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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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next she's shot in the leg. police are now wondering if this is tied to something that happened hours earlier. >> kanye west rushed to the hospital. your news in 30 seconds.www.eve] ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. first at 10:00 tonight innocent teenager hurt when bullet rips through her great
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grand mott' house. >> she was just there for visit and wound up in the hospital. tonight police are looking for the person who pull the trigger and fired the shot that hit her. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. as you can imagine people in the neighborhood are shaken up tonight. they spoke with our dave schratwieser who joins us live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: iain, when gunfire erupte erupted just aftr 6:00 neighbors and their children were ducking for cover that 14-year-old girl was wasn't so lucky. she was struck once in the leg. she is now in stable condition as police search for the shooter and connections to an earlier shooting. >> my daughter's heard the shots and ran upstairs to me. telling me, dad, dad, they shooting outside. >> reporter: that's how neighbor describe the gunfire on the 4400 block of gratz street monday night after a stray bullet traveled more than half block and struck an innocent 14 year old girl sitting in her grand grandmother's kitchen. >> bullet went through the siding and the drywall and struck her in the right leg.
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>> reporter: they know to duck on the floor when it happens. >> reporter: this man lives mid block one of the gunman stood and opened fire. she will casings littered the street and the sidewalk outside his home. >> i have two daughters in the house. and, you know, they could -- it could have just as welcome through the window and hit them. >> reporter: say at least 10 shots were fired from 45 caliber handgun just after 6:00 p.m. police arrived on the shooting scene and quickly raced the teenaged girl to the hospital. >> if this would have hit her in her torso or any other area, it could have been critical or even fatal. >> i just heard pow pow pow pow pow. >> this shooting several hours after 25 shots were fired just blocks away at 15th and venango. those bullets riddled a mini van. one man was critically wounded. the other was killed. >> we're looking into the possibility if this particular shooting was related to that double shooting earlier today. >> very sad. very sad because we don't normal vol anything like that around here. this block is like real quiet.
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>> reporter: now, there are surveillance cameras on the block and a real-time crime camera owned by the city right nearby. police do not have a motive or any suspects in the shooting of that 14-year-old. they do have a suspect in custody and two weapons recovered nor shooting at 15th and venango. lucy. >> too much violence. all right, dave. man who tried to fight off robber is recovering in the hospital tonight. police say someone tried to rob a 31-year-old on the nine hun dead block of north broad street it happened around 3:30 this afternoon. the robber stabbed him in both of his hands. medics took the man to hahn non university hospital much he's stable. so far, no arrests. local youth group leader accused of sexually assaulting two teens. it doesn't end there. >> no it doesn't. two girls come forward but authorities want to know if he has more victims. our brad sattin is live tonight at the middletown township police department. brad, what do you know? >> reporter: lucy, we can certainly tell you police are concerned that there could possibly be other victims out
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there. all of this came to light back in september when the parents of a 13-year-old girl came forward, then another alleged victim came forward and today that suspect turned himself in. >> 22-year-old michael wallace accused of sexual assault an tempt sexual assault involving two girls, a 13-year-old an 15-year-old. the separate incidents allegedly took place over the summer in inside oxford valley chapel in langhorne where wallace sim bee was a youth group leader. the church confir confirming heo longer there. >> we're deeply saddened with these recent events. we're fully cooperating with the police on-going investigation i can't really say anything more than that. we do ask for the prayers of fellow believers for all involved. >> reporter: criminal complaint alleges that wallace sim bee pulled down the pants of a 13-year-old girl exposed himself and rub against her but quote suddenly stopped and told her that was sorry. in the alleged incident with the 15 year old he's accused of pushing her face down and whispering in her air "some day
