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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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wrestled with this, we'll go with a seven. we still got an umbrella for bus stop for the ride to and from school this morning, temperatures in the 40's and 50's. you can a few scattered showers around, spotty, kind of hit or miss. but looks like new jersey getting most of what we're seeing this morning being that it's a coastal storm. 50 degrees in philadelphia right now. the six miles an hour breeze and sunrise at 6:46, other temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's throughout the region. which is, as much as 15 degrees or 18 degrees or in the case of millville, 21 degrees milder than it was yesterday. few showers around this morning, sun should return by lunchtime or shortly thereafter and we end up with a dry afternoon and a high temperature of 60. good morning, it is 5:00 straight up on tuesday. live look at the ben franklin bridge coming in from south jersey. we can see the skyline, the
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roads were dry to the left for now. going to have rain coming our way, as sue just mentioned, first one out of the house gets the best umbrella and we're good to go on the vine expressway, the schuylkill expressway. the lights are on at 30th street getting ready for the first train to pull out of amtrak and septa's railyard, no problems into or out of the city at least moment. we do have a problem in the burbs, water main break, route 29 at lancaster avenue. right there you have the gas station the holiday inexpress, the wegman's target, one lane between 30 on to trying to get to 202 and the turnpike. busy intersection of 29 and 30. crews are working on the ramps on cottman avenue.
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broad and pattison will be working today. market frankford and the broad street subway started to roll. overall, mass transit running without delays. a woman has been rushed to the hop after an attack >> lauren johnson on the scene, police trying to figure out what happened here. >> reporter: they're having a tough time now that the rain started to fall here because their investigation is pretty much outside this home here on monroe street. we don't have main details but we do know it's a serious assault. this is the location where the assault took place it was some time after midnight when police received a call about a woman being brutally attacked. we understand the victim was bleeding badly, maybe from her head when medics arrived here on the scene. the woman's injuries so severe, she was air lifted to a level two trauma center in trenton, new jersey, and that decision may, could have helped save her life.
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since those hospitals have 24 hour staff. investigators are unsure if it happened inside or outside the home in that alleyway where they have focused much of their attention, we're working to get you more details. we do know from a neighbor who says that woman was in her 30's and he could not provide anymore information. that, of course, as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. karen and thomas >> thank you. right now, police from virginia think a father there has abducted his own child and she's just tour years old. >> they may be heading to new jersey right now. so here's a look at the little girl. steve keeley is at state police in bellmawr, new jersey, with the details. good morning, steve. >> we're all here because this is a central spot for new jersey state police and for our viewers as well. but legally, it's known as a noncan you say towed yell parents.
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we see amber alerts when dad's who don't have legal custody take them and vanish in the vehicle. dad from 24 years old from charlotte virginia, six and a half hours drive south of here, dillon richardson with anna bell seen in a burgundy van, v m g 2332. not 21-year-old wine color advance with virginia plates driving around new jersey. the reason we're reporting this. the second amber alert tweet at 8:00 p.m. that's where virginia police wrote, they may be headed to new jersey. they didn't say where or why. for instance, does he have family here. probe two reasons, they do want new jersey drivers to be on the look-out for this burgundy van but also likely in contact with the whatever family home address they think this guy may be
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headed to. they want police but they don't want a bit of idiot news trucks in the streets spooking the guy off or bothering the family at this hour who's likely cooperating with police. the time is 5:05. >> a man was shot and found in the streets shot in the head around 10:30 last night. according to detectives, to the left 22 shots were fired. so far, no arrests have been made. also right now, police are investigating a stabbing of a teenager. happened in the kingsessing neighborhood. investigators say the 16-year-old boy was stabbed three times in the arm. it happened overnight. there's the scene. you can as the 1400 block of v o de street. >> big changes come coming to the warehouse, we see protests and rallies
