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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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grandma will not stand for it. she'll feed any kiddo who comes her way. but she's getting shut down. >> red tape keeping food out of mouths. your news in 30 seconds. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. just when you thought you've seen everything in philadelphia, there's this.
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a surprise landing at a kensington rec center. >> that is a hot air balloon and if you're wonder wagon it was doing there in kensington, so are police and the faa. everybody is okay but that neighborhood it's shaken up. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. witnesses rushed into the field when balloon came down. police weren't far behind. fox 29's shawnette wilson in hunting park tonight witness wild story. shawnette. >> reporter: so this was incredible, you guys. the person who landed says that he is an independent pilot visiting the area from florida. he says they launch from a company in pottstown. now neighbors as you can imagine were totally impressed by what they saw, but the police tonight still have many questions. >> i thought it was about to crash into the street. i was like, oh, man, about blow up. >> reporter: rick rose couldn't believe his eyes what was happening in the middle of his kensington neighborhood. and he wasn't alone. what he saw caused a neighborhood of people to rush to baseball fields of city rec center at c street and westmoreland after 4:00 this
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evening. >> when they landed everybody whoever was in it fell out. and everybody just started rolling. everybody started running over there. >> reporter: this hot air balloon passing over the city ghandi sending. rick pull out his cell phone and hit record. >> i put it on facebook life. i put it on facebook life. >> reporter: panicked saw flames and called 911. as four people emerged from the basket of the balloon. but the pilot says, it was a planned landing. >> we float along the tree tops and we find a good place to land much as far as the fire goes it's easy to understand why someone might think there was a fire, because when you coming in for landing, we have very big flames we use to keep the envelope full of hot air. >> reporter: police have some concerns about them landing in a neighborhood and with children out playing. the pilot also told them something different about the reason for the landing. >> they were doing some sort of fuel consumption test. they were the heights of about 17 to us seasoned feet.
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they encountered some heavy winds, and they decided to land at this location. >> reporter: police say the faa was aware of the landing but it's still unclear why they were flying and the real reason they landed here. meanwhile, rick says he can't believe what happened and says nothing like this ever happened here. >> never ever ever. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and police also tell me that, again, philly international airport as well as the faa were both aware of the landing as it happened. but we're told the faa is conducting a follow-up investigation. east detective social security looking into the matter as well. iain. >> crazy story, shawnette, thanks. now to a story you'll see only on fox. take close look here. looks likes these guys are shopping for suits and yank everything they can hold on to and run. tonight three men in north philadelphia are charged for a high end robbery at macy's moorestown but the big scoop this could be the break cops were looking for as they solve other crimes. >> investigators believe they
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could linked to a series of headline grabbing robberies in philadelphia. fox 29's dave schratwieser is breaking this story tonight at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, those three suspects are here at police headquarters in connection with a stolen luxury suv and a big heist at the moorestown mall sunday night. now the fbi in philadelphia police want to see if they're connected to some high profile smash and grab robberies at boyd' and macy's here in philadelphia. this was the scene inside macy's at the moorestown mall just before closing time sunday nig night. watch as three suspects help themselves to over $5,000 in high-end raffle lauren polo jackets and they quickly exit the store. making a clean get away. >> fast forward to tuesday night on the 2900 block of turner street in north philadelphia. that's where fbi agents and police staked out a stolen infinity suv parked on the block. when four men walked up and got in, the violent crimes task
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force moved in and arrested them. investigatoinvestigators tell fs that the stolen suv found on turner street in north philadelphia is believed to be the get away car used here at the moorestown mall in sunday night's big rip off at macy's. the suspects were taken right to fbi headquarters by investigat investigators probing a recent string of smash and grab robberies including this 50,000 rip off the boyd's clothing store on crest nut street and another smash and grab at macy's in the roosevelt mall on the boulevard a few days later. suspects stole $16,000 in watches there. >> you have individuals striking like this in multiple incidents. >> reporter: rav four suv used to smash the plane glass windows at boyd's was found torched near turner street right after the robbery. days after the roosevelt mall heist this mercedes-benz get away car was also found torched. >> dangerous situation because
