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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a man found dead on the sidewalk, police say his body was dragged from a nearby building, and now they are trying to track down who is responsible, the latest on who police are questioning, right now. plus, they both criticized each other during donald trump's presidential run and thousand they are meeting face-to-face. cabinet position some say mitt romney is being considered for in donald trump's white house. >> there is a special connection. there is a special connection. >> as emotional off the field as he was on the told, brian dawkins breaks down when he talks about his connection with philadelphia eagles fans. the special tribute that brought b talk to tears. it is friday, it is friday, friday. >> it is friday. >> eagles green. >> i am wearing my eagles green. where is your eagles green. >> oh, it is on we just can't see it. >> we need all of the green we can get.
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>> they are really sleepless. it is november the 18th, 2016. here is sueby. >> they have black as an accent color so that that is what we have got. ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers, can you handle it, it is a friday and a ten, enjoy it while here. milder temperatures we will get later on. bus stop buddy has a jacket on this morning because we are off to chillier start with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. it is also apple cider day so he has his in a juice box here. here is radar, we have clear skies, temperatures did get chillier, this morning then they were yesterday. 45 degrees in the city with sunrise at 6:50. thirty-six in mount pocono, chillier in reading and millville 39 degrees in wilmington delaware. these temperatures are 11 to 14 degrees colder then yesterday at this time. keep that in mine. by lunchtime we are up to 60 and we will top off at 67 degrees for our high temperature later on today.
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and then bob kelly, the bottom drops out, we will talk about that over weekend. >> you got it, sue, good morning. >> 6:02. not a good way to begin your day smacked in the concrete barrier on i-95 northbound, right here near philly international airport. it looks like folks walking around with flashlights, officers on the scene but watch out for a slow down on the northbound side of i-95 near philly international. northbound 202 watch for an accident near boot road rolling up towards frazier, malvern and king of prussia. septa using shuttle buses from seventh third and elmwood along route 36 trolley because of the crash on the trucks and marathon madness this weekend, philadelphia marathon in town, closures on the parkway, city streets and ramps from the vine street expressway no matter whether you are running or not you will want to make sure you have course map and i have put that map up on both my facebook and twitter page for to you down load, good to go and marathon weekend also
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will cause detours with septa until we put timetables for septa and bus route detours up there as well. mike and alex, back over to you. developing right now out of philadelphia, a man's body was found outside of the building. >> yeah, investigators are trying to figure out hoe is, and how he got there. steve is there, hi there, steve. >> reporter: you can hear how bus think road is at 6:00 in the morning but at 6:00 at night it is busier. the here's the shot, dental on the first floor, apartments on the second and third floors. here's hot from our helicopter on video and you can see a body on the sidewalk, this was not the greatest murder cover up of all time according to police investigating this case. right in the middle of the rush hour at night they leave the guy right outside the front doors, right on the sidewalk. first person comes saying someone tripped and hit their head, paramedics get here and they realize this looks like a
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murder. >> a female and a male were taken into custody, right the now they are not under arrest, they are persons of interest. they were transported to homicide and right now they are being interviewed by homicide detectives. the owner of the property did pull the recordings, and homicide detectives did review the recordings, that did clearly show this individual on the sidewalk and what transpired just prior to him being dragged outside the front door of the property and placed on the sidewalk. so right now it is a very suspicious death. >> reporter: here are the other suspicious things police find a rag covering surveillance camera inside and then outside look at our video. the window is opened. that is because police found out of after looking at back surveillance two guys climb out of the second floor window on the porch roof and down in
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the bed of the pickup truck and then speed away. you can see what we got here this morning homicide detectives to still here, ten hours later, taking fingerprints and evident in. so they have had two people at homicide and were not even considered suspects and they have two people they would like to find who made a quick getaway in the pickup truck for some reason. alex and mike. >> thanks, guys. now, this story out of mercer county police in hamilton new jersey are investigating a homicide. the incident happened at ge nesee park avenue. police have not released any information about the the victim or how the person died. we will bring you updates on these new details as they come in. all right. tonight a vote is scheduled to take place on that contract that ended a week long transit strike, with septa. but there is word the contract may not be approved by union leaders. the president of the twu local 234 told that he
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was sure he had enough votes but was worried about low turnout, if the union rejects the contract this does not mean workers will go back on strike but it does mean back to the bargaining table. right now the contract includes 10.5 percent raises over five years. that is 68,000 to more than 75,000 in five years. results should be available by 9:00 o'clock tonight. of course, we will have it on the 10:00 o'clock news. 6:06. we are learning more about the drexel university student who police say flew a drone too close to the philadelphia police helicopter. the his name is joseph roseli, he is charged with aggravated assault and risking catastrophe a after police say he went after the department's tack air chopper as it flew over this anti donald trump march wednesday night. news choppers including sky fox were put at risk as well.
