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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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transition team meeting, but no big announcements were made today. however, twists and turns in the transition continues. gop primary foe turned donald trump supporter ben carson has no interest in house committee. mike mccall is pushing to become the head of the federal agency he oversees in congress and former new york city rudolph guiliani is in the running for secretary of state. and in the meantime, mr. trump' choice for his chief strategist continues to make waves. >> especially among jewish groups who believe the selection sends exactly the wrong message. our bruce gordon has been talking to jewish leaders from across our area today. joins us in studio now. bruce, a lot of controversy on this one. >> reporter: you got that right. exit polls show donald trump lost jewish voters by nearly three to one margin on election day and in one of his first moves as president-elect, mr. trump chose as his right hand man someone bound to end rage at least a good portion of that community. house speaker paul ryan wanted
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to talk about unity within the republican party tuesday. instead he spent much of his time side stepping questions about steve bannon's controversial past. >> i'm not worrying about -- i'm not looking backwards i'm looking forward. i'm looking to the future and looking forward to how we make this work for the american people. >> bannon the fire brand former head of the all right news website bright bart was a key adviser to candidate trump now he'll be in the room when presidential decisions are made. that has sent shock waves through the nation's jewish community where many people bannon is an anti semite. >> the first reaction in my gust reaction was truly sadness. >> nancy baron bear is regional director of anti defamation league. >> there are many people in this country we voted 50/50. we need to bring ourselves together. what we should be doing right now is uniting, talking to each other and i'm afraid that this appointment did just the opposite. >> reporter: on tuesday the
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bright bart site was pushing back hard against claims that bannon is bigot. headlines calling those allegations absurd and absolutely outrageous. featured article was head lined, steven k. bannon friend. jewish people defender of israel. national president of the zio zionness organization of america is defending bannon morton klein can't support everything he has even scott site but says on the whole, bannon has been supportive of jews and of isra israel. >> you cannot in any way say that this man is an anti semite. anyone that says that lacks integrity. is reckless and really is simply lying much it's not true. >> reporter: bannon official title is chief white house strategist and senior counselor. but one jewish leader reminded us it is donald trump who will make final decisions come january until then steve rosenberg of the jewish federation of greater philadelphia says he will with hold judgment. >> we all have to come together as one. we are the united states of america, and we have to push forward and be together or we're going to be in for a very long
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and tumultuous four years. >> reporter: bannon's critics note his appointment has been applauded by david duke former head of the kkk and by other white national lift groups. trump of course has did he nouned support from those groups and, again, it will be trump the man himself making the final decisions come january. iain? >> bruce, thank you. meanwhile president obama on his final foreign trip as president warned of the dangers of the national i during a news conference in greece today. >> i do believe separate and apart from any particular election or movement that we are going to have to guard against arise in accrued sort of national i or ethnic identity or tribal limb that is built around an us and a them.