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typically when you have a robbery situation, they can explode at any point in time and that's our concern. >> reporter: sources say the four men taken into custody by the fbi are persons of interest in the boyd's and macy's robberies along with several others. they refused to cooperate with fbi agents and were held at police headquarters on charges related to the stolen suv. moorestown police charged three of them in the moorestown mall coat theft wednesday evening. >> these guys seem to be professional. this is not the first time doing this. >> reporter: now, the three suspects are being held on $20,000 cash bail each. they have not been charged in the boyd's and macy's robberies here in philadelphia at this point. they are being look at for other smash and grab robberies. fbi and philadelphia police would not comment. lucy? >> all right, thanks much, dave. on your radar tonight warm november weather don't get too terribly comfortable though. meteorologist kathy orr is here to shake things up. >> oh yeah we're shaking it up. we have a couple of days of warmth and just like that it is
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going to turn and feel much more like winter. after all it is the season. take a look at ultimate doppler in burlington county had some showers move through cherry hill and moorestown and medford. those have moved out. clearing skies to the west with some school temperatures right now in philadelphia you can see the street as little damp in old city the temperature 55. winds out of the west northwest at 12 miles an hour after a high of 62. right now the cool air is coming down from the north and west mainly in the 40s. 46 in millville. wrightstown 52. pottstown allentown checking in 49. overnight we'll fall into the 40s with those evening showers ending. and the clearing skies getting underway. so a huge warm up gets underway over the next couple of days before it's back to the colder realities of the upcoming winter season. we'll take look at the numbers coming up. >> all right, kathy, thanks. everyone waiting for president-elect trauma topology pull the trigger on major positions. he is pushing back against critics in fighting within his
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transition team. steady stream of administration and cabinet candidates continu d to file through trump tower today. now considered a possible pick for national security adviser is lieutenant general michael flynn in the running for secretary of defense is arkansas republican senator tom cotton and unlikely visitor to trump tower was was new york city mayor bill diblasio. this meeting was about new yorkers and their concerns about trump presidency. >> more than a week after the election the protests go on in center city today. protesters were disrupting rush hour yet again. they marched from police headquarters to rittenhouse square. organizers of this rally are angry at the police union in particular. they are condemning the fop for endorsing the president-elect. and the developing in montgomery county, anti trump, anti police brutality protesters come face to face with police supporters. oh yeah things got tense outside the lower merion police headquarters tonight.
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students marched from two mainline colleges and planned themselves outside the staying. they are pro he testing police brutality and president-elect trump. but they weren't the only ones chanting to night. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at lower merion police headquarters. chris, dozens who support trump and the police were out there in force. >> reporter: that's right, iain, lucy. the first time these protests have hit the mainline dozens of demonstrators marching down the main drag here in ardmore but these protesters many of them college students were surprised to find out they weren't the only protests. >> still reeling from the presidential election, they marched down lancaster avenue. >> trump stands for everything i don't believe in. i feel like he stands for everything about hate. >> reporter: about 40 students from nearby haverford and bryn mawr colleges staged a sit-in in front of the lower merion police department. claiming racial profiling and
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supporting donald trump. but what they didn't expect a counter protest. >> about equal number pro police demonstrators fired back with their own rally. both groups going face to face separated by the very same police who were the subject of the protest. >> they need to know that it's not okay. this county was supposed to be a big county fort election and they all voted for trump. >> reporter: it's a one group started chanting the others drowned them out. each held signs, traded chants and one liners. >> they believe that hillary campaign she had it in the bag, won, that's why they're angry because they were assured hillary was going to win and when she didn't, they just can't take it. >> he's threatening minority communities. he has physically said he would physically assault women. he said he would kick minorities
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out of the country because they don't look like him. >> reporter: after 15 minutes, this peaceful protest was over. students walked back down lancaster avenue to their colleges. it left others shaking their heads. >> i give them credit for having their own views, but not when you'll come out an cues our police department of racism and kkk and things like that. absolutely not. it doesn't stand good with me and obviously it doesn't stand good with this community either. >> reporter: now, despite threats of clogging rush hour traffic along lancaster avenue, lower merion police say those protesters kept to the sidewalk. it was peaceful. there were no arrests, iain. >> all right, chris, thanks. new jersey's weed man is heading to federal court. new reporting today that two civil rights cases brought by ed for chi i don't know known as weed man will be tried in federal court. he's suing the friend ton police and mercer county prosecutors clipping his seive rights were violated when authorities raided his trenton rest restaurant back in april.