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>> every where a police helicopter went it was charging the helicopter. at one point he was charging us and came in through our side door and then he turned quickly away from frustrates. he could have killed, you know, camera guy, myself, and where ever we went, and when you talking center city, rittenhouse square not many places to go, it will go in the building. >> philadelphia police say the feds will pick up the case and could impose federal charges and fines. coming up at 7:30 founder and ceo of sky gear solutions joins us, he is a drone expert. we will go overrules and regulations for you. some of these drones are 60 pounds. they are really big. he will have have four different sizes. some of them are recreational for kids, you know, probably christmas gifts. we will go through rules and regulations. >> so many people are into the whole drone thing and they are getting more. we need to know what you you
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can do. >> the drone demo, on the roof of this building. >> but we won't -- >> i will stop talking right now. >> 6:08. police say a couple accused of taking a purse from an elderly woman at a giant supermarket in northeast philadelphia. eighty-four year-old man says he was distracted while woman stole her purse out of the cart. it happened last friday night in the store in the 2500 block of grant avenue. police say it may be the same couple that did the same thing at a paoli acme. that incident happened wednesday. the couple left in a light colored vehicle. if you recognize them call police. all right. this video is the only clue a local family is left with. watch this. it is a tracking down louie, the yorkie, he got picked up, hasn't been seen ever since. new they are hoping somebody, you will see this, and do the right thing and bring him back. plus eagles travel to one
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of the loudest stadiums in all of sports to face seahawks on sunday. >> um. >> find out what experts say will be the key to silences seattle fans. >> ear plugs.
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6:10 on this try. a family in philadelphia's olney sexist desperate to get their dog back. >> a surveillance camera shows the dog, named louie being taken, tuesday night in the 5200 block of arbor street.
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louie got outside without family realizing it. you can see here it appears that a couple, in the nissan pathfinder on thed the dog, chased him back to his home where he was then pick up, driven away. gigi san forward said her father got the dog around the time her two brothers died in separate tragic accidents. >> i lost my brothers a couple years ago and that is like a brother to me too. i just want my dog. >> let me give you a hug. it is okay. we will get the word out, okay. >> so lets get that word out. >> witness say couple who took the dogs was of asian dissent, anyone with any information call police if you know thinking at all. maybe they thought it was a stray dog. >> i don't know good we will spread word. lets get that dog back to that family. more big meetings at trump to you tore day, alex. >> this time president-elect welcomes former g.o.p. nominee mitt romney. >> after they said such bad things about each other. what will they discuss? we will discuss that.
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and south the jersey native mike trout, makes history, and something that only barry bond has done before. how his second mvp award puts him in elite company. he is from millville, right.
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talk about weather drama, look at the change we will have over weekend from 70 degrees on saturday to 48 on sunday and even then, with 48, it the will feel colder then that because of the wind, we could have a tiny bit of mixed precipitation but most of that if we get it will be in the overnight hours. so for hard thon on sunday morning half marathon should be perfect weather, 7:00 a.m. maybe flurry in the city, wind 15 to 20 miles an hour, 38 degrees, by 10:00 o'clock 42 degrees but with the wind it is feeling like the 30's and really same for 1:00 p.m. we will get to 45. we will see sun but wind will make it feel chillier then it actually is. we have snow now in the midwest. nebraska, dakotas, minnesota, yeah, that is cold air we're talking about for us though it is tranquil right now, very quiet the but we will see rain moving in saturday night by 8:00 o'clock it is is still rain. we will see change over.