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>> the president went on to say that the future of the world is defined by what we have in common. your weather authority right now. live look at reading. cool and comfortable day around the area, right? let's get a check of that forecast with meteorologist kathy orr. kathy? >> yes. >> you got a lot of lights going on behind through. >> yeah a lot of green on that doppler radar screen but the good news it's moving away. >> it's out of here. an area of low pressure coastal storm we haven't talked about that in months, right? kind of retrograding into upstate new york and new england. they are seeing all the rain. we need it but unfortunately we are not going to be seeing it. skies are clearing. temperatures are falling. we have a north wind on the back side of that system cooling things down in the poconos it's 43. 56 in philadelphia. but look at millville. 42, atlantic city 48. so temperatures falling fast. all of us will be seeing temperatures singing into the mid 40s by the late night hours with a partly cloudy sky but coming up, some significant changes, first we'll be talking about temperatures going back to
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the 70s and then just as quickly as they rise those temperatures will crash over the weekend for some of us we could have the first flakes of the season. yeah, looking ahead at thanksgiving, it look like the cold could be here to stay this time we'll take a closer look coming up later in the broadcast with your seven day. for now we'll zen it back to y you. >> kathy thanks developing in south jersey police are investigate a brutal attack in mt. holly. police say someone stabbed a woman over and over inside her own home. fox 29's dave kinchen is live outside mt. holly police headquarters and dave this victim's family believes they know who did this. >> reporter: that's right. they do. and the family says they believe this all stems from a very bad relationship. >> so horrible. i really do. i feel empty and torn apart. >> reporter: this emotional woman does not want her face on tv but says her cousin shanay marshall was savagely stabbed by her ex-boyfriend several times
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last night. >> she didn't deserve that at all and i need them and want them to catch his bleep. >> reporter: burlington county detectives arrive on the first block of west monroe street in mt. holly just before mid midnight when first responders found marshall also known as dooby. she was critically injured after a violent fight. >> all we heard was big bang. came up the steps. misuse kin tried to fight him off with bat. he immediately started swinging a knife at her. when she fell from the first hit. it was like he was crazed right then and there. like he was focused on just her. like he didn't say nothing. he didn't -- he just went straight for her. and it was all upper body establishes. >> reporter: police say they have identified a possible suspect but have not yet released a name. no arrest has been made either. meanwhile, neighbors say marshall kicked her ex out of the house but saw him back several times since around labor day. >> the cops are down there quite a bit. there's a lot of fighting and
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all down there. >> reporter: we are toll marshall has several children including one child with her former lover. the family is asking for praye prayers. >> i'm still in shock. you know, i mean, i feel powerless. like i'm thinking like i should have done something, you know what i mean, but then would have i have done? >> reporter: investigators tell us the victim is still in critical condition at a hospital in trenton. back to you. >> all right, thanks very much, dave. police want to find two men who stormed into a north philadelphia fast food restaurant and gunned down two employees including a teenager. the gunman recovered head to toe in religious garb as they walked in and fired several shots through a counter window at burger lane three weeks ago. we're just seeing the video now. they shot a 23-year-old named aaron joan in the back. he died. they also shot a second employee in the leg but that 16-year-old survived. police say the two gunmen then jumped into a car driven by a third person. they're now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading
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to an arrest and convict. >> breaking news in haddonfield, new jersey. where gas mainline has been hit. apparently according to some early emergency dispatchers they're indicating a plumber hit a gas line and there are evacuations now underway. we of course will stay on top of this bring you more information as soon as we get it. happy ending for four-year-old girl abductioned in virginia. the girl's father and grandmother both facing charges to night after she was found safe. police in gloucester county tell us a family member watching fox 29 news at 4:00 this morning saw the amber alert report on dylan richardson and his four year old daughter annie bell. that family member then urged richardson to turn himself in. richardson walked in monroe township police headquarters not too long after that with his little daughter and she was not hurt. police also arrested his mother jacqueline mckenna for taking part in the abduction. they're both now facing extradition to virginia. investigators have released new details about a small plain crash in camden county last month.
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preliminary finding show that the engine lost power. now the plane then notice dived into the backyard of the home in lindenwold. ntsb says the plane's pilot did tell his passenger that he was having problems before the crash. both the pilot and the passenger survived and nobody on the ground was hurt. philadelphia school leaders are considering starting the school year before labor day. the argument in favor of the change. sean? iain, after last season's success temple football is having another solid season. but why the lack of attention for the first place owls? the players give their take coming up in sports. and free the six pack. new law that will make it easier for to you grab brew in pennsylvania. ♪
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>> students at philadelphia public schools could start their summer vacation little earlier though they'd also start school a little earlier. the school reform commission is right now mulling over changes to the various school calendar schedules. our dawn tim know is live at school district headquarters
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right now. dawn, this won't take effect for a couple of years, right? >> reporter: exactly, lucy. it wouldn't take effect until the 218-2019 school year. people are already forming pins. some think it's a good idea. others are giving the proposal a failing grade. >> i think it's a bad idea. >> reporter: third grader callie williams does not like a philadelphia school district proposal at all to start school a week before the labor day holiday and get a week earlier in june. >> people want to spend they summer having fun and having good activit activities and notg time in school report her grandma who takes her to school and picks her up every single day has to agree. >> it will really mess the summer up. it's a terrible idea i think. and i think that they should like not do that. [ laughter ] >> keep our vacations the way it is. >> reporter: school district says attendance drops off considerable until june.