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>> jim kenney is speak out now vowing to protect everyone's safety in the wake of recent incidents fueled by hate throughout the country. last week, swastikas were spray painted on a store front in south philadelphia. african-americans students at the university of pennsylvania received racist threats through an anonymous messaging ap and the flash mob attack over the weekend injured several innocent bystanders, mayor kenney denounced the acts. >> someone by any type of slur defacing a building or participating in a flash mob does nothing to the values of adversity >> people in the city are concerned political rhetoric is turning no a threat another incident at directly, there's professor and she says he found her car keyed with a sexist message. we edited the words. the professor says she's a big
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hillary clinton supporter and had signs all over her house. >> in my conversation with the president-elect, he expressed a great interest in maintaining our four strategic relationships. those are the kinds of things that can set up a tone that will help move things forward >> the president just arrived in athens greece on his first stop. he spoke to world leaders in an effort to cans them the man he said was not fit to be a successor may not be so bad. president obama said he believed president-elect trump will do his best to unite the nation but warned trump he must curb his attendance to make controversial comments >> there will be certain
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elements of his temperament that won't serve him well unless he recognizes and corrects them. because when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, it has less impact than it does when you're president of the united states. it's been a week but donald trump wasting no time shaping his cabinet. ahead of being sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on january 20th. there's senior official on his transition team that tells us rudy giuliani is in running for secretary of state position. giuliani is on all the sunday tv shows as the surrogate for the trump campaign. there are two other names being floated around, john bolten the former u.s. ambassador to the unand senator jeff sessions of alabama. and trump team is denying a report he would like to have his children have secret clearances.
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he actually asked the white house about get to go top secret clearance for his kids. there are rules in place to keep him from employing his own children in the white house, but no rules preventing him from getting top secret clearance for that. coming up in the next couple moments. take a look at this billboard. do you see anything wrong with it? it's a big billboard. there are people who live right near there who were not happy about it and they want it moved because there's something nearby that has them upset. flyers great eric lindros inducted into the hall of fame. the proud moment why are people burning their sneakers? we've been seeing this all over facebook, new developments. we will break it all down when we come back.
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. there's rain around and even though we do need the rain we're not going to get that much. the system we're watching is kind of brushing by the coast. so mostly in new jersey, other places getting rain as well. that's where the steadier rain is falling. high pressure will build in after that i think it's going to be half a day of rain, combine just to the morning, we see rain a little bit north and west of the city. as we zoom in, philadelphia, we're dry right now, but mt. holly where lauren johnson is this morning, rain falling there. down along the jersey shore, ocean city, were he see light rain in atlantic city right now.
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then we go down to delaware and parts of ken and as you say sex county. have the rain gear with you. you don't have to bundle up like you did yesterday. 50 in philadelphia right now. 44 in the mountains. 52 down in cape may. a mild morning in woodbine with 51, beach haven end have 51. we have atlantic city at 50. medford lakes at 47. 44 pottstown and 44 in allentown as well. yesterday's high was 60 degrees. so was the day before. i think today will be there as well. the trifecta. 62 tomorrow, nice stretch of weather again we could use the rain, but it doesn't lock like that's going to happen again until sunday. and boy what a chilly change that will usher in. 45 degrees only on sunday for high temperatures, your ready for a chilly change. aren't you, bob >> if i could have just have that wind blow to the left so all the leaves go to my
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neighbor's yard. good morning, everybody, we're open for business, put the light on, the vine expressway good to go, ready that overnight construction picked up and gone. we're ready, good to go. all this week, 10:00 at night. till about 5:00 the following morning, the vine expressway will be closed, part of that construction, so be ready for the detour if your maybe going to an event, heading home from the floors game later on between. looking live northeast philadelphia. woodhaven road, no problems at all. between the boulevard and route 13 for the gang watching he is just outside of ocean city new jersey, route 50 and 49, watch for an accident during the early morning hours until we get sunlight. it's kind of tough to see some of the lane markers. we got the deer out there and rain on the way. mother nature throwing us a couple of curve balls here this morning, no problems on the schuylkill. look out for the construction zone especially when we start to see the rain, i headed north 95. what a hot mess this is leaving center city all the way up