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his lawyer says he plans to merge the two suits. >> it's problem many people do not realize exists. lead paint remains a threat and many buildings where children spend their days. what the city is doing to keep our children safe and -- watch carefully you'll be able to see 18 years go right down the bleep drain. >> check this out. jilted husband says this video proves his wife is having an affair. the moment this pennsylvania husband claims he caught her using a drone. and it's a shameful statistic. more children go hungry in philadelphia than in any other big city in the nation. but one grandma is not settling for that. she's feeding any kiddo whose come her way. but now she's getting shut down. the red tape taking food out of children's mouths.
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>> a pizza shop where customer shot and killed an tempted robber and critically injured another is getting ready to reopen. that customer will not face any charges. the customer was just going to get some pizza in levittown he saw two masked men barge into the store. >> so the guy quickly jumped into action, drew his gun and may have saved some lives. fox 29's dave kin ken has the story. >> reporter: reliving the terror. the owner and a worker at porfiro's pizza and pasta in levittown talk about the two masked wearing criminals who stormed in for a late night robbery armed with these air
10:15 pm
soft like guns. >> they were screaming and started asking me for my stuff. open the register and i said i can't open it because the manager is not here. >> reporter: one of the bad guys then pistol whips the customer according to police but that customer grabs his 45 caliber handgun, fires and kills that suspect. >> it was an arm robbery, a very aggressive armed robbery. a takeover tile armed robbery report roar the customer then shot the other suspect twice critically wounding him. >> everything happened so fast and the -- >> you don't think what's going on around you. it's fast. >> reporter: debts say the bad guys were brothers from bucks county. the da tells fox 29 the customer had a recently expired concealed carry permit and was not within the six month grace period for renewal. using his discretion the da sa says -- >> if i can accomplish one objective today, is to exonerate the shooter of any criminal wrongdoing. >> reporter: meantime the pizza shop owner says he'll
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press on. >> really nice neighborhood. really good people around here. that's the whole reason we moved here. that's the whole reason we open our second location here. >> reporter: now officials say it's not clear if the surviving robber will face charges and as dave ken chen is reporting they're not releasing the customer's name. a major development tonight in a story that prompted protests throughout country. minnesota police officer is now charged in the shooting death of phil landreau castile. an officer shot him in july during a traffic stop, and castile's girlfriend streamed the moments after he fired the seven shots live on facebook. today, the ramsay county attorney says that officer yanez was not justified in the shooting of the 32-year-old. he now faces a second degree manslaughter charge. investigators say the officer had asked castile to show his driver's license and proof of insurance during that summertime traffic stop. vest gathers say, castile told the officer that he did have a gun on him. but was reaching for his license which is when yanez opened fire.
10:17 pm
well now that the officer faces charges castile's family is urging calm. >> it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by officer yanez was not justified. in that sufficient facts exist to prove this to be true. >> it is necessary for everyone to understand that we want peace. we don't want any protests to get outrageous. >> officer yanez is due to make his first court appearance friday. hundreds of students at swarthmore college stayed a walk-out today they want their school to become sanctuary campus. armed with signs, students say they fear undocumented students and staff will be deported under president-elect trump's immigration policy. students joined 80 other colleges and schools in this national push to keep students
10:18 pm
and staff protected. >> i have a lot of friends who are either not citizens or are sons of immigrants who aren't citizens so separation of families is a big issue i'm concerned about. >> the college says it is investigating what providing sanctuary would mean for undocumented students and how it will work both legally and practically. it's a heart-breaking infuriating problem many people don't know about that. thousands of children across philadelphia are getting poisoned and it's an age old foe, lead paint found in many of the city's older buildings. finally though philadelphia lawmakers are cracking down but can they solve the problem? >> fox 29's bruce gordon talks to one mother who says her son is disable there this poison. >> it's a permanent disability. so -- >> reporter: he'll have problems for the rest of his life. >> for the rest of his life he'll have problem. >> reporter: nine-year-old jaelin should be in fourth grade. he's only in second. he cannot read or spell or follow most commands. she says her boy was poisoned by
10:19 pm
eating chips of lead paint peeling from the windows of the family's rented philly row house when he was just a toddler. >> he would just fine the window sills, the pain chips and we would always catch him there. >> reporter: when his development slowed shed had him tester. it was the lead paint. he will likely never catch up to his peer. >> we don know if he'll ever be able to finish high school let alone college. so we actually don't know what, washington his life will be. >> not just lead exposure but i really want to emphasize we're talking about lead poisoning here. >> reporter: on wednesday city council committee on public health okayed package of legislation aimed eradicating lead paint poisoning in the city putting pressure on philadelphia's landlords, schools and those who run small in home day cares to report and remediate lead paint issues. it's a beginning but philadelphia's health commissioner admits laws already on the books are not always enforced. >> our system for epp force many
