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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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states, first job you get, the top job, the leader of the free world. i guess it would be like i come out of college, i go right to 60 minutes. >> i guess that's the way to do it. >> so we want your reaction to the election result, why don't you tweet us, instagram, but have to use the hashtags fox 29 reactions to get it on tv. >> also out of our area, breaking news out of wilmington, delaware. >> skyfox over a four alarm blaze here. you can see, the firefighters there, really working hard on this one. this is happening at warehouse on riddle avenue in mill road. >> this is a bancroft mills, anyone who lives in the area would remember bancroft mills, abandoned warehouse, but it is adjacent to the brandywine creek. and the other problem we're having is that they cannot get water into this location, you see, there are condos, brand
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new condos, built right you are to either side, and then left there, see that's the brandywine creek there, probably going to need to throw some hoses in there. but look at the size of the fire, and that one fire hose, big job ahead of them there. good news, no report of any injuries. but i think the goal here is to prevent this fire from spreading left or right and damaging the brand new condos that it built right up against similarly what we see sometimes in kensington, where you have the big abandoned warehouse, and the neighbors on either side. >> certainly trying it keep it contained. one of our viewers, name tracey, said her husband works at the wilmington fire department. asking for everyone to prays for first responders work to go hand this will. >> brandywine creek off to the right, one of their options, putting a fire hose into the creek to get water. because it is abandon, no fire hydrants that close, brinking in tankers filled with water in order to give the firefighters the water they
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need to spray on. >> about an hour ago, bob, this thing was rip roaring, no question about it, full four alarms. we've had plenty of of these fires in kensington, port richmond, about four years ago we lost two of our firefighters fighting a big warehouse fire like this. >> right there the upper right, the one street that comes in, that's the only access firefighters had from the north, so one hose is ' they can get on to the burning inch fen over right here. tough scenario. again, thoughts and prayings for the firefighters stay safe, hopefully keep the fire from spreading to protecting the bran new condos. >> got to get dock boo torque this. what the world stalking about. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states when he is sworn in in january? a washington, d.c. >> now the national result, you can see, very close whether it comes to the popular vote. >> let's get to new york city where it all went down last night on the left chris
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o'connell, on the right joyce evans. let's start with chris in times square. >> reporter: i have a few words for up, i'll read them off. stunned, incredulous, baffled, nightmare, throws just some of the words people have been telling me this morning, their thoughts of how they are describe wag went down last night. as you know mike they call new york the sit that doesn't sleep. well i can tell if you did not sleep last night. stunning victory for donald trump donald trump who lives just a mile from here, described as one of the biggest political upsets in history. guy who never served public offers, and beat out 16 other republican candidates, and then secretary of state, hillary clinton, now trump addressed this crowd early this morning, about 3:00 this morning after getting the concession phonecall, he walk on stage with his family and supporters now he says,
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president-elect donald trump says he's reaching out to everyone, whether they voted for him or not. >> no dream is too big. no challenge too great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. >> we must reclaim our country's destiny. and dream big, and bold, and daring. we have to do that. we're going to dream of things for our country, and beautiful things, and successful things, once again. >> well, there you hear president-elect donald trump, actually, even hard to say t but everyone here has been asking what happened to those polls? some on fox news it is not worth the paper they're presented on, but really if
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this had taught us anything, the only polls that matter, guys, is the ones on election day. more coming up from in a bill little bit from times square. >> the university of southern california did a one over the last year and a half. but the way they handled it was they took 3,000 people and surveyed them like once a morning up until the election, but kept that same 3,000 people only surveyed them, over and over and over as their opinions changed so they did predict this. but the only one, only pollster that many did it. >> we have yet to hear from pill pill, she hasn't suppose end publicly about this but did make a call to donald trump to concede the race. did hear from the campaign chairman. >> what did he say? he went over the javitz center where he worked, people were in tears, he just toll them to go home? >> reporter: yes, he did, they were waiting for hillary, she
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was in the building and there was a whole party set up, but no host. so folks are sit, there you can see the stunned coming over their faces, yes, what about those polls is what people were saying. guess what, mike and alex? folks were real he angry at the media. they were angry at at us like it was our fault. some of those polls maybe they were because we were the ones running them. how much, nobody expected first of all for donald trump to win. and nobody expected that it he evening out victory it, would be like this. but, you can tell, when it was down in pennsylvania still too close to call and wisconsin and michigan, you can see come over people's faces that's when john came out in said to folks, hey, shot going to be coming out ton, we're all sell set up for there is we won't talk. here is a little bit what he tells us. >> i know you've been here along time. it's been a long night.
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and it's been a long campaign. but i can say we can wait a little longer, can't we? every vote should count. several states are too close to call. so we're in the going to have anything more to say. >> well, we are still waiting for hillary clinton to say something today. i tell you what, the people who were there, those who could speak, when they could speak, you heard some of the sadness and then there was angerment some of the choice words i could never even begin to repeatment some of them i think were made up on site. but here's what happened here. you had a lot of people who were there gathered, tons of women, and men included, who were expecting to see the first female president of the united states. they were sure it was going to happen. and then bamm, like a sledgehammer to the head, no it is not. that guy that you hate, that guy that you thought never had
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a chan, well, he is your president-elect. >> a lot of people i mean saying many, thank you, joyce, and so they went to sleep. >> and then pennsylvania went for trump. >> it happened here. >> came down to the keystone state. put him over the top at 270 electoral volts. >> we've been saying the keystone tate would be key to this election, that's why there was such a big focus here in pennsylvania for donald trump and chill chill, why hillary clinton had letter being rally or last night or the night before the convention. >> started july and into the rally at 50,000. real quickly on twitter, let's pose this question. >> could joe biden have beaten donald trump? >> we'll have to get reaction from people once again, asking to you use the hashtag fox 29 elections, with a s on the end, because there is a lot,
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happened a that affected our area. to r europe reaction and your naughts we'll show them on tv but fox 29 election. >> of course joe biden didn't attend because of the best of his son, joe. steve keeley in bridesburg, what are you talking about? >> don't you love how people reverse 5 feet from a microphone right as go on. guess what, mike, you know what? i'm going to make people angry over in new jersey because you know everybody probably to up here and sick of politics and all of the campaign commercials. let me throw a wrench in everything else. so if you want his speech last night, he says chris christie, unbelievable, and christie on stage with him. now, i was wrote being being a transition head for a president, they said -- and 09 hour a week job. how do you do that job and and governor for one more reason? does he go resign, or instantly go into
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gubernatorial politics in new jersey? so there is a question. maybe change of leadership in new jersey and maybe christie gets chief of staff job. days ago everybody thought he waist gone for good out of politics, everything said hey, you got caught lying, six people testified that they told him stuff that he said he wasn't toll. so there is the next shoe to drop and the tags eggs time between now and gene 20th. >> watch out for that story coming any second. remember the next big store which dumb. how does he come back from the billy bush hollywood tape? no way women would vote for him. talked to couple of women today, one who woke up to the news, one who stayed up with the news, both sides of the story. >> wow. complete shot. i'm surprised. i'm a little disappointed in the country overall, but we'll see what it is. >> what was your re when is the results were final? >> yeah. that's t i love trump. he is a good guy. people got to give him a chance.