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it believes the calendar shift would keep students in class and improve academics. >> it's very important that you have as many uninterrupted struck al days earlier in the school year. we certainly have found that, um, as you get further into june there's -- there are issues there with vacations. >> a number of parents we talked to are all for the change. students not so much. >> i wouldn't have a problem with my guys starting early and kind of ending, upping, ending early. >> i don't think the kids would like it but it sound like a good idea. >> i probably be mad because it's cutting into our summerti summertime. >> reporter: now there is a 10-day comment period for parents and community members. the school district is welcoming input so it can put together the best possible school calendar. a vote is planned for december. iain? >> all right, dawn, thanks. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is signed a bill that allows beer distributors to sell beer in any quantity.
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that includes 32-ounce bottles or six packs. the law will also allow bars to sell alcohol starting at 9:00 a.m. on sun days without food having to be served and consumers can legally participate in beer of the month clubs that ship beer directly to your home. law takes effect in 60 days. wolf previously signed into other liquor law change that is allow wine sales at gross row stores. a democratic assemblyman men in new jersey a big critic of governor christie announced his intentions to run for governor. john wis commute new ski declared his bid today. known for co chairing the ledge lidge inquiry into the 2013 george washington bridge lane closures. he also served as bernie sanders new jersey chairman during the 2016 democratic primary. democrat phil murphy and republican assemblyman jack, previously announced their canned cease for governor. governor christie's term ends in 218. >> on a beautiful fall day into night fox 29 weather authority kathy orr now.
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hello, kathy. >> well, good evening, lucy. what a really nice night out there. of course, skies are clear, winds are light and temperatures are still pretty decent. look at the highs for today. after the clouds cleared, wilmington went up to 65 degre 65 degrees. philadelphia made it to 63. reading 62. allentown not so bad at 58. trenton 57. atlantic city topped off at 59 degrees. you can see the cooler air coming on the back side of a departing coastal low. temperatures in the 40s in the poconos and in millville and atlantic city even in trenton its pottstown even checking in at 46 degrees. so the cooler air is coming down from the north and that will be replacing temperatures in the 50s where they are now with lows in the 40s. through most of the region. so we'll watch this area of low pressure move away the flow around it is counterclockwise it will pull down that cooler air overnight but we have the clear skies and during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be rising as high pressure builds into the region couple of days of warming temperatures going to feel really good around here.
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our temperatures will be on that are way up on their way down through the weekend much the normal high or average for this time of year right around 56. so during the day tomorrow, above average. thursday above average. friday well above average. and saturday temperatures begin to fall and once they fall, they can stay pretty chilly around here. meteorologist monica cray yann has details on the first flakes, monica, that could be flying this weekend. >> oh, yeah. everybody ears just perked up. we are thinking temperatures could stay cool enough to be conducive enough for snow. now, when we come up with the forecast, were we consider few models. one of them being the european model now this model does actually bring a few flakes into the suburbs of philadelphia kind of to the north and west with a highest amounts actually being to the west of us. here's another model we look at the gfs that has the snow well to the west of us. so still it's up for debate that forecast and that snow possibility. but what we do know is winter is
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right around the corner as we head into thanksgiving. we'll get another round of colder air and possibly some rain, kathy. >> it is going to be very interesting to see, monica, because for that thanksgiving forecast, temperatures will only be in the 50s. rain maybe some snowflakes we'll keep you posted overnight, though, we're looking at temperatures falling into the 40s in the city. 30s in the suburbs mainly clear. a little on the cool side. seasonably cool. during the day tomorrow, 65 degrees. mostly sunny. and mild and as we look ahead to your seven day forecast from the weather authority, thursday looks great. friday just an amazing day to be outdoors. saturday the rain moves in late and then it turns blustery maybe a tunic saturday night, sunday is chilly, monday stays chilly and by tuesday, only 50 degrees. a lot of folks will be traveling next week tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we'll keep you posted. >> thanks very much, kathy nfl reached an agreement with several states including pennsylvania that could -- hang
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on here that could mean cheaper tickets. >> league has agreed to stop the practice of imposing floor prices on tickets they sale on secondary web sites. the settlement ends anti-trust investigation of several teams including the eagles. so what was the issue? league wide policy the tickets rei sol on the nfl ticket he is change and related sites couldn't be lower than face value. critics say the policy kept tickets artificially high even for the least desirable games. so after an investigation by several states the league now says the policy is over. >> good. good. no admission of wrongdoing, though. >> sean brace. good to have you here. >> cheap tickets. i like the sound of that. >> we love cheap tickets. >> i love the sound of good football. that's right. temple football is quietly tied for first place in the aac east with two games left in the season a truly under the radar season for the owls. the few players voice their opinion on the lack of attention and the eagles take on the 12th man on sunday. what makes it so difficult to win in seattle. we have the answer next in
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sports. have you done anything out of the ordinary recently?
