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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> protesters continue to flood the streets of city as cross america as donald trump's team prepares for the move into the white house. >> if hillary had won and if my people went out and protested everybody would say that's a terrible thing. and -- good opening up in first time since being elected president why trump is distur disturbed by nationwide demonstrations and who he just announced as closest advisors. >> and weekend in september city turned into a nightmare after another violent flash mo mob. who police say carried out this
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attack. >> wentz, matthews, touchdown. >> also, philly fans still flying high after the eagles dominated other birds, fall cops, ending losing streak. what this win could mean for second half of season. nice win. >> i say it means good things. >> we apologize to made from exton, pa. we love him still, though. >> "good day" everybody, november 14, 2016. >> it is it's monday built you know it's good monday a eagles sglon a, yeah. >> and b you have a bright moon to look at. >> it's a super moon we'll look at it in a second. >> it's beautiful. >> there it is. >> does it mean someone is is turning into aware wolf. >> you have seen bob kelly's face. he needs razors. >> by the way this moon will be at peek in 1 minutes. i'm ready. >> okay [ howling ].
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>> the reason why the view of the super moon is so good is because the skies are clear and that means sunshine especially to start the day. temperatures mostly in 0s and 40s although some dipped down to 0s because of clear skies and here we are. philadelphia, we're starting to get light out a little bit. 38 degrees. official sunrise is not until 6:45 you can see the moon like mike said about 20 minute or so the best view of it. 29 degrees in pottstown. it's a lot cooler there. high of 60. mostly sunny skies and few clouds later on. sunset time is 4:45. bob kelly, you're doing a little howelling this morning [ howling ]. >> it looks cool as you get u up. you will think that maybe the backyard light was left on or possibly maybe drive way light. speaking of lights we have a light off out here. my color is a little off here
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this morning. a live look at 202 southbound right near paoli. 252 we have one car spin out here only far left loan is on and as we roll on through downtown and vine street expressway starting to see pockets of vine through the school schuylkill. that fair location is motion of the morning. frankford and lehigh. how under control let's watch for fire truck or two with the intersection there and as you roll through a crash chester and fifth and morton. 95 seeing volume as we head southbound cottman avenue and watch for work all this week on ramps to princeton and cottman. mike and alex, back to you. >> 6:03 now. president-elect donald trump is putting cabinet in place. >> i'm not sure cabinet positions but reince priebus will become chief of staff. he's popular among different fakes of parties and worked on uniting gop after divisive
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primary. >> and steve ban on is chief strategist and senior counselo counselor. i guess you cannot have a coach chief of astaff. equal partners will work. >> president-elect trump is calling for end to violence in wake of election. >> and that violence coming from anti-trump protesters as well as trump supporters. >> and so, saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. stop it. if it helps. i will say this, and i'll say it right to the camera, stop i it. >> will they stop? and in his first inview since elected president trump respond todd reports of act of hate. steve keely live at police headquarters wait around maybe commissioner will make a response to this. hey, steve. >> will there be a night six ruined again.