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>> i want to give him a chance. give him a chance. >> do you think clinton support letters give him a chance or do you think it will be another bunch getting nothing done. >> , no no. that guys know how to make $2 out after dollar, i think he could do something. >> shear coincidence, staying with the theme, the one who delivered the trump wins batter headline newspapers, here to the bridesburg seven-one today. one more lady theme, seeing i toss back to my fine friends on the set. mike jerrick, you will bewaring a red pants suit apparently today, but my guess is you were like a pollster, never expected to have a red pant suit. so my guess is you have a blue pant suit back and skinning scrambling thousand to get a red pant suit by 10:00 a.m. am i 100% correct? >> you had 50%. she waits toll last minute on everything. >> i know better. you always go after all of these years in television, you
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got to get both colors. you don't want to be scrambling the next morning. i already have them. >> you already had them in your closet or what are you saying. >> i didn't have them. i had to go to macy's. >> okay. and the looks on the people's faces, you know, a lot of people watch this show called good day philadelphia. >> this program this program, they want to know what was i doing in the macy section. >> buying pant suits. that's my wife. because of steel keeley. who would have thunk it months and month ago when on this program we showed donald trump and his wife going down the escalator at trump tower in new york city, at the bottom of the escalator, you know what he said until it was in 2015, ryan, what date was it? >> june 16th of 2015. went we don't that he is kale the r, comes out, says he'll going to run for president. and people went -- say what?
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then he took on what 16, 17, different republicans. >> all couldn't fit on one debate stage. >> knocked them all off. and now he's going to be the 45th president of the united states. and you know which count any our area casino every went for him? bucks county lauren johnson getting reaction from voters? hi, guys, yes, so the reviews are mixed here this morning, some people are saying this is successful, dream come true. others are saying it is a nightmare. they fear for our future. let's hear what the people of bucks count have i to say about our new president-elect. >> this interview about? >> the president. >> which one. >> our new president. >> hillary? >> nope. >> oh, i don't even want to talk. really? donald? oh, god. >> your thoughts? >> be in a world of trouble. >> i'm happen. >> i tell me why? >> he's who i supported. i thought the other side was really problematic, and not honest. >> i was kind of indifferent, because there was really no
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good choice, so it is what it is. >> probably the happiest man in the world right now. >> you are? >> yes. >> tell me why. i think we need better for this country. hillary has proven to be a liar, proven that she not fit. i mean, look, tonight she wouldn't even stand in front of her crowd after she lost. she left. what's that tell you? >> well those who didn't support trump for president worry about what they call empty promise that is he's made in his victory speech early this morning. he said working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation, and renewing the american dream. and so now, mike and alex, begins the daunting task for president-elect, donald trump, to rebuild what is now seeming to be a very divided broken, and hate-filled country. >> we just did get words in of course every sitting president, meets with the president-elect. maybe not hours afterward, but
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couple every days maybe, maybe even the next day. so, that's been confirmed, they'll meet. >> and president obama has congratulated president-elect donald trump. and the meeting is tentatively scheduled for this coming thursday. he'll meet. >> that would be tomorrow. >> i would assume they meet at the at the white house, maybe coffee shop? >> i don't think the presents will go to him. >> that's his new addition, right? walk up, see how he want oh, i want that couch over, there make some adjustments. >> you know many times the first laidly re-dedicate. has great style. >> for now does the change over begin? they've already probably been packing up their think. what do you call that team until. >> u-haul? >> no. >> transition team. >> you you go. governor chris christie, isn't he part that far team? he'll be very guilty. >> end up in a cabinet position? we'll see. >> the us stock market really reacted about midnight, 11:30,
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midnight. looks like donald trump was going to become the 45th president. took nosedive. the futures, of course, got cut off about 800 points down. that's when it adjusted itself and shuts down future trades. so the dow jones industrial average was down, you know, close to 900-point over night. over 5%. right now, it is bounce back, it is down 300 points. made 500-point come back. and that is not shocking. world markets also down. london stocks fell over 4%. hong kong, almost 3%. we will take you, rarely take you to the opening bell at nine # 30:00, but this is a must today. we will do that at 9:30 this morning. >> of course, we've been talking about the election for the president of the united state but other big ticket issues that appeared on the ballots, especially in our area from expanding casino gambling to how to dedicate money to the gas tax. >> yes, but karen, i want to know is north wildwood still called north wildwood?
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>> they did not got to anglesea, no, hardly new you, they stayed with north wildwood. getting down to the different big issues, resounds nothing to allow casinos outside of atlantic city. this is ballot question number one, asking whether they should two separate issues in north jersey, and the response overwhelming. people said no on this referendum. let's take a look look at the numbers, you can see very decisivement have, clear, 78 to 72 percent percent. now paying more in new jersey or anyone driving through 23 centers on every gallon more. where is that money going to go? is. >> voters approved constitutional amendment to dedicate ma n my and that gas tax to just transportation project. locking in more than $1 billion a year in new money from that 23 cents a gallon hike. this will prevent any lawmakers in the future of spends that money on something else, that was the concern, so now it will go to financing roads, there is a eight year,
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16 billion-dollar transportation program, but includes $12 billion in borrowing and about $500 million in pay as you go money. >> here is the one you wanted to know, mike. north wildwood is is still north wildwood. it is staying in our beloved wildwood, about 60 percent turn down to change the city name to at the pigs this somber 100 people, and had signed that one. a lot of other big issues, going now to some of the election results on that one. in pennsylvania bee had some issues. we'll get to them a little later. >> you know what we should do? we have all of the result, complete, get cup of coffee and just scroll through it at >> hey, i probably know there is i'll ask sue and you. because sue is basically the queen of the wildwoods. >> that she is. >> what is angle-sea, is that one's name, and it is by the sea? >> there is a road, anglesea
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road frequently has congestion. >> right. it as road in. and it is the original name of that part of the wildwoods, so basically the river ren dumb was to change it back to what it was originally. and there are several things around that are named anglesea, yes, when go to the lighthouse in north wildwood, pretty cool, you can discover the history of that area. >> was there someone named angle or was it the angle that you look at the sea? >> yes. >> or up do seep the ankle snell. >> it is 45 degrees ankle em. >> i'll get back to you on that. >> where the bay meets the ocean. so that may be the angle. i rich i had retained wham i had learned from the white house. five out of ten in your weather by the numbers, rain on the way, but stop buddy has the best advice, find your umbrella we haven't had to use it in a while. not as chilly as in a it was yesterday in the morning. but boy we had nice recovery. we ended up with a high temperature of 69 degrees,
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this cold front will take care of. that will here comes the rain, see it moving through the area from west to ice. now it has reached philadelphia, and the suburbs, down in chester and delaware county it is raining, perkasie, whitehall, there out to the west, in chester county, seeing rain, and some of it is heavy around like east nottingham, where the darker green s so expect this to continue on and off for the rest of the day today. we need the rain, and what we will end up with is no where clogs to what we should be having but will affect two rush hours, so you see two #, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 still raining, no the out of here until about midnight. so today's high with the showers around, 57 degrees, sun returns tomorrow, 58 degrees. sixty on veterans day friday. we start off with a chilly morning for our walk to ends altzheimer's as citizens bank park on saturday. but by sunday we are back in the mid 507 -- 50's, during the day after cold start
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sunday day morning, bob your tailgating perth party at the linc pretty chilly. >> got to get my hot chocolate, scug river is a little scary. check out this scenario, people police chasing someone on the schuylkill expressway, when the guy jumps out and jumps into the schuylkill river. here is a live look at the police activity that's taken over the schuylkill expressway at the university ave. onramp of the it looks like the initial chase was going eastbound, the guy jumps offer off the barrier, across the lanes of traffic into the schuylkill river. here's what's going on as they are all happened. police officers were going to the wrong way to try to get into the scene of the schuylkill expressway again, east, and westbound, watch for a lot of police activity right now university. water main break in northeast philly, the boffed outer drive closed at tyson, this 4:00 a.m. large fire taking
7:22 am
over wilmington. to one of the live cameras. that can see the smoke that you can see and smell from i-95, and route 141, as you come through wilmington, if we come back to my maps, it is what is called the old bancroft mills. it is abandon structure. but, on either side of that structure, brand new townhomes, built right up to it, fire fight remembers having trouble getting water on to the fire. they may have to put a hose into the brandywine creek, and just hopefully we can prevent that fire from spreading to the occupied structures, on either side. we will stay with it through the rest of the morning, alex, back to you. >> thank you so much, bob kelly. 7:22, hillary clinton calls donald trump to concede the race. how does it stack up the past concession calls? we're going to look back at some of the other recent calls made by losing candidates. i wonder tweet me, what do you think hillary said to donald trump when she called him to
7:23 am
concede? blank he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community.
