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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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thanks for joining us. police aren't sharing who they're looking for the familiar of the victim tells us they know who's behind this violent assault. let's get out to dave kinchen whose live outside of mt. holly police headquarters for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain and lucy police say they do indeed know who they're looking for. meantime the family tells us the victim tried to escape this relationship multiple times in the past. >> she didn't deserve that at all. >> reporter: this woman does not want her face shown but says her cousin she nay marshall was brutally stabbed by her ex-boyfriend multiple times last night. >> i'm still in shock. i mean i feel powerless. like i'm thinking like i should have done something. you know what i mean? but then what could i have done. >> reporter: burlington county investigators say police were called to the first block of monroe street just before midnight when they found the critically injured victim after a violent struggle. >> all we heard was a big bang. came up the steps.
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my cousin tried to fight him off with bat. he immediately started swinging a knife at her. >> i heard the screams. i heard everything and they're like help, help, help! >> it was like he was crazed right then and there. he was focused on just her, like he didn't say nothing. he didn't -- just went straight for her. and it was all upper body establishes. >> reporter: police say they have identified a possible suspect but have not yet released a name. no arrest has been made either. meanwhile neighbors say she nay marshall kicked her ex out of the house but he had been back multiple times in recent weeks. >> the cops are down there quite a bit. there's a lot of fighting and all down there. >> reporter: cousin says marshall has at least child with her former lover. she wants the suspect captured asap. >> if anybody else knows something about her ex-boyfriend and where he's at, please help find him. get him taken into custody. >> reporter: we did check in with authorities. the search is continuing for that suspect. we can tell you the victim
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remains at hospital in trenton in critical condition. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. we have breaking news right now. let's go to north philadelphia. skyfox over the scene. this is 2100 block of indiana avenue where police say somebody shot a 58-year-old man in the stomach and another man in the back. both are in critical condition at temple hospital. no arrests as of yet. more than a thousand students have to find a new school to go to after career academy shut its doors today. star career academy which has several campuses in the northeast including one in philly and another in egg harbor has closed. for profit college informed students and 225 full-time staff today that fm issues are the reason foreclosure. students got text messages and e-mails telling them not to come to class. for people who are paying to get a degree today's announcement is bad news. >> i'm very mad because i have four children to take care of and i thought this was a start to my career, and i have nothing
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to show for the last nine mont months. >> if you're a star academy student questions about what to do next on the status of your loan, head to our website fox 29.cot com. we've got information there to help you figure out your next step. tense moments in airport in oklahoma city after a fatal shooting. police say one man is dead shot near a parking garage at will rogers world airport. police say he was southwest airlines employee. the airport is closed this evening. airport officials have suspended all flights, of course, we had heard about a possible second victim but so far police have not found that person. your fox 29 weather authority now. depending on where you live you may have awakened to showers this morning. live look at allentown. mighty nice outside. the skies cleared, kathy. beautiful beautiful fall day. >> ended up being beautiful afternoon. temperatures rising through the 60s. >> wow! >> guess what, it's not going to stop there. >> good. >> we had few showers this morning and as we look at our
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ultimate doppler not much going on. we're just looking at some showers into new york city. that's where this area of low pressure, that coastal low is made its home and for us we're just seeing a clearing sky. so a really nice night on tap across the delaware valley. as we take a wider view you can see the showers through hartford and upstate new york. temperatures fairly pleasant out there. 45 in the poconos. 59 in the city. 50 in wrightstown. 52 in pottstown and 57 in dover. so if you like that, you are really going to like the upcoming forecast. tonight, skies will be partly cloudy with temperatures slowly falling through the 40s. so it will be a comfortable night. overnight lows sinking to around 40 degrees. some 30s in the suburbs. coming up we'll talk about temperatures going back to the 70s but just as quickly as they rise they will will be falling with a weekend chill. temperatures are going to crash by sunday and this time it could stick. we'll explain why plus preview of thanksgiving day which is little more than week away. i'll see you later in the