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business owners to bus drivers and uber drives to uber drivers how many more evenings do you have to let this go on and put up with anti-protester turned into hours of missed work and how many hours late to kid ball game and police hours are used safely through the street where that's why that flash mob happened is it a. a lot of questions for police they morning. mayor rudy guiliani would not have allowed protesters in their streets and these protests need to stop and accept the democratic process. >> whether the person you desire to win, whips or not, we have to accept the outcome. if we did not express ourselves
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at the polls, we lost the right to explain. people can go out and be outraged but what i'm learning many people on the streets throughout america didn't only only forer to vote. >> when i saw the people in the streets in new york city you're breaking guiliani's rules. you don't take my streets. you can have my sidewalks but you don't take my streets because ambulances have to get through there and fire trucks have to get through there and people die when you crowd the streets of new york city with protesters. you can do blunttive protesting on the sidewalk. >> and mike i know what you'll see. new york city is a whole different ball game than philadelphia a lot of philadelphians are sick of waiting for protests to pass by before they can come home at night. >> a fire at a pirate shop in kensington is under control. it happened investigators are
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looking to how the fire started. >> not worse than a fire tire that's for sure. >> i happen ob on walnut coming ought of the alter, makeup thing. >> switching it up. >> a i lull bill. >> police cars call full all over the place 6:00 saturday evening. several people were hurt in thaten cheweding off duty officer. >> jeepy joyce did they have a crowd estimate mostly teen aimers. >> and preteens, mike, sorry to hear you were in the area aperpt myly frightened of our school schools. six people were hurt and two teens were arrested in connection with many more that took off before police could catch them. it happened 6 p.m. saturday
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night primetime center city when police say a group of teens began inassaulting marriages on the street and off duty philadelphia police detective try -- the detectives wife the mom through water on the teen. they pup. ed her in the face too. >> the at aggressive mob be rolled through they describe a flight eping acetaminophen is it a. >> it changes how i go it about walking a roup a. >> there's a lot of pain and a lot of trauma. >> i think we need to activate our yunl they have help inner jury that they need and if directed towards something positive. witnesses say mob lasted ten minutes there were mostly minor injuries and police tell us there were surveillance
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cameras in the area that may have dap captured the chaotic scene. they are still looking for a number. teens involved in this. pike and alex. >> thank you very much. 6:09. be careful out there folks. >> it's an event you won't see again until 2013. >> in other words i won't see it. >> super moon shipping brightly this morning. last chance it will be at its peak at 6:22. 137 minutes. >> 13 minute. more than ten minutes how about that? >> 13 minute. more than ten minutes how about that? >> let's got outside tall ex.
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twhel is the time to fly to you the moon. because it won't take as long as other years or days. >> in other words. >> in other words this the brightest moon in almost 69 years will be lighting up the sky this week. phenomenon known as super moon will reach most lum necessary enter. >> it will be brightest soon. >> and closest as possible just before dawn, 6:22 that would be 11 minutes from now. >> great math. >> it will reach sdee nij, apex, naek asia and south pacific -- let's get ton -- no it's too late and that's tonight in across international
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date line in new zealand will reach its brightest tuesday local time. all you know is here in old city in about ten minutes it will be at peak. >> we have to go seat it. >> i don't want to miss that. >> sue what is the scientific reason for this. >> called parid goode y close closetest point of any full noon earth this is close toer than close why the moon seems brighter. we'll have other super moons before 2034 not this close it seems bigger and brighter because it's closer. so 6:22 is that time when we say it will be closest it's it's going to be and keep in mind tonight, clouds and maybe rain. so, this is perfect sky. >> what you're saying is. >> last chance. >> if you want to see it get slippers on and get your butt outside. >> with a robe or two, it's cold. >> get the cell hope to out
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and take pictures of it and where should they use. >> camera phone seem to catch it very pourly. >> what did you want me to do. >> i don't care how badly your picture sucks i want to see it. >> #fox 2 "good day". >> #fox 2 "good day". >> it has not changed. >> we should put the moon in there or anything we would have to organize that. >> it's not fox super moon it's fox "good day". >> i would like it to be just #moon. >> that's too general. it's people in our area. >> speaking of super moons. >> doug: down in d.c. >> it was a night out. >> no wouldn't are you guys are so close.
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had you does react to the protests. we'll play it for you. protests. we'll play it for you. dug dug
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>> will you be tweeting and whatever you're upset about put out there. >> it's a great form of communication. when you give me a bad story, i have a method of fighting back. >> well each though he may be fighting back president-elect donald trump said he will be restained when it comes to use of social media once he officially becomes president. >> unless somebody ticks him off those comments with leslie stall of 60 minute. let get toe doug luzader he'll play high point and low. >> good morning, this is fist sit down tv interview becoming a president-elect. he spent the weekend speaking to world-year-olders and building administration from the ground up. >> i've never done anything like this is so big. >> telling cns's 60 minutes he
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was overcome when he won the election. >> i did my final speech in michigan, 1:00 in the morning and we had 31,000 people. many people outside of arena. and i felt when i left i said how will we lose. >> in the meantime he's beginning to fill key white house positions, stephen bannon his controversial and behind the scinz executive will become chief in the white house and reince priebus head of republican national committee will serve of chief of staff responsible for day-to-day management. he propromises to build a wall in some areas. >> and then there is obamacare where he's talking about keeping at least key prove iings and will have to mack a supreme court justtis.
