurrence. >> fox 29 investigators city taxpayers pay millions every year to diss suppose of philadelphia's trash. surprisingly moves our cameras caught. kathy. >> in weather we're talking about a sprawling high pressure system that's going to make it pretty perfect for the whole eastern half of the nation as we get out the vote tomorrow a warm up but then a major break in those temperatures cooling down in the seven day.
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♪ my oh my look at this skyfox over quite the scene. crowds are gathering on independence mall tonight where hillary clinton's campaign will hold a pre-election rally. i mean it's like a huge thing. president obama, the first lady, rockers bruce springsteen, john bon jovi along for the ride hoping to encourage of course as many people as possible to vote for the democratic nominee. the program is kick off on independence mall in old city. sad update to a story we first told you about last
5:30 pm
thursday. one of the children injured in that olney fire on east sheldon street has passed away. another child remains in critical condition. fire investigators still aren't sure what started the fire. they have not released the names of the young victims. big city trash truck backed up to unmarked vehicle loaded with construction debris. that is very bad news if you're attacks pair. >> fox 29 investigates though on the case. jeff cole way preview his story coming up tonight at 10:00. >> luce so is right it's bad news. city taxpayers pay 35 million bucks a year to dispose of philadelphia's trash. that's a big number. you don't want any trash going into the landfill that's not supposed to be there. but take a look at what's going on here. there's that big old city trash truck lined up. hanging out with unmarked vehicle. and the debris is going right inside the trash truck. the city tells us that is a big problem. so we decided to ask a few
5:31 pm
questions. >> buddy, where you going here? come on now. this private work, sir? >> what's going on here? >> why would you let them do this? >> am i breaking the jaw. >> yeah. >> reporter: yup. tonight we've got it all on camera and we will show you plus the dramatic fallout from our investigation. that's tonight at 10:00. fox 29 investigates. i'm jeff cole. iain. >> jeff, look forward to that. thanks. developing to night iraqi troops focusing just outside the city of mosul curdish fighters exchanging heavy fire with isis militants today. this push appears to be the most serious yet to drive the terror group from the area. as the offensive end to the city center continues, iraqi officers say they expect the death toll among both civilians and troops to rise. teams of iraqi and american volunteer medics rushed to help those in need. >> huge urban environment. imagine trying to go into brooklyn or charlotte, north
5:32 pm
carolina where you have huge buildings. imagine every door, window, ro rock, hole, that kind of gunfire can come out at any moment. >> around their thousand civilians have left the city since the violence broke out. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. looking live at a very pretty wilmington riverfront. seasonably chilly today but it felt fantastic in the sunshine. kathy orr has your full forecast in 15 seconds. >> it was a very pleasant day with good deal of sunshine. high pressure the reason why. the high really dominating from the midwest all the way to the mid atlantic. we have an area of low pressure spinning moving out to sea and more clouds moving eastward. you can see this counterclockwise swirl just to the south of omaha to the north
5:33 pm
of wichita and moving toward the east this is an area of low pressure with its front that will move through during the day on wednesday. but for now, we're looking at a very busy old city philadelphia with the roads from fourth street to seventh street blocked off for that hillary clinton rally that gets u way this evening. temperatures are pretty cool out there. 54 the high today little bit milder than that 56. winds out of the north at six with those winds are slowly subsiding. we've already dropped to 48 in mount pocono. 51 in allentown and 50 degrees in pottstown. 40s through atlantic city and dover and even in millville. as we widen out and look at the northeast it's a a hole you can see in bank gore, main man also quebec temperatures in the 30s so it will be a cold night across the region. winds calm to the north and west and to the south and that's why we have those temperatures falling so quickly. the clear skies and the light winds perfect ingredient for that warmth that built up during the day to escape right in the atmosphere. fair weather high pressure off the coast tomorrow and as it does, we get more of a south
5:34 pm
