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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tracking who could see the first flakes of the season this weekend. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00, busy night. self breaking news stories tonight. first, let's go to north philadelphia. skyfox you are looking at the area around tenth and ogden streets. that is where police say an off duty philadelphia police officer was shot in the hand. this happened within the hour. sources telling us that the officer was in their own personal car when they were shot. we do not know their condition at this point or if anyone is in custody. obviously still breaking at this point. if we get any updates of course we will bring them to you. also breaking news out of overbrook. that's where police say a young girl was hit by a car. the driver never stopped. it all happen near the 63rd and lansdowne avenue. good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm lucy noland. medic rushed that girl to a
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local hospital. fox 29's joanne pill will he gentlemen is live at the scene of where this happened. joanne, i know that you're hearing from lot of people about what they saw. >> reporter: that's right, lucy and chris much this was absolutely horrible. we are along a very busy section of lansdowne avenue in overbro overbrook. cars drive by here very quickly. police right now trying to find a driver. a driver who struck a young girl and then sped off. now, it all happened here police say that girl was apparently walking across the street near 63rd and lansdowne around 3:30 this afternoon after school. that is when she was hit by a car and witnesses told police that the driver took off. the girl was rushed to chop where she was last listed in critical condition. very critical condition i might add. police are asking for the public's help in finding this hit-and-run driver. witnesses horrified by the scene and upset that the driver did not stop.
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police have been canvassing the neighborhood looking for any clues or info that might help them find the driver. police say they are right now looking for a gray or silver nissan altima or maxima. again, we talked to some people in this neighborhood who are very upset that any driver wouldn't stop after they struck someone, of course, a little girl in the middle of the street here. we'll have more on this story tonight at 10:00 o'clock. back to you. >> all right, thank you joanne also breaking on this night in hunting park police say one person is in the hospital after someone shot him along the 600 block of rising sun avenue right around 4:00 this afternoon. dispatchers tell us someone at the scene drove the shooting victim to the hospital. we do not know that person's condition. a major problem in our city. nearly 50 heroin doses in just one day in philadelphia. tonight investigators are trying to figure out how this happened and if it was a bad batch. >> police think someone from kensington sold at least some of those drugs. fox 29's dave kinchen with
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details on that and also information, dave, that could save lives. >> reporter: yes, so many first responders deal with this so much in this city and they want people to know that there's help immediately available for anyone win with an addiction and this comes after a report that says the addictions are worse than we thought. it's been a long road back to so before i are the for jimmy me hammer a northeast philadelphia native now living in the mvp recovery community in delaware county. >> just kind of -- you kind of get high and then you blackout, like you don't -- you don't -- you don't -- you don't recall any of it. >> reporter: 24-year-old says he used heroin for so long he suffered numerous overdoses with narcan needed to revive him at least four time. >> i through up all over myself the one time. couple other times i woke up in the hospital and as soon as i woke up in the hospital i would start ripping all the iv' out of me. >> on and off i was homeless for any given period of time lived
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in kensington. um, abandoned houses, under the el. >> reporter: it's the same place where scores of addicts flock to get their heroin. there are baggies littered all over. sources believe the area may be linked to nearly 50 overdoses by thursday possibly connected to a bad batch of heroin according to investigators. narcan even running low in the process. >> people they want to make money and they don't care who it hurts. they're cutting the drugs with all sorts of different things. >> reporter: his recovery comes as he processes a surprising stat from the first ever addiction report released by us surgeon general it says one in seven americans will face substance at diction. shocking to you perhaps, but not as much to jimmy. >> people are dying left and right. your close friends are dying. um, and you're not even there -- you're not even there to feel it. >> reporter: it makes him more thankful for his recovery which he says other addicts can have, too.