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you'll call me a pedophile" she was able to kick him and free herself. police are concerned there could be other victim out there. one of the victims telling investigator that is quote similar acts were perpetrated by him against other juvenile female members of the church's youth group "we met his mother as she was leaving the house as she pulled away she would only say the charges are not true and that she needed to talk to lawyer. the church's facebook page says it's committed to being a church where broken struggling people can find spiritual healing. it's not clear if or when services will resume. >> because of the potential news media we don't know were we're going to do. >> reporter: now, that 22-year-old suspect is facing a bunch of charges to night including institutional sexual assault, indecent assault and felony corruption of minors. bail was set at $50,000. towed put up 10%. he is out of jail tonight. iain? >> all right, brad, thank you. on your radar tonight that wind as you know has been brutal
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out there. all anyone has been talking about kathy orr is here to tell us we'll vol to find new topic conversation. >> the news good news, iain n wind is going to settle down. not just yet but eventually over the next 24 hours it will ease. you can see by the snow through new york and into new england this lake effect snow is continuing with those winds that continue to crank about a foot of snow in some locations. it's crazy up there. do unhere in the delaware valley, we are looking at windy conditions, but dry conditions. 33 miles an hour gusts still in lancaster. the winds gusting to 36 in reading. 29 in philadelphia. still gusting to 30 in wilmington. so those whipping winds continue and the wind chills will be driven down down into the 20s overnight. right now it already feels like 27 in pottstown. in the poconos it feels like 15. in wilmington it feels like 27. so get ready for another morning of a wintry chill. i had to go and get some gloves today. because i couldn't find them. tomorrow morning when you step out the door, 7:00 a.m. it will feel like 23 in philadelphia. 22 in pottstown.
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and 25 in wrightstown. it will get better as we head toward the holiday weekend. more on thanksgiving coming up with the seven day. i'll see you laterred in brought cast. >> thank you very much, kathy. happening right now, 28 people cannot go home tonight in trenton much their homes are charred after a fire fueled by high winds i mean look at those flames just whipping there. ripped through an entire block early this morning with just days before thanksgiving. some of them are trying to salvage what's left. >> for others it's a total loss. fox 29's dave kinchen has the story from trenton. >> reporter: bright and brutal flames scene here exclusive video of a six alarm fire that destroyed several homes in a close-knit polish neighborhood off of brunswick and olden avenues in trenton. >> oh, my god, a fire, oh, everything loft. get up, get up, come, come. come outside. >> high winds upping the risk.
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>> pretty terrifying. i'm wearing mask. touts breeze. >> reporter: fire officials say nine house on weinberg place were lost including five that collapsecollapsed. [ inaudible ] >> it took a couple minutes. >> irene saw everything she had burn including her home of one year. >> maybe i should take something but there's a fire and my boyfriend said, just run outside you going to dime you will be dead. you will be dead in a minute everything is going to collapse and you will will be dead. i just ran. all the diplomas everything work hard for in life is gone. >> reporter: firefighters had to wait for live wires to be deactivated before they could get to work. one firefighter was hospitalized for a leg injury and two civilians were also hurt. three cars were burned up, too. >> inspections is on scene working with the mercer county prosecutor's office, the trenton fire marshal's unit and trenton
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police department. >> reporter: formality as investigators search for a cau cause. meantime neighbors are pulling closer together in this season of giving donating clothes to victims like irene. >> i was like in my bra and slippers. like literally. running for life. >> reporter: neighbors reported squatters living in one of the homes that caught fire. but it's not clear if that's related to the cause. in fact the cause has not been determined just yet. in trenton, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. dry windy conditions giving firefighters trouble in king of prussia as well today. a home was a total loss along east bid her road it appears the fire started outside the home before it got out of control. partially because of the wind thankfully no one was hurt. a group home is total loss in woodbury, gloucester county. seven people had to be treated at the hospital. the fire spread to two other homes. one home was vacant. the other had family inside that
