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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 26, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> is he registered to vote? >> that was racial. >> you're trying to find a silver lining here, that was really rude. >> all my daughter's pictures were on that third-floor. ♪ >> the city of brotherly love in philadelphia. if you know anything about philly the past ten years the city has been
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growing. neighborhoods that were once uninhabitable are now the hotspot with million-dollar homes. that creates a divide between natives that have lived there for years and the people coming in and taking their space. west philadelphia is no different. one one café aims to bring people together at the table. i attended the grand opening, e stands for for everyone at the table. a local senior group filled the group with some singing. >> the restaurant is a nonprofit, pay what you want. and educates the community and welcoming environment. there's a prefixed many many where guests have the choice of two appetizer, three entrées and two desserts. there's a there's a suggested price of $15 the patrons can pay what they want. the head chef behind the café give me a lowdown. >> were creating an environment
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in our community where people who live in the neighborhood and outside can come and get a good meal, three course meal for suggested price of $15. the $15 just is not covered the meal on the plate, that $15 does the staff of the program and that we are doing in the space. >> you can pay the amount, you can pay less or more or pay nothing at all. i had to experts at my self so i got a table table for one. the place was packed. table to table with a mix of ages, ethnicities it. so i started off with a minestrone soup. it was delicious. next the entrée i went with the possible on the ace. it was my favorite food. it was awesome, and then the desert, lemon sorbet. that is good. so i got my check.
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where usually see the amount to pay was a blank line. personally i pay $20 on the line and left another line for donation. >> you paid more? >> it was a great environment close to good cause. as a good cause. as a nonprofit they don't accept tips. so there in collaboration with others in host cooking classes and teach agricultural city farming. if you want to go there check out e to café.org. >> how they subsidize it if they don't give 15 dollars? >> will see how it goes per they goes. they get a lot of donations. >> i think it's doomed to fail because they don't tip your wait staff. >> this is about paying it forward. you know that your money is going to help kids learn about agriculture. other programs. if you go there keep in mind it will help other people. >> what does it take to maintain
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history? >> they caulk the windows on the sides. >> it ain't easy. >> are you afraid of heights? >> no. [laughter] >> that's why you where the sink. here's a look. as we looked at the renovation at the new york fifth avenue presbyterian church, how high did you say we are now? >> 175 feet. i can still feel my feet. >> this is about the carving of the stones. i wonder what the hands up like don't bother me, undone. it's a story that begins in 1875 when the roads were paved with dirt and the neighbors were a little less glamorous.
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[inaudible] renovations began last summer and totally more than 15,000,000 dollars. the congregants are congregants are not just footing the bill, they are searching for that perfect -- >> one of the reason brownstone was so popular is because it was cheap, local and easy to get. now now a lot of those quarries have run dry. when you need to replace brownstone it's not that easy. we reclaim brownstone from buildings and churches that have been taken down or source it from different parts of the world. some of the brownstone going up now is from china. >> it's not what you expect to hear. many churches in new york city are shutting their doors as memberships at decline. but something is different about this church. >> the church is growing. we are 2200 member congregation.
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the growth rate is small but new people are coming in every year being a part of the ministry on this corner for 140 years. we feel fortunate and that the work we do is needed and supported. the brownstone restoration means we are not going anywhere. we're staying here. we feel confident will be here for another hundred 40 years. tweet me your thoughts on chasing news. >> we are safety and training organization. we go to urban areas and teach people who have been left out of second amendment firearms and training them with reputable people in their neighborhood. >> that is thunder of black guns
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matter. a firearm in safety training organization. he has a passion for making sure people over the world are educated about their second amendment rights, the right to bear arms. so a lot of his friends were being charged and convicted with possession of a firearm without a license over and over again. you keep not wanting to lose your same friends every summer. they're going to keep trap and in holding onto their firearms. i'm not not telling anybody i have a firearm. how can i inform them and say don't get catch. so at the philly firearm academy i went next door to the gun range. a shuttered shuttered gun for the very first time. never done it before. >> so i had to go with a glock nine. >> how did you do? >> this is how he did. i'll be honest this is my very first shot. let me see that. this is my second shot that was my third shot. >> how far away were you? don't shoot him.