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heed aeach. >> i'm so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. and if it helps i will say thi this. and right to the cameras, stop it. >> and then there is issue of presidential salary and president makes $400,000 a year and trump says he'll take $1. mike and alex. >> one buck sfwlxt you not. >> will he claim that $1 on tax. >> that's a whole other sorry fw we owe won't see him. >> he said he eept i have it will come out. >> doug, we'll see you next warm. >> how about we do traffic? >> mix it up. >> 6:19 shake it up dick covers off for the folks headed
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out now we is a couple minutes before we see the time for super moon. when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie it's amore. and a bridge opening underway. tack owny pal myra talk about a perfect opportunity for bridge opening, timing is everything here. folks lined up on both sides have a chance to kind of peek out the window and check out the super moon at its peak time in a couple minute. if you leave south jersey or philly stacked off tack owny my ray. and east on 422 at least we're all happy no prb hemz down up to. class in rim rick limb field road doyp in chester watch for accident fifth and morton near
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the old casino south on 95 extra delays out of cottman avenue toward the construction stone. worked all week on 95. both at princeton avenue and cottman avenue ramps. sue you have a big old movement on your hand. >> we'll moon you this morning. >> there we go. >> hello. >> and we want to say our friend susan for this shot. there's a little hair on the lens there. we're having problems with our phone cameras it doesn't look at spectacular as it does when you go outside and look at you yourself. really we're at peak time now if you can and are interested it won't be this close until 1 years from now. but, tonight, there would still be a big bright moon out there. it won't be clear like it is right now. we'll watch this low pressure system as it comes in from the south and it will give us rain tomorrow morning. think of that. most of the rain will come in early part of the day. sunny and nice. a 10, showers for rush hour on
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tuesday 59 as we dry out on wednesday thursday a friday look good as well and maybe rain late in the day. that's the 7 day forecast you guys mooning us today as well. >> we're outlook are for the super moon. it wept be around until 2034 this is my yot. >> i saw it when i went it bad it was over there. i guess the best shot. >> you can see it over the art museum. it's that way. >> look to the west. >> it's so bright. many people are trying to take picture of it. >> it's hard to tell how big it is unless you have something in perspective. our friend hughie dillon of philly chitchat took pictures that had it in perspective. it looked really big. >> he was out in lancaster
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county there's a lot of favrm land and sky scrapers and things in the way. >> is that up now is up airport if you do -- and from the airport and ben franklin parkway. >> it's really m how do we go back to regular moon after seeing something like this how do we go back to egg lar moons i can't fet pj. >> i can't go back. >> now it's at its peek. >> if you want to see this things because there's probably cloud cover tonight. lock at that isn't it beautiful there it is pap tacktis.
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>> we've about manipulating the moon today too. >> have we. >> i don't know if in the control room joe you can make it gigantic again i love when you do that. >> look at the size of it. >> dude. >> we're screwing around with our equipment here making it look bigger than it is. it's taking offer the city. >> that's the super moon. >> that was it. >> okay. >> let's take a break then and go back. >> that was a fee. >> let's go back to the other big story. eagles, she got the moon yesterday over the falcons. we have highlights with sports yesterday over the falcons. we have highlights with sports ban
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♪ >> good morning, i'm shawn bell the eagles are a totally different team then when they play at home. they were on two game losing streak and got back to business because he came home to the linc. eagles ra rar. ed right doyp the field and
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stipulates to 3rd quarter, one between he was fol caps with with within mast to with preponderance. >> the eagles when 24-15 a game that they had to have. we had to have this. it was no if, and, but, we wanted this win it was emphasis on having this win. we went into this game stroing have it. and we showed it out there today. >> next up seattle on the road. that's sports if a minute. road. that's sports if a minute. i'm shawn bell.
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>> opening up for the first time since being elected president and why donald trump says he's disturbed by nationwide dem rations and announced closest advisors. >> tells protesters stop it and weekend in center city turns into a nightmare after a violent flash mob on walnut street. who carried out this attack we think we know. >> philly fans still flying high after the eagles dominated over falcons ending losing streak. what this win could mean for second half of season. maybe we can say hello again to the playoffs. >> let's go. >> it's big. >> move, move. [ laughter ] the moon today
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philadelphia. if you're just getting up right now, you would not have seen this anyway we sort of manipulated the photograph. you know we can do that. but it was quite -- you see, we can move it around and sing to it and howell tat there it is the moon that was full ovlly a few minute ago and hopefully you saw it overnight. lots of folks cents in picture pictures. that was fun. bus stop buddy he has to wait for the bus. it's chill" lut this some in the 20s this morning it's national pickle day today. there's an idea for your lunch. clear skies made viewing moon beautiful and gave us such a chill. 8 with 6:45 official sunrise team. moment from now. 29 allentown and pottstown. we live this must be except when our temperature.