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broadcast for that. >> all right, thank you very much, kathy. a 24-year-old virginia man originally from south jersey and his glassboro mother are both facing charges to night after an amber alert abduction. police in gloucester county tell thus a family member was watching fox 29 news at 4:00 this morning. saw the report on dylan richardson and his four-year-old daughter annie bell that family member then asked richardson to please turn himself in and he walked into monroe twl township police headquarters zoop after with his little daughter who's not hurt. >> she's fine. i saw her myself a few minutes ago. so she's a happy little girl. >> what's her status? do you have to wait for human services yes. >> she's she's going to be turned over to familiar members in new jersey. and awaiting a decision from protective services whether she stays here or goes back to virginia. >> police also arrested richardson's mother jack lip mckenna for taking part in the abduction they both face extradition to virginia. the father does not have legal custody of his daughter and left
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virginia last week with her. and so the transition begins in all the talks about the power structure moving into place in d.c. house republican nominated congressman paul ryan as speaker again so he'll apparently maintain that leadership role. >> as for some other key positions to be nominated by the president-elect like secretary of state and attorney general, right now we just have nothing but rumors but a name many political pundants are throwing around rudy guiliani. former mayor of new york city. the republican who was informal trump adviser during the election said today he would be record to be america's top diplomat. former ambassador to the un john bowl ton said to be in the running for secretary of state. president-elect trump is considering conservative radio talk show host laura inn graham as particular press secretary. >> if i could be of help in this administration and the role makes sense for me, then i would, you know, i would definitely enter taken that and it would be a great privilege to be asked. >> mr. trump took to twitter today to praise the electoral college after he's publicly
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criticized that he called it quote genius. according to the associated press, of course he lost the popular vote by 800,000 votes. one of mr. trump's first appointments to inner circle continues to generate controversy. >> jewish organizations across the country and here in our area are weighing in on what the appointment signals about a trump administration. our bruce gordon spent the day gauging pins. joins us now studio. what do you have, bruce? >> reporter: exit polls suggest donald trump got just a carter quarter of the jewish vote in this country, and the new president-elect's choice of steve bannon as his right hand man is not likely to help mr. trump increase his popularity among that community. house speaker paul ryan wanted to talk about unity among washington republicans tuesday. instead he spent his time fending off questions about steve bannon. >> look, i would just simply say that the president is going to be judged on his results. this is a person who helped him within incredible victory incredible campaign. >> bannon the controversial former head of the all right
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news site bright bart was a key adviser to trauma. ville the president' ears and that has riled the jewish community. some of whom believe bannon is an anti semite the. >> first reaction my gut reaction was, truly sadness. >> reporter: nancy baron bear is regional director of the anti defamation league. >> when president-elect trump spoke to us after the election, he said we want you unity we want to bring everybody togeth together. and his first appointment right within the first week someone who is one of the more divisive figures on the political landscape. >> reporter: on tuesday the bright bart site was filled with articles pushing back against claims of anti semitism with headlines calling the allegations absolutely outrageous and absurd. a featured post was titled steven k. bannon friend of the jewish people defender of isra israel. morton klein national president of the zionness organization of america has questioned some of what appears in bright bart but
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insists bannon is no anti semite. >> there's no evidence. believe me if serious evidence i'd be attacking with all my heart and soul. i'm a serious jew. who caresly about israel and i won tolerate this. >> reporter: bannon's official role is chief white house strategist and senior counselor. but one influential jewish leader notes it's mr. trauma hoop will make final decisions come january. until then steve rosenberg will with hold judgment. >> when you get on the plane and if you don't like what the pilot looks like, you don't route for the plane to go down. right. you're on the plane you want the plane to succeed. >> reporter: bannon's critics note his appointment has been applauded by david duke former head of the kkk and other white national lift groups. trump did he nouned support from those groups and again he will be the man making the final decisions come january. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. one of the people allegedly involved in a series of racist posts targeting u penn students is no longer enrolled in
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college. that student attended the university of oklahoma and today the school's president said not any more. oklahoma university's president david bore ron released a statement saying in part "that we have zero tolerance at this university for those who would engage in racism". >> north philadelphia, a killer is on the loose right now police are looking for the person who gunned down a 37-year-old man late last night. police say the killer shot henry wood in the head again and again. nearly two dozen shots rang out. police say the violence erupted right around 10:30 last night on the 1700 block of cambridge street. right now, police do not have a motive haven't not made any arrests. coming up turning symbols of hate into something beautiful. >> we're trying to do is push back against dark time that i think people are feeling. >> how some local moms found new way to fight antisemitic graffiti. >> grieving widow wants to know what happened to her husband. a prison guard who died in the line of duty.