10:20 pm
has not been strong nudge we're working very hard with other city agencies to make them stronger. >> she is glad the rules are being tighten. she wishes she knew more about the dangers of lead paint before it was too late. >> he was robbed of his potential. >> reporter: that lead paint crack down legislation is expected to gain final approval of the full city council next month. again, without meaningful enforcement, young children will continue to be poisoned. their futures imperil. in philadelphia, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> many of us parents have been there. you turn your back for a second and your child is in trouble. lucky for this baby someone was watching over it. >> i felt like something came and just push me forward. >> why their mom still can't believe it all happened. >> amazing story. can't wait to see it. how did you learn to be a daddy? not so easy especially if you didn't have a dad yourself. tonight we're taking to you daddy university. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic
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here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. yo, south philly all day tomorrow we'll find construction crews out at broad and patison during the midday. also, watch for work all this week on 95 they'll be workin wog both the princeton avenue and cottman avenue on and off-ramp in addition to the knife girard construction. watch out for possible delays tomorrow morning across the board on the regional rail lines those slippery rails from all the fallen leaves, and tonight through tomorrow morning around 5:00 the vine expressway remains closed with construction. we'll check the morning jam cams and the forecast. see you tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> life is worth much more than a pair of shoes much this guy almost lost his over pair of air jordans he showed up to sell the man the sneakers the buyer tried to shoot him point blank. somehow he missed. this happened in washington, d.c. but police did get a break with the surveillance video you're seeing right now. it shows the three suspects looking for tonight somehow no one else was hurt. >> all over pair of kicks. >> nine-year-old boy makes a stunning safe when his baby brother takes a huge fall from a changing table. >> but divine intervention delivered an angel. a florida mom says as she was getting her five children ready for bed, she put her 11 month old son on the changing table.
10:25 pm
she walk away. he turned over and fell off the table but in the nick of time, watch this, the babi' nine year old brother rushed in and made the safe. >> i would have never caught him and i can't run that fast. so i felt like something came and just pushed me forward and then when it happened i just ran and caught him. >> i'm a believing person. i believe in god and i do believe in miracles. i just never seen one first hand like in front of my face just happen. >> i don't know about you but i got chill. she says she is much more careful now and says she wandered to share this video to show other parents and caregivers a tragedy can happen in just seconds. amazing. it is a shameful, shameful statistic. more children go hungry in philadelphia than in any other big city in the nation. we got to change that, don't we one woman isn't settling for that. she's making sure young people
10:26 pm
get meals now she needs help of her own. >> kathy is tracking your forecast. >> i certainly am, iain few lingering showers. other otherwise skies are clearing. we have snow to the west, to the east we have warmth. for now. we'll take look at the numbers before it turns wintry around here when we come back. >> coming up at 11:00 if you've ever been to old city chances off you've walked past ben franklin's grave ands to add penny on it. the founding father's resting police needed some help and it just got it from big-time name.
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♪ in the shadow of philadelphia's booming center stow skyline little children who live below the poverty line are going hungry in neighborhoods already full of challenges. recent report shows close to half million philadelphia residents now live in poverty. it's the highest number among nations 10 largest cities. >> but there's a feisty grandmother refusing to settle for that. she showed our joyce evans she's
10:30 pm
fighting the system to save kids from the mean streets. >> with all the poverty and all drugs that's going on everybody looks out for the kids. >> reporter: they say they're happy here. >> i love playing with the toys and everything. >> reporter: they feel safe here. >> sometimes we do like pictures and stuff. like a lot of people here. >> um-um hum. >> reporter: many say they come here because they're hung hungry. >> we get to have snacks at snack time and lunch at lunch time. >> reporter: that's what the neighborhood children thought they were getting when they saw miss monica's door open and there were people inside. >> strawberries, ice cream. >> reporter: they got all of that and so much more over the past two summers. >> robotics class came and --
10:31 pm
>> we get to learn stuff. >> i felt drawn to come back here. >> monica wright ran summer meals program out of the same row home where she raised her own children years ago. >> 3100 block of reach street. it's a main street they say in the middle of a hard neighborhood. >> the crack vials and the needles. >> reporter: where some children are sharing living quarters with big rats. rats, mice and roaches families say they just can't keep out. >> the street has changed tremendously. >> reporter: the struggle even harder for working parents and grandparents. >> you've got people with three and four kids with income of less than a thousand a month. >> reporter: just trying to keep the lights on, clothes on the children and food on the table. they don't always hit the mark. >> how are they surviving? how?
