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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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fast-moving fire destroyed several homes in trenton. the flames moving so fast part of the trenton city block is scorched tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. several of those homes are a complete loss. right before thanksgiving the people who lived in those homes lost everything but they are thankful they're alive. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the scene where firefighters have been throwing water on that inferno literally i was day, dave. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we just got new numbers. red cross helping 28 people displaced by this fire. let me step out of the way. right now demolition crews are getting are ready to knock down what's left of these homes and by the way before the firefighter cos get to work, they had to get live wires deactivated. exclusive video fierce flames in six alarm fire that devoured several homes in a tight-knit polish neighborhood in trenton. >> i heard, you know, like an explosion and i looked through my window and there was fire and
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smoke. >> reporter: high winds adding more danger. >> it's pretty terrifying. like you can see i'm wearing the mask. like it's tough to breathe. >> reporter: fire officials say nine houses on the small block of weinberg place were lost with five of them collapsing. >> i'm shock. incredible shock. you don't expect this happen in the morning. >> she lost everything along with her home of one year. >> i should take something but there's a fire. just run outside. you going to die. you will be dead in a minute. everything is going to collapse and you will be dead. i just ran. capital health and all the diplomas everything you work hard for life is gone. >> reporter: firefighters took on the blustery conditions as they converged on the small alleyway off of brunswick and olden avenues. one firefighter was hospitalized for a leg injury and two civilians were also hurt. three cars were destroyed in the
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fire that left crews dealing with hard to reach spots for hours. >> inspections is on scene work wig the mercer county prosecutor's office. the trenton fire marshal's unit and trenton police department. >> reporter: farm mal will the as investigators search for a cause. meantime neighbors donated clothes to victims like irene needing immediate need in this season of giving. >> i was like in my slippers literally. running for life. >> reporter: the official cause is not net known. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave kinchen. a fire in gloucester county sent seven people to the hospital. weather made that fire just that much harder. we don't know how badly injured the victims are but officials tell us at least three of them are out of the hospital tonight. the fire started at a group home along the 700 block of in woodbury earl this morning. the home is a total loss. and the wind whipped flames
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spread two other properties. one was empty. the other did have a family inside who made it out safely. complicating the fire fight all that wind and downed power lin lines. >> it restricts our ability to make some of our tactical decisions because of the power in this particular case it was right in the front. it was down on the ground, and where we needed to get our water supply to that hindered the initial house which was fully gulf. investigators are looking into what started that fire. we have some answers tonight in mysterious death last week in holmesburg. medic found 40-year-old brian jones on the 8,000 block of frankford avenue last thursday. they tried to revive him but could not. the medical examiner now says he was shot in the shoulder and definitely foul play involve. police say nearby surveillance video shows three people dragging the victim out of a building and then leaving him on a sidewalk. police say the motive was an argument. but so far no arrests. >> breaking news now out of japan. an earthquake hit right off the coast of eek company seem ma the
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same area home to newark collar power plan destroyed by a huge tsunami in 2011. what you're looking at here is a life news feed from japan. japan meteorological agency says this latest quake preliminary magnitude of 7.3. it's a big one. japanese officials have issued a tsunami warning for waves as high as 10 feet, of course, it's all breaking more on this as it comes in. cumberland county millville police say 12-year-old boy is in the hospital after somebody shot him at the okay view apartments it happened last night on the complex along east broad road. that boy was outside an apartment building when someone fired a gun from a car. police do not believe the boy was the intended target. he's in the hospital and he's stable. let's take a check of your mocks 29 weather authority. a live look at blue mountain in the poconos thanks to our pocono mountains camera. that is snow on the ground. >> wow ! >> windy and chilly out there. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here.
