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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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29 is the only local tv station with the story. the knock on his door that started trouble. >> racist graffiti mentioning president-elect trump shows up the morning after the election. your news in sit seconds. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. coast to coast tonight and right here in philadelphia protests are erupting with
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people angry about the presidential election. the message they're sending it's clear. they're not happy about president-elect donald trump. live look right now from skyfox broad street where you can see enormous rod crowd of protesters marching as we speak. throughout this area that they're at roads are shut down. left and right we'll keep following this of course we'll give you the breaking details as they continue to happen. but first a story happening right now. it started way knock at the door in philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood. terror and danger awaiting on the other side. >> police say two men forced their way into a home, tied up the man inside then stole tens of thousands of dollars ton night they're on the run. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it's story only on fox tonight. let's get right out to dave schratweiser at philadelphia police headquarters witness story. dave. >> reporter: iain, scary moments for the 69-year-old homeowner who runs his online business out of his house. he was tied up and roughed up tonight. the suspects got away with close
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to $100,000 in cash and jewelry. it was just after 5:00 o'clock when police say two men knocked on the door of this home in 2100 block of lot street near the boulevard. the 69-year-old homeowner answered the door and was immediately pushed back inside. >> forced him to the ground, tied his wrists behind his back with a plastic zip tie and then through a blanket over his head. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects demanded money and then scowered the house looking for cash. emptying drawers and tossing things around until they located 90 grand. they stole a valuable watch and some jewelry. they also forced open a safe in the basement. then fled the scene. >> these two individuals spent about 40 minutes in the house. they ransacked the entire house. every drawer, every cabinet was open. >> reporter: this is a quiet neighborhood in bustleton where folks proudly fly the american flag. police say there's little or no crime problems here. they say the hooded suspects
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left some key evidence behind. >> we did find some fresh fingerprints on a safe. >> reporter: police don't believe this was a random crime. the victim buys and sells cars online. crime scene investigators arrived as police checked the area for surveillance video. the suspects may have used a get away car. >> they possibly entered a silver four door vehicle possible al honda. we believe they knew he had cash in the house. >> reporter: now, police say the suspects threatened the homeowner and his family if he called police. but as soon as he got free from those zip ties he dialed 911. he was not seriously injured. tonight no suspects and no arrests to report at this hour. iain? >> all right, dave, thanks. let's get back to that story we told you about at the top of the broadcast. live look from skyfox at broad street you can see swelling crowds of protesters marching down that area of course they're all protesting president-elect donald trump. we of course are going to stay on top of this and keep updated
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throughout our newscast. >> you decide 2016, and the presidential election is history and most definitely history making. donald trump easily suppressed that -- surpasse surpassed thatc number of 270 early this morni morning. wins in pennsylvania and florida went in trauma's favor. hillary clinton waited until late this morning to speak to her supporters and officially conceded to trump at the new york hotel it's about half mile from where she was planning her victory celebration. emotional clinton told her supporters they owe donald trump quoting here an open mind and a chance to lead but she acknowledged the agony of defe defeat. >> i know how disappointed you feel, because i feel it, too. and so do tens of of millions of americans who invested their hopes and dreams in this effort. this is painful, and it will be for a long time.
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>> meanwhile president obama says he called president-elect trump after the results came in to congratulate. vice-president joe biden by his side in the rose garden this afternoon. president obama says he's getting ready to handle over the keys. >> it is no secret that the president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences but, remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. but president bush's team could not have been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition, so that we could hit the ground running. >> the president offered the same professionalism during this transition. he invited donald trump to the white house tomorrow to talk about that very thing. another look at those anti trump protests going on in center city. hundreds of people gathering at a time the thomas pain plaza near city hall before moving up broad street to north philadelphia. they are protesting trump's stance on immigration reform.