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it is quick by about midnight and it is all out of here by 4:00 in the morning for the most part, so it looks like, even if we get the any wintry precipitation it will be in the overnight hours, sat the day into sunday morning. 45 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-six in mount pocono. thirty-nine in dover. it is down to 55 degrees for average high but we have been above average past couple days. the it will all change over weekend. enjoy today and tomorrow, colder on sunday. stays cold through monday and tuesday, and starts to get milder, by thanksgiving day, with a little bit of rain bob kelly, so far. >> a lot in that seven day forecast. we have friday, weekend, marathon, we have thanksgiving. 6:16. good morning everybody. north on 202, an accident at boot road right in the background here as sun begins to rise over chester county. an accident southbound, on the new jersey turnpike, and it the is right before, exit number five, which is burlington mount holly, and route 541.
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septa is using shuttle buses along portions of the seventh third to elmwood. it the is marathon weekend. big event here in philadelphia taking over whole weekend. tomorrow is half marathon, sunday is full marathon. toll accounts are arriving, good morning, welcome to philadelphia, closures of the parkway throughout the weekend, a lot of the streets, where the race course is will be taking part, and the ramps from the vine street expressway, to 22nd street. new throughout the weekend the schuylkill, vine, 95, all majors are opened. i have put course map up on both my facebook and twitter pages, bob kelly fox 29 take a look at the course map if you want to come down it shows where you have cheering locations on there and even if you are just getting around and not going to the the marathon you want to know what roads are closed, portions of the drives in manayunk on sunday. if you use septa marathon weekend detours are in effect as well. i have put them up on our social media page as well.
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otherwise, 295, 55 looking good working your way toward city and in problems up and over the bridge. mike and alex, back over to you. >> it is exactly 6:18. there is more evidence that president-elect donald trump is trying to bury the hatchet with former critics and latest speculation about a possible cabinet pick has folks shaking their head, really, mitt romney, doug luzader. >> reporter: well, first of all, they say this is just speculation. here's what we know mitt romney will be sitting down with donald trump tomorrow at his golf course in new jersey. the fact that these two are even meeting tells you a lot. you know, romney, just offered something of the broadside while trump was running for president. now they are sitting down and talking. is there speculation romney may be being considered for secretary of the state. that would be a big, big deal, were that to happen. romney would have to explain
6:19 am
his previous statements he made about trump clearly. >> he said he is unfit, wow. >> so, again donald trump will be our forty-fifth president, he said he was anti establishment the president, but... >> yeah. >> that is a balance, even if you are an anti establishment guy you still have to have people that necessity how the trains run. >> true. >> for something like secretary of state. look he will run into some pressure because of this and there is certainly going to be supported trump because he was voice of change why are you talking to someone like mitt romney you don't get much more republican establishment then that. >> yes. >> this is pressure to that trump will have to tiehl with. >> we will check with you next hour, thanks very much. 6:19. >> eagles fans have throwing but love for brian dawkins and yesterday he made it clear that the feeling is mutual.
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former eagles have safety, talk about his relationship with the eagles fans. hear what he had to say next. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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the sixers looking for their first winning streak of the season but last night they could not even, come close. the sixers were doubled up at one point in this game and before the end of the half andrew wiggins gets what he wants and nails the three. he had 35-point and ten board. sixers get embarrassed 110-86. to the flyers and jets, sean couturier with the goal, the flyers take a one to nothing lead and then just a couple minutes later flyers get two-one break and michael rafl finish right there and they get five-two win. villanova taking on western michigan in the charleston classic. jay wright to eric pascal is one of the break out players this year. he find his way in with the three. he had 17 points. nova wins 76-65. temple on u-mass, two-point lead with under a minute to go, u-mass dejuan girl right
6:24 am
nails a trip toll win that games. owls fall seven hon 67. i was watching that. university of kansas game. oh, never mind. mike trout, now, i am saying vineland's own mike trout wins his second american league mvp award. mike's batting average .315, with 29 home runs, and 100 rbi's. mike's second player in baseball history to finish first or second in the mvp voting for five straight years. barry bonds is the other player to accomplish that feat. mike won the american league most valuable player award, in 2014. brian dawkins getting emotional yesterday talking about after being named a pro football hall of fame semi finalist. dawkins broke down yesterday when talking about his connection with eagles fans. >> for me to have the
6:25 am
opportunity to be in front of these fans and give everything that i had, that meant the world to me. the reason why i am emotional right now is because of the amount of letters i have gotten where people being in my uniform i have heard many people, were such fans of brian, that when somebody passed away, they put him in a brian dawkins jersey. >> wow. >> now, that is why he was so good, he was so passionate, so emotional. >> he knows how to pump up the crowd and team. remember video he was excited about the season he was narrating it. >> that is right. >> it is like he was voice office eagles. >> don't you love people like that, they are so into it. >> always a pep talk ready to go for you.
