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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 22, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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>> live from from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening at 11:00 gunfire cuts through a quiet monday night sending another teenager to the hospital. police say that girl was simply sitting in her great-grandmother's kitchen when a bullet through a wall and hit her. i'm lucy noland. tonight a community is praying that girl will be okay. police try to track down the person who pulled the trigger. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave report roar lucy, police say 10 shots were fired outside that teenager's home. one from as far away as a half a block. but it hit the young girl in her great-grandmother's home. she's in stable condition tonight. police are looking for the shooter and connections to a fatal shooting earlier today. >> i have two daughters in the house.
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and you know they could -- it could have just as welcome through the win don't hit them. >> reporter: neighbors on the 4400 block of gratz street were shane monday night after a bullet traveled more than half a block and struck an innocent 14-year-old girl sitting in her great-grandmother's kitchen. >> bullet went through the siding and the drywall and struck her in the right leg. report roar this man lives in the middle of the block where one of the gunmen opened fire. she will casings littered the street and the sidewalk outside his home. he has two daughters ages five and seven. >> they know to duck on the floor when it happens. >> reporter: police say at least 10 shots were fired from a 45 caliber handgun. they arrived and raced the teenaged girl to the hospital. >> if this would have hit her in her torso or any other area it could have been critical or even fatal. >> reporter: this shooting happened just hours after 25 shots were fired just a few blocks away at 15th and venango. those bullets riddled a mini van. one man was critically wounded.
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the other was killed. >> i'm sorry to hear they're critical. i hope they make it. maybe they can fix their life and change somebody he will's life. >> reporter: now, no motive according to police in either shooting. no suspects either. they did recover two weapons at the scene of that shooting at 15th and venango. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. trump transition to the white house continues to keep many on the edge of their seats this evening the president-elect spoke publicly for the first time about what he's going to do in his first 100 days in office but we're in the talking about news conference here. donald trump laid out his big plans by dropping a youtube video. >> on immigration i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that under cut the american worker. >> trump also said he wants to withdrawal from the tpp trade deal as part of a plan to create jobs, ban elected officials from becoming lobbyists and invest in c only al fueled energy jobs
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much he's yet to hold a news conference since his election. developing right now, following the aftermath of several fires in montgomery and mercer counties much fire officials say windy conditions are making their jobs far more difficult. first in king of prussia, a home is a total loss along east biedler road it appears the fire started outside the home before it quickly got out of control and, yes, the wind did fuel the flames. firefighters say the fierce wind also made it very hard to handle equipment. >> it certainly hindered our operations. give you an example we raise a ground ladder up to do ventilation work and the wind immediately blew it down before the firefighters were able to ascend the ladder. >> terrible to lose home but at least nobody is hurt there. and in trenton, this inferno has left 28 people homeless tonight. flames destroyed nine houses in a small neighborhood early this morning on weinberg place. fire officials say of those nine houses that burned, five of them completely collapsed. medic took one firefighter and
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two residents to the hospital for evaluation. and investigators are still trying to figure out what ignited that fire. we're getting calls right now about the four rest fire in berks county. folks can see the flames from miles away these pictures from the reading eagle. one firefighter went to the hospital with minor injuries. and no one has had to pack up and leave as of wet. firefighters say the terrain and the wind are making it one tough battle. let's get to radar right now. you know the wind is really what we're focusing on. what's going on out there, kathy. >> winds have been gusting to about 50 miles an hour for the past two days. so we went from 50 miles an hour winds saturday night into sunday to 40 miles an hour winds plus from sunday to today and now slowly easing but it's going to take at least another 12 hours or so to really get those gusts down. our area of low pressure is over new england you can see this huge circulation creating late effect snows in upstate new york where one county a wee go county
