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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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happening right now, an all out manhunt. tonight family and community are mourning the loss of this beautiful little girl. she died earlier this evening after a driver hit her then just kept on going. good evening, i'm lucy noland. you can understand why police want to solve this case and solve it quickly. fox 29's joanne pileggi has been on this story all night and joins us live from university city. joanne. >> reporter: lucy, this is where they brought little eight-year-old jay anna and where she was pronounced dead of her injuries. her broken hearted family here at chop earlier this evening. they are begging that the driver turn himself in. while police continue their search for the hit-and-run driver. >> she's happiest little ever girl ever she has manners, always happy, always laughing of laughing. >> reporter: today a hit-and-run driver changed all of that eight-year-old jay anna powell and her brother were crossing lansdowne avenue in overbrook after school when they were struck by a car. >> she was eight, innocent on
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the way home from school. >> what they said it knocked her 20 feet in the air. we understand accidents happen but now you just killed an eight-year-old child. >> reporter: grief, shock and anger the family cannot believe the driver sped away. >> you took our princess from us. our princess. she's gone now. >> reporter: police picked up evidence from the scene. neighbors are horrified that this could happen. >> that's bad. they need to turn they self in. it's horrible. what they did, hit a little child, the child dead. it's hurtful. >> the whole point you shall have stopped. you should have checked to make sure the two little kids was all right. and then go on about your business. you didn't do none of that. you hit them and you ran like who does that? >> whoever did this i want you to know your causing my familiar al great deal of pain. >> reporter: police are searching for that hit-and-run
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driver. they're looking for a car presumably a silver nissan maxima or altima with front end damage. her family offering a substantial reward for information that leads to the arrest of the driver. lucy. >> hopefully they can find that person. thank you much, joanne. fire investigators are looking into what started this house fire in chester tonight. sky fox over the scene just past 9:00 this evening. as firefighters battled the flames for about an hour. you can see the home on second and jeffrey streets seriously damaged. no reports of any injuries. before he science any possible executive orders trump -- donald trump will have to sign a big check. the president-elect has now agreed to pay $25 million to settle a handful of lawsuits that claimed trump university defrauded students. students say trump mid less them they paid as much as $35,000 to attend a program that called itself a university but was anything but. it was not an accredited school.
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meanwhile, donald trump today announced three more top level positions in his administration. he selected kansas congressman mike pompeo to lead the cia. alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general and lieutenant michael flynn as national security adviser. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren democrat today urged the president-elect to consider women for cabinet positions. tonight all remnants of the septa strike are officially gone. the nearly 5,000 union workers who walked off the job earlier this month voted and agreed upon a new five-year contract. a big deal tonight. the local transit union calls this vote big win. the union says the new contract has better pension formula and a good wage increase. on your radar tonight, 70 beautiful and wonderful degrees and then snow. all in one weekend. meteorologist scott williams here with that forecast at 11:00. >> hi there, lucy. >> hi.
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>> it's november, buckle up, roller coaster temperatures ahead for the upcoming weekend. it was beautiful friday though the high temperature in philadelphia 70 degrees. we'll likely do it again tomorrow. right now still pretty comfortable. 52. the average by the way for this time of year in philadelphia right now is in the mid 50s. so 52 in philadelphia. 55 right now pittsburgh. chicago 40. freezing 32 degrees in minneapolis. 20s and teens once you move into sections of the plains. so as we go hour by hour, tomorrow morning not that bad. temperatures in the 40s. by the afternoon, mid to upper 60s. close to 70 degrees by 1:00 o'clock in philadelphia. and then as we move toward the evening and overnight, look at how rapidly those temperatures drop. 11:00 p.m. we're looking at numbers in the upper 30s across much of the area. so here's the tale of the upcoming weekend. we're talking 70 on saturday. have your wardrobes ready for that. and then look at sunday. yeah, going from warm to winter.
