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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 14, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> happening now, fox 29 news donald trump choosing his team. what this means not only as a party but a nation as a whole. >> do you want to say anything those people. >> don't do it. that's terrible. i'm going to bring this country together. >> for the first time trump is speaking to america about recent protest and violence and that is not all he talked about in his first interview since being elected as press of the united states. >> and two teams arrested on a flash mob attack where shopping and restaurants. police are now investigating some people are afraid. others are feeling sorry for the teen that did this. >> good monday. streak over.
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eagles flying high for our team. what went right. >> great to have you with us. good morning, everyone. >> good morning, everybody, everybody is in a good mood when the eagles win. >> you know it. >> it's because of the eagles not because it's monday. >> a quick check on the forecast . >> it might be the super moon. >> i took a picture but we had a good one "fox29".com and fox 29 app. you like the weather number. i think so. it's a ten out of ten. clear sky enables you to see the full moon. the super moon if you will. right now in philadelphia, it's only 35 degrees. so, yeah, wear a jacket when you're out photographing and we'll have more on that coming up. northerly wind 3 miles an hour. 6:45 sunrise time. moon will be at biggest before sunrise. 39 mount pocono and 35
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philadelphia and cold morning. 29 millville and 3 wilmington with winds mostly coming out of the west or norm west at least they're not extreme wind today. and we expect a nice one though with mix of sun and clouds high of 60, 61 defwreez. sunset time 4:45. that takes care of monday, bob kelly, we're not going to give you problems in the weather department. hopefully you can say the same. >> one problem fire location at the interest section frankford and lehigh at a tire company. tire business right there on the corner of that busy interest sechblingts watch for local detours this morning. otherwise we're good to go coming into downtown. no problems on the schuylkill. king of president bushia looking good. they did not work last night on vine expressway. heads up if you are ready to head out the front door or just getting in. they will close the vine expressway all this week beginning tonight around 10,
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10:0 or so to 5:00 the following morning every night this week. keep that in mind for those that have to go through the detour into the city. brand new stretch of roadway opened up for you. this opened up on friday between lawn crest and ol any the adams avenue bridge over the tack owny creek. they reopened that. that will make 16,000 pokes folks today extra happy for neighborhoods and no problems on 422. we had westbound closure near pottstown. that's cleared and we're good to go market frankford and subway. using shuttle buses. >> bob, thank you, time, 4:03 sdm you mentioned the incident. it's breaking story that happened now. there's a heavy fire that has taken over a tire shop along frankford and lehigh avenue. >> all this start answering hour ago. let's get to the scene, jennie joyce joining us from tensing ton. >> positive news. crews have knocked down this
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fire here at joel's tire shop. crews are headed out of this area. it started around:00. no injuries were reported. l & i was called to the scene to help with this investigatio investigation. ladder trucks a short time ago were put back away. they had been up over the roof of the shop and hoses were still active at this point we don't know where the fire started or how serious the damage is on the inside. but from our van tanl point we could not see any flames when we got here. we heard there is smoke reportedly coming out of the building. it appears as though firefighters here have everything under control. again, no injuries reported. karen, thomas. >> it's good to hear jennie, thank you, time 4:04 this morning we're learning who will be in the white house with donald trump. he picked two top advisors for the key job in administration. >> first is republican chairman reince priebus who
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will be chief of staff. this suggests he may want to build bridges in washington and stick with long gop agendas. he's popular on different fakes of the party and work on gop after deviceive primary and second pick is stephen bannon chief strategist and senior counselor. reince priebus and stephen bannon will be equals that could create two power centers in the white house. >> chris christie is being replaced. trump announced he's replacing christie with mike pence. three of trump's children will play important roles on transition team alongside rudy guiliani and ben neurosurgeon ben carson. >> i'm sad to hear that and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this and i'll say it to the cameras, stop it.