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kathy new york city snow here in philly but man that wind is brutal out there. >> it keeps going. we're talking about day two of the win in the poconos they picked up four to 6-inches of snow. so it's looking good up there for skiers over the thanksgiving holiday. especially with air cold enough to make additional snow. on ultimate doppler lake enhanced snow through upstate new york about a foot of it and that is going to continue into the early morning hours for us it is just cold and it is windy. take a look at these wind gusts. winds gusting to 41 miles an hour in lancaster. out of the northwest gusting to 36 in philadelphia. gusting to 33 in the poconos. these numbers were manage hire this afternoon. you had the cold, you add the wind and we're talking wind chills again feels like 60 in the poconos. 30 in philadelphia. 26 in pottstown. and only 29 in wrightstown. so the chill is going to be here for little while. wind advisory continues until 7:00 o'clock tonight for most of the region. for winds 15 to 25 gusting to 45 miles an hour and slowly they will diminish tomorrow morning
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we're still talking about a chill in the air. by about six, 7:00 a.m. as you hit the door take look what it will feel like looking at a 23-degree feel like reading in philadelphia. feel like 20 in reading. it will feel like 23 in wilmington it will feel like 27 in millville. so the cold will take a little bit of a break. we'll look forward to the thanksgiving holiday and the weekend coming up with your seven day forecast. it is hard to believe but it's here. it is indeed. thanks very much, kathy. so this vintage chevy just might be the incentive an injured police officer needs to complete his rehabilitation. it's a story about the bonds between cops and their brethren. >> a story you'll see only on fox 29. our bruce gordon is live in hatboro, montgomery county, bruce, the incident that led to all of this made some big headlines a couple of months a ago. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. this was a police shooting that left a young atlantic city officer with two young children and a pregnant wife at home fighting for his life. what happened next, well, call
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eight mash up good samaritan meets pimp my ride. search the garage at man cave custom and performance shop and you'll see what a 1976 chevy nova looks like in about a thousand pieces. stop and chat with shop owner jimmy buckley to learn what rah random act of kindness looks like. >> everybody is grateful for what police officers do in general. whether it's josh or anywhere else and this is our turn to pay it forward. >> reporter: josh is a atlantic city police officer josh vadell shot in the head while interrupting an armed robbery back in september. less than two weeks later vadell was on his way to rehab in cheltenham when threw the police grapevine hatboro cop drew learned vadell had inherited the '76 nova from his late father. he called buckley and -- >> the sentence last way out of the my mouth. this injured officer he has his dad' cars he wants to fix up and jimmy cut me off. drew, we going to get that car.
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>> reporter: buckley had the nova towed from atlantic city to hatboro on his dime. where he began target apart for a complete rebuild. new engine, new brakes, new suspension. up poultry, air-conditioning. >> it's just going to be a brand new car for josh. >> reporter: finding parts for a '7 '76 nova hasn't been easy. >> real struggle i've been on the computer i've been online everything trying to get the stuff. >> reporter: buckley's buddies in the industry and there are many are helping to rebuild with free or discounted work. the goal a better than new car delivered to vadell on new year's eve. it's not just a car. it's an incentive to get him back behind the wheel. maybe even more than that. >> maybe it will bring back a couple memories when he was young with his father. and that's all. you know what, my job is done. >> reporter: officer vadell is aware his car is being worked on though he has no idea the extent of the rebuild of it upgrade if you know him, don't blow the secret but if you'd like to help out with this project and let's
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be real honest here there's a fair am of money involved in getting these parts and getting this thing back together go to fox we will link to you the gofundme page that's now been set up. iain arc great project we hope this thing works out. it could be a heck of a new year's eve surprise. >> absolutely, bruce. great story. thanks. afternoon of violence in north philadelphia has left two young help fighting for their lives. police say someone shot the men around 2:15 today on the 3500 block of north 15th street. 21-year-old in critical condition and police say a 24-year-old is in extremely critical condition but so far there have been no arrests. president-elect trump getting ready to spend his thanksgiving holiday in florida. before he leaves for his resort tomorrow, trump busy once again interviewing potential cabinet contenders. >> foxes' joel waldman has story from washington, d.c. >> reporter: one politician most did not expect to see tull