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>> yeah. >> i'm kind of a crier too, once you start, once it pops, it burst, then it is hard to get it back. what are you looking at? >> i'm listening to you. >> yes. >> feel how cold my hand are. >> my goodness. >> ridiculous. >> thieves put a damper on a local youth football team's championship plans. we have covered that big time on good day philadelphia well, a very special fox 29 viewer came up with a hail marry to save this game. see the vice these kid won't forget and we will tell you where they will play the eagles stepped in. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike. about 100 philadelphia business leaders spent the night on the pavement a, to raise awareness and fund for youth homelessness in philadelphia and that they did a successful $343,000 raised, we will be right back.
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tragedian left for dead before his body was found outside a building in holmesberg. who police are talking to. plus sleeping outside, for a good cause, we're live. where men and women spent the night outdoors to raise money for teens in our area. way to go. and a local football team gets an unbelievable surprise, just days after their
6:30 am
equipment was stolen. who set up to help them out. >> i will tell you, a viewer of good day philadelphia you are probably watching right now. thank you. we will tell everybody about you, if you do not mind. it is november 18th, 2016. this would be a friday. >> oh, it is a friday don't you you forget that. >> don't you you forget it. >> don't you forget it. >> sue, i necessity you will in the forget the fact that it is friday. >> it has been a rough week. >> it has been a week. we have bus stop buddy, with a chillier start then we had yesterday, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. have a nice warm jacket on like he did. flyers won last night, it is apple cider day as well. enjoy some of that. maybe this morning hot apple cider. for us we have no rain or anything to show you on radar except beginnings of the beautiful sunrise in olde city. our temperature is 45. 6:50 is your official sunrise time. we are 20 minutes away from that. beautiful tranquil morning although, it is chillier, 36 degrees in the mountains,
6:31 am
mid 30's in reading, lancaster, millville, 39 degrees in wilmington. we're heading to a high in the upper 60's today for november? that is pretty good. that is sunset time 4:42. while the sunnies up, enjoy it, because we know what is coming this weekend, bob kelly. >> that is right, sue. kid will need their jackets this morning stepping outside the front door and a few follow action head of you here, live look at i-95 southbound jammed up from cottman in through girard, workers for midday here already showing up here as they work all along i-95, all through the weekend, all off of the major travel lanes but still unless they are out there double accidents on the turnpike right now, new jersey turnpike, first one is exit number six, that is the connection bridge for the pens i turnpike. second accident is further south, at exit number five, that is for burlington mount holly, disabled koran the tracks causing septa to use shuttle buses on route 36 trolley from seventh third over to elmwood and
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philadelphia marathon weekend getting ready for it. they have barricades up along the parkway. this they will close a portion of the parkway right after the morning rush hour and then through the weekend closures every where the parkway, some city streets, ramps from the vine expressway to between the second street. everything you need to know to get on the go i have put up on my facebook and twitter pages. we have course map which shows you where you can cheer the runners on, along the marathon route. also through the weekend septa will have detours and service adjustments, we have put that up there as well. back over to you. now to this murder mystery out of holmesberg. >> a man's body dragged out of the building left on the sidewalk, and now investigators trying to figure out hot the man is and was, and who is behind the crime. >> so, steve's over on frankford avenue, steve? >> reporter: 6:30 a.m. now. lets go to 6:30 p.m. from the helicopter and you will see the scene out here exactly 12 hours ago. a scene that a veteran police
6:33 am
detective described as a very suspicious death and very suspicious circumstances surrounding the death. so they have a man and woman in homicide, not yet called suspects so not the yet charged. no id, known so far as alex said on the man whose body was found right here along very busy frankford avenue and a very busy time of the evening rush hour. and as paramedics who first arrived because they get called first, thinking that the guy fell, he is found laying on back bleeding from his head but they get to the guy and realized he is cold and been dead for a while and looks very suspicious. paramedics called police who find three guys, dragged this 40 to 50 something guy right outside the front door and then just left 3 feet outside the front door of this building which is a dental office on the first floor and a apartment on the build ago above. >> when police were investigating this scene they saw his body was feet a bay from the front door of the building that houses a dentist office and apartments.