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race relations and other issues. but they are not happy with the democratic party either. but this isn't just happening in philadelphia around the country tonight americans are showing they are not happy with the resultresults of presidential election. protesters have taken to the streets sending that message that donald trump is not who they want in the oval office. here's the scene in chicago tonight. a large crowd of anti trump demonstrators making their voices heard outside trump tower. police have been stationed outside the hotel and condo tower since early this morning when it was nouned trump won the election. another major protest happening right now in new york city. widespread anger and frustration across that city as thousands and thousands of people out in the rain marching to trump tower in protest. meanwhile in san francisco, protests began soon after it became clear that trump was going to win the election. hundreds of high school students in berkeley walked out of class this morning. another major demonstration is going on downtown oakland right
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now. it is clear many americans are concerned about the divide in the country after this election. >> however, some people in our area are already making positive, positive changes to unite with one another right here right now. fox 29's dave kinchen has the story of hope. >> as a democrat who supported secretary clinton it's very disappointing. >> reporter: reverend dr. mark tyler looking beyond the bitter part son politics that divided the region and the nation and says it will take a lot of work and faith to repair the damage caused by the most contentious presidential election in modern history. >> there will be a time to actually do demonstrations and protests and things of that nature, but today is a day where we i think step back and respect what democracy is all about. >> reporter: the leader of mother bethel ame church in society hill is starting the healing by talking with his emotional congregation giving the same message he gave to his children. >> there's a chant in many of the protests today that said
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this is what democracy looks like, and unfortunately, this is also what democracy looks like that sometimes you don't win when you fight really hard. >> reporter: in places like roxborough, many are hopeful the gap can be bridged. >> i think it's going to happen now. >> you think people will come together. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean i watched obama this morning, very gracious, congratulated trump, hillary congratulated him. i think it will all come together. >> you get into an urban area like this unthink everybody is leaning to the left and in reality you get out to the heartland and it's not that way at all. respect for our fellow man. >> a lot of division and it still and inside the party and outside of the party. >> reporter: renee' am more is the deputy chair of the republican party and despite her candidate winning communication is critical to the healing that is needed. >> i feel bad for them even though i'm glad we won. you feel bad for people that are in so much pain. we're ready to make it right.
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we want everybody to come together or we're not going to be able to do anything if we don't. >> reporter: both sides telling us tonight, unity will come but it won't be easy and after all what is politics without some sort of consensus. in roxborough, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. senator pat toomey headed back to washington, d.c. to represent pennsylvania. his win helped secure the republican majority in the u.s. senate. he narrowly defeated katie mcginty. republicans also had senator ya'll wins in my sore wreak north carolina, indiana and wisconsin. gop will now control both houses of congress and the white house. our coverage of the election continues on posting the breaking details right on our home page. on your radar tonight, the rain is moving out of our area. kathy orr is here with a look what's ahead, kathy. >> we're talking about clearing skies, iain n means some cooler temperatures moving into the delaware valley. right now in old city philadelphia it's looking pretty decent. some folks out taking a stroll.