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made it out safely. again those winds and downed power lines contribute to go a difficult fire fight to cause the fire is still under investigation tonight. developing to night out of tennessee heartbreak when a schoolbus ride turns deadly in chattanooga. six children killed when a schoolbus turns on its side and wraps around tree. on the bus, almost three dozen children from kindergarteners to fifth graders. 23 kids had to be to go to the hospital and police are interviewing the bus driver to try and find out exactly what went wrong. just horrific. president-elect trump said he was going to do things differently and boy, is he. the first time he's talking publicly about his first 100 days it's in video his transition team dropped on youtube. all this comes as trump towers elevators open and closed all day long back in new york city the president-elect continued to meet with possible cabinet members. among them former house speaker newt gingrich, oklahoma governor mary fallon and hawaii democrat
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tull see gab bert. he's yet to hold news conferen conference. did he lay out plans for his critical first 100 days of his presidency includ included invee a abuse of immigration vees rah programs. banning elected officials from becoming lobbyists and he also wants to withdrawal from the tpp trade deal as part of a plan to create jobs. >> i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy and clean coa creating many millions of high paying jobs much that's what we want. that's what we've been waiting for. >> the federal election commission wants his campaign to fix more than a thousand errors on latest financial filing. the commission says the campaign violated finance laws including accepting contributions that were well over legal donation limits. a fed up community warns fox 29 a child was going to get hurt unless someone did something in
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their neighborhood. well, it's happened. a child caught in the crossfire. they're here and they're frustrate. >> fox 29 investigates a young man's family says a step taken at a local funeral home kept them from saying a proper goodbye. >> i couldn't do something i wanted to do for my baby. >> why this local mother is distraught over what happened to her son.
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>> home is of course supposed to be save place for child. the last night 12-year-old boy got caught in the crossfire right in the middle of his apartment complex. it happened in millville, new jersey. >> while doctors expect that boy to be okay, neighbors say they are fed up with all the violen violence. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us now from millville, new jersey, shawnette, you talked to this community weeks ago and parents warned you something like this was going to happen. >> reporter: yeah, iain, some of those same parents tonight told me that their worst nightmare -- one of their worst nightmares has come true. that young boy was shot in the calf found inside an apartment after he was shot outside. >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: 12-year-old is recovering at inspira vineland medical center tonight after someone hoped fire in his millville apartment complex. police say witnesses tell them someone fired five to seven shots from a car driving through okay view apartments where the boy lives. it happened yesterday evening just after 7:30 while the child was outside.
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police don't believe he was the intented target. >> it seemed like it was bound to happen. >> reporter: kim and tim have been pushing city officials to do something about the violence. earlier last month they and other neighbors rallied after shooting happened just blocks away from a school. what happened yesterday is what they feared for some time now. >> it's heartbreaking. you know, my son is about the same age as that child presumably they go to school together. >> reporter: just a few weeing a concerned neighbors pack a city commission meeting asking officials to bring shot spotter to millville. it detects where gunshots are fired to help police get there faster. >> i can't afford to lose my child. >> reporter: city passed it op to county officials to help pay for it. carried says it's now in the hands of the finance committee. >> something has got to be done. i mean if this isn't the wake-you will cup that the city needs and the commissioners and everybody i don't know what the it's going take. >> parents who live in the apartment complex where the 12-year-old was shot did not want to talk on camera. one said she doesn't let her kids outside. the carrieds say police are