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>> my clean time is example for other people that it's possible. >> reporter: regarding the overdoses on thursday police tell us that all of those victims were hospitalized and got treatment at a hospital. thankfully there were no fatality there is. back to you. all right, thank you, dave. developing tonight, septa workers approve tentative contract? we should know in a matter of hours if the transit agency workers approve the tentative deal that ended a week long strike earlier this month. nearly 5,000 union workers across the city are voting on that deal as we speak, and voting should end right around 7:00. union officials are urging workers to accept the deal because if they don't, you know what happens, it is back to the bargaining table. let's turn now to your fox 29 weather authority. not feeling like mid november out there tonight live look at the ben franklin parkway. this is where tens of thousands of people will be taking part in the philadelphia marathon and half marathon this weekend meteorologist scott williams here now, they are i'm assuming
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going to need coats this weekend. >> tell us what, and you know what, scott, runners and spectators a like are hoping for repeat of today's weather but i don't think they'll get it. >> well, lucy and chris, today is going to be similar, tomorrow is going to be similar to today but then really the bottom drops out as we talk about tumbling temperatures for the second half of the weekend. high today 70 degrees. the typical high for this time of year is in the mid 50s so going from warm to winter as we watch a dramatic cold front move that was over the weekend. dropping the temperatures and, yes, we even have a chance for some snow. we're looking at 58 right now in philadelphia. 62 in wilmington. 54 still in the lehigh valley. so hour by hour by 7:00 p.m., still temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for philadelphia. by 9:00, 55. low 50 50s at 11:00. and then tomorrow's high temperature once again 70 degrees. but by sunday morning, we're looking at about a 32-degree drop in those temperatures. starting out in the upper 30s.
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we're dry and quite here along the east coast but off to the west showers, thunderstorms and then we even have blizzard concerns for parts of minnesota. this same system will bring us the threat for some snow. we'll time it out with the seven day coming up. all right scott thanks. a lot of people going to need some hopefully some scarves. i hope so this weekend. 30,000 runners tens thousands of spectators will flock to the see for this weekend's philadelphia marathon, half marathon. jim kenney kickin kicking off te weekend race today announcing two new awards. >> the race draws runners from across the globe in philly we love our own folks too that's why this year we'll be presenterring the fastest philadelphian award for the first male and female philadelphia residents to cross the finish line. >> i'll be watching. >> i won't be running. >> the race starts and finishes at the philadelphia museum of art. fire investigators in camden county new jersey trying to figure out what started this house fire in gloucester township. broke out right around 2:00 in the afternoon at the lock cat at
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a neighborhood in gloucester township. took firefighters less than hasn't hour to tame those flames. no injuries. >> homeowner shoots and kills a would be intruder in hamilton, new jersey. now police say it was just a sad accident. police say a woman was on the phone with a friend kelvin late last night when all of a sudden she noticed an intruder. she grabbed a gun and shot the person in her home on jennness see street but it turn out the 50-year-old man in her home was her friend she was actually talking on the phone to. investigatorinvestigators belies trying to surprise the woman. he died there. prosecutors have not filed any charges. happening right now, claymont, delaware, man in custody accused of terrorizing another man. police arrested 44-year-old brian glass yesterday in elsmere after another man asked police to escort him home. that man told officers glass had been threatening him over mutual friend. well when police arrived at a home they say they found glass
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with guns he was armed with them and also knives and brass knuckles. tactical gloves, rope, binoculars even a samurai sword. so he faces a shrew of charges to night. in north philadelphia, police say an armed man demanding money from a family dollar store worker ended up empty handed. this happened inside the store along west allegheny avenue yesterday. police say this man pulled a gun on a worker and told her to give him money from the register. that worker according to investigators told the armed man that she needed a key to open that register. she ran into a back office, the armed man ran off without taking anything. donald trump transition to the oval office shifted today to a courtroom. the president-elect agreed to pay $25 million to settle class action lawsuit that claims trump university defrauded students. students say the program was misleading by calling itself the university it was not of course a university and a accredited
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school. he announced three more people to his administration. >> alabama jeff sessions for attorney general and retired lieutenant general michael flynn as national security adviser. does not need confirmation for that one. elizabeth warren is hoping for gender diversity in trump's. urging him to consider women for cabinet positions. coming up police nab a local man with a lot of cash on him. how investigators say he was able to get his hands on tens of thousands of dollars. sean brace what's coming up in sports. >> chris a busy day of local college basketball act both st. joe's and villanova started the day undefeated. did they remain perfect is the question? we have the highlights coming up next in sports.