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temperatures are still quite mild. right now in philadelphia 49 degrees. 36 degrees in the poconos. 45 degrees in allentown. 48 in millville and atlantic city at the airport still holding on to 50 degrees. so this is what we expect overnight. 41 in the city. 36 in the suburbs with a clearing sky and not much wind but coming up, some big changes coming our way. we're almost heading into the second half of november. the sun returns, the winds turn gusty, and the coldest air of the season moves in. so far the coldest temperature in philadelphia 38 degrees. we're going below that and guys we'll talk about wind chills for the weekend. it's time. see you later in the broadcast. >> i know. i was chilly walking through old city tonight, kathy. big changes could soon come to manayunk busiest street. developers want to build more than two dozen townhomes on main street and not everybody is happy about this plan. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in manayunk tonight. shawnette somebody people think this is a bad idea. >> reporter: yeah, some people are concerned about residents
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being able to evacuate in the event of flooding. they also say that parts of the property are too close to the river bank, but others say this could actual be good for business. >> we want to see houses going up and apartments and condos to generate the business. >> reporter: joey, owns jolt and jabs on main street in manayunk. he's excited about a developer's plans to build 27 townhomes on the lower end of main street along the 3900 block. he says the area has struggled because of business owners packing up and moving out over the past few years. >> you had top notch retail down here, pottery barn and, you know, banana republic rot rot not everyone welcomes this specific development. the manayunk neighborhood council president told me over the phone that the developer presented the plan to them last month. this news letter shows rendering of the homes. the m and s recently voted against it. they're concerned about flooding and people who don't evacuate. jane lipton the executive director of the manayunk
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development corporation has similar concerns. >> the downside is that where these properties sit is the lowest point on main street in manayunk so it will be subject to being surrounded by water if there's a high water event flooding event. and that is a problem if first responders have to get to people there for any reason. it's riskier. >> reporter: she says in the long run the project could be good for main street. >> the plus is that that would end liven the lower main street. people would be down there walking around more pedestrian traffic and wherever there's more people, it's just better for the neighborhood. >> reporter: i'm told the zoning board is expected to vote on permit for the development in december. lucy? >> thank you very much, shawnette. you might have seen them on your commute home. kids on bikes popping wheel lease, weaving in and out of traffic and police say they are putting you in danger. and this. >> i can't believe it, i can't believe it. new jersey voted no on question
10:13 pm
one. no casino gambling in north jersey will it help atlantic city? all that coming right up.
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♪ here's another look from skyfox at broad street where you can see those big crowds of protesters tonight and a lot of streets are closed in that area as these protesters are continuing to march. we of course will stay on top of this and keep updated throughout our newscast. atlantic city's financial assets and decisions are now all
10:15 pm
in the hands of governor christie's administration. they took over today. >> last night though ac notched victory when voters shot down plans for two casinos in north jersey but what does all this mean for the struggling shore town. fox 29's hank flynn hit the gambling mecca to find out. ♪ >> i didn't want a replica of what's happening in ac to happen in another part of the state. >> reporter: atlantic city joined donald trump as a ballot box winner yesterday as a large majority of voters slam the door on the possibility of casino gam pling in north jersey leaving atlantic city with the statewide monopoly on the boardwalk however residents weren't exactly celebrating. good i believe it might help but it will be inevitable. we are broke as well and there's corruption in the streets. >> reporter: all right. levi fox knows his history he runs jersey shore tours and we talked about the referendum as he showed me around the outside
10:16 pm
of the new defunct trump splays. >> you can peer through the window of evo restaurant which managed to stay open after the plaza closed on the night that it finally shut down you could see the tables were set. >> reporter: trump plaza closed in present four and donald sued to have his name removed. remnants of the glory days still linger in the windows like chandeliers. like buffet advertisement or a forgotten lobe sign that still bears the trump nail. don't go too close to the lobby. >> we're on public space, i believe. >> this is private property. >> i'm sorry about that. >> i'm sorry, thank you. that's when it dawned on both of us exactly why new jersey voters shot down question one. >> that's i think why they're trying to pre serve what's left. market share. >> it's going to at least secure the position of ac as a gambling city and not bring the business
10:17 pm
elsewhere. >> it might work at least the casinos that remain. gambling mecca has been staggered over the years by competition in connecticut casinos attract new york city gamblers. philly gamers can gamble right in town or just north. what would bring to you ac any more it's still amazing place with the few dents and scratches. let's talk on twitter. i'll tell where you to go eat at hank fox 29 or at fox 29 philly. ♪ in bucks county falls township police are warning residents about a phone scam. police say someone is calling people claiming that their peco accounts are past due and they immediate need to pay up in crash or with money gram. investigators say the caller claims you have 45 minutes to do it or your service is shutting off. police say it's all scam. the number that pops up has an 844 area code. to a developing story right now in south philadelphia. neighbor shared this video with us and they're hoping it may
10:18 pm
hold the clue to finding the person loaded down with spray paint and hate. >> police say someone is painting racial slurs on cars and buildings. our sabina kuriakose is live outside south detectives tonig tonight. what this violence -- vandalism excuse me widespread? >> reporter: yeah, iain, it was actually found in several neighborhoods. now the graffiti contained swastikas as well as racially charged slurs and contained the words trump rules. kick in the face that's how residents of this tight knit south philadelphia neighborhood describe what they woke up the morning after the election. spray painted graffiti on homes and businesses they say half a dozen cars defaced. all around the 900 block of south sixth street. most of the vandalism red quote trump rules but this truck also had racial slurs written on it. neighbors say the owner of the vehicle is african-american. kyle welsh was walking her dog when she saw writing on an asian community center here.
