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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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gone. >> yes they are. >> at least for now. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr though tracking what's ahead for thanksgiving. kathy. >> it's unbelievable. if you have any friends or family in upstate new york or new england, we're talking about inches and in some places a foot of snow with these lake effect snow bands coming off the great lakes. so you have this intense wind. these lakes are not frozen and that is a snow machine. but for us, we're talking about wind and cold that will continue. we have the winds we just don't have the moisture thankfully winds out of the east at 39 miles an hour. that is the current gust in philadelphia. that is tropical force gust and this isn't the highest we've had gusts in the 40s today. gusting to 39 in lancaster. gusting to 30 in reading good news these winds will fully subside overnight tonight but the chill is there if you're stepping out tonight. feels like 19 in the poconos. 27 in allentown. 27 in wilmington. feels like 29 degrees in philadelphia. these numbers will stick right through the evening. wind advisory will continue until 7:00 o'clock tonight. for winds gusting to 40 even
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45 miles an hour. and during the day tomorrow, we will start off with a morning chill with wind chills mainly in the 20s throughout most of region. and in the poconos close between the teens and lower 20s. so the good news is, this is going to improve we'll take a look at your holiday weekend forecast including important travel days later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy. those winds were really perfect today for spreading flames at this house in king of prussia. small billowed high on east blearer road tonight. >> it destroyed one family's home. fox 29's brad sattin has more from the scene. >> reporter: winds are certainly causing a lot of problems for firefighters the home behind me destroyed firefighters just putting the fire out here on east biedler road in king of prussia eighths total loss no one was hurt. it appears the fire started outside the home but quickly spread to it. an accidental fire that grew out of control quickly in large part because of the wind. this two alarm firebrat 45 firefighters here the gusts not only spread the fire but making
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equipment hard to handle. >> it certainly hindered our operations. give you an example we raised the ground ladder up to do some ventilation work and wind immediately blew it down before the firefighters were able to ascend the latter. >> reporter: in the past several days these firefighters have also been answering calls of fires being started from down the power lines. >> we had one wednesday night wind blew two wires down. they set a shed on fire. >> reporter: restoration crews seeing an increase in fire responders from heaters earl in the season poorly maintained to those looking for quick warmth. >> when it fluctuates from hot to cold people don't turn their heaters on they're taking their chill off with a small gas heater, kerosene heater, barbecue in in sizes. >> reporter: you're seeing them ignite? >> yes. quite a bit. increase over the last few years. this time much year. fire or six a month. we're seeing, you know, 14, 15, 16 a month at this point. >> reporter: red cross putting out the warning as they always do this time of year. be careful in the cold around any heating source.
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whether they be barbecue, candles indoors or trying to heat your home with an oven. in king of prussia, brad sattin fox 29 news. another fire in trenton has left 28 people homeless tonight. the six alarm fire ripped through homes, cars causing devastation in a tight night community. >> to a night big cleanup begins. dave kinchen live at the scene in trenton. dave? >> reporter: lucy fire crews had to deal with the bone-chilling cold and winds when they were fighting this fire but surprisingly that was not the biggest challenge. brutal flames scene here in exclusive video of a six alarm fire that destroyed several homes in close-knit polish neighborhood off of brunswick and olden avenues in trenton. >> oh, my god, a fire, oh, everything -- my husband -- get out, get up, come, come, come outside.
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>> high winds upping the risk. >> it's terrifying. like you can see i'm wearing the mask like it's tough to breathe. >> reporter: fire official say nine houses on the type knee block of weinberg place were lost including five that collapsed. [ inaudible ] >> it took a couple of minutes. >> irene saw everything she had burn including her home of one year. >> maybe i should take something but there's a fire. and my husband said just run outside. you going to die. you will be dead. you will be dead in a minute. everything is going to collapse and you will be dead. i just ran. all the diplomas everything you work hard for is gone. >> reporter: firefighters had to wait for live wires to be activateactivated before they co work. the flames intensifying in that time. one firefighter was hospitalized for a leg injury and two civilians were hurt. three cars were burned up, too. >> inspections is on scene working with the mercer county prosecutor's office.
