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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> they need to know it's not okay. this counsel tow was supposed to be a big county fort election and they all voted for donald trump. >> they believe hillary campaign she had it in the bag won that's why they're angry because they were assured hillary was going to win and when she didn't they just can't take it. >> reporter: well there you heard from some of the protesters out here. what you didn't see about 40 students from haverford and bryn mawr college came out. they were protesting against donald trump. they were protesting against police brutality. but again they were met by about 40 pro police demonstrators themselves. both of them had some words about 15 minutes later protesters went back to their respective colleges, though, but no arrests and no problem out here, guys? >> all right, chris, thanks very much. let get back to breaking news we told you now hot air balloon that had problem near the port richmond kensington area. >> witnesses thought it was
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going to land around edison avenue and then around erie. it landed in ken sipping ton. that's where we find shawnette wilson. must have been one sight. >> reporter: it was quite a sight. because it's not exactly what neighbors expect to see here hot air balloon landing on this baseball field behind me. i tell you what there was a lot of commotion in the beginning. we saw people tweeting about it. tweeting pictures of this balloon. we arrived on seen to find the owner on the field with police. the owner tells us that he has a hot air balloon company out of pottstown, and that they came from pottstown here. he claims that it was a planned landing. he says there was no malfuncti malfunction. that they had actually planned to land here at this spot. so he says apparently what he thinks is that some neighbors probably saw the balloon. they saw flames and they thought there was a fire and call police. turns out he says, those are the flames they use to keep the hot air balloon going he is special especially when they're going to land. still quite a site to see. it's not very big. we thought we would get here and
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see something huge covering the field but there were four people who were on the hot air balloon when it landed with no problem. no one was hurt. everybody appears to be okay. and so they're just standing here now waiting to get the balloon up and going. you guys. yes, a rare sight but a planned landing. no problems but a very very interested neighborhood here tonight. >> absolutely. shawnette, all right, thank you. turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. take live look along the ben franklin parkway. nice mild fall day out there but kathy, we got some changes maybe in the near future. >> yes, we do, iain. >> sorry to be the bearer of bad news. we're heading into the second half of the month of november so you know it had to happen sooner or later. weak front moving through stirring up the atmosphere with some clouds and some showers. right now in old city philadelphia we're looking at mostly cloudy sky. the high temperature for the day very respectable for this time of year 62 degrees. right now we're sitting at 56. a northwest wind at about 8 miles an hour. so that is pretty nice for late
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date as we move through november. we have 40s in the poconos. 40s in pottstown. 55 in millville. 58 degrees to the south down the shore in wildwood and 55 in wrightstown. this is going to happen overnight tonight. temperatures will be falling through the 50s into the 40s by the early morning hours. and then some major changes. a huge surge of warmth for the whole eastern half of the nation. i mean take a look at this. a trough in the west with colder air. and this huge ridge builds all the way into southeastern cana canada. so we're talking about the next couple of days temperatures not only in the 60s but touching 70. then that moves out, and this trough moves eastward. associated with this much cooler air and this moves in by the time sunday rolls around. the air will be cold enough for some snowflakes if we have any moisture around with the next front and weather system that moves n most of the moisture will stay to the north. but we could see a few flakes
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late saturday night into sunday morning especially north and west of the city. we'll talk more about that with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. it's kind of like i didn't know and yank. >> all right. a lot more i didn't know than yank. >> all right. crowd of college students stage a walkout in delaware county. they want to provide a safe place for undo you meaned immigrants after last week's election they're worry about illegal immigrants being depor deported in huge numbers. dawn timmeney is live at swarthmore college. students want their school to become a sanctuary campus. >> exactly. this was part of a national movement today swarthmore and 80 other colleges and universities across the country held rallies demanding that undo you meaned workers and staff be kept safe and protected on campus. >> several hundred swarth swarthmore college students and faculty gathered as a call to act. they want swarthmore to be designated a sanctuary campus.