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through girard, the lane shifts, the drainage grates are all over and all the rain will be driving into the -- you're going to be driving through the actual rain because those drainage grates are located right there in the travel zones and speaking of rain and water, we got a water main break out here in malvern along route 30, had is lancaster avenue right at route 29 where the big wegman's and target set up there. only one lane open, give yourself extra time through right now and most likely we'll see slowdown on the regional rails, it's just natural with mother nature joining us for the rush hour this morning. thomas and karen back to you. students of towson designed on the campus and younger students say they're worried about a trump presidency legitimate micing bullying. officials say most students
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returned to class others stayed out. >> this was a scene from los angeles. several big city mayors across this country are acting to insure their city's embraced immigrants. trump supporters believe the mayors are creating policy not based on law. a bit of a shift. president-elect trump says he will only focus on deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal records >> he's speaking out about a phone call he had with vladamir puten. >> reportedly putin wants to establish a partner like dialogue with the trump administration, one of trump opponented advisories is coming to thes defense of the other. some democratic leaders have expressed fear after far right ring conservative steve ban based on. reince priebus who will be the new chief of staff say there's nothing to be worried about >> i haven't seen any of these
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things people are crying about the. look, it's a good team. works and i think if people saw the last few months on the campaign, it worked very well. >> some democratic leaders say they feel bannon is simply too extreme. we've been telling you about new balance. new balance has been declared the official shoes of white people. according to a white spremist website. veep praised republican presidential elected detroit telling the wall street journal trump election was a move in the right direct, now they have to defend themselves because he saw them burning their sneakers in protests. they're saying it's unfair saying it supports trump trade policy, it does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form. at a 110-year-old company with
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five factories in the u.s. and thousands world wide from all races genders and orientations, new balance is a values driven organization culture that believes in humanitarian integrity community and mutual respect for people around the world. a lot more on that one, 5:18, supreme court court justice ruth baseder ginsburg. >> she apologized when publicly noun her support for hillary clinton over donald trump. despite the outcome, she accept the president-elect duty to fill the supreme court nine month old vacate following the passing of an tin nine scalia. she told the audience why the court hasn't had a lot of petitions >> there is an existing vacancy, and president trump will fill it. then perhaps congress will do
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some work. one of the reasons where it perhaps hasn't had as many petitions is that there hasn't been any legislative activity. >> she ads eight is not a good number for a collegiate. and you need a tie breaker. a rider in the crash in wince unknowning. police say the dirt bike hit a cop car. medics took the dirt bike rider to frankford torresdale. we know the crash hurt one officer. police say the injuries are minor. we're going to stay on top of that. 5:19. after two years of development. the cherry hill police department launched its body camera program. new cameras.
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they were paid boy state and federal money, including $84,000 in a federal grant. if you've driven in i95 in chester, one billboard may have grabbed your attention, it's a bold advertise meant for a gun range >> some people incredibly upset. they're mainly concerned about its location. dave schratweiser explains. >> reporter: kids will be afraid of that. it's the kind of advertising that's meant to catch your attention. an impasing pictures of a woman aiming a rather large rifle on a billboard in chester. it has some up in arms >> it shouldn't be in a school zone. >> reporter: robert miller stares at the giant billboard every day from his post as a crossing guard around the corner from his charter school in a city where violence and murders have been a problem, he thinks the billboard belongs somewhere else >> there's so many with guns