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has nearly 3 feet of snow. and this is fallen within the past 24 hours. take look at the current wind gust in reading northwest wind gusting to 32. 40 miles an hour gusts still in lancaster and in philadelphia still gusting to 32. so those winds will continue as i mentioned at least through the overnight and part of tomorrow. fair weather high pressure builds in slowly and as it does during the day tomorrow, these winds will be begin to ease. but still sustained 15 to 25 miles an hour. and some cold air out there as well. thanksgiving day we do expect in some rain start the clock on wednesday where the clouds will be rolling in bite evening. wednesday should be a very nice travel day. and then by late morning into early afternoon, that's when we're seeing the rain this is 7:00 a.m. we have the parade going on during the morning hours some rain moving in from the west by 11, 12:00 o'clock in philadelphia and then some scattered showers during the afternoon. it does clear out by thursday evening. and that means black friday will be very pleasant day the one the
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sun will return and temperatures bouncing back. 32 for your overnight low in the city. in the suburbs 27 with windy conditions gusts to at least 35 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, the high 48. mostly sunny, still breezy and those gusts will slowly weaken on your seven day forecast from the weather authority. wednesday 50. thursday we do have the showers temperature 54. friday 57. for the temple game on saturday look for mick of sun and clouds. mostly sunny and cool on sunday. when everyone is returning and by monday we're talking about mostly sunny skies and a high temperature of 60 degrees. so another 24 hours for that cold air, lucy, and then i do think we bounce back. so the cold really isn't sticking. it's still going to be gradual progression of winter. >> all righty. thanks so much, kathy. >> you bet. >> tonight youth group leader in bucks county faces charges. prosecutors accuse him of sexually assaulting teenaged girls inside his church. 22-year-old michael wallace sim
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bee turned himself in to police today. over the summer at the oxford valley chapel in langhorne he pulled down the pants of a 13-year-old girl and exposed himself. and in another incident they say a 15-year-old girl was able to kick him and free herself church letter leaders responded to night. >> we are truly very deeply saddened over these recent events. we are fully cooperating with the police and being on hiv going investigation, i can't really say anything more than that. we do ask for the prayers fellow believers for all involved. >> he's out of jail tonight on bail. police are concerned he may have other victims. new tonight at 11:00 a man and woman arrested for snatching the purse of 84-year-old woman in northeast philadelphia now face charges in montgomery county as well. hatfield township police say that tiffany groves and justin pope stole the purses of two women on two consecutive days at a month at a shop rite much
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friday philadelphia police arrested the pair for a similar incident. residents in millville, new jersey, are mad and they are scared tonight. someone shot a 12-year-old boy he was caught in the crossfire as he stood outside his apartment and it happened only weeks after our shawnette wilson visited a nearby neighborhood where residents told her they were worried about this exact thing. live not in millville, shawnet shawnette. >> reporter: well that boy is in stable condition here at the hospital. his friends tell me he's expected to come home tomorrow. lucy, as you mentioned, parents in this area tell me they feared something like this would happ happen. >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: a 12-year-old is recovering at inn spare rah vineland medical center tonight after someone opened fire in his millville apartment complex. police say witnesses tell them someone fired five to seven shots from a car driving through okay view apps where the boy lives. it happened yesterday evening just after 7:30 while the child was outside. police don't believe he was the
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intended target. >> it seemed like it was bound to happen. >> reporter: kim and tim car dee have been pushing city officials to do something about the violence. early last month they and other neighbors rallied aft a shooting happened blocks away from a school. what happened yesterday is what they feared for some time now. >> it's heartbreaking. my son is about the same age as that child, presumably they go to school together. >> reporter: a few weeks ago concerned neighbors packed a commission city meeting asking officials to bring gun spotter to millville. >> the city passed it on to county officials to help pay for it. car dee says it's now in the hands of a finance committee. >> something has got to be done. i mean if this isn't the wake-up call the city needs and the commissioners and everybody i don't know what it will take. >> reporter: police, lucy, hope someone will speak up for this little boy. they don't have a description of the suspect. the car they were in or a motive for a shooting tonight.