10:19 pm
>> it almost felt like, you know, racially driven. >> we were shocked. you know it's not a neighborhood that happens -- this kind of stuff doesn't happen. >> can't knee who lives on the block his surveillance cameras captured what appears to be man with gloves checking out the street around 5:00 in the morning. detectives think the vandalism happened after that. employees you are reviewing the video. >> they defaced my property and that's not right. >> reporter: this is a graffiti of the -- feet of the graffiti that covered 8684 old home. swastikas were found plaster the on the windows of the old maglio furs warehouse. black spray paint this time, t too. by nightfall it was cleaned off and so was the swastikas covering the word trump that police found utility box up the road near reid street later in the afternoon. police have not said whether they believe the incidents are connected. jane and her neighbors are ang angry. but res sole late. >> he knows did he it and he
10:20 pm
knows he's lousy whoever did it. shouldn't have done that. >> look at it. we have cameras for reason. >> reporter: now the mayor and the anti defamation league have released statements condemning the graffiti tonight detectives continue to investigate. lucy? >> thank you very much, sabina. good samaritans risked their lives to save a teen trapped in burning car. how the dramatic rescue may not have been possible if not for pair of scissors. and scammers are getting ready for the holiday season and they're aiming for your smart phone. how they're doing it through the app store. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for repairs all day tomorrow from a water main break that happened earlier today in northeast philadelphia at the boulevard rose vessel boulevard and tyson avenue. tomorrow morning we're going to have those wet leaves that are most likely going to be packed down in the neighborhoods so allow extra time. expect some slower speeds as we get out of the gate again wet leftover leaves from the rain we
10:21 pm
had earlier today and of course that's going to have a domino effect on the septa regional rails. watch for wet leaves and weather delays out of the gate tomorrow morning. we'll check the jam cams. sue has the forecast. i'll see you starting at 4:00.
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after last night's election results some financial experts were predicting a crash on wall street and crash it did. but so far ended well. stocks staged massive turn around today. dow futures were down nearly 900 points at one point in the early morning hours. at the rental of trading today, though, the dow shot up 256 points to finish 18,589. good samaritans risked their lives in georgia to save a teen trapped in a burning suv. the 17-year-old boy lost control of his vehicle, hit another car, and then crashed into a tree. he was pinned inside as fire started to engulf that suv. so that's when play clay ward and several on thes rushed in to help. they didn't have fire extinguisher but someone found a pair of scissors and they cut the boy's seat belt finally getting him free. >> he cried out and said, please, save me. i just want to live. we pulled as hair as we can. we told him, hey, man, this
10:25 pm
might hurt but we got to do what we got to do to get you out of here. he said please save me i want to live. >> i was thinking of my own kids the whole time i wanted to get him out and get him back to his parents. >> the teen was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. new information now connected to a suspected serial killer in south carolina. >> today authorities are back on the same property where they found a woman chained in a container. they removed that metal shipping container today and say her kidnapper killed her boyfriend and buried him on the proper. so far they've also found two other bodies. police identified those victims as a married couple in their 20's. gunshots killed them and they were buried for nearly a year. police say the property owner named todd kohlhepp has also confessed to killing four other people. many people woke up today still stunned by the results of last night's election but what's the effect it has on children watch parents are saying to their kids tonight. our kathy orr is tracking that forecast of yours.