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down here, and you know, shootings and stuff like that. straw purchases. stuff like that. >> reporter: you don't like the message >> no >> you don't want a child to look at it. >> reporter: she says she was troubled when she looked up at the billboard after it was erected. she had the same thoughts miller did. >> trying to make the kids stay in school, not think about violence. we don't want do that. it's disrespectful. >> the billboard is visible from the southbound lanes of 95. it's agented driving business to the new target shooting solution gun shop and range nearly 30 minutes away in avondale. the general manager says the new range takes the community's concerns about the billboard seriously. he pointed out the facility emphasizes gun safety and training. he said tss did not know there was a school nearby when they purchased the billboard space. >> i think they should take it down >> it shouldn't be in the school
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zone. it should be someplace else. >> reporter: dave schratweiser fox 29 news. time is 5:22. here's another story involving kids. thieves, swiped thousands of dollars of equipment from a football team before they were supposed to play for a national title >> the team is learning a lesson off the field and certainly not going to let this get them down. anthony meadows coaches the ten and under sharks football team. last friday he arrived at the team's filled to find thieves had broken into a storage trailer. they made off with $2,000 worth of fold equipment. meadows says his team is borrowing gear and hopes to raise money to buy new category. he's using this experience as life lesson for his players. >> we've been through tough time before. we're going to go through them again. it's just one of the unfortunate life scenarios we have to teep our kids to be able to deal with adversity and push on. >> what's up next? the ten and under team, the meadows and sharks eight and
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under squad play this weekend for the shot at the nationals in florida. we wish them luck. 5:23. this little girl, has an inoperable form of brain cancer. we'll have an update on her health plus a once in a lifetime trip this 7-year-old is about to take. >> first your winning lots toe numbers. good luck. we'll be right back.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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. we learned a former u.s. senator is going to be overseeing new jersey take over of atlantic city. department of community affairs noun the appointment of jennifer jeez last night. he was also attorney general. his appointment comes nearly a week after the state took control of atlantic city's assets. today is the first day that people can set traps for certain animals in new jersey >> this after animal rights activities and state regulators continue to battle over policy. traps can be set for animal like coyotes, foxes and skunk. they're fighting over policy that allows the use of enclosed traps, state court recently ruled that the traps aren't cruel or inhumane. the season runs until march 15th. 5:26. coming up at 5:30, there's a search on right now, a manhunt
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for a man accused of taking his own daughter. we're also going to give you the details of the car, they're asking everybody to look for right now. dozens of shots fired in north philadelphia. now a man is dead. what we know so far about this investigation as detectives are looking for the gunman. coming a little bit later, it's terrible symbols, mean hate while how do you take that with a simple piece of chalk and turn that into something shedding light in it's mom power, we'll explain. flush flurn
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say more with kisses deluxe. the search is on for a man accused of abducting his own four-year-old damply what that father post on facebook just a couple days ago. a woman violently attacked. rushed to the hospital. what we're learning coming in a live report. where president obama is landing right now, and who is being called president-elect trump's top pick for secretary of state. good day everybody it is a tuesday, november 15th. it was a week ago that we had the election? how much has happened. good morning to you >> good morning to you, sue serio is joining us. the rain is moving in. >> we have bus stop buddy to remind us to bring the rain
5:31 am
gear, you should only need it this morning but there should be times especially if you're in new jersey. that's where the heaviest rain is falling now, 40s and 50's are the temperatures. there you see the coastal storm throwing back the moisture again, most of the heavy steadier rain. here we are with dry conditions for the most part in philadelphia, 51 degrees, see what i meant about mild >> northerly winds at seven miles an hour, sunrise at 7:46, 44 degrees in mount pocono and allentown, 42 in reading. lancaster has 40, 49 in wilmington, 51 degrees in wildwood to start your day. milder temperatures for sure, 14, 15, 18, 21 degrees, milder than it was yesterday. high around 60. mostly cloudy skies at least in the early part of the day and early rain as well. when we probably will see sunshine emerge later on this afternoon.