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there 50-year-old dennis mcclearen is in jail. they found a whole lot of cash in dufflebag he was carrying as in $68,000 he was carrying around in that dufflebag. police say he toll that money from atm at the true mark financial along old lincoln highway. investigators say he works for a security company that services atm's or at least used to hadn't key to the machines. the family of a south jersey homicide victim wants his killer to pay a price literally. a judge today sentenced 4484 old john more berg to 25 years in prison for his part in the 2013 killing avenue franklinville man. >> it's what the victim's family plans to do next that caught our attention. our bruce gordon joins us in studio life with the story you'll only see on fox. bruce? >> reporter: chris, the state's prosecution of john norberg is now complete. he will head off to prison, but when he finally leaves his cell the impact of a civil suit could be hanging over his head. john mcconnell was the youngest of 11 children and on friday most of that huge family filed quietly into a gloucester county
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courtroom to see his killer brought to justice. >> there's void for us. it's like with anyone when they lose someone they love. just can't be replaced. >> reporter: 44-year-old john norberg was john mcconnell's landscaper. he became his friend. he knew mcconnell received a monthly dissable check. in march 2013 he robbed, beat, bound and gag the 54-year-old mcconnell and left him to die. after mcconnell's sister read a tear stained victim impact letter, the judge okayed a plea deal between the state and the defendant. norberg admits to one count of aggravated manslaughter and could be out of prison in just over 17 years. mcconnell's family is disappointed. >> i don't think the judicial system failed. i just don't think it was harsh mur of enough for the vicious crime they did to my brother report roar mcconnell brothers and sisters will now seek to put an exclamation point on that norberg sentence. within the next week or so they'll file a civil lawsuit for
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wrongful death against norberg seeking money damages. norberg's criminal defense attorney says the mcconnells will likely get little money from his client because he has little to give. >> if it gives them some piece of mind they think there's basis for it, then i wouldn't fault them for doing that, but how does it turn out i'm not sure. >> mcconnell brothers and sisters don't care about the dollar amount. family attorney says it's about making norberg's life after prison as hard as they can make it. >> the state had their opportunity to prosecute mr. norberg criminally it's the time to prosecute him civilly. >> going after whatever money he may have? >> that's what we're going to do. you may have caught the victim's brother gary mentioned the vicious crime they did to my brother. norberg was actually one of four people charged in the killing. he is because of the statute of limitation on some charges the only one who will be sued. the mcconnell family makes very clear any money they recover will go to charity in the name of their brother. chris? >> all right, bruce, thanks.
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back to your fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist scott williams here. scott a beautiful day out there. i think you may have a misprint on your forecast though. it says it was going into the 40s this weekend. >> no typos in the weather department. we are looking at that sunday shocker, chris, temperatures today 70. 70 tomorrow. but then take look off to the west, yeah, find the front worry talking 70s nashville. 30s right now in desmoines. 33 minneapolis. dealing with snow even some blizzard warnings for a part of that state. as far as the forecast 70 tomorrow. so tomorrow kind of similar to today. and then as we move toward saturday night, sunday morning, temperatures drop into the 30s. 48 degrees that's it for the high temperature as we move toward your sunday. so we're dry and quiet right now ultimate doppler. here's that storm system off to the west. showers thunderstorms moving that was sections of indiana on the back side of that system the colder air and that's where we have that snow. so dry for much of the your saturday.
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but by saturday evening, if you're stepping outdoors especially north and west, have the umbrellas, the jackets, the sweaters. that rainfall moving in around seven, 8:00 o'clock and then watch the clock. by 9:00, 10:00 o'clock we're looking at that colder air changing things over to some wet snow. the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains maybe even far north and western suburbs perkasie, pottstown we could see some of that rain changing over to wet snowflakes even toward the i-95 corridor overnight and first part of the day on sunday with gusty conditions. lingering flurries in the poconos. maybe even a flurry moving down to the philadelphia area. so the break down the pocono mountains for your saturday night. we're looking at that rain moving in around 7:00. rain change to go wet snow around 9:00, 10:00 o'clock before all is said and done, coating to an inch of snow in the poconos. what about the lehigh valley? the allentown area? bethlehem. looking at showers moving in from the west around 7:00. rain and some wet snow. and then a possible coating there.
