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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening right now, at 11:00-a call for action. >> good people are leaving the school district. this is what really hurts. good teachers are leaving us. >> imagine working really hard for five years without a that's been the struggle for teachers in chester tonight they packed school board meeting to demand a contract. good evening, i'm lucy noland. those teachers say they are fed up but tonight we're seeing glimmers of hope. fox 29's chris o'connell went to chester to get both sides. chris? >> reporter: lucy, got a question for you. how long would you go to work without getting a raise? well, teachers here in chester upland school district say it's been five years and counting, and they say that's long enough. >> they worked without a raise
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for nearly 1900 days. some weeks they came to work without even getting a paycheck. but teachers at chester upland school district wonder how long they can go without a contract. >> good people are leaving the school district. this is what really hurts. good teachers are leaving us. >> reporter: there have been no cost of living races and teachers some of the lowest paid in the area are also forced to spend their own money on their classrooms. >> i have two kids in college. we pay for it on a credit card. >> reporter: in front of a surprised packed house the state run school board did announce progress is being made in recent contract negotiations. >> the school district absolutely is op mystic that we will be able to reach an agreement with the teachers win fairly short period of time. >> reporter: that could be welcome news for teachers who say they've made a commit many to the kids. and i am told the stumbling blocks right now are non non-monetary issues like teacher's schedules and benefits
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packages. both sides hoping they come up with an agreement soon. lucy? >> hopefully it gets there, thanks so much, chris. breaking news to holmesburg fox 29 on the scene where a man turned up dead at rhawn and frankford this evening. philadelphia police aren't sure what happened or how he got there. they need the medical examiner to get right to work on this one. the man was white in his 40s or 50s no id. homicide detectives are there right now. another man is in serious condition tonight after car hit him in wilmington just before 7:00 tonight on philadelphia pike. the driver did stop delaware state police are investigating. no word if the driver will face any charges. a new day a new details on the transition into the trump administration. prospective candidates for major positions continue to come from the trump tower in new york. and president-elect trump has picked retired lieutenant michael flynn as national security adviser. that position does not require a senate confirmation. he has his critics ooh who call
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him anti islam and don't like that he traveled to moscow last year to appear with vladimir putin. former research can nominee mitt romney expected to meet with trump for what a source is calling a healing meeting. romney was an outspoken critic of trump during the election season. trump referred to romney as a loser. a popular diner under fire tonight a long trump supporter says an employee harassed her and now the diner's owner is getting death threats from strangers it all started day aft the election when the customer says a waitress be rated her at the trolley car diner. here's the reason customer says it was her make america great again hat. she says she went back to the east mt. airy restaurant a week later and claims the same waitress pushed her. diner owner ken weinstein says that never happened. though the waitress did face reprimand tour her anti trump comments. >> the whole thing blew up. we received hundreds and thousands of phone calls
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facebook messages fake yelp reviews and some of the most hateful language you can imagi imagine. 33 threatened to -- 33 threatened to burn down the dine are in. >> i want people to, n say they're tolerant to practice tolerance. >> the story has gone viral on social media as you can imagine. the customer says she never did file a police roar. in the spotlight at the university of pennsylvania racial discrimination. two black student organizations staged walk outs this morning. one week after freshmen at the campus received racist threats mentioning lynchings and slurs. investigators say a now he can oklahoma university student used the app group me to zen the offensive messages. investigators are looking into other students in oklahoma as well. on your radar tonight. a warm um and then snow! >> yes. >> meteorologist kathy orr is here with that first forecast at 11. my goodness, kathy. >> unbelievable. tale of two seasons. we talked about it before. but it's been so warm and it
