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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. at 11 terrifying moments in philadelphia's bustleton section. all started way knock on the door and ended with a man tied up and robbed. good evening, i'm lucy noland. it's a story you'll only see on fox. fox 29's dave schratwieser has it. he's at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, this was a big-time home april vague robbery. the suspects got away with close to $100,000 in cash and jewelry, after they tied up and roughed up the 69-year-old homeowner. >> where is the money? >> reporter: that's what two suspects repeatedly shouted at the 69-year-old owner of this home in bustleton wednesday night after they knock on the door and forced their way inside just after 5:00. >> forced him to the ground, tied his wrists behind his back with a plastic zip tie and
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through a blanket over his head. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects made threats and demanded money and scowered the house on the 2100 block of lot street looking for cash. >> these two individuals spent about 40 minutes in the house. they ransacked the entire house. every drawer, every cabinet was open. report roar police say the suspects forced open a safe and finally located $90,000 in the bedroom. they stole a valuable watch and some jewelry. police believe the victim was targeted. he buys and sells cars online. >> we believe they knew he had cash in the house report roar police say there's little or no crime problem here the hooded suspect left key evidence hyped. >> we find some fresh fingerprints on a safe. >> reporter: now police say the suspect threatened the homeowner warning him not to call police but he broke free from the zip ties and called 91 weren't any way. no arrests to report tonight. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news.
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this is what democracy looks like. >> hundreds of people taking to the streets of philadelphia right now for a rally against president-elect donald trump. residents and community organizations met at thomas pain plaza near city hall to raise their voices. they're protesting donald trump's stance on variety of issues but not happy witness democratic party. let's go to chicago right now and take look at this. big protests as well. a large crowd of anti trump demonstrators are making their voices outside trump tower. police have been stayinged outside the hotel and condo since the moment trump's victory hit the air waves. moving east right now manhattan let's do it lots of widespread anger, fear and frustration also airing in new york city. thousands and thousands of people are out in the rain marching to trump tower as we speak. now this time last night, we still did not know who the 45th president of the united states would be, but things
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became clearer in the early morning hours. donald trump surpassed the 270 electoral votes he needed to secure the presidency by winning pennsylvania. fox news called the race right around 2:30am. hillary clinton waited until about 11 this morning to officially concede to trump. emotional clinton told her supporters that the results well they're painful but it's time to face the facts. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> president obama spoke about last night's results from the rose garden today. he called president-elect trump after the results came in to congratulate him. >> it is no secret that the
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president-elect and i have some pretty significant disses, but, remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. president bush's team could not have been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition, so that we could hit the ground running. >> president obama promises the same type of transition. donald trump will meet with the president at the white house tomorrow. senator pat toomey headed back to washington, d.c. to represent pennsylvania. his win helped secure the republican majority in the u.s. senate. republicans had senator al wins in missouri, north dakota and indiana and wisconsin the gop will now control both houses of congress and the white house. our coverage of the fallout from the election continues on we'll post continuous updates on our home page. to your radar now, rainy night but you know how the weather does. it changes, right? >> it does.
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>> meteorologist kathy orr here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> lucy we'll see more changes. they're going to happen very quickly over the next couple of days. so first we had the rain that has moved out. now we have the clearing skies. old city philadelphia looking great with clearing sky, and some cooler temperatures. ultimate doppler shows a few lingering sprinkles in cape may county behind it cooler air but it's not cold, just have temperatures being knocked down to seasonal levels. it's 36 in the poconos. and you can see allentown, reading, even pottstown, mid 40s. little bit milder from philadelphia south and east but temperatures bottoming out in the 30s and 40ing overnight tonight. to the north and the west where thefront has already passed 30s in buffalo, syracuse and ottawa southeastern parts of canada cooling down which is typical for this time of year. the front has cleared the coast on the back side we have high pressure building in. not a huge change. it's coming in from the west. but temperatures will be knocked down over the weekend as we see a quick rebound over the next couple of days.