5:32 am
you know the afternoon is not that long, bob kelly. sun sets at 4:45. good morning, 5:31 on a tuesday. come on, get ready. nap over kick off those covers and let's get moving. roads are dry, hit's miss, wet, dry, this morning, pennsylvania side dry as we just heard from sue and saw from lauren, we're starting to see the rain move in on the jersey side. quickly, the road conditions are going to change and that's going to change it up for our morning rush hour. here's a look at 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike. no problems coming down 95. as the rain inches towards the construction zone, be ready for the drainage grates located in the actual travel lans. they shuffled the lanes around. it's tough to see the lane markers as well when we're getting rain and also a water main break in malvern along route 30 right at route 29 where you got the wegman's and target. ready for delays especially if you're heading up to paoli
5:33 am
hospital. that's the next traffic as you role up and down route 30. with the folks down the shore. you're seeing the rain. morning act at route 50 and 49, all the bridges looking fine, mass transit is the moment. running with no delays, thomas and karen back over to you. >> thank you, it is 5:33 and we have breaking news that comes from mt. holly where we know a woman is fighting for her life after an attack >> police are trying to piece all of this together, let's get out to lauren johnson on the scene for us. lauren? >> reporter: good morning, thomas and karen, we just heard from police here we don't get another update until the prosecutor's office releases a statement later this morning, but the crime scene tape is still up. investigators have been walking around monroe street and a lot of neighbors are waking up to bright lights here. many wornerring what happened while they were sleeping. seems like police were focusing their attention on an alleyway next to a house, it's unclear if the female victim was attacked there or discovered there after running out of the home in
5:34 am
question, police received a call some time after midnight about a woman violently attacked. details not yet clear. what we do know is the woman was bleeding so badly, medics made a decision to have her air lifted to a trauma center in trenton, new jersey. those hospitals have 24-hour staff on duty. dedicated to the most severe patients and injuries. and many times they can increase survival rates. police have been here about five and a half hours, they will continue to stay on scene until they gather enough evidence and the case one neighbor tells me, if it's the woman he thinks that lives inside that home, the victim was in her mid 30's. karen and thomas >> lauren, thank you. time 5:34. a father says he did nothing wrong, he did not kidnap his own daughter. police are looking for him >> the local angle on they think he may be going to new jersey. there's some of what he wrote on his facebook page. steve keeley, right now, live on what he said there, and who they are looking for.
5:35 am
steve? >> look, with amber letters, we see a lot of criticism by why they didn't put it out sooner, this father, abducted his daughter last wednesday at 5:00 p.m. no amber alert until almost six full days later. it came out at 6:00 last night. it's not known why it didn't come out before. this actually occurred at the charlotte county virginia courthouse at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. four days before the amber alert. legally it's known as a n noncustodial parents. here are the pictures of the two, dillon richard son, 24 years old, anna bell four years
5:36 am
old, last seen in dad's burgundy van with virginia plates, 21 years old, 1995, the license plate vmg 2322. would know why they think he may be in new jersey. only in the second amber alert tweet last night. first one at 6:00. second one a little more details al with these two pictures that they quote, may be headed to new jersey. they didn't say south jersey, north jersey, whatever. that's why we're putting out the news to you folks watching who may see this van during your morning commute today with the little girl in there. hopefully both of them are ok. and so the father was on facebook lastly on sunday and he wrote, how can you kidnap your own daughter? i'm doing what's best for my daughter's interest. hopefully this ends safely but the state police here in new jersey along with all local departments and a lot of our viewers now on the look-out for this virginia, plated burgundy van with a 24-year-old dad and his four-year-old daughter in
5:37 am
it. you see a van in your travels this morning, give the cops a call. i don't think they will mind you using your phone, which is against the law here in new jersey if you call them and spot this van. karen and thomas >> hopefully someone will see something. a lot of details involved in this one, steve, thank you. another developing story, a man is dead after a shooting in north philadelphia. here's the scene on ridge avenue and cambridge. a 35-year-old man was found in the street shot in the head around 10:30 last night. according to detectives, to the left 22 shots were fired. so far, no arrests have been made. happening right now, police are investigating a stabbing of a teenager in the city's kingsessing neighborhood. investigators say a 16-year-old boy was stabbed three times in the arm overnight. along the 1400 block. he's in stable condition at chop. so far no arrests in this case either. big changes coming to the white house, tensions here at
5:38 am
home and across the nation have certainly been high >> our leaders trying to bring people together and sensible our mayor in philadelphia jim kenney speaking out vowing everyone is going to be safe as we head into the holidays for shopping, he wants everyone to feel good about themselves in the wake of hate we've seen in our city. so we had these incidents. there were swastikas painted on a store front in south philly. we know that students at penn received very racist threats through some anonymous messaging ap and then there was a flash mob attack over the weekend that injured several innocent bystanders including an off-duty police officer. the mayor says these acts are a challenge but we are going to come together and keep our city sale. time now 5:38. happening, president obama has arrived in greece on his first stop on a foreign store at president. air force one touching down earlier in athens, on his first day in greece, the president will meet with the country's president and prime minister.