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will be so pleasant the next couple of days and just like that things are going to change. the storm brewing out west. you would never know it in philadelphia where it's a little busy out there tonight it is thursday night in the city after all. 50 degrees. the high today 61. the wind is calm temperatures will be falling quickly with light winds and clear skies. it's 37 in the poconos. 39 in allentown. wilmington 45. in millville it is 41 degrees. as we widen out you can see colder air to the north southeastern canada upstate new york there's even a lake effect snow advisory for saturday night for the great lakes for the buffalo area because of whipping winds that will be moving in. right now it's quiet, high pressure in control. the next couple of days will be beautiful with plenty of sun and mild temperatures. feeling more like early fall. but then here's the storm bringing heavy snow to chicago right now into the northern planes, even minneapolis expecting to see about a foot of snow by tomorrow. this powerful storm the first one of the season will be moving
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eastward and as it does, it will bring a rapid change. so consider this. saturday's high temperature will be around 70 degrees. but by sunday morning, in the wake of that front, with whipping winds, the temperature will be 38 and that is a fall of some 32 degrees between saturday afternoon and sunday morning. so what will it feel like sunday morning? especially for the marathon. 7:00 a.m. it will feel like 28 in philadelphia. it will feel like it's 25 in pottstown. it will feel like it's 23 in reading. so these numbers will feel more like the middle of winter than the middle of november. so as we time it out on the fox future cast with that front some showers after 7:00 p.m. especially far to the north and west of philadelphia. and then by the time we get to 10:00 o'clock saturday night, some snow showers through the lehigh valley and the poconos. and then this whips through by i'd say early sunday morning. there could be some lake effect snow showers he had heading in during the day sunday because
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winds will being to about 30 even 40 miles an hour. so this is really going to feel like winter on sunday. overnight 43 in the city. 37 in the suburbs. mainly clear during the day tomorrow the high 67. just a great day to be outdoors and that will continue through saturday but don't be deceased. that front moves through late saturday night and there will be a huge change sunday morning. monday, tuesday, stay cold. wednesday that big travel day for thanksgiving looks great. and then thursday another cool down. temperatures in the 50's chance of showers but there will be some wind for your turkey bowls and that is a look at your seven day forecast. lucy, we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, thanks much kathy orr. bundle of cash an bundle of trouble. fbi after this man wanted for center citibank robbery. investigators say he showed a teller a demand note she hasn'ted over a bundle of cash at the republic bank on the 1600 block of mark street yesterday. he got away but the fbi hopes that is not for long.
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developing to night, the search for a beloved family pet. last time louie's family saw him was on his surveillance video. a couple they don't know walked off wither little yorkie right from their olney doorstep. louie's owners are speaking out hoping someone will speak up. brad sattin has been talking with his family. brad? >> reporter: really sad story. this happened tuesday night around 10:00 o'clock here on the 5200 block of arbor street. if you own a pet, if you've ever had a pet, you know losing a pet can be so difficult. but it's in in this case the dog was a source of comfort that will not be easily replaced. bernard sanford is desperately searching for his eight-year-old yorkie named louie. when a pizza delivery man knock on his door tuesday night we are far's daughter answered and told him he had the wrong house. >> i found it wasn't our pizza i just closed the door and -- >> the dog had gotten out. >> the dog got out. she didn't realize the dog had gotten out. their outdoor video camera shows what happened next.
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a couple spotted louie minutes later the woman got out and chased the dog back home. then the man in the car pulls up gets out and together they take the dog. their intent is not known but the family is crushed. bernard lost two of his sons in recent years some separate tragedies and they got the dog to offer them some comfort. >> the puppy was like therapy puppy for the family, you know. he was like nice, calm. to my daughters it was like they had another little brother. >> i lost my brother as couple years ago and that's like a brother to me, too. i just really want my dog. >> reporter: come here. i'll give you a hug. it's okay. report. >> we'll get the word out, okay? >> reporter: indeed doing everything we can to try to get the word out. there was a witness who says that the couple was of asian decent they may have left in either a pearl or white colored nissan path finder. a police report was filed, of course, if you have any information at all, lucy, being asked to call police.