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>> viewing of the moon might be spotty with the clouds rolling in after dark tonight. dark is pretty early. >> yes, yes, 6:3. good morning everybody having fun with super moon and folks stuck in the bridge opening in the tack coney pal myra got a opportunity check out the moon. tar hill starting to see traffic. we're delayed on both sides. south on 95 through construction zone starting to see morning jam as you roll from academy through cottman avenue. all this week penndot will work on and off ramps princeton and n cottman avenue. into the early morning hours downtown we fw two.
6:34 am
coming back. one in limb become and another in the chester fifth and more on it. as i mentioned the 3 we show youed that i late this and watch for the construction. >> the work is m canning our way to media. sue 'favorite park the rose street park over 252 and route 1 in media back to county. >> 6:44 monday president-elect donald trump selected two key advisors and they should be considered equal advisors. and chief of staff and campaign ceo steve ban on named chief strategist and senior counselo counselor. >> new jersey governor chris christie is out of trump's circle now at least for a whil while. he was placed replaced and by
6:35 am
mike pence after related convictions relate today bridgegate that. what's they're saying. >> i find it interesting though pennsylvania is head of transition team since he will be vice-president doesn't he have a lot of things on plate. >> you would think. >> but he doesn't get. >> he has 68, 69 days to hire 4,000 people it takes half a year to get everybody in place. >> donald trump mentioned last night in interview with sixty minutes all his kids would be involved that's a lot of people you have to hire and put together. >> all the kids they promised would not be member of the public well. one issue he is not going take one gay marriage. ears reason if they've gone to the stream court and settled. i'm trying with that. >> trump is trying to ease mind ever americans who did not support him in the election. >> he says don't be afraid of
6:36 am
his presidency. he's talking to protesters. >> i would tell them don't be afraid, absolutely. >> that's not what you're saying i said. >> no, no, i think i'm saying it i've been saying it. >> okay. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. but certainly don't be afraid. we had election and -- >> protest continue. >> that's upped question the next we know for sure is plague is wednesday and these have been popping up with weeds in a couple hour. the questions for police rs how much longer do you allow evening rush hour fight aft night to be interrupted. surprised night maybe not a big deal. but you can know that wednesda wednesday, thursday, friday big headaches for everybody doing business downtown and get home to familylies and dinner and pick up kids another games or going to see plays or their
6:37 am
games and philly people are limited to no free flow traffic and i saw 195 arrests in los angeles for signs ever protest we had in philadelphia with zero rest over three nights. each philadelphia naacp president told us yesterday morning that pro test rz should stop and accept the democratic process adds did mayor new york foxier mayor guiliani yesterday. >> people have the light to protest. i hope this i hope it doesn't escalate it doesn't oom lime the world is he help and if we're here tearing each other person apart it deserve perform interest it of maeng or world. >> if people saw that
6:38 am
happening after hillary clinton election there would be a lot more anger in the media of the fact they're protesting legitimately decided election. i think they're exaggerating fears of donald trump president densey because they come off campaign where they're done add rump not one. >> eveniany would hand it will differently than in new york. wow not be allowed in the treats to protest. you have to sign well-beings not the streets. and rodney mohammed told us yesterday many protesters were the same that did not show up and vote and 40,000 lets less votes me this presidential election and that the last one. he said hey 40,000 more could have given hillary clinton pennsylvania. the other question we have is on jennie yoysful protester and keeping your treats with they.