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>> i think they're just sweeping it away like it doesn't matter. and to me that's not acceptable. >> was david weaver a sitting target in a maximum security prison? fox 29 investigates ahead. the school district of philadelphia tossing around an idea that can lead to a change in summer vacation. that proposed change coming up. >> and new at 6:00 o'clock, free the six pack. the new law that will make it easier for you to grab brew in pennsylvania. ♪
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♪ camden man was the person killed in a shooting outside of a party in pennsauken over the weekend. police say 26-year-old jameel henry died after a fight broke out in the parking lot of woodbine catering on route 73. police haven't made any arrests yet and we don't know what that fight was all about. >> new tonight the national transportation safety board is sharing some of its preliminary findings in the investigation of that small plain crash in lindenwold, new jersey. the plane went down last month along linden avenue and ended up someone's backyard. the ntsb said the engine of the plane lot of power before it went down. the two men inside that plane survived their injuries. happening right now big changes could be around the bend for students at philadelphia public schools. district officials want the school year to start and end earlier. >> school reform commission meeting is now going on where the district is introducing those proposed changes. that's where we find dawn timmeney live outside the district headquarters. what's the latest, dawn?
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>> reporter: well, iain, the src is hearing that proposal right now and it is just a proposal at the moment. it wouldn't even go in effect for another two years. still there are no shortages of pins. >> it will really mess the summer up. it's a terrible idea i think. >> reporter: deidre williams takes her granddaughter cal toll school and pick her up every day. she does not like a philadelphia school district proposal to start the school year a week before labor day and end a week earlier. >> august is one of the hottest parts of the summer. and it's too hot in niece school. >> reporter: cal system third grader at the laura wheeler waring public schools and agreed with her grandma. >> i think it's a bad idea, because -- because people want to spend they summer having fun and having good activities. i not spend that time in school.
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>> reporter: spokesperson lee wax says the proposed calendar change wouldn't begin until the 218-2019 school year. he says administrators believe it will increase attendance and improve academics. >> it's very important that you have as many uninterrupted instructional days earlier in the school year. we certainly have found that, um, as you get further into june, there are issues there with vacation. >> some parents we talked to say they wouldn't be opposed to the change. >> a week before, a week after or -- it wouldn't matter to me and my family at all. >> i don't find a problem with it. i think it would be actually good. >> i don't think the kids would like it. >> reporter: right that mom i is. most of the students we talked to are giving the idea a big thumbs down. >> i probably be mad because cutting into our summertime. >> maybe if we started in august and ended in may it would be okay though. >> reporter: may may be a little bit of wishful thinking there. under the current proposal, the
5:17 pm
changes would take effect school would start on august 27th, 218 and end june 4th of 2019. now there is a 10-day parent community comment period and the school district is welcoming input they'll vote on this proposal in december. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, dawn. the philadelphia school district announced today that it's speeding up lead testing in the water. the district says it will have it all done by june of next year six months earlier than plan. coo of philly schools says the district is also adding more water fountains and sinks to encourage hydration and hand washing. >> tonight work on the controversial dakota access pipeline is delayed yet again. the army corps of engineers is pushing back the project. the pipeline developer wants a federal court to declare it's got the legal right to build under the missouri river. the army corps of engineers further delayed the project to allow more time to evaluate the issue. if completed, the $3.8 billion
5:18 pm
pipeline would run some 1200 miles through four states carrying up to 570,000 barrels of crude oil a day. native american groups and thousands of protesters oppose the pipeline. >> if this pipeline should burst it's going cause irreversible damage for millions of people along the missouri river. >> it's not clear what will happen with the pipeline when trump takes office he's already said he's bringing back the controversial keystone xl pipeline and dakota access pipeline does the same thing moves oil cheap and fast. developing to night president obama doesn't have a lot of time left in office but that is not stopping him from traveling overseas one last time as our president. his last foreign trip brought him to greece today where he spotlighted america's on-going support for nato. but as night fell in greece demonstrate the gathered in the streets of athens to protest his visit. thousands of people marched through the streets heading towards the u.s. embassy. more than 5,000 officers along with riot police have been