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see gab bert. she and her trump spoke about current policies regarding syr syria. the fight against terror groups like al-qaida and isis as well as other foreign policy challenge. >> she's a diss si sent democrat who has been pretty tough on president obama's national security hillary clinton's national security. >> reporter: gab bert iraq war veteran chris sited president obama and hillary clinton for their reluctance to use the term radical islam tick terror. other political power players making their way through the trump tower revolving door today include former house speaker newt grinning rich, oklahoma governor mary fallon and former texas gov are in rick perry. >> it's been dozen and dozens of people who represent all walks of life. both political parties, different genders, religious, backgrounds, raises and ethnicities. >> mr. trump also meeting off the record with those who cover politics for a living the media. the president-elect speaking with tv executives in anchors from the five major news
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networks a group he also often chat advertises for being bias biased. >> mike pence, meanwhile, returning to washington from more meetings at the transition office. >> the federal election commission says it found over a thousand states with the latest financial feeling with mr. trump's campaign. joel waldman, fox news. >> straight ahead someone stole their equipment last week that didn't stop this south philly youth football team's determination. they just had a big within this weekend and now they need your help. and how much will thanksgiving cost you here in the city. how much cash you'll have to put in your wallet before you head out to the grocery store. 6 million americans will hop in the car and hit the road this weekend to celebrate the holid holiday. what local first responders and moms want to you remember before you get behind the wheel. sean bell? >> lucy, eagles had a ton of mistake in yesterday's game against seattle i put that on the head coach. see what doug pederson said about the lack of discipline
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against seattle. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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♪ police say they've arrest add man they say seen on surveillance video running away from a shooting that injured two people in the city's logan section earlier this month. keith ballard charged with aggravated assault and related offenses on november 8th police say ballard fired several shots near broad and olney avenue. one victim was shot in the leg standing nearby in an second victim in the area was grazed as he crossed the street. developing tonight, four police officers shot in three states in 24 hours.
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one of those shootings killed a 20 year veteran of the force in san antonio, texas and police say that uniform was the target. intense manhunt law enforcement asking for the public's help to track down the killer. fox's casey stegall is in texas with more. >> reporter: four police officers around the nation shot in separate incidents on sunday. three are alive and a fourth a detective here in texas was fatally shot it happened while he was writing a ticket in his squad car. 50-year-old benjamin marconi was attacked sunday morning outside an antonio police headquarters by driver who pulled up from behind. >> i think that the uniform was the target and anyone who -- first person had a happened along was the person he target. >> police releasing this surveillance footage avenue suspect who they describe as 20 to 30 years old and standing 5-foot seven to 6 feet tall. the chief says the mail person
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of interest went to the department about four hours before opening fire. >> he talked to the clerk at the desk. he asked the question. the clerk said they would him with that he said never mind and walk out. >> law enforcement targeted in st. louis as well a sergeant was shot twice while sitting in his police vehicle sunday evening. the suspect later killed in a shootout with police. >> officeofficers also injured o other shootings on sunday. one also in missouri in the community of gladstone. the other in sanibel florida the motive in those shootings unclear. it has been a deadly year for law enforcement after fatal attacks on iowa members of law enforcement earlier this month and the high profile killings of officers in dallas and baton rouge over the summer. in dallas, casey city bell, fox news. delaware county mayor has been charged with dui for a hit-and-run crash. police say upland borough mayor
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michael, re-entered a car in chester and then ran off. that car was hit then crashed into two other vehicles. police say they arrested the mayor wandering the streets. tonight philadelphia police have identified the man hurted in north philadelphia last week but they still don't know who did it. police say someone shot 38-year-old horris peaches on friday inside a chevy impala it happened on the 1300 block of parish street. police rushed him to hahnemann hospital where he died a short time later. detectives are still searching for the killer and they're not sure what led to the murder. let's not sugar coat it eagles fans aren't feeling that good about yesterday's game. they fell to the seahawks 26-15 in seattle now five-five. fox 29's sean bell is here now with what head coach doug pederson had to say about this tough loss the day after. sean? >> yeah, iain, undisciplined football. eagles made a ton of mistakes gets seattle penalty team in the nfl coming on the road.