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the trenton fire marshal's unit and trenton police department. >> reporter: format l as investigators search for cause. meantime neighbors are pulling closer together in this season of giving donating clothes to victims like irene. >> i was like in my -- slippers. literally. running for life. >> reporter: neighbors reported squatters living in one of the homes that caught fire biotite it's unclear if that's related to a cause which is not been determined at this time. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. breaking news let's head to japan right now. a strong earthquake has hit right off the coast of fukushima that is the same area that is home to nuclear power plan destroyed by huge tsunami after offshore quake in 2011. this is a life news feed from japan. now, the japan meteorological agency says this latest quake preliminary mag nude tide of 7.3. usgs marks it at 6.9.
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there's a pretty good difference in size there. all of this preliminary, of course. japanese officials have issued a tsunami warning for waves as high as 10 feet. more on this as it continues to come in. fire crews are investigating the cause of a gloucester county house fire that center seven people to the hospital. the severity of their injuries we don't know yet but fire officials are telling us at least three of the victims are out of the hospital tonight. the fire started at a group home along the 700 block of boulevard in woodburylyly this morning. that home is a total loss. the fire spread to two other properties. one was empty. the other had a family inside who did make it out safely. fire crews say of course heavy winds and downed power lines complicated the fire fight. >> local police officer about to get big surprise in the form of a vintage chevy. car getting a big overhaul it's for atlantic city officer josh vadell shot in the head while on the job this fall. >> car was given to him by his father another officer put this special plan in motion. our bruce gordon has the story
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you'll see only on fox. report a lot of work. >> reporter: the phrase labor of love is a cliche but pay a visit to jimmy buckley's man cave custom and performance shop and you can see a parts and labor of love in action. >> kind of like you have a dream, we can make it come true here. that's josh's dream. >> reporter: josh is atlantic city police officer josh vadell. his dream began as a nightmare back in september when he was shot in the head while interrupting an armed robbery near a casino parking lot. [ applause ] >> reporter: inside of two weeks vadell was on his way to rehab in chelten handle. it was then that the grapevine that connects cops work its magic. hatboro drew been fixing up a 1976 heavy nova once owned by his father. >> cops take care of cops. hands down. >> he needs something, i got it the. >> reporter: he called buckle buckley, you know auto body guy. >> hey, jimmy this injured officer, he has his diss pad's car he wants to fix up and jimmy
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cut me off. drew, we going to get that car. >> reporter: buck hal the nova towed from atlantic city to hatboro. then tore it apart for complete rebuild and upgrade. the suped up engine new brakes and suspension, up hold tree, air-conditioning the works. >> he'll have a new car. it will sound nasty and look gorgeous. >> reporter: finding parts for a 40-year-old car is no picnic. >> we need two doors and two fenders because they have rust. >> reporter: buckley's contacts in the industry are helping the rehab with free or discounted parts and labor of their own. the goal so present officer vadell with his better than ever nova on news years eve a gift of sorts. more like a four wheeled homage to his father. >> i think that this car when it's done will really bring back a lot of good stuff in his brain his memories and that might actually help his rehabilitation more. >> reporter: officer vadell is aware his car is being work on though he has no idea the extent of the rebuild upgrade. if you know him let's keep the secret between ourselves.
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but if you'd like to help with this project and it's expensive go to we will link you to the gofundme page set up to help out. a great project an worthy cause for great officer. in hatboro, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. ♪ federal election commission asking trump campaign to fix more than 1,000 errors on his latest financial filing. economic says the republican's campaign violated campaign finance laws including accepting contributions that were well over legal donation limits as the president-elect works on his transition he just dropped a new you be tube video outlining his plans for his administration among his top plans withdrawing from the transpacific partnership and removing restrictions on american energy. meanwhile trump today continued to interview potential cabinet members today hawaiian congressman gab bert visited trump tower a former bernie sanders backer and liberal politician. other politicians in that trump tower revolving door included former house speaker newt gingrich, oklahoma governor mary
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fallon and former texas governor rick perry. >> will mum foundation is teaming one with the city of philadelphia to make sure the parks and playgrounds look their best. they made a donation. the money will help renovate parks and libraries and rec centers. foundation says the money will fuel mayor kenney's vision of rebuilding community inn from a train structure. the $100 million is the largest grab grant in the history. she hopes this investment in city will serve as a national model for community reinvest many. coming up millions of americans will hop in the car and hit the road this weekend to celebrate thanksgiving. what local first responders and moms want to you remember before you get behind the wheel. and next a local little girl is fighting a deadly form of cancer. she has one wish, and you know what, it happened meeting the pope face to face. next.