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>> violence popping newspaper his name. >> he's talking about anti-trump protests. president-elect donald trump speaking to the nation for the first time on 60 minutes speaking about immigration and obamacare among many other topics. >> he also addressed protests of recent violence in america after the election. last night we had another night of protesting in philadelphia making five night in a row. let's get out to steve keely with the latest in all that. steve. >> these protestsers say they will go taken to august ration day and behind. after so many nights and days yesterday of protest in philly many are asking how much longer will the philly police allow the rush hours in center city to come to stand still. and so much strain on the protests how much is it putting on the police department staf staffing, too, we'll pose those questions here this morning as the right to free speech so far won out over the right to free flow of traffic. and head of philadelphia naacp
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told fox 29 news yesterday the protesters are shutting down the streets and they should ak department the democratic process and many in the streets he says were not at poling places. >> if we did not express ourselves at the polls, we lost ingt right to complain. people can go out and be outraged. from what i'm learning many people in the streets throughout america didn't bomber to vote. >> we want him to know there's opposition throughout they does not represent us and we don't want him to be the president and we'll fight him tooth and nail every bit of the way. >> there's a lot of sentiments running deep within people and all ever a sudden people feel like they have been involved and a lot of people are terrified. >> legitimate question asked by a lot of people when i was in city yesterday, thomas and karen. were philly police die verdict covering this protest and that's why we had flash mob in
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center city because it looked like bike patrol cops ran to the flash mop to handle that case. a lot of people wondering would that have had ability to happen if police were on duty normally not dealing with the protests. these are questions we'll ask the commissioner later. >> steve keely, time 4:08 campus police is investigating a alleged assault with possible political motivations african-american students says she was attacked by a group of trump supporters thursday night as the student was walking through a septa tunnel. she was assault bid several white men who ran trump as they ran toward her. she was knocked to the ground and the student suffered minor head injuries. villanova president sent an email to the campus community condemning the actions. >> and that villanova incident comes on heels of similar story folk uxed on freshman of the university of pennsylvania. threatening messages targeting
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african-american student at the school are linked to three people in oklahoma. raish threats were made against freshman to penn through group me. one student has been temporarily suspended from his involvement and a pair of one of the students threatened kawd the naacp. >> it's tragic and unfortunate something like that would happen as the result of what is called a democratic process. the world is looking at what the leadership going to look like. and if we're here tearing each other apart i don't think it serves purpose of america or world. >> school leaders promised to support students after the deplorable incident. 4:09 we have good news this monday morning that makes it better. screech of our birds. they win against atlanta falcon. >> edge of our seats right. >> whole time but it was exciting and energy in it the stadium makes a big different.
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we do well at home. they are trying to stay undefeated at home. >> with fans on their side alongside an unsung hero they pulled off the upset. some of eagles top players making big plays, ryan matthews with two touchdowns scoring early in the 1st quarter. in the end eagles holding off falcons 24-15. listen to what doug pederson and carson whents to say about the team. >> 5-4 is better and puts us in a better position. each week we have to win each week and you know we have another opportunity next week against another good football team on the road we have struggled this year. we just got to make sure we're 1-0 every week. >> it's a big game as offense and defense to pull off a tight win like this we're halfway through the season to get the win going to the plus category. it's huge. but i think the biggest thing is we pulled it out in the end and we have not done that yet. >> stay consistent. what's eagles fans saying about
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the big win. >> folks jumps off the wentz wagon are back on again. eagles remain undefeated at home and headed to seattle next week to beat the patriots like mike. >> we'll hear about the big win in a moment. also ahead this morning we're cover big political news. donald trump speaking for the first time since election. what he is saying about building that wall along the mexican border and immigration. >> plus this is so cool. veterans throughout motorcycle ride. do you see who it is in the picture. how about that for surprise when they came across a stranded rider. not just any guy. how they were able to be get "the boss" out of a jam. >> and let's take a live look outside right now because this is so cool. sue will talk about it. it fills the whole darn screen it's a super moon and has not been stheen large in 70 years but only for a short time and best time watch, right now. but only for a short time and best time watch, right now. sue will explain
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>> there it is. now this is the regular full moon for november. it is called the super moon because of how big and bright it is. you can see this is a picture from one of our photographs here at fox 29. you can see every little cite
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creator. when i tried to take a picture of my phone it looks like a big blur. hopefully yours will be better. let's explain what's going on coye stare at the moon all morning. what's happening this is. it's the moon is in pari goode y which means it's closest it will get to earth for this full moon. it's 14% bigger in this case and 30% brighter. so it really is noticeable especially with clear sky we have. just before dawn at 6:2 it will be closest us to and you can try to take cool picture then and next time it's this close is november 25, 204 and we'll probably have clouds tonight even though it will be a big, bright moon you may not be able to see it as well as you can this morning. so that's interesting to you, go for it. here's a low pressure system down to the south. high pressure has been in control all weekend and the low pressure system will start to move to the north. that's why we get clouds. for some of us rain.