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they lost five straight away from home and two of the most glaring mistake cost them points, momentum and the game. agholor had illegal formation that took away a score. that huge drop that could have put them in scoring position. carson wentz two huge interceptions. and you get an eagles 26-15 loss. right now the guys are still trying to figure a way to clean up all this mess. >> we keep talking every week how hard it is to win games in this league and it's all based on your -- how well, you know, you prepare during the week. i can individually talk to guys and pull guys aside but at the same time, you know, part might have job is to epp courage them to and to support them and to get them better. >> we just got to stay together. people might start getting on guys and this and that but we stay together. we're not too worried about those mistakes. we're just going to learn from them and, you know, try not to make them again but at the same time no one is perfect. >> a lot of this being put on
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nelson agholor. the guys come to a his defense and try to get some sort of explanation why agholor is struggling so much right now. lucy. >> thanks much, sean. here's the kind of update we just love to bring you on fox 29. told you about last week about the new sigma shark that youth football team out of the south philly that got its equipment stolen from storage trailer. we got great news the team pulled out a big within this past weekend against the washington, d.c. woodland tige tigers. so they now qualify for finals in florida. here's the deal though. they need to raise 15,000 bunks to get there. we have got a link to the team' goss fund me page on our website good job, guys. just in time to cause major disruptions this holiday workers at one major airport are threatening to strike. where are you going to to avoid if you are flying. >> one toy retailer yanking this truck from its store shelves. what one man says happened to
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the toy inside his real truck causing some real concerns. ♪
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>> philadelphia police think the sound of alarm scared off would be burglar. police are looking for this guy right there. caught on surveillance camera. now they say he tried to get into a home in east germantown along the 2100 block of north 21st street. he forced open a window which set off the alarm and sent him running. if you're taking a long thanksgiving holiday there's one airport to avoid about 500 workers from chicago's o'hare are a port say they're going to walk off the job after the holiday weekend. they want $15 an hour and better working conditions. the workers say they want the public's support and wouldn't want this to mess up anyone's holiday plans so they're going to wait until the 29th to strike. >> okay airport workers, afford a proper thanksgiving dinner and know what it's like to miss thanksgiving with our families however we respect families traveling to be together and that is why we're holding off our strike until after the thanksgiving holiday.
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>> the workers who plan to strike are not union members but they are organizing to join the service employees international union. in trenton some leaders came together to tackle solutions to hunger. this morning at the state capitol senators and advocacy groups announced the anti hunger initiative the program expands free meal programs that help school district feed children in need by including more children in the federally supported breakfast after the bell progr program. >> it's exciting to me because it identifies those areas in which some money might be need needed. district who's are struggling with how to get started we heard from districts on every topic you can think of. district that said we can't do it in our school because we don't have dumpster. we don't have our food service in order. this is a way to help address those initial concerns. >> the goal to feed about 300,000 children in the state who do not get regular meals. if you buy hummus made by sabra listen to this. company is recalling more than
5:25 pm
50 of its hummus products because of listeria concerns. the fda says the hummus in question has a best before date through january 23rd of 2017 so you should check the date on the lid and throw it out if it's bad listeria can cause serious and even fatal infections in young children and elderly people it also poses a risk to pregnant women. drama at the american music awards last night. >> one of the hosts gigi hadid did an impersonation of soon to be first lady melania trump not everybody loved it. >> this is my melania trump impression. >> i have to get the face right. >> okay. >> i love my husband. [ laughter ] >> president barack obama. and our children sasha and mal malia. >> spot on. [ laughter ] >> that was spot on. >> you can see the 21-year-old
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model using the fake european act accept many people did take offense and par for the course these days took to twitter calling the impression disrespectful and tasteless. coming up "good day philadelphia"'s bob kelly climbed his way up the art museum steps kind of like rocky. milestone for the motion picture and of course a lot of people choose to shop online instead of head to the mall these days but if you can't just wait for cyber money good news one major retailer is launching its deals early. hey, kathy. >> in weather, we are talking about wind and cold but the good news is, these winds will slowly diminish and temperatures will climb don't expect any 60 oars 70s any time soon. we'll have the holiday forecast when we come back.
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♪ in trenton nearly dozen families are without homes tonight after a six alarm fire ripped through several homes. that fire broke out early this morning on weinberg place and officials say that today heavy winds made it difficult to get under control. the flames destroyed nine homes. one firefighter is in the hospital for a leg injury and two civilians were also hurt. no word yet on what started the fire.