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about 7 yards. not bad. no look, it's a good group. what did it feel like shooting? >> i'll be honest with you, we had a lot of people shoot for the first time of the show i'll be honest with you, i've been around guns my whole life, held guns and family who goes to the gun range, it was better than i expected to be honest. it honest. it was way better to be than expected. my first shot you i wasn't nervous. >> did you have an energy surge. >> i was anxious because i was excited. i wanted to finally feel it. and guess what, i did. >> honestly, all guns matter.
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>> about a month ago i brought you the story, babies behind behind bars. at the question of facility in new york a few prison in new york with a nursery on site. this is a story about what's next. where do the mothers and infants go when they leave. some go home or go to a community to a community called our children. our children who runs the nursery at the correctional facility is in on secretary and, not-for-profit community that helps mothers rebuild their lives post incarceration. to learn more i headed to long island city, new york to talk with the sister who founded it. >> we give home and hospitality to about 70 or 80 families and their children to establish homes and program support, daycare, after school. anything that needs to support the women in their efforts to rebuild their lives.
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>> no time limit as to how long the women can stay. >> and we have a house cat. so we tried to make it as homey as possible. >> when the women first leaves prison they would go into a housing facility with more roles such as communal dinners. >> i could've went home but i figured it was time to change to make different decisions. i know if i went home i would be be tempted around some of the people and places but i was wrong prior. >> we were in the nursery together. >> not to bring out an inner feminist in me but a lot of women are dependent on males that are not good influences. they have never had friendships in females to say that's not good for you. while i was there spoke with a resident stephanie and sarah. i got to see where they live, where, where they were, and meet their kids. one of them might be a future chaser. >> that's great. >> take a picture, hello.
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>> in the supported system is very apparent with the women. both women were at bedford hills for drug-related charges and after they were released they decided this is the route they wanted to go. >> that help i got was overwhelming. there was really a lot of people there to support me, it was something new. >> for a woman to rebuild her life here it cost about 25,000 or 30,000 dollars annually. if they go back to prison it cost the state about $60000. >> it's a good investment. >> recidivism at this point is about 2% and it usually evolves around a relapse. >> so most of them are fine and move on. >> it goes to show you how important rehabilitation is if anything at a financial level. they have helped around 10,000 families. you can see photos of success stories from the office.
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>> all i can say is, yeah, a. >> that's a little noise. >> seat news happening near you. uploaded to the fresco app
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>> you guys serious on this? >> during the holiday in the park celebration six flakes is going to try to break the guinness world record for the most number of couples kissing at the same time on their ice-skating rink. on december tenth, through three different time zones in seven different parks, six leg visitors will have the opportunity to kiss for ten seconds and try to break the record. you have to be 18 or older, sorry for for the young ones out there. >> brooklyn, guess who's back in harlem. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> if you don't have love in the food, that really is part of it,
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the love. >> into holiday spirit we headed north 96 to amy ruth's on 10017th street hundred 17th street to try some delicious, amazing soul food. all i can say is, yum, delicious. it's been around since 1988. >> this is typical, down-home grandmother, auntie, a family type restaurant where family can, and have a conversation. not just to dine, but to spiritually get in contact with one another. >> sister jeanette robinson has been there since the restaurant open. she showed us how she masters that kitchen. >> i'm going to take what she taught us and i'm going to teach my family. >> cooking in a job makes me feel good.