6:34 am
they could see through the front doors and the lobby, this there was a surveillance camera, that had been covered, by a piece of cloth. that was suspicious. there was other surveillance cameras on the front and the rear of the property. while investigating the the scene police received information that this victim's unresponsive body was dragged, from inside of the building, outside the front doors where he was left on the sidewalk. >> reporter: one of those rare surveillance cameras sees something else very suspicious. two guys climbing out this second floor window, on to the first floor roof, down to the back bed of the pickup truck, and they don't even get in the truck, they stay this is back which speeds off with them in the back bed of the pickup truck and we saw homicide detective still inside that apartment, up there with that opened window, when we got here at 4:00 o'clock this morning. so a lot of suspicious things, surrounding what could be the
6:35 am
most sloppy murder cover up of all time if this indeed is a murder or a bunch of people panicking because people died in their presence, who knows. >> absolutely who those, when you find out, let us know. now to another developing story this one out of mercer county police in hamilton, new jersey are investigating a homicide, incident happened on ge nesee park avenue shortly before 1:00 this morning. police have have not released any information about the victim or how that person died. and listen to this, it is the septa this thing that is not over? tonight a vote is scheduled to take place on that contract that ended a week long septa strike. but is there word that the contract may not be approved by union leaders. president of the twu local 234 told that he was sure he had enough votes but was worried about low turnout. if the union rejects the contract, that doesn't mean there will be a strike but it
6:36 am
cost mean back to the bargaining table. so right now the contract included 10.5 percent raises over five years, for a lot of people. those results of the vote should be available by 9:00 o'clock tonight and we will have have a full report probably straight up 10:00 o'clock on our 10:00 o'clock news right here on fox. 6:36. local business leaders, sleeping in cardboard boxes on the street. >> we know these folks. they are putting themselves in the shoes of the people they are trying to help, and jenny's out there with them in germantown. hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. do you see all these boxes, sleeping bags, well, they are now empty. people woke up and moved on with their day after spending a cold night out here on the pavement to raise money for homeless youth in philadelphia and that they did, they did $343,000 was raised at this sleep out event. pretty incredible.
6:37 am
the president is getting bigger each year. this is fifth year of the executive addition where business leaders, sleep outside and help to fund raise, last night the campers spent time inside covenant house interacting with the the children benefiting from this organization, and it was described as a pre found experience. >> the thing you keep thinking as we go through the night is is that we had an opportunity to do this one night but in the morning we're going to go, you know, we will go to the office, we will see our friends, the next day you will see your family but kids that have to stay out here, you know they don't have a place the next day. so it really is an unfortunate situation that a lot of these kids find themselves in. >> reporter: now as it stands right now within out of every 20 high schoolers in philadelphia has experienced homelessness which board members say is attributed to the economy, the number has
6:38 am
increased by 73 percent over the last four years and covenant house says it had to turn away hundreds of children last year. today's funds raised will help this organization reach children in need, provide services and create, a family-like atmosphere for those children who do take advantage of these services, qued owes to all who supported the effort last night, mike and alex. >> kudos, you are right, thank you for that. >> such a great thing they are doing. >> good thing happening tomorrow, alex holley, the game is tomorrow with you for dozen of kids on the the south philadelphia youth football teams they have already won. >> how did you always win, thomas what happened here. >> more kudos, just in time for big championship game we first told but this story just a couple days ago. new sigma sharks ten and under and eight and under teams had their field equipment stolen from the practice field. so after hearing about this story the philadelphia eagles, stepping up to save the day. eagles partnering with the sports complex, services district to replace all of
6:39 am
that stolen equipment, they will get everything, that is not all, they are letting the sharks play this saturday's championship games on the practice field at the 'nova care center. >> i talked to jeffery and don and howie, opening up for friday. they all said absolutely. >> it is big deal for these kids. >> i think it will be a neat experience. >> this is something that they will always remember when they are my age when they are their parent's age they played where the philadelphia eagles practice. >> big deal. >> winner is earned right to play for national titles in florida, and good luck sharks. little ones say they feel very special. they are special. >> amazing. that is so wonderful. >> that is great. >> thanks for that. speaking of the eagles, the eagles traveled to one of the most loud stadiums in all of sports, to face seahawks on