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one enormous surprise awaits a local police officer shot in the line of duty. hatboro auto body shop is doing an mazing thing for atlantic city police officer josh vadell. man cave custom and performance rebuilding 1976 chevy nova it's not just any classic car. vadell inherited this one from his dad. it means so much n september robbers shot vadell in the head outside a casino, and officer of the hatboro police township found out about the car and wanted to ticket up to show for support for vadell. the man cave folks were all ov over. several mechanics are offering their services for free or at a discount. they're going to surprise officer vadell new year's eve. how about good news? for the eagles. the birds today given back to the community. jordan matthews, caleb sturgess and rodney mcleod head to do south philadelphia mastery charter school and handed without hundred pies. they all went to fourth indicators whose families are in need. the kids were kind of amped up about it. eagles paired up with manna for
5:31 pm
today's special event part of eagles care community monday players use today to give back to people in the delaware vall valley. love that. fox 29 weather authority now giving back to you at point in time. we're not there. upstate new york the first major snowfall of the season as drivers using extra caution. this is what it looked like in the town of springville not very springy. yesterday the about 35 miles from buffalo. some places are digging out from a foot of snow. back here at home, live look at wilmington, delaware. some of us saw flurries over the weekend but that's about it. so what's ahead for your thanksgiving kathy orr has your full forecast in mere 15 seconds. >> in weather we're talking about a cold night across the delaware valley.
5:32 pm
we have clearing skies, we have brutal winds and biting wind chills but the good news that wind will diminish overnight and we'll feel a difference during the day tomorrow. 41 the current temperature the high today only 45. winds out of the west northwest sustained at 30 miles an hour. gusting to 40 miles an hour. you can see on ultimate doppler we have some snow showers through northeastern pennsylvania still snowing in upstate new york places like syracuse and even rochester, new york, toward buffalo, new york. could pick up about a foot of snow. so early big snow for them. for us, we just have the cold. right now throughout the delaware valley temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. it's 41 in philadelphia. cold to the west. in this cold extends into the mid atlantic. when you see the extent of this going right into charlotte, with some milder temperatures to the south but mild is 60s for places like atlanta. down through alabama and mississippi. so real cold snap early in th ie season.
5:33 pm
high pressure building in. lines of equal pressure isobars will widen out little bit. winds will relax. during the day tomorrow less wind, more sun and then watching our next weather system move a little bit closer as we get closer to thanksgiving. that will be our next chance of rain. so our wind chills early in the morning will be in the 20s for the most part. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. it will feel like it's in the 20s to teens in many locations. so overnight tonight, 32 in the city. 27 in the suburbs with partly cloudy skies. still looking at windy conditions. wind gusting to about 35 sustained winds out of the west 15 to 25 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, the high up a few degrees to freight. mostly sunny still a breeze but not quite as windy. it will be a little bit of a chill on your seven day forecast from your weather authority, tomorrow chilly, still breezy the high 48. wednesday less wind very comfortable for our travel day, 50. thanksgiving day some spotty showers but right now looks fairly decent with cloudy skies.
5:34 pm
54 degrees. friday 57 for your big shopping day. saturday mick of sun and clouds. sunday the travel day to come home mostly sunny, 51. and by next monday, not so bad, guys. mostly sunny, 60 degrees. so this cold wind this blast of winter will ease as we head toward thanksgiving. i think of one can breathe a sigh of relief bought we need to get to grandma's house, right. >> that's right. exactly kathy. i know i can breathe a sigh of relief. thank you. >> you bet. >> coming up how much will thanksgiving going to cost you here in the city. officials have just crunched the numbers. >> how much cash you'll need when you head out to the grocery store. >> i still haven't gone. >> a community store has been a fixture since the end of the civil war now it's future is uncertain. why the landmark may become a different kind of history. >> at kick local girl is in big fight against cancer just had one wish and it just came true. ♪
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>> in your money tonight apple launching second repair program
5:38 pm
in just a week. it says it will provide a free battery replacement for customers whose iphones 6s models experienced unexpected shut down apple says the problem impacts a small number of the device that is were made between september and october of last year. just last week apple announced fix for phones who's touch screens malfunctioned if your iphone has the issue take it into an apple store and the company will replace the battery for free. toys r us pulling a tonka truck from its shelves after it burst into flames not once but twice. man in the state of washington bought a 12-volt dump truck for his grandson and says on his way home the toy truck ignited when he drove it back to the store to return it it ignited again. toys r us is saying the incident was isolated but is still investigating. wal*mart getting the jump on cyber monday deals at the stroke of midnight friday releasin rels cyber monday sales two days earlier than it did last year. industry insiders say wal*mart's wave trying to compete with amazon which started its black friday deals last week.