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>> like i know. >> you're right. >> sister jeanette robinson gave us a history lesson about soul food. dating back to the time of sharecropping where our ancestors had to come up with making these delicious meals and using what they had. she said there is a lot of the love when it comes to this type of food. >> just the fact that it was created or manifest are put together by black people on the plantation. maybe it gave them relief and made them happy to be together. it probably gave them a freedom moment. >> people can come and get all of their comfort food. if they don't feel like cooking they can sit back and relax and it is
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truly a home cooked down south, really tasty treat that everyone should try. >> guess what? i'm just gonna go back to her restaurant and i'm gonna share with her. >> there are about a million health crazes that are happening but none quite as much with vitamin d. introducing hydro-boos, the one stop for all things fun in the sun. and it's all season. it it's your new best friend. >> like your standard son of this one takes away your toxins but it also gives you something back, vitamin d. that part gets you high. not that kind of high, a runner's high, this sonnet gets you there while you stay heated. how? mark it releases endorphins. >> it spirit life force, it puts your body into a moat which is to rest and digest with which is
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a healing state. that's part of the dynamic duo that bought the new trend and when i heard i could get all of these results without the rigor i had to meet it. i headed to the kitchen and caught a glimpse of the sauna and hopped in. the results you see right away on my skin. >> the infrared son is a more gentle and effective way. burglar saunas are aggressive where infrared saunas are clean, like, energetic energetic and your skin is glowing. >> , like many others trends in dermatology this won't cost you that much money. packages start at $35. your wallet will be much lighter. for me i went went with blue. it means peaceful.
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once you get your hue then you pick a tune to match. it's time to see the infrared work its magic. >> you have half an hour 45 minutes to do what you want to do and you enjoy, you sweat, you get high naturally and then you're done. >> for those of you that are not convinced about the safety or benefits of this concept, consider this, the same light used in the high jerusalem are used in incubators for newborn babies. for those of you who want to be her youngest, most radiant you, head out and check out your very own hydra boost. >> with no use of the upper extremities she year and for her art. >> where there's a will there's a way. >> these differently abled artists have a skill that is near impossible. >> of their something determined to do you will find a way to do it.
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>> that's what you're paid to do. >> are you alright? go ahead, let it out. >> you cannot hold the sneezing, psycho.
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>> is so weird with a cowboy hat and he is the head of the local redneck society. >> i love guys that are that provocative. i love love that he
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>> download the fresco app for apple and android. >> meet blizzard and lulu the cutest dog pair i've ever seen. lulu lulu is a chinese met her big brother when she was really young. now they're attached at the hit. everywhere everywhere they go, lulu rides lizard back. but lizard doesn't mind and lulu
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loves it. you can see they travel on the instagram account, lizard and lulu. >> it's not everyday that you meet someone that takes your breath away. especially for us in this room. but i didn't but i didn't today so will you. >> my name is marian and i am a non- painting mouth painting artists. i'm an artist and i been been painting with my mouth for 20 years now. >> had 20 years old she was actively pursuing her passion as an artist in college but that was cut short in an instant. she was caught in the crossfire of gun violence leaving her a quadriplegic with no use of her upper extremities. she longed for her artistry but instead of throwing her dreams away she
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found another way. >> i knew i wanted are to be a part of my life. where there's a will there's a way. i think if there something you're determined to do you'll find a way to do it. >> she found her self with rehab without the use of her hands. i wanted to meet this young woman so i went to midtown where she was spreading her message to others. how blessed she gets like anything else surging journey was not easy and she did not do it alone. >> i learned there so many artists painting the same way i was, were an association of artists, we are internationally. mouth painting is a thing and so is face painting. so you have quite the crew across the us. these differently these differently abled artists have a skill that's near impossible. >> i tried to pay with my mouth and this is how it turned out. >> is a little hard. this is her signature. >> you did that?
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>> it hurt. it. it was a lot of work. but also i have to say i was using, i was using all my other muscles. she doesn't have that ability or advantage. my art might be a laughing matter but the art put up by these talented and inspiring individuals is certainly not. if if there passion and outlet and their moneymaker. >> we made an association that allows us to make a living doing what we love most. that is creating art. we are not a charity. we are for profit international association. we love it when people pay attention to the amazing artwork that is made from the mouth of a painting artist. >> mouth and foot painters do not ask if you regard their work as special. like any artists they asked that you invest in a piece if you like what you see. once you know about how this art the term work of art is redefined.
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>> i think it's great advice that i may be able to give to people is to not let challenges in your life stop you from chasing your dreams. >> a six alarm fire tore through nine homes. >> days before thanksgiving 20 people were left without a home. today, the city in the community are trying to pick up the pieces. >> weeknights on chasing news. >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging onto chasing tips. ♪ ge: whoo!
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