southwesterly flow which is a warm wind for us on election day, the temperatures will peak before this front moves through and brings an end to a lot of that warmth during the day on wednesday. but sunny and dry for election day. some showers with the front as we time the rain out for wednesday, you can see the clouds will be rolling in but not until late tuesday night and you can see not a lot of them it will be early wednesday we see the clouds. by the morning rush on wednesday we see the rain. and it pushes through the region by the afternoon and by the evening, we'll see some sunshine before sunset especially philadelphia north and west on your wednesday. overnight tonight low temperatures will be falling to 40 in the city, freezing in the suburbs we've already had that freeze so worry not going to be seeing any frost advisories or freeze warnings. mainly clear, chilly, with a light wind. during the day tomorrow, the high 68, sunny and mild just a gorgeous day for election day. don't remember one quiet this warm. election day forecast for the entire region, calls for
5:35 pm
afternoon high temperatures mainly in the 60s in philadelphia upper 60s. by 3:00 o'clock in the poconos 62. in wilmington and dover peaking in the mid 60s on your election day. seven day forecast brought to you by the weather authority. tomorrow's high 68. wednesday some showers moving in. thursday looks great. veterans day looks great we have the walk to end alzheimer's on saturday at citizens bank park. little cool but we'll dress for it. sunday still a chill. and by monday, sunny and cool. the high temperature 58. which is more seasonal for this time of year. hey, gang, we're heading almost toward the mid part of the month. so it has to get cooler sooner or later but no excuse not to get out the vote. >> that's right, kathy. all right. thanks. out with the old and in with the new. dunkin' donuts making change chs what you can expect to see more of on the menu at your local donut shop. >> signs popping up in stores. how do you plan to do your shopping? a new survey says people are flocking to a certain place. we'll tell where you it is.
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live look at independence hall right now. let's go to skyfox in the air. look at that. my goodness. of course, p avenue is the epicenter of the race to the white house. hillary clinton the democratic nominee of course holding enormous rally the last post election day rally she's doing it right here right now. 7:30 is the time. she'll be joined by the president, the first lady, bill clinton, john bon jovi, and bruce springsteen. so it's a big deal. meanwhile, off toward the west we've got donald trump of course republican nominee heading off to scranton. we figure in crucially here. we'll have much more on this in just a bit. a man who killed federal transportation officer and wounded three other people in shooting spree in los angeles international airport sentenced to 60 years plus in prison. paul see ansi ya pleaded guilty to murder and 10 other counts for that 2013 rampage.
5:40 pm
the south jersey native told the court he'd become sick of life and wanted to take up arms against the government. in your money tonight, planning to do shopping on cyber monday? orientee loan. according to new survey, cyber monday will be more popular than black friday for the first time ever. the survey by finds that 69% of the people say they're plan to go shop on cyber monday this year compared to 66% who sea they'll do it on black friday. basically a tie last year. even on black friday, online shopping just as popular now. 36% will go to at least one store on black friday while 36% also say they'll shop online. dunkin' donuts 2.0 love tea you are going to love the new menu donut chain got its sites set on taking starbucks enter its new tea line up featuring bold, breakfast, black tea. harmony leave green tea. hibiscus kiss. the hot tea is part of its
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mission to higher end coffee drinks. star buck boosted it's teas after it bought tea von in a. >> parts of owing okay cleaning up from a powerful earthquake but this is not the first to hit the area. why officials say this area keeps getting rocked over and over again. from behind bars to building bridges. we are introducing to you an amazing local man who is hitting the streets to show young men and police officers that they have more in common than not.
5:44 pm
♪ he lived a life of crime and spent time behind bars but now local active visit building bridges with police perhaps at a time when that's need the most. >> fox 29's dave kinchen shows us a man they all og law is working with septa police to
5:45 pm
bring some black men and law enforcement together for good. >> ♪ >> reporter: you could call him a one-man show. >> ♪ >> reporter: music producer. ♪ >> reporter: a messenger. >> god said he only chastised those who he loved even though his love was tough. >> reporter: a man of great intensity. he will pull you right in. >> no, you can't go out there with a gun, son. >> reporter: but his live story is anything but a show. ex-con, active visit and mentor to inner city youth michael to toban is as real as it gets. >> black lives matter secretly we dealing with our own civil war on what part of black lives matters the most can't get it together in your own house. kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. >> reporter: also known as oj law.