10:26 pm
>> that's right. the rain has moved out, the clearing skies have moved in and some big changes heading our way. yes, sunny but windy and much cooler. the coldest air of the season moves in for the weekend. are you ready? i'll have the numbers coming up. >> coming up at 11 you may have suspected it now we know it's true. women do indeed have better memories than men. what scientist now hope to do with all that information. ♪
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>> in port richmond police need your help finding two armed men who robbed delivery driver. the 37-year-old driver had just returned from making a delivery for chinese restaurant on the 2300 block of east westmoreland street when the help threatened him in his car they got away with his wallet and cash. this happened two weeks ago so if you have any information please call police. incredible story of recovery for atlantic city officer shot in the head two months ago. >> officer josh vadell is back home tonight. officer vadell left months rehab in elkins park yesterday and doctors and nurses and fellow officers all cheered him on.
10:30 pm
early september a gunman shot vadell as he responded to the robbery at the caesars casino parking garage. two men face charges of attempted murder and robbery but look at him there. up and walking. >> tech check out a look at sky fox at those protesters on broad street. huge crowd of protesters we do want to tell you police officers have blocked those protesters from walking on to the vine street expressway but they are still out there angry at the election results. we of course will stay on top of this keep you updated throughout our newscast. wide range of emotions across the country tonight with the realization that donald trump will be our neck president. the election results are drawing all kinds of reactions from local officials. philadelphia mayor jim kenney says while the out come is not what the majority of the city wanted he's proud that many people made their voices heard. >> it was an emotional talk he hell at this luncheon. diversity is is what makes this city strong. >> i think that if we stick together even with the unknown that's coming, we will be stronger and a better city.
10:31 pm
we love each other. this is the city of brotherly love and sisterly love. nothing will change that. no one is going to change that. and we will -- we'll move forward together as one group of citizens. >> the mayor congratulated all of the election winners including trump and senator toomey. one of donald trump's biggest and surprise wins was our state of pennsylvania a state that typically goes blue went to the republican it put him over the top. for the first time a republican nominee captured pennsylvania since 1988. our bruce gordon has more on that. >> reporter: head out route 30 into the little lancaster county town of gap and you're a world away from philadelphia. >> everybody was happy today. report roar this is trump country. and at the brass eagle family restaurant folks were in celebratory mood. >> when it became official what was your reaction? whoopie! >> i was very very happy. report roar these ladies gather here for lunch every other week.
10:32 pm
lillian changed her clothes based on the surprise out come of the election. >> you were prepared to dress in mourning colors, gray and black if hillary clinton won. >> yes. after that i changed to this. >> reporter: these are victory colors, right? >> right. >> reporter: lancaster was the largest county in pa to go for trump gave him 47,000 vote margin. it was among 56 of the of 67 counties to vote republican. most of them rural. most of them conservative. >> with fox news channel providing background sound diners talk to the silent majority that voted for traumaly over issues like obama care, zero ran refugees, terrorism and character. >> he want this country to be great again. make america great and in his speech last night he said he's a predator all people. >> i was very much against mrs mrs. clinton because of all the nasty things that she's done. >> reporter: and some at least do not have much patience for
10:33 pm
the message sent by democrats this election season to voters in the big city which many rural residents view as a money pit92 which their tax dollars disappear. >> i heard her talk was -- all i heard her talk was black votes. spanish vote, i never her say white working people, what about them? >> reporter: folks we talk to are not blind trump loyalists they are well aware that the new president inherits a house and senate run by republicans. giving mr. trump no excuse for breaking any of his major campaign promises. in center city philadelphia, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. the campaign cycle that lasts well over year and constant coverage and candidates kids but can't help but see the tough battle for the white house. >> now that election day is behind us how are young people talking all of this in? we caught up with children visiting the birthplace of america today
10:34 pm
independence park. many were eager to share their thoughts on the out come. some are very happy with it. others not so much. >> going to make great again. >> my sister came downstairs crying saying drum is that president and i didn't really mind if donald trump was president or hillary clinton none of them were like a prize to be won. >> kind of upsetting i'm turning 10 in a few years and he'll be president when i'm turning 10. >> she is in second grade. no matter who they supported all the children we talked with hope that donald trump would be a very good 45th president of the united states. tonight at the university of pennsylvania, a special honor for first responders. >> dozens of public safety and law enforcement professionals are being recognized for their service to our communities two of the honorees pennsylvania police officers odd edward miller and sylvia young were both injured in the line of duty in a shooting in west philadelphia in september that
10:35 pm
left an innocent bystander dead. several others wounded. penn students who assisted during robbery and other officers who go above and beyond were also recognized tonight. >> scammers getting ready for the holiday season and they are aimly for your smart phone. how they're doing it through the app store. >> marijuana was once again a big issue on the ballots in many states. the growing number of americans now able to smoke pot for fun.