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doing a good job but something more needs to be done. >> owe want to be able to put our heads at the end of the night knowing this is the best place for them to grow and be connected to, to family. where our family is from. >> reporter: and tonight that child is in stable condition. some of his friends told me that he's expected to come home tomorrow. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. philadelphia police think the sound of alarm scared off would be burglar. police are looking for that guy right there caught by surveillance camera rah. they tried to get in a home in east germantown along the 2100 block of north 21st street. they say he forced open a window which set off the alarm and that sent him running. police have new answers tonight in the mysterious death of a man last week in holmesbu holmesburg. police say someone shot and killed wine jones last thursday. medic found the 40-year-old at 8,000 block of frankford avenue. they tried to revive him but they couldn't. the medical examiner found that someone had shot him in the shoulder and there's definitely
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some foul play at work here. nearby surveillance video shows three people drag the victim out of a building then leaving him on the sidewalk. police say the motive was an argument and so far there have been no arrests. >> a local police officer is about to get a big surprise in the form of this vintage chevy. the classic car getting overhauled for atlantic city officer josh vadell who robbers shot in the head when he tried to stop them this fall. >> the car was given to him by his father and another officer put this special plan in motion. our bruce gordon has the story you'll see only on fox. >> a lot of work. >> reporter: the phrase labor of love is a cliche but pay it a visit to jimmy buckley's man cave custom and performance shop, and you can see parts of labor of love in act. >> kind of like you have a dream, we can make it come true here. that's josh's dream. >> reporter: josh is atlantic city police officer josh vadell. his dream began as nightmare back in september when he was shot in the head while interrupting an armed robbery near cass zen know parking lot. [ applause ]
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>> reporter: inside of two weeks vadell was on his way to rehab in cheltenham. it was then that the grapevine that connects cops work its magic. hatboro policeman drew wearing vadell at the time of his traumatic brain injury fixing up a 1976 chevy nova once owned by his father. >> cops take care of cops hands down. he needs something i got it. >> reporter: he called buckley, you know auto body guy. >> hey, jimmy, this injured officer he has his dad's car he wants to fingers and jimmy cut me off. drew, we got to go get that car. >> reporter: buckley had the nova towed from atlantic city to hatboro. then tore it apart for complete rebuild and upgrade. suped up engine, new brakes and suspension, up poultry, air-conditioning, the works. >> he'll have a new car and it will be pretty fast, sound pretty nasty it will look gorgeous. >> reporter: finding parts wore a 40-year-old car is no picnic. >> we need two doors and two fenders because they have some rust. >> reporter: buckley's contact
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are helping the rehab with free or discounted parts. the goal is to present officer vadell with his better than ever nova on new year's eve. a gift of sorts. more like a four wheeled homage to his father. >> i think that this car when it's done will really bring back a lot of good stuff in his brain, his memories and that by actually help his rehab more. >> officer vadell is aware his car is being worked on he has nod yes the extent of the rebuild and the upgrade. if you know him, let's keep the secret between ourselves. but if you'd like to help with this project and it's expensive go to we will link you to the gofundme page set up to help out. a great project an worthy cause for a great officer. in hatboro, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. kanye west is seen trouble lately ton night there are hints may be worse. why the super star rapper is in the hospital. >> their son made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and now gold star family says they still cannot get over other
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passengers booing them on a recent flight to philadelphia. >> that was really upsetting. it made us cry some more. >> what a grieving family wants you to know. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for work tomorrow along route 30. they'll be working all this week route 30 and route 100 probably just tomorrow and wednesday with the holiday with the wind we've been dealing with all day today look out for the construction signs and debris popped all over any of the construction zones like here along 95 and tomorrow morning with the wind and the cooler temps be ready for scattered delays on the regional rail lines. we'll check the jam cams. sue with the tuesday forecast i'll see you right here tomorrow at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ hundreds of thousands of people in japan are holding their breaths to night. a powerful earthquake has hitly its same area tsunami devastated in 2011. the 7.4 magnitude quake struck off the coast of fukushima around 5:00 p.m. our time and sent residents rushing to higher ground after authorities issued a tsunami warning. they lifted that about four hours later. the earthquake five years ago in the same place destroyed a nuclear power plant and killed about 18,000 people.