10:32 pm
>> people around here survive. that's why i said we work together. >> by depending on one another wherever they can. >> you can't do anything but work together. when you make less than a thousand a month. report roar miss monica is not a wealthy woman. >> not by any stretch. >> i'll be honest i only make $10 an hour and i work part time so i can help with my grandkids. >> reporter: she says she uses her background in child care, non-profits and knowledge of the public assistance programs to meet help and safety and other guidelines in order to get funding through the usda summer meals program. >> we did our own lunches, um, and the kids loved it. i'd say roughly about 20 kids a day. >> it helps with the grocery bills. yes, it does. >> reporter: miss monica had no problem getting neighbors like cheryl robinson, a retired grandmom, to volunteer with the kids.
10:33 pm
>> maybe the parents have to work late or something that gets them -- gives them the opportunity to sit down with other children, communicate and not only that, it gives them the opportunity to be off the streets. >> reporter: groups donate time and services to expose the kids to more. [ inaudible ] >> snacks and talking to people. >> reporter: jadin and company politely took their seats at the table. for the first time since the summer program ended. but -- >> i actually don't have nothing to give them. >> reporter: the meals program has not yet been extended as they had hoped. the mood changed. the children just didn't understand. >> but now she's closed. >> yeah. >> you want her to open back up?
10:34 pm
>> reporter: she searched the fridge and she found a few snacks. she had bought for her grandchildren. >> ya'll want some juice? >> okay. , cool. i do have crackers, too. >> reporter: they were happy for this day. but monica wright is fuming, angry that she was turned down for the fall or school year version of the summer meals program. >> if there's money out there that's supposed to be for the children in this neighborhood, they should be coordinating. it shouldn't be a struggle. it shouldn't be cost a thousand dollars to reopen after i was just open in the summer. >> reporter: she said she's paying fees now to go before review board to get approval and funding for the at risk after school meals program. >> if it's people who are saying we're going provide a safe place and food and nourishment should the same poor people have to pay for that right? that doesn't make any sense. >> under the zoning code you can't do it.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: l and i spokeswoman says mon nay wright's situation is unique. using a row house to host the program is not allowed under the guidelines. even though she somehow got the funding for the summer program without l and i clearance. >> i'm going to throw my hat into the confused ring with your hat. >> reporter: federal, state and local agencies are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of the children in the program, karen sums up what we got from all three levels of government. >> the fact that there are kids who are going hungry in our neighborhoods is just devastating. the just awful. i think what she's doing is incredible. but i'm not the king of the zoning code. i don't get to just throw it out many. >> reporter: that's not stopping monica from going after changes in those rules. while she continues to plea for a waiver. and uses her own money when she can to offer food and more to the kids who asked her to stay
10:36 pm
open. >> even though -- so little kids can like come here and learn good things. good things instead of the bad things out there. >> i'm not going to stop. they all here. [ laughter ] >> i'm not going to stop. >> all right. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. amazing the difference a person can make. as you just heard monica wright is appealing her case, but she's already fighting to change guidelines from washington, d.c. to harrisburg. hoping, hoping it will help others help children in their neighborhoods government to for more. people have been watching this video on facebook over and over. shows a local teacher showing her kids how to push through. once you hear their song you may be inspire as well. >> these thieves chose the wrong home to break into. what was waiting in that
10:37 pm
backyard that sent them running.