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i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast.
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>> i just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it is about us, on our victory, and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. i mean, she fought very hard. >> that was donald trump. talking about hillary clinton during his victory speech early this morning. it is about four, four and a half hours ago, 3:30. >> clinton has yet to give her concession speech. they are saying her campaign party, they are saying she will come out sometime this morning. and she did, like she said, made the phonecall to donald trump. >> it is required, it is interested toyings make that phonecall. apparently she went back to up her home, will come out of the house later this knowledge and give that concession speech to all of us. so, it got us to thinking
7:27 am
about past con sessions. not speeches but concession phonecalls. that is the tradition, if you lose, you pick up the phone, normally call their hotel room and say, okay, you won. one i remember, in 2003, that would have been november of 2003, john carry i loses it george w burn. so he pick up the phone. made the call, and apparently was gracious and strong on reconciliation, the two men talked about the country being divided, and a need for unity. sound like today, doesn't it? kerry told president bush quote unquote today, i hope that we can begin to the healing we must find common cause. >> who can forget the election between governor george w. bush, and vice president al gore. in 2,000, remember? that took a while. we woke up the next morning, we still didn't know who the president would be. >> that took two concession calls. >> gore wrote educationally called bush to congratulate him, we gave them a
7:28 am
cliffhanger, then bush, formidable opponent and a good manment then as the vote continues to be counted, the race too close to call, so gore called bush back. >> oh, oh,. >> and bush said you mean to tell me mr. vice president you're retracting your concession? and gore replied well you don't have to be sniff bye it. it wasn't until six days later and ruling by the court that made gore call bush again, this time, offering his congratulations. and no snippiness involved. >> and in that call he said to mr. president bush, i promise not to call you back again. that's two calls. so monday we had our political expert onto predict the outcome of the race. how did they do? we reaming you, next, that was just two days ago, panel, all for of them are back. hat in hands.
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>> donald trump is your next president, we have a look at this, what it means for your future. >> okay, it is 7:39. in our area, we have a big fire to tell you about that happened overnight.
7:32 am
it is 7:31,. >> fire fighers have knocked it down pretty well in wilmington, delaware, bob has all of your traffic. >> hey, gang, good morning, everybody, 7:32, on this wednesday morning. before we get to the fire situation happening here on the schuylkill expressway, police chase ended, the schuylkill at university, when the driver gets out of the car, jumps across the barrier, and into the schuylkill river. cold water. i think there is a seinfeld episode somewhere in there, mike. the schuylkill right now jammed solid coming into town, the schuylkill near university, as they're not only scrambling on the roadway, but also, scrambling trying to get this guy out of the water. there are some of the pictures when it first happened from our jam cams there. , in both, both directions. >> where is he now? >> i don't know where he is right now, what they are looking for is obviously in university. so moving themselves down toward 30th street. they'll get him. there are about 20 police cars, so his chances are slim
7:33 am
to none. speaking of water, water main break, boulevard and tyson southbound, outer drive, and here is the latest on the fire in wilmington. the old bancroft mills, up to four alarms, and the problem now, is that it is an abandoned factory, really doesn't have any good fire hydrants, next to it, they have to -- they're dying to get water onto this fire. factory abandon, but brand new condos built up on either side of this, so, that's what we are hoping for, we can get water on this fire, prevent it from spreading to the new homes that are right there in wilmington. sue hopefully we get some rain in, that will help the firefighters. >> right, we will get one day of rain, i. >> is good one, five out of ten in your weather by the numbers, bus stop buddy has his raincoat on this morning, might have to look hard for that umbrella we haven't heeded it in a while. temperatures in the 40's, 50's, see the rain spreading into the city, very light at the moment here.
7:34 am
there are few areas little heavier up toward allentown. very gray day at the airport. 53 degrees. sunrise happened at 6:40 this morning, on and off rain. cloudy and cooler today with a high of 57 degrees. low temperature of 41 tonight after the rain ends. mike? >> sue, i don't know if you heard about this or not, but donald trump will be our 45th president of the united state of america. and when he is sworn in in january, in washington, d.c., so on monday, we had our political strategist on good day philadelphia to give the predictions, and they've come back. so, let's remind everybody who they are. democrat strategist, mark nef inches, sitting next to another democrat, eleanor, on the right side of your screen, you see, demon the left-hand side, but on the right side of the screen are the republicans. republican consultant randy robinson, good to see you again, and dom giordano talk
7:35 am
radio 1210. let's put up your predictions, and mark was so proud of himself. let's start with mark's number. you thought the electoral college? >> 318 for hillary clinton, 220 for donald trump. >> 318. it was going to be a run away? >> i gave her florida i gave her north carolina. >> by the way awe foul predicted hillary clinton would win. eleanor, yours? >> 276 clinton, 204 trump. >> randy you're next. >> 290 for clinton, 248 for trump. >> okay? >> i had 278 clinton, 260 trump. >> so you are a winner, dom. you came the closest. >> closest. >> the closest. >> and you had the popular vote very close, as well. >> pretty close. >> so let's look at what actually happened. it ended up, as of right now, donald trump, 278, let's put it up, 278, electoral college,
7:36 am
and you only had to get to 270. and hillary clinton ended up down at 218. how about that? >> some state still -- >> yes, yes, yes. >> mark? how did this happen? >> that's, well, i think we will spends the next two weeks just unpacking all of the ripple effect of this. >> absolutely. >> at first glance, i think two things happened. one, there was an intensity of dissatisfaction and frustration among economically disenfranchised voters, white blue collar voters and the country. i think dom to his credit saw the intensity. i don't think even dom predicted this was this big. i think the second thing that happened is the james comey letter that happened about ten days out froze the clinton campaign, and not only froze its progress, but drove it back down t brought republicans home. and that was a difference maker. >> so james comey will be an
7:37 am
asterisk to the 2016 -- >> i think he had and proud addition to the donald trump christmas card list. >> i agree, but i also think there was a real hatred that i saw for congress for the house and the senate. and people weren't voting for trump. and they weren't voting for hillary. they were voting against something. it was a very negative vote this time. and that's what you saw at the polls. no one was really happy. no one was rollie supporting these candidates. and i think the economically disadvantaged, they really want to see change. >> randy you're up next. >> i think it happened for couple of reasons. one of the reasons that this cycle was about america and it was about people. economy, foreign war, african-american vote, elected, and i think while the pundants were wrong, donald made this personal about people, i think america has decided that politics is a game that we're tired of playing. we want revolutionary change. they thought that donaldson to
7:38 am
a voice less demographic, mainly disenfranchise white working class people. >> i agree, people that haven't voted on the trump side, and two, three, four cycles or forever, i differ it was just hatred of hilly are you and all, a lot of that, a lot of people were thrilled. they like this politically correct -- and obamacare, when it landed those premiums, a lot of that, once the race was frozen, combey froze the rain, the obamacare premiums became the next big thing on our radar screen. >> the segment before the commercial break, we talked about john kerry phonecall to george w. bush, we have to work together, the country is divided, well, 12 years later we're saying the same thing, apparently hillary clinton and her concession called to donald trump we have to work together. can we work together? we seem more divided now than we were in 2004, mark? >> look, what happened, i think, is a interesting
7:39 am
conversation, more interesting is what happens next. because donald trump ' been given the keys to the kingdom. he has the senate. he has the house. he's in the white house. >> who does very to reach out to? not only across the aisle to the democrats, he has to roach out to his own aisle. >> exactly. >> he ran against the establishment. that includes democrats and republicans. he's a man on an island at this point. and he has to figure out now it is his responsibility to figure out how to govern. >> george bush didn't vote for him. lindsay gram didn't vote for him. >> again, i think, you know, donald trump pulled off the greatest victory since david beaten golieth. you know, what you want, you've proven people are tired of politics as usual, but what you want doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the american people. and i think if the first hundred days as opposed to the policy, we clearly need a hundred days of healing, african-americans are very, very disenfranchised and afraid and many americans are afraid. but i think that we can
7:40 am
survive this and it is up to donald trump to see exactly, we don't know what he will do. >> sell bra tore any his speech. >> had to be. >> are the if he cub cans have to reach out to donald trump. >> paul ryan was teetering. >> yes. >> so i mean politics game, trump will punish these guys in the big picture nationwide, he's going to be con sallyann tori. there is -- >> paul ryan is not going to be the speaker of the house? >> i don't think he survives. >> but he's going to be consoling -- >> make plans in the democratic party though, i think this is a guy who understands that in business that you really do need some votes on that side of the aisle. >> he is a democrat. just kidding. >> it will be on donald, rally behind him, i think he's going to step out and rally behind the nation. it is on him. this is the problem. nobody knows what he want to
7:41 am
do. he never said. >> we don't have any weight papers here. >> we will know, his appointment, if he puts up newt gingrich as secretary of state, rudy guiliani as attorney general, which is possible. that will say a lot. if they say they'll go after mrs. clinton, that's what his supporters want. if he doesn't follow through on that i think there will be trouble. >> and we won't even bring up the supreme court appointment, obamacare, will it get repealed. so much to digest over the next four years. thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> four losers. >> well -- >> oh, that's right. we have to take a break. thank you, guys.