6:40 am
sunday. it is a 4:25 game. find out what our experts say it will take to beat a very good seattle seahawks team and because you have to beat the 12th man and woman and, um-hmm. >> things get loud. >> beautiful city. >> look at this. z test text1
6:41 am
6:42 am
waking up in the pocono
6:43 am
mountains, good morning, everybody. nice, pretty, start to the day up there at cove haven resorts in the pocono mountains. 6:43. good morning everybody. back in our town we are dealing with a couple situations, first of all double accidents on the new jersey turnpike first one is southbound at exit number six and then another one, southbound, right here before the exit number five burlington mount holly interchange. so double bubble for gang on the new jersey turnpike, an accident on the pennsy turnpike, this is eastbound right here near mid county, between mid county and fort washington our sensors picking up some delays. outside we will go to a live look at roosevelt boulevard southbound an accident here off to the shoulder right here near fox street and then a live look at the benny, no jelly doughnut delays just yet as we work our way in toward downtown. we are off to a good start. 295, 55 looking good, and route 36 trolley using shuttle buses between seventh third over to elmwood because of a
6:44 am
disable cara cross the track. busy weekend here in philadelphia, we have to necessity the forecast, sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. we will give you early call on the holiday, that is now ahh, less than a week away and i'm not ready, either. 55 degrees should be the high, mostly cloud which rain possible, again, that is early call but at least it won't be as cold as it will be over weekend. we will have mild temperatures thanks to high pressure and tomorrow as well. then here's the cold front that comes through on saturday night, with some precipitation that starts as rain, could change to a little bit of this stuff, do you see this snow in the midwest, well, those cold temperatures are coming here and you will feel the difference on sunday, as we
6:45 am
look real quickly at future cast. we will start off with rain at 8:00 in philadelphia on saturday night and then not too long before it changes over with that cold air to frozen precipitation, probably some snow out in lancaster and at least for a little hyle and as well, but it has been gone quickly and i don't know if it is enough to stick but you have to deal with the cold temperatures after that especially fuzz are watching or running the philadelphia marathon, object sunday. we are in the the 30's, and 40's right now, our temperatures should end up at 67 degrees today. seventy tomorrow, and bottom drops out on sunday that 48 degrees is deceiving because it will feel colder then that and it is still cold on monday but as we get toward thanksgiving temperatures moderate a little bit, so at least some turkey day guys won't be a as cold as sunday. >> it is weird driving around and traffic gets back or sod you have to make a maneuver do you turn down the radio. >> definitely. >> do i too. >> i need to concentrate. >> noise, you cannot concentrate with noise.
6:46 am
>> or someone, hold on i have to figure this out. >> i bring this up because eagles travel to one of the most noisy places to play foot the ball the stadium where seattle seahawks play, and their infamous 12 men and woman century link field is the place, one of the toughest places to play not only because seahawks are really good but the stadium is built in a way that the noise stays in the stadium. it is one of the loudest venues in the world. our dave uhram is here break town this eagles game. they have a very good defense at that. >> yes. >> the noise, let's pump up some noise now. >> put it in your ear. >> let's go, come on. >> yeah. >> yeah.
6:47 am
>> what is it going to take for the eagles to win. >> for the eagles to win this weekend, even though the seahawks have a good running game. >> yes. >> okay. >> so they have to stick with their running game because that is where they have to control the game, and, that is key number one. >> and don't turn the ball over, don't give the seahawks extra chances, keep the ball, in your possession, we cannot do. that pressure russell wilson the best you can. he goes. >> let's roll footage of the russell wilson his wife is pregnant, sierra. >> yes. >> how do you control him. >> we control him, we pressure and you don't let him get past you. you don't let them get first downs. >> yes. >> all right. >> it is very difficult to
6:48 am
play in century link field. i have been working through all this noise eagles have practiced. they have had sound like this all week long. >> yes. >> how do you think eagles defense will do in seattle. because eagles are ranked... >> how they show up. >> when look you can read all of the numbers you want but they are not good on the road. but they have to prove that they can perform on the road good this justice not the right because seahawks are four and zero, they are perfect at home. >> thirty-one-five since 2012. >> thirty-one -five. >> so we have no shot. >> no, we have a shot. we have a shot. >> we do. >> look at it like this, they beat them, yes, the eagles win
6:49 am