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and then the jet stream dips again. this time it's going to be coldest air of the season we're talking about low temperatures in the 30s everywhere and wind chills in the 20s. so get ready for little bit of a taste of winter. this is saturday morning. wind chills in the 20s. philadelphia 26. waking up to 23 in allentown the wind chill in the poconos 21. by the 10ah hour, wind chills in the 30s right about freezing and by the afternoon on saturday, still feeling like it's in the 30s and lower 40s. so it will improve. it's going to be a quick shot but it's going to be a shock as well. in the city overnight 41. the suburbs 36. the high for tomorrow 57 degre 57 degrees. which is near seasonal. as you look ahead on the seven day forecast from your weather authority, friday veterans day looking good. saturday the walk to end alzheimer's it will be windy we have to bundle up. a lot of body heat at citizens bank park. 49. sunday looking good for the birds. monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures getting back to seasonal levels. lucy, so far for the month of
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november, temperatures running 3 degrees above normal. that's significant. last year we had warm november as well. >> bell peppers growing. >> still have my hydrangea. >> winter forecast tomorrow night. >> thank kathy. philadelphia police arrest the the man who sped off from traffic stop hit a cop car then tried to run away. it ended with two officers in the hospital. started last night in olney along 6200 block of north 21st street. investigators say officers pulled over 31-year-old alan terrell but he sped off mid stop. he then ended up crashing into another police cruiser at 21st and couldn't lip streets. he tried to run off but officers got him. two officers are at einstein medical center recovering from injuries from that crash. happening right now, who is leaving messages of hate around south philadelphia? a resident showed us this video they think it could hold clues in the finding who vandalizing cars and
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buildings spray paint is the weapon. hates the fuel and some of the markings mentioned are president-elect. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose live now at south detectives much these markings are all over the place. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, it wasn't just one neighborhood. it was a couple of different votes now there were swastikas and racially charged slurs and the common thread was the word trump. >> i don't know who did it but i didn't like it they defaced my property and that's in the right. >> reporter: 86-year-old jane did he rose is is upset someone tagged her home witness words trump rules in the early hours following election day. other businesses and cars on the block had similar black graffiti and neighbors say an african-american resident found a racially charged slur written on her white truck. they gave us these photos. >> it almost felt like, you know, it's racially driven. >> reporter: kyle welsh was out walking her dog still reeling from election results when she found the words trump rules painted on an asian
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community center here. neighbor kenny, thinks he may have caught the alleged sam on surveillance. detectives are now pouring over that 40 footage. >> we were shocked. you know, it's not a neighborhood this kind of stuff happens. good employees say they made even more disturbing finds later in the day. including several swastikas and references to nazi germany alongside the word trump. spray painted on the windows of the old maglio furs building on south broad. hours later and just up the road another swastika found writ tepp over the word trump on top of utility box. >> he knows he did it and he knows he's lousy whoever did it. shouldn't have done that. >> reporter: now police have not said whether believe the incidents of graffiti are connected. now the mayor and anti defamation league have condemned the messages. south detectives are investiga investigating. of course, if you know anything, you're asked to call them.
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lucy, back to you. >> thanks much, sabina. amazing story of recovery. the atlantic city police officer shot in the head is back home tonight. officer josh vadell left months rehab in elkins park yesterday and doctors and nurses and fellow officers cheered him on. early september gun money shot vadell as he responded to robbery is the caesars casino parking garage. two men face charges of attempted murder and robbery but look at him now. up and walking. my prayers go out to him and his family. some americans celebrate tonig tonight. many others are feeling discouraged and scared about the future. so how do we start to heal after such a damaging presidential election? how one local organization is answering that question. you may have suspected it but now we know it's true. women do indeed have better memories than men. what scientists now hope to do with that information.
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he gets a lot of compliments.
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♪ residents and business owners are divided over proposed townhome development that could go up in manayunk. developers wants to build 27 townhome on the 3900 block of main street. some are concerned because the homes close to the river bank on the lower end of that street. they say evacuatin evacuating ws
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flooding could be a big problem. others though say the townhomes will tract more people which means more business. >> i'd say there's good amount of veigh captain buildings so i feel like if they did build, it would bring more business down, you know, down this way. >> it will be subject to being surround beside water. if there's a high water event, a flooding event, and that is a problem if first responders have to get to people there for any reason it's risk coyer. >> the zones zoning board vote on permit for the development could happen next month. so celebrations and relief, shock, and mourning all the emotions happening in the aftermath of the hard fought presidential election. so how do we heal as a nation? one local organization is giving that very thing a shot. here's fox 29's bill anderson. >> reporter: after what seems like years honestly the presidential election is over. and some are celebrating their victory. others are having a tough time
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looking at a opposing voters eye to eye or shaking their hands but at least one buck county organization had the foresight to recognize that after all of this was done, we were going need to heal. >> peace center addresses bullying and serve the community in this case they recognize they needed to do something to bring people together who have so much anger following an election. >> elections have normally split people by virtue of disagreeme disagreements on policy. this has been disagreements on values. >> reporter: both barbara simmons and kate whitman dedicate themselves to helping people through their most difficult moments and elections don't normally qualify, but they say their commitment to peace just moved them to act in this election. >> i know that if we don't move towards that kind of healing we're just going to be remain divided and that is -- you can't survive long long like to.