5:39 am
president obama is working to reassure foreign leaders the u.s. won't abandon its partnership. despite donald trump's tough campaign rhetoric. according to officials former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is in the running to become secretary of state. he was loyal surrogate on the trump campaign. also names being floated for this position, john bolten a former u.s. ambassador and senator jeff sessions of alabama. 5:39. do you remember eric lindros? he was so great. he was just inducted into the hall of fame. big headlines what he did with this whole conversation about concussions. we'll be right back.
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sports in one minute. i'm sean bell. the sixers got their first win a couple games ago but still the worst record in the league and strugglings continue big time. james harden dropped 50 against it's sixers, thought he was about to do it again. stepped back. fast break, harden scored 23 points in the first finish, the sixers lost 115-88. the college hoops, villanova in a tight win with 15th ranked purdue. three seconds left, purdue going for the tie. air balls it right there. they get one last shot. but it hits the side of the back
5:43 am
board, nova survives 79-76. nice early season top 25 win for the wildcats. last night, the n h l inducted eric lindros in the hall of fame. six all star appearances with the flyers, seven total. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
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5:45 am
good morning, everybody, did you or a brand new car expecting delivery today? let's hope your car is not on
5:46 am
the car carrier fully engulfed on new jersey turnpike. just talked to officials southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike, a truck fire. fully engulfed right in the area of route 73, mt. laurel, new jersey, that's exit 4. it's one of those tractor-trailers that are carrying cars fulling loaded. whenever this happened, you've seen it quite often. each one of those vehicles has just enough gas in the tank in order to give it a little bit to keep that fire going, not to mention the gasoline in the actual truck itself. so all lanes south on the new jersey turnpike are blocked right now in the area of exit number 4 and here you go. here's a live look. look at this knuckle head trying to go around the officer here. this is route 73. the ramp to the new jersey turnpike. so all traffic they're telling me is blocked on route 73. so your best bet instead of heading south on the turnpike,
5:47 am
head south on i 295. you also see the other game changer is that the roads are wet in south jersey. that's going to cause a problem through the rush hour. looks like they're going to continue because this is the main entrance and from here, you can go north or south. so off of route 73, your only able to go north on the turnpike. not south down toward south jersey. again, i would head for 295 if i were you. by the way, skyfox is taking off at the moment. we'll take you there live the minute they arrive. the vine street expressway b bumper to bumper. dry here in center city but the rain is on the way and that will be a game changer for the morning rush hour. no problems on 476, there's a water main break on route 29 in lancaster in malvern by the wegman's and target, that's
5:48 am
going to cause delays for the morning rush hour. rain on the way. when will it hit you and how long will it stay? suby got the answer in 15 seconds. . we have the coastal low we talked about it yesterday it would be coming northward and brushing by the coast and that's exactly what's happening. it's close enough that as you saw with lauren johnson, raining stetly in parts of new jersey where she is in mt. holly in particular. so here's a look at live radar. you see the rain spreading into new jersey. shouldn't be long before we start experiencing some until if you're not already. have that rain gear with you. you can see the darker green in parts of burlington county where the rain is steadier. it's a little lighter around the coast in atlantic city. go down to delaware and we see
5:49 am
along the bay there, milford and little bit of dover getting light rain, next could be you. keep that rain gear handy. 51 in philadelphia. 40 in lancaster. 44 in allentown. but with these temperatures, at least it's only going to be rain, 40 degrees that hazelton, 48 in west chester. in new jersey, we're seeing more rain, millville, 48, 47 in medford lakes and in lewes delaware, 49. seven-day forecast high of 60 today, we remain in the 60's through the end of the week even the first part of the weekend and as karen reminded me, we got the philadelphia marathon on sunday. half marathon looks fine on saturday but karen that one on sunday could be a challenge with the rain and cold temperatures as well. >> sometimes runners like that. thanks, sue >> you decide which one you want to do, saturday or sunday. social media has been buzzing after news broke of legendry
5:50 am
gwen ifill. she passed away yesterday 61, from being one of the nation's most well-known african-american journalists. ifill was a trailblazer and we're broadcasting. she was the first woman of color to moderate a presidential debate. she will inspire us all. the white house weighing in saying she'll simply being missed >> a long battle of with cancer. >> 1,000 tourists along with hundreds of residents remain stranded in southern coastal towns >> one of our big war ships has been diverted. the roads and railroads has been destroyed making it difficult to get there and to her so many people. >> devastating and shocking. knocked me out of bed >> thanks started falling down. we tried to get to a doorway. i fell down.