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>> the college would protect its students from any deportation task force. >> today's walkout is in direct response to the out come of the election. >> but now more than ever before i'm being beginning to feel as if me and my people are not wanted. >> reporter: many here are worried about undo you meaned students and staff once donald trump takes office. >> my family moves to the states when i was five for like the american dream. >> reporter: on monday she became an american citizen. but now senior fears for her loved ones safety under trauma pop's immigration policy. >> i still have family and undo you meaned. it's a scary thought to think they can could be taken away from me. >> this is very emotional for you. >> i guess. because it has very real consequence. >> petition pushing for cang are sanctuary status garnered 1300 signatures and presented to the college president promptly after the walkout. students are hopeful swarthmore will take the lead on what they
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consider a critical issue. >> it would be very powerful message. now college president val smith issued a statement saying that it shares in the concerns of students and is committed to diversity. college says that it is trying to fully understand exactly what this means providing sanctuary and it would actually work, torque see fit would actually work both legally and practically here on campus. so the school is definitely investigating talking with other universities about a protected status. ooh? >> dawn, thank you. former chester county teacher's aid under arrest tonight accused of having sexual contact with two male students. 42-year-old sherri, working as a substitute at unionville high school at the time. the prosecutor says in one incident mal forward kissed and perform oral sex on a boy and told him to call her when he turn 18. in a second incident she allegedly fondled and kissed the student who had already turned 18. the da says both incidents
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happened off campus in a statement the superintendent says the alleged crimes were quote immediately reported to law enforcement once they became aware. developing right now in bucks county, a customer who was just bog to get pizza ended up potentially saving lives and taking a life. police say he shot two robbers those men were brothers and one of them died. >> the man who shot them now will not face any charges. let's get out to our dave kinchen who's life outside the bucks county da's office in doylestown tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain the da says no charges for the shooter but the da also said the case was not cut and dry. >> reliving the terror. the owner and a worker at pour fear row's pizza and pasta in levittown talk about the two mask wearing criminals who stormed in for a late night robbery armed with these air soft like guns. >> they were screaming and tarped asking me for my stuff. open the register and i said i
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can't open it because the manager is not here. >> reporter: one of the bad guys pistol whips the customer according to police but that customer grabs his 45 caliber handgun, fires and kills that suspect. >> it was an armed robbery, a very aggressive armed robbery. a takeover style armed robbery. >> reporter: the customer then shot the other suspect twice critically wounding him. >> everything happened so fast and -- >> you don't even -- >> you don't even think what's going on around you. it's fast. >> reporter: detectives say the bad guys were brothers from bucks county. the da tells fox 29 the customer had a recently expired concealed carry permit and was not within the six month grace period for renewal. using his discretion the da -- >> if i can accomplish one objective today is to exonerate the shooter of any criminal wrongdoing. >> reporter: meantime pizza shop owner says he will press on. >> this is really nice neighborhood. it's really good people around here. that's the whole reason we moved
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here. that's the whole reason we opened our second location here. >> reporter: investigators tell us sean rose is the suspect who died. his brother justin rose is still in the hospital. both in their early 20s. meantime we're told surveillance video of the incident does exist but investigators are not releasing that at this time. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. in new jersey, police are now backing up what a heart broken family told us last nig night. authorities are now saying that the ex-boyfriend of a burlington county woman did indeed stab her again and again and she died today. investigators are asking for your help to find rashaun cos see he forced his way into the mt. holly home of 37-year-old shanay marshall monday night and stapped stabbed her several times. doctors at capitol health regional medical center in trenton tried to save her. he faces murder charges. big concerns tonight about an old foe when it comes to children and their health. lead paint continues to playing
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philadelphia's older buildings. who's is working to fix the problem at child care kents and beyond. sean bell. >> lucy all week the eagles have been hearing about the seahawks defense. the birds their think d can stack up with anyone's. hear the guys compare the two defenses later in sports. >> and in you at 6:00, eagles safety malcolm jenkins joined a group of nfl players on capitol hill to talk race and police relations. what he's saying about that meeting tonight.