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north philadelphia elementary schoolteacher blowing up on social media for how she motivates her classroom. jasmine wright teaches third grade at frederick douglas mastery charter school. she poste posted the video in re to donald trump's election win because some of her students were upset about the out come of the election. the teacher says it's important that her students feel empowered. in your money, how you fly. united airlines bringing whole new meaning to the term of no thrills flying. >> they unveiled basic economy fares to fend off competition from spirit and frontier. basic economy is perfect if you live out of a backpack and prefer to fly alone. united will automatically assign i was seat at check in. no choice there. and also board last and carry ons are limited to just one so you don't have to worry about storage in the overhead bins. >> i hope you like the middle seat. tired of seeing offense things on twitter mute it. twitter is helping you avoid
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seeing abusive and offensive tweet. you can block tweets based on key words, phrases and conversations. you can also use it to report hateful content. twitter says the amount of abuse bullying and harassment on that social media platform has exploded. how did you learn to be a dad? definitely a hard job. to night we'll take you to daddy university. >> how did you learn? >> i learn on the job. >> triplets. >> i learn on the job. >> welcome to daddy hood. >> three times over. >> iain aced it, right. >> i hope so. >> i'm sure he did. >> weather wise we're talking about a warming trend and then a major cool down. sunny for now but we'll see how long that's coming up with the seven day when we come back.
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♪ talk about a sweet security system. check out what happened in st. petersburg, florida. surveillance video shows a couple of would be thieves climbing over the fence into a woman's backyard on saturday. what they didn't know was that the homeowner keeps bees so you can imagine it was quite the surprise when one of them fell right on top of a hive. honey bees turn out to be one sweet security system. so do you know how to be a daddy? what about your partner may seem like simple question,
10:45 pm
right? the answer not so much. >> there's a school right here in our area that works to fill in those blanks and help fathers become great dads. our bill anderson has the story. >> reporter: think about it. we often hear stories particularly in lower income communities about uninvolved or absentee fathers. whether or not it's true, fathers are regularly portrayed in negative way but very few resources exist to help them. >> there are men here who have full custody infants. >> joel was expecting his second child and couldn't find the answers he was looking for so he and associates launched daddy university. >> i looked for a lot of the information. i looked for examples and worksheets but a lot of it i found on motherhood sites. a wave of you should tell everybody. that's how daddy university got started. >> daddy university provides legal support, parenting classes and annual daddy daughter dance and more. does more than just teach fathers how to be father it teaches society we should try to
10:46 pm
understand before we decide to judge. >> this is the only job that you have no kind of direction. sometimes no policies, no certifications, no procedural manuals. you're almost asked to it correctly all the time without prior notch. >> reporter: i sat in on one of their weekly meet that is a ranged from a few men and one objective woman in case that perspective is necessary to couple dozen and saw how important it is for fathers to have an open and honest dialog dialogue. >> i have no better job than boeing a father. it's my best job. and whoever can give me something to make me a better father i want to take it. >> they talk about how fatherhood made them face the fact they didn't know everything. >> as a man some people have fear of failure. and sometimes not able to admit they need help. others may see you as weak. >> reporter: they explained their challenges with the court systems. >> court system needs to be reformed. i think it's unfair to fathers.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: they made it clear contrary to relationship issues they may have have faced they never stopped fighting to be present for their children. >> i'm not part-time father. i'm not accepting this. give me more time and i kept going and kept going, kept going much the judge said what do you want? and i want my child. >> daddy university gave them a chance to be open and honest about their feelings without the fear of being judge. >> all these feeling so much because we have so much love for each other. the hurt that we had and got back together, had a second one. >> daddy university opened up their weekly meeting to us and i thanked them for it. spending time with them clearly displayed that fathers need support. often for their children's sake. but daddy university took the lead in supplying at least some of that support and breaking down negative stereotypes and they did it for goodness sake. >> there you go. drone cameras can show the world from all kinds of amazing angl
10:48 pm
angles. >> one jilted husband says his drone proves his wife was having an affair. >> there he is. there's the guy bleep that my wife is cheating on me with. my wife of 18 years and watch, watch carefully, you'll be able to see 18 years go right down the bleep drain. >> all right. this video got nearly 5 million views on youtube. guy known as john g up loaded it from northern pennsylvania. he narrates the whole sorted affair on the clip as you heard and tells inside edition after suspicious about his wife's whereabouts, he followed her one day with a drone. she told him she'd been going to work early but in the drone video, it shows she kind of met up with her boyfriend got into his car, john g had enough and filed for divorce. >> wow! >> all righty. hmm. on your kay door right now, we got good weather ahead. i'm very happy about that. >> i was going to say in whether we use drones for other things. >> right. [ laughter ] >> i had no transition. i was going what could do i say