5:19 pm
deployed to try to keep the ca calm. no injuries reported as of yet. now, of course, nato itself came under fire from president-elect donald trump on the campaign trail. >> fox's kevin cork is traveling with the president. he has more from greece. >> reporter: president obama met with a military honor guard upon his arrival here in greece. it's one of the last times he'll be welcomed in such a way since he's on his last foreign trip as commander in chief. the president meeting with greek leaders and promising america's unwaiverring commitment to the nato alliance. >> across democratic and republican administrations there's a recognition that the nato alliance is absolutely vital in the trance atlantic relationship is the cornerstone of our mutual security as well as prosperity. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump looming large over his soon to be predecessor's travel. republican taking a tough stance on nato on the campaign trail saying other members do not contribute enough money. >> i like nato. i guarantee you when i get in
5:20 pm
they're going to pay. >> reporter: president obama says his successor told him that the us would remain committed to the alliance and nato secretary general has said he looks forward to work wig the president-elect. >> i'm certain that he will be a president of the united states which will leave all the commitments of the united states in the alliance because strong nato is important for europe but also important for the united states. >> reporter: this is not the president's final trip on his last visit overseas as commander in chief. next he'll make his way to germany before heading to a summit in peru. traveling witness president in athens, greece, kevin cork, fox news. coming up firefighters in georgia have fir hands full fighting wildfires. who lending crews a helping hand? >> a family from pennsylvania heard something really strange in the backyard. the big surprise the homeowner found when he went to take a look. shoes you don't have to lace up how about to hit the shelves.
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the status quo reigns supreme in pennsylvania. the most comprehensive animal protect bill in state history has just died in the state house. the house leadership refused to bring it up for a vote. wouldn't do it. house bill 869 blazed to trails and brought pennsylvania in line with most other states such as making it a first offense felony for torturing an animal. hit wide bipartisan support and governor wolf told us he was ready to sign it into law. the house leadership does say it plans to take up the bill early in the next session. all right. so imagine going outside your home and finding your backyard gone. >> kind of like that. that scary situation what happened to one family in schuylkill county, pennsylvania. tracy quick and her husband were home saturday night and ma honey township when they heard an odd noise coming from the backyard. well minutes later, they saw this colossal sink hole only up and swallow their backyard. >> it started cracking. like the whole house just
5:25 pm
sounded like it was -- it was horrible. >> it's devastating. it's absolutely devastating. it breaks my heart actually. >> family is staying with other family members while the department of environmental protection and emergency management determines if the house can be saved. a lot of folks were very worried about these cows stranded after an earthquake in new sole landover the weekend. we have good news tonight. they are now safe. needed some happy animal news in this newscast. rescued the two cows and calf today. he dug a track to help them off the small grass island. the cows were desperate for water but they're okay. >> you don't expect a cow to skip and dance while the land beneath you fell down the hill. >> the fault line ran beneath his farm which was relatively flat before the earthquake. >> during time we're talking a lot about unity we'll show i was
5:26 pm
place right here in our area that's making sure everyone has a chance. i love it. >> this school is doing something extraordinary. the special students it's serving. >> kathy? >> in weather we're talking about clearing skies and warmi g tepp hers in the wake of a departing storm. temperatures rising into the 70s but then a winter crash in temperatures coming up with the seven day when we come back.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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>> who can forget this viral video of young woman named katie opening a scholarship letter for college. katie has wanted to go a arcadia university for as long as she can remember. just love that. the 25-year-old's dream to go to college came true and she is not alone. >> a local university is giving college age students with disabilities an incredible opportunity to be just like everyone else. fox 29's dawn timmeney has the story. >> i wanted to go to college but i didn't think i could go to like normal college. >> reporter: but 20 year old natalie will montgomery had has a learning disability is thriving at college. she's in her second year at arcadia university in glenside. >> it's just being here. i love it.