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back to you. >> hopefully they will soon enough. thanks shawnette. veto from governor wolf on pennsylvania bill that would have restricted naming police officers who fire their weapons on duty. philadelphia's mayor and police commissioner are both applauding the veto saying local communities should come up with that are own policy. the bill passe passed epp repubn controlled house and senate last month and manned the release of the officer's name only when charged with a crime connec cond to to the shoot. you probably won't have much trouble imagining why many men take viagra. we've all seen the commercial. folks may have a new reason to pop that little blue pill and this one, well, this one could dave your life. check it out. christmas is coming. you got wild decorations like this camouflage snowman but evelyn and tony tell me put it up in the wrong neighborhood and you're asking for destruction. all you wanted to coming right up. >> trying to get a jump on the holidays wal*mart is beginning cyber monday deals early it is releasing its sales at the
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stroke of midnight friday that is two days earlier than last year, my friends. industry insiders say it's wal*mart's way of trying compete with amazon which started its
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♪ all right. can you keep a secret? because here we go. and this one is going to melt your heart. jimmy buckley is tearing apart rebuilding and upgrading this 1976 chevy nova at his hatboro auto body shop. the car belongs to atlantic city police officer josh vadell. robbers shot him in the head in september. at the time of that shooting he was working to get the nova once owned by his dad back on the street. well, now buckley with help from police and auto mechanic friends is looking to surprise vadell with his better than new ride on new year's eve. i think that this car when it's done will really bring back a lot of good stuff in his brain his memories and might actually help his rehabilitation more. >> amazing. vadell knows his car is get worked on. he has no idea of it's overhaul.
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you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping to show what's going on in your hood. iain? >> lucy in east lansdowne a car crashes in the front steps of a home. happened on lexington avenue late this morning the impact sent the car on to it's sides. the driver was the only person taken to the hospital. we don't know the condition of that person yet. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. overbrook our fresco user emma attending a meeting between police and community members every month. the police advisory commission holds this open forum at giant joe's university to improve police station community relations. when you see news happening remember to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure you to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom and get paid. lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. thousands of homeless philadelphians have a full stomach tonight the church of christian compassion held its 14th annual thanksgiving dinner if west philadelphia.
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a long list of public of private organizations gave money and time to make what you're looking at possible. and while did tonight was wonderful gathering organizers are looking forward to a year that nobody is in line and everyone has a home to eat their holiday dinner in. we can continue on praying for that one. you know, we were definitely into it now, right? thanksgiving is thursday 49 day officially starts the holiday shopping rush. so what are you buying? how are you decorating and what's to all that deck the halls stuff really about? fox 29's hank flynn wandered into.marketplace to try to find out. ♪ >> reporter: buy it. buy it. buy it. smells good, buy it. >> it's chocolate. buy it. >> buy it. buy it. buy it. hank, welcome to the store. it's christmas. buy everything you see. buy it all.
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buy it now. hank, hank, hang! >> thing got little out of hand today at wal*mart. styrofoam, glitter, dear, 25 buck. >> buy it. >> it was just so much stuff. i know black friday is coming and like it or not pretty much into the christmas season full tilt but once i got hypnotize beside those lights it was -- >> i want it. >> 50 buck. santa claus on hoverboard. 7 feet tall. 20 bucks. glittering light up pig on skis. you're done now. buy it. >> i'll tell you why now this is what i'll buy. >> okay. >> i love these thing. >> evelyn and her husband tony have their decoration game down down a science much they live on the tough side of tow wall wall that aren't going to walk off. >> they'll steal it. >> they steal it. i live in bad neighborhood. i live in bad neighborhood. they'll come and steal it.