10:36 pm
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♪ california is going green but it has nothing to do with environmental policy. one of hottest topic of this election season outside of the race for the white house has been marijuana. it was on the ballots in several states last night and californianings pass add measure to legalize the recreational use of the drug if you're 21 years old in the golden state you can legally possess as much as an ounce and also grow six plants. that means marijuana is now legal recreationally on the entire west coast. voters in massachusetts, maine and nevada also passed recreational pot initiatives. florida, arkansas, montana and north dakota voters approved the use of medical marijuana. in your money night, smart phone scammers are shopping around for victims this holiday season. hundreds of fake apps flooded the apple app store.
10:39 pm
>> and counterfeiters posed as several popular companies. they include dollar tree, foot locker even some big department stores. experts say using a fake app and put your sensitive information in jeopardy especially the case if of course you enter your credit card information. some apps include malware that can steal your personal information or lock the phone until user pay as ransom. >> much conversation has brood about the design of star buck holiday cups. it is bringing back its red cups with 13 new holiday designs. you'll see them as of tomorrow. last year the company face the quite a bit of backlash when it debuted holiday cups that were red. new green cup these last few weeks didn't go over well either. customers photos of that are decorated red cups inspired the 13 new designs. turns out this is really interesting here. the creators of the simpsons predicted a donald trump presidency long before the billionaire himself ever thought
10:40 pm
about running. >> as you know we've inherited quite a budget crunch from president obama. how bad is it secretary? does we're broke. >> the country is broke? >> that episode from the year 2,000 called bart to the future. lisa was elected president they had to contend witness budget crunch that her predecessor president donald trump left for the country. >> you may have seen them on your commute home. kids on bikes popping wheel lease weaving in and out of traffic. police say they're putting you in danger. isn't and kathy is track your forecast. >> that's right. iain, we're talking about the rain moving out, the dry air moving in, but it comes at a cost. some wind and some colder temperatures. are you ready for winter? i'll have the numbers coming up.