7:42 am
i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options.
7:43 am
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7:44 am
>> 7:44, updating situation at four alarm fire, in wilmington, let's roll video from skyfox. whether we were over the scene, within the last hour. it is bancroft mills right there in wilmington. adjacent to the brandywine creek. this is actually video from the news van. we had to actually trek through the old roadway to get
7:45 am
to this mill, in order to even get a shot of the flames. now, good news/bad news, good news the mill was not occupied. don't have reports of any injuries. bad news is that there is condos, brand new homes, built upright up to the both sides of this old bancroft mills. and as we've seen so many times here in philadelphia, like in the kensington neighborhood, just few years ago, these big warehouses, they get abandoned, they build up new homes all around it, and then major fire breaks out, they are having trouble getting water on to the flames. so they had to put a hose, or, you know, a fire line, a hose into the brandywine creek, and then, on top of that, somebody jumped into the schuylkill river, trying to avoid police, in a police chase, we are starting to see some roads become wet all around the area, handful every accident like this one here, this is the southbound lanes of the blue route, coming right out of the mid-county tolls, so that's causing a delay, the schuylkill running slow, into the city, because of that
7:46 am
police activity, near south street, and water main break, in northeast philadelphia, the roosevelt boulevard southbound outer drive is block, right at tyson, all because of a water main, so a lot going on, but rain is on the way, and sue has the time line coming up in 15 seconds. >> it is here. the rain coming with a cold front, so that 69 degrees high temperature we had yesterday, we're if the going to be able to repeat that today. even when it is not raining throughout the day, it will be cloudy. so we go to our radar, live radar picture, you see, more of the area is green, than even a hour ago, including, the rain that has arrived here in philadelphia. so, it is not as chilly this morning, but temperatures won't move very much.
7:47 am
57 degrees, today, 58 tomorrow. for veterans day on friday, we will gave you a ten for that, high of 60, but then, chillier air moves in for saturday, and we lose about 10 degrees, where we are back in the mid 50's for eagles football on sunday. that's a look at your seven day forecast, more of good day philadelphia, right after this. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community.
7:48 am
i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast.
7:49 am
we better check out what's left of this, or what was a four alarm fire.
7:50 am
it was raging early this morning, wilmington, delaware, warehouse, abandoned warehouse. >> people are telling us, historic one, too. thomas, are you staying near the scene? >> reporter: yes there is one certainly not hard to miss, coming down 59 toward wilmington. you can certainly see how indense this fire was, you look up in the sky, pretty much darkening the sky. bob kel had i mentioned earlier, fire crews out here, backing up the units, pumping the fire hydrants, trying to get about quarter after mile up, getting close to the scene, nearly as possible with the units in place, you can certainly understand why. skyfox, i hear it giving you a better advantage of this commercial warehouse, consumed by this intense fast-moving fire. as we mentioned, it is the bancroft mills warehouse, historic textile factory, near brandywine creek. and whatever was left inside that building, certainly, helped to accelerate the blaze. the inferno breaking out shortly after 3:00 here, the roof first to go, and then the structure completely gone. i was up about a quarter after
7:51 am
mile up the road, short while ago, we still saw firefighters battling this blaze, they have the few hot spots, we mentioned, there are nearby condos, amounts, as well, i talk to tony, at fox 29 viewer. he was woken up by his wife shortly after 3:00. she said you got to see what's going on across the street. no word of evacuations, he was never told to leave the area. firefighters once again getting control of this fire, but, there are a few hot spots here, as we mentioned, but no evacuations, no report of injuries, we're watch this one very closely, as certainly it is an ongoing situation. but we saw units responding, tanker trucks from three states, not only delaware, but new jersey, and pennsylvania, as well, trying to get this four alarm fire under control. and when we mention alarms, basically, what that means is more resources are brought in, more units are brought in, to get this blaze under control. but, still very active situation, we're going to be speaking with the public information officer here shortly to find out little bit more. alec, mike? >> thomas, nice job. getting down thereto
7:52 am
wilmington as fast as you could. 7:52 almost. all right, this is "good day philadelphia". and our claim to fame as we it there, right? >> we do go there. >> we will get back to the election. but i want to know this. our friends, preston and steve, have a naked man in their studio right now. >> what? >> i can't imagine why. we'll find out why when we talk to them live next. just hope it isn't casey boy. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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7:55 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, people are strange, no question about it. and speaking every strange, let's get to preston and steve as fast as we k we need a deaf err sean guys, and whole team at mmr, mmr rocks. they're if the talking about the election. but, for some reason, they have a make man in their studio. and as long as this is not
7:56 am
casey boy, i guess i'm okay with it. why? >> all right, well, to be honest, we've decided to start an election tradition, the day after the biggie election, we wanted to kind of distract everybody. they've had enough over the last two years. >> two years. >> so we're side stepping completely. we've invited some ladies. did you know, mike, we have our own sorority, called zada ate a pie. >> i remember that. >> alex does. >> i've been inch ducted. >> you should be here, this is just one of the things we do for the ladies in our sisterhood. this morning we have male models joining us. you guys have a shot of it. >> you know how yesterday with the stickers on the susan b anthony -- >> yes? >> this is part two. >> yes. >> so we have vince and mike, who both work at columbus, ladies night thing that they do there, so they're going to be our male models. we will attempt to paint them courtesy -- >> this is high brow actually?