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philadelphia cloud cover it really starts to thicken saturday evening. showers off to the west. moving in overnight. maybe mixing in with few wet snowflakes and then what about marathon weather on sunday? upper 30s to start. winds sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour at 7am maybe a possible flurry. we'll see those winds gusting at times up to 40 miles per hour. so kind of a brutal marathon forecast. and you can see we keep 40 noose monday, tuesday, by thursday, low 50s for thanksgiving. clouds and possible showers. over to you, guys. >> all right, thanks very much sean -- i mean scott. [ laughter ] >> sean is next. >> too many s's. >> probably rain for the eagles this weekend. >> y big game for the eagles. that's right eagles and coaches and players are all focused on the seahawks game this sunday vp howie roseman has mind on future years. fine out who the eagles inked to crack today's. >> jay wright's cats taking on a tough team. did the cats remain perfect.
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that's the question coming up in sports.
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♪ after signing special teams ace chris marigos to three year contract extension yesterday eagles vice-president howie roseman back in his office today continuing to focus on the improvement of the special teams unit for years to come. the eagles extended punter donny jones and long snapper john doe
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dorenbos to three year cracks today. all three moves were important to roseman for the sake of keeping the core together. >> our goal is to keep as many of our good players and as many of our, the guys the fiber and back bone of this team as possible, and obviously the nature of this league is you can't keep everyone but we really want to build something and we want to bill it with continuity and develop a team that can stay together. of course, dorenbos the magic man who i would imagine also the life of every party excited about remaining with the eagles for years to come but he believes that there's something special about this year's team. >> it's cool we can move forward and it's really cool knowing that i have a future here that i can plan to be here and continue to do what i'm doing and nothing cooler than bringing a championship back to philadelphia. it's a great team.
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>> speak of special how about this lineup folks. best lineup in town. fox "game day live" on sunday. be sure to join us at 10am. we got sean bell, howard eskin, dave spadaro and g. cobb bears and giants at 1:00 o'clock and we wrap it up with sports sunday at 10:30 with sean bell. i know we're only few games into the college basketball season i'm wondering if i'm allowed to say this year's villanova squad looks a tad bit better than the team they had last year. oh, by the way, they won it all last season it's going to be tough performance to row pete for sure. nova three-zero the season down in charleston south carolina for the charleston classic taking on wake forest. second half nova up 14. josh hart with the steel and the dunk. heart had 30 points. nova wins 96-77. other local college basketball action st. joe's down in the virgin islands i wish i was i was there three-zero on the season with a win oh loyal year.
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finally lasalle great lionell simmons being inducted into the college basketball hall of fame. l train with a giant for the explorers in the early '90's winning college basketball player of the year 1990 still holds the record for consecutive games double digits i believe it's 115. that is an incredible stat right there by the l train. congratulations to him and as doug collins in the class that's fun stuff happening in kansas city. >> big five legend the l train. >> that's right. >> all right. that does it for us here at 6:00. i'm going to get my sweaters out for sunday. >> absolutely. it's going to go from 70 to 40s, feeling like the 30s. >> i'm winte winterizing the gan tomorrow. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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>> her 25 minutes of sheer terror. >> the guy is ramming into the back of me trying to kill me. >> this 25 minutes was the scariest time of my life. >> then -- >> president-elect trump escape from new york. >> his weekend at his beautiful country home. >> and he is back. >> crazy coocoo. >> alec baldwin returns to snl. >> did this guy change the course of history. >> fake news guy exposed. >> he is a comic. then children flying alone. >> i'm going on the plane by myself. >> but is it safe? wait until you hear what happened to this girl. and the teacher who didn't want this kid to speak at the thanksgiving school play.


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