10:24 pm
japanese news outlets are reporting only minor damage and injuries today. development to go night in texas suspect is in custody for the deadly shooting a police officer. >> otis mccain now faces capitol murder charges. police arrested mccain this afternoon. they say he killed 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi yesterday. mccain pulled up behind marconi's patrol car, walk up to the officer's driver's side window and shot him in the head. marconi was 20 year veteran of the department. >> i think that the uniform was the target and anyone who happened -- first person who happened along was the person he targeted. >> the shooting in san antonio was of four weekend attacks on law enforcement officers. the others happened in missouri and florida. those officers survived. kanye west is in los angeles hospital tonight for a psychiatric evaluation. law enforcement sources tell tmz that police responded to a call for a welfare check on kanye
10:25 pm
west this afternoon. his doctor had been checking him for severe sleep deprivation and someone decided he had to go to the hospital. law enforcement tells tmz he had to be handcuffed to a gurney because he didn't wanting to. west canceled his north american tour after a couple of bizarre concerts the last few days. a local family was trying to make funeral a range w they claim things started happening to their loved ones body without their approval. now they're trying to get some answers. jeff cole's report is coming up. >> kathy orr is tracking that forecast of yours. >> yes, we sure are. we're watching the sky. they're clear, the cold air is in place, and the winds, well they're still cranking. they will diminish as we head toward the holiday weekend. take a look at your travel forecast or if you're staying at homecoming up. isn't all right, kathy. here's a look what's coming up at 11:00. >> check it out. christmas is come you got wild decorations like this camouflage smo man but evelyn and tony tell me put it in the wrong neighborhood and you're asking for destruction. all you want to know coming
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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♪ >> the nation second busiest commuter railroad is no longer allowing engineers with sleep apnea to operate trains unless the condition is corrected or under control. new jersey transit made the change last month after the accident in hoax bow ken that engineer was found to have sleep apnea. federal regulator it's are urging all railroads to screen engineers for the disorder. >> most families dealing with a death want more than anything to provide a send off that corresponds to their beliefs but what happens when plans go awry. >> local mom who says her wishes were not carried out spoke to fox 29 investigates jeff cole. ♪ >> reporter: james le grant johnson, jr., words expose the conflict within him. the aspiring west philly rapper by the name hood is a father of two. his mother saw the good in him. >> love and respectful young
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man. he helped everybody. did everything he could do for people. he also loved his family. >> reporter: police say the 25-year-old was not the intended target of a september 1st, 2015 double shooting on market street. cops scooped him up and whisked him to a hospital but it was too late. her only son's death was a cru crushing blow to karen johnson. >> i couldn't believe it. i was like so in shock like not my baby. don't take my baby away from me. >> reporter: sean sure if she had the funds but she knew she want add special muslim service. >> i wanted him to have a service. medical examiner's office said it could hold his body until she sorted things out. a friend put her on the phone with supervisor gregory t. burrell of the terry funeral
10:31 pm
home. >> did you say to him anything about the muslim service that you wanted. >> yes, my son was muslim. i'm not ready to do no service yet. that's what i said to him, yes, i did. >> reporter: but the next day the family learns his body had been moved to the haverford avenue funeral home. and they were stunned later that day at what they say they heard from a funeral home employee and burrell himself. >> in keeping wis his muslim faith did you not want him embalmed. >> no. they he will balmed him without my permission. >> gregory burrell is a hoe profile funeral director in the state of pennsylvania. he was once the chairman of the state's board of funeral directors the panel that oversees the profession. but a new chairman was named after it was learned that burrell had let his licenses and that of his business lapse for five days. he remains on the board. we asked burrell about the
10:32 pm
johnson's claims. >> his mother comes to us and says, look, muslim kid don't want him embalmed. claims you em bam manied him. >> i don't remember. >> reporter: we tried to jog his memory by sending him documents that he exchanged with the johnsons and asking more questions. that's when we heard from his attorney who wouldn't answer specific claims but did write in a statement in part the funeral home prides itself on delivering superior service to families dealing with the death of a loved one. how did terry funeral home get the body in the first place? the family obtained this release form from the me's office. only problem -- >> it's not my signature. this is my signature. >> reporter: who signed that, do you think? >> the same name on top of there signed this. >> reporter: you think it's the same person. >> i think it's the same person. which is gregory. >> reporter: burrell? >> yes. >> reporter: the department of states says pennsylvania law is silent on whether a funeral
