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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on one team. this is an inter mural scrimma scrimmage. we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first. we are americans first. >> donald trump is scheduled to head to the white house tomorrow. our jeff cole shows us how leaders are making nice after a contentious race. jeff? >> reporter: iain, the first visit comes after challenger hillary clinton delivered her own somber but gracious concession speech today. hours after trump officially claimed the white house. now, loaders in both parties are vowing to work with president-elect trump after he spent more than a year making some political enemies. >> this is painful, and it will be for a long time. >> emotional hillary clinton delivering a concession speech the day after a stunning upset. before teary eyed supporters she you were the the divided country to unify under president-elect donald trump. >> we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: former secretary
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of state also had message to young girls hoping she would shatter that glass ceiling. >> you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. >> the sun is up and i know everybody had a long night. >> reporter: speaking from the rose garden, president obama reassured the nation there will be a cordial shift between administrations in the next 72 days. >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. >> trump has to mandate splintered republican party many members were unenthusiastic about his candidacy including the house speaker who seemingly changed his tone today. >> donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard.
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he turned politics on its head. >> reporter: and today, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he anticipates one of first actions by donald trump will be sending a supreme court nominee to the senate for approval. i'm jeff cole, iain and lucy? >> all right, jeff, thanks. donald trump winning the key battleground state of pennsylvania has shocked millions across the country. >> it is the first time republican nominee has captured the commonwealth since 1988 and it catapulted him over the threshold in the early morning hours. our bruce gordon joins us live from center city with the urban rule divide that marked the trump victory in pennsylvania. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, want divide it was. time was a democrat could win pennsylvania by scoring big voter margins here in the city of philadelphia and the four counties immediately surrounding the city and over come losses elsewhere in the vast rural stretches of the state. not this time. hillary clinton defeated trump by 600,000 votes in this urban and suburban region.
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it wasn't enough. >> across the line into lancaster county, you're a world away from philadelphia. call it trump world. >> have a good day. >> reporter: nowhere is that more clear than at the brass eagle family restaurant in gap. where ann steal is the morning manager. >> what's the comments you're hearing most this morning from folks? >> just that they're happy that he pulled it off. yeah. and hopefully he brings country back together. >> reporter: these long-time friends come to the brass eagle for lunch every other week and they are in a celebratory mood. >> i'm very happy that pennsylvania went republican. >> reporter: it's ban while. >> it's been a long time. >> reporter: worth waiting? >> uh-huh. i love it. [ laughter ] >> once he took florida, then it was like ohio and, you know, then michigan. >> like christmas morning. >> yes. oh, my husband is beside hisself. he's elated. >> reporter: lancaster is the largest of the 56pa counties won by trump tuesday. 56 out of 67.
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most of them rural, most of them conservative. >> as fox news channel trumpeted word of the upset in the background, these patrons talked of silent majority that supporter the republican nominee over issues like obama care, zero ran refugees, terrorism, trauma many toughness, clinton character. >> i feel that mr. trump spoke to the common core people. he spoke to the working class people. >> it's nothing to do with the -- ooh just feel like i never really felt that she was honest. >> and some made clear they have little use for the democratic pitch to big cities which many rural republicans view as a money pit92 which their tax dollars disappear g for 40 years now they controlled these citi cities. where is there any improvement really? obama promised them change. what change did he give them?