7:57 am
>> yes. >> in a art studio, university that specializes in art, fine art, many times, a male model will come in and totally nude and then the student will paint them, representationly. >> mike in a way it celebrate the freedom we have here in this country, regardless, obviously changing of the guard in january, but those freedoms continue, and freedoms to paint naked dudes will go on. >> preston and steve, just, want to ask you, i see you have aprons on, does that mean you are painting as well? >> yes, yes, yes. >> oh, hands on. >> all hands on whether it comes to nude dudes. back here, ready to go. steve you got your paint brush. >> oh, i have paint brush, various collared paints including black and white. >> even though it is great to see your two faces, can we see the guys again? >> ya, ya, go ahead. >> can we get their shirt move. >> can you guys go ahead, take your shirts off possibly for the -- >> oh,. >> and while they're doing that, preston and steve; this
7:58 am
going to be more abstract art? what's urines prayings? are you more of a picasso? >> i think it is your own interpretation of it, i mean, the human form is wonderful, difficult to paint steve. >> i'm going saturday evening post. i'm going norman rockwell. >> all right. >> norman rock what? >> probably -- >> norman rock art. >> case you our lead artist here. she will be -- she will be going for the most true, like, renaissance type. >> she is into finger painting i know. >> yes? >> very much so. >> it is all about the strokes, mike. >> excuse me? >> right up your al. >> i what? >> you should be here. >> absolutely. >> by the way can i say something? alex that dress you had on, i don't know what event were you on the other night, that black dress, you look amazing. >> oh, thank you. i appreciate it, it was a nicole miller dress, at fashion touchdown, big brother, big sisters.
7:59 am
>> it was beautiful. >> if you guys haven't seen it, you need look it up. >> all right. we'll check that out. >> i sense jackson pollock, a lot of splattering. >> oh, a lot. >> some of it might be paint. i'm thinking bob ross, happy little genitals. >> bob ross. >> the late bob ross. >> ya, great. >> thanks, see you later. >> happy little trees, i miss that guy. i used to watch that. >> a lot of people during this election season going and watching videos of him because it is calming. >> it is calming. >> it is like watching paint dry. actually it was back paint dry. good day, it is wednesday, the day after the election, november 9th, 2016. it is 11/nine. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> the 45th president of the united states will be donald trump. >> as i've said from the
8:00 am
beginning, ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement. made up of millions of hard-working men and women who loved their country, and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their families. it is a movement come prized of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs. who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will. >> a huge victory in what's being called the biggest political upset in modern american history. >> fired up for trump. the country is divided. angry americans hit the streets burning up trump hats and cursing the future commander in chief.
8:01 am
meanwhile, from hillary clinton. >> everybody should get home, you should get some sleep, have more to say tomorrow. >> when we can expect to hear from the now defeated democrats. >> well, america has spoken. hello. hello. and well it is donald trump. >> i believe he knew. look at that thumbs-up. >> big thumbs-up. that doesn't look a thing like donald trump, but ya. he will be our 45th president. >> so a lot of people are waking up this morning learning the news, one little girl, sent in this video, she already notion who the real president is. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> is he our president? >> yes. >> who is? >> donald trump. >> who is our president? >> donald trump. >> that's great. >> similar hair.
8:02 am
>> so cute. >> we'll get to weather and traffic in just zach. first i want to tell you this, about 2:30 this morning, while were you sleeping a loft you, the ruts finally came in, and pennsylvania, the great commonwealth, played a major part, pushing the number of electoral college votes to past 270. >> and donald trump won at least 27 states, like you said, mike, including pennsylvania, which sent him over the top, also north carolina and florida. hillary clinton won at least 19, including new jersey, and delaware. >> so, let's get to this. some reaction from voters in our area, lauren johnson in bucks county, steve is live here in philadelphia. but also, we have reporters in new york city, who watched the results, joyce evans was at clinton headquarters, and now, she looks like she's on 48th street mid town manhattan. >> we begin with chris owe con hole was at trump, his headquarters, but now in times square getting reaction. >> yes. >> chris? >> reporter: well, here is the first reaction. hot off the press, guys. take a look at this morning's
8:03 am
new york post. there you have it. right there. president trump. they said it couldn't happen. already president-elect trump getting to work. president obama calling donald trump this morning, wishing him his congratulations. also inviting him to the white house tomorrow for a meeting on the transition of power. yes, it was a long night here in new york city. packed house over at the hilton. about 3,000 people, long night, turned into early morning. 2:30 when fox news made the call that trump had won the race. of course, the crowd roared. there were hugging, there were tears flowing, the party continued on the street. trump supporters flooding the streets of manhattan. but for trump, he says, now it is time to get to work. >> i said from the beginning, hours was not a campaign but
8:04 am
rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their families. it is a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs, who want and expect our government to serve as a people and serve the people it will. >> and in a odd coincidence, hillary clinton actually spent the night across the street from donald trump. her hotel, across the street, from trump tower, but i guess now, guys, donald trump will be having to go to the post offers in about 71 days, to fill out one of those change of address forms to 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
8:05 am
it is trump town today. >> it is trump town. so you said hillary clinton went back out to west chester, where her house; across from trump tower? >> yes, she was staying at a hotel, just so happened to be across the street from trump tower. her plan was to finish up the night at the javitz, then go to her home, but got too late. she stayed there. and about 100 yards from donald trump. >> wow. but also where they had their headquarters, and the watch parties, a mile and a half apart from each other. >> over at the javitz center, beautiful convention center. we still have better one. i think the plan, chris, was to have big fireworks display out there behind the javitz center on the hudson river. >> because of the glass sealing, could you see, that was canceled prior to election day. >> not one sparkler was lit, no. so, hillary clinton has not addressed the public. sometimes these losing candidates will come out, get in front of all of their supporters, and say yes, i made the phonecall, and i
8:06 am
conceded to donald trump, that did not happen. because i guess it went so late. >> but we are expect to go hear from her sometime this morning. >> yes. >> but, joyce, you've been working on this story. you've been there throughout the election with hillary's people. what is the reaction you're getting this morning? do you know when we'll hear from her? >> do you see that studio there on the right-hand side? that's where fox and friends, you can see, the fox and friends couch there. which is our network up in new york. and we put her over there, what she needs to do is go down 48th toward sixth, where the entrance to the studio s donald trump makes appearance on fox and friends for over the last year probably every week, at least on the phone, i thought maybe he would walk down, which is from fifth avenue, at trump tower, walk over to the sixth avenue, not a long walk at all. >> and maybe speak? >> and visit the set there at fox and friends. >> because we certainly know he's been saying something this morning, he tweeted. >> did he.
8:07 am
>> first tweet since the election saying he wants to unite everybody. that was about what an hour and a half snag so he certainly has been moving around. >> that's for sure. joyce cannot hear us? >> maybe we'll try to get back to her. >> let's get philly reaction. steve, where are you? >> reporter: mike, what a coincidence, i'm in times squared bridesburg. >> sure. >> the 7-eleven on bridge street. look, they have the lovely signs to tell you where you are on the polls above the septa bus stop. anyway, our star of the show, without a doubt, is one of bridesburg's finest, a guy named howard, who we met at 4:30 for you folks just joining us now, three and a half hours later, and wait until you see his vanity license plate that he got way back in 2003 when he knew this day was coming. >> i bought the car in 2003, and three month later i applied for the vanity trump tag, because donald trump, he actually does a lot of good.