5:51 am
it was just incredibly violent. >> that navy ship now arrived from our country and it is rescuing so many of those people who were stranded. they're still after shocks in that area, damaging buildings and rattling a lot of nerves there. there's cows got a lot of attention because they were stranded on that small island of grass following the powerful earthquake. they've been rescued. they're safe and sound. here's a big question, a lot of people as they pick up the papers, tuesday papers. were we snubbed? pope francis is going to be creating 17 new cardinals in rome on saturday, including some american. >> seems why filledians won't be amonged them. earplug bishop
5:52 am
charles chaput. indianapolis, joseph tobin will be in attendance. he's soon to be the archdiocese of newark's first cardinal. speaking of the pope. prayers come true for a little girl battling an inoperable form of cancer. she's in rome meet pope francis. she was running drills with her soccer team when her father noticed she didn't have the same control over the ball that she usually did. an mri on september 15th revealed she had a mass near her brain stem >> the community rallied around when they heard that news and her family more than 1,000 people turned out. look at that block party they had over the summer to raise money. we've learned she's coming along pretty well. her recovery is much faster than expected. we're going to keep you posted on that. >> certainly love to hear the
5:53 am
great news. coming up next on fox 29 morning news, changing symbols of hate into something beautiful. local moms have found a whole new way to fight anti-semitic graffiti. stay with us.
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welcome back, 5:55. patty la bell and receive the marian anderson award tonight. it's for artists whose work
5:56 am
contribute towered society and improved our world for the first time since 2008 more than one person being honor to do the awards are tonight at kimmel center. moms are turning tables on vandals who scrawled messages of hate on a playground. they transform them into love. the women say they immediately wanted to paint over the hateful symbols but decided to do something else. they rallied dozens of community members to use chalk to use their own creative designs >> you can transform a swastika easily into a simplified window and windows let light in. what we're trying to do is push back against this dark time things like this people are feeling >> the inspired the moms let the light in to get their message out on social media. making a change. coming up at 5:30 on good
5:57 am
day, the search is on for a man accused of abducting his own four-year-old daughter. what that father posted on facebook a couple. hours -- days ago. plus a violent attack in mt. holly. a what time is beaten and left bloody in an alley. what police are trying to figure out at this hour about this vicious crime. stay with us.
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from the fox 29 studios,
6:00 am
this is good day philadelphia. a child is in danger and police say she could be in our area. an amber alert issued in virginia has police in new jersey on high alert. what authorities are saying about the man accused of abducting his four-year-old daughter. is he headed north on 95? >> plus a violent attack in mt. holly. a woman is beaten and left bloody in an alley. what police are trying to figure out >> president-elect trump working quickly to fill his cabinet. the latest names, one of them you won't believe. eric lindros finally abducted into the nhl hall of fame. here what he has to about flyers fans. good day, it is tuesday, november 15th, 2016 week ago today, what were we doing >> voting. >> electing donald trump as the next


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