5:39 pm
looks like they'll be some green under christmas trees this holiday season. we're not talking about cash either. in california people are now getting marijuana now that the state has made recreational use legal some dispensaries are hoping that will mean some dig holiday numbers. but as of right now, you still need someone with a medical marijuana card to do the buying. some dispensaries say they're expecting a whole week's worth of sales on black friday alone. it will cost you just over $46 to feed your family this thanksgiving. >> that's for family of 10. that's a big family right. that comes in the philadelphia city controller. the amounts up about 9 cents from last year figure includes the price of turkey and sides and dessert. philadelphians paying a little less than the national average which is just over $49. coming up our bob kelly climbed his way up the art museum steps this morning. you know, kind of like how rocky did. so why did he have all day? >> plus pope francis makes a ground-breaking announcement
5:40 pm
from the vatican. the pope makes special permission he granted priests for just the year 2015. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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big announcement today out of vatican city of forgiveness. pope francis says from now on, priests can absolve any woman who confesses to haven't app abortion. >> lauren green has the story from new york. >> reporter: pope francis continues his tran formation of the catholic church announcing monday that all priest which is now absolve a woman who confesses to having an abortion and the forgiveness is not only extended to the women but also
5:44 pm
their parceners and medical staff who participated in the procedure. >> translator: the sin of abortion is inclusive so forgiveness for the sin of a abortion is all inclusive and extends to all those participants in this sin. >> reporter: announcement continues he is a special exemption granderred last year for the year of mercy which finished sunday. giving all priests not just bishops the power to absolve the sin of abortion. but the church's overall stance on the procedure won't be changing any time soon. the pope staunchly reaffirming his opposition calling abortion a grave sin which ends human life. >> translator: getting rid of babies before they are born this horrendous crime they get rid of them because it's a convenient an huge responsibility that is a grave sin. no? >> reporter: the change cause controversy most rank and file catholics are welcoming it. many are calling the announcement another signal of the pope's vision forge more welcoming inclusive catholic church. >> no human action is bigger than god's grace and mercy. and i think what he's saying
5:45 pm
here is, remember there's always a new beginning. >> reporter: in the catholic church those who procure or perform abortions face automatic ex communication. there's no sign post francis is currently considering a change to that rule. in new york, lauren green, fox news. developing to night people living in the iraqi city of mosul are getting some much needed help. area cookie government sending half a dozen trucks of foods to the residents. they're hand out of the that food in recently liberated areas of the city. it's so much needed. analysts say more than a million people are likely still in the city as fierce fighting between iraqi forces and isis wages on. the operation to retake mosul from the islam tick state has been bloody one. it's been going on for more than a month. mosul was once home to many iraqi christians. a phase mazing story of survival in washington state. these massive tree crushes an suv and the man and woman inside escape serious injury. the tree crashed down on them while they were driving
5:46 pm
yesterday in town just outside of seattle. police say both of them got out through a back door. witnesses that saw this thing said, nothing short of a miracle here. >> i went and talk to them both. the wife was in shock which i don't blame her. the timing is unbelievable it hit the car when it did. >> i would say it's a miracle. really. these people were spared their lives today. >> i mean it's crushing the driver's seat and the passenger seat. the couple only have minor injuries. power in the area was out for several hours as crews removed that big old tree. in one philadelphia neighborhood, it's something like a secret santa only for thanksgiving. anonymous donor making sure dozens of families will have a dinner this thursday. fox 29's jennifer joyce has more from ambler. >> 150 families we started the first year in 2008 with 30 families. let's go guys. this year we're at 150 families. 3,000 pounds of turkey.