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it made them worse. >> reporter: now these were conservative republicans. they are now however blind trump loyalists. they all know that the new president inn her ritz a congress that will be run both in the senate and the house by the gop giving mr. trump no excuse for not keeping his many promises. iain. >> all right, bruce, thanks. meanwhile philadelphia mayor jim kenney had some words of encouragement for residents did of day after the big election he said why the out come is not what the majority of voters in the city wanted he's proud many people made their voices heard. >> we will never change who we are as a city. and the diversity i look at in this room is diversity we have across the city. we are stronger together because no one is going to break us apart. so take your time to mourn and take your time to heal and let's get back to work. >> the mayor also congratulated all the election winners including trump and senator toomey. philadelphia residents are already working on unity in the
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city the day after the election. >> one local church is opened its doors for people to heal and reflect. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in roxborough with more reaction from some locals. dave? >> reporter: healing is something that many people probably can't think about just yet because last night election results are so new and so raw depending on what side you're on, but leaders on both sides representing both candidates are making sure it's a priority. mother bethel ame church, a house of god in society hilda a place for healing after a brutal election season. reverend doctor mark tyler says it's a must in the days and weeks ahead after attacking campaign. >> there's a chant in many of the protests today that said, this is what democracy looks like. and unfortunately, this is also what democracy looks like that sometimes you don't win when you fight really hard. >> reporter: pastor, proteste protesters and proud hillary clinton supporter, tyler is
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taking calls from emotional church members who saw their candidate lose. but he still believes in a place called unity. >> i think what we need to do as a nation is recognize that the same issues that affect rural, you know, white blue collar workers are the very same things that affect, you know, the working class, african-american person in north philly and that many times we have more in common than we have that's not in common and we have to stop letting politicians play our differences against each other. >> reporter: many election 2016 survivors across town are thankful they find themselves hopeful. >> we're so fortunate to live in country like this where we can vote freely. >> i think it's going to happen now. >> reporter: you think people will come together. >> yeah, absolutely. i watched obama this morning. very gracious. congratulated trump. hillary congratulated him. so i think it's all going to come together. >> there was a lot of division and it still is inside the party and outside of the party. >> reporter: ren nay am more
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is power broker for the gop. her candidate won she's working to fix division in and outside her party. >> we're ready to make it right so we want everybody to come together or we're not going to be able to do anything if we don't. >> reporter: both sides telling us tonight unity is needed but won't be easy and after all what is politics without some sort of consensus. lucy? >> thanks much dave. republican party kept its majority in the senate in our nation's capitol thanks in part to senator pat toomey who narrowly won re-election in pennsylvania. toomey defeated challenger katie mcginty. tight race was the most expensive senate race ever in the state. one of the most ever in the nation. it costs 150 million bucks. republicans also had senator ya'll wins in my sore wreak north carolina p indiana and wisconsin. republicans kept the house. could it mean less gridlock in a trump administration? we shall see. but it could mean the affordable care act and other hallmarks of the obama administration that
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are unpopular with the gop could become history. >> here or some other ballot decisions you maced missed. philadelphia voters approved a bond question allowing the city to borough $184 million to fund transit streets and sanitation and other community developmen developments. in new jersey voters also approved a ballot measure to use all gas tax refs news for transportation project but jersey voters reject add ballot question that would have towardsed casinos in the northern part of the state. full election results on our website just head to fox 29 fox. fox 29 weather authority n now. the soggy weeder might make the commute a little more difficult tonight. meteorologist scott williams whole lot of green behind you. >> there is. a lot of green on that doppler radar screen. take look behind me and some yellow going through the city. so pockets of heavy rain moving through south jersey through vineland and millville up near pitts grove all this moving toward the south and another round through east falls and germantown. right through the city of
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philadelphia over the ben franklin bridge into camden and all of this is moving toward the south as well following that same trail down the expressway into south jersey. right now 53 the high today 56. winds out of the north northwest at about seven to 10 miles an hour with some higher gusts cold front makes its way through. cooler temperatures already in the poconos at 41. it's 51 in reading. lancaster 52 and millville sitting at a rain cooled 53 degrees. this evening temperatures will be falling through the 50s into the 40s by 11:00 p.m. but skies will be clearing. that will set the stage for the return of sunshine in our forecast but get ready for gusty winds and the coldest air of the season we're talking wind chills. all of that later in the broadcast. all right, thanks much kathy. root now, fire investigators in are in wilmington are trying to figure out what started mass save fire at abandoned warehouse that burned out of control for hours early this morning. vacant building at riddle avenue and mill road. tanker trucks from delaware, pennsylvania and new jersey all
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helped out because of water supply issues. fire officials say they had a rough time batter link the flames. no one is injured though and the fire did not damage any other property. comincoming a man storms ina fast food restaurant with a shotgun watch he forced employees to do before getting away. good news from atlantic city officer shot during a robbery. his amazing day two months after the attack. sean? >> lucy eagles game might turn into a shoot out that's exactly what the eagles don't want. coach doug pederson talks about limiting his quarterback later in sports.