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: arcadia is one handful of colleges in pennsylvania that has a special two-year course for students with intellectual and development mental dissables. it's call the real certificate program. >> the program to their strengths. we support their interests and passion. >> when i was younger i didn't really talk to people. but now i talk to everyone. ♪ >> reporter: natalie admits she was totally afraid when she started here. she didn't have a classroom aid to help her like she did in high school, and worried if she can even handle it. >> now i'm like i don't need an aide. i'm good. >> reporter: 19-year-old kayla moody is on the autism spectrum. she wanted to go to college but it was just assumed she would not. >> in high school they told me i really can't go to college film how did that make you feel? >> kind of bummed like everybody else gets to go to college. have fun. experience it. i can't? >> reporter: fortunately kayl kayla's mom knew about the program the arcadia and thought
5:31 pm
it was worth looking into. >> when she came to under view for the program she didn't say a word to anybody. >> reporter: not one word. kayla and her mom had to come back two more times. even after kayla was accepted it was a tough transition. >> i would not speak when i came. i would start crying. highly nervous. >> reporter: the college help kayla come out of hershel. she's made lots of friends. she loves hanging out in the student center and is enjoying her classes. >> i like to study theater and musical stuff. i have actually an improv class i'm taking. >> she has surprised me in every way. i never thought she was going to drive. i never thought she was going to go to college. now she's just blossoming doing all of that. >> reporter: arcadia prides itself on embracing all studen students. >> our program has three parts. vocational, social and academic. we don't have separate classes designed. it's fully inclusive program. students can enroll in any
5:32 pm
undergraduate classes that they're interested in. >> i'm in choir here. >> reporter: this is 22-year-old anna greenberg's first year. anna has autism and was home schooled. she never had any type of classroom experience until now. >> i was really, really, really, really, really stressed because i didn't understand schedules. my coordinator gave me. i didn't unthe assignments. >> reporter: but the professors work with the students. they also have fellow students who act as peer mentors and now anna is feeling much more at ease. >> i'm very happy to be here and this is really helping me. ♪ >> i've overcome a lot of challenges. >> reporter: anna loves music and is an accomplished piano player. she's not sure exactly what the futurholds for her but knows ths the right move for her academically and social. >> what's the best part about this? >> expanding my world. totally expanding my world.
5:33 pm
>> people with disabilities are not different. >> it makes sense -- >> yes, they might have challenges and all. but they're not different in the sense that you can't be a friend to them. whoo! >> clap. >> right now real certificate certificates spend between 20 and 30 hours week at arcadia. but the university is hoping to offer a residential element in the future where students can live on campus and get the full college experience. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. ♪ let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's life look outside at the ben franklin parkway. beautiful night out there. kathy orr has got your full forecast in just 15 seconds much
5:34 pm
>> in weather this evening, temperatures are falling into the 40s but what a beautiful afternoon. you can see the clock tower and ben franklin bridge out there with temperatures that are falling into the 40s. right now, though, close to 60 in philadelphia. the high for the day 63 degrees. winds out of the north and that is certainly a cool wind for us. 44 in the poconos. 57 in reading. it's 52 in pottstown. but throughout the northeast because of the coastal low, you can see some cooler air beginning to filter in through albany, new york, quebec southeastern canada and that will be drawing to the south in our direction over the next 24 hours. an area of low pressure pulling back into new england and pushing that rain inland today but clearing out for most of the coastal plane with temperatures falling tonight but rebounding during the day tomorrow. so the average high this time of year around 56. we're losing a degree every day or so and you can see tomorrow above average. thursday well above average. friday the temperatures peak and saturday we'll be seeing those
5:35 pm
temperatures begin to fall. they really crash however on sunday. so overnight tonight, mainly clear and cool. the temperature around 42 in the city, 36 degrees in the suburbs. during the day tomorrow, just beautiful day to be outdoors. 62 mostly sunny. winds out of the west but fairly light. five to 10 miles an hour and it will be mild. now as we look ahead in the seven day forecast, some big changes from your weather authority. looking like a pleasant day tomorrow. thursday 64. friday 70 degrees and then saturday some rain moving in with a front. now, saturday is an important transition day. saturday night cooling down. saturday night into sunday maybe the first flakes for part of our region as temperatures crash on sunday with blustery conditions. monday it stays cold. tuesday partly sunny. only 50 degrees. if we look ahead to thanksgivi thanksgiving, here's a sneak peek at your holiday forecast. it's going to be much colder. temperatures around 50. mostly cloudy and some rain.