5:46 pm
he's done hard time. but kept the orange jumpsuit and chains as his signature and as his a sign protesting the prison justice system he's come to kn know. even sleeping in a portable jail cell he takes around philadelphia. >> i am not your enemy unless you force me to be. >> reporter: you could call that the sound track of his new mission bringing police officers into the streets he knows well with many experiences still fresh in his mine. >> ♪ >> whatever the reason, i've been approached and many like me and some white folks even have been approached violently disrespect physical i'm attack pair. i bought your gun. you going to pull your gun on me even bought your gun. >> reporter: just listen as he recalls a traffic stop. >> i don't know what's going to happen right now. i don't want to show myself to be a could you war. this is i'm man. kiming he got his gun.
5:47 pm
i seen what they d they always do they say it's a mistake. they go to court and get away with it. how you want to approach a dude that's already like that. >> michael is able to tell you about standing on the corner. you know, getting slammed to the ground by the police. um, about actions of the police that were offensive to him. >> reporter: it's those personal stories and raw conviction that inspired septa transit police chief thomas nestle to link up with toban in the chief's efforts to better connect his officers with the people they serve. he wears an orange prison jumpsuit with chains and handcuffs around his neck. he's an ominous looking guy. man, when you talk to him you can feel the love and concern that he has for what's going on in our city and between police and people. >> reporter: nestle was looking for an ex oh fender from the streets to talk to new young cops. finding that in toban they went into the city with 12 transit
5:48 pm
officers who were fresh out of the police academy. the name of the seminar, i am not your enemy. >> mr. nestle had the courage and the vision to tap into something outside the box. people talk outside the box. but when they see you outside the box sometimes they're afraid you. you got to talk to the people you know, people with beer cans, they couldn't arrest them that day. they had to be human. >> the conversation was raw. it was loud. it was angry. but it was -- it was productive. >> reporter: with results that have already changed lives. >> they start preaching to one another. when the dude told him why he was drink eyeing went through something like that before and the officer found out that the homeless dude has some of the same problems. >> while we were at ken sipping ton and allegheny a guy who had been arrested by the transit police before in a fight came and asked for help for drug rehab and we got him into a drug rehab right then. that's the kind of thing that
5:49 pm
we're looking to happen. ♪ report. >> it's too late. i should have been on this block yesterday. >> reporter: but toban is reaching even deeper with more urban lives to save. >> these people who act like they killers in the street when i drive my hearse down the block they don't want to get in ride. you really don't want to die. >> reporter: which is why oj law boldly fights through the flack he gets from his own. >> how anybody that think i'm a rat, because i'm trying to get the police to know that just because you got drugs in your pocket they ain't a lot to shoot you. they supposed to usher to you the halls of justice where you get your fair day in court. >> reporter: we first met og law during a chance encounter or broad street. he was running in his orange jump while dragging a massive sign behind him. dozens if not hundreds stopped by to literally sign on to his message fight hate with love.
5:50 pm
he has also criss-crossed the united states featuring his truth to -- preaching his truth who to whoever will receive it. >> we have to good town respect one another and communication. >> reporter: he says perhaps the biggest challenge is right here in the city of brotherly love. >> philly got to live up to its name. it's to the kill delphi ya. a motto debatable at times. >> these young people don't understand love. they don't realize that they lives is worth saving. they don't realize somebody was watching how violence is getting crazy and said they my babies i got to do something to stop th this. >> ♪ >> reporter: so in the end the tail of two passions. one from the streets. the other from behind the badge repairing relationships and bringing about renewed purpose at a time when tensions are higher than ever. >> the overwhelming majority of people in the street are good people and the overwhelmingly majority of the police are good police. communication is the key here
5:51 pm
and og law has reached points where we wouldn't have reached before. ♪ >> i figure if i can inspire other people to love, because it do work. loving people work. >> reporter: in northwest philadelphia, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> a local man who lost his job is turning into the opportunity to make some new friends his big goal that's created quite a following online. >> coming up at 6:00 local mom is suffering from a problem nearly 100,000 people in this country face but her situation is more dire than most. >> completely drained. i feel like the life has been suck out of me. >> she's pulling back the curtain on her struggle. how you might be able to help. ♪
5:54 pm
pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion
5:55 pm
and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. folks in parts of central oklahoma cleaning up after a 5.0 earthquake hit last night. the quake rocked the town and the area around curbing which is about 50 miles west of tulsa. it's also home to a major gas and oil hub much this is key. the town builds itself as pipeline crossroads the world. good news we don't have any reports of any injuries. police say the quake left extensive damage to the infrastructure and the town of 7500 people. >> i happened to look up and i swear it looked like the ceiling was about collapse on me. the walls were shaking. the ceiling was moving. it's scary and still shook up about it. >> oklahoma has had thousands of
5:56 pm
earth quakes in the past two years. officials have a tributed most of them to the injection of oil on gas production waste water into underground wells. back here at home, this may be one of the largest networking schemes we have ever heard front of a man who say he's not looking for a job. >> rather fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer explains he's on the hunt for 10,000 new friends. >> if i'm normal, then that is all right for mew. >> 25-year-old rob is on a mission. >> i should say hit 500 people next week. >> when you walk to a person's live story,/10000 people and spend one hour just getting to know them. >> nice job, man. >> rodney rice is the 472nd person rob has met. >> i'm from south philly. >> okay. good believe it or not. >> marionnd san rec center in south philadelphia. rodney helps mentor and teach kids the art of boxing. >> we have kids in here that was going through some things.