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♪ after 40 years in the dark, a north philadelphia landmark is shining brightly once again. the neon sign a top the divine lorraine hotel turned back on tonight. the grand building went up in the late 1800's. crews are renovating it. will one day be home to more than 100 new luxury apartments along with restaurants and shops. >> you may have seen them on your commute home from work in
10:44 pm
philadelphia. teens popping wheel lease and performing some acrobatic moves down center streets like broad and market in the height of rush hour. they're thrill seeking maneuvers caused near misses with drivers. >> police say those teens are putting themselves and drivers in big danger. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the story. >> reporter: they're young, they're talented and they like to showcase their skills on some of the well-traveled roadways in philadelphia. sometimes at rush hour. >> they're all over the street. >> they're doing something that be extremely dangerous not only to themselves but to other people if you're doing that on a city street. >> reporter: these teenaged wheelie popping bike riders can be scene most days in center city. sometimes they gather near city hall and take to market or broad streets looking for fun and some thrills. >> this is the middle of the street everywhere they're riding. they got to stop it. >> reporter: drivers and the police aren't so thrilled with their skills, their center lane escapades or their risky
10:45 pm
behavior in traffic. >> dangerous. i mean i understand their kids and kids do things that don't make sense to adults. i mean we've all been there. >> reporter: we showed video of the teenaged riders to poli police. they watched as a handful of teenaged acrobats crewed market street recently. popping wheel lease and showing off. they ran red lights with car horns blaring just missing some cars crossing market street. none of the teens were wearing a helmet. >> this is one of those things they could be killed themselves. >> reporter: few blocks closer to city hall they came screeching to halt when they tried to cruise through one red light into oncoming traffic. >> you're not expecting someone on bike to come darting in front of you. the operator of that vehicle is quick enough to respond to that and maybe they avoid hitting that person, but it may not avoid the person behind them rear ending them. >> reporter: undeterred they pedaled on cruising through the crowded crosswalks just missing pedestrians crossing market street. >> pedestrian versus bike is going to be the bike that usually wins that and so again
10:46 pm
you have the probability somebody can be seriously injured. >> reporter: police and on the drivers are concerned that these daring and dangerous maneuvers could end up in an accident that could harm not only the kids on bikes but drives. >> these kids are old enough to clearly know right from wrong and to clearly know this is not something they should be doing. and that video you see a couple of them laughing and so some of this a probably a game to some of them. >> reporter: the latest statistics show there are more than 250,000 children injured in bike accidents every year nationwide. about 60% of those occur in urban areas. according to the latest statistics, 60% of the children injured is bike accidents weren't wearing helmets. police also worry that these teens on bikes could be the next generation of bikers illegally racing through traffic on local highways and city streets. >> they make that are way to, um, 30 bikes or atv's and then they begin doing those same
10:47 pm
tricks. like i said you can't take away their skill level. or their level of enthusiasm or excitement in doing that, you know, taking those stunts and doing things like that again it's just not smart. >> reporter: lieutenant stanford also pointed out at the city has constructed parks for skateboarders and bikers. police believe these young people would be safer trying their tricks there. >> there are venues for you to do those things, and so, again, we would encourage their them and their parents to seek out some of those venues and get their kids involved in that positive environment. this is a dangerous situation where somebody can be seriously hurt. >> the parents will address this with their kids hopefully isn't dave schratwieser fox 29 news. what's on our radar tonight, kathy we are looking at a few showers moving out and clearing skies moving in. ultimate doppler you can see a few lingering sprinkles in cape may county the rain moving out quickly the skies are clearing and the temperatures are going to be falling. pick up about a third of an inch
10:48 pm
of rain in reading and wilmington and in philadelphia less about quarter of an inch in trenton and millville. atlantic city 700ths of an inch a rain deficit we do need more. not doing to see any more though in the next seven days. right now temperatures falling fast. poconos in the 30s. 40s along the expressway and also the northeast extension. 49 in philadelphia. right now in millville it is only 48 degrees. so our cold front is moving out. clearing skies moving in. fair weather high pressure will build in from the west so temperatures will be seasonal. not really cold that cold air is going to wait until we make it into the weekend. so we've been looking through the numbers. scott and i, and scott we're not just talking about cold air coming. worry talking about wind that will create wind chills. >> that's right. especially as we move toward saturday morning across the region, kathy. we'll talk about a dip in the jet stream. that will bring some of that colder air from canada right to the delaware valley. so let's talk a little bit about the numbers to expect.
10:49 pm
as we move toward especially your saturday. we're talking saturday morning lows in philadelphia in the low to mid 30s. so far the coldest we've gotten has been 38 degrees. afternoon high temperatures stuck likely in the 40s average high testimony cher this weekend right around 58 degrees. so let's talk about not only the numbers but the feels like temperature. look at this. 6:00 a.m., saturday morning, running some early morning errands, we're talking wind chills in the 20s. 26 degrees at 6:00 a.m. in philadelphia by 10am into the low 30s. and by the afternoon, we're still looking at wind chills right around 40 degrees so saturday the coldest day so far this season. but we'll rebound as we head toward your sunday. so we have the walk to end alzheimer's on saturday morning it will be chilly, bundle up and then as we move toward sunday those temperatures rebound just in time for the game. kathy? >> all right, thanks very much, scott. back here at home ben franklin looking good and quiet.