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prosecutors in chester county arrest add man they say shot and killed a man in front of a group of kids. sharon purnell is in prison tonight being hell without bail. investigators say he shot and called man near sixth avenue in belmont in coatesville back in october. according to prosecutors it all started when the victim kevin jal bear got into a physical confrontation with purnell. investigators say purnell shot him several times near a group of children. he eventually died. thankfully no one else was hurt. atlantic city just lot of control of its assets and its decision-making power. the state's local finance board vote dad to let governor christie's administration handle the cash strapped shore town's assets. ac is a half billion dollars in debt. the state now has power to sell city assets to get the shore town in better financial shape. it can also reverse decisions made by the sty council and break union contracts. atlantic city officer shot in the head two months ago is making great progress in his
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recovery. >> he is. officer josh vadell is now back home. officer vadell left months rehab in elkins park yesterday and doctors and nurses and fellow officers all cheered him on. early september, a gunman shot vadell as he responded to a robbery at the caesars casino parking garage. two men face charges of attempted murder and robbery. so great to see him up and wal walking. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. all right, kathy kind of ugly day out there. >> unless you like the pacific northwest. and it was good weather for me. but, you know, it's just how it is. hi, kathy. >> we've been so lucky. it has been such a beautiful month. scott and i were looking through the past couple of months. september well above normal. october beautiful. november 3 degrees above average and the temperature department and below normal in rain. so we need a day like this i guess to appreciate those really nice sunny days. right now ultimate doppler we have rain rotating through the region with an area of low pressure that's pushing through. these showers will slowly come to an end. they're losing a lot of their
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steam and they're weakening as we move from philadelphia down the expressway cutting right through cumberland county and heading toward the south and east. rain amounts generally up to a third of an inch with a highest amounts in reading and wilmington and philadelphia. trenton .20 of an inch. millville get additional rainfall coming this evening and atlantic city only three hundredths of annal inch of rain. right now, we have some cool temperatures. through the poconos that cooler making its way into pottstown. allentown holding ton 50. 53 in millville. 53 in wilmington, and 55 degrees in wildwood. but we will be cooling fast overnight tonight. so this area of low pressure the storm with the cold front moves offshore tonight. high pressure buildings in during the day tomorrow. and that means sunshine, some breezy conditions and we will be seeing clear skies for the evening tomorrow night. so that cool air will be settling in. more seasonal, but the real punch of cold will hold off until the weekend. scott i know you've been, through those numbers we're
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talking about temperatures the coldest the season even wind chills. >> absolutely. wind chills by saturday morning could be in the 20s right here, kathy, in the philadelphia area. but behind that frontal boundary, clearing more seasonal for tomorrow. but let's talk about the dip in the jet stream headed into upcoming weekend. that's when those temperatures will start to drop. the wind is going to pick up friday afternoon and evening and then by saturday morning, that's when those temperatures will dip into the 30s. so we'll switch sources and show was we're talking about as we move toward the upcoming weeke weekend. kind of cloudy, damp and cool today. some recovery with the sunshine tomorrow. but look at that dip friday into saturday morning those temperatures are going to be pretty chilly those winds are going to pick up on veterans day afternoon as well as we move toward saturday at midnight, we're looking at those winds really gusting over 20 miles per hour ushering in some of that colder air. so saturday morning lows in the 30s and we're looking at afternoon high temperatures only in the 40s.