8:08 am
gift you a lot of good ideas how to make money and stay alive. i get a lot of thumbs-up, you know, couple, maybe, single fingers, but mostly thumbs-up. >> wow. >> complete shock. i'm surprised. i'm a little disappointed in the country overall, but we'll see what it is, so -- >> really, i love trump. he's a good guy. people got to give him a chance. >> i want to give him a chance. give him a chance. >> do you think clinton support earth will give him a chance or do you think it will be another bunch of getting nothing done? >> no. that guy knows how to make $2 out after dollar, i think he can do something. >> it is surprising again. it is going to be a fun four years, let me tell you. >> well, the other winner, somebody who predicted this day, not as far back as 13 years ago, but how about february 26th? that was the day new jersey's governor chris christie endorsed donald trump and everybody in the political world, and the real world,
8:09 am
thought he was completely crazy. and now, after everybody thought he his career was over just last week, when he look like a big fat liar, pant on fire, and i don't mean to be, you know what i am saying as a kid, not trying to talk about his weight, he looks like he's going to get a good job in washington. don't counsel on a cabinet post, because of bridgegate, probably never get to senate confirmation hearing, but look for what we've said in the store when we interviewed matt cats who wrote the biography about governor christie, chief of staff. so transition leader, full-time job, getting through that full-time job, from now until january, and have his other full-time job governor, not a lot of people think so. we ' see if he stays around for his last year in new jersey. >> we shall see. all right, steve, thank you for. that will. >> we have some breaking news this from sister station in new york. hillary clinton will deliver at 9:30 a.m. at the new york hotel, as we've been reporting although she did last night call donald trump and concede the election, yet to speak publicly about the results. so this could be the first time we're hearing from her,
8:10 am
and get her reaction, as far as the election, that will be at nine doctor 30. >> well -- >> car that i live. >> let's get on the phone with our friends at tester station fox5 make sure we punch that up, get the remarks from the new yorker hotel. >> kinds of surprised by. that figure she would be at the saint regis. yes. anyway, joyce evans, probably stayed at fancy hole tell last night, or motel six in jersey. she over at near 48th and sixth now. hi, joyce? >> reporter: hi, mike and alex, yes, we can hear you now. thank you very much. and, finally, it won't be the crowd that she speaks to at the hotel that she had last night, over at the javitz center, all waiting for her to symbolically shatter or at least crack that glass sealing, that that build something so known for. it is all glass as you know, mike. but, it won't be that crowd. president obama did call hillary clinton this morning as well, to congratulate her on a fight well fought. even though she lost, he said, she was tough, he
8:11 am
congratulated her on that, but of course, it is nothing like winning. and, this morning, the morning after, here, when you talk to those hillary supporters, they are just as in disbelief, they're just as angry, as they were last night. and when we talked to some of the trump supporters as well as chris got to, they're just as surprised, or just as, like, what? as they were last night. but, donald trump is your president-elect. we'll hear from hillary clinton in about an hour and a half or so. we want to take you back to the last thing that we heard, publicly, from the clinton camp. and that was at the javitz center last time when campaign chair came out and just dropped a bomb really on all of those supporters who had been standing there for hours, take a listen. >> your voices and your entheusiasm means so much to her and to tim and to all of us. we are so proud of you.
8:12 am
(cheers). >> and we are so proud of her. >> it is not just the fact that trump has run, but it is the fact that progress in this country will turn back a lot, a lot of things that we have not for are under threat, a lot of people who have worked really hard to be here, now will face possible deportation, so i'm sad that the vast majority of people in this country feel like he is worthy every presidency. >> looks like he's going to be it. >> yes, looks like that. >> and this is america, and we do democracy and people have spoken. >> this asks kind of division that president-elect donald trump will try to kill. good luck with all of that. i'm joyce evans, reporting enough outside of fox studios here in mid town, back to you
8:13 am
guys. >> all right, joyce, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> well, as you know by now, donald trump is going to be your 45th president. so if you are a hillary clinton supporter, how are you feeling? was that kind of a kick to the gut? did you think yesterday morning at this time that she was a shoe-in? well we do have a psychologist standing by here in the studio. she has brought her couch, her therapist chair, and we're going to council a clinton supporter, how to cope with this, kind of devastating for a lot of people.
8:14 am
whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog.
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8:16 am
>> bound accident at paper mill, just moved it off to the cheryl shall so both lanes now getting by. again, here comes the rain. that will slow us down, live look downtown philly, where the rain has hit us about a half hour ago, already, stack up here on the vine street expressway crossing town, four alarm fire, firefighters still trying to get a handle on it, bancroft mills, adjacent to the brandywine creek, the goal, to get more water to prevent it from spreading to
8:17 am
the condos on the other side. you heard me say, it is a wiper wednesday, give yourselves extra time. first one out of the house gets the best umbrella, and when is this rain going to stop? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> rain, here comes, some of it heavy at times, at least steady rain, not expecting a lot of it, but what we get, we will be on and off throughout the entire day. will hit both rush hours, see light rain around philadelphia, heavier rain up to the north around the mountains, down in chester county seems like weaver some pockets, we forget about the driving rain, been a while, careful out there. when all is said and done, even with whole entire day of rain, about .2 of an inch all
8:18 am
we'll get. 57 degrees today, 58 tomorrow. then 60 on veterans day on friday. now, big change, chilly change on saturday. not going to deter us, at since sense bank park, at least plenty of sunshine, and we will be layered up. so, for the eagles game, at the linc on sunday, looks like good weather, lots of sunshine high temperature mid 50's, and there is your weather mike analling. >> thank you, sue. senator pat toomey takes the sent senate rate here in pennsylvania, the toomey mcginty race was history making, millions of dollars, about 100, more than $100 million poured into this race, because it determined who controls the u.s. senate. >> it was back and forth, back and forth, as you can tell, it is a very close, what senator toomey had to say. >> let's face it, this was tough campaign. >> this was quite a battle of the there was all time record amount of money spent against us, a loft ads just outright
8:19 am
false, but you know the voters were smart enough to figure it out as they usually are. and let me just tell you, the truth about my record and my approach to government, it is really pretty simple. >> when he was on our show last week, i said, listen, senator, donald trump's kind of getting close in the polls here. you might want to endorse him, because my goodness, you might win. >> an hour before the polls closed yesterday, and now, he's part of a republican wave into washington, d.c. >> when you say row public can wave, i mean the last time the republicans controlled the white house, white house and the senate 1920's. >> 1920's. all three branches of government, ladies and gentlemen. well, katie mcginty did put on good race here. she was somewhat optimistic last night after losing. >> regards levels the result of elections, that great experiment is entrust in the our hands. we thought we would find a way through this election to help
8:20 am
safeguard it. that didn't work. but we can't not finds a way, because our country, and frank lip, all of the countries of the worlds, depends on america getting democracy right. >> well, another big headline for that race was a week after week said most expensive senate race in us history. >> yes, 155 million is the latest. >> the final total? >> how much was put into that race, yes. >> $155 million. >> and p paid off for the republicans. >> it did. now, if you are on the losing ends of all of that money, oh, man. i could have gone on a bunch of vacations, bought 18 homes. >> remember what toomey said when he was here, all right, what are you going to do once the election is over? he said i want to sit down, and watch crest toothpaste commercials. >> any commercial that doesn't have my face in it. >> true, a loft you tweets yesterday, last night, also this morning, people relieved.
8:21 am
no more election commercials. >> oh, come on. >> back to normal. >> you're not missing those commercials? >> those attack ads? >> i don't remember. >> that thing ran ten times every morning on good day philadelphia. >> a loft those ran, a lot of those attack ads, i'm sure a lot of people can recite a lot of them. >> oh, great lines in there. and you can tell them they can go -- >> okay. >> okay. we her the threats americans against trump vowing to move to canada if donald trump wins i'm going move to canada. >> there is some proof last night about midnight that people were serious. also the celebrities weighing in on president-elect donald trump. so we'll tell you how hollywood is reacting this morning.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> we do have brief correction. earlier i said it has been since the 1920's where the white house, the senate and the african controls but actually george burn. >> early in the early 2,000's.