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♪ nfl players are talking about race and police with lawmakers in d.c. yesterday players from the eagles, cleveland browns and detroit lions made stop on capitol hill. the players spoke to several members of the congress as well as members of the congressional black caucus. eagles safety malcolm jenkins talked about what went down. >> it was an opportunity for to us be heard but also an opportunity for us to listen to what's going on, to learn some thing, learn how the process works, um, we thought the
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message was well received. >> malcolm jenkins made headline by raising hess fist during the national anthem. >> happening now a dangerous threat continues to poison philadelphia children. >> it's the lead paint found in so many of the city's older buildings. philadelphia lawmakers are moving to reduce that threat. bruce gordon joins us live now. we have seen some progress. the situation has improved but got to say not nearly enough. >> reporter: yeah, not nearly enough. we're talking probably several thousand children in the city of philadelphia as you say poisoned by eating chips of peeling paint from inside buildings built prior to 1978. the paint in those buildings almost always contained lead. that led can do serious damage to a child's brain and nervous system. >> it's a permanent dissable. so -- >> reporter: he's going to have problems for the rest of his life. >> for the rest of his life he'll have problems. >> reporter: nine-year-old jaelin should be in fourth grade. he's only in second. he cannot read or spell or
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follow most commands. had he she says her boy was poisoned by eating chips of lead paint peeling from the windows of the family's rented row house when he was just a toddler. >> he would just find the paint chips and we would catch him. >> when his development slowed shed him tested it was lead pa pain. he will likely never catch up to his peers. >> we don't know if he'll ever be able to finish high school let alone college. so we actually don't know what -- what his life will be. >> not just led exposure but i really want to emphasize we're talking about lead poisoning here. >> reporter: on weren't city council okayed a package of legislation aimed at a eradica eradicating led paint poisoning in the city putting pressure on philadelphia's land lords and schools and those who run small in home day cares to report and remediate led paint issues much it's a beginning. but philadelphia's health commissioner admits laws already on the books are not always
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enforced. >> our system for enforcement has not been strong enough. we're working very hard with other city agencies to make those stronger. >> she's glad the rules are being tightened. she wishes she knew more about the dangers of lead paint before it was too late. >> he was robbed of his potential. >> reporter: the lead paint legislation is expected to gain final passage from the full city council sometime next month. again, it's all about enforcement. without inspectors and the money to pay them, children will continue to get poisoned and their futures continue to be stolen from them. iain and lucy. >> tragic, bruce, thank you. thanksgiving came early today for some local police officers. >> it was thanks to students at lasalle university. the lasalle university ambassadors hold this special run every lunch dinner every year to thank police for their service on campus. so today officers from philadelphia's 14th and 35th police districts enjoyed the holiday meal.
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>> i just hope all the officers and everyone we serve understand that we really are very appreciative of everything that they do, and that without their help and their service at our university it wouldn't function the way that it does and i would not be feel safe around my campus. >> this is the 17th year students have served up this meal for police. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. another pretty nice day out there, kathy. >> um-hmm. it sure was. a few spotty showers this evening, iain, but other than that, we're looking at a pretty decent forecast moving forward as well. on ultimate doppler you can see heavier showers moving right through the bay and actually heading toward cape may if you're in cape may county you'll see a spot of heavier rain and then it will be moving out. i would think between 7:00 and 7:30 this evening. right now we have some 40s to the north. some 50s to the south. vick in philadelphia. 55 in millville and along the coast temperatures comfortably in the upper 50s. low pressure is moving away. this little bit of a trough is kicking up the shower activity.