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so future cast shows a dry day today with increasing clouds the end of day and rain moves up to the south. late tonight into tomorrow morning we may have rain during the morning rush hour. it looks like we probably will. 6, 00. everything moves north after that and we'll see increase in winds as well and it looks like it dries out quickly for wednesday. so, tuesday, especially in morning, rain. it's a chilly morning out tlut if you focus on the super moon. 3 in wilmington and 35 in philadelphia and 39 up in the mountains. mountains are a little milder than wilmington the city. that happens sometimes. depends on cloud cover. winds not a big issue out there. let's check what we did over the weekend. average high 57. friday, 64. saturday was chilly with high of 51 and 60 on sunday. i think we'll be around 60 or so today. 5 tomorrow. 59 on wednesday and tomorrow when we get that rain. a little milder by friday and
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then the possibility of rain overnight, saturday into sunday which cools things off for sunday. generally dry forecast once again. that's your 7 day. here's bob kelly with today. >> should be a good morning. if you wake up now you'll notice how bright that super moon s you look out the window it will look like almost your driveway lights or back yark light was on. you'll notice it when you get out the bed. come on kick the covers off and get moving a live look at i 95 near philly international airport no problems up and down i 95 at the least for the moment and look going on the bennie. crystal clear. sky line south jersey coming through the ben franklin toll applause a we're off to quiet start this monday morning on major roadways. as we zoom into the neighborhood the fire location jennie showed us frankford and lehigh. they knocked it down but a lot of equipment at the busy intersection should be trod go around the block there. and all this week get ready for work coming to i 95.
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they'll be working on ralps to and from princeton avenue every day this week weather permitting looks like tomorrow may be impacted there. and if you come north on 95 from say the airport, south philly, headed to center city they've been working all weekend 95 between washington avenue and center city and that brand new bridge is back in business. good news for the gang between lawn crest and ol any. shaved 15 minutes off the trip because adams avenue bridge over tacony creek opened up on friday. that's good news for gangs in the neighborhood. mass trainsit, market frankford and broad street using shuttle buses to five. karen and thomas back to you. >> bob, thank you. 4:18 let's get you caught up on other story this morning. this out of delaware document why a ride on septa bus turned into trip to the emergency roo room. septa officials tell fox 29 a tractor-trailer collided with route 29 septa bus springfield pike yesterday. five people were on board with
4:19 am
minor injuries and investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. two homes in chester were badly damaged on the 600 block east 22 street after 7:30. firefighters had it under control. pun firefighter was taken to the hospital with a minor leg injury. >> police are searching for a missing man that has dementia. 77 years old davis hill left his house on 1100 block anchor street saturday 1:00 in the afternoon wearing a tan jacket and missing every since. no one has seen imhim. if you have seen him or having in call police. >> two people are fighting for their lives after a car crashed into them:30 yesterday 11 and market streets aix man driveing a dodge ram plowed into two people in crosswalk. they're both at hahnemann in critical condition and police say the driver, 45-year-old man did stay at the scene and he
4:20 am
was given driving under the influence tests. >> one of the first things donald trump found to do as president is start building a wall along the u.s. mexico border. >> we're already hearing changing instead of total wall to keep out illegal immigrant he's considered a scaled down version. he talks about putting up a fence in certain parts. >> are you really going to build a wall. >> yes. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress would you accept a fence. >> for certain areas i would. certain areas a wall is more appropriate. i'm good at this. this is called construction. fence will be -- could be fenc fencing. >> as for twelve million illegal immigrants he said would be deported he's only seasoneding back a fraction of that number. >> what about the pledge to deport millions and millions of undocumented immigrants. >> what we are going to do is
4:21 am
get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealsers a lot of these people probably million could be million we're getting them out of the country or incarcerate. but we're getting them out of the country they're here illegally. after the border is secured and after everything gets normizeed we'll mack a determination in the people you're talking about who are terrific people, terrific people, but we're going to mack a determination at that. but before we make that determination leslie, it's very important we want to secure our border. >> president-elect trump is changing tune on one of his mostarden campaign promises repealing and replacing obamacare. you'll hear what he had to say about that later this morning. >> oh, finally a "good day", great day really for the eagl eagles. >> lots of us smiling, game two losing streak or two game losing streak ended at four game winning streak at home. keeping birds endplayoff hunt.