8:25 am
>> he had control over the house, and the senate. so, it has happened recently. >> yes, it has, all right, checks and balances, maybe not. let's take a look at some of the newspaper headlines around the, well, few, anyway, we can't do them for all around the world but we'll try. the philadelphia daily news, i can't look. now, i would imagine they came up with that headline before # this morning. but, that was a look on the faces at the javitz center on the west side of manhattan at clinton headquarters. >> and then the new york daily news. >> they've been down on trump from the moment he entered the race. >> so they've "house of horrors" was an upside down flag. >> which means distress of course. >> the new york post, they said it couldn't happen. >> with a smiling president trump is what they have on there. >> get used to saying that. >> and then let's go to sydney australians the daily telegraph. >> okay watch do they think down under? >> we're going to have to fly
8:26 am
down thereto finds out apparently. >> might take little bit t says god save america. us presidential nightmare. >> whoa. let's go up north to montreal. in can with a where people who said donald trump get elected they're going there. oh, my god. then london. >> dive divided america, bitter to the end. >> this is when donald trump cast his vote all long with melania, soon to be first laid. >> i milky way, were you able to find, mexico city have -- couldn't find mexico city, well, we will look for that. well, my goodness, the daily telegraph. what the beep. what if you did support hillary clinton and many, many people did? well, about half the country, matter of fact, came down basically 50-50. so how are you coping today?
8:27 am
we actually have brought in a psychologist to help you get through this. come on back. >> ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> to all republicans, independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together, as one united people. (cheers). >> it is over. donald trump wins in one of the biggest political upsets in the history of the united states. >> so we'll take a look at some trump supporters, moments after the announcement, so that trump won north carolina, they were standing, oh, this is when he first came out, before he gave his concession, i mean, his except stance speech at 3:00 a.m. his wife melania, entire
8:31 am
family there see they're all smiles, talk about this wasn't just a campaign there is was a movement in america. >> big crowd outside the fox news studios at 48th and sixth. they were react to go every single vote. >> so, now we're going to show some protest video, this is from overnight in oakland, california, protesters started marching after donald trump was elected. people were blocking traffic. and throwing objects at passing cars, a protester even hit by a car, and is now being treated for serious injuries. well, america has spoken, and donald trump will now be the 45th president of the united state. and for some people it is some tough news. for those people convince that hillary clinton would be the winner, and we planned this september, hello, doctor, we planned this segment yesterday. and who ever won, whether it is hillary clinton or donald trump, we said what about the people who did not vote for one of the candidates? how are they going to cope? how are they reacting? >> so doctor, you've been trying to get me on your couch
8:32 am
for years. so i will be playing the part of a hillary clinton supporter now had hillary clinton won, i would be playing the part of a donald trump supporter. i am now a hillary clinton supporter dealing with this election from last night. >> for the sake of this segment. >> by the way, could you get a longer couch? and maybe a pillow? >> well, you're not supposed to go to sleep you're supposed to like really do the they are. >> i impossible on this couch, doctor. >> yes, so, what would you tell a lot of the hillary clinton supporters and who are waking up this morning finding out the news? >> let me do some role playing. >> all right, role playing. >> i can't believe this. i'm never going to get over there. i can't stop -- i didn't sleep last night. and i can't stop thinking about it. >> well, you agree? i got to tell you, there are a lot of people out there like you that can't get over it too. and disappoint. , you have to walk through that. take time out to experience the disappointment.
8:33 am
we're all disappointed. i have to tell you, i'm disappointed too, because i'm hillary clinton supporter. and so and i still a.m. and so we're in the boat together. >> do i have to process this? >> we value to process it but you can't get stunning there. so what i would say to you and any other hillary clinton supporter, don't get stuck in it. >> i tell you what, because people didn't get out and vote, and they didn't go out and vote. i blame them. >> some people say they don't understand and they don't know what's going on. >> you know what happens, alex, mike, the bottom line sometimes we want to blame and shame. we want to guilt ourselves and other people. and we can't do. that will at the end of the day we have to recognize that community engagement is a team effort. >> no. >> not one person. >> somebody has to fix this. somebody has to fix this. it is not too late. >> some people saying how can we fix this? what do we do now? >> what's next steps, flight so the next step, we can't blame everybody else. we have to be our own rescue, so do you have focus on why you got involved in the first
8:34 am
place. stay engaged. we got involved in people really upset because they invested. you know, if this had gone another way. would you have donald trump supporters, that would be really upset as well. >> what do you want me to stay engaged in a. >> yes, yes, because really -- >> i want to give up. >> we can't give up. at the end of the day, mike, or any other hillary clinton supporter, or whomever, whatever the the cans day is that that did the not win for you, it is up to you. this is part of civic process that many of us didn't get out in the way that we were supposed to. >> i know whale ' do, i'll redirect my energy, alex, and you i can take up decopage or something? >> how about focus on the next campaign, next election. >> i won't be alive. >> you know what? but that's really true. alex, what's he saying is really true. a lot of people feel like there is a lot of fear that their children are going to be impacted that the community will be impacted. and if we don't step up, and engage in a way that we did before, then that could be possible. >> well, speaking of fear, one
8:35 am
said my children woke up, they're afraid, don't know what to do. if you were in a hillary clinton household and talking about this with your children, and she didn't win, what about the kids? >> good question. talking to my girlfriend she was saying she was in tears because her little child thought that he was going to be invisible. he thought he had to go away because donald trump won. because kids are talking, too and they are paying attention. i also red a letter after father who wrote this letter to his family saying listen, our guy didn't win. but it is going to be okay. we need to stay focused on what the real goals are here. and make kids feel comfortable. >> every time i close my eyes i see donald trump. >> here is the thing. in our democracy we can't give up on democracy, so even if you see donald trump he is the president-elect at this point. so now we've got to all work together. >> we've got to all work together. >> ahh. >> well, thank you so much,
8:36 am
doctor, and once again remind people people are playing the role of the hillary clinton supporter, we had planned a segment yesterday, so hillary clinton had won, we would be talking to trump supporters, and trump won, talking to hillary clinton supporters. >> therapy is really important. we have to really focus on processing this out. there are a lot of people that are really really upset. and they are thinking the way that you are thinking. we got to come together. >> alex thank you. don't attack me on twitter. just playing a role. >> were you playing a role. >> there he is again. >> so whether it comes to popular vote, that was pretty plate. >> i am at the end of the day we do have to band together. we have to not quit. we cannot quit because our children are depending on us, banding together in democracy and focusing on what really matter. >> thank you so much, doctor, and we will get to sue. >> here's look at bus stop buddy with his umbrella hope you can find yours. we haven't needed one in a while. do you have rainy start this morning, temperatures little milder than they were yesterday at this time.
8:37 am
in the 40's, and 50's, there is the rain, almost the entire area, experiencing at least a little bit. and it is going to be on and off for the whole rest of the day. so there is the gloomy shot of philly international. 54 degrees right now, with westerly breeze at 6 miles an hour, high temperature, only gone up about 7 degrees, on and off rain, cloudy, cooler today. winds pick up tonight, as the rain ends. and we will have overnight low of around 41 degrees, so that takes care of today. people having trouble driving in the rain, bob kelly? >> rough go. had a ton of accident, sue, all around the board. here is a live look at route 100 just off route 30. just example of one of the many accidents that we've had, and again the roads are all wet. that's kind of popped up on us here, in the last hour or so. so the road conditions have changed. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. starting to back down from the upside into downtown at eighth and vine. hope you got good set of wipers to ride into work today. water main break happened early this morning, here is the deal.