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>> reporter:. >> buy it. >> i felt like it was my first day on earth. i didn't understand anything watch was the point especial physical it was going to get stolen? star wars christmas inflatables. snowmen and santa clauses wearing hunting gear. what was any of it for? i needed a lifeline. thank goodness for a lease and riley storms who reminded me it's all relative. >> that's what we look for. sentimental thing. something that represents somebody who has passed previo previously and their way of staying with us. >> sure. >> through the season. >> celebrate what they like. >> reporter: right. >> flamingo santa. >> i understand it now lot better than i did before. >> very individual. that's wait comes down to. >> it is. each person's personal. all right. so remember friday is black friday most of the stores that matter are putting out deals
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that make it completely unnecessary to stand in weird lines all night. although that action there be will if you want and none of it has to be anything more than you want to make. tweet me if you're confused too at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly and have a great week. ♪ >> be dazzled pig on skis new one for me. to your health now what your little ones watch on tv. tv commercials for snacks make preschoolers eat more. it's shocking stuff. in the study researchers showed between two and five says knee street fed the little ones gave them access to snacks during the show. one group had the segment interrupt beside a commercial for delicious treats. and guess what? those children ate more snacks. researchers say parents need to hunter that food commercials are like ringing the old dinner be bell. >> meanwhile viagra may boost a heart health of men with type two diabetes. researchers wanted to see how
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viagra may effect the risk heart tack among men with erectile dysfunction and type two diabetes. >> men had one third lower risk doesn't seem like a stretch because doctors discovered viagra while they were working on a cardiovascular drug that lowers blood pressure. you can find all of that in the journal heart and you can find sean bell right here right now. >> lucy eagles lost their tim game in row and it's no longer a thing about being too young. team has fundamental problems that really needs to be corrected starting from the top.
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♪ sean bell takes on mistake the eagles just made. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ the eagles struggles right now a lot more than just being young. 10 dames into the season that can't be an excuse any more. the problems are way beyond th that. the unforced errors are killing this team and that comes down to coaching and effort. yesterday they a chance to grab the momentum jack ertz had huge touchdown of that put the eagles in the lead and silenced the crowd but nelson agholor lines up wrong and gets illegal formation call. that's not on agholor it's bigger than that. eagles are the top five penalized team and that comes down to discipline and coaching that goes on coach pederson. >> they're not even high school coaches would get away with. i like doug pederson. i like the potential he has for this team but he can no longer come out and say this is a
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learning experience. these things really need to get fixed right now and it starts with him. lucy. >> thank you very much, sean bell. kanye west is in a los angeles hospital for a psychiatric evaluation so says tmz. sources say someone asked police to do a welfare check on him today and so they d his doctor apparently has been checking him for severe sleep deprivation and someone decided he needed to go to the hospital. law enforcement sources tell t some of z police had to handcuff him to gurney because did he not wanting to. kanye can't cancel his north american tour after two bizarre concerts in the past couple of days. and actor anna ferris facing hefty fine for breaking her animal shelter contract. tmz reports someone found the funny lady's pooch starving on the streets of north hollywood friday. ferris had signed adoption paper work promising to pay a five thus san dollars if she gave away the dog. sources close to ferris told tmz
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the dog was lost and she's thrilled he's back now. >> through it. >> yeah. >> weather. >> let's take look. tomorrow we still have wind it's still cold. winter coats, gloves, hats, i think we'll need them. >> wednesday is better, less w win. thursday some showers for thanksgiving. friday looks g saturday for temple looks good. sunday travel day looks terrific. and monday when everyone is full going back to work, going back to school, 60. >> there you go. >> perfect. >> we got to get control of those winds because fires have been ridiculous. >> it's amazing. >> really really tough for the firefighters. makes it really tough. already tough job. we're back at her 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning. i believe sean bell makes a guest app
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we've got breaking news right now on the fox 29 morning news a two alarm fire guts a home in frankford as crews battled flames and cold temperatures to bring this all under control. in the bucks county youth lead's accused of assaulting teenage girls at his church, this morning why police are concerned there may be other victims. plus, the the search for answers the driver of the school bus that crashed in tennessee, now under arrest. the latest on the tragedy, an the investigation. unless your health news this morning, the the surprising new benefits for men, taking viagra. that will get you going. great to have have you with us. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp, good morning,


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