5:36 pm
we'll continue update you on this important forecast. >> all right, talk to you soon, kathy. thanks so much. are you in such a hurry that you don't even have time to tie your shoes? well, these new kicks are about to hit store shelves. they'll set you back a whole lot of dough. i can't even talk about it. >> you want to buy a tick to the next eagles game? of course you do. coming up new at 6:00 the agreement pennsylvania made with the nfl that will protect from you price gouging.
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in your money tonight no one said living in the future was going to be cheap. if you want a pair of those back to the future self lacing sneakers you can own a pair if you got the money. nike hyper adapt 1.0 shoes are going on sale december 1st. they'll cost you 720 bucks a pair. they come with magnet take captor to charge the sneakers it takes three hours to fully recharge. batteries last up to two weeks. they come with button on the tongue to tighten or loosen the lace. >> hopefully those batteries won't explode or anything. >> that's right.
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>> like hover boards. >> thanksgiving is coming up, and aaa estimates it will be the busiest thanksgiving on the roads, rails and the skies in years. >> you traveling? >> little bit, yeah. >> see. you're one of them. >> on the road. >> if you're stuck in traffic this holiday season, iain, you can blame cheaper gas. almost 29 million americans will travel this year. mostly due to a boost in consumer confidence and a second cheapest gas prices in nine years. they haven't been to the garden state the price just went through the roof. more than 43 million of those travelers will hit the roads. travel experts say if you're one of them don't make the mistake of leaving too late. >> some people say, i'm going to go into the office, work a half a day and then hit the road. a lot of other people are thinking the same thing. so you want to avoid that wednesday before. >> and if you're flying this thanksgiving you probably already know this. holiday airfares are up by 21% this year. >> firefighters in georgia have their hands full fighting wildfires.
5:41 pm
who is lending who a helping hand? >> and what happened to prison guard david weaver? he was alone in one part of the state pots toughest prison and sudden life ending injuries. what went wrong? fox 29 investigates ahead. >> and the eagles are traveling this sunday to take on the hottest team in the nfl. oh, by the way, one tough environment. what makes it so difficult eagles safety chris marigos who played for the seahawks gives us eagles safety chris marigos who played for the seahawks gives us his take later in sports. pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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we're following breaking news right now. skyfox is live over the 2600 block of stanley street. a 69-year-old man was shot once in the shoulder. was taken to temple university hospital much he's stable right now.