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we should top out in the upper 50s. 40s for high temperatures saturday. chilly for the walk to end alzheimer's. by sunday's game we're looking more seasonal, kathy, temperatures in the upper 50s. >> i guess that's the way it's supposed to be, right? but we just aren't used to that. allentown looking good, slowly drying out. still some lingering moisture tonight. low temperatures will be in the 40s as we look overnight, 41 in the city. some of our coldest suburbs getting down to 36. clearing during the overnight hours. tomorrow's high temperature seasonal around 57. mostly sunny dry with that northwesterly wind which is that cold wind that cold will be reinforcreinforced as scott saig saturday morning into saturday afternoon the coldest morning of the season will be sunday. we'll rebound to 58 in the afternoon monday, tuesday and wednesday as we head through mid november looking seasonal and sunny. not so bad. that's a look at the seven day. we'll zen it over to you. >> all right, thank you very much, kathy. midway point for the eagles.
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hopefully they start to bounce back and actually get something going. it's been a little rough eagles if they're going to make a play off run right now the guys have to, have to get it going right now. the guys talk about the second half of the season plus falcons coming in this week that really means a shoot out with matt ryan and julio jones. doug speed son breaks down why he doesn't want his quarterback playing that game next in sports. //>[a5df]
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♪ eagles defense about to get a little boost at the midway point of the season. defensive tackle bennie logan practiced today and will play
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this sunday. he missed the last three games with a groin injury, and just in time. eight games down. eight games to go eagles need to start surging right now. their last in the division but luckily they can still get to the playoffs and beyond. last two games hasn't shaken their confidence one bit. >> i don't get discouraged until that door is closed. and so right now, we have the opportunity to still, um -- torque kind of right whatever we want this season to look like. it's a patient approach. um, you got to be mentally stable enough and have the band to embrace that challenge. >> it starts this week against the falcons. that could be a problem. they're going against the highest scoring offense in the nfl and the could turn out to shoot out something doug pederson definitely does not want. >> i think your run game becomes a little more important in games like this. i think, you know, you're right.
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atlanta's offense is, you know, one of the top offenses in the national football league obviously they're playing he can treatmently well. so any time you can sort of play keep away and time of possession and things like that can help you. >> always fun to, um, get back up there and play. i think this is the fourth time i've played up there so it's not as crazy as the first time. it would be nice to have some family and friends up there but once we start playing it's like any other week. >> don't forget to tune in on sunday to "game day live" at 10:00am how war eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the game. great double header. eagles and falcons followed by cowboys and steelers. to joel embiid the sixers center never shy about giving his opinion. so of course after hearing the election results embiid went straight to twitter. embiid tweets, well, america, it's tanking all we can do is trust the process. that's joel embiid.
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you'll always hear his opinion throughout the entire process no matter what it is and of course he thinks he is the process. that's what he's announced at the games, so he loves it all. >> okay. >> what a process it is. >> what a process. >> yeah. >> join us to to in it at 10:00. you may have seen kids out there popping wheel lease ripping them off right in the middle of traffic. looks like fun. at least for them but police say they are putting people in danger. >> um-hmm. >> all right so rain is out of here soon. >> rain is out of here. tomorrow the gun comes back but the cold air comes over the weekend. bum get the winter coats out. >> the sun will come out tomorrow. >> it will. >> warm it up for saturday. >> i knew there was something in there. >> that will do it for us here at 6:00. see you back here at 10 and 11:00.
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a moment in history. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. [ cheering ] >> as hillary fights back tears. >> this is painful. and it will be for a longtime. >> worldwide shock. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> how were the polls so wrong? >> how did they get it wrong? >> i don't have egg on my face. i have omelet on my face. >> and is it really moving day for hillary celebrity supporters who threatened to leave the usa? and all eyes are on the trumps as they become america's first new family. >> to melania and ivanka, i love you. >> and they're already building a wall. around trump tower?


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