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48 degrees will be the high temperature. feels like temperatures on sunday in the 20s in the morning. 30s during the afternoon. so dry, quiet as we look at ultimate doppler but that storm system is still taking shape off to the west. we'll time everything out hour by hour. so once again tomorrow will be similar to today. sunshine, giving way to clouds during the afternoon and then if you're stepping out for dinner grab the umbrellas because that rain will be moving in from the west around seven, 8:00 o'clock and then you can see what happens by 9:00, 10:00 o'clock. rain changes over to some wet snow lehigh valley the pocono mountains. that system moves away maybe wrap around clouds and flurries on sunday with those tumbling temperatures so the forecast for the poconos, the rain moves in around 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night. rain changes to wet snow around 10:00 o'clock. a coating to an inch possibly in the poconos. the allentown area saturday night, 7:00 o'clock, showers moving in from the west.
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by 10:00 o'clock rain some wet snow. there could be a possible coating there. and then for the philadelphia area, we're looking at some rain moving in around nine, 10:00 o'clock maybe even micking in with a few wet snowflakes. that seven day forecast showing you the rapid changes for the weekend. cold for the marathon winds could gust up to 40 miles an hour. 40s to kick off the week and thanksgiving we're looking at clouds lucy temperatures low 50s with showers not out of the question. >> all right, big forecast thanks much scott. police arrested two people they say snatched an 84-year-old woman's purse. we told you about this last night. it happened week ago in a giant supercalifragilisticexpialidocio us market in northeast philadelphia. police officer saw that surveillance video recognized the two. the officer arrested them last night outside an acme and they think they this mayor maybe be connected to another purse snatching they're both facing a list of charges. developing right now caught up in crass fire a bad shielded his
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little boy quite possibly saved him. that dad is a philadelphia police officer off duty it happened hours ago in north philly. he's at the hospital and brad sattin joins us from thomas jefferson hospital. brad, how is the officer and his son doing? >> reporter: the son is perfectly fine. the officer is recovering still said to be in a good bit of pain he actually was shot in his finger. he also had some graze wounds but the word we're hearing he could be released from the hospital good news at any time tonight. meanwhile the search for the shooters goes on. nearly two dozen she will casings a total of 23 shots fired near tenth and parish streets just before 5:00 this afternoon as children were playing outside. >> we took cover as we usually do if you hear shots. yeah, you get down, yeah, because there was a lot. >> reporter: off duty philadelphia police officer angelo romero unarmed and walking with his two-year-old son was caught in the middle. >> he saw a group of males who started firing guns at each
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other. unfortunately, hakas caught in the crossfire. he immediately covered his son which any father would do. he was actually struck at least one time in his thumb. did he take some fragments to both legs as well as to his buttocks. >> reporter: when the shots ended officer romero was able to get his son to a relative's home nearby. the child was not hurt. the officer was then taken to the hospital as the police commissioner and other officers quickly arrived to check on him. police are hopeful that surveillance video may have caught the incident to help identify the two or three teenagers involved. >> all we have is a group of young males, he said very young in their teens in where from 15 to 18 weeble we believe that one of them was wearing a burgundy hoodie underneath a black puffy jacket. one may have had a beard. and we don't have a whole lot more than that. >> reporter: so the good news is again that little two-year-old boy is doing just fine. the officer expected to be
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released from the hospital at any point and that officer is saying that he could recognize the gunman. the shooters in this case so hopefully they will be caught soon. lucy. >> thank you brad. family of south jersey murder victim wants his killer to pay literally. a gloucester county judge today sentenced 44-year-old john norberg 25 years in prison for the 2013 robbery and murder of 54-year-old john mcconnell in his franklinville home. under a plea deal, norberg plead guilty to aggravated manslaughter and could walk out of prison little more than 17 years. and that is endlessly disappoi disappointing to mcconnell's family. within the next wee week or so they plan to file a wrongful -- a civil wrongful death lawsuit against norberg seeking monetary damages. >> the state had their opportunity to prosecute mr. norberg criminally it's now the family's opportunity to prosecute him civilly. and that's -- >> going after whatever money he may have? >> that's what we're going to do. >> norberg's criminal defense attorney says he doubts his client could pay much since he