5:45 pm
we don't know yet what happened before he was shot. and so far there have were been no arrests. >> in northern georgia crews who are battling forest fires have an you can expected ally in their fight. local churches are stepping up. volunteers for instance at liberty baptist church working around the clock to help make sure the firefighters work is maybe a little bit easier. they're happening out cough drops and wipes and eye washes. they have extra bedding and portable showers in case homeowners in the path of the fire decide to evacuate. the grieving widow of a pennsylvania corrections officer fears she may never know what happened to her husband. gravely injured inside the walls of one of the state's toughest prisons. so she has come to fox 29 investigates for answers. >> ton night jeff cole reports there are some serious questions about the death of david weaver. ♪ >> he was a funny guy. >> reporter: on shelf in small montgomery county home. >> he was the kind of guy that
5:46 pm
would give you the shirt off his back. >> reporter: the momentos of life are placed with care. >> he wore his heart on his sleeve. >> reporter: he mark david weaver's live, a husband arc dad a navy veteran a goodman says his grieving widow. >> he just really enjoyed his family and his friends and he really loved his job. >> reporter: his job was to patrol the toughest blocks in the state. weaver was a prison guard in pennsylvania's big house graterford maximum security prison. it was where he fell from injuries which later took his life. >> five weeks today. so it's still very fresh. very raw. >> reporter: september 17th, 1:30 in the afternoon, weaver, 59, with 13 years on the job is guarding dozens of inmates in an outdoor yard. suddenly he falls backwards striking his head against a concrete wall according to an autopsy, his skull is fractured and the hemorrhaging is extensive. a prison nurse examines him and weaver is taken by ambulance to
5:47 pm
paoli hospital in delaware county. nine days later, he's dead. >> my husband went to work and never came home. i don't want that to happen to someone else and not to know and have to live with the uncertainty i have to live with. >> reporter: tara weaver is right. she does not know exactly what happened to her husband inside the walls of graterford. in fact, no one can be certain. because other than the inmate who's were playing football at the time, fox 29 investigators has confirmed that weaver was all alone when he fell. and despite the department of corrections refuse al to answer our questions on the topic we've also learned there was no security camera rolling either. in fact, there was no camera. fox 29 learned of the death from tara weaver who came to us complaining she couldn't get answers. >> i think they're just sweeping it away like it doesn't matter. and to me that's not acceptable. >> reporter: fox 29 has peaced
5:48 pm
together what happened from documents and interviews with state police, the corrections officers union and the department of corrections which refused to allow to us interview anyone on camera. >> who are the witnesses in this case? inmates. >> they're inmates. that's the first concern i have. >> reporter: graterford is in state representative mike vereb's district. he says he learn of the death after weaver's fellow guards alerted him, and he is outraged he was alone in the yard. >> i'm a little appalled that one corrections officer would be out there with multiple inmates. >> reporter: again, state corrections refused to provide an official to answer our questions on camera. in statement a spokesperson wrote "weaver was seriously injured in a trip and fall accident adding he stumbled on uneven ground between the sidewalk and the grass area and fell backwards hitting his hea head". asked why weaver was alone in the yard corrections wrote "officer weaver was stationed in
5:49 pm
the single officer post" all doc institutions have single officer posts. this is not uncommon. >> in my 24 years of doing corrections, i have never walked in a yard by myself. >> jason bloom is the president of the corrections officers union. he says, single officer posts make guards sitting targets. >> make my staff as save as you possibly can. if we had two people in the yard in this instance, we would know exactly what happened. exactly. >> reporter: in that statement, corrections writes weaver fell backwards while trying to avoid a flying football during a flag football game. it learned that from inmates in the yard willing to talk to investigators from the departments prison based safety team. bloom argues inmates are not going to come clean if an attack occurred. >> does that mean, then, this member of your union could have
5:50 pm
been killed? >> could have been. >> he could have been knock over. >> he could have been. >> pushed over, attacked. >> absolutely. >> reporter: no one will know that. >> no one. no. , no one is going to know. >> reporter: remember, fox 29 has confirmed from a law enforcement source there was no security camera trained on the yard. corrections says, it does not discuss security measures. and there's one more thing. state police here at the skippack barracks are now investigating david weaver's death. how did they learn of it? not from the state department of corrections. tara weaver told them of her husband's passing about 30 days after he hit his head when she realized corrections hadn't. she says she wanted objective investigators. asked why state police were not alerted to the incident or the death corrections writes, we follow protocol by having the safety team investigate a work related injury. the department ross' own safety policy says all individuals are
5:51 pm