this game, if they win this game, it is do they have a good chance of winning. probably not the. >> every time he says that he says they are going to lose. >> they are going to lose. >> , get him out of here. >> let's go. >> get him out of here. >> boy is that the most annoying segment we have ever done. >> there is in way they are still watching. >> we hope you are. >> there has got to be two or three people watching now. >> i hope so, hoping they have stuck around. >> hopefully they for the through it. >> that is exactly right. >> what is this. >> forget eagles receivers, how about some eagles retrievers. >> are you talking about dogs. >> yes. because carson wentz has new puppies. >> his golden retriever gave birth to eight little ones and he shared them on instagram. account belongs to his dog, this account here, henley. so his dog has an instagram
6:50 am
account. his dog has more than 2,000 followers. >> wow, more than some of the people that work an this tv station, dog has more followers then you people love dogs, mike. >> carson. >> will he give them away, give them up for adoption. >> let's find out, staff, also carson is here watching the show, while they are out in seattle. >> no, they leave later today. >> they leave later today. >> dave uhram. >> will you go with him. >> no. >> so, bring the dogs in, we like to have puppy cam kitten cam. >> yes. >> and we will help you get rid of the dogs. >> yes, a lot of people want carson wentz puppy. >> yes. >> so what happens when a wild polar bear meets a sled dog. >> we will show you special moment that brought some people, to tears.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
(laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment. hey, i went to the grand opening last night at 1919 market. >> i heard about that. >> it race a rooftop, gorgeous. >> yes. >> beautiful new building. >> yes. >> one of our co-workers, i
6:54 am
saw in the elevator. >> who. >> i will not say. >> it is our co-worker why can't you say. >> i don't want to say she lives. >> i didn't realize that. i thought they were there for opening. >> no, they live there. >> i saw home in the elevator. >> anyway, on the way into the uber, i go around city hall, and city hall has been transformed into a holiday wonderland like they do. this is a fresco user by the name of emma, that is good camera work. nice and wide. >> pan down. >> yes, a tilt, it is a tilt down. >> yes. >> but it was nice. >> side to side, horizontal. >> anyway emma is her name she takes good footage here would you like to come work for us a at fox, we are at fourth and market get on over here right now. >> are we hiring? >> we should. >> it is called christmas village. you can see construction crews, the village normally of course is at love park but
6:55 am
love park is upside down. >> love park is at dilworth plaza now, so have it here now. >> it just makes sense. >> perfect sense. >> and while that was going on mayor jim kenney helped kick off holiday. mayor placed the first ornament on philly's christmas tree in dilworth park at city hall this year. the tree is a 4,000-pound, 40-foot colorado fur. the lighting is scheduled for sat the daze november 26th. >> i wonder if they have announce who had will be performing. >> i have not seen that. >> okay. >> i'll look into it though. >> we will let you know it seems like they would know already. >> i hope so. >> we have this coming up. >> yes, week from saturday. >> week from tomorrow. >> it is a week from tomorrow. >> that is true. >> okay. a guide in manitoba, canada captured a touching moment.
6:56 am
>> it is. >> just so sweet. >> it is a big old polar bear, that can be tough, and what is it a sled dog. a sled dog. sled dog millionaire. >> yes. >> petting the dog. >> apparently the guard that recorded this from the people on the tour they were so moved by this they started crying. >> yes. >> people are into animal videos, seeing how they interact. >> i'm glad the bear is feeling nice because the doggies change up and can't do anything about it. >> that is true. >> sled dog along the river. >> he doesn't have a place to go. >> no. >> what is weird was about a minute after that, the the bear ate that dog. >> it did. >> i'm kidding, kidding. >> he popped open a coke cola. >> i love those commercials, polar bears drinking coke
6:57 am
colas. >> how do they open up the bottles with their big hand though. >> they squeeze it and it comes out. >> is that it. >> i don't know. >> i want to find out about this because i watched qvc a lot. >> yes. >> they have had a lot of drones for sale. so reason i bring this up there was a drexel student flying a drone dangerously close to the helicopter, now he is facing charges. you can't be doing that. but it could have have been avoided of course, rules and regulations you need to know about drones whether it will be a big drone, 50 pounder, or just a little one for kids.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
police are talking to as they try to solve this disturbing crime. a drexel student flies thinks drone dangerously close to the helicopter and now facing a long list of charges. it could have been avoided. the rules and regulations, you need to know before flying your drone, if you want to avoid getting into big trouble. and burying the hatchet, president-elect donald trump welcoming another former critic, big time critic, to his trump tower today. the position he is expected to discuss, with former g.o.p.


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