8:38 am
boulevard is open. but tyson avenue is blocked. so there is no access to the roosevelt boulevard. update that four alarm fire in wilmington, again, fire crews still out there, at abandoned bancroft mills. and hopeful will he we could just keep water on the fire to prevent it from spreading to the ants on either side. but the good news is that we do have rain, so that's only going to help the firefighters down there in wilmington, this morning. mike and alex back over to you. >> we heard, the threat coming in, if donald trump wins i'm moving to canada. apparently almost happened last night. that website, i'll tell you what happened.
8:39 am
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♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets
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♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ >> we have been asking you for your comments there is country is a laughing stock.
8:42 am
another says. i went to bed earl way terrible migraine. when i woke up my oldest told me he won and my stomach dropped. them another says: let's face it, for example, who ever won we would have to except t trump happened to win. so let's except it and move on. then linda stewart, i'm so happy trump won, now get america back to what it should. >> those tweets were so nice we did them twice today on the air, so let's get some fresh ones here. >> mikey feel the way you do. you should have run, probably would have won. people don't listen do, they? so goes: i want gaga and lady per toy get on the train that canada right now. >> and donna says thank the lord pennsylvania went red hashtag we the people no more excuses god bless america. >> another: i'm seriously planning on moving to canada or europe, where my consumption every news i get them people saying i'm a joke for being lib rat and --
8:43 am
>> role playing? >> oh, yes, but nobody hears that. >> another. i voted for trump annex tallet i can. god bless president-elect trump, that one. >> if you want your tweets shown on air use the hashtag fox 29 elections,. >> elections. >> that's why i am saying it like this. >> so let's do this. derrick, who says he's going to move to canada. at one point media exploding looks like donald trump would win. so people who said they would move to canada if donald trump won started going to this website. >> and result started pouring in, look at it, couldn't find the web page, error. search spiked during last night's election result, as they were coming in, so the can add yan immigration website crashed. >> kaboom. >> people got this error message. but now the site is reportedly back up and working even at one point earlier in the night tourism for canada tweeting out we love immigrant, you
8:44 am
know, a lot of people come on over here, yes. some people are wondering i wondered if indirectly commenting on the election or just happened to tweet at night. hey, come to canada. >> people always say that then they don't move. jen, some reaction from moms and dads. >> last night a lot every people put their kids to bed, because every all of the polling quite frankly, a lot of little girls were being tucked in, thinking, that they would wake up this morning to the country's first president, and we have a president, it is unusual, but he's a guy. so we have been hearing a little bit from people on twitter. we will show you this. after the break.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> the rain has pretty much hit everywhere, hard to tell at bush kill falls, water flowing anyway, was a day that we really need the rain and here comes, where you see the darker green, like chester county, montgomery county where the rain is a little bit heavier. kind of light but annoying here in philadelphia. you see, some heavier rain up at the pocono mountains, and as we machine sean, out here, in chester county. so just be careful out there. even with rain on and off throughout the day the most we may get is half inch, depending on where you are.
8:48 am
>> four's to the north of us, 57 down in wildwood. but, temperatures aren't going to move very much. only expect high of 57 degrees today, 58 tomorrow, and 60 on friday, which is also veterans day. big philly change on saturday back to the mid 50's on sunday. so, this is our one day of rain, alex, and we really could use a little more. >> they've been reacting to the will he election results. donald trump the president-elect, but it turns out that kids have been reacting, too, i mean, jen, hearing about this election for what two years, parents talking about it, now we know who the next president will be, and they've been watching the commercials, right. because even though we hear them during news programming let's face it on all of the kids channels, seen the commercials as well. these commercials have not been flattering to any of the candidatement okay, we ask
8:49 am
people, what are you telling your kids this morning? because the kids are waking up just as shocked as many of us, my daughter glanced at the tv. i taught her trump won. she zade did we all move to canada lol, kids, i tell you will, interesting, we just talked about. that will edward says. many for the kids pack, we are moving to canada. another says: she was positive about the situation she said to her children this is our country, our country is great, don't let anybody tell you that it wasn't before. one of my favorite guys from the fox tv show gotham, drew powell, he said on twitter i don't know what to tell my son. i can't see how this can possibly end well the bully isn't supposed to win, this is a dark day for us. finally, says, ashley is awake, i told her the election result, she fell into my lap p and started weeping ludly. >> again specially for the little girls, after the dnc,
8:50 am
kerry -- katy perry concert, many, many little girls thought they would be seeing their first pea mail president. it isn't a girl. so do you have talks to your kids about there is you know, the best that you can. >> jen, would you like to play some bat mitten later? >> i don't see why not. >> well, you are certainly dressed for it. >> it is a scuba dress recalling my love. >> what's a scuba dress? >> on trend. would you like to feel it? >> yes. >> okay. >> i'll come feel it. >> well, we can come to you. >> that way we can see the dress. >> oh, my gosh. >> sorry, sorry. >> there is a desk here, so i figure. >> it does feel like you could go scuba diving. pretty cool. >> it is spongi. >> okay? >> water resistant? >> she afloat err.
8:51 am
>> i'll tell you somebody that might have some job security, now that donald trump is the president-elect. it is four more years of trump impersinations by one alec baldwin. >> four more years, four more years for alec baldwin. and for kate, as well. probably be on there. >> lottery numbers and come right back.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
ding, good morning, roads are wet, slower than normal this morning, so, our seconds half of the rush hour through the rest of the day, casino every setting the tone here, the freeway, heavy, from the expressway, in toward the walt whitman bridge. here is a live look at route 309. where the rain kind of started earlier, 309 out in the suburbs, working its way east, and you got that spray, couple of accident. we've had accidents galor, boom, boom, boom, in the last
8:55 am
hour or so. all of septa regional rail lines running with 20 minute delays all because of the wet leaves out there. and they are area work to go repair the water main break from earlier this morning, tyson avenue, just off of the roosevelt boulevard. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you very much. last week when i got my time magazine, it was an interesting headline they had donald trump and hillary clinton on the cover. holding a sign that said the end is near. now if you're not a trump fan, you might be reading it differently, interpreting it differently. that was from about a week ago. well, the pole, and the pollsters, certainly, didn't correctly predict what happened last night. but a, if tv show did. now, how long ago? do we know? >> i don't know how long ago this was. but, oh, 2,000? okay. >> fifteen years ago this aired on the simpsons? >> the simpsons. you ready for the clip? when it was predicted this. >> listen closely. >> they new.
8:56 am
>> inherited quite a budget crunch from president, how about it? >> we're broke. >> quite a -- >> how about that? sixteen years ago, president trump. >> they new. >> steve keeley earlier this morning spoke a man named howard who had changed his vanity license plate that said trump. he's been thinking this since 2003. >> wow. >> yes. >> thirteen years. that's probably why he was able to get a vanity plate that said trump. nobody was thinking that way. >> couldn't do it. heck no. so let's switch topics now, because we've talk enough about the election, you know what's going on. prince harry standing up for his new girlfriend after constant harrassment, he says, yes, she is my woman. but what would you do if you were in her place? because she is getting death threats, she's being harassed by paparazzi, gotti media. wouldn't you allow yourself to
8:57 am
be dragged through the mud like this? the race is coming. she is by racial. just for your chance to marry a prince. would you put up with this? oh, i have an idea. let's gather around all move female co-workers and i'm going ask that you very frank question. and i want honesty. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
8:58 am
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>> good day, it is wednesday, november the ninth, the day after the elections. >> good morning, karen hepp. >> good morning to my mom. >> happy birthday. >> orange you glad she's here? >> we are glad. >> one of the few words that have no rhyming word in the english language. >> orange? >> stew on that for awhile. >> okay. >> you cannot rhyme the word


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