to be interviewed as soon as possible after an accident. tara weaver says, the state police investigator told her the inmates weren't interviewed until four days later. representative vereb says he'll accident state's inspector general to take a hard look. >> when you have an injury this magnitude, whether there's one corrections officer and a few dozen prisoners, i feel the state police should have been called when that gentleman was on the way to the hospital. >> reporter: meanwhile, tara weaver battles with her grief, her loss, and the unknown. >> i still don't have 100% closure as to what really happened. and i don't think i ever will. and i still don't have my husband. >> reporter: state police based on what they now know believe that weaver's death was an accident. the department of corrections has determined that he died in the line of duty. corrections writes, it is deeply sorrowful for weaver's death and extends its sympathies to his family. graterford prison in the last year has twice released press
5:52 pm
releases when inmates have died. but so far nothing for the fallen officer. jeff cole, fox 29 news. some moms see hateful messages in their local park. what they did so that kids could didn't have to seat offensive markings. >> new at 6:00 o'clock, free the six pack. the new law that makes it easier for to you grab a brew in pennsylvania. >> and you want to buy a ticket to the next eagles game? the agreement pennsylvania made with the nfl that will protect you from price gouging. ♪
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we have seen arising tied of hate speech and vandalism across the country over the past few days. but a local group of moms fighting back in a way you might not have heard about. our bill anderson has their inspiring story about shining light. >> reporter: one of the challenges of the news is we have a responsibility to tell you about issues in your neighborhood. we want to make people aware of danger and concerns but we don't always have enough time to dedicate to how people unite to overcome that same danger and challenges in their communities. >> most have reported alarming numbers of hateful attacks or symbols that we've seen lately. but at least as important to point out how residents of fishtown responded to a swastika being painted on their neighborhood rec center. >> it like struck a cord with beth and i and my husband and a number of other parents in the neighborhood and we like got um out of our chairs and ran over here with paint to get rid of
5:57 pm
it. that was our initial response. it's not going to be in my, n our special space for our kids. >> there was one symbol of hate on this bench at shisler rec center but now there are hundreds of symbols of love and in direct response to it. >> you can transfer a swastika into a simplified window, and windows let light in and so what we're trying to do is push back against this dark time that i think people are feeling. >> reporter: although it's probably unfair to blame the actions of hateful people on an election, we have seen protests, attacks and unusual number of hateful symbols following it. the residents of fishtown that i spoke to are now rallying all of their peers to overwhelm hate and let the light in. >> wanted the person who did draw it to come back and walk through and see what was in its place. i also want toed to let the light in for that person, too. >> reporter: let the light in picks are now popping up on
5:58 pm
instagram, facebook and twitter and the hope is that it will spread and show society that the attacks are often more widely scene but they pale in comparison to the number of good people who are offensed by them. >> question people are juggling with, are there more good people than bad? >> i do think that there are more good people than bad but i think that the good people can't stay silent any more. we have to speak up and we have to show that we're against hate. >> reporter: today's quote of the day the world suffers a lot not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people. >> um-hmm. >> i read that quote before. that is what inspired me to do something. to get everyone together to do something. >> reporter: the fishtown mommas admit they don't know if this is going to be change anything but they wanted people to know that for every person who is trying to intimidate for the sake of fear or the sake of hate they wanted people to know there are hundreds that are willing to stan up and say, no, that doesn't represent us and
5:59 pm
willing to do it just for goodness sake. ♪ tonight they were among the harshest critics of president-elect trump. most controversial appointments so far albright leader steve bannon. trump's choice for chief strategist. >> first reaction to this appointment. >> first reaction we were saddened. >> where does america go from here? >> ♪ plus philadelphia's school students could break with a tradition generations old. the argument to start classes before labor day. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. speculation continues to build over who could president-elect trump name to top cabinet positions in his administration. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. vice president-elect mike pence arrived at trump tower this morning in new york for a
6:00 pm
transition team meeting, but no big announcements were made today. however, twists and turns in the transition continues. gop primary foe turned donald trump supporter ben carson has no interest in house committee. mike mccall is pushing to become the head of the federal agency he oversees in congress and former new york city rudolph guiliani is in the running for secretary of state. and in the meantime, mr. trump' choice for his chief strategist continues to make waves. >> especially among jewish groups who believe the selection sends exactly the wrong message. our bruce gordon has been talking to jewish leaders from across our area today. joins us in studio now. bruce, a lot of controversy on this one. >> reporter: you got that right. exit polls show donald trump lost jewish voters by nearly three to one margin on election day and in one of his first moves as president-elect, mr. trump chose as his right hand man someone bound to end rage at least a good portion of that community. house


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