5:57 pm
in school and everything else now you don't hear a peep out of them. >> when the hour is up a picture in a post to instagram before his next meet up. the project is called rob's 10k friends and things picked up after he lost his sales job in june. >> a lot ofly skills that i've learned or just practiced through sales apply to what i do today. >> do you have a standard zest questions that you open with. >> he hopes to meet 25 people a week. >> rob and lessee pierce are meeting over coffee. >> you can call it networking, just getting to know people. >> i just build relationships with the people around me. >> how long do you think it will take to you reach 10,000. i think it's cool he's acting on something. he had an idea and he's going for it. >> starting with a quote which i tend to do most times now. >> he writes a few sentences to go with the picture. >> she worked at a paddle board shop and owner posted an orphan's christmas for all the people in family without -- in
5:58 pm
town without familiar. i'm interest ready a person is now, where they came from and the in between of how they got there. orgeat sense of person's live story. >> the scope of people rob meets with is why. >> these are new york people. these are l aft people. when i was in those cities. >> artists, photographer ceo's and former mayor. >> every person i talked to gives me some piece of knowledge that i then go forward with. >> this is our news studio we do "the q". >> i took rob on a tour of fox's studio during our meeting. >> the way this plays out in my mind is maybe along the road someone like a brand or something would like to sponsor it and grow the publicity of their brand as the publicity of my project gross. >> who knows where this project will lead. forint direction he has chose zen happiness. >> i haven't had a bad day since i've been meeting people. >> in philadelphia, number 449, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. >> all right. rob plans to take his friend hunt across the globe and hopes
5:59 pm
to finish in 10 years. or at least before his money runs out. ♪ right now at 6:00 election cycle that at times seemed like it would never come to an end. is in its final hour. >> tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big hearted america. >> tomorrow is going to be a very hitter 86 day. i really believe that. i think it's going to be a brexit plus plus plus. >> and tonight one candidate hosts one last huge rally in philadelphia. the entertainment, the traffic the impact in the battle for the keystone state. ♪ note no. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now septa service is slowly returning to normal after six days the transit strike is over. that story coming right up but first, a campaign cycle that lasted years almost over as we take a live look at up
6:00 pm
pennsylvania mall from skyfox right now look at that crowd. that's where hillary clinton set to hold a huge rally her husband bill clinton and president obama also going to be in attendance. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. just hours away folks you know election day and hillary clinton has got some help from her friends in the city of brotherly love. get straight to shawnette wilson live near independence mall. that's a huge shawnette. >> reporter: you're right. it's huge. i was trying think of a word that would top huge maybe huge guy nor muss, i don't know. you're right there's incredible crowd out here in old city tonight. we're live at fourth and chestnut. fourth street is one of the streets surrounding the area of independence mall that is open and you can see the cars i tell you what people walking out in the street as well. in case you haven't noticed look at this line. this is the line of people that have been trying for hours to get over to independence mall for this hillary clinton rally which starts at 7:30 tonight. you can kind of hear off i


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