4:22 am
we'll breakdown the wins next in sports. >> speaking of numbers here's winning numbers from the lottery. winning numbers from the lottery. we hope you have them pass pats pass pats >> good morning, i'm
4:23 am
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shawn bell the eagles are a totally different team when they play at home. they were on a two-game losing
4:25 am
streak and got back to business when they came home to the lin linc. first dry of the came eagles marched down the field and ryan matthews passed it off with a four yard touchdown and once again this guy was in dog house at one point and now penthouse. second touchdown of the day. 109 yards. skip to the 4th quarter falcons one last shot to win it. mcel vin steps in and makes game saving, 24-15 a game they had to have. >> we had to have it. i mean there was no -- we wanted this win. it was emphasis on having this win. we wanted this game. we have not had it. we showed that the other day. >> next up, seattle on the road. that's sports in a minute. i'm shawn bell. >> coming up at 4:30. >> president-elect donald trump talking about plans for presidency include what he will do to fight isis.
4:26 am
will he listen to military generals? >> you said you knew more than the generals about isis. >> i'll be honest with you i probably do. look at the job they've done. look at the job they've done. >> you always have a lot to say a lot more in the interview. what he had to say specifically ato all the protesters across the country. that and more when we come bac the country. that and more when we come bac back.
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snv white house will look a lot different but once donald trump take over who he foykd number cabinet. get ready for a change today we know it's not a strike. there's a different way to play coming up. >> birds flying high this morning. i'm 4:29. good morning to i. >> good morning. >> let's check on traffic if a moment. first. super moon. >> we would like to start with number when it's good, too. >> you went past my sound effect i worked ton all morning. >> did you? >> that's why you went past it. >> keep working on it. >> everyone is a critic.
4:30 am
>> trump et cetera and full band. >> it was something, all right. >> clear skies will help to you view the super moon this morning. we'll take a look tat in a bit. it's 5 degrees. wear a jacket if you rupp outside with the camera and hopefully you have one pretty decent. sunrise 6:45 this morning overrulely it's just before sunrise you get to see the moon the best. 3 in mount pocono and 3 lancaster and 40 dover and 42 quild wood and plan on sunshine today. increasing crowds by end of day and nice weather day all in all high of 60 and sunset at 4:45. so, bob kelly we have a dry morning for you. hope people are not too distracted by the moon and get where they're going. >> that's interesting i thought about that the last time around wvr we get super moons or bright moons and you're looking in the sky pay attention as you get ready to kick the covers off you will look outside. it's definitely bright. you'll think the garage light
4:31 am
was left on on drive way light left on. once up and out we're good shape. blue route to problems between mid county and schuylkill. no problems ben franklin. a live look in the neighborhood of harvest ton and tores dale. the market frankford subway using shuttle buses to 5:00 and normal drill on overnight. no problems on major roadways. we're off to good start this morning. going to zoom into the fire location. squeny has more info owe any moment it went out as initial call to the tire store at the corner there frankford and lehigh and then a tweet from one of the viewers saying it looks like it was on railroad tracks right where the freight tracks go over frankford and lehigh in the neighborhood. we'll go to jennie in a moment. watch for work this week on ramps, to and from princeton and cottman northeast philly.