10:50 pm
drying out. breezy temperatures falling into the 40s and the 30s overnight tonight. in the city, bottom out at 41. in the suburb 36. clearing skies. turning cooler we have a northerly win. tomorrow's high temperature 57. which is close to system for this time of year. it's after that that scott has showed us what is going to happen. the big dip comes late friday into saturday. saturday s high 49 we rebound sunday to 58. monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week looking good with temperature gradually warming back to around 60 degrees. not bad as we head into mid november. that's the seven day forecast. we'll send it over to you sean. >> kathy, eagles have ton of problems against great wide outs and here comes one of the best. doug pederson talks about not paying into the falcons hands muss the sixers on their search of winning the first game of the season. they had a lead late in that game. see if they can hold on next in sports.
10:51 pm
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around
10:52 pm
with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community. i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast.
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♪ sixers still trying to win their first game and it's hard to trust the process when the process isn't even on the court. joel embiid did not play tonight and the team didn't even let him travel to indiana. the sixers still overly cautious with embiid's foot injury. tonight again the pacers they got off to great start. second quarter hollis thompson hits jumper putting the sixers
10:54 pm
up by 10 capping a 13-zero run pacers come back. fourth quarter sixers down by one. after a scramble anderson with the clutch three pointer putting the sixers back up by two. but when you have a super star it's never over. look at this paul george in the corner. nails it. sends this game into ot and in overtime well it was just too too easy on the fast break right here, paul george finish, game over. sixers lose 122-115. brett brown now has the most losses by head coach in franchise history. >> i want to make sure that the message is positive. we still are. i truly believe we're still a good football team and, you know, eight games to go. we'll see what happens. >> eight down, eight more to go. we're at the midway point for the eagles and they still have good shot to make the playoffs but still a lot of things they need to clean up and all their losses they've had a chance to win the game but one mistake after another has left them at
10:55 pm
four-four. all things that are flexible. so they remain pretty confident. >> i don't get discouraged until that door is closed and so right now we have the opportunity to still, um... to kind of right whatever we want this season to look like. it's a patient approach. um, you got to be mentally stable enough and have the band with to really embrace that challenge. >> and malcolm is going to have his handful dealing with julio jones and matt ryan that combo by far the best in the league right now. ryan leads the league in passing and jones in receiving yards. any time you play these two it could end up in a shoot out and doug pederson does not want th that. >> i think your run game becomes a little more important in games like this. i think, you know, you're right atlanta's offense is one of the top offenses in the national foot bag league obviously and they're making extremely well. any time you can play keep away and time of possession and thing
10:56 pm
hike that, it can help you. >> don't forget to tune in sunday at 10:00 a.m. to "game day live". howard eskin, dave spadaro, gary cobb and myself will break down the game and starring at 1:00 great double header falcons and eagles followed by cowboys and steelers it starts here. zero-three division the eagles need to win this game at home but, again, julio jones is a monster and they have problems with any great wide out. o'dell beckham, jr. >> right. >> dez bryant. >> destroyed them. >> exactly. >> something has to change. >> yeah. >> hmm. >> you're in the looking too confident. that's the face -- >> wait a minute, who knows? we'll be at home. >> it will be a nice day. >> and brett brown play those boys, please. joel embiid, jahlil okafor all the restrictions stop it play them their minutes. we need win. >> they shall have gotten the win. >> lucy, what's coming up at 11:00. >> some americans are celebrat celebrating to night. many others feeling discouraged and scared about the future. so how do we start to heal after such a damaging presidential
10:57 pm
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