6:39 am
>> a lot of questions were the police xhiinger when he comes >> a lot of questions were the police xhiinger when he comes in today. >> good point. >> a fire and tire shop in kensington is now under control. probably stink to high heaven. around 3:00 this morning crews wanted to call out to the joels tire shop on 2700 block of frankford. it's near he lie. no one was hurt. investigators still looking into, of course being why it started. that's what they do after fire fires. >> and back to that story steve keely was mentioning at the end of the report there was another flash mob incident in center city and a lot of people were attacked. >> it seems similar to the. >> one that mapped near temple campus. >> yes, after the people pl game. >> is he. >> we 16 and walnut calm
6:40 am
morning this tem. >> two teens were arrested in connection with the mob. many more took off before police could catch them it was primetime in center city 6:00 saturday night it when police say a group of teens ghana assaulting passers by on the streets and off duty philadelphia police detective tried to stop the assault and then the teens turned on him fracturing his eye socket. the detectives wife apparently tried to intervene by throwing water on the teen and they punches her in the face too. shop keepers tell fox 9 bruised and bloody pred pedestrians ran for cover in aggressive stores as a job comes through. definitely changes how i go about walking a around at nigh night. >> i felt really. >> i think we need to activate
6:41 am
our ruming youth. they have energy we knees and it -- >> witnesses say the mob aassault lasted ten minute mostly injuries and investigators and there are sufficient surveillance cameras and to word whether or not it was pulled. detectives are helpful it can reveal leads catch the rest of the teens involved in the accident aunt. >> security cameras up and down 15 to 16. on 16 street some of it spilled over. >> hopefully -- >> whatever happened to the one at temple? have they found more people or aest rested more? >> we have one feeling high and you know the falcons were are not slowing much. they may be sore but not story.
6:42 am
you know what i mean. which station is he with. you know what i mean. which station is he with. hold on a second
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>> coming up on 6:45 word from septa problems on the ken wood line and all services suspended at the moment on the ken wood line because of am track switch problems and also starting to see some popup minor delays on
6:45 am
some regional rails. again early morning hours we do throughout on the grass the same situation that happens on rails especially on tree line paoli tree line whenever the leaves come down over the weekend hevz behind residue on the rails. and gang in limerick trap road country club drive accident and hello 422 westbound and right near 29 and also deer are out there in full force again this morning and be careful of that coming in from nming until north on freeway starting to see volume pop as you head to 295. and black tarp here covering construction sign during the day and then flip it up at night. good morning to south jersey 2 295 look going as you roll through construction zone. north east philadelphia right in front of four seasons designer there accident at cottman and boulevard. right by the roosevelt mall. south on 95 you have delay from academy in through girard avenue.
6:46 am
south philly coming your way this week they'll be working broad and pattison 9:00. midday heading in or out of navy business sent they're and keep that in mind. forecast looking good for toda today. for a limited time savings. better to buy hyundai than now. for a limited time savings. better to buy hyundai than now. 109 a month and sonata a1 19 a after a clear sky overnight and super moon we have sunshine to start the day. high pressure in control. we're ach watching this storm system to the south. right off the carolina coast and then coming north ward and probably rain for tomorrow morning and for today, fine, we see maybe tonight down in southern delaware at the shore and maybe a few showers in overnight hours we start to spread in a little further and if you are in the moun taps you may not see much from the system it depend hugging coast here and in the morning rush hour.
6:47 am
that we expect the rain to happen. tomorrow and then by 3 or 4:00 it's out of here. and then sunset pretty quickly after that. so that's the situation for much needed rain. and we really have not gotten much lately and in the 7 day forecast we don't have much except for tomorrow. and the possibility of some rain. late in the day on saturday. and otherwise, pretty decent weather with a whole lot of sunshine. mike and alex. >> i see a little thing with the philadelphia papers today as far as the eagles are concerned. there's a lot of like flying through the air and eagles flying high. and look at ryan there, flying.