4:32 am
>> back to you. >> let's talk about the breaking news bob mentioned. >> there's been a big fire at tire shop in conditioning ton. good news on this one. it's under control. it broke out an hour and a half ago. crews made a massive response there. joel's tire shop 700 block frankford and he lie avenue. nobody was hurt in this one. investigators are trying to figure out how it all startd we'll update you throughout the morning time 4:2 this morning we're learning who will number the white house with president-elect donald trump. trump picked two top advisors for key jobs. >> two nam familiar names in the campaign. chairman reince priebus that will become chief of staff. this may suggest he wants to build bridges in washington and sticking with long time gop agend ahe's popular on different sanctions of party. >> second one more
4:33 am
controversial stephen bannon name at chief strategist and senior counselor. he said in a statement priebus and ban on will be equal partners. that could create power centers in the new white house. >> president-elect donald trump first interview since playing election. >> nothing off limits includ including recent protest and violence sweeping nation. when they kaipd on friday some of them had not occurred. >> i am so sadden todd hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this, and i'll say it to the cameras, stop it! >> violence popping newspaper his name. >> well they did not stop they continued all weekend long. happening for a fifth day now right in our area. and we did have some violence in our city. let's get right to steve keely at police head quarters, good
4:34 am
morning, steve. >> the people trump was tel telling to stop it on 60 minutes are people doing racial attacks heeds getting blamed for like we saw at penn and villanova over the weekend. as far as the protesters own the streets five straight night he said everybody else accept the democratic process. the questions asked this morning philadelphia police are one how much longer will you allow center city to gk a grid locked center city and evening rush hours after five straight nights. a lot of drivers are getting fed up. it puts a strain on the philadelphia police department. we had flash mob saturday night during the protest time while the philly police were making sure the protests were peaceful. a lot of people were asking were they not at the most post they normally would be to prevent that group from causing a flash mob and attacking people. head of philly naacp these
4:35 am
protesters have a right to protest. some didn't even vote. 40,000 less voted. that could have turned the tide in pennsylvania to hillary clinton. >> people have the right to protest and i hope it's not something vie lnt and people getting hurt. the wold is watching. and if this whole argument of america offering leadership to the world then the world is looking at what the leadership will look like. if we're hearing tearing each other apart i don't think it serves personal interest of america or the world. >> i felt betrayed when the electoral challenge called trump president? i think what he'll do to country is awful and i won't stand for it. >> rudy giuliani former mayor of new york city was on tv and
4:36 am
said they have rights to sidewalks not street. mraps, being fire trucks trying to get by if he was mayor any new york and new york is different than philadelphia he would not allow protesters to shut down the streets like they are every day now. >> certainly a different view and more to come on this 4:36, steve keely, thank you. >> campus police and local authorities are investigating a alleged assault with possible political motivations. african-american student says she was attacked by a group of trump supporters thuring night as the student was walking to septa tunnel on campus in the complaint the woman told police she was assaulted by several might man who ran trump as they moved by here. the student was seriousry hurt. an email was september coming up actions. >> on the heels of another similar story focused on freshman at the you of the campus of university of the philadelphia.
4:37 am
racial threats were made at penn through a mess aming app called group me. one student at the university of oklahoma has been temporarily suspended for his movement. school leaders promised to support students after the dedeplorable indents." >> happening today, commuters and subway can say goodbye. people can use that new travel wallet feature. company officials say the travel wallet part of septa key card program allows people to load 10 it 250 on a card to use on subway, trolley, buses, $1. $1.80 same cost of token will be deducted from the loaded ament aand money could be loaded at the sales office or twelveen and market station. at this point traditional tokens will be accepted. >> city officials will decide whether or not to purchase pulse night club and what to do with the building where so many pulse night club and what to do with the building where so many hoingt their lives.