5:47 pm
$22,000 worth of groceries. >> reporter: you'll hear his voice but you won't see his face or know his name a mystery donor and dedicated team of volunteers spent the day dropping off bags of thanksgiving groceries to feed 150 needy families. >> they really enjoy being part of something, you know, bigger than yours. >> reporter: at wissahickon fire company in ambler the recipients is the kelly ann dolan memorial fund which coordinates grocery drop offs to family most of whom are caring for sick children. >> you just told me something i didn't even know. that's fantastic knowing that's where it's going. >> reporter: he donates somewhat blindly certainly generous toll a total of five organizations trusting the holiday meal makes its way to the most deserving dinner tables. >> it means everything to them. otherwise they'd be going to a soup kitchen and this way they can actually have really nice family dinner at home bond with their kids. >> reporter: mary berlin is the social worker through easter
5:48 pm
seals school in lansdowne. jennifer keller work with families at critically ill children at dupont hospital. >> my family know it's coming i told them over the week and they were like into in tears they were so excited about it. >> reporter: packed to the roof this suv full of groceries will be going to low income familiar unless north philadelphia. through parent power. >> yes, we have a family that serves -- he's a single father of four children and he'll be able to provide his four girls with a thanks -- lovely thanksgiving dinner this year. >> for the first time. >> for the first time, yes. usually go over family members houses. they'll be able to do it hisself this year. i'm getting teary eyed. >> reporter: hundreds of holiday memories will be made this thanksgiving thanks to people like our mystery man and his company who decided to ditch traditional zero presents and instead use the money to give back to pack carfuls of food and work with organizations like the dolan foundation to provide priceless family moments around the dinner table to those less
5:49 pm
fortunate. in ambler, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. the kell a in. of that dolan memorial fund looking for unwrapped toys for kids of all ages from babies to teenagers. target or wal*mart gift cards to be dropped off the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th or 6tsixth. log on to dole man >> fox 29 investigates after the shooting death of her only son much this mother wanted to right by him and hold a funeral true to his faith but the family tells our jeff cole a prominent local funeral director took steps that forced them to change their plans and they claim he still wanted to get paid. >> i'm not ready to do no service yet. that's what i said to him. yes, i does when she decided, i didn't like what happened here, i want the body back. she said that you wanted 1700 and dropped it to 12. >> so what answers funeral director had for us and how the family just looking foreclosure when fox 29 investigates tonight
5:50 pm
at 10:00. local general store has been a community fixture since the end of the civil war. but now its future is uncertain. why the landmark may soon become a different kind of history. >> ahead at 6:00 millions of americans will hop in the car and hit the road this week to celebrate the holiday. local first responders and moms want you to remember before you get behind the wheel. and next, a local little girl is fighting a deadly form of cancer. she has just one wish. and it just came true. the world figure she just met.