6:48 am
darren sproles is feet fewer back. and who is the first running back on the field. ryan mathews. >> and who got us the first touchdown. >> ryan matthews. >> he was great yesterday. offensive line was great. it was nice to see. >> let's talk about the two points. they went for two when they needed to. it was 15-13 that would put them up -- >> it was they were up -- no -- it was with the two, it allowed them to kick the field goal later on 48 yard field goal. if they don't go for two they kicking that field goal puts
6:49 am
them up by nine into thea. >> is that the sturgis can kick can't he? man. >> yeah. >> and missed extra nroynts falcons. >> whoever it was to have sturgis kick a field goal to the previous two weeks where they didn't maybe it was doug or somebody telling doug go kick the field goal. remember originally they were going to go for it 4th down and called timeout and had ghoym out and get the sgloynts if he doesn't hit that falcons have fantastic field position. >> he's one of the better kickers in the league right no now. missed a couple earlier in the game have confidence in him he had a good season. >> he almost got that 55 yar yarder. >> early in the season he had a couple of 55s like in dallas. let the kid kick. he made it. >> i didn't go to the game. friend of mine that went the fans were about as incensed as
6:50 am
they've ever been with two bad calls. >> first darren sproles basically got mauled that right there should have been pass interference and then one where jordan matthews was most he greejious that safety kneeled said he lowered shoulderer that was not shoulder that was head helmet to helmet should have been personal foul matthews face mask was dented in and he had a bloody lip you could see it on television and explanation to doug pederson said they thought he lowered shoulder and twhaen about defenseless receive are i could have called that. no it's appalling it what was not called. >> the network had a nice shot of his lip. >> and the fact he had to replace the face mask he was upset, too. we saw doug pederson screaming
6:51 am
on the sidelines. even after not yet not going to show the bloody lip. >> i give matthews credit afterwards. he'll get find. he called out the ref he res after the game saying the referees didn't see the game it seemed like they wanted to go to chickyes rather than be at chickyes. >> chickie's and pete's got a plug out of this. >> can we keep playing it i -- >> he eventually takes the helmet off. >> that's what you really see it. >> you know, matt ryan we like him because he's in the area. >> right. >> great, 76 yarder he had. >> yes. >> liotus mcel vin got beat and then he had profanity laced explanation of that. >> did he take nolan carroll's sglot liotus is injured now dealing with a hamstring injury write all season. >> he had a pick at the end.
6:52 am
>> finally after dropping so many so far in the previous games and then you know know land carroll got a concussion and liotus was kept back because of hamstring. >> he's limping. >> on one leg basically came in and entered up getting interception later because carroll got a concussion. >> what about julio jones we were worried about him best connection in the league and drop drop. >> those shot were helpful thank you to julio eagles should send him early thanksgiving cards for that because that was huge. >> maybe it was the stadium, drops. >> the eagles play much better aat home than on road. >> it's not so much they're plague bad on the road. they can got finish it out. >> doug pederson said he was better yesterday better with the play calling especially near goal line and doug pederson is making better
6:53 am
decisions at home. and defense is tackling. why do they play so much better at home. >> why don't you think about that in the green room and come back and talk to us. >> i'll have a answer. >> we win ball-out and we lose close ones. >> we won a close one yesterday. >> and mcdonald's has a sweet hamburger in would you ever eat a sweet hamburger? >> sweet, you want savery, this is sweet hamburger, what they're putting on it, it's not is sweet hamburger, what they're putting on it, it's not peppermint sticks or anything.
6:54 am
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>> mcdonald's is unveiling a burger that can sea your sweet tooth. >> it's a bugger filled with nutella it squirts out nuxt tella called the sweetie con nut aland it's just what it sounds like. two buns filled with everyone's favorite chocolate spread, not me. but here's the bad news only available mcdonald's restaurants in italy. why am i tell you this? just to drive you nuts. you could certainly make one for yourself. could make that. >> that's true you could. get bread and nutella. >> or just go to mcdonald's and get it and -- you can order
6:57 am
how you want it. >> just bun. >> just get buns, hundred. >> if it ain't got buns hundred♪ and then you spread chocolate all over the buns. >> i see. >> nutella. >> sir mix a lot. >> that's been around 5 years. >> if i'm a one hit wonder i want to be sir mix a lot. >> my anaconda don't want buns unless you got buns hundred sglotfy went and got one and brought it back wow eat it. >> yes. >> why i don't like it? every as soon as i heart thad a large rat -- it's called a word similar nutria is a gigantic
6:58 am
rat. >> in russian. >> i need to fact check you. you heard it means a rat and now you won'tp eat it. >> i hear nutella it reminds me ever a giant rodent. is it nutria. >> yes. >> everybody is saying yes. >> it's true. >> and okay we will take a break. >> in what language. >> i'll say it all started with the greeks. >> yes, river rats. >> river rat with your burger. >> everyone is wondering what a trump white house could look like. coming up, what we're learning about his newly announced coming up, what we're learning about his newly announced advisors.
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