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>>:40 let's look at headlines around the country and around the world. five months after the orlando shooting people are still hea healing. they want to urn tun the pulse into a memorial. the site will be to honor the 49 people that died june 12. >> and strong after shocks
4:41 am
continue to rattle new zealand following a 7.8 magnitude quake. two people were killed in this one. it was so powerful it literally cracked apart the ground. wow, look at cows they're standed there on the top. it gives you an idea of the force behind the quake it also triggered land slides and small tsunami. new zealand sits on the ring of fire. it falls all around the pacific ocean quakes are common and still say people there it was absolutely terrifying. >> doors were opening and closing. the whole house was moving. yeah it was moving. >> creaking. >> moving, creaking, it was pretty you -- yeah, it was a scary thing. >> well the prime minister there says the full extent of damage is still being assessed. military helicopters and red cross teams are being dispatched to help those in worst hit areas. >> all right. 4:42. so we know that donald trump
4:42 am
certainly has a lot of money. we talk about how he's a billionaire. so the presidential salary. what's he going to do. will he take that. what's he going to do. will he take that. what he had to say next. ♪ my hero zero. ♪ such a funny little hero but till you came along ♪ we counted on our fingers and toes ♪ now you're here to stay ♪ ♪ and nobody really knows... ♪ zero really can be a hero.
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>> good morning, everybody, 4:4 4 triple 4s on dinl tall clock. hello mapleshade. route 73. mapleshade, new jersey, no problems. dry this morning. 309 for the washington looking good as you head to the
4:45 am
turnpike. off to a good start. all catching souper is moon in the sky this morning. over the bennie coming in no problems at all. not only you can see the super moon you can see the sky scrapers. crystal clear out there. shuttle buses running until 5 on broad street should be way and market frankford lines kick in after 5bg. that's normal drill. one accidentp for the gang in harleysville. freeman creek and freemansville road. south philly all this week broad and patter are son working in the midday 9 to 3. keep that in mind especially if you head down to work at the business center there and work in media today. route 25 sue you paying aengs teption right here 252 year rose tree park. sue likes to take the dogs for a walk in the afternoon. schuylkill looking good this morning. no problems on 4:22. sue is getting ready to tell us about the super moon and forecast today it. she'll have it all in 15
4:46 am
forecast today it. she'll have it all in 15 seconds >> fraet tweet september by michelle what i see and what my camera sees a lot of russ having that problem this morning. our phones can do everything except take a good pick of the moon. the super moon is out there now. it's big and bright because the skies are clear. we lucked out with the weather this morning. often called the frost moon and sometimes beaver moon. so the moon is in par onlyy which means it's closest to the earth it looks 14% bigger and 0% brighter and closest to us
4:47 am
until dawn. and the next time this happens, 203 4 karen you do the math. 2034. >> 50 some years. >> and it made it tough for meterology. >> low pressure south is moving north and this will affect us tomorrow. high pressure has been the weather maker for the weekend. gave us sunshine saturday and sunday. as we look at feature cast clear skies for the morning and clouds roll in later in the day and shore point will good fwet it before we will in philadelphia a.m. it should be raining during the morning rush hour for us tomorrow morning on tuesday morning. so, just be aware of that as you plan your wardrobe for the day. tomorrow everything shoulding gone by late afternoon and we'll have more dry weather. i don't think we'll get a lot of rain out of the system. mount pocono full 10 cooler in millville, new jersey. 3 wilmington and 5 in city. and with our weekend it was a
4:48 am
chilly one on saturday. but the sun helped a lot. 51 was high on saturday. 60 yesterday. i think we'll be right back there again today with sunshine, increasing clouds and rain in morning on tuesday. and then we see dry weather probably through saturday morning. the jury is still out on saturday afternoon. we have time to look at that one. >> time now 4:48 bill cosby's lawyers says the comedian expect to be cleared in the sexual assault case and plan top restart a show business career. i lawyer wants a judge owe to seal documents that hold information about the comedians compensation for performances. women suing cosby says he has no future in show business and won't be heard if that information is disclosed. cosby layers say once he's cleared of kharns he expects to resume his career. >> former temple university
4:49 am
president david adamini pass away the university said he pass away after a short illnes illness. he was president in 2000 and retired 6 years later he was also a professorle law and political science. he was 80. it's been one year since terrorists called 10 them cas. >> makes them feel like it was yesterday that those attacks devastated and shook confidenc confidence. and they visited the site where the isis terrorists carried out attacks and launched series of highly coordinate add tacks against bars and restaurants and musical venues and sports stayed young. for some survivors returning for the first time brought back horrors of the evening. >> the most we heard was when there was exchanges between the terrorists and police and there were some of the bullets went into the wall and i was just on the other side of the wall.