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water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets flew through the air in north dakota. they're target protesters at the dakota access oil pipeline and subfreezing weather yesterday demonstrators pride to push pass the blocked bridge. 17 protesters ended up in the hospital they say the response was law enforcement from excessive. sheriffs department says the protesters through rocks. critics of the pipeline say it will harm the environment an nearby american indian burial ground. but as philadelphia as cheesesteaks and soft pretzels and water ice. the iconic movie rocky is 40 years old today. the film starting sylvester
5:55 pm
stallone rocky balboa filmed right here in philadelphia if you were at the philadelphia museum of art you probably going to see people jogging up the steps just like bob kelly did this morning. >> i have folks here from seattle, folks from members cone the kids from cincinnati all rookies. they've never run the steps before. you ready? >> let's go. >> ready, guys? >> yes. >> let's do it. to the top, cull on. let's go, cincinnati. let's go, seattle. let's go mexico. come on. come on. all the way. let's do it. >> all the way. >> bob kelly did he make it up to the top. >> he did. he's still going. >> he's still going. we don't know if he made it to the top he's got the rocky sweatshirt. people from all over the world travel the steps to do their own rocky run up to the top. rocky of course is preserved in the library of congress' national film registry. >> i love it. next thing i want to see him do the one handed push ups like sylvester stallone did. that was impressive. >> all right. so you know what, no one in burlington county will remember
5:56 pm
a time before buzby's general store in chatsworth because it's been around since the send of the civil war but this store steeped in history could soon be history. >> fox 29's hank flynn explains why the landmark is now in danger. >> friend of mine one of historical societies suggested that she carry my book and she read it and said she like it she sells a lot of them. i don't know who else would sell my book if people like marilyn didn't. >> right. writer friend of mine bill and i went by buzby's general store in chatsworth the other day to check on marilyn schmidt. she's owned and run buzby's pine barrens landmark for 17 years for the most part, though, the doors have been shut since may. >> it will open periodically. friends of mine are running it for me, because i can't walk. and i only last being up for about an hour and i sort of fold but i'm getting stronger. i was in bed for 3.5 months. >> reporter: marilyn haass
5:57 pm
part failed her this spring it's been a tough year. she's put buzby's on the market and tried to sell it to me. >> you don't want to buy the store? >> who me? ma'am, you can get blood out of a rock. i'm not buying jack swat. ott i got three sons an mortgage. i'm lucky to get my butt to work every day. buy the store. >> this is what -- she's funny. >> this is what people tell me all the time. [ laughter ] >> if you're in the market for a registered historic civil jar general store this is your pla place. marilyn saw to it that it was restored when she bought it back in the 1990s after she had retired as a pharma collings. >> you're 87? >> 87. marilyn had four life times in her 87 years one of those life times she's an author of more than 60 pamphlets and books. a lot of them about fish all kinds of fish. >> because each one is quite different how it should be handled. so i guess bill is getting some of them.
5:58 pm
>> right. >> they're small booklets on each type of fish. >> sure. >> i lived in barnegat light before i lived here which is a fishing port,. >> yes, ma'am. >> when it's open buzby's exists mainly as a pinelands historical hub. you can get local jams and cake mixes and stuff and books where he called the chatsworth of the capital of the pine and the buzby's the center and bill's about the injuries see definitely being a distant relative of his grandmom bee hospital. marilyn was tired and bill and i left her to rest. i asked him about the urn certain future. >> i mean this is a landmark. it's an institution that had a life before, um, marilyn and nobody really knows i think what's going to happen. >> saturday get together at buzby's broad out some historians, locals and others looking to just say hi to marilyn as far as we know no offers made on the place. ♪ a beautiful little girl is battling cancer. she has one wish.
5:59 pm
why did you first of all want to meet the pope? >> because he is the pope and he seems awesome. >> well, she just met him and that meeting was awesome. but pope francis told little filomena face to face. we've seen it all over the past 48 hours. sunny skies and spring like temperatures flurries and bitter winds so what is in store for your thanksgiving holiday? your fox 29 weather authority times it all out. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. 6:00 o'clock and it's down right cold across the delaware valley. live look at allentown and philadelphia international airport tonight. you can see the camera bouncing around at phl because it is windy out there. wherever you are tonight. a jacket just fantastic idea. good monday evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. just over 48 hours ago felt like spring. but those temperatures a long
6:00 pm
gone. >> yes they are. >> at least for now. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr though tracking what's ahead for thanksgiving. kathy. >> it's unbelievable. if you have any friends or family in upstate new york or new england, we're talking about inches and in some places a foot of snow with these lake effect snow bands coming off the great lakes. so you have this intense wind. these lakes are not frozen and that is a snow machine. but for us, we're talking about wind and cold that will continue. we have the winds we just don't have the moisture thankfully winds out of the east at 39 miles an hour. that is the current gust in philadelphia. that is tropical force gust and this isn't the highest we've had gusts in the 40s today. gusting to 39 in lancaster. gusting to 30 in reading good news these winds will fully subside overnight tonight but the chill is there if you're stepping out tonight. feels like 19 in the poconos. 27 in allentown. 27 in wilmington. feels like 29 degrees in philadelphia. these numbers will stick right through the evening. wind advisory will continue until 7:00 o'clock tonight. for winds gusting to 40 e


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