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>> sean? lucy, eagle made a move that may be the sign of an end of nelson agholor's time in philly. see who they put on the 53 man roster to pre place agholor potentially. that's coming up in sports. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education-
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including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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♪ little girl from port richmond battling a deadly disease and her family is asking for prayers. just last week they got to meet the pope. >> amazing. fox's karen hepp sat down with them today to talk about what that meeting means. >> ♪ >> seven-year-old filomena running drills with her soccer team in september when her dad noticed something was wrong. she didn't have the same control over the ball as usual a trip to the dr. their lives changed forever. mri found a tumor in her brain it's inn op per rabb. so now they're praying for miracle. >> whole community in port richmond jumped to help throwing a block party an prayer chain as
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they pray for fill and foul to vow to storm the heavens. phil 19 is a special kid when the make a wish foundation she asked for a trip to it toll meet the pope. >> why did you first of all want to meet the pope. >> because he is a pope and he seems awesome. >> he blessed us and touched the back of my head and it felt go good. >> he blessed her, grabbed her little cheeks and kissed her he blessed my son mark and came back to me and when he came to me i just said to him, um, mia bam bean in a and he went back to her and blessed her again and it was magical. >> i was just blown away. he walk towards us and he was bigger than life. when he walked towards me he look me in the eye and said please pray for me. and i said i will.
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i said please pray for my daughter and he started touching her and i lost it. it was very very emotional. >> this is a very emotional time for the family. filomena has finished radiation license follow up mri in december. they are praying for a christmas miracle. >> i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. i am praying with them. wow is that. you know ahead of thanksgiving several local groups are urging you to designate a driver for the holiday. today mother's against drunk driving joined with the philadelphia police and fire departments at the fire administration building on spring garden street. they are celebrating the 30th year of the read ribbon tie one on for safety campaign. here's what the group is asking you to do. display a red ribbon on your car as a reminder to plan ahead for designatdesignated not grinningg driver before holiday celebrations begin. >> let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it was a windy day out there today. >> as i like to say a blustery day in the 100-acre wood.
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winnie the pooh thing. >> it is. it's sweet. not too sweet outside though. let me tell you. >> once upon a time. >> you know, once upon time, it was warm and 72 degrees. like saturday, right? >> take a look outside we do partly cloudy sky we still have whipping winds and temperatures that are falling fast. 40 degrees the current temperature the high 45. winds sustain at 24 gusting over 30 in many locations. so here's a look at the temperatures we'll take look at those feels like readings coming up temperatures in the poconos is 30 cold enough to make snow. 38 degrees in wilmington and when widen out you can see the cold pretty much everywhere in upstate new york packed powder falling with lake effect snows in syracuse along the state through way through buffalo new york. ottawa 27. so a lot of cold air still fairly close by. we have strong westerly winds gusting to 39 miles an hour in philadelphia. that is a tropical storm force gust we still have potential for tree limbs to come down. some power outages because of these consistent and persistent
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westerly winds that have been blowing for at leave the past 24, 48 hours. reading still seeing a gust of 30. and in lancaster gusting to 38 but these numbers were in the 40s earlier today. so those strong winds coming out of the west northwest crossing lake ontario and lake erie creating likeness hansed snows or lake effect snow and that means laces in upstate new york like syracuse, utica new york, rochester, new york, seeing a foot of snow already. not even thanksgiving. we do have some airport delays. you can see newark and also in laguardia look at that. a couple of hour delay because of the wind. winds gusting 35 to 40 miles an hour there. philadelphia right now no delays and if you're flying out this evening, heading to a family member's house, it looks like it's going to be pretty decent out there with conditions that will be fair throughout the rest of the nation. high pressure builds in over the next 24 hours. the wind will be easing so the weather will be improving lighter winds more sunshine and then watching our next weather maker bringing showers just in time for the thanksgiving day
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holiday. so as we look ahead, no issues weather wise through the day on tuesday. and even into wednesday. it's thursday that we're watching the showers move in and right now, we looking, it looks like late morning into early afternoon some spotty showers for your thanksgiving day. so overnight tonight, 32 in the city. 27 in the suburbs partly cloudy still some wind with winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow the high 48. well below average for this time of year. we should be in the 50s. still seeing a breeze out of the west about 15 to 20. on your exclusive seven day forecast from your weather authority, wednesday looks like a great day. thursday some showers and clou clouds. 54 for thanksgiving. black friday looks nice its saturday for the temple game the sun will be out. sunday even nice when everyone travels back home and by monday movely sunny and 60 degrees. so this cold snap last as couple of days, 48 hours. and then it's back to more seasonal november weather. at least in the delaware valley.