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has little to begin with but mcconnell family's attorney says they want to make norberg's life after prison as hard as they can make it and all money that they would get would go to charity. do you know the people in your neighborhood? if your answer is no, you might want to change that. how living in tight-knit community could prevent an invisible illness in your child it may seem like news of the election and aftermath is inescapable. imagine not knowing who won. well, this man really doesn't know. we'll explain how that's even possible. and when we're talking about bailey searches it look like the internet is right up there with oxygen and water for a lot of folks. new survey by wi-fi company i'm pass 40% of people said wi-fi is more important than chocolate. or liquor. three quarters of the internet has improved the quality of their lives. the same amount phone data is
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♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ ♪ in cape may we got a look at our area's newest coast guard ship it happened today tomorrow rolen ship will be economicked and assigned to active service. 153-foot ship will perform missions such as law enforcement, search and rescue and drug and illegal migrant enforcement. it operate off the coast from
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new jersey to north carolina. more than 30,000 runners and tens of thousands of spectators will flock to philadelphia for this weekend's philadelphia marathon and half marathon. mayor kenny kicked off the race weekend and announced couple of new awards. >> the race draws runners from across the globe in philly we love our own folks, too. that's why this year we'll be. (ing the fastest philadelphian award to the first male and female philadelphia residents to cross the finish line. >> race starts and finish at the philadelphia museum of art. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's going in your hood. chris washington you got. >> one of fox 29's fresco users got up close and perm with a us senator. bob casey was in center city today doing some volunteering for the community. the democrat donated his time to manna the organization that provides food and people suffering from life-threatening illnesses. man that gives these meals to
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local residents at no cost seven days week. in north philadelphia, community members and students from frederick douglas mastery charter joined forces all in the spirit of giving back. fresco user james witnessing captured this first annual 100 men's do friends giving event. the day featured a large pot luck thanksgiving style meal and afternoon of fellowship between the community, students and their families. and tonight we got a preview of one of philadelphia's most popular holiday tra digs fresco user clifford take us to the light show at macy's in center city. this is one of the best in the city. shows has been entertaining residents for 60 years. i remember going there as a kid regular hours on black friday also tonight macy's unveiled its decorated windo windows and dics village. when you see news happening in your neighborhood take out your phone and shoot it make sure you use the fresco app and send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> love it. when i first got here i was brought there by a friend.
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my friend frank and his son brought me there and it's wonderful. >> it is great tradition. >> so cool. thanks, chris. in your health, federal health officials say heart disease tops the list of what's most likely to kill you or someone you love. the center for disease control and prevention named the five leading causes causes of death among americans younger than 80 for 2014. who are disease topped that list. then cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases and accidents. the cdc says those conditions are behind nearly two-thirds of the deaths in the united states. we do have little good news here though. between 2010 and 2014 u.s. saw declines in cancer, stroke and heart disease deaths. you know teens who live in tight knit neighborhoods appear to deal with fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety researchers included information of more than 2200 children born in big cities in the us between 1998 and 2000. here's what they found. that teens raised in neighborhood where people get involved in watching each other chirp involved in their lives had better mental health versus
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those raised in neighborhood nes that weren't close in it. you can read more in the journal health affairs. all righty. so somehow a georgia man has no idea who won the presidential election. no clue. waiting to hear the results until the morning of novembe november 9th. turned into waiting a few more hours then days and now weeks after the fact he still doesn't know. fox's natalie poe so has the improbable story. >> i'm still living in a bubble of blissful ignorance. >> reporter: joe chandler works from home he's an artist and drawing cal length social security what has consumed him over the past week after he decided he was not going to find out who won the presidential race. >> i was invited to a little election party to stay up into the night with everybody gnawing they are nails and hanging on and there's got to be a better way. >> reporter: chandler says he woke up the next morning and felt so at ease he decided to give it just a few more hours. >> having sub tracked myself