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>> hopefully they can get louie home real real soon. thank you so much, brad. to a story now you first saw on fox. headlines blaring smash and grabs grabbed four men criminal charges. philadelphia prosecutors have champed men with stealing luxury suv used in high end robberies. louis mathis, hassan knight, jermaine ricky johnson and marquise tailor face charges of theft and receiving stolen prompt. police say three of those men used that stolen infinity smash and grab at a macy's in moorestown on sunday and attempted robbery at the macy' nos center city. robbery charges in new jersey are pending right now. a drexel university student in big trouble after police say he flew a drone way too close to a police chopper. prosecutors have charged joseph roselli with aggravated assault and risking catastrophe. after police say he went after the department's tack air chopper after it flew over an anti trump march last night. the drone put news chopper including skyfox at risk as we
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well. >> everywhere the police helicopter went it was charging the police helicopter. it's a one point he was charging us and he came in to our side door and he turned quickly away from us. >> he could have killed, you know, my camera guy, myself and wherever we were on the ground you're talking center city rittenhouse square not many places for the aircraft to go. it's going to go into a buildi building. >> don't use those drones like that. philadelphia police say the feds will pick up the case and could impose federal charges and fines. something is changing in american children. medicine you're giving them may be at the root of it. the concerning results of a new study. and reaching the age of 100 is a milestone indeed but to be 100 and still working is a whole other accomplishment. what happened during the great depression that led this local librarian to where she is today. and if you have a long drive to your relatives for thanksgiving next week we've got great news
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for you because gas prices are very low nation why. the national average around about two bucks. 49 million people will head home for the holidays with plans to travel 50 miles or mow so says aaa.
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. ♪ the philadelphia eagles are
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stepping up to save the day for a grays ferry youth football team. birds officials heard about our report on the thieves who stole field equipment from the sharks. the eagles are partnering with the sports complex special services district to replace the stolen gear and the team is letting the sharks 10 and eight under teams playing this saturday on the practice field at the novacare center. >> i talked to jeffrey, i talk to doug and i smacked to howie about opening up since we were headed to seattle on friday. all yeses absolutely and -- >> this is a big deal for those kids. >> i think it will be, you know, i think it will be a neat experience. >> this is something they'll always remember when they're my age when their parents age. they played where the philadelphia eagles practice. >> the winners of saturday's games earn the right to play for the national titles in florida. so good luck sharks. what do you plan on doing for your 100th birthday? do you have any plans? this local woman is having a big party but
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even more amazing she's still working. if you ask her, she wouldn't have it any other way. fox 29's bill rohrer hung out with miss judith today and learn she still has a whole lot to look forward to. >> thank you everybody. thank you. >> reporter: when you're fortunate enough to turn 100 years old -- >> happy birthday engineer edith. >> reporter: you may get a lot of add tension like edith kutcher. >> thank you. >> reporter: don't call her a celebrity. >> it's me and i'm in the celebrity. >> reporter: edith celebrating her birthday a day earl wl it had err friends at klein life in northeast philadelphia. >> give me a kiss. >> she's been volunteer librarian for the last 40 years. >> seems to be the older people only want the large print books and enough of them are not come through. >> she always wanted to be writer but the great depression caused her to become stenographer. >> well, i'd like to read all of
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them but that's why they're here eventually i get around to reading some of them. >> reporter: edith has a passion for poetry. >> without a doubt i'd like to south. >> she's written a few poems. >> put me down for a day in town. >> reporter: secret to her longevity. >> what keeps me going are boo books. i think i'll be buried with th them. >> i will tell you this. angels help. >> reporter: in philadelphia,. >> you got to believe in angels report roar bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> i do. >> so do i. you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighborhood. iain. >> lucy, city hall being transformed into a holiday wonder land. fresco user emma takes touts popular christmas village being set dawn. you can see construction crews putting up the wooden huts, the holiday attraction will officially open on thanksgiving day. the village of course is normally at love park but that's being renovated right now. philadelphia university students spent the afternoon making hundreds of san witch for