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>> reporter: to try and make a difference barbara will participate in a national day of healing and reckon silage it will stream online featuring everything from dr. oz, dr. ben carson, reverend al sharpton and others and then local groups like the peace center will host their own discussions. it will be divorce group of national and local speakers designed to try and understand not judge each on the. >> it's hard to try to understand that somebody doesn't necessarily have negative intentions. they're doing what they believe is best. >> i think there are a few people waking up thinking i'll like to hurt someone today. that's not how we're wired as humans. >> reporter: uniting with people you feel personally oppose you is not an easy task and the personal nature of this campaign even had people criticizing me online for even suggesting that we have discussions designed to heal. barbara and kate get it but still believe that there's bigger goal. >> we can't come together as a
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community, then none of us will folic we belong. then none of us will -- will feel happy and feel hopeful. even if our candidate won. >> reporter: national day of reconciliation takes place this weekend and you can get more information on our fox 29 facebook page. >> in most circumstances politics is a zero sum gain. someone wins, somebody loses and there may not be any conversation after that. you go about your own way. but barbara, kate and the peace center wants more than that. they don't want to just focus on who won. they want to focus how we unite, grow and come together for goodness sake. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your neighborhood. iain. >> lucy fresco users on the ground as protesters made their way through north philadelphia and center city tonight. post election protest you were talking about at the top of the hour. police are telling us as many as 500 people took part it looks like the protesters just broke up few minutes ago much here's video from north philadelphia as
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those frosts made their way down broad street they were out for hours there. but when dj phase was there the crowd was chancing black lives matter some were holding anti donald trump signs. it was a different sight in delaware county where the unitarian church in media held what they call a post election caring circle. fresco use emma took this video for us and church goers were encouraged to bring a short reading, player or reflection to share with one another. church provided drawing materials for kids and families who wanted to express themselves through art. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom and get paid. lucy. >> all right, thank you iain. your health now, social media could help you get to the gym more often. researchers tracked 800 students who signed up for an 11-week exercise program at the end of it those attended the most places won wouldn't prizes they participated participants in 40 groups in the groups that tracked their progress on social media, well, they were more likely to actually get to the
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gym. researchers say the findings show the positive impact of social competition can actually help enforce healthy behavior. the study appears in the journal preventive medicine report. you know what, women do have better memories than men so says a new study. it shows women in their fours and 50s performed better in all memory measures than men. and women who had gone through menopause had worse memory skills than those who had not gone through it menopause did not affect memory storage and consolidation. researchers say as long as women had healthy aging brains they continued to have an edge over men in middle and older age. they now plan to use this information to research how women's memories change as they get older. studies published in the journal menopause. all right. sean bell. you know what, i'm playing injured right now so take it away from me. >> thank you finally someone is playing injured. sixers are scared to death to get another big man hurt all their big guys have got hurt over the last year but finally
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time to take the handicap off and let these big boys play. that's the commentary coming up next. //>[a5df]
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>> sean bell tonight how the sixers are easing joel embiid in the nba. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ the sixers are scared to death that joel embiid or jahlil okafor will get hurt again and i get it. this team has been cursed but at some point you have to take the training wheels off and let these kids play. coke of okafor didn't play the first minute of the overtime game tonight and because of that they probably lost the game took him out because of minutes restrictions. joel embiid didn't even travel. i know he's been out for two plus years, but players can't get into a rhythm and can't get
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end in game shape if they don't play. you can start to see the frustration in these guys paces when you take them out after just five minutes. you really see it in their faces. only way they're going to get in a groove is by playing. you can't worry about them getting hurt all the time. besides, they can get hurt at any time. whether they play two minutes or 32 minutes i understand easing them into playing, easing them into playing shape but the sixers going overboard with this thing at some point that's going to get players frustrated and get them out of the rhythm. they'll stay winless if you keep doing this. lucy. >> thank you very much, sean. brad pitt now cleared of any wrongdoing in a child abuse investigation that word comes from source familiar with an investigation into whether the actor was abusive toward his son on a private flight in september. that source said the investigation closed win the past few days. pitt's wife angelina jolie, pitt filed for divorce days after that incident.
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and fox plans to bring the heat this holiday season with two star-studded specials hello. wow! whoa! empire star taraji henson and her fabulous glory set to host of taraji's hot music and holiday dog. queen la fifa and snoop dog will emcee the celeb past -- can we show it one more time. >> pitbull new year's resolution party. both right here on fox 29. >> i guess i'll be tuned in. [ laughter ] >> he's like -- >> i'll say that. two we did call it white hot. there you go. >> it's hot. >> it's hot he been baby. >> i'm out. i'm done. >> good night, lucy.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is somebody who is not at all surprised by donald trump winning. >> killer mike, he said why hillary clinton wouldn't win. >> what i said to black people was, demand something in exchange for your ote or threaten to stay home. >> i feel vindicated to a degree by the outcome of all of this stuff. and i'm definitely hyper sensitive on racial issues. >> no, not you! >> miley cyrus just posted a video balling. >> thank you for inspiring all of us. harvey: celebrities lost in this election. the most powerful person in this election, possibly it worked against hillary clinton that she supported her, michelle obama. >> michelle obama would be a great president. >> i was just going to say she has no experience, but apparently that is not an issue. >> van jones on the state of america. >> this was a whitelash. harvey: there was somebo


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