10:49 pm
good luck to the couple. they're not a couple any more. what do you say. >> you leave it. take look at old city philadelphia this is mark street pretty night out there we have the clouds they will will give way to clearing and cool temperatures out there as well. the poconos 45. reading and lancaster checking in at 48 degrees. 55 in philadelphia. 46 degrees in millville. so we are talking about cooler temperatures moving our way after a major warmup so here's phase one. fair weather high pressure building in along the whole eastern seaboard. the whole eastern half of the nation, and because the flow around is clockwise we get into a return flow. so a southwesterly wind that will peak those temperatures by the end of the week. so thursday above the average of 56, friday we peak at 70. saturday quite close and temperatures crash on sunday with a burst of wintry weather. now when we look at the wind chills this is saturday night into sunday morning, so this is sunday morning, you'll see the numbers going down. by sunday at about 7am, these
10:50 pm
numbers are down in the 20s you have that westerly wind and the wind chills only in the 20s. so 7am sunday it will feel like it's 27 in philadelphia. 26 in allentown. 27 in wilmington and in reading it will feel like it is only 24 degrees. we've been looking at our long range computer models we talk about the european and that american model. a lot in the winter. the european model has been consistent in the long range to talk about a chance of some flurries this would be sunday morning if enough moisture is lingering with that cold air but that would be in the lehigh valley and the poconos, and typically this time of year we see more than that. so overnight tonight, low temperatures mainly in the 40s. 46 in philadelphia. 41 in allentown. colt in the poconos 40 degrees the overnight low in millville. during the day tomorrow, 63, a beautiful day, northwesterly wind at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. so putting a little bit of a chill in the air. teague look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. perfect 10 for friday. just a great day to be outdoors.
10:51 pm
the same goes for saturday. the front moves through and that arctic blast moves in for sunday. it will be blustery. monday still cold. tuesday mostly sunny, 52. and by next wednesday a big travel day for thanksgiving, partly sunny skies and 58. the holiday itself, well -- it looks like another shot of cold air with temperatures only in the lower 50s with mostly cloudy skies. and most likely some rain. that's the way it looks right now. hey, sean. >> kathy, one greatest eagles defensive players of all time gets great news at a perfect time but the sixers looking for their second win of the season. they had to do it without one of their bigs. once again see if they can hold on to a lead next in sports. ♪
10:52 pm
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♪ joel embiid not playing tonight against the wizards. coach brett brown says he's following the directions of the medical staff but at some point you have to let the kid play. the minute restrictions and sitting out games just going to frustrate him and everyone else. luckily, for the sixers fans the wizards just sting. first quarter, look at this new addition hitting deep three. he had 16 points. four boards in the second jahlil okafor drives to the rap rack with the left, finish with the left. dario saric.
10:55 pm
sixers within 109-102 scratching to hold on to their second win despite having a big lead. >> we go overboard on what's it going to take to close out a game. we know if we're going oh win it's not because we're beating anybody by 20 we've been doing the same thing for two months. >> to the eagles brian dawkins has been named as a semi-finalist for the hall of fame big big congrats to b dawk sunday's game is going to be something he'll love to see. two great defenses seahawks d has been the best in the game for over five years. legion of boom has become one of the greats of all time. but this year the eagles d feels like they're second to no one. >> if you want to talk about body of work i wouldn't compare us to, um, the seattle defense. i got a lot of respect for the guys on that team and that defense. if you want to talk this year there's no defense in this league i wouldn't compare us to. >> nfl admitted to missing a
10:56 pm
helmet to helmet call on jordan matthews this past sunday saying they just miff it. but that's not enough. the guy could have got a concussion. it does nothing for matthews or the eagles at this point and sunday how war eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the game on "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. then there's bears and giants at 1:00. at night we'll wrap up all the games sports sunday. >> award time for major league baseball. max scherzer nl cy young. 20 and seven for the nationals with a 2.96 era. it's his second career cy young and sixth pitcher to win in both leagues that award. so -- >> impressive. >> rack it up. if you have a chance go see what justin verlander's girlfriend had to say about him not winni winning. i can't say it on air. >> bitter.
10:57 pm
>> kate upton. >> not happy. >> lucy, what's coming up at 11:00. >> the next time you head to an atm you'll pick up more than just cash. what scientists just discover lurking on these key pads, oh yeah and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your powerball lottery drawing is next. how can you forget? ♪ where things come from?
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