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that will move offshore and high pressure will be building in for the next couple of days. so high temperatures in the 60s and then really peaking by friday with highs around 70 degrees. normal highs in the mid 50s for this time of year above average for thursday. peak at 70 friday. be close on saturday and then temperatures crash on sunday and it's all because of the jet stream. we get a big dip in that jet stream that cold polar air will be mowing in. in the city overnight frick. the suburbs 40. the spotty evening showers will come to an end and skies will clear. as we look ahead tonight in the poconos lows down to 39 degrees. 41 in reading. 40 in pottstown. 41 in allentown. 44 in dover. and wildwood bottoming out at frick degrees. tomorrow the high 63. with winds out of the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. so there will be a little bit of a breeze. and after that surge of warmth, here is that trough i was telling you about allowing that cold air to get down into the philadelphia area with gusty winds expected on sunday morning
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and wind chills even in the 20s. so that cold air will be driving into the region and if we have another moisture there could be some flurries especially through the lehigh valley and extending into the poconos according to our european model. the other model we look during the long range the american model does not have this. so we're going to keep an eye on this forecast. otherwise, you're looking good. seven day forecast plenty of sunshine friday 70. saturday 68. the front comes through sunday with saturday night sunday with that blustery air. sunday's high only 48. wind chills in the afternoon in the 30s. monday 44. tuesday 52. and one of the busiest travel days of the year wednesday parly sunny and 58 degrees. so what about thanksgiving? unbelievable. week from tomorrow. it's hard to believe. mostly cloudy skies expected. rain in the forecast and a cool high of 52 degrees. i'm thinking about it already. pumpkin pie, pecan pie. what do you think?
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>> iain is a big pie guy. >> me too. >> pig pie guy. >> who doesn't love pie. >> now i'm hungry. >> eagles defense hopefully they eat and eat a lot against the seattle offense. >> not humble pie. not humble pie. hopefully good food. seattle defense the legion of boom gets all the love but the eagles think they stack up with anyone in this league and this week they'll have to deal with russell wilson. he does that a makes defenses cry. hear what the cornerback has to say about hating to deal with him next in sports.
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♪ eagles have lost four in a row on the road and now they're going to the hardest place to play in the league. the 12th man is no joke. especially when you have a team that feeds off it like seattle does. the sea hawk struggled a little bit to start the season but now they're click clicking on all cylinders because of russell wilson. he's thrown for 2,442 yards. 10 touchdowns and two pick. but what he does is i don't know the stats his ability to get out of the pocket and create plays gives teams nightmares especially cornerbacks. >> the one thing that cornerbacks really hate the guy get running around get plays in the dirt whatever you may call it it's very difficult. it's very hard. you got to basically keep your eyes on your guy. make sure, you know, um, try to stay as close to him as you can.
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>> seattle defense gets all the headlines and rightfully so. they've been the best in the league for the past five years eagle defense stacks up with any group. >> if you want to talk about the body of work i wouldn't compare it to the seattle defense. i got a lot of respect for the guys on that team and defense. if you want to talk about this year there's no defense in this league that i wouldn't compare us to. >> sunday howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the game at 10:00 a.m. then the bears/giants at 1:00 at night we'll wrap up all of the games on sports sunday at 10:30. >> to the sixers, they're once again babying joel embiid. he won't play against the wizards tonight. it's the first game of back to back. but, of course, he's playing in the nationally televised game tomorrow. and tonight it's award time for the pitchers major league baseball will announce all the cy young winners and just announced minutes ago matt scherzer wins the cy young for the nl20 and seven for the nationals.
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2.96era by far the best pitcher in the post season also. everyone else will be announced the next few minutes or so. we'll have all of that for you tonight. >> okay. >> sounds good. thank you sean. >> join us at 10:00 tonight. how you want to be dad much it's definitely a hard job. on-the-job training. who answers the questions you may be too embarrassed to ask. >> we'll take to you daddy university. >> you can take notes sean bell. >> i'm good. >> good for now. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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trump's $36 burger? >> this is the same burger that donald trump ate. here we go, folks. this is the best burger. then, super boy to the rescue, swooping in to save baby brother when he rolled off the changing table. and the drone husband who says he caught his wife cheating. >> there he goes! boom, 18 years, gone! >> his shocking admission. >> i was 100% sure that i was going to kill that man. >> how is it possible she didn't hear the drone? then, accused monster mom, charged with strangling her baby and blaming it on her own two-year-old son. >> oh my god! i love my baby! and megyn kelly's provocative new photo


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