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from this political raucus and all of the mayhem of the digital mid media, i kind of found the center of the cyclone. it's very peaceful in my little bubble of ignorance. >> reporter: week after the election, chapped lower says he still does not know who won. staying away from television, newspapers and social media. and when he goes out, which is seldom, he wears headphones and this sign that says, i don't know who won and don't want to. please don't tell mow. >> for me it's a like a breath of relief. >> reporter: his daughter emily lives in new noon and serving as her father's lay yea son tendon sending edited version of what's going on in the world. >> telling him about things that are happening. there's civil unrest. there are people rioting but i'm not saying which side that could go either way. >> chandler said this was not planned adding that he's not protesting a particular candidate. >> not a big fan of either, but i did have a huge preference of the regime that i was hoping we
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would avoid. >> chandler says he may not be able to live in his bubble too much longer. >> and at some pent i'm just going to get such cabin fever i say the heck with it and just go out into the world and will you have my life again. >> so when is he going to find out is the question? chandler won't say who he voted for. says as you heard he's not a fan of trump or linton. all right sean brace what's up? >> lucy, after attending wednesday night's sixers game i have been asked by the fans that were there to deliver a message to the decision makers inside the sixers organization. coming up next. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ♪ here's the deal. sean brace says the sixers franchise needs to be more honest with its fans much his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ one would think that after the 10 win season the sixers had last year the franchise as whole would bend over backwards and honor of their fans. one would even believe after the last four seasons of losing basketball some might even say, tanking on purpose that the sixers as a whole would want to treat the royal fans the ones that pay the $18 parking beer, $10 beer and 44 price of admission like gold. instead i'm getting a feeling that the decision makers for the sixers really don't care what the fans feel. you see on wednesday morning the sixers dropped a nugget of news via twitter that the best player on the squad joel embiid would not play in the game that evening at home. instead they would rather save him and display him on national tv at minnesota the next night. a game that the sixers ended up losing by 24 points. no matter how you want to spin it trust me there's ton of spinning going on, the sixers
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need to concentrate on the fans these days. the product that has been out on the floor for over four seasons now has been a joke. but the majority of us believed that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. only here we are again maybe a 15 win season. folks, they play 82. perception is reality, and that's what the saying is, then i'm sorry sixers decision makers you're showing us that the fans don't matter when it comes to giving us what we pay for. if you're charging us full price, then how about playing the full squad? seems like the right thing to do. or if we can't see eye to eye on that, how about free beer? because that's what it will take to a get of lot of fans back in the arena after this past week. >> lucy. >> you won't get much argument on that one. >> free beer g43 beer. marilyn munroe's famous happy birthday dress sold at los angeles auction. at actress and model worn a jean
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louie gown as she sang to president kennedy in 1962. ripley's believe it or not bought it for four ain't $8 million. >> wayne gets ski headed to springfield he'll become the first hock company player to lend his voice to the fox's an my 98ed the series. episode set to air next month right here on fox 29. the simpsons creators were saying that they wanted, you know, like wintertime heroes like santa claus they thought well who better than the great one. from hockey. to have. >> there you go. >> i'm telling you right now. does did you ever see him play? >> the great one? >> yeah. >> he was hired in 1999. >> not much. [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness. we're back at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend. scott will have your weather covered all morning. ♪
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berg wahlberg test. harvey: wow, kanye west announced that he's with him. >> would i have voted >> i would have voted on trump. >> this is going to be interesting. huge uptick now because trump just went from like scott baio to kanye west. trump changed up. >> justin bieber, he walks out and this girl pulls his pants down bare ass. [screaming] and his bodyguard like quickly pulls up his pants. >> wait, the bodyguard pulls his pants up? harvey: what if it was kim k's bodyguard? it's like strike two! >> it's like oh, i had another bad day at work today! >> oh, boy, mondays. [laughter] >> marc anthony at the latin separated from his wife shannon and it was crazy because he was kissing j.lo at the latin awards yesterday.


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