10:33 pm
director can sign a customer's name. but philadelphia public health told us a release form should be signed by the next of kin who agreed to the funeral home and the specific arrangements. >> we would not pick up a body unless they have had authorization to picket up. >> reporter: can you sign someone else's name in the corner -, coroner will accept that. >> sometimes families will give us permission. >> reporter: her allegation she didn't give you permission. >> i really don know. >> reporter: when they decided to part ways it got messy. the family's attorney says, burrell wanted $1,700 for em balance ming and other services. >> they reduced it to $1,200 when my client said we were not going to pay and then eventually when my clients threatened them with law enforcement and attorneys, they released the body to the new funeral home. >> reporter: when she decided i didn't like what happened here i want the body back she said
10:34 pm
you wanted 1700 and dropped it to 12. >> i don't recall that. i may have to try to help them out, yes, that could be but i don't recall that. >> reporter: johnson did sign a statement of services in another form which included references to em balance ming but she claims burrell told her it was an estimate signatures ss were necessary to get the death certificate. and she says the body was embalmed before she signed those documents. asked about all of this, burrell's attorney wrote, the home serves families with the utmost privacy and discretion and they feel it would be inn appropriate and imprudent to comment on any specific client. the johnsons have filed a lawsuit. >> i couldn't do the service for my son. i couldn't do something i wanted to do for my baby. >> reporter: jeff cole, fox 29 news. so why would karen johnson sign a document that referenced em balance ming after she
10:35 pm
believed her son had already been embalmed against her wishes. her lawsuit claims she was in no decision to make a business decision. she wanted to see her son's body. >> local little girl fighting a deadly form of cancer. she has one wish and it happened. meeting the pope face to face and you'll see that special moment. and can you guess how much money your thanksgiving feast will cost? city officials have just crunched the numbers. how much cash you'll need before you head out to the grocery store.
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♪ just amazing story of survival in washington state. look at this thing. a massive tree crashed and crushed an suv. the man and woman inside escaped serious injury which is amazing when you see that the tree just slammed down on the driver and the passenger side of the car. so it's just crazy and
10:39 pm
ridiculous. now, it happened as they were driving yesterday in a town near seattle. police say both of them actually got out flew a back door. witnesses say it's nothing short of a miracle. >> i went over and talk to them both. the wife was in shock which i don't blame her. the timing it's just unbelievable that it hit the car when it did. i would say it's a miracle really these people were spared their lives today. >> you know the couple only has minor injuries. that's it. power in the area was out for several hours as crews removed the big tree. in your money tonight, a freebie from apple. tech giant will provide free battery leigh replace many for cut here's who's iphone 6s shut down expectedly the problem impacts a quote very small number of device that is were made between september and october of last year. so apple will fix it for free if you head to apple store. last week of course apple announced fix for phones with malfunctioning touch screens. >> that was going to cost you. >> it will cost you a little
10:40 pm
more than 46 bucks if you want to feed 10 people this thanksgiving and if you live in philly. >> doesn't sound too bad for 10 people. >> not too bad. >> according to the philadelphia city controller who says the price a little higher this year and that's just a day after the american farm bureau said the price of thanksgiving din are in was going down per lateness wide. cheaper turkeys this year cost of traditional thanksgiving dinner is about $3 cheaper however in philadelphia than the national average even though the price went up a bit in our city. the city controller went to various grocery stores within the city to tal the price of food that many people love in their holiday meals like turkey and cranberries and green beans. i like the green bean casserole. my kids love that. i always have to cook it. >> their son made the ultimate sacrifice for our country now a gold star family can't get over being booed on a recent flight to philadelphia. >> that was really upsetting. it made us cry some more. >> tonight what it felt like to be in that grieving family's shoes.
10:41 pm
kathy orr is tracking your forecast. yes, we are. we're talking about winds that will diminish. some cold that will ease, but do you have any travel plans over the next couple of days? we'll take a look what to expect. there is some rain in the forecast for thanksgiving. we'll time it out when we come back. ♪ my gravy had an accident. follow me.