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>> cold wind blows for the eagles tell you what. >> yeah, the giants won, cowboys won and washington won. not a good monday for the eagl eagles. they had a tough loss yesterday and they suffered a bunch of injuries in that game. i'll get you caught up who is about to miss some time. nelson agholor struggles this season. teammates try to come to his defense. say what they had to say about another day for agholor next in sports.
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♪ the eagles took more than one yesterday in seattle. darrin sproles and brian matthews left the day. matthews with the knee and sproles with a fractured rib. big d starting to play well. he suffered an sprain. agholor spot might be week to week. he had another terrible performance yesterday one cost the eagles a touchdown. he said he's in his own head thinthinking too much worrying o much. his teammates trying to get him through this tough time. >> when that happens, you know, it's tough but you move on. obviously, any time you leave plays out there it's frustrating but, you know, coming right back the next play. it's something, we have not lot of confidence in him. i have not lot of confidence in him. we just got to keep encouraging him he works his tail off.
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>> i was hate to see him going through that. this is a hard time to play football. it's a hard time to -- this is national. other guys make mistakes you in the trenching. when we make mistake you out and everybody can see. >> nelson bad performance and the wide receivers really just being sub par led to this move. eagles signed preseason stan out paul turner to the 53 man rost roster. turner lit it up in preseason and really he's the best wide out during camp so after wasting away on the practice squad the eagles finally desperate enough to give this guy a shot. >> he's made plays on service team, you know, going against our defense and a lot of times when you're going against starters in practice, you know, you get a good -- orgeat good look at your young players that way and he's dawn nice job. obviously a sharp kid and, you know, looking forward to giving him more time this week. >> really, i know this is the nfl but gary cobb said yesterday former eagle that this guy may
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need a therapist. psychological type of issue. it's all mental which i respond to this is the nfl. big boy game. [ laughter ] >> how do you need this at that point. >> you should be confident enough. >> you know. some of us need a little extra help here and there and that's okay, sean. >> you know i'm old and i still get on the basketball court like i'm dominating everybody. >> there should be no confidence issue. >> maybe we shouldn't throw it to his hasn't. throw it somewhere else. >> all righty, so. thanksgiving still a couple days off a lot of people are already hatching their plans to deck their hails halls for the holidays. but will the decorations you buy make you a target for grinching. join us tonight at 10:00. >> hmm. >> yeah. >> it will get better. >> yeah. >> temperatures will be warping. looks like thanksgiving will be pretty decent. >> all right. >> clouds and showers but at least back to the 50s. >> love it. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] gigi hadid blow back over her melania trump imitation. >> i love my husband. president barack obama. >> why i did it. >> the actor from hamilton who went after the vice president elect speaks out. >> you must seize that opportunity. >> and melania's surprising revelation. she reportedly doesn't want to move to the white house. >> then, selena gomez's return to the spotlight. >> i was absolutely broken inside. >> and why are they gassing your steak at the supermarket? is it safe to eat? >> they can't actually see or smell what the meat is really like. >> what you need to know about


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