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♪ after opening up the season with a disappointing home loss to army temple football has quietly went on a run. winning seven out of their next nine games including four straight conference wins. the owls are now tied for first in the aac east division with
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two games to play. a very solid season forehead coach matt ruhle and company. coming off the highlight real season they had last year the owls are flying under the radar and the players are okay with that. >> morey lacking and, you know, at one point we was one and two during the season. a lot of people thinking where the season going to go and get out of hand. we didn't really think about it. we stayed calm and played our game. >> it's good being able to fly under the radar. you don't add any additional pressure to yourself. you know, you're not expecting anything only pressure that you have is for your teammates and coaches. >> two games to go hopefully they can keep it going. speaking of highlight real seasons last year the only way nova could top what they did last season is to win it again. a bid for back to back championships is off and running aft last note's impressive victory over perdue going into last night' game perdue lost one home game in the move of november since 2006. what right for jay wright and
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company. nova is now 20. >> congratulations philadelphia eagles you just beat the atlanta falcons your prize you get the chance to fly across the country and play the hottest team in the mfl quite possibly the number one home field advantage in all of sports the seattle see hawk. one player that knows all about how difficult it is for visiting teams is eagles special teamer chris marigos. he played season with the seahawks before joining the eagles two years ago. and recently spoke with our tom srendenschek about what makes it so difficult to play in front of the 12th man. >> they got great fans. similar like what we have here. >> absolutely. >> everybody loves if the ball. you know, they talk about it all week. and they're just loud. they have a lot of team pride. just like our fans and that's the cool thing about it they're just really invested with the team and the team likewise just as invested and it's just a great synergy. >> and finally i know you're probably done with the mannequin challenge but one more. check this out from sunday's
6:26 pm
goals game. group known as the for and juan tailgate roll out in style. eagles drum line, swoop, and t rex i have no idea what t rex was doing there. pretty darn cool. a lot of fun and eagles wouldn't that game. even better. >> we like that juan. >> one news from sports. tony romo addressed the media reflected on his time with the koy buys he's the back up quarterback moving forward. dak prescott show from now on out. >> that's what we were wondering about. worrying about chemistry. >> just like brady. >> almost done. >> join us tonight at 10 my friends it can help up an outfit or make you look older than you are. >> don't locate that. >> we're talking about chest you may not know the name for procedure can help you look better in this area for some this is about a lot more than beauty from what i'm told. >> look forward to that. >> that will do it for us here at 6:00 tonight. see you back here at 10:00 and 11:00.
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my wife is cheating on me. >> the drone video that he claims caught his wife cheating. there it goes, boom, 18 years. >> the heartbroken husband speaks out. is it real? >> who things of sending a drone up to follow his wife. >> bill o'reilly versus megyn kelly. more post-election chaos. the body check seen around the world. >> then, ivanka controversy. did she really try to sell the bracelet she wore on 60 minutes? plus, hot car murder furry. his ex-wife comes to his defense after he is found guilty. the prosecutors that took him down speak out. >> and the


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