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i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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♪ a grieving gold star family says they received a disgusting response from passengers on flight to philadelphia when their plane was decide delayed. the family was on their way to dover air force base to claim the body of sergeant john perry. a suicide bomber killed him in afghanistan. the family's delayed plane almost had them missing a connecting flight. his father said the captain of the plane asked everyone to remain seated stow that a quote special military family could get off first and that's when the dad says some people in first class actually started to boo. >> to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting. it made us cry some more. >> terrible. sergeant perry is now buried at arlington national cemetery and his father wants people to know his son was a hero who spent his
10:45 pm
time in service protecting americans from terrorism. >> little girl from port richmond is battling a deadly disease and her family is asking for prayers just last week they got to meet the pope. >> they did. fox's karen hepp sat down with them today to talk about what that immediating means. >> seven-year-old filomena was running drills with her soccer team in september when her dad noticed something was wrong. she didn't have the same control over the ball as usual. a trip to the doctor their lives changed forever. mri found a tumor in her brain it's not operable. so now they're praying for a miracle. whole community in port richmond jumped in to help blowing a block party and a prayer chain as they pray for fill and vow to storm the heaven. filomena is a special kid when the a wish foundation asked what she wanted she didn't pick disney. she asked for trip to italy to meet the pope.
10:46 pm
>> why did you first of all want to meet the pope. >> because he's a pope and he seems awesome. >> he blessed us and he touched the back of my head and it felt good. >> he blessed her, grabbed her little cheeks and kissed her, and then he blessed my son mark and came back to me. when he came to me i just said to him, mia bambino about filomena and he went back to her and blessed her again and it was magical. >> i was just blown away. he walked towards us and he was bigger than life. when he walked towards me he looked me in the eye and said please pray for me and i said i will and i said please pray for my daughter. he reached over to her and started touching her and i lost it. it was very very emotional. >> this is a very emotional time for the family. filomena has finished radiation license follow up mri in
10:47 pm
december. they are praying for a christmas miracle. >> i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. praying right there with them. wish them the best. pulling for them. on your radar tonight, messy compute for drivers in syracuse, new york. heavy snow and slick roads causing some major traffic tie ups on local roads there lake effect snow fell throughout the day with heavier snow bands dumping up to a one to 2-inches snow an hour in that area. kathy i know i was lot about syracuse. >> oh yeah that's where my family is. my sister called me she said make it stop! i said i can't do that. wish i can but i can't. that lake effect snow machine continues and you can see the circulation with that strong area of low pressure it's pulling down the cold air picking up the moisture from lake ontario. these lakes are not frozen and it's like a snow machine and it's not going to end until the wind shifts. that's the phenomenon lake effect snow and that's going to happen until tomorrow. so more snow for upstate new york and parts of new england. take look here on market street.
10:48 pm
wow! what night it's cold and windy but it's pretty clear out there were the high today 45. winds out of the west at 18 temperature right now is 39 degrees. so as we look across the region 28 in the poconos. 38 degrees in wilmington but with the win it makes it feel like it's in the 20s. that will be the case tomorrow morning. winds gusting to 36 in reading and the poconos. still a westerly gust to 30 miles an hour in philadelph philadelphia. this has been over two days of this and by tomorrow, we should be seeing those winds ease. i check the airport delays. nothing throughout the northea northeast. upstate new york i think some delays there. you can see to the west, no delays. i think the same goes for these locations during the day tomorrow. the reason why, high pressure will be in control. it sneaks into the big cities along the east coast so those winds will be relaxing. so hopefully no delays after tomorrow morning. and then you can see some showers moving toward chicago these showers will be in our future not a lot of rain but this will make a run at us by the time we make it to
10:49 pm
thanksgiving day. so we fast forward over the next couple of days. we're looking at dry weather right through wednesday. by late wednesday, some clouds rolling in during the evening and the overnight but it stays dry. maybe some snow showers through northeastern pa and heading toward upstate new york. but for the rest of us, through the philadelphia area, we stay dry and then the rain moving in basically from the west late thursday morning and spotty during the afternoon then it's out of here. looks like we'll clear it out nicely for black friday and the weekend. so overnight, 32 in the city. 27 in the suburbs. still gusting to 35 miles an hour and it will be partly cloudy to mainly clear. tomorrow mostly sunny and breeze is that correct, sir westerly wind sustained 15 to 20. so it put a chill in the air temperatures up a few degrees around 48. on your exclusive fox 297 day forecast from the weather authority, less wind on wednesday comfortable. some showers thursday but milder. friday looks great. so does saturday and sunday next monday going for a high of
10:50 pm
60 degrees. so that's not so bad. temperatures will be rebounding. we'll send it back over to you. >> kathy eagles get desperate at that wide receiver position. they bring up a guy they hope can really bring them a spark. plus the sixers in action against miami. the minute restrictions didn't hold embiid and okafor from having a big night. check out what they did in limited minutes next in sports.