4:50 am
>> now investigators believe only one of the terrorist behind the attacks is stale live and is in jail awaiting trial in france. >> 4:50 in health this morning less people are lighting up. centers for disease control and prevention reports zig smoking rates hit all time low. researchers say the number of smokers dropped 15% 45 million to 37 million between 2005 and 2015. although cd scxt happy with less smokers they say more anti-tobacco action is needed. half of all cancers are linked to tobacco use. >> smoking rates highest egg among men and especially african-american men sgle donald trump isic making plans to leave his business network to his children in the business news. he's in the process of transfering management to three children. oldest ingt donald jr., ivanka and eric and will be joined by a teal of executives. >> it's not --
4:51 am
>> donald trump has more than 500 businesses more than any other president in history. president-elect office says he'll work for free. here's more from the interview. >> what about vacations you're not going to take any vacation vacations, you said that? >> we have so much work there's so much work to be done and i want to get it done for the people. want to get it done. we're lowering taxes and taking care of healthcare and i mean there's so much to be done. soy don't think we'll be very big on vacations, no. >> are you going to take the salary the president's salary. >> i never commented on this but the answer is no. i think i have to by law take $1 so i'll take $1 a year. i don't know what it is? do you know what the salary is. >> $400,000. >> i'm not taking the salary i'm not taking it. >> so we heard from president-elect donald trump. you know who we did not hear from or see alec baldwin on s
4:52 am
& l a lot expected to see him. s & l brought out one of comed comedy's great to host the show they weekend it was opening had a lot of people. >> i saw it all over twitter and facebook. we'll bring it to you in a and facebook. we'll bring it to you in a moment. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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>>♪ welcome back. time 4:54 look at the shot of the super moon. absolutely beautiful. if you're up this morning take
4:55 am
a peek humid. it's worth looking at. >> send us your picture. that's a good shot because of stuff in the foreground. >> i love your picture they probably won't look like that. a little dot in the sky unless you are using a professional camera. great to have you with us this monday a famous boss hit a roadblock. >> his glory days continued thanks to local sem ar tans. >> these guys are back. three american legion members for free hold, new jersey and ran into would you look at that guys, bruce springstein on side of road. he had broken down his motorcycle broke down he hopped to the back of one of the bikes goes to mull begans and grabs a beer until his ride game. and the guys that helped him say he was down to earth, regular guy. >> a lot of people talking about this i have not seen it yet i'm excited to watch with you saturday night live had a
4:56 am
lot of fun of course the entire season with presidential election and this past weekend show took a very different ton tone. >> we didn't see alec baldwin who plays president-elect donald trump but we saw kate mckinon and she started with piano and ended with this performance take a look. >> even though it all went wrong i'll stand before the lord of song with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah,
4:57 am
hallelujah hallelujah i'm not giving up and neither should you. and live from new york, saturday night. >> you have got to go to work. >> so obviously that song she performed as the song hallelujah it was written by leonard cone and the writer of that song passed away last week at the age of 8. dave shapel hosted show and he had a lot to say about the election and had an important message for the president-elect donald trump we he will play that in the next hour coming u up. that in the next hour coming u up. >> we'll be right back
4:58 am
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happening right now "fox29" morning news president-elect donald trump picking white house team. what this means not only for the republican party but the nation as a whole. plus, >> do you want to say anything to those people. >> i would say don't do it that's terrible. because i'm going to bring this country together. >> for the first time trump is speaking out to america about some of those recent protests and the violence and he spoke about every issue out there on the table and no holds barred we'll bring you what they had to say. >> two teens arrested on a popular local street known for shopping and restaurants. police are investigating this morning. some people are now afraid.


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