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a good cause. they'll be included in care packages that be given to local charities that care for the homeless. those organizations include project home's women of change residents st. francis inn shelter and covenant house. when you see news happening take out your phone, shoot it and make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. you can make some cash. lucy. >> thanks iain n your health tonight a warning about medicine you may give your children. antibiotic resistant infections are on the rise among american children. researchers analyzed blood samples from kids between one and 17 years old who received hospital care between 1999 and 2012. during that time, the number of bacteria samples resistant to at least three types of antibiotics made big increases. those researchers say this is even more proof of how important it is to track, prevent and treat antibiotic resistant infections in children. >> new report calling for major shift in the way -- one in seven
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people will face substance abuse addiction another troubling statistic. 78 people die each day from an opioid overdose. the report emphasizes that addiction is a chronic illness and not a character flaw. >> children from across the area competed today in the chess championship put on by the philadelphia police athletic league and temple university. officials say the game helps teach children important mental skills and sportsmanship and also gives officers another opportunity to have a little fun with the community which is always wonderful thing. holiday season is on in the city. philadelphia mayor jim kenney helped kick off thing today. the mayor placed the first ornament on fill's christ nass industry in dilworth park. the 40-foot fir. wow from colorado. by the end of the week the tree will shine full decorated it's lighting is saturday november 26th. all right. so forget the eagles receivers. how about some eagles retrieve
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retrievers. yup. carson went wentz has a new puppy. his golden retriever gave birth to eight little one. the account belongs to his dog henley and has more than 2,000 followers. speaking of sports here's sean bell. >> lucy, nfl hall of fame likes to send messages but i have a message to send to them. terrell owens one of the all time greats it shouldn't be a question whether or not he gets in to canton. why coming up next in the sports commentary. ♪
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♪ sean bell takes on terrell owens and whether he belongs in the hall of fame. his commentary 15 seconds away. ♪ the people choosing who gets into the nfl hall of fame are flat out joke if they don't put terrell owens in and they were flat out joke last year because they didn't. owens is one of the three greatest wide receivers of all time and he's not even debatable to only jerry rice in receiving jar. third in touchdowns and he's seventh in receptions. the stats speak for themselves. the only reason he didn't get in last year and why people are questioning whether or not he'll get in this year is because all
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the off the field drama because he could sometimes be a distract to the team. but guess what? this isn't the hall of good guys. all right. if it was based on that half the people in canton would be out of it. okay? the only thing that matter social security what to did on the feel. the writers need to is that being haters and give that man his just do. to is a hall of famer among hall of famers. >> thanks so much sean bell. tom hanks may be one of the few hollywood ate a listers giving trump the benefit of the doubt. he addressed post presidential election fears. he said "we are going to be all right". actress marion coat yard is speaking out against rampant rumors of affair with brad pitt during television interview this morning. the actress denied any relationship with her co-star in the upcoming move allied. she even called the love scene quote awkward. yeah. awkward.
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>> brad pitt is in the middle of divorce with angelina joelly. >> could you imagine anything like that with cameras rolling. >> no. >> you don't know that person that well. >> i still feel it wouldn't be awkward with them. if i was with beyonce' nothing awkward to me, okay. >> oh! >> mrs. bell -- >> she'd be okay with beyonce'. >> last night we were talking baby booty. here we go. >> continuous theme. >> got all kinds of stuff coming you. tmz, dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. back here for your fox 29 morning news, "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic cover covered. >> george clooney. >> i don't know. i'm not sure.
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of their potential.
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harvey: we got blake shelton out with gwen stefani. he talks about an openly gay country singer. >> ty herdnon is coming out with his first album since he came out as gay. >> i like ty herndon. i hope the album is great. >> i listened to it. it's amazing. it's not the old country either. it's more poppy. harvey: bro country? pharvey: would you stop it! >> in 2014, mariah carey only made $6 million. harvey: enter james packer. >> now it makes sense. she's going after a billionaire. >> i don't think she's a gold digger. >> she's a gold digger. >> do you really think she's a gold digger? >> yes! >> snoop dogg. he was roasted last night at the avalon. which is put on by russell simmons. celebrities showed up for this, french montana, t.i. harvey: how was he? that's interesting. >> snoop was laughing his ass off. >>


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