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♪ nelson agholor's time witness goals could be over so soon. he's not living up to being a first round draft picks and fans are getting fed up. he had another bad game yesterday. no reception as drop an penalty that cost the eagles points. all of that forcing the team to bring in some help. eagles signed wide receiver paul turner off the practice squad a move that really we were all waiting for. this team needs a lot of help at the wide receiver position. he was the best one in the pre-season really earlier doug pederson talked about the skies to sign him.
10:54 pm
>> he's made plays on the service team going against our defense and a lot of times when you're going against starters in practice, you know, you get a good look at your young players that way, and he's dawn nice j job. obviously sharp kid and looking forward to giving him some more time this week. >> to the sixers. joel embiid and jahlil okay for on minute restrictions. they're getting frustrated especially coke for. it's hard for him to get a rhythm going. tonight against miami that wasn't problem. check this out. joel embiid walks into a three pointer and nails it. 22 points and five boards in just 23 minutes. later in the third it's ja's turn gets the rock. drives with his left and finishes. look at that. tough move. 15 points, three boards and 25 minutes of play. now, late in the game the six social security up by two. em bed gets the stop right here. that will lead to this. drive to the rack and an open
10:55 pm
robert covington three pointer. he nails it. sixers within 101-94. fourth win of the season fourth straight at home. sixers finishing in both games. >> when you take a bunch of young guys that have never played in the nba or with each other, and you try to get it done with two minutes left and you fought so hard up until then and you just can't deliver, you know, that's deflating. i feel the more we can do things like that we won four games at home in a row, that's right. >> that's right. >> i forgot. i'm proud of that. >> college hoops villanova now second in both the ap and coaches pole. duke and kansas fell back. nova still undefeated at five five-zero and st. joe's in action today taking on nc state and the paradise consolation game. started off strong. look at that. with the dunk looked real good but the hot start won last very long in the second nails the
10:56 pm
three in the corner that's dor doran. hawks lose 73-63. three and two on the season but back to the sixers. the guys getting in a rhythm. mayor taking something. those would biggs they're both stars. >> exactly. >> they both have that type of potential. this town can really be happy with that. >> okay. >> a lot of hope for the proce process. i'm glad we front offed it. >> y it's usually a building year. [ laughter ] >> may not be. >> let's get rid of that wind. >> get rid of the wind and ease it down i'm telling you i don't think it's going to happen completely till wednesday. wednesday great travel day. thursday you have your showers. thanksgiving but it's not going to be cold that's the good news. friday looks great. so far saturday looks good for temple and then sunday we travel home and then monday looks good. next week we'll talking about 60 on monday. >> i like that. lucy, what's coming up at 11. >> i know do you. >> do any of you very i don't christmas decorations up yet. >> no. >> i'm just wonder. thanksgiving a couple days away
10:57 pm
lot of people are hatching their plans to deck their halls for the holidays. will the decorations you buy make i was target for grinches. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. it's all blowing in at the top of the hour.>[a5d]
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11:00 pm
>> live from from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening at 11:00 gunfire cuts through a quiet monday night sending another teenager to the hospital. police say that girl was simply sitting in her great-grandmother's kitchen when a bullet through a wall and hit her. i'm lucy noland. tonight a community is praying that girl will be okay. police try to track down the person who pulled the trigger. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave report roar lucy, police say 10 shots were fired outside that teenager's home. one from as far away as a half a block. but it hit the young girl in her great-grandmother's home. she's in stable condition tonight. police are looking for the shooter and connections to a fatal shooting earlier today. >